Ted's Blog: World Series

As the World Series gets underway this week so people have asked me who should I choose for Ted and my answer is, lets take a look at both teams. Now I should say upfront that I grew up in the DC area as kid (S/O to PG) and DC had no team but we did have WGN and I watched a lot of Cubs as a kid and...
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Ted's Blog: Tailgate Essentials

As with most sports, a tailgate is no different and it is all about the preparation. ​Now when I say preparation you have to think about two big things which are food and beverage. Now first off I will tackle the topic of food as it is a topic close to heart and let's be honest eating food at a...
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Ted's Blog: Blue Turf/Boise

I have stated many times that college football is a passion of mine, well tailgating college football is a passion of mine. I always enjoy seeing new traditions and different college football stadiums. This year I am going to two different ones and last weekend was the first trip of the season for...
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Ted Blog: College Football Traditions

So as I write this blog in the next few months I am going to highlight some of my favorite college football traditions. As far as college football goes I have a pretty good amount of experience as I have been to many different college stadiums and seen them live. I have a bunch of favorite ones but...
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Ted's Blog Playoff Push

So as we get to this part of the season in the MLS, you are probably looking forward to some Sounders playoff fun, but this year is a bit different. See, as Seattle Sounders FC fans, the only thing we know on the MLS level is playoffs, as the club has made the playoffs each year they have been in...
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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Baseball For The Blind

The thought of playing baseball with a blindfold on might sound a little intimidating, but the Seattle Sluggers baseball team steps up to the plate without fear. The Sluggers play in a league called The National Beep Baseball Association , which is a modified version of the game you grew up playing...
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