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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday May 5th, 2018

Sepultura – Subtraction Skeletal Remains – Ripperology Dimmu Borgir – The Empyrean Phoenix Pantera – Mouth For War Himsa – Cherum Nevermore – No More Will (R.I.P Tim Calvert) Leeway – Rise & Fall Aborted – From A Tepid Whiff Insomnium – Through The Shadows Warbringer – Total War From The Vault...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday April 28th, 2018

Iron Maiden – Two Minutes To Midnight The Agony Scene – Hand Of The Divine At The Gates – Daggers of Black Haze Ancestors of God Interview Ancestors of God – Lost Souls Ancestors of God – Blackened Skies Sleep – Marijuanaut’s Theme Suicidal Tendencies – You Can’t Bring Me Down From The Vault...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday April 29th, 2018

Wolves In The Throne Room – Born From The Serpent’s Eye Four Lights – Bent Outta Shape Four Lights – Let’s Burn Burn Burn War Puppy – Taun Taun War Puppy – Man High War Puppy – Egil’s Bones War Puppy – Trip At The Beach War Puppy – Ghost Valley Ancestors Of God – The Hollow King Year Of The Cobra...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday April 21st, 2018

Dawn of Demise – Intent to Kill Extol – Celestial Completion TKO Interview TKO – I Wanna Fight TKO – Give Into the Night TKO – Ace of Spades (Motorhead Cover) Amorphis – Wrong Direction Neurosis – Stripped Mutoid Man – Kiss of Death From the Vault Mordicus – I Bleed to See (1993) Iron Maiden -...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday April 14th, 2018

Dying Fetus – Panic Amongst The Herd Slayer – Dead Skin Mask Judas Priest – The Necromancer Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death Amon Amarth – First Kill Powerglove – X-Men Gojira – Flying Whales (Saxon interview) Saxon – Thunderbolt Darkest Hour – Timeless Numbers From The Vault Rainbow – Kill The...
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