Battle at the Boat 125

Live boxing at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Battle at the Boat 125, January 17th 2020. Click HERE to purchase tickets.
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A Harsh Write Off

What up 12s! Well...that happened. If you're like me, you spent an angry night in your chair watching the Hawks go down in pretty rough fashion on Sunday Night. But, before you burn the jerseys, let's cover a couple things really quick that show that this wasn't as devastating as we may think...
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The 9 Best Sports Movies of the 2010s, Ranked

Most sports movies typically follow the same formula and could often be cliche, but there are some that manage to rise above that stigma and stand out above the rest. This past decade certainly had its fair share of quality sports movies. From Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill's roles as front office...
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The Eagles Sore

Hola 12s! What an action packed few weeks! A thunderous Monday Night Game against our bitter rivals to contend for Game of The Year, and another nice showing last week against the Eagles! I'm not gonna lie gang, while I love a win, last week's game was a rather boring one. It felt a lot like our...
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Rolling With The Times

What's up 12s! Boy, a lot can happen in a week eh? Just last week we were taking on the Atlanta Falcons in a game that was....meloncholy to say the least. The first half looked great, the team was clicking and we were looking like a team that could take on the world again, but the loss of Justin...
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Weathering A Loss

Well hey there 12s, Well, that could have been better.... It's never fun watching out boys go down on their home turf, certainly not twice within a short period. Nevertheless, there are things to consider when it comes to games like these, so let's break it down. Bad Factors I said it earlier, and...
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Mike Hawk's Guide To Watching Seahawks Football

Hola 12s! Gotta love waking up in the morning to watch a little Seahawks Football! And what another nailbiter it was! So much so that I realized while I was watching that there is a formula to watching the Seahawks as to alleviate some of that stress. So take notes Rule #1 I've said it before and I...
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(WATCH) Thursday Night Ground N Pound

What is up 12s! What a game this week! That was phenomenal to watch! I didn't post earlier this week after the victory in Arizona against the Cardinals because I didn't want to jinx the momentum that these guys are gaining, but they have been clicking together better and better each week! Down in...
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Who's That Tight End??? - He's Baaaaaaaack

Hola 12s! Impromptu Blog coming atcha because there is BIG news! Some of you may have seen in the last couple days that we sadly parted ways with our veteran Tight End, Nick Vannett to the Steelers. They were looking for a man to fill the gap created by the injured Vance McDonald. But that leaves...
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(WATCH) Reigning Potential

Hola 12s, Well, not the outing that we were hoping for this weekend. We suffered the first loss of the season and it wasn't exactly pretty. But I see a lot of hope in it yet. Let's break down the bad before the good this week, just to get it out of the way... Bad Injuries, weather conditions and...
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