BJGN Board Game Alliance ep 14, part 1

Thursday, June 8th

BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 14 Record Date 5/26/2017 

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Gamer: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers


Origins Game Fair June 14-18th in Columbus, OH Origins Awards nominations


Essen games Fair, Spiel October 26-29 Essen Germany Spiel des Jahres, Kennerspiel des Jahres.


Gut Shot Games Designers Ben Cichoski & Danny Mandel

Ben and Danny started Super Awesome Games in 2012. They've designed the Legendary Encounters series of deckbuilding games featuring Aliens, Predator, and Firefly, as well as the Vs. System 2PCG featuring the Marvel Universe. And back in the day they worked together designing the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. In 2015 they partnered with Gut Shot Games to design their latest game, H.E.A.D. Hunters.


Kyle Kinkade and Jordon Nelson from Monocle Society: The Rules

THE QUESTION: "Hype: What game did NOT live up to it, and why?" 


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW doc club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish ACH. The yes welcome to BJ she's geek nation this is your board game alliance my name is Chris walker director look like a plan BJ she's the nation with me as always our Sean ever so I think all games how high Hank and Josh Utley with the Omega errors Hulu. Oh hello Harry don't do this my neck. And Tammy yes. Sorry I had on today's episode. We're gonna talk a little bit about origins games fair and we Essen games fair both of them have recently announced their awards nominations and well origins is coming up pretty quick so we're probably gonna go pretty far down that rabbit hole. We'll talk a little bit about some of the game as we've been playing out a lot of well lot of heavy strategy and a lot of social interaction so that's always fun for me as far as I'm concerned. We'll get an interview with led to the designers from got charged games about their new game headhunters and kick starter now. We've also are counting danger Nelson from the Michael society they're gonna talk a little bit about weave and an update on the rules. We asked a question hype what games do not live up to it and why and we'll get some answers and maybe take some calls on that got me pretty exciting right absolutely. Josh is gonna tells a little bit more about family gaming and we'll go over one of the most amazing games I've heard of in the last month and a half and knack for any. Still haven't had just reported salute. I. How we'll talk about risky in the classic game corner and then show give us a rundown on all of the hottest newest. Kick starter action and and I think we might even get to talk to BJ today. Well he he is out. Yeah he's out he had the he had been doom news travels but I hear he meet Colin through the miracle of technology. AKA the net telephone. We might actually be talking to BJ Shea today this is going to be amazing. I can't wait to hear he's got to say and bullets as he wouldn't get to it Hillman but for now taking away Macs in the public domain players. The goosebumps and join the alliance stint I enjoy life as I have idea being written Josh. Yes sir. It is there where streets here who like this. How do people get older with. Well lately first between downing colander and shown bad path that's honest and Lindstrom but in a more focused in your own timely fashion. You can check out all the lips national podcast. Paul the website. All the web sites all one of them up. Do what I disagree with the org you can check out. Our web site and all the podcast that BG nation dot com like it's on FaceBook to search for BJ Shays he can agent. Follow us on Twitter and instant Graham you know I'm gonna say Twitter today because some of this exciting new thing that we're doing. Changed. His younger crowd ma. We did these patients know while phoned in and do it and yeah I. You can send a text earlier voicemail that 19802243353. Shoot us an email I beating each nation at Turns out on YouTube. Search for BJ he illusion or using. Technology as you'll come to find out soon to be enemy easing advancements in he has access just saying creek nation unto me and yeah. So guys I know it's been a better part of a week since we must send this room and then don't miss our recording podcast thing that we have always do together but. There's been a couple of really really amazing announcement that I think we need to get right to it. King news like. OK okay. Origins games fair and as soon games there have both announced their award nominations now this is. This is like the Oscars and Golden Globes for games and I'm just gonna say that because I feel like that Sierra. Entertainment threatening an excellent we've got a 100% approval on that statement. Let's talk about organs first don't because I was coming up a lot sooner June 14 and eighteenth in Columbus, Ohio I got a list of some nominations force. Are shown her just. And every shot every time and forever regret to have even though it is you know. Triggered when very creative fair it's not the fourteenth and the eighteenth they're gonna go ahead run all the way through the fourteen I say in the eighteenth he did. Welcome their party and they'll be editor and I didn't I wasn't wrong. You are now you show and got dramatic bad. But yes they did announce the parent but would you like to know what those nominees are for the awards in the words I would very much like to know. Well the family games are Cartoon Network crossover. And we have our crossover crisis and Jan I know my game. By Kyrgyz are doing and act older I know we need is a big shock. I mean yeah. It says. Heavy app now garbage day by mating games I play this it's amazing primary my sister. Yep I said that John carried me my marriage until it's not getting better. Next it's what happens in garbage Bill Bennett are carry on I I you know what that's another one haven't played yet happy salmon by a north star games I have played this guy. It's they give up and reenergize your group in about 2030 seconds well a minute and yeah it's amazing it's fun group target very. John Gard by pretzel games I have not played that. Yeah I've seen this when I haven't had a chance to play yet. It does look good yet Aruba by comet hollows they are the me who market. Share of kids games I would say hi for yet I am really believe it's hard to Harden in the past five games and in at least three of them not being exactly. And then speechless by arcane wonders from designed by Mike Kelly. Oh. Good really from thunder snow yeah that's Natalie yeah. Although when India and opinion on who they think should win. You know we might be Elliott we have no say in this and overblown and yeah we did I guess they I could take genuine means to win it's not. The we know yet. Well we move on her role playing games are I know you Ngo and seven sees second edition okay. That crude cruise. Curse of stride yes I Wizards of the Coast all right Larry have my favorite pick out. No thank you evil by Monty could games. That one looks I saw that we're on the shelf unit has like I love the title on that and I I didn't have me and upgraded to buy the thing but I think it's going to be in my library before much longer. Whom. Star Wars the force awakens my specify how can. Shadow runs endorse a Seattle might Seattle Ers who. So Seattle and I have got a that's the truth that if you Don and spin off. Shot around Seattle sprawl by catalyst games labs yeah I mean I'm going to do not mean that it. And next that's similar room by a I'm just gonna go ahead man the shot to simulate a guy you know I jarring NJ. Star Wars edge of the empire special modifications by pence to fight poke at the wondering horse. Think we'll let that kind there's like punctuation that. No one hurt and how it works Google abroad and yeah I really would have played wondering where. His death and it also wondering horses my America governments understand how I was there. Wondering horse who's who was missing on the journey inferno in time. Well I know god damn one that was the worst thing the ponies kill bill is the one ring worse in the whole bill. Phil wasn't bill filled the pony yeah no Tony. I don't think looking read a book where a judge to build a body here really they couldn't take him into our own heroes get real horse and you know sorry I'm really excited for. So he's a larger room on them. He he you know where he might only the best horse in a row learn for like forever because bill was the food the coup. Anyway. I don't put one in ringing endorsement of real high. And then in this. So what's what are your next. How close gagged a monster. President Obama and decisions that I still had don't have that an immediate RL has nominated DS have a minute. I am told that they have. Whine all right one materialize I timing. It's not just another mind your monster manual is not just monster manual volume duke I don't know so they set it up like these. Two cats and one of misery slid from from regulators. The idea and that supreme awesome news like literally god of magic is all right LeRoy yeah I got I'm guard murderer and they. Surely a minotaur INN and they have. So they eat they tell you about all of these creatures in these monsters and he's different things from around the world and her on the than the realm. And any its hold from regular cycle PH sort of our our anecdotal tee and we went on these adventures and we saw these monsters and here's the thing that we observed so it's not necessarily just a bare bones like here's you hit dice and here you German class here's a large large block is more like a journal. And I'll this things and so on May well I haven't been able to rivals on yet but I really really want it. And I'm so jazz that is on the useless because it's from what I understand it needs to win zones tool does trickle blaming the monster manual always my favorite for. How to. I'd I can only just to read this. Yet knowing how would you wanna get a copy in Italy do you look at it from afar. They get from no no hands on my little guy man up next next traditional card games. Dressed me. So right now and. No can spend time off I looked. Dream home by as manei. The fabled fruit by a stronghold games and I've heard that complaint yeah yeah that whenever you have heard them. Comment now while by yellow coming on him kodama blue tree spirits are diamonds really and noticed irony is government. Term that this one out of known. Misty may you miss the can't. Handle the card crept back a little rules you mean my third big game in the world right now you know got it got. Oh my goods by Mayfair games. Are and this remotely controversial for our group the big book of madness by. Oh yeah I'm trusting math. Is enough pearl while thumbing its timeline in any area. No I don't know I'd I think it's actually pretty new. On it must have been like January of last year okay I'll give you January and bacteria act I've played it early last year. Yeah but you know we're we're cool we're industry fellows we get early copies of civil tirade right I don't know right there right. You guys don't go error we aren't we. Game accessories. Will get the blood great organizer by the broken toe to just get sick Philly they can just do like. Give it a broken token because I feel like they're gonna win NRA area out of dungeon more dice adventure set by equal ideas how to. As you know to surpass them. This is true. Flipping Trey and Matt case. I haven't had that album going to know that sounds great that. This fund may not be radio are appropriate to improve. And what are you. Those of you improve your. Should we go to board games or like say that for that I've got some breaking news for your O'Leary. Are they on. And shrink. The big book of madness by yellow game yeah. Listed on board game geek. As Tony fifteen hook maybe it's like a fiscal year end thing. That's a solid year Chris sells us their November Bruno loves. Independent league game in any year is not on a standard moratorium into Oakmont since the RA ever or ever. Well okay a little at the experts worry about that let's just move right along there then please because honestly am we're out drills already today. I next is collectible games. You you know breaker of the shadow booster. Okay feel more like that's breaker of the shadow. Booster pack booster baccarat I know over time they didn't Actuate. A hole. No come up. It's always knew your record shattered mr. No breaker of shadow booster by economic. Via. Anyway I have never. This will be repeating things cowboy Cokie you wanna Coke Cokie Guam vote you off my Gado wet show all. Yeah. Slow news you know we get cute too. No lagoon but. You can we lost to go to the competitor the a brochure out to judge. She's. These acts he's African and sit and play and you can make you doing with the equipment. Next dub it here and use that could mean meets with them and I'll talk to the editing let. And next is. Pokemon. XY I had eleven steam siege Brewster. The CW just throwing words a lot of tournaments or anything. That is still a crime in the morning and your point oh yeah. Please gentlemen you know this but we're recording this says. Six simple eat in the AM. All. And let's just leaving little Dicey little let's take a little loopy he noon and it's not because we still playing ranks no. If I didn't I don't know I. Next. Magic the gathering. Back Kalla hash booster pack cal Elena Shalit ashes buried. The meeting where instant etc. and the move in my surprised based on oh magic do on this list at about the mar broke your clicks uncanny X-Men booster brick. Mom my always kids yeah. Magic was my Wizards of the Coast. So we really wait and collectible card game. Actually collectible games did it and you'll see in the morning and in my own petard you still may not be wrong but you know. I'll tell you I want to include some bankruptcy. Are there enough so here's a question from. And card right banking card to fight. Vanguard fighters collection. By cushy road. No this is one that I've seen a lot of but I never had a chance to actually try out the. It's it's super popular maybe not early you heal or magic level but. The kids love it. And it ties right into a monger a series just like you year doesn't just hustled him out and have yourself. I I would be really just into a play it and be watched sort of an underdog theme kind of come from behind and take this whole thing they had legal death. And then their managers. Get ulterior meaning this one is a huge surprise to many. Warhammer forty K kill team and money. A surprise to many that sooner and it I thought. He's the jokes people who conflict 47 by word games. And that 10 god you know comfort for cemetery and sir sir sir dragon rampart by a battlefront and gale force nine Brian you know. Are not rampart and we'll learn rim command of the rim paying grandpa and ram and human impression. Tanks. Batter out all right yeah. I didn't know Lawrence has more according to finally employees. I and drop fleet commander by talk. Warrior was calm and then the ones that we've appreciated knows Lou the ten nominees for best board meeting in these. Okay yeah. Nominee number line. My big surprise. Enraged by airing and letting you that I think he meant to those of fifteen mile him anyhow. No please oh yeah we don't care what it does origin not happen but every other year or something now happens every June. Maybe they know June to June. Are organs now that wouldn't that word actually track. Yeah late 2016 that feels right from 200 yeah okay all right I'm with you so park area or fifteen. Don't make me come over there. I will turn this podcast around you know 2015 news from England rich coming out so. I another we've. Figured out that. Origins organs as our best guess. Cleats by reading a game dad had a great game underground they clinking in the knowing as you were elected. Cry Havoc by portal in this yet I don't take. At least people's instructions Wheldon got left many confused now if you do get on that one ring horse thing we'd be in the business he. He's an estimate horses there's a feast for Oden magazine many games with a part of it I still luckily he threw nearly as political. Know what's on its fairly chunky left out of fear and yeah it's massive to yeah you need. A conference room table this is the truth to play kid I mean don't look amazing by half a year at the lifetime pack. I'll mountain man Redgrave and in I played this few times I'd like it yeah yeah you you were talking about it it's really one of the Iran marquee names or he does everything. Art design. Publishing that's consistent with what I know around marketing. Mentions of men a second edition Matt Tennessee flag as manei. Say spice star Larry game Taylor the winner I'm. We who. Ladies and gentlemen we receive no money. From the makers creators or. Artistic collaborators on the game site however we do firmly believe that it is absolutely the best game of 2016. Usage and now I do meters territory Mars is also on this list. Yeah I. Yeah it's right now I stronghold enjoy your pursuits. And. Probably solicit sex. And to make even more difficult for me Star Wars rebellion might Tennessee fight. And those are ordered. You going room to make this tires and shoot to mention never making a couple of Taylor accomplish our current yeah you all right and that's so it's big you sat empire of Eleanor. Think being an empire he emotions you know give a damn what you thank you ask me to myself I. And then there's not honor in addition pink hats are clearly he's coming from him I think yeah. And Matt. Last run in the Korean territories. World's fair 1893 of irony gave games and fox threatening mrs. Coleman are actually seeing a lot of other people play. I have not seen this one I've seen the cover but that mean I haven't seen employed. I was it to I was a mocks. Not for not for the government or somebody else and and it's a table full of people playing in it looks really really cool. Cohort games. Who was working on renting to currently it's going to be on kick starter in the future time they played this game a lot. I beat him and his wife played this game alone and they seem them talking a lump a lot about it on the twitters. And they have a lot of fun with it so. Yeah I can see why it's on now it looks really cool I just gosh I mean it's W something like side you can blood grave Jan and had her tomorrow and stick. Had a feeling rat race that would be the underdog victory for more games and that's all right so that's a whole lot of nominations. For origins what you just run down the maybe what do you think the top five for as soon there's only three for the Kenner we. What are your run down the top three for initial field. OK so now on to that can Hirsch peel out for. Basically the Oscars of our strategy game yes exactly for the passing game parent. There are three nominees for game of the year. For our mom the Ashby will be our first they can Hersh beat. Hulu. Or not she'll connect to carry on. The spiel is listed to if you wanted to check that out coaching on us and Dutch and English feeling now investigators feel our exits. That's an ex gay proven a box game but cosmos. But a lot of that came out this year actually like. Three or four different companies minimum put out little escape from the room kind of that's giving him some legitimacy though like for an amnesty spring game yeah to be on this list and ask him a big deal. Well exit plays. Like. You play a pact. By another pack and a yak pack smaller and smaller entry after the may not be as opposed to the other ones which is a whole new game every time you wanna play it yeah yeah. One of the three or four that's out there can be replayed. But I feel like puzzle games like YDL. Once you solve his right hand. Mean you sell lock somebody else I expect to see a lot of this at and goodwill next year yeah. Our next is raiders of the nor seen this is one that you will be playing in the future it's. Worker placement and you take action when you place we lost connection when you pick up your workers you just had a bunch in my favor words but a and I backed and you kick starter which who come illustrators of the RC. Women aren't the right thing based on again. And then why in the last one for game of the year I think you'll probably. Be very happy with. Careful reminds of you Oilers differing Mars wins. You can look at is the nominees. Four game of the year for SM yeah. While well done all right well thank you for that really really appreciate that that information is it is nice them to put that information on those without. So they would go on try to play these games it's kind of like when they announce the Oscars or something like that not run out and try to see every movie. I usually see. Movie but cookbook and luckily we did that Marty played most of it so that the that that filled still totally went. Should we do like to read quote carpet what's the box where it you had access. About 2 o'clock am down there and rejoin. I wish I had the red carpet music and running running running on. Personnel I yeah. Thanks again for alleged Russian media really like seeing all those listening like that I a big fan of bliss I know we tend to improve prove them on the Yankee nation. Because let's see in general. Objective list you know they've they've neither our nominations there's no no opinion in this that is trauma surgeons and these are not clipping. Correct. And I notice that the top ten games nominee first clearly our number three was surprise you know that's not right after what he's done literally. Just became that of a nominee is I appreciate your for here research on that. Plus you belong to some of the stuff that we're doing right now it's only are looking forward to. Big awards season for forgave Morgan is one thing but. What are we playing right now what's what's exciting and in the moments Sean also was the last thing you play. Oh gosh I'm in clinical and things I've been inspired continuation of C fall right my group really likes it. I know that there's. There's some people out there in the game playing world that it did not enjoy it as much but our group. We have we come at each other leaders lot of fighting going on then it's likely have a whole list of people. In their mind and I'm out there and more in order tornado earlier and earlier in this ever so they are losing your announced. But also I get a chance to check out our Sons of Anarchy men of -- him. This is a game to really flew under the radar and other gale force nine and it's a fantastic game it's a worker placement game based in the U Sons of Anarchy universe. There's a lot of combat a lot of contention for things you can get stuff unless you only control it. And another game or my little sister personal from the corner. Yes but we may have collaborated effort. Of killing her all right does he game of course we troll back if you're saying that she guy can believe triggered in and put herself into the corner. So the it's what one thing that I have a lot of trouble at any time there's a a heavily for mad at gained liens street into an existing property. Sons of Anarchy give a thrown things like that. It can tend to. I. Didn't try too hard a lot of the time like we really wanna make this. Do you like the show or be like the movie or be like the book or whatever but who totally thinking is this one of those games or does it yes. So if they don't it feels like the actually set out to making good game right and use the IP to. Inform it. Ought to make sense does make sense so I mean everything feels very thematic through the show. You're you're running guns you're you're selling drugs. You know and two in a courtroom and right now protocol contraband cargo anywhere. Beat every knows let's go to trucks. Each gang has her own their own feel. There's the very basic where each gang is the same but then you flip it over if you played for an article came number beast got. Different time. Things that allows him to do things a little better a little faster a little quicker than the other the other gangs aren't so I don't. My TDs video game cover man to death contraband. I. Yeah. You all be assimilated well done sir. And contraband is amazing video game cover it just so good. So this is one Gary I'd remain in people taking this out you can get are really cheap because again they're just kind of flew on the rare for moving through it's worker placement in its area control yeah. And and inviting inviting. I've played a lot of social interaction games myself you're your resistance lose your Ku. He secret Hitler's. Where a lot of that lately that's that's been kind of my main them I mean that is lately in and these are some MIA most most favorite game that really like the the well the social interaction aspect of it I like that you're not just simply playing a board game and you're playing against the deck we're playing against the dice roll. You actually have to play against people and bat. To meet. Is the essence of gaming and I love that aspect of it in and I gotta say I think we played. What are we play three games are four games secret Hitler when we're gonna look finalized and I think I was Hitler. All the almost every time yeah yeah exactly and I played excellently thank you you today and you mean every turn and I'm not sure how. Hi Iraq. Such as well let's just say you're a little bit of practice that. And none none of your fashion no no I've got fascist. But anyway are the podcast what are you play Josh. You guys that senior UMB issues mean did you draft. Can't jump trying to yeah it's like it's in the race for the galaxy universe yeah realm of games. But it's card game can play in twenty minutes rely. I liked that about it I like that I'd like did you get all of the flavor. Of the race for the galaxy. There's. Almost no set up. And we're done in twenty minutes. Down and any I love universal universe games and low Mandarin universe all the Angela yes and this was role for the OC race for the galaxy. And now Joan transit card you have all these varieties of pick your game styles. Yeah united guiding get a typically just do and I really dig into like them to a boil down. Aspect yet for the game GAAP. And Kathleen everything in a normal thing and let's play into shorter run time cool men but without actually taking anything away from the game a lot of times if they try to do that interest give something back and make it more accessible now way. You can lose a lot of the feeling of the game that did not happen here. Jump drive I think very very adequately captures all of the great stuff from from race for the galaxy but again when you said boils it down and gives you just like that hate. Here's the feel of the universe. How would you like to be done this in fifteen minutes we conclude. Plague and yes right away who originally held in every time here though. My favorite one that we played I played with you Chris was true. Yeah act you know super breaking news or anything you know but to add cherries on the other hand is totally. At least the other patrons because. They are an hour and a host of knock off some comments that remained and now. I'm killing your route uses. I mean this isn't what that they're not IA assassin and if you could time I am like yeah I got a lift up well I think that's enough of us talking about stuff that we like although that's really all we do on the show. Let's get right to our our first interview of the day we've got a designers did indeed any from gunshot games. I think Sean you've got a few questions for the fellows are just you know I do actually. So this is Ben and Danny they started super awesome games back in 2012. Ben and Danny are actually designers in the industry for awhile they designed of the legendary encounter series which I know we all alone we have legendary cutters aliens predator fireflies. They also worked on the Versa systems a marvel vs system. And be it sees no they also did other worlds of work frustrating game though who go way back. So right now they've been working with gunshot games on a new game and that is our own kicks are called. Headhunters say guys they don't get malaria. Free. Renewed vines so why don't shoot till all the folks out there and podcast land wet head hunters is all about. Well our head hunters is. All of our new Qaeda is still a few. Basically a I each player has these five inch tall. The collectible figure our core community health where you can open the head of the talk enough to restore all the components for the kids Judah that that go up 36 car at all like extreme measure movement. And got blatant copy of our problems that you put the figure out why you fly. And even begin to actually go one on one skirmish game although you can buy your players or players we've redesigned it. Pretty sure why won't be really on which a huge challenge for each player only. Thought control one miniatures and that's where there aren't coming in could meet a lot of little water while background would treat our games are. Gained a lot of them are already different card that can have combos not gonna stuff so these bullet in my hybrid card game and god tactical. We've been around on the call eight. You know I tell the other cards basically our. A part of what you're doing for your movement so. There's like a typical of skirmish games that require you to you have every large area to play and or you have to have like giving border or for specific Kyle similar kind of stuff. And all that is just in there within that one figure that you get right. How exactly each characters start to forge terrain because they play. 36 play 36 inch street are thirty and thirty in Spain you can place huge environmental I think it. And there and here I wasn't portraying currently put them out on that face. And they sort of you know all our people that are sort of find cover in. I was golden like a little all of them Falwell for a mission to HIV drug and Turkey always been like that. We can we try to let. Fact a lot in Quebec and what I mean you're immune to ordinary court ruling and literally cannot figure out. And the and the no platforms all allowing you to finish early you can open and continue to move anywhere you want on the open on the screen you want to. But where you want to please are you put your ballot or don't personally believe you're OK now they are each period sort of always on. Even and you know there are others are especially in open board thanks and appreciation for like our. Should I go behind. Playing someone my apple is in a car accident. And that is where I thought that the net written all settlement. You got a lot of really cool fears as well I mean this is it if you relieve limbs together this collectible toy a aspect as well as the game aspect. If you're a part Rossum a different figures that you've got. Absolutely absolutely absurd core I'm barbaric. You are blinking you know viking warrior. And we haven't much you love who relayed. Figure out of Mexican but of course you have. Wish I could remove what sort of being a button and I guess she couldn't turn into an alcohol and she tried. Should try to hide behind all of them and ethnic food Satan will be little creepy got the ball kid friendly Erica. And then we have our drew who is day I was fly over warrior. Who worked so we've gotten injured shin guards checking the clothing work with Egyptian women aren't. He's. It and we had them. The robot ultimately how hard I did I would feel a robot from the future. And he is important to show all the the pastor's heart. The thing for the benefit that. Do you guys have four figures to start with but there's a lot of figures. That you are stretch going out. As the campaign will continue so do me a lot more stuff that you condense. Absolutely yeah we can totally do I didn't develop flu before we started where. Secular run there. Followed a lot of good the next one of the approximately unlock this type of assertion and then run courier. We have our millionaires or as little sort of like face. Soldier or save it's it's not really about it and I health. From the future either actually from the same time and we now so we're actually in very little period of fiction about all of we're also there's sort of from the same time they're from the future we have done and Corbett who was named fox or from the eighteenth century he did not a lot of outrageous acts. We amazing that it Bly and come to a master. And we blackjack in England I would think belly and that opened sharing process. I've been very. What I felt an although or even who's sort of a classic mysterious. Major. And other. Felt sorry I dissidents and you guys just put together are like this who's been into homer for quite awhile. Yeah I think we're caught letting go to Ricci didn't know what would you have thought egyptians he had the product to meet the product. Design should stand to go bad and he tries until I'm gonna talk accompanied to and during a came and I think it is really our world. Fusion ING into writing about it I don't like to think I was for a well my path. Funny thing is that any contact without them actually and I'm really really good idea and so we are four downloads and I wouldn't particularly. Fond. Didn't and I understand this or show you never usually the mention there's a brother to do anything we want what you're doing well. You know article characters we can do object and throw them out nation we could do future characters and they do. What our growth figures you know don't do anything while she doesn't think it's a mashup those states. No ads and the time of this recording you guys are currently live moment you'll get to listen to mr. pictures live as well also. I'm thinking go to kick starter I dot com and and check out headhunters. And I believe you guys are also going to be doing some play sessions videos so you can actually like seeing how the game plays out visually correct fat. Absolutely we're doing issues they're liable Libya and you eat well in the what I had an ugly out there. We didn't get her life. It's over our our. You know effort it is yeah I don't know how are completely and that's kind of portable video as well for him not just. Not just a lot of history but you know just to show appropriate yet you don't want to relive those old. And I didn't do it well we'd get Gina has the best of my golf course. Our team regarding you can build actually you could strategies arm of course that would reduce our PRR Aurora gotten huge. We don't want to show off the definitely gained quite the audience full. Yeah and so the are looking at the pressure is these. They're still really reasonable prices so I know lake similar collectible toys. Will go for like the nearer on the Tony dollar range and you're getting essentially that plus this really cool game. For a twenty dollars just in a for the one figure or you can save even more money and do a forty dollar buy in for two I think that's really cool. And jeans and a good job getting the price point down pretty low. All of it back you know we've been at other dimensions and all the feedback. We wish her mentor crucial moment gave everything it and the gala. It was really nice car in the laser guidance sensor. I think they want how much of the fun of me from the very intimate about twenty yards a figure that's all wow yeah that's great. And that are nerve agent they're going Jason Estrada a quarter inch tall salute all five have been named as the Portland they had. But the other half I thought that's. So guess what you tell everybody how to get ahold of you Omnia social media's. Ellison might go on Twitter obviously the end whereas Iran and runs they thought. And believe there's at get tried games is another twit Twitter that they can access correct. I was sorry gotta get our game aren't Twitter and FaceBook at well. Awesome thank you so much for being macho guy it's I know. To climb back to mr. Richard this game is so much fun and it's so cool I think derby is really gonna really like this game we need to check it out it's it's super cool. Trying to take you. Well yeah I think again admitting any that tech sounds really really cool I a you know I was looking at the pictures and stuff this looks really neat is like it's got that's sort of contractor and yet can't speculate did they look almost like pops you know yes but there's a game in their two. I think it's a really really quality if you meet a lot of a lot of fun. Well you know what one interview is so much fun what do we do another one millions do it. OK it's. OK okay. There. As you guys know we've been in keeping in touch with my uncle society. Kyra human few weeks ago we talked to us about. We even an amazing game and I can't wait to play give give give Perry soon I'm told. But in that with us Tizzy you can hear me retell the news. But dead packing Kane and Jordan Nelson from our society are here with us to update us on the status of no rule he has seen guys later today. Doing pretty well doing good thank you awesome so what he of course today. Well wolf we have it is and than the actual build that were being. That's been submitted. So would be essentially the rules is done and done. Jordan Dunn did the things. So I'm I'm this much closer and not having to read the rule book that I am SOS and yes that absolutely so I mean I think. The the goal is you know I think we talked about earlier the having this ready in June. They've been available and Jim. Well. That what we're doing so we are going to be officially launching whenever the heck it shows up in probably mid June nice yeah it's going to be so now we are we're going to be targeting that. The independent publishers first actually. So just quick refresher the rules there's an Amazon skill that. We're planning game for Plame munchkin. And I cannot hammer kicked down the story can just say Alexa pastor rules how do I kicked down the store. Yeah absolutely you get the responses. Additionally if you're just completely. You know. Oh loss for the loss for words. Oh mobile were to start the game you could simply say. You know Alexa ask the rules how do I play this game it and it it will go through and step by step tell you how to set up the game and actually returned to take. Only to us please bury. Essentially we are lowering the the barrier to entry. For a new game I mean you need no longer have to scramble for the rules pamphlet or looking up on the line. He sent a three here now under device security talking through his new orders sixty page manual or you are destroying. Did today gave way for entry you are making NASA accessible to everybody and in that India future that we live in. It's you're just thinking as they seem like we have. Jumped another ten years into the future he out. The other is an amazing time to be alive and then and thank you so much for contributing to that because there's gonna make it ever was life for so much easier oh yes and the workstation for it's our pleasure. So Jordan. What. How we get it tastes. When he didn't even got to think part of course you capsule every gallery here to give you a quick introduction. Alexa. Open the rules. Welcome to the rules and monocle society what would you like to do. You can start an eight game learn how to play or set up the game or ask about a rule per game. You can try seeing things like. Starting that game how do I set up dozens doughnut cutter actually wheat declined component in dozens doughnut or what are plot point to wean. Are just say help. Start a new game. Okay what game would you like to play just say play in the name of the game. For example you can say play monopoly player we've Barkley doesn't doughnuts are just say help. Played dozens donuts. Okay I've started a new game. What would you like to learn you consider how to set up how to play ask about a rule list categories we're starting a game. Participate help. How do you set up. To set up the game had each player to that character scorecard in donut tokens now shuffle up all power up napkins and set them aside. Now shuffle apple doughnut into a single drop back. Dropped sixteen doughnuts from the top of the draw back. Arranged and face down in a four by four greeted the player who has not eaten doughnut in the longest goes first ready for the next step. Stopped so I never get to go first. Our. Gas hero world guys failure. Matthew ping goes your dad is greater than I guess I. Is amazing you guys that you believe that this I am IAM that's it I am getting all excited I said maybe me where I'm getting one now. Just because of your Geisel Stiller I mean that's amazing yes it's absolutely count LA UAE OII you now wait till that is up. Handful of games and I'd I don't need to read anymore. Well let's face it your regular at the start with a they're moves so yeah this is this is going to I think actually revolutionize our game nights for sure does Vijay is already got this thing in his house and once I get this thing in my house is probably gonna go. Street in the game garage and and then we're gonna go yeah. Yet to say out my family and I. As I've been developing this BLX has been in our house we've been playing dozens donuts death with with the rules on the Alexa now as I. Implement new features and it really is great not having to reference printed material for a lot of computer. Now I am and have one problem with this. Now I can't argue for hours over and I won't look young enough on BGG. Well I'm just gonna have the answer yeah rule interpretation. Arguments are going to be very very short from now on which it is sometimes good bit also that's that's some of the most fun interaction the we have. Yeah pulling the great part about it is not only the gonna kind of eliminate that need for you. And I just absolutely prove you wrong. But it he played an a instead of just having to say open the rules and having to go through that menu set up what you heard you can edition Wednesday. Alexa ask the rules what are still doughnuts and dozens donuts break you can sit up nonsense and able bypassing go right to the actual answer. It's so good as them so good this a what I did was it was essentially be the first time welcome kind of walk you through things but is Kyle said we have these and we call one shots. So no matter whether you're clinging gamer or not. To be able to ask about rules or games or how to set up for any particular game. At any point which will really make it an enabler how long have he has been working on this let's say we can prior to actor. I'm passing no. No actually you would be wrong I don't know and this is does so. I would Jordan who works a bomb on a project right now that we can't talk about that much by it Wii and I work on we've. Primarily and jury and I have been working on this together. Amino at night on the weekends so yeah I it in the middle of us through we've seen you know. There are deemed to products out the door we additionally decide to do this on the weekend and. Her purse when you hear is hurt extremely amazingly talented so. Keep up the good lord keep give Jimmy you're changing everything the that you can't see you very much appreciate that. I USA as a publisher I love the fact that you guys are at any military did you get your supporting us as well. It's sometimes difficult when you have a rules question. People have to going to be GG or something like that not just it's not as easy further in these guys and the fact you're supporting us. While I think thank you from the V Indy world. Yeah absolutely. Why do you have any games you wanted to put on this I'm Aimee. The if you look where. Lucio word winning Dyson grounds perhaps why he has so I didn't have given you know the rules specifically you had and their media in new incoming yeah. Ala well itself sandbag conversation yes yes we will author Bennett and additionally for anyone who. A.s and in the game developer who is currently listening to this. Send us you know the rules tell us you want this and and we will do it because that's who we wanna go first. So per the India as a one who contact you with their rules how should they contact you. Yeah that's really good question so they can contact us. Monocle society. Four Twitter or for FaceBook additionally they can just go ahead and do you email us at hello. At monocle society dot com. All right guys we'll thank you very much for being here. Our next thing is you know the question oh wait I'm sorry there was one other bit of breaking news. Hope there's more breaking news now while the. It's. Okay. What place did you guys give me a dollar and the other day comes just Jack here I'll ask general IA. And a few blank germ from. Merle usually don't have oh you know I agree god. Well I mean I did pretty good actually we god third place in total donations which you don't know none of us all know huh hello hello Larry 850. Sorry we're talking with the notre. OK he had yet you're with a police and it doesn't matter how good how well I did in that case I would say it would be alluded last place we really want taken well I mean I think we wanted to make sure you felt good after we speak you Soo hard. Now they have a Jim guy you know almost 3000 dollars of donation money in her own because she just had another building I think these guys are. Good at that yeah. I yeah re edit I really generate money I'll wait I'm I'm I'm happy to have that power that and I'm actually have a better Daria yeah yeah there was an excellent time I think even when he came in last but we nicknamed him so last. And we've heard very well among the good work replacement person Yahoo! game. And we just sat there and we just cut through early spank and who is you know the first part of who would stressful you're really out. After about the first hour to move like you know very thorough spanking. We just kind of got into it you know I think that I don't that's consistent with what I've heard of spanking and that was great and I. We are now we company here for excellence and excellence and all right so got a question for you know yes trail we put up the question to everybody and it's for this week its height. What team did not live up to it for you can line yet and I mean dirty my program this one. Was a nod of approval but no was anonymous for the good luck and audio maybe I'm here I Jordan and make sure it. Yes there ought to put out terrorists we have. Honestly the game that this year I was a bit disappointed and was rumor wars miniatures game. And it's not because it was a bad game it's just because. You know when that was announced you know the I booed the general consensus was we'll look man they made. Star Wars X wing rates so this is anything like that didn't word is good ago. To be fantastic and it was good. But it was like. Are we would you like that a meeting played. The experience that you know I was expecting and I think I think the problem is that it followed up after a really good launch and you know trying to live in two. You know at a shadow basically over from a much. She meant more successful title and I think that it's a little fresh from the games workshop break up. If anything this looks a lot yeah green just may be broke up so we can do this in her name little the other dirt you're totally some you know mask your tears on the rule book that I. Hello. Yeah. Your inner geek. Wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying key culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.