That 80s Podcast June 86

Tuesday, June 13th

It's June of 1986 and there were a ton of great movies, music and happenings to keep our young minds occupied and entertained!  Chris, Brandon, and Pete give you the rundown and geek out for one of there favorite months in history!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentleman speaks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase each nation welcomed. Yes welcome to media cheesy nations. This is Danny's podcasts today on the show we're gonna talk a little bit about what was going down in June of 1986. The critic Jim returned to the big screen got a lover how much you know what removal stream. The California raisins danced into our hearts and minds and other body parts are probably it's hard to say exactly. Sure music clean Genesis gave us well they gave us an invisible touch and we all felt. That picture inner anyway this is that it is podcast welcome. My name's Chris walker walk like a plant species each nation the newly dubbed it director. Chris walker what are your plans this is something that the guys over remember him alliance are our sister show. Alternating Tuesdays with us we call them that there are sister show it's sure. They decided that since I am I'm sort of the Colson of the geek nation universe to like tie everything together. No are you get a following on this new noise or are they they set it and I like didn't and I'm still a little bit so you know whenever. Heard it Romo Obama's agonize I just want you to remember this day not not that they were talking about in history right but the day when Brandon juror we're told you that he was going to Google staggering self importance and send you the definition. While you're right that's that's a sobering. Thought and win that grand injure when it gets here yeah I thought I. I. Worry so much Internet travel so you know what. I am Brit and German thank you it takes different strokes more than cool demo me. And I think Brandon wanted to gonna give us those different strokes were low or no longer who was speaking of invisible touch. I'm Pete green yeah AR. Brendan I have hasn't let's say if people haven't tuned out yet the but the let's say what so what they'll what other methods ride and those that those said people used to I get all of us that they want a well you can check out the website and all the podcasts at BJ geek nation dot com like us on FaceBook just search for BJ she's geek nation. Follows on Twitter mr. Graham at BJ geek nation he'll talk about staggering self importance his name is on everything it's just all right fair it's just. BJ Shea is this it's as if he's the founder of the feast. And the boss and he he deserves to have all the stuff who you know I don't know them setup a product line don't we don't know senate tell us or leave a voicemail. At 19802243353. Shooting email to BJ geek nation at At YouTube dot com anybody wanna guess this one. The PGA initiate these days nailed it Amazon echo just sale Lex play geek nation on two men earned him. Could you also say. Alexa tells Krista stopping wrangling that goddamn rappers I have to I have to stop down and eat every two hours he knows this. My pro team army couldn't have done it before you hit record yeah no it's a terrible Internet radio are you allowed to eat on the morning program. Yes I realize you're clear up first C yeah. As their bread because you know who doesn't spend much time actually talking on the radio in the mornings. In this guess I should check out but I wonder if there's a reason for Nevada actually humiliating protein bars but no it's so annoying all right and under the nose gear any listener we have tell him to stop doing. You probably happened so. Karate Kid Jew. Yeah ha ha yeah yes yeah yes. Yeah I had that's it and and as compared to the first movie this is this is one of those for me. For my movie going dollar this is one of those empire strikes back things I think that is a superior sequel do we clarify that this is June of 1986 and I'm just making sure people know that we are in their territory and their aura of listen to Israel we received and very important note all I'm really I'm not gonna call anybody out I'm just gonna say we received a very important note Brandon mom's index. Brennan's girlfriend that we don't know why Mary Joseph Brennan has a girlfriend everyone. Anything else you could end. Null point the story thank kill that maybe we don't call out to the month as often as we shouldn't we may we reference the year very regularly on the show but even be just a quick reminder to everybody we're talking about winning and beat believe it's June of 1986. I believe that same thing to do. Do you do. Didn't I believe your couple of A holes. You know Iran so credit kid too with. Like I said I think the superior. Movie hero UniCredit kid who red pool yeah all I put it above the first Briton who don't you dare say the next attorney didn't know unless there I thought I lenders giving credit gets 3 yes I am an all purpose there's occur ready for the cartoon or the video game but will move past that variety can do. For my money best thing with the word two words for idea and condone it. I feel like we're gonna have a sit down back to back and watch these. To prove you wrong and we know ugly I hear everything you're saying and you could not be moron you could drive okay for you could no longer hold on if you're gonna have a sit down back to back to watch these movies you're gonna need to TVs Pete that's stupid yeah that's just math. Put that you've not heard of the Internet and you've not heard of the iphones or the android phones I'm 1986 I haven't. Webware I'm Livan. America there right now because I care about the audience Pete I. Cheese so after singling out a little easier Christopher Knight dvd external if a after taking leave all state champion ship karate thing in the first movie out and are you know what that what he won in their personal media tremor didn't there was one death. Although all experiencing Allstate valley oh. We want karate championship tournament Allstate the valley I'm looking up to confirm it but I swear to you that I'm gonna look that word was called because like I. So Paul Allen back karate tournaments owl all there really isn't there you got an area they they didn't wanna be too specific searches. The valley guys who writes Daniel Russo and mr. riady Nags Head over to Japan and then to OK we all know who typically. Does side there is some family business that that young you need to take care of and Danny old basically cashes out his size savings is in the famine business what his dad's. Dying man that I am and we have almost no I usually am and no lag got secure some family go to try and not a bum people out man and. He wasn't putting a boat on Craig's list he was taking care is I just feel like there will be some respects. Fair enough already was trying to be discreet about mr. riady family situation. So I'll show you know the value at this point you're like us I love the credit kid. First you movies like nobody's business but it straight to the heart love them like. Crazy and so take them all serious. Little Danny over Somalia titular Karate Kid yes I cashes out of his college savings fund. To buy a plane ticket to go with mr. Meehan mutual canola yes because they have formed such an amazing father son bond. That he doesn't want to not know also this would be a short movie. Church so once there. We learned that demagogues got quite a history in his little town with these local old rich dude. Who owns nearly everything and then the two of them are rivals so they were romantic rivals earlier in life. And now of the rich dude son. Has a beef with gaining do we really need this much tax to Korea on a lot of problems we have another typhoon yet cook the RI and once revenge on me RT five or the fifties danced for the breaking of the glass nervous I ceremony had so much ground to cover here surely miss the most important trying to get me. I feel like we have I will say this I don't actually give a damn about Karate Kid and I'm sorry I I don't jets. Out I don't judge euphoric but listen I I have to acknowledge that Karate Kid two. Really lake these the phrase sweep the leg then is that in the cultural pantheon and it comes from the as a comes from young Williams aka. John and sweep the leg Johnny lay down if who later would be the son of TV's equalizer right. But it's even the Cobra Kai you've got to sweep the leg those things have to have persevered just as much as wax on wax off may be more I think effort sweep the leg more than I've heard wax on wax off on the last. 1015 unite under armored. Or diamond and aluminum boat here we go little extra sometimes only to sweep the leg while I'm waxing on my point of clarity just so I wanna see if I heard you correct oh boy. Young Williams just retooling Johnny. You understand the Williamsburg is Johnny and they kicked in in this and didn't say that for you just know Gary enough he says to him yeah Brett got there why would he say it himself Pete he's trying to psych yourself up yeah. Stressed out by the typhoon. With the until they got different and they ignored you know that's the type that. We don't play deep to in the foods in the first I'll bet you had on this team that's how much of a dare I give about your Karate Kid movie my. Knowing Jerry Rice and the Karate Kid like I said this is what this is where Danny goes up against the rich dude son and I tries to use the crane kick on the right out of the gate and it fails miserably. You have to learn a new technique in the technique. Which is confusing because if done correctly it can be defeated and yet he was doing it correctly and then there was no it is just delivered Iron Man movie yes yeah yeah okay this pack because we see that in the beginning. Of Karate Kid children which is a continuation actually is like sort of an NC for credit to one. So we see like. Kris and and beyond these sort of have that exchange. Get a decrease is punching like through car windows and ultimately their own way we get to like delivered a man from honk. Skip to next scene yeah. And Mike Daniels lost like thirty pounds all of us exactly what he did seem quite a bit thinner and check this they were shot at different times and again I take into movies opened and it really only the first you've got to take a really seriously doubt they're really went off the -- Irma don't like Tony young guy coming out there thank you kind of make sense. You know John who murdered Marc coma to our increased its another sort of a secret shadowy appearance of a third one but that's. Now what we're talking now at all cove increases in new hipster restaurant to just open and I know. And they specialize in shellfish and folded paper. I love to yeah to me you should actually folded into into like Oregon exactly. That tell you know your blade runner so yeah. That's another episode we'll girl and I do we talk about Peterson apparently jumped a dog fight to tell you and I haven't verified this yet oh wow oh god he's always arrogant to tell you I've made something up right now got up as the king I was on my kids. I was on my way back from Arizona and we had a layover in Salt Lake City because we did something wrong and lives. Within proteins are throwing it away to your throwing it away. Throwing the moon can we please lord though it. That's a terrible Kermit the Frog impersonation. Mood but we're giving them please continue I Arizona there are a guy get Arizona middle of the day. A guy and sunglasses. Is waiting for flight he wanted off his sunglasses. And I believe it was Peterson terra a novel Corey Hart I even told Napolitano is the middle this middle today Pete you think he's discriminating I drew out Jerry's drink at night anyway anything entitlements on nice. He'll never appears as her right. I you're making some stuff I copy editor I don't hate Peter so why would it was the worst I have ever. Peterson terra who by the way the phrase etc. is named after a lot of people realize that at the terrorists and I don't know where you can hand say terror Chicago Tareq pleas for dinner and listen. I believe he was in the Salt Lake City airport. I'm not a glamorous story and no I'm not. I there's nothing more to it I think I saw Peterson there in the Salt Lake City airport been working at Starbucks. So the song from credited to which was I'm a go platinum said. Selanne and Bob and Hulu. I would love to do and that's not do so much that I tried to new lip sync other talent show at camp. And at oak typical fashion I don't know all the words not. Nor did I actually have like a microphone. Even to fixing so Mike hey guys I'm noticing him of his hair brush. And pretend the microphone you're all cool with that array. And went to mom. Crease in his career that as far as they know there's not and you. It's awkward as hell for this to this day it's still one of those like. Humid. And the memory you're. A lot of 112 year old kid probably at this point I'd trying to seeing arguably one of the most romantic top forty songs ever produced that sounds awkward just out of the key task terrible -- must summer camp loves him I'm feeling nonetheless and windows open maybe that's on wouldn't I lip sync to render and to my summer camp OK now that I did not lip synch at summer camp because I think you're doing your -- boy scout no. Come at a fresh air I don't did enter a lips and contest at the mall once and we did what's on your mind pure energy by information society. We even had the cardboard cut out Qatar is like Velika video hole I wanna know what we are thinking about that we lost we lost 283. Year old kid who did splash splash. Wearing a towel and a and a little pair shorts. And hold on he didn't even lipstick piecing it he was just cute well of course I'm used dance to it and didn't lipstick. So he basically went outside the parameters of the established competition in which was involved. Carl wrecked and still won I am looking into suing shenanigans Alan I'm picturing in my head meant to darva and Ted Kennedy it was pretty yeah. Do Kamal Kamal what the song anyway because I can remember right now Stella had won national kind of that story of love thinking yeah. She's I don't I could really give me a free can which is one of the first instances that were coliseum the music video with like movie scenes study and yeah as well yeah. But we have got a couple of times. Getting to have been a lot I feel like but this might be the first one or membership against all odds I think to the Cuban and I saw the movie so like this when connected with way more of like oh it's like getting to what Abbie again you have elect highlights there for a minute Mike Allen Coulter as it is in there and there's waves crashing Baghdad and it it was great they had going back to Karate Kid play us all laugh. Yeah yes actually actually yeah I was trying to undermine your point but they clearly are on board so I don't know there are prepared I guess half. So we just decree with him he had to shut up hoisted on your own petard. Fares Mueller anyone yes maybe moving on from the predicated when it was an amazing film but yes there is directed to also very good and when we were discussing he's. Can. Look Barack kid which he did the titular Karate Kid how we don't matter how many sequels. He's still we like to the stay Ralph Montego. Like something and they're still calling him the Karate Kid turning into the tree answers of this episode yes he transfers the minute an Internet rumors. Oh Manhattan transferred now are you talking my language. And our I don't burial are fair you have. Or are rather fierce for Tuesday off. Mueller I've heard of a new alert another sort of view Seminole. Eighties defining movie but there's nobody is one of those things where people are culturally aware and even if people not seen the movie I think people are aware of it as a thing. Domino's is spoofing. The movie now on their new and that's true yeah that's true they absolutely are and end to do great effect I think because. When people our age maybe a little bit younger are the ones who are shelling out all the money to Domino's these days so I think they're they're hitting us right where we need to be. So we go. A lot of all this crap to John useless and yeah like that like the man who really kind of built our personalities and social placement. Late here's how on fire John Hughes was here for this and bring it and I verify this but I knew the story of Parker fleet already. He wrote the outlining kept always notes in like just a no more great. He noted that he started the outline on February 25 he pitched the movie the next day. Writer straight was looming. And that would never happen again of course confessed. Rather straight was looming and the studio was worried about pulling the trigger because they were afraid that the strike was gonna hit Nate could be screwed in a movie that they had just bought. So John Hughes wrote the screenplay and a week. Yes I make sense yeah I mean like everything about the movie there's not a. Fun to elect own earlier framework get a and they did not allocated and that's why it's amazing right. Right it got out of its own way and just let could be the winning run with a giant parade cedar Beatles song yeah that's the most complicated part of you is it weird that there's two movies at the same time that have. Parade scenes singing Beatles songs are just seen Beatles what's the other one back to school school oh yeah oh yeah they're both singing. I think there are they bolt going twist and turn out it wasn't I was able to since I can't remember the one from Mexico. Did back this coolest was Sanjaya a woman who was absolutely that it was a jump from Illinois is shaken baby Tuesday Intel. Hello Mike McCormick you know it may not of hurt by the way that did John Hughes had Matthew Broder can mind they get audition other people who had you Cusack the Meeks and Tom Cruise you Michael J. Fox if you and Jim Carrey yeah. Don't make sense young Jim Curtin. Who little Jimmy caring little she reached here I am able to time Hollywood now that we gave me was mean Jimmy carrier at night on fox just like Johnny Cusack could fit. Automakers doing time on maple drive Jim Carrey. I had with them carrying very adamant this this. One of those movies that if you have seen it and or if you had seen it at that age. It movement kind of became your world. Death and because it would it imminently watchable. It is the classic eighty's troupe of young kids making adults look like idiots. And in fact there was a parity and I think was from a Mad Magazine issue actually where there in the there's a there's one panel of the comic where they're spoofing. Affairs peeler and it says that. Guys guys guys we haven't made an adult look stupid for almost five minutes we need to get back on yet another half a because really true like that's eighties movies any any eighties movies with the young kids and it. They were either the misfits and we're going into the rich kids to save their softball field from being turned into a housing development. Or it was young kid described the semis I think I might not know it's funny they weren't saving anything they were just playing baseball. Or it was young kids making adults look stupid yeah like that those were the two things that young kids did in eighties movies all except I guess. Down so down down so this was that. And it was great and you had some stellar performances from from. Broderick. And and you had Jennifer Iranian Sarah was in their Jennifer Grey. You know people who would go on to varying levels of major starship captain Allan rock there is our online and I love Alan Alan ruck is amazing secrecy among the on that X assist TV show you know so it's super creeped out Charlie Sheen as well he had. As though the punk in the police station Palestine unaware he's in a movie that yeah yeah. I thought both yes and this is I don't know what how much we can even say about this only because it's so wonderful and amazing that. I don't go to these same thing other than that it's highs in Paris pure man. Good the impact this movie had on me was one of those. How do we do that he added that's what I want dad how to lie hacked the school computer to change to make movies and absences or how to why. Do like yeah that was worrying but OK god nobody. Wrong you're dealing hacking in Paris dealer at a member yet they broke into the computer the reset the is the absences gotten sick as he spoke after he did I don't remember. And we get as well and end because I'm I'm probably confusing you're for him well and I don't gazette where he was just a computer over our car. Remember right oh yeah. To send no he didn't choose his parents did that I tell everybody about that about Jennifer Grey the car and he got got a computer sure that. I could be the walrus but it's not a bomber thought people. I. Know it loosened up shares Wheeler is almost above criticism in my book agree you can't. Agreed you can can't not love it I used to uses like whenever you have to have like a name for something that doesn't really matter would use it for Roman. Gas sausage cares how coaching at a Dario. I know I use that name hunt you guys did not in England and alone you'll hear us say this about many things in the eighties. There was also a TV show how am I. It was yet terrible it was not good a very young Jennifer Aniston in the Jennifer Grey yeah that's that's rights and Charlie she flattering. That's right as well. As as Chris Wheeler hit eight don't sound so surprised we're no experts who believe it did she didn't you know it's in the recess is there and sometimes it pops up he's not around yet he's as Slattery with the guy who didn't pop up on a lot screens for me 22 things reckoning are right now the first Buick TV show and Elway a movie and I this is why I know it and we talked about it our previous episode they eighteen again. I don't know if him and and George Burns second appearance on the my guess by the way if you want to see good TV version for popular. Good luck watch Parker Lewis can't go to class again. Hold on the I'm confused here really I went to go re watch some there on YouTube you can find out I Parker Lewis yeah. After I got gears let's go down a rabbit hole I work from home computers Lou TV unlike in the game whenever. It does not know target is not but if I don't veterans affairs mile TV show I don't know that that's true. Well for different literally the first thing to happen in the fair regular TV show because I tuned in I wanted to watch it I just went out my way on purpose to what they're excited to ensure is Slattery is as sending their almost instantly bringing the fourth wall. Talking to the audience about the movie. About how they made a movie of his life. And there's a cover scanned the of Broderick and he takes a chain saw to it. Because he says I can't believe that they chose this guy to play me on TV the air on a movie theaters may go when demand yet but that was the shtick. You know he would like he's like that's that was one thing they portray that in the movie but. This is my real life bar to bar and apple birdies this war I think that's what he said is this the first movie you're there aware of of them breaking the fourth well. Where they talk to you the audience. You add that that's a hard call for me it was definitely one of the first certainly but IE on I'd. I can't remember that specifically drive I figure might have been it the first taken. You have this fits the woman I know coming in when you get to the end credits of like two movies over yet. Go home it. Which I loved in that poll by the way that was pretty all that was really good guy yes tonight's comeback by the embassy there again that that speaks to the cultural significance of particular day off you know went. When I'm a movie in 20162017. Can come at you with something from a movie that's thirty so when you're old. Johnny come all of so was brought up the back to school also features Doug Beatles song young twist and shout yeah. To be fair in back to school it's the Eisley Brothers version. OK same damn song sales also I might bring your. Okay what's weird and an act and like if we're just getting its super clear Arafat. June of 86 yes the boos each month in the year we're talking about right fair's dealers came out and also back to keep your back to school came out. Was the same month same month same house so the same song albeit different credited better versions of it. But both done as a singing as a set piece to the movie and write a musical interlude if you look. After we do we need to talk about this pick school I don't know I don't know we just did auto logo shows up Kurt Vonnegut junior honored with the Williams our commissioners on Williams after showed up. Making a second appearance on the show today yeah young William bizarrely got the little blue that guy doing on our promise pleasing don't tell no. Now her different. Some easy simply says I mean there's a couple of other movies that I think we're really really great and we can do halting a movies just awesome Korean on our movie and it really was but let's just to touch on a couple of real quick and if we need to expand we can at the elaborate. I mean draw from cook yeah my. Wait if if you're in Seattle and you're hearing this again I I always hate to beat this but the most up. Formally the science fiction museum yeah he needed and they just opened their Jim Henson exhibit plots. And there's a David Bowie exhibit coming later this year that will run at the same time as the Muppet so. I'm I guess I once yearly free trip to the most popular judge they're young writers can't just it's expensive to go it's a lovely place it's expensive when you have a fan went. And it's all right you I like tie my free trip and I'm waiting to Boeing starts so I can a Boeing Muppets clarity have some Laver and stuff and. They have the they have his is that is outdated air I don't know I don't yet Joplin came out that they have got that there's so walker you enjoy a game from time to time IU board game version are you on this here I am not what is this. So IRA you can get in the way it was card funded and then it became a commercial release and it I'm completing it looks beautiful. There's really sweet little miniatures. This is elaborate game that's what I'm saying I'm all right can you didn't say it. You just asked me if I was in the games I feel like Saatchi says a 100% off my can and a fellow who hasn't backed the table and on is is. Yeah U2 lead into the whole game is on hold game. Don't go this way. Well. Don't come that I don't know but it has he's really beautiful managerial straight tonight console. And it just looks it's a very nice okay well as gives it DC there we're company puts it on I'm manufactured by a river horse token and distributed by any real cease studio okay I'm gonna have to check this out I'm going to be it marks tomorrow. If you listen to this podcast and that was to two and half weeks ago I'm torn because. Box today but I might have to see what the F per second with his his on this thing looks like your refills for fifty. Clean dollars. That's the sound investment and maybe you know what this seems like an actual birthday present for someone Newton Newton who's going to be in the coming up who's gonna birthday and my imaginary girlfriend. Never complied issue imaginary when I'm insinuating that you talk about girls hot to be fair she's awesome thank you here. No I like her direct path. I I'm not gonna talk anything against her no that's another movie her left her I like you guys are running scared. Then we. Food. Actually in dating world I feel like she got a raw deal. Yes Arnold Schwarzenegger is rod deal it premiered in June of 86 as did the Billy Crystal Gregory Hines running scared and more room to move action comedy yes cop. Crime drama and edit a little bit of everything going on here Jim Hansen also here's the thing when I say Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal. An action movie oh. It doesn't quite make sense you see this thing it absolutely does. Yeah this I think still holds up I think it's phenomenal. As a kid and I wasn't really I didn't have a guy who a lot of knowledge of the Louvre of messrs. crystal and trying to. What do I do much so what does sophisticated sentence that was huge hero and Elton you're gonna. I eighty I did watch soap but I didn't make the connection between soap and and Billy Crystal as he was in memo because he was all entirely different character. And I do know lot about his stand up I had seen Gregory Hines and I believe white nights and I live literally the only area and I hadn't none so there ya I don't I don't. But. So I just saw this great. Think that was a lot of fun. And I two guys whose chemistry on screen was unstoppable I felt like the two of them together were just amazing like I said you definitely saw Gregory Hines of white knights in 1980 I. I thought. So good food and and that's literally all I knew of either of those two gentlemen in I didn't put that together at at the time I just saw this new thing that I loved. And Yemeni chairman fantastic are you surprised like neither of them really went on to do more action type the issue I am surprised. Because I mean I I don't have a box like office numbers on this but did somebody say will focus Lucas thanks. This could've been a whole franchise I think would been a spectacular thing it's a good about paying the debate about 30000 dollars. More than thirty million married hello. My hair weave guy I hear you ask Tom isn't zeros very very important little I didn't see this movie till much later iconic flag on HBO or some daft thing and I was shocked at how good it was yeah. Yeah it's still holds up well I think you're right I think you're absolutely right even though you know that as far as that goes the thirty year old movie cop movie can feel a little dated at times. I feel like this is a good solid film with a great script and some fabulous directing and acting throughout and and I I will watch it again right now I want to by the way Peter Hines who directed and also. Turned in Capra corn one token. Al land and fuel outlet and holes on the yeah I won't kid out of my 2010. OK let's head about that the matter if time cop. And it's sudden death both with Jeanne Claude van you have my copy is great and the relic in end of days. Who's really doesn't have a purse for track record but there's some good stuff let's mirror some of Playboy is there isn't some similarities for sure yeah definitely common and common thread their. What us space camp Mac no no organ no no communities also space camp IE did not see it and they. Don't know why he got it seems like you would have appealed everything I love I was kind of surprised that neither regional mental space camp yeah you know I Spielberg wife was in there and I got maybe they kept shot that's not helping Assad temple of doom and marriage not my favorite are you kidding him. Which who know me when you don't speak out and unkind word about my Willie. That's right there are plenty of women who can do that people can. Listen can let everybody know how we gonna talk about music is yeah we're Judy is that there is no more important musical acts of the 1980s in the California Rick Smith output. California. Reason son Louis. The Smiths won all of them. Both they're more English so they have different wards yeah ha ha ha so your are racists they're winning they're winning very easily missed them. Okay. Finally I hey just don't bring your sorry to hear. All. Quit wow to get out I got more let's start about the California risen through a moment of the job you. How we ubiquitous than they just became they got everywhere literally records TV cartoons. On T shirts teeth like it was paraphernalia. Easily one of the first like fad things that I became aware of and hide it took me I think heavily used understand that concept but this was like oh yeah arrays and that's the thing like I have to click on oh man and a little figures yeah ha ha LA upset and I was out exactly how we're on the whole weird trend by the way a little little. Figures are where they were finally go slay because there were there California raisins I had Garfield there smirk Earl yeah hopefully I don't know doesn't ligament in my adjustment to you final plasticky whatever dad let me paint. Qaeda a matter of lead paint in children's fingers and asbestos insulation in there we connection and the pain was also include quite a bit of DDT I mean there was misery Loewen. Yeah then we're gonna not so little mind I got more. I got a lot of messed up chemical information from the youth will Vinton studios okay very famous down the road in Portland Oregon we're in Seattle if you keep track at home they they made these California reasons like I don't understand exactly like what was this some weird propaganda thing for reasons flaky exactly correct he was a 100% about eight the California are real hard in the minds or didn't want me to eat them. There was a it was a big campaign just to get you to eat more reason to even worry that's that's back. Announcement that he does very well I made one out the greatest thing however she's furious and that's your business. Chris walkers raise them snake hunting group you know we're here here let's talk about brand's well okay. Now that's a big topic and we don't have control room know the only sell Lou the reasons one and the award for the claim nation Christmas celebration where they singing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. I remember the claim mission could you sum him up because anywhere is because it was the T Rex and the dead the try to Trace their tops were like the hosts. And they talked about all these different things and liked. It did indeed live do the trick was mood was the funnyman he was the the Bud Abbott president Lulu ahtisaari. And and T Rex was the street menu as the Costello and the Lou Costello thank you. That's bud Abbott and Lou Hostin who's on first. Not yield I don't know is the truth third base third base third place put the story I remember that stood cremation Christmas special and ya it was it was so much fun I think I actually I got a videotape of that back in the day as well you talking throughout the knowing now what it's not that I'm not that was just totally on board for and I'm pretty sure it is he's going to did you end up with like these New York T yeah you have 100 person don't touch mommy do you mommy's garner time your -- you're right you know what if it's if it's ground James Garner Robert Urich island real early don't mess about. Single woman your mother get knocked her to single mom yeah well I guess while yet like how to think like your. Away a lot of I and my. This is the first time he is so much more than. We showed mr. sharp turn would also plenty of it turns out Walker's moment is mother the whole time spent and doesn't have done a thorough oh here is the I it's important to note had a Saturday morning cartoon series enough not good to know I think there was a video game in there somewhere to yeah I know god I hope that her and Linda California. The license everything like you it was probably on the Nintendo were to say or something and MIA in. M in my in my wrong and and that's fine if I am and I'm I'm OK with that in brigantine where guys do it when these guys a little bit on the racists started even for 1980 fixated. I. Tim mean there are always sort of like the re embodiment of the Four Tops okay. So yeah I mean. Do. It's been awhile since I've gone back and act. They might have skirted it's like man I'm not a bad but I mean an and I don't like I made it sound like a thing that I thought I thought I did we get some flak for it is what I meant I'm sorry didn't get like probably yeah look a little bit aback not. I know that my girlfriend's father. Once dressed up as a California reason for Halloween and I I've never seen a picture. Can only assume. It may have looked mildly racist there there. I don't I don't I don't wanna say for sure brutally mildly is being generous I don't see how you can do that without it. You know speaking of ending things on TV doing great race. Is not culturally appropriate at all. This isn't a racist grapes and yeah yeah who can say things the are great people and I'm gonna try to nudge this conversation away from that I got an eleven at all and talk abouts. Star Wars Droid slew are. Tune them in the we had some stuff cartoons from the Star Wars. University in that you walks thank you out and an all star restaurants which was not necessarily any better than the New York are doomed. However where it shines where where it still has its magic is that theme song was written by Stewart Copeland of the police and it sounds just like the police on. But sing and about Star Wars he things I think that's killer who by the way Easter compliment to music for the equalizer this is. All about Williams I'm cap now I might have a little piece that we do from played a 00. And I cannot wife Heidi okay you don't have too much do you think you get your crescent early yeah. I I thought I did before we started making this damn show with Braylon mister mister Copeland. Gave us this hate you walker and a. Do you imagine composition where they actually wanted this thing that's another yeah. Okay. And never. My kid you know there were totally. OK okay wait wait wait a Star Wars thing it's. Going a little long night there's no way to the. Radio can pilot a vessel in it would that kind of tells you. OR GB to doing it and letting see through your fielded a CNN makes sense here's the thing about the toys that which I think is kind of really interesting. Is that yes there were action figures go figure but they all they weren't bass sole on the cartoon version so there were sort of a cartoon your version Miller a great skin colored red MX are softer edge I'm sort of like lighter painted. The nerd in me wants to know. Are these shelves if you. I feel like I just start every sentence in my entire life that. You're on an eighty's mirrored podcast much. Several mirrored podcasts yeah we got it you're married. Are these shows considered Canon. Not no harm no not at all no Disney is just about nine and a pretty sure you're yeah no malice says not in my house from. And probably rightly so. After almost certainly like if you never seen it is it any good I mean. The current one is OK the losses is still got its atrocious and I I think that tune out and you watch after about five minutes. And I said you know what if I want this on screen go watch my Chichi I don't think I watched droids regularly because I was so turned off by the U walks plus. This was 86 right so where where. At the end of the run of the cartoon but it happened post return of the jet giant lake hidden you know Star Wars had come and gone. And weirdly as much as my appetite is insatiable for Star Wars now all. At the time I was kind of OK with being. Done that I think right well it feels weird right of like what more is there to tell if it's not connected to this thing and it's sort of this weird. In the middle of some of the stories but you know you never quite sure with the timeline is do I care about the quirky adventures. V cartoon of five versions of two. Be leveled characters from the excuse me you heard. Aren't unified. Although as we as we sort of say it now and let them considering the idea of like our it's we have a spin off from Star Wars and in our duty to teach repeal on quirky adventures and and I hear that now there's no way I'm not signing up for that right yes how did then live action I would have been much more interest that. So once you have that kind of money to throw around walker maybe you should have gone back in time had financed your life Jim George show because that seems like such a good idea. Maybe I dozens and action and I thank you might like if you had that opportunity guy you would do it. Who you know you always. Music what music world in their community Alitalia let me tell you. Pete tellem. Well I'm glad you asked Benny Goodman died. I moved yeah thanks for bringing that up waterfall and how. You ask. That is true and forge I didn't say hey tell me what great amazing icon died and you said what's going on in the music world that is legitimately what was going on the music religion of maybe six however insensitive this is the sorry for the thing that I realized so when doing research and I thought we would spend the majority of episodes discussing we know hey we may yet I don't think we actually told locker what it is yet. I don't know we mentioned there publisher OK we did tell him in the notes you know YouTube you can listen as this happens who were you I found. What we've what's even invisible touch by Genesis damage was released also mean that the same time I go figure. The land of confusion Lydia Howell man yes yeah see gas Citibank boos came again. The Ronald Reagan employees watched as we just learned this in the notes scenario we've ever gonna connect mother was done by none other than Chris Bury. Of red dwarf fame half. Who does he play on the red golf Reamer here oh yeah Arnold. Well smoke in the keeper. You'll be back for breakfast. It was way to be lanigan view video. And I can't remember the name of the public company that did it begin but it was a it was a it was abuse upon his play on words. Like he was like relay for life. Something's not Sid and Marty croft which is where you know that's that's where I was like yeah I mean this thing and it wasn't Henson. It was a whole other company and they eat eat eat and just everything the popped up in this video. You had you had Reagan obviously in any key had Gorbachev you had all of the members of Genesis and the guy let me help you out yes the British public troops spitting image spitting image that's rates spitting image that it. Are you putting your image at this spitting OK sorry. And then have constitutes a not sort of a fun I thought hole I via public. What did well all of them were like oh. Horrifying terrifying looking when you're also at the same time watching this video trying to play the spot how many you can Ricky yeah yeah yeah every time I saw the video that's exactly what I wanted to do I wanted to spot how many of them that I could pick out and at the time I didn't have. Much of an understanding of the political world or you know what was going on as far as what the real life people. But every time Spock popped on with that Bruce Q as my dad Spock. A they are Ronald Reagan dressed as Superman so good laugh yeah yeah you know I knew Margaret Thatcher was in and all the guys in Genesis but other than that it was. So what they do is they took basically. A caricature. Which always sort of over emphasizes one or two features on anybody's face and pose them way way way out of proportion to the nature and into these puppets that were. Exactly as brain said terrifying. To look at and think back on them now and then went to your about to begin not clinician he wrecks the deer in the jungle. Serving Reagan and bonds though the monkey banana cocktails or some big anyway this video was amazing and groundbreaking a lot of fun and definitely one of those eighties and video music videos that really sticks in the mind of when everything back on. The best videos of the eighties I feel like this is gotta make that list so. I actually played the entire. Invisible touch album to death to absolute. Deft I loved it if it was that sort of bridging of bullies standard rock you know commercial music and and sort of what I was getting into with you know Depeche rode the Pet Shop Boys through electronic this album a lot of as simple as he enters and and you know phone calls when the drums or he's playing drum pad so they sound very. Titan and electronic. It is their best selling album to date still. Which should have something Genesis the lake he you have to remember Genesis is a band has gone through so many incarnations starting yeah Peter Gabriel. And then moving on it and they stop making music I care about a long time ago but this album was very very important to me and when I was on the radio. Because I was on a satellite radio station. In the sense that I was alive DJ and and I would have to throw out to the satellite. I would use the instrumental track the Brazilian as my ultra music. Because I could fade out of it and it was an instrumental. Sounds a little hairy to me oh no no no it was very clean we are always able to make a very very clean transition with the Brazilian families and feel good about. It was smooth at a very smooth smooth smooth transition three where you guys on the this album or was it wasn't just me David I was absolutely on this album I was aware of the radio singles because they were everywhere care. Also we really I feel like when people have eighties discussions like it is always just talk about Brady's album you ever in this month some how. Doesn't get mentioned nearly as often as I think it should he might be right I feel like we are land of confusion itself do this on the just sort of seems to have disappeared from cultural knowledge and yet. Is bush huge huge huge eighties like how people play absolutely fair what are yours and out of their eternal. I'm laughing because I was remembering something last night as I was preparing for the show. And that that's that's for airing the show I don't really good bye and I IE remember very distinctly that my mom thought it was pretty okay that I was listening to Genesis because. Every mom loves Phil Collins threat and so that was fine but I remembered. Getting really open arms when I got was until I got it almost immediately and my mom heard tonight tonight tonight and I remember distinctly. In this rare moment of of real sort of beauty integration goes. Comes on like a beer commercial and I did not happen until months later it is in the middle of commercial yeah as sound and it really does she if you listen to Tamiflu which is a great song great song and it's criminal to ever listen to radio and the chops like four minutes out of that. And not enough time talking about the monkey. Because he is going down going down like a monkey. It it is made for beer commercial. This is like five there were five released singles for the guys in Wichita wild five huge for any out yeah yeah like two to three to drive. Hi unearthing and an yet invisible touch yet into deeply into confusion which I can't express enough good things about several great up and tonight tonight tonight and then throwing all Olympic all of those are zeroing in all awareness. And that's and that when you get me in his own spent a year on the charts those singles came out over the course of a year how. How and they all did fairly well yet they did you have a degree alum and any American ideology and the others there's a long asserted Genesis Z song appropriate. Called domino has sort of a song sequence you know where it's multiple. Parts really a standout part of the Al. I thought there'd be time to relate the dominoes commercials prepares viewers during the you're just. Now now it's just a good song on the Obama thought like this is our podcast Mullen dessert yeah by his mother through this domino missile segment is getting me annoyed so great I am annoyed about the segment then no aid from the domino. They will not be annoyed speaking of being a Smith's speaking of being difficult and frustrating Williams Africa Nintendo really Super Mario Brothers the lost levels in June of 86 I remember that two Super Mario Brothers but it did not show up. In the in the state in the North America and I because it was deemed too difficult I think hybrid about it and Nintendo power pumping up all her love and. Using more had a friend who had a Japanese. A unit like excuse me. Had a Japanese Nintendo system when they haven't actually had stuff yet that he may actually had stepped imported over because these there were games you can get in the states. I'm but hey this is a thing like everyone was fairly annoyed when I found out that they wouldn't release it and because it was too dip. Golden that was anything too difficult time. I remember is the I think it was Nintendo power magazine are still had something like that the game are amazing at that point. Where their search of love loving about it and this was the first instance I thought. The way things get released in different countries gap or get this summer like I had to go to Russia or need to go to China I need to go wherever how do you handle that writing get other games and bring them home GAAP. Just and I never did think it was weird because it was right around that same time that I found out that there were television commercials. That aired in other countries that would never air in the states. Would like famous people in the like there was a time. Ed and ended well into the ninety's where ram. I have American commercials and ad campaigns and things like that absolutely never featured. Actual famous people unless they were specifically calling themselves out like I used to play doctor or TV or something like that that was then but it was rare. But in like Japan and other markets in Europe and things like that. American film stars and TV stars who regularly. Shield for other companies like Heineken and things like patent and I am I can jumps to mind because I think of branded commercial I saw. Yeah didn't it never aired in the states but. But that was a thing. And nobody was right around the same time that are realize that not everything happens around the world. In the same way that it does in America and that was that wasn't about kind of an eye opener for me is like oh. Clue that they have different stuff. I wondered why. Why would they have different stuff. But he did. Is and our stuff good enough for them right. What does it Japan your stuff so much better than ours pill whole your video game players are so much better than ours they can handle a game it's too tough for Americans they kind of what the game players zoom you out a little bit -- let me let me just use I'm not a big video game guy. Now in the year are org 2017. And isn't. We don't know. So do you find as gamers is that the notion of a game that was to our 1986 is laughable or would you say that some of those games to this day are still very difficult to the second one pro yeah perhaps over yeah I like that I got a friend who posted not too long ago on their face Booker and develop like but this like qatari simulator thing I thought why. Can those are not forgiving games nor are they really fun Mike. They were what we had at the time and that went on to pump quarters until it. The mayor and the fact that they don't have to try to like place and impede or murdered defender again regular frustrated that crazy. Killer Tutu thinks video games and me in the eighties council's especially. There was no favorite feature. Or if there if there was he was built into the cartridge right and wrong like Imelda hell it was like the first yet we saw him so if you wanted to play Super Mario Brothers or corn and impede whichever include provisions you had to play until you died and either in the game or in real life. And that's how it went up. Because you couldn't save your progress hello source Pozen Mike leave the yes console is if you pause and let the console running you burn us down. Those things ET they eat out like current parade is apparently yell you're yeah you're wasting electricity and they got so warm anyway and it's like and it would wreck the systems and yet you've played Toledo I didn't mean. Any instance I'm literally still playing right now. In a burning house to pick up a tough tough sorry rock upon a he started that fire in 1986 I don't know how are you wasn't Billy Joseph it's me sorry confess to a crime he didn't commit because he was the better man they keep doing. Thanks Billy for taking the heat on that one. And well I think we're done I think we might be done here I ask let's just yet what are greatest crowd that day and it's a great now we won't talk about it in deference to Brandon thank delegates are at Julius thank you. We'll quickly Obama and the ultra music had a couple of significant people were born. This month and this year in June of 86 Shia LaBeouf. I think when any group and blew the Olsen Twins thank you very much that mormons which which one of the possibility of oil only the only good question yeah. Is this space so much for listening to that in these podcasts. I'm Chris walker that's ranger when he Greenberg and we'll see you all next time. I know our early. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. 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