The Mens Room

Thrill's Big Brown Blog Attacks!

Hola, Here we go with the squiggly red was our Random Question Question. Each caller is asked a different, random question. After they share their answer, we reveal the story that inspired the question. Make sense? No? Well... So, a sizable number of the stories we collected over the...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Gets Weird with You

Hola, Bryant Gumbel, the emotionless robot we know from "The Today Show" and "Real Time with Bryant Gumbel", is ALSO the owner of three unreleased Prince songs. Apparently, Prince wrote three different prospective theme songs for some show Bryant was on in late 1990's. He never used them, but now...
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Ted's Blog: NFL and NHL All-Stars

This is kind of a interesting weekend if you really enjoy All-Star games as the National Football League and the National Hockey League will be having their respective All-Star games. First off, I know that in the NFL it is called the Pro-Bowl but it is still an all-star game. The NHL All-Star game...
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