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Testament Vocalist Chuck Billy Talks Recovering From Coronavirus, "Titans Of Creation", Scars and Musical Inspiration

It’s been a hell of a couple months for Testament vocalist Chuck Billy. After flying back home to the Bay Area from a European tour alongside Exodus and Death Angel, Billy became sick and tested positive for Coronavirus. Just a couple weeks after the diagnosis, Testament released a helluva album –...
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Death Metal, Dungeons and Dragons and all things "Verminous" : A Conversation with Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder

This past Friday, The Black Dahlia Murder released their highly anticipated 9th album “Verminous.” This record finds the band hitting the perfect blend of brutality and catchiness – something the band has downright mastered. It’s not exactly an ideal time to release an album, as the band had to...
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Stay Home And Rock Out To Slipknot

If you’re feeling down about not being able to get out there and go see concerts, Slipknot has provided the next best thing. Slipknot just posted their entire 97 minute set from last year’s Download Festival. Yes! Turn it up, raise your horns and STAY HOME WITH SLIPKNOT
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