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Dave Grohl Almost Broke Another Leg

As we have mentioned before, Dave Grohl is on FIRE recently at Foo Fighters shows. From jamming with "Kiss Guy" who killed Monkey Wrench . Adopting a guy on stage. Video of Foo Fighters - Big Me (Houston 04.19.18) HD And bringing John Travolta on stage to cover "Grease"! That being said, rocking...
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Stay the night in a Pearl Jam-inspired Seattle suite

With The Home Shows right around the corner, all of Seattle is buzzing about Pearl Jam's highly anticipated return to where it all began. One local hotel's enthusiasm spawned a next-level vision: A Pearl Jam-themed suite. The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle is located right on the water, offering...
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BABYMETAL Released a New Song!

With all this talk about #Pain2018 (get your tickets here ), it's always fun to look back at past #Pain's and relive some awesome moments! What better way to do it, then when a past #Pain band releases new music. I am talking about BABYMETAL who played Pain in the Grass 2017! They have been teasing...
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There Was A Mother Love Bone Reunion!

So over the weekend something pretty damn special happened for those of us that love the Seattle music scene. On Saturday night there was a benefit show for SMASH (Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare), and they had a bunch of Seattle musicians on stage playing the entire catalog of...
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Once again, I am just going to throw out a few words to you. Tacos. Craft Beer. Summer. White River Amphitheater. The Offspring. Pennywise. Against Me!, Lit, Unwritten Law. Also $20 tickets!!! Are you interested yet? That's right, you can get all this amazing-ness for 20 bucks ! Part of LiveNation'...
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Pennywise "Never Gonna Die" Is Out Now!

May 12th! That is the day of the best punk rock festival the Northwest has seen since last year's Punk in Drublic Fest. Sabroso Taco Fest featuring The Offspring and PENNYWISE is coming to the White River Amphitheter! Tacos. Punk Rock. Craft Beer. What more could you ask for? Excited to be playing...
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See Iron Dragon, TKO, Palooka & Custom this weekend

This weekend, some Loud & Local favorites will be gracing area venues with their loudness and we are SO excited. Make sure to get these two shows on your calendar STAT: Friday night is 80s Rock Night with Iron Dragon at The Swiss Restaurant & Pub in Tacoma! If you've never seen Iron Dragon...
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Corey Taylor and Clown Are Teasing Slipknot News

Slipknot fans rejoice. Over the weekend Corey Taylor and Clown took to social media to tease new Slipknot . And you know we are so excited. 2019 — Slipknot (@slipknot) April 20, 2018 Simply captioned "2019" leaves a lot to be desired, but considering we are almost halfway...
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Listen: Billie Joe Armstrong's "The Longshot" Dropped a New Album

So you may have seen our blogs about Billie Joe Armstrong's new band " The Longshot ", you may have even heard a couple of teaser songs. But, what you probably weren't expecting is an entire new album, especially only 2 weeks after starting to tease it. Here we are though! The Longshot have dropped...
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A look back at the best Pain in the Grass dreads

Pain in the Grass is a long-standing tradition at KISW, and although the lineups change, one thing remains the same: someone on stage has some killer dreads. Here's a look back at some of the most epic 'locks from over the years: Randy Blythe - Lamb of God "Iron" Mike Savoia Related Content: KISW...
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