The Mens Room

Thrill's Big Brown Blog Nips Your Weirdness in the Bud

Hola, What has 4 legs and two penises? That's not the set- up to a joke. Last Saturday in India, a kid was born with 4 legs and 2 penises...AND A MICROPHONE!!! I made up that last part. No microphone; just the extra limbs and additional penis. Inspired by that story, we asked: WHAT PHYSICAL OR...
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Ted's Blog: The Senior Bowl

It is that time of year where College Football is done and the NFL has only one game left, The Super Bowl. One thing that is still left is the Senior Bowl which features many top college prospects that you will see playing in the NFL very soon. I have a old friend named Alex and for years we would...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog is Feelin' Risky

Hola, First and foremost, I have a headache. A bad one. Might be the copious amounts of tequila I drank last night OR the lack of sleep...or a combination of the two. That had nothing to do with today's topic: "WHAT'S THE RISKIEST THING OR SITUATION YOU'VE BEEN A PART OF?" Sorry bitches, got...
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