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Metal Shop Interviews Tony MacAlpine, Gergo Borlai and Pete Griffin

Tony MacAlpine Interview Tony MacAlpine Interview
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday October 14th, 2017

Converge – Concubine/Fault & Fracture Amon Amarth – The Beheading of a King Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Pentascam Constellation Enslaved – Axis of the World Manowar –Power Black Label Society – Room of Nightmares Be’Lakor- Remnants Avatar – Hail the Apocalypse Crowbar – Planets Collide Dying Fetus...
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Wormwitch will be coming to town on November 1st with The Black Dahlia Murder, Suffocation, Exhumed and Decrepit Birth. Not bad for a second tour ever! Check out our interview with the band and go see them live at Studio Seven ! 


Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday October 7th, 2017

Firespawn – “Serpent of the Ocean” Nasum – “Sixteen” Morbid Angel – “Piles Of Little Arms” Kingdom Of Sorrow – “Begging For The Truth” Judas Priest – “Electric Eye” Amon Amarth – “Shapeshifter” Nailbomb – “Cockroaches” Gatecreeper – “Craving Flesh” Cannibal Corpse – “The Spine Splitter” All Out War...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday September 30th, 2017

Botch: “Japam” Cerebral Incubation: “Ascariasis Evisceration” Arch Enemy: “The Race” Converge: “Reptillian” Haxxan: “Loch Ness Rising” Biohazard: “Urban Discipline” Terror: “Spit my Rage” Slayer: “Disciple” Children of Bodom “Damage Beyond Repair” Goatwhore: “Chaos Arcane” Cannibal Corpse: “Code of...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday September 23rd, 2017

Entombed – Chaos Breed Katalepsy – Pulse of the Somnambulist Cannibal Corpse – Code Of The Slashers Crowbar – Falling While Rising Nitro – It Won’t Die No Warning – A Day In The Life Sanctuary – Die For My Sins Machine Head – Davidian Ensiferum – In My Sword I Trust Decrepit Birth – Transcendental...
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