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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday April 6th, 2019

Warbringer – Silhouettes Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells Eluveitie – The Slumber Exhumed – As Hammer To Anvil Judas Priest – Turbo Lover Horrendous – The Idolater Nasum – Sometimes Dead Is Better Sacred Reich – Don’t Do It Donnie Suicidal Tendencies – War Inside My Head Ringworm – Acquiesce...
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Ryan the Beard sat down with FOES from Bend, Oregon while they were in town to play El Corazon ! Enjoy this conversation on a wide variety of subjects. Get deep with FOES! 

KISW Presents Mortiis

Former bassist of Emperor, Mortiis has a cult following in black metal and goth circles, due to his mix of ambient, black metal and horror movie music and always wearing makeup to make himself look like a dark elf. Seriously. The dude straight up looks like an elf. Click HERE to check it out. Then...
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KISW Presents Uli Jon Roth

One of the fathers of technical guitar playing, Uli Jon Roth helped to lay the foundation for the boom of the guitar virtuosos in the 1980s through his work on the Scorpions early records, most notably with his solos on " Sails of Charon " and " Burn the Sky ". He is currently on his 40th-...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday March 16th, 2019

Kampfar – Ophidian Fallujah – Last Light Possessed – No More Room In Hell Omnium Gatherum – Gods Go First Cryptopsy – Fear His Displeasure Iron Maiden – Stranger In A Strange Land Martyrdöd – Cashless Society Children Of Bodom – Lake Bodom Wolfheart – Zero Gravity From The Vault Excel – Split Image...
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KISW Presents Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats

Formed in Cambridge, England in the mid-2000s, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats have quickly established themselves amongst doom metal fans and hipsters alike. Drawing heavily on bands from the 1960s for inspiration, they have quickly established themselves as a household name amongst music fans of all...
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Let Oxygen Destroyer Prepare You For "Godzilla :King Of The Monsters"

On May 31st, all will be destroyed by the almighty force known as Godzilla. If the trailers for the Michael Dougherty directed film “Godzilla: King Of The Monsters” are any representation, this latest incarnation of the classic Kaiju story will be nothing short of badass. Seriously, though. Check...
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Watch Thunderbeast Unleash Pure Metal Fury Friday Night

After much anticipation and a year away from playing live shows, Thunderbeast will finally be unleashing their debut album "No One Will Save You" upon us this Friday night (March 15th) at Club Sur. The band features members of Hatefist and I Declare War and combines both technicality, brutality and...
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