MigsCast 06/13/17 "Ginger Beard"

Tuesday, June 13th

This week Glenn and Steve re-cap The New Originals show from Saturday where the sound guy gave most of the members of the band interesting, and hilarious nicknames.  Rev gives us an update on the Double Wide Whore House in his neighborhood, and things get rather trippy with Ziggy!


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Right. The legitimate yes my name is Dave next time we are derivative way now I know what I. Have also here with the blonde James DO. I Glenn cannon yeah the first never been called that lowest close to tall to be considered a blonde DL I've got to we had just jump right into that golf man my Saturday and we get the player very cool benefit show for rock out Eilat somebody might put it on India puts on a great show every year. Helped raise money and more importantly awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease modular now on though because of the documentary about he's in Ben Eager Steve Gleason oh that's also why your lives and I were yeah that's right that's right if you want a good cry enemy if you wanted to cry. Just watch the trailer your you need to watch the movie Ivan I still haven't had the ability to watch to have the full movie because the trailer you've. Plane clips from the trailer on the program and know why I'm here with my mom lip quiver yeah and a powerful stuff. So my. We had a very personal connection to and that's why he puts together this benefit show rock out payless and none the new originals were lucky enough to be a part of it and. I mean he should just. Set the stage all our onstage were trying to. Here they are out checking him out loud column that anyways you know Bruce you've got love Steve the throw and also you know the new originals it's it's me it's Kyle court. Joey it's funny no say her last name Lois and Siebel camp but it's not it's sacked clamped yeah I yeah I'd discouraged tell he's out there right now somewhere a picture and strangling media Joliet jurors Joey who generally are our buddy Brian dale fall it was a fantastic singer he does all the Colton Danzig stuff and just destroys it got pipes and then you got you know Stephen bigs on drums and Ryan castle on drums and it's it's fun man and even when it comes off the rails it's fun you know so it's it's always great playing is the new originals it's something we all of the -- so. We get there and we're sound check and in the sound guys this you know sharp good looking in shape black dude and he's he's getting are mixed together and stuff. And he isn't only one's name it's so and of course on stage right time right next suits a thrill right so. You know first we get some pay ginger beard which was Ryan castle. I mean yeah it's all yeah I call on his cast your hobby not. I might have before this happens Morissette not the drum mics and I instantly pissed him off I refuse science Heyman guys don't hit the Jones and say of the drum mics Mike got it so while he's setting up. Did you Ryan drum mics up I thought I was OK to make sure my drums heard as I see tuned but I just basically tune mentally sound like a drum. So I don't like I just quickly snapped on the snare to make sure this air is nice and poppy and just give me it is look. And now my problems are not explain it and I'm looking I'm like oh sorry as you said the move their old Bryan also did it sodas and Ryan's first started. Isn't crawl on a new blur like the heat in rehearsal and I'll be Alba I'll be talking just for you much and it's a noodle like let me throw an answer right here really go to could be even after the Diego's gay and and girl are trying to have logistical conversation and Ryan just. Can't stop. Yeah beating his drums. He's the worst yet so he's got to reforming here's the worse that. Why the guys that hey don't. After rally you'd drown don't say at the mice I got that but I figured when you're sitting up Ryan's drums Arnold. I guess it was map there's still four feet away from your snare how LA that's far away from some speculated the savings are limited so I hated he looks Sammy you know Mike. Are crap so Ariel wanna preserve the sound as you are right he could do any decency is not man you. What I'm really mad and I'm like most are more than your mad at me it's right now if you are exactly right. Only dealt with a lot that day and it all lots of bands used to you what time to change your wrist chances are he showed up with a there's eight change overs you know and I mean I wouldn't bet if I walked into the delicate clunky comics and venture meant I'd love to not show up much okay. In others fifteen artists in this particular band has an adequately horn section and the horn section wants all their horns in their mom makes you gotta singer up there that seems like a mouse clicking here my health and I'm like that's good your next to a more smack and back. You know single hour quit doing what your grade point candy mixes. OK. I know. Divide in I can't imagine how rich I still came out Scott tone it. I used to mix reggae and island music at a club called the Red Sea downtown here I was down their four nights a week man and met a bunch of amazing. You know re an island musicians but man some of the stuff I would deal with on a mix level. You know just a lot of these guys had horn section two bass players we're just obnoxious and loud and you know the guy I can hear myself Lamar Odom and we're trusting them to Whitman could get well this. And have a basis to. A lot of times of the basis is always the most demanding when it comes to prod the sound quality and musicians it's like I always joke about the swine quit booking bands musicians are horrible people. What I mean generally horrible horrible thing right with no concept of of what's going on as far as creating a mixed. Every horse booking on a second saw Amanda literature bong hit you contacted me about playing Michelle. Obama not bothering you man you need more time with your PlayStation and your weed eater do you want it. So we musicians are just terrible people think I. Perhaps our sound guy had probably gotten just stuff fist. For one song yes and that's their vet that's where were act so he probably you're right he's already on edge and now we're trying to do sunrise. And it refers to are drying communicate you know trying to get the drummers. Good to align check. My age really doesn't know anyone's names are you you get ginger bearded that's amazing what I. Our low here all right if you drill our like hugging and laughter at that moment yeah Suzanne I think it was other guy that was you're like hey. Other guys yeah. The NL has soared after our set ahead I will remain man thanks a lot for all your help but he goes I'm sorry man and a might allow all videos I'm sorry is have a better nickname for you yeah. That next time I'll be better like I hope so still you know. Did you get Bruce didn't and I think that mr. clean anything and then we get Ali goes to Kyle core videos. Static X minus the spikes nice I didn't even hear it all yeah I don't know horror and also you know they think it is I'll AGCO and so you'd static X minus must spikes. And then you get home baseman Aaron and Steve go ahead through checks you know bass player you know certain go ahead and check your bearings. That the that it and the idea that the pay blonde do you yeah go ahead and I think it's our. Prince after that I generally. Alvin and did a play I don't know what to batters all on video or ginger beard I think we got to change our name of our band did you rehearse the young deputy interior did you Riordan of Columbia. I've gotten static X might lose this static X minus this bites it at best at so right I just that's literally. Any man. Did you catch that brother he's like what's that you know like. You notice how everyone appeared got a disparaging nickname and by this time thrills already got this big small enough but you elect sir can you please check your base and through August you know why don't you yeah yeah. Yeah I EU US cities that we're racism flip about it I've got to the sometimes it works out for me mad about all this if it is small and serve me since. And there's a certain amount of disparaging nickname is except ladies' us sir can take. Does the job so well I don't know it's just I am before he got played just river back and forth on that team do you would notice to all our fans wherever the social commentary oh yeah it was as part slowly and I didn't make up on it close on the way they were reactive to what's going on. And yours. I just referred to him as the basis that sir can you please isn't I might know oh yeah. I'll just smiled as eczema and see Bruce is still Saddam as a man knows it's a diplomatic might well it is anything bad about me either in a union W might. Yeah he called you've the other guy other giant doesn't necessarily have Kabul Manto mound I didn't. Flight do I if I could've taken a photo Steve's a thrill space mentally is this huge trees that you know why don't you tell us so I know I. 30 yeah well bluff and then we doubted mr. additional always until the fall and who mom I got thrill again afterwards to convert fallen due the drums again no he got close to mine I'd thought all the Perry got out of that backdrop we did have to swap out his base rig as you bustle the input jacks off on his cab we figured that out formed. Don't the Orioles are even taking throw notoriously it's. It's funny man like he's got this beautiful custom base doesn't and a tuner like it some wonderment by the man a tuner and I know will laugh when I do army that basis magnificent it's a custom made gorgeous he should see this thing it's amazing. Arm that none tutor so that's funny but. Everybody got to have a tuna. It's not a tune is not up to my Clark. But I'm. You know then where I'll bet I lost my. Oh so Steve got the beautiful custom base and every new original show and every new versions were her soul. He would strap would come off base until that gorgeous you know probably he's probably a 3500 bucks or more wrapped up and I think we hit it grounder bounce off the wall. And I looked at the strapped. Pins are on the base from factory and they are shallower strap lock pin so I've got a collection of those so I gave my men some strap locks a while back right. Music phone dude I'm like I got you. I love you man I'm rewire that space is remember that could have been notorious for a while we're trying to keep he'd pound the living crap out of his base this couple c'mon this job comes up in the next scene you look at he's balancing his bottom of his based on the form playing like a standoff comes a regular rate and that's why. I mean strap locks man and so that that would in the way they work is there's this you know financial contraption looks on though the pin on the instrument and there's a big walk sure and I'm not mean tight man down and you're good to get out there. So was germ war pigs are glance on the stage and I saw that big crow washer. And I want you out to not didn't go far and then while we're playing a spot on the mound from a cool and then I looked in the Michael K it's the rear most pin that blew apart on him. And Michael Cahill who loses base are able. And it didn't Slough off. So we handle the sudden immediately when we got none thanked the crowd stuff I scooped up that wash her and then not. Steve's back to lose a rig and I just put my hand pastor shoulder or those things in my palm and jewels like. What's that I'm like those of the components to your rear strap law and he was like play it. Really am I didn't that's what friends are for the heck yeah. And once again and you shook his head in Somalia almost this man he's you know what I annual value brands that are there. Oh men they're all just go into Lester seemed thrilled screws to sing in the mob buddies Sonia. The end mostly guys got I got a couple big thrill blast during the show which her. You get that guy laughed so hard it's always in treatment app now has. So Lou what are my favorite moments we finish the set or first home in my other fair remembrance was I completely throughout the entire damning that I decided to skip from one song in the set to. And started the wrong song course and coming up I'm a big back like gossip Jane Sondra doing junk head and men in the box. In my head I created that men Abbas came before John can't. When that I wasn't the case so I start the tests. And what he was how that first saw this she should discuss and I was like man he's simply junket fast. And then to endure and by that point or behold it was dudes do you like. Duke what are you don't pay you we kind of play him in reverse order we had any cans and heads up when it's a little moment Al look at them like what I do wrong wire they playing you're wrong I. And what's going on now look at the sadly some of down at the settlers in the Mike oh. About on the first digit crude. Wrong song you know that they involve the audience should madman. All he got called out oh I totally got called out GAAP literally sent all the while applying this thing I have this weird like you know self hatred so my band hates me. When I met her. And smiling I mean on big was he smiling but he. Truly easy and right now hi Greg and I completely made him do that there are things that I am right now like I'm looking at meet the band he's I'm getting kicked out of this business. Giving them another drummer I know. I don't see it live wire. Home which in rehearsals we can feel the Lime Wire was probably a mistake. And cap Motley Crue Cassel plays drums on lime wire and and we played it once or twice in her like you know I think we can pull this off but Ryan for some reason has. I think with the song Molly could some Lime Wire where I think because it's harder harder piece of music for film. Heat in his brain gets write the more you to write the Maurice speeds it up yes okay. So world's. Landed it landed a man exhibited the candidate did Atlanta get a little little little landed like female gym Monday to my mind I don't write off all started decree. Rampant you know enjoy seeing that she's a good job another song by Motley group and you go and Cassel just let me hear it wrapped up but it's got two point or started looking at people in the audience with us look at him like he's. And they were looking at me like what's happening. Now yeah we finally got burned all the. And as wise every new moniker certainly Cassel knows why. The music you know man that was too fast for me a couple of I. Yeah. It's a you're the only drummer man that David had a moment like this semi early hour with no okay all right and we can't stop this ones are out George is the site about the white knuckle express version of liar liar there that's his mind. Lap like I'm sorry bro you. Is there any business long and I'm undecided as aids and watch an amendment and then I'd see dead that you went on the make your. Well off faster and every practice all talk and yeah. So I think that's a live wire pops up on a set list on gonna be like. He. Maybe it's humanity to a day it was a little joint may get a Mike Mason slowed down we have got a man. On the good the good the bad. And did the good the bad. And to get the good the gabbana not. We're just glad to get really bad really bad you didn't like you know until he gave myself a little more war bigs did that food miss. You look ahead panic attack you know and it's entirely got a lot of rushed east. Like always my biggest thing is I always play my Al always placed bastard and slower so it's like I I get where he's going to say the adrenaline but sometimes you gotta tell you something about your head like. The special house to change songs because it's so. Are we Alec. And I've played mailbox so much different drummers and they all have a tendency to play that puppy fat cat which it still comes off okay but if you get the pace right it feels good I mean you build the pacemaker and the Al cup how good. We found it played disarming it already I using its arsenal of those things were when you learn something complicated for some reason because it's challenging your brain wants to make it more challenging so you'll sit there and I'll learn something that's hard. And I'll speed speed speed up speed now get back together Tony good dude. Yeah that's hard to play but you're really making it harder than it needs to be check this out until you play it back from me at the proper pace of. And I am so this is a natural thing yet it almost seems like you just want to get through it because you're doing so well. I was just get through it get because we've got. Cast and a bunch of speed before the show and it apparently I don't or just right before linebacker just I just that's why don't ever want to cover Molly I when we used to have my I would do bond girls girls girls. Which is nearly as fast but I. Ike I hate covering Motley Crue song because Tommy Lee is. He's a phenomenal drummer but he does a lot of weird stuff down because you're not a drummer he's only he's. Yeah and their arrangements it's like they never in the all the the whole song without ever changing key don't realize it because there's a person of course universe and of course or bridge. You'll realize that essentially it's all singing part. And I've never paid attention that toss had to start learning all the crew songs prisoner originals. And at first I was like oh my god you're kidding me they only when there's new changes in the song. And then coming at him like you little. That's kind of I don't give these boys props because this only has one year no key changes no minor lift no for major lift no minor fall no gate posts of any kind. And Vince Neal has found a way to make this into reverse course first course radio hit. Even though it's just the same thing over and over again Dennis makes a song's tricky because there's no obvious change. You know I mean look to tell you the same thing no moral authority and there's no obvious jail misses the chorus it's the same ripped pretty much. Com admits she sings differently silica got a new found respect for Motley crew of. I did very Idec as I understand agree with your opinion about Gaza in steel and we'll we looks like all I call on the hard rock John moments. You know I mean that's kind of brutal but ice not wrong. When I was rhythm on the Mike but the audience about Motley Crue and some unknowns is because originally and I couldn't even breathe. He's so I can battle back after Sean Diddy shout do you should count and then there's so much else has said that he spent the whole performance holding the Mike up. Yeah I say I attended I was at the so white river when he did that wife tonight time like. I wanna see home sweet home but I think I'm Don but this is how I go home I saw Paris for the ban may have felt bad for mixed. And Nicky and Tommy because like they're playing great that they sound phenomenal now. It's been dead since 89 to know what he's hit Israel well I for some reason I saw him a trunk that's wired and those are what the media casters in Milton dues fuels and then we'll Obama next up bad Chucky cheese stick Mario as a particular pain from Addams Family group throughout. Yeah okay don't talk about now. Well yes it's I'd seen a photo we remember I talked about that jug head show or Motley crew pulled the switch on him before there have begun to either of their last song yes and from that I think it was eater pat Collins are much actor championship plane window pane has a photo of them Vince Neil. And literally when I sought Els at home and away when did you meet John plummets he and of course there was a lot of laughter and then I looked again Michael Assange on loan to a blonde wig. That's Vinci he looks just exactly like John plummet sort of master thespian pentagon. Gotta be you don't look like a weight on just don't lie post sucked I mean he didn't I had the money I just sucked output and. He doesn't have the money did all Barack I love stuff I mean. No this will really like trial lasts until an oil is no Vince Neal hot wheels really sure I remember seeing a reality show about him doing. Going to plastic surgery and also trying to do weight loss and Mikey did do stuff. He's alone but I mean if if I could afford it I really Heyman and he knew exactly lies and shout back yes suck it out and let's just get rid of this because I've been doing the crunch is in any work and course that might be you know the burritos and whiskey but. They are really does look like John let me tell you re imagine the red double cost Tuesday. Arming or just any age is a good cool imagery I loved ones yeah just I mean other than the fact that he's got a little bit of a mustache and a 5 o'clock shadow of a sudden it doesn't look like John look at he's still does Osce Motley crew should just get Jon. And point six. Oh wow yeah just like Ryan on there yeah he's hard to unload its little bit of a frown on them. Humidor for Jolo where I don't know. Costume on Saturday Night Live I just want bench to Wear that every performance and I sorted out I never miss another well. I'm only received no one this is my buddies are planned and the not a big crew I mean I respect them now home because I look at what they do to build there. The greatest hits. I'm not a big fan you are both console ever neighbor does that the same time do no they weren't sad to have to all of that and Vince Neil yeah I don't endorse Clinton jealous of stepping into a full Lutheran becoming Vince Neil I ordered Glaxo was you know we did put ever seen in the same scene. Well all of this is one guy to put a wig on John modest consideration cl yeah there's dangerous thing there has been feel totally looks like John let's gonna put their book their names in the search in the first thing was John -- frustrates Vince -- on celebrity of Brent why do you look like me without hair like Elliott I think the picture right there are only just me actually just straight ahead to a side by side all me yeah there is beside myself do you see you're cloned and I just want girls to Wear that little double costume that would make me cilantro one time I don't wanna skimming it was the weirdest experience here is that sure was Vince -- and you know I could have been. Muppets I just said that I thought I. That's a die hard chairs. WS or joke if you didn't get it ansari. Of you this amazing. Interview with the men's room guys were he was just really unpleasant like Aurilia. So what time we interviewed Vince Neil and I was amused promoting his book. And I asked an estimate question about the book where -- there's a certain thing they share and I'm like oh well I was hoping you could tell the story evolved. The analysis they've bowed on Mickey having sex or their sister or some whatever was just that never happened MI. I aged 97 big reading your book that is a no I had never happened don't we talk and make. Oh my bad Imus is misread it might minor right you're finished the interview. I go back and I find that I highlighted the things that I wanted to tell us public goes through it sounded O found the exact line and they are put on Twitter like hey this is the thing I asked Vince Neal about that he said he did not do. And whose exact. It's uses burnt out but I can picture me a scenario yeah he had real ID your right computer are you sure. You know though that ever happened but I really do you surely are written your book Aleman. I don't remember writing that book and I guess she won't know he's I have so much fun with that interview and make it. The other one that broke my heart has meant to marry him yes yeah I met him got Joseph Perry and I go literally pulled over and park belongs on the road. To shears the men's room Joseph Perry your reaction when dude Joseph Perry. The whole interview like this. Horses. Money. Stephen. Money. Armed you know forces. Money and those guys it was like they were poking a bloated corpse with a stick. Trying to get Joseph Perry and he didn't have horses my horse ranch. Money. Stephen. Money. It was terrible it like it. They are still clearest message but also led an abuser Rosen a man Affleck got there it was so sad for me like viewed. It sucks when you find out that stuff to you like you're like really looking forward to somebody being on and talking and they're just close oh my son ordered one already in your miles. Money yeah I had Mandela that. Could you did your biggest fears. I mean that's. The a couple of you know pop up on the. He didn't listen among. Olson thrill literally trying to. So she'll hate me and you know let's talk about and they weren't asking in the stock Aerosmith questions they were trying to engage in yeah in any way to. I could show that they actually led all going to be mar satellite somewhere I heard what and honestly Joseph did some Hollywood vampire and miles even those like you might need some coffee or something music you. It is the beer here. Let's take element of it was solely to blow my tomorrow night that's votes like it's. What we've looked fine in the forum often remarked so. Money. We haven't had turned to be up there horse is the last couple years who wore. Seduce and move into more than two no hitters so off. But. You know. You know no way they're not have a near iTunes so you just I'm giving enough credit and into the BC this is not bad boy I don't know add ons and there are no. French wanted to occurred changed you. The I mean. Lot of terms of what we know you know you get a phone call real baiting wanna play with won't it won't it won't. OK art. Yeah our. You play with a you play with a look at where to go to rescue neurons of foul play so hard you play with a man Miami given there and if we were tried so hard to get them you know. At least in order to be playing aging maybe you ought to be excited by it may be more than just yet as I look at me and talked to. Well what I came away with was I'm rich I own horses here's another something about Steven Tyler and I just wanted to village well you know. You know you how do you do you read telling the story about getting that village 59 less Paul back from plus slash tell the story written your book was fast. You know running Stephen yeah. Human Tom and I get to interview on Tommy Lee Murray and the sooner they move into these would Motley crew they don't know what they write their vote and I was interviewing him I wanna ninety's I was totally. And mozzarella and a super nice but did this time he was not like he's typical south you skylight whatever. They retire what the book has asking questions you can go idea you'd Scott to read the book. It goes through yet to keep me and I kept asking questions in my these are great stories at the degree I did my homework. So you can share stories about your book money they make you exactly horses so the interview ends. And we think what I thought we hung up but apparently Andy and hit the button properly all still the interview ends. I think we hung up Lego men. I don't think that guy read his own book. And held a sign here I'm still alive here. Yeah. And I own. I did you read your. Doesn't pay your bills. Our arms and it through that million children it's I have awful marketed as a member depend nozzle on millionaire just like. He was just not. Into doing an interview and then I thought BJ hung up the phone and I go wow. That really sucked. And music yeah I was not very good in my that was terrible host a little Lagos and Elvis and we're like briefing for about meg thirty seconds a homicide in every socked. And then you hear in the back but I'm still here you guys. Oh. Minutes and who wouldn't do take small. It's got the pot C gotta say sit so well liked and yet dude what's up yeah they given a bad day Floyd goes role and I I got to give him respect he says. I don't like doing interviews I don't I wanna do this interview but come essentials making me do these interviews that I could sell this dvd that they put out of mind. But it was up to me I wouldn't do any interviews I don't like doing yeah they're like all right I respect that yeah sure you don't like doing interviews and the company is forcing you to do interviews because that's part of the deal. I would probably be pretty visual tale. But it I was awkward patent has a really weird interaction with radio anyway there was. It's. An old documentary that was it was hand Bryant the same aria Zach Galvin that comedy yes. And a great document it's really amazing and easy he went to like a Portland station in. And indeed they brought the cameras along with them and he sits down and he sits on a whoopee cushion because dig dude in the studio thought it would be funny that he hunting. Oh gosh no hey let's tell our topic I. And he's else's house going to be he takes that would be good inputs on the counter and it just brought his speed up and it's just like whatever. Here we go for another dumb interview if you have any says he gets all salty and it's I find it highly entertaining us heard the awkward at its fine yeah exactly I was a great piece. Nice. All I want to you guys about last night wrestling practice pool she. The very awkward happened. Cool off toward iris and Bonnie Ford rolled with such speed that he traveled through time to the moon before his forward roll we'll bat I had I can't. Now I don't our britches there's new movie where you blank you still to see you then you're like he'll like that and the other the other guy's laying there in a pile yeah how did Steve do you still forward rolling in the matrix this Ellis the rulings on the I still yesterday we learned how to hit without actually hitting. So what they did that make heavy bat should learn that on meet every time Gillick and check out what a large. She's still I learned my get a get a full fist and you go into a full force for the way you position yourself it's like you're. You've there's not a lot of impact in you can open up your hand when you hit. So it's like you're hitting machine doctor put the same time yeah Ling national homeowners and that he had in the dark I think you know that's very TVs. He think we kicks it makes sense when punches it seems hokey. But I I think in the court stopping in parts of I experienced here wrestling middle school you know yeah I'm an old school kind of gotta go 42 Obama got only seventeen when we stayed more with makeshift line shoes you know I. Somehow I just Amtrak's. We're now somewhere in the rain like OK now time to apply it to the bing was Uranus. Your opponent is in the corner on a term buckle and you update strike them three times but however you do you do an elbow he could do for army can do what kick. Was practicing my kicks out working on my forward kick in really. I was nailing you on the heavy bag I think I'm. Just barely tapping it's heavy bags not even moving but it looks aggressive so I was like I'm gonna put about one out there and it's going to be awesome. So nobody hero who's been wrestling for awhile is great and become a great friend and a great resource a great mentor in this world of wrestling he's helped me. Yelled the coach is obviously helping a lot coach Steele but euros able to pull me aside when coach is dealing with other people be like hey I noticed that you're doing wrong you should try doing this and that's the annual. Great guy. So he's a guy getting hit so are going for the kick. And I miss him by like three inches and they're all like darted out you've got a head up you can Mir you got to connect. Yes okay so like a minute to go back to when I was at the heavy bag and do this and I go winning kick come bail part of his job is dead end. Act like as if I just heard him you gotta sell it so he hunt so cool. All I don't like you've kicked him ranting you know I knocked the wind out of him like she should. Come. I know being close to amend. Hulu and looting in hard jerk over come on and nobody gonna do the right here try this you guys told me. I never felt worse almost didn't like the right to do is imagine you would you have exact milieu where I've beta build so glad they get crap. Well all of laughing. But on the beginnings. It's me right I don't remember I snapped off this guy as I fully process itself floating around in its. There are no I did that well so one guy who had been no I mean not to that everybody's been great but the one guy has gone above and beyond for me generation I just have to adjust. Law booted him in the stomach could actually brought oh. They're not acting shoot. And he's like you know he's a better like this escort yearned to go command like. An old I guess it's my main ruptured. And mix that the house after he got his breath back on the drums whose arms as they did not find did you do it again no doing of paktia yes I guess it's only got one. They wanna get your version doesn't get the one that's a lot of lot of felt like I hear ray I'm OK be good to me now I deserve all right so that where does quality. The dead I'm pretty sure coach. Kind of gave Munich a quote unquote receipt for what I did to hero. Because then afterwards he comes he was okay and our NASA that's not so much fun but I need you guys to do it because it's just part of the rite of passage of becoming a wrestler. And there's a guru your basically gonna run through a quick drilled me attacking you and in the growing U. All the way down together and and you slammed into term buckle that okay what we've practiced this before but. He was gonna go full bore almost full Borden. So everybody else started in the term buckle but for some reason he had me not certain term uncle Eddie fully skits we incidents. Irma how tough. Yeah yeah all right I do I deserve that that becomes any like you know give me a hit and I think you're you're you're connecting it's kind of fun. Tonight experienced what it's like to make what I see on television it looks like a solid hit. And it's like wow you feel that but it doesn't hurt him. Two hits me it's me again and days just pull on Ric Flair shopper. My writing and. There's like the stock I had shirt on but they did everybody but I. You know you might look actually love the layer I don't know maybe I don't they did deservedly so like that's part of breast all learned not to hurt your opponent road and boy oh boy. Got things done and of course that you got to ham it up. And added since I didn't really have to have an up in my car pat pat pat scored the urinal until Reyes actually throw me yeah that's right I learn how to do that. It was awesome though I was on cloud dynamic disks Rio like this is actually incidentally and go home take a Richard's take a shower refer go to bed. Flaw I see is hands I still awkward is that there is why am. You you really need improve Stearns that's that's that's very that's very so much fun rev Roger we spent. My weeks there pretty good yesterday it was kind of chaotic. Because I had not necessarily impromptu family reunion we knew this was planning out. My great aunt Liz doing a little bit they. Accrues from Alaska and coming down. As a she was like well me anatomy and has been are gonna come Dallas hang out with everyone else also week. She's a oh we don't go promoting your place else like all right perfect we've got room now in this in this house I we're gonna stay here for about three months we're coming down to snuff Gerstner did know now luckily that didn't nap underneath you like that but we so we got dad's that we showed up there they showed up and in. More people showed up in more people showed up 00 yeah houseful suddenly there's a clown car coming and how people in my house us including Michelle and I included. And it's just like. Dinners and suddenly know remember when sitting everyone has laid the seeds but it was like pulling out like the office chairs getting ought to mints for every one house dresses Michelle getting out over stressed right and because he shoes and the house and is it how many people are showing up and I was like I anywhere between two wins seven add the most and suddenly we've got a dozen. Had it and tell her credit she had the best idea and it was well I know we're gonna get some food or something for everyone gets MP says. While we just. Go to the pizza place so we went to Luigi and in oh Joseph and air can save the day problem solver yet now she is in it was amazing but it was cold is to hang out with family that I haven't normally I know what even though bunch of a Marin Tacoma. It was just really nice today it would hang out with Stanley and everyone just did normal things. Yeah sure which it is kind of a relief yeah. Own all guy for got to teach did you get for how we got to Louie geez. Which is an into the meat on meat on meat on meat on meat and how I like my women did this for Clark heard another it's clogged arteries. Veggie wine net there there's a mama's meiji. And I know indeed they have one that's like Alfredo sauce and chicken I can't remember the name of the lucky it's the lucky they'll look kids does so good we got we are way too much piece of astronomy and enemy sees this model that is it is extremely killer who is so good and it's a big guy who's what's the guys name them runs the easiest PT yeah that easy sweet ordering got a he's a great guy and a joy is these days it has everything in my dude it's incredible what he's doing it I know it's not that good in my. This bro man it is that good is little humbled by all done these recipes I think he natured all we're all us settlement called there's greed it's great quality it's nearly killer the other big thing. They tore down the whore house. Well I am yes top zed double wide that was it was just a lot now. It is Joseph why are all the horrors just say your place as well where no no there is a hard pass all that water is crazy early you she quiet now the pores are all goodness now I know she can still go to war with whomever she wants Jewish guys it's just put it to you if your mom visual person you'll find other until he finally. I don't owner and sort her out my home on my own room don't know I don't know that's like when they launch the Bonnie that's like when mom shows up and says hey stop picking up mud ball way. They're just gonna encourage you won't have talked to her dude I'm gonna shoot her from 300 yard hey one you can't do it now because you just said it now you know a little Jews doesn't have to do the show and neither does. Does the police and he did say when he's going to go to a perfect. Nobody confession the crime before what you think I'm dumb enough to announce a good shooter and then shooter exercise which. After her body drops dead cold and lifeless on the lawn. I'm just gonna scoop for open wheel barrel putter in my oversized trumpet dry were out the little Washington somewhere were not in the deserts and wheat fields got. And Baring her it'll Hillary green hatch. While respectful while others may cheer and say I have never met anybody that would ever do that ever in my life when it does is that I was hoping there'd be some sort of monetary value assigned to my efforts I was hoping you would just give me look at that. Grab what what a what what's on the the tearing down on the floor house I am I never got to go I really did you hear how. I've really got out just in time it was poltergeist bands blue light and you're right it's I ran out and it's so all the viewers write in Britain it just I don't know what caused it could have been a neighbor. All but we don't. Really yeah it's strange because we're kind of in this void where were on Puyallup tribal Indian land. Oh shoot like poltergeist man and then. But they don't Blake Blake Nortel a true easy child let's call a neighborhood like Tacoma police and wife and I anymore that child. They won't risk I necessarily mean it is not only won't respond to something there's like emergency call you'll do is ending but if you do like. It is sort of violations stuff like that they really don't necessarily do that you've called this hookers it crested there like we know we're in there right now and is now I don't worry Dora and the poltergeist. These things can just suck that house right up your about a months or so what I'm thinking at this point is that there have been a bunch and one of the lots empty lots next to us has been yet getting worked on as well. Launch pad they had an ex mayor out they're trying to you know clean it up a little because there was a bit of Iraq. And is suddenly there's just an escalator on this slot next to dead the double wide poor house. And so. We're thinking maybe somebody bought both these properties and are cleaning them because they just took the escalator and is. Just leveled it and an afternoon figuring decide no I am more houses will be the best name for morehouse ever. I double item or help someone else could see there's a bunch of arm in Nevada for enlargement and the man who locals. Are women like mark you know what he's. Hot dog all. How old gonna remember that there another name. A couple of formula four in a gymnasium but yeah it's all cleanup guy awesome it yet it's looks like maybe do something with a lot who know OR. Scorers Derrick. What are your cousin knows that I bought lots of them plan to install carnival rides and it paragraphs you know why it way better and I our allies. Due to the salt pepper shakers in town knew I. Just think there's rust on all the mail yes you like is that safe I'm getting on admit is that single Wednesday's show up just in the the mall parking lots are aware. You know it's a yeah the garage the death trap all think it's safe normal it's called the death traps you can get up and probably guys confirmed fatality. We all well and then I think what's debacle in the that the UBC yeah right and got people's right now scroll over the blood and drive Obama. That's like the most did the most exciting things that have happened as we grew so little mini reunion in men normal marital Urban Renewal going on down there and you know for so what is your idol rooster the rooster been removed you don't register are going on but I do know that crazy. Across the street she was. Loudly proclaiming about animal control but think that she's put in her yelling faceoff man yeah well somebody can't control his role in control animal discredit by its head in Spanish we can't find it right now. It was in an area like it's they've got to back coupe area midriff all the horror rarer. The Jews can't hills on the Russa. It might if they might be just out in thirty years and I enter a little monitor our area. Like if it you can hear you can clearly hear it somewhere. But we just don't know where it is always think they kind of stashed it somewhere and I aliens it's the poltergeist closet Max it's cold and poltergeist closet poultry guy. Has all come over some tennis balls already numbers on a more chuckle in the closet them pop out downstairs eliminated entire road Jameel Dylan and an imminent rooster. And then mu beat this thing here and get in problem solvers I'm trying to manage the all don't all well covered knocks Joseph hold that Rashad like this house is being. I gotta say it's been Gillie students and of their outlook did not have a deal that involves eating rooster broke if you go through all those leaps and bounds and measures to make that happen Ali divers to refute stringing me are you waving a ginger beard over. Yeah he put his glasses on sideways and smiled at me that's his I just played live wire look I think. I I'm pro logic goes on your world I wanted to read this is about you and I don't read it up your recent release reporting big topic with. Up at the support comes from 10:40 in the morning could go out on arguably Jason wrote this on your page and that is a great story has a on the grandest. He grabbed her camera buddy Jason's piece though that went right back with. Awesome guy very nice guy here he and his wife lived on Central Florida and on the flew all the way out to be a show about show how cool that I seems cents. I graduate. So we hung now I got him you know backstage introduce and every dimmer when I could him and his wife Kim had a wonderful time. And then the next night Tony and I met them for dinner and just had a long leaf just sat for like three hours and talk was graceful giants it was so cool so I am yeah. Really pump when I ran into you you were there with him and it was like when you tell me who he was an odd man so when I saw this post on your FaceBook page of the that is so cool so he wrote on Glenn's page. When you're paid to influence is reaching farther than you know. After dealing with that hectic a constructive to do there was Newhouse issues here in Jacksonville a united driving in our pick up truck going through the local chick filet. Does this is his choice for dinner. Reported drive through window Pam I wallets on the center console sitting next to all my recent wind opinion CDs that purchase at this past Saturday shelf with the with the as their reverence to pass the CD's the nineteen something year old who's about to take my debit card says. And I crappy dot wow you listen the window pane again remember this is denied Jackson's Jacksonville Florida. My reply was not only yes. There are it's all cash costs but I just flew out to Seattle to catch when a team play live at the show box and I got to go backstage I mean not only the bad but see my friends from school. Who won is the lead singer and the other plays bass in the band the kids mouth hit the floor he told me that his dad raised among Motley Crue. Live wire another. That is a while Motley Crue but window pane is one of his favorite bands you listen still. Just thought I'd share with Julie you guys know that the bug is fighting here on the East Coast keep rocket so cool yeah. Are glad I had no idea who's to really you know yeah I did just makes us. You know all my half really excited and half or frustrated is how in the name of god are we gonna reach all these people right I recommend all we wanna get on the road as soon as we Chan and even then we get us look at you know whether we're gonna do a successful tour by just hitting the markets we've hit went on the larger tours in the past. Right arm a big gold mine is to get to the East Coast because you Gazprom term make a lawful us I mean it's insane yeah good crank out make a bunch of states in just so we'll continue to drive forty minutes and you're a whole new market app so you know only three states in one day if you really don't know if you're doing it completely independently in an early make in a couple hundred bucks or ninety. Your style. So yeah I really wanna get over to the East Coast and torched a matter of trying to make that happen which he'll update says they calm which you know and a cool way armed you know so window pane is gone our follow up. To show boxed and jazz moans in Tacoma to like fifteen without July 15 then we would moms rocket we love those guys in an anti hero on yeah it's so we logos we IAC exactly my avoid double Jalen brown totally a family of say German ten underdogs. Yeah so solemn. But then now we are actually being flown by a promoter from western Maryland Barack. To play on big summer for possible outdoor man blitz. Cool putting on anatomy July 22 were being flown basically to within a few miles in my home town. To play this big festival bomb yeah and go to year old on turning to yet guaranteed mentors. One place you gotta go to when you get back up your food plays can be. Double wide and if they tort damages shooting contusion and weird blue star about thirty feet off the ground at all and others. Place called. Courtesy despite its Curtis is Coney Island hot dogs writes in downtown Cumberland are hot. And these call with Coney Island sweats in the reasoning column that this is just urban legend right at the guys he made all the dogs you would line numbers arm. They took last dog in his armpit hair to get him out there and that's urban legend but you don't balance let's ask. Think when I was a little kid my dad would take me in and sit in the bar stool I get three chili dogs and a chocolate milk. And the place is still there. Exists there and so I gotta go get decent Coney Island sweats real mental giant hit. Just some of the venues when knew Payne played we first started out. You know I was a to drive by in my high school for some reason you know me I thought the teenage girls that are lingering there there's still impressed by you when you're guitarist Leo yeah I did a much they're impressed by the Wragge yeah government or foreign minister is this nowhere do you. Did that with my wife once we went under the common shoulder warmed up colorful. And on to the old place is there on base also doesn't know she carries in Iraq now. A numbness or did she enjoy literature like this since then you kind of like yeah yeah. Yeah we're used to make sure easily we moved a lot of the plays or used to live yeah all of those different places it yet as you probably didn't Democrat but. I thought I was entertain bowel that I just did that when we were now Wallingford I've music do you wanna see the house tonight one of the first house but I think it was the second house I live in. Over the house and and broad view and then left that died I crash a mile car for a little bit not very long but just for a little bit. And then eventually moved into the house mean. In an on Wallingford on Ashworth an efforts and actually I was only stay in the basement right right the base who was five feet caught high. And I'm 63. That's outside an and I and I saw Brent exodus of the surge John Malkovich and the thirteenth and ask Florida how. Not right next to my buddy Todd drums that now man so it was kind of cool I wanna play drums he got beat by him and he lived like a whole milk in the in the basement also six something. It to a loss but you don't like this'll fort. By Adam I just random books and things of that it was very weird to me another guy living in the garage and he wouldn't talk to any of us who's practicing to become a monk. Everybody else was totalitarian. You know the monks probably look mysterious stuff no yeah you know you're missing in Paris auction sale which the monk for all we didn't take that Saddam wife and I. Anyway so like. I lived there firm while the senate chairman I was able to graduate to the first floor and have a bug. It's the right thanks Linda was nice to better for my posture because my short. But I think he was just it actually we drove by a man and it just felt weird if I just from the outset they would go in just on the outside you could tell. Whoever lived in their now it wasn't that. Eight or nine random hippies and since. It was an actual family or a person and and there was like nice everything was painted in was like that was when I went to the high school year damage to high school in the junior hikes and went to Curtis us showing off that down in any university place and it was so weird because. Based literally switched their fields to the other side of the property. So I'm like driver is a joke this is sort of things are well. Yeah like a football semi that's not where that goes in that I do in I was just like well I win here. And it's not only what it is all that just a mess there alumni Vick could out there and it was so we're. We realize that should drive by the house of ill repute to open mount savage where we are all exact amounts awesome so between between net Cumberland valley and then at the top little straw sperm were prosperous state colleges and all that which is interesting to Israel and the time I was playing there. Assuming and I don't see the years. But it was actually voted in the top ten party schools in America in Playboy magazine. I can't throw. Like a lot. Pro sports is really impact does that give a number one at one point I think about it like you know it was pretty wild is it just because it's so close to Canada. There's because he's Edison saint Saint Patrick's Day party. Solid all cited makes spring break on spacing patsy saved around that time to avoid that party hole hooked it I wasn't a I was a student that it was a many years before me but apparently it was like in saint. Yeah all no no no on BO we had we we all mood in this little house in mount savage. He's our hey hey we have outside her brother gets better and we were wrong you would call call low road and I got when you're paying lived on woodcock hollow road. And it's called the house the house of ill repute the things that went on. I knew that we had one of those 200 man I mean you can't. Even begin to imagine some of the things that went on in that how scenario told the story about the this is one of the lead. More of like oh my got to wanna know that guy stories. But when not dead a winner and nerve gas furnace went out we didn't have any heat who dropped pulled the oven out as far as you can from wall drop given Dora put on broil put a box I ban on the oven door there won't slept on the floor and crew of that album. You know tuned to sort of not die error crackdown dinosaur tracks go to there was a there was an area the laundry room was sealed off you shouldn't go in there anymore this Marquette we had a cat named Sam. Up there and then I think some laundry film litter box in the cat food and laundry and some wanna Maclean and man up and you know imagine a bunch of men nineteen to twenty year old guys living together yet they would rather not have box off the rounds so and so law belong there yeah the laundry autopilot cat box and developed mushrooms and it was growing stuff so we just sealed that room often don't. Yeah. All along here. There is literally an all telltale Hoosier was on hand written sign that hung in the shower there was a stick man masturbating you said no we not finish our. And the reason why that plugs the well and half an hour we're all hanging out the living room and I hear it's good for Athlete's Foot go dude saucer with this team telling each earlier. All I'm Tony reed who almost he was it would appear in Jordan guitar she probably permission before. On its funny that we had Tony Rio de Antonio bring you so. But Tony was you know look caught he was almost a professional soccer player he was swear really you are pro athletes. He blues we out many missed is his ride his window and that was kind of his but the guy was in from my amazing shape. And a super awesome guy really funny had a hell with temper so were all sit around children. And Tony appears kind of in the archway that that connected the kitchen to learn in the bathrooms of the kitchen. And he's soaking wet nude he's covering use you know with a towel and he is. Really pissed. Like really just a world war low and it was early which what are you guys peel off. He may god and shower. And he was a limited so he goes on to explain which god imagine you don't wanna laugh because he'll kill yeah immediate near where you can get this vision here is not going to be mad at a basically he would rid himself a nice hot bath. And he said he was soaking in the tub and you your torso submerged but maybe your shoulders head and neck her mobile water in your knees or above water. Itself. He said he looked down as you sit in the tub. And there was a load floating on the water our own. You know what he says no matter what he did to try and move below would float door and so we don't like give negotiate the situation in slipped out from under this thing without it touching his bond. Woods I mean how are you on. Like that that opening god when will I will. Fuel you can see it I think it took about ten minutes and negotiate your situation does. We start to stand up that would float towards him and the way you would imitated you know in the middle way was he in the way that looms floating towards him. She was feeling and visit his swim team saying the following crowd and it's your job as an analyst says not me I was uses sought. There but I am I in the privacy of our religion what many don't go don't get an hour ago where I thought no one ever know whatever comes to you are out. Well it's just some of the some of the things that went on that like exactly marsh sound guy armed he was a little unhinged as a person anyway. The delivery room was there was panel probably and then he got it in his head that he didn't like that paneling so I come home from work and he'd taken a claw hammer. A sort of pulled down all the Palin saw a couple of walls he said she grew up with huge blue spots on what he didn't know anonymous new was on the front most wall house. The Palin was just nailed the studs so I'll walk in there's always holes big holes on the wall or that there exploding studs and insulation. The exact. Moments around the house old wasn't handling that matter. At your arm now I just couldn't stand it I'm like why. Sit pushing hanging banners and drapes and stuff student. When we moved out of that house slick slowly we'll be a market I think was the first one out he's come out. Are I was out Tony Zacks stayed the longest Bryan Muir drummer was out now and. I went with my dad's pickup truck and we got Tony and Zach out. And anything that anyone didn't want it was just abandon. Mambo Brian blessed is drum riser up thirty sequin mini get your in my drum riser I'm like dude no no no I'm not going I'm not bad up there are no do you have to so. I'll plug it amounts savage to woodcock collar Rhode isn't. And I just in drive by have our house. And literally looks like Germany yard sale the whole front yard which is almost random crap. And they had honed yellow police tape over all the entrances said disaster area. Our map and that's what talented and good reviews that I did not give the drummer even rule. Just went right on by did you get much resolute dude. No no I. Didn't file had a the. You have to stay in your chair you know and I'm only you know I told a funny story but some of the things that transpired in that house were just mind blowing an obscene and terrible and we're also sick for about six months or direct is that they had a horses. And it was a well water hole. And I'm glad you were seen a horse take a leak but it's really quite horrifying mean yeah it's an hour and our unit is the size of my alarm if take a never ending 2% it's like arrows yeah well it's we are we couldn't figure out oil we don't we're all kind of sick for like six months you know we're all we all have aids rolling it tests were trying to realize we're sick gas well all we were sick because it was a well. And the horses I had I had my hearing on that property for years ago and now soaking into the water to eight point oh gosh yeah. A new offline now. But we are. We didn't feel very good for awhile and other members of the window pane and those guys are they okay just don't seem to feel very well no pain drinks horse being give all it was so clear everyone out there. Yeah yeah yeah. I get hungry owner of the property would come up when black got called out watering the horses to that was and what. But they would turn on the water for the horses and then they would forget to turn off they'd run a welter. Officer we jump hole and you couldn't flush the toilet number Tony and Zach went down the creek that ran on the property on topics ice cold. Though they -- may be these created in the create played in the creek mine collide dad just stuff like that men and then you know as well those looking in gap created at bat when we when we don't have a water please don't do and then I think has probably brown you're nowhere man and he would do with a torn anyway right off become a hole in the news told a full moon there's no water to flush it then you have to fill the tank of water from the creek Audrey got the horse and any Peter in the toilet and are these into the topic our discussion now an American someone bagel or this soon I don't think that actually went down. Com. An audio recordings and you'll mark having sex with a young lady. Bomb went thome might his bedroom and put that to the PX rehearsed in the basement while they were having sex is no why would put the sound people great times great Stanley Cup. 'cause I had you know basically there hardwood floors and there's a nice speaks base in remarks doors artist of the 58 plugged in an excel our cable group. And slid under stores is we writers editors and start jamming along to them. I'm not god there's yeah I had a nice hot signaled a privilege Leila you got this new drag I remember her little like you know. I don't know we don't let me is me. Here Markoff are the courses delay how hot dog does cascading you'd really get old and are you say yeah he's a liar I take my Dictaphone in just slide it under his door then I'd have audio of him blue view you know you get done including everyone in the living room would cheer and and we all applaud. Oh my finger like that a man no not to ever live with Glenn can go. It was a rock and roll and living in the house in the sticks and all of us were made an amazing shot because it may be truly warned again in four years old Tony read I think was when you're here for the rest of us were 21. Yet we had out in a car imagine it was anything crazy like that but it was yeah my buddy gave my best friend's house and they. Somehow managed three of them to get a five bedroom house in Tacoma yeah. With the yard and a hot tub that sometimes worked and he would just before like at least have a summer it was just party every you know yeah. I do like a set party every weekend and then during the week it was well you if people are over than okay then yeah wolf. RD well the party ever rule. Really stopped you at our place you know and then there was a lot of pollution agenda excellent leader Tom and our action are number one night Tom I don't know why it was important but like Meehan Zach had to work. And Tony and Bryan didn't and it was a warm and do what we do we all assassin and we we should really drop the same time in my view it's totally fine. Zach I'll drop could work well coordinated so we meet up later role be in the same place and remember Colin tone he had about 7:38 o'clock we answered no much. And we need you we deal. Well Zach was a busboy downstairs and GB's stakes cellar which is very dimly lit candles on the tables are very dimly lit he would Wear a tuxedo shirt tuxedo pants. I was the dishwasher. But so I'll upstairs and there was Mason's bon upstairs and JB six or downstairs. Suddenly I am trip in. Balls. Washing dishes for too busy restaurants you talk about a bad idea. Did it as a terror no one put I'll enjoy my face in my hand was all bloody moment let's and realize I just for non Mormon who shall more smokers and those. It's a bloody oil out of willow catch up from items none yeah. I don't know it was gnawing at my bottom lip so much for those AAA ball so hard trying to do my job and a bit through my lip and nose. Porn blood out of my face and yet UWK I. I remember going down easy to get on the slightest or you grab the Boston hubs and I went down there and I saw Zach and his eyes are just these giant black shark guys. In his tuxedo shirt is soaked through sweat. He's good due to. It's not geared me it's not a good had a couple. Cool down secure know what it's sludge of their grip the ball good to people you want some rare good yeah. And all dark and also. Dude they can light up there will be exactly stage call you notice there are all do you. You mean it's so good opener so I don't want Brett Rowe chairman. I haven't been a member like whatever man faces bullying like Mason the owner and primary manager just kept looking at the two of us like why are you any obviously what are you all yeah yeah it's you know not a rhetorical and oh yeah by the time I got -- out there and of course you know he closed the downstairs ship until eleven the magic do all the the prepped and all the cages have and I used to in the morning both coming out there which is that you talk about a bad. That idea and meet Zack was just a different was hollow shell hit a hero bussing tables tripping balls and a dark basement there. Yeah I would do it you're gonna do it though it's such a great idea by how big clue what that you later. You know you Brady or delay Lowery has Orion manned word. We it was bad loans I was thinking maybe even now he presented to every just bad America if it's like an hour and a lack. It's. Our job boards rather I had text and as I got a blown out and about twenty or so minutes to pick it up a part of it and it isn't doing it. They exist in these guys really act. They feel left as the voice mail or cool it's if it's the first time. Again it's bigger and or any dog you talk Chad you a little bit cowboy hat. Until we discovered and even on a hot day I've worked hand. I hate shorts get in shorts and typically at the operator may not even consider where in Britain hoodie so I would and one day. And you don't look bloated bill would do if you were good Rupert. But yeah but I would sweat and I got it was a plus the fact that I split. Let's do what good does not give up and the biggest stock and it also slaughtered or you finally realized what the hell just happened and I stand up. And I looked down. I. That was back doors police tool on the table columns that day the nation Mort I. Told me here's the paper cowboy hats and I'm sure there would let let how were compelled her like a whole trick just seeking do you look bad that it did they ask it. I think flattery isn't quite well who do have this week. No I think we obviously wears a lot more I look at somebody who doesn't sweat while they pool over there I yeah. Smarter I don't sweat and six iron up myself up or spires and that's why come okay. Because abroad deodorant on my ass so I have to back that Colin as a between the cheeks zillow voice no the good guy you can leave his boys who have to fight three twosome went for 77. Are there so I got one more community high that's voice mail from from during whatever com. Now when opening joke yes I don't really remember he gave there he was past yeah yeah yeah. Doing that but I'd been looking forward to Syria and every time I guess is that restated. First thing I do wanna wake up the next day in check my own yeah out outgoing phone call and not yet judges. Do I call opinion columns do not know that happen. But whatever we want to say about finally getting to me you know the gland that is that it's. Brother you get the best hug your. And it goes my wife my mother and now you lie and just me here anyway. Pretty shredded by donors. Pretty sure not so little beyond the hookers shop unfortunately he's been shut down its hands out real well I know appears close we have to go to and you bear brown mounds some of them and that's how you get them back the tears dare we can restore there is no where we're at it try it from the winners things so they had to travel some and Terry and it's not that far from my house joke calm how low it's literally a Pokemon gym. Barack like there's a Pokemon gym set quote you won't mind Jim it's so weird light I might I'm pretty sure that's currently on the loans not stall in the that you didn't do that while we're not we're all we're talking and he. Hasn't received at cemeteries Leyland did this I. I got it so I I I don't remember lines it was like I was twelve or ever live. Com rolled by the autumn allow animals Los wood and Edward Furlong in that. No but the guy that played. That the Frankenstein monster on the Addams Family television show lurch. He played that Lewis is neighbor across the street anywhere that funny at. You know. Joseph Cobb now lost loved not rodent hit counts if it's just such a bad movie for guys been typecast as being sacked creepy weird guy. And that we use terror on that cap why folks like a lounge. All of this is going over my head so I am very everyone out there's like wiley and let him talk man Fred wind watch is Fred Ridley and yet he was on my cousin Vinnie as the judge. Bad. No solace what's a huge. Subtle let my Merrill grows it he also send us an email out of cheese amid. That's the matter Brothers that are revenue ran into the window pane joke since he was there I know I'm aware that it did it all we are dumb by me don't ask why did this I just never knew I needed to. He said the some audio and sometimes you're gonna try every work some of the older brits are from the old days you guys hopefully it will tide you over until I can match until Ike. Can mastered a four to six was that we did a couple months back. You're busy working on converting an old school bus in other grand projects like that. So yeah he sent this something titled the boring me. Our baby beanie and back. You're gonna source loose I have not listened to register a little. Rainy in the I had. Yeah I don't know if it's song and orbits a bit. But it's Albania and the back from Ziggy. A funeral. This incredible. Okay. Have we taken mushrooms and I just not realizing just entered a Disney co creator JB stinks oh really years. Disney movie are we all eat the bread in my heart and a half but what's Brodeur she's got more Oliver. It. Okay. I can just jokingly. Great team players. Just seeing. You can see. A. It's. Yeah I'm not the. Losing it's. I know the good. Yeah it's. What the hell are we listening to you right now how. I don't see how are noise it's time to do this kind of stuff funnel have a good time more original. And I bet. I expect that the. It's okay. Man it's okay. It's. Already using. Jonathan's drinking and 79 minutes right away you know. Disappeared on the day. Growing halfway students are good deals on musical doesn't know that there's always know where do we continue to program a re not paying proper respect to the work that went yeah yeah we have to do we have to actually have to do yeah. Very very very a little bit there don't miss anything. Okay. Cool. Yeah. They do for you yes. You know it. Wow. Do you think his neighbors. Our concern. Some time. Some time and no job. And it imagine these neighbors heard all we've learned a lot he doesn't like shorts in he's married. His wife lets him not to myself that I am so I'd imagine that until announcing honey you listen to what I've created so far. Her being late. Blue. All the fun today or maybe she's like yeah. You know. It's a really good journalism I don't yeah. It's. The greatest person praying yes. It's. Yeah. This clues do you. Okay okay. OK okay. It's. Think the teacher advantage Charlie Brown war war war from Baltimore. It dropped signals full and that the. Its. Okay. It's. Sick it's. Nice new thing. I mean. Yeah. They. Pretty you know on the Mildred she. Okay. It's. It's. Okay. I just hope we. It's. A little it looks like it's. Most amazing. Thing in testing yeah. Steve speechless he is stunned. The the preeminent voice smell money we were little yet shoot we pleasant although it's just going what did I just hear there are insane Napa. Incredible. Disturbing. All of those troubling yes fantastic. Even. And then save once again yeah I mean all wrote I don't wanna if you winded describe Ziggy everything's Steve just said yeah. They're really game balls he got the game off for today's podcast that we either glad that it in the bag but that's not bad this. Article has got a game on the bag this CD comes into what ails the Disney number in just drags out mails a three point oh no doubt I doubt I'm growing. Dawn I did not give him the freaking game ball that was insane there's a visual. That's chicken of the horses aren't you yes. Vince lets see where we can yet. Hey guys just didn't and a little late in my voicemail and I've musicals where you guys hung. I just wanted to give my concert. Synopsis I guess. Firstar borrowers stay. Just everywhere regardless seats from stereo line seeing friends. You know leaving at the end of the nag at 2 o'clock in the morning or whatever was all the friends and very glad to see you know it's just. In amazing thing to bring that many great people together and then. Concert why is the show was. Single handily one of the best show I have ever been to every band was straight out got to give NASA props too wide a lyric is really curious. Breaking killed and outs I love this song welcome to Seattle mother. That there are things you non. And then I gotta say evil and god that was an amazing set just I could see the emotion. You know being up there in the fur row is just. Amazing and instead it next to miss timing and managers watch you luck guys just give it some that was just so meaningful and then and then the send off to. So mark was just so. It was awesome. You guys killed it I love the new guy Chris is awesome battle Chal then he's really nice guy. All all swagger HOC and ever all of amazing. Maybe get a UniCredit medical wasn't for you that's right none of this look at what happened for real I wouldn't know any of these people. So I got to say thanks Steve if you keep your mind you coordinate. And why hadn't I just do the names it was I'm still aren't from the show. That's an eye guys for another amazing time this is the reason I stayed positive. This did not moments like. Saturday it was just. I got sick thank you for my art from NS card it was an amazing show. Much love brother does a great voice mail I got up I am glad to hear from hill and they know that everything's cool is that got out of text has no inflection remember lash show. That guy called who's like my ex girlfriend just gave me syphilis. In fan I joked as a man is that Justin in the nose a man maybe and to promote them right literally of course obviously all in jest right I got this tax just read it wasn't me. I don't know I saw her brother of all along line about an hour. I got the same exact message it wasn't me. Who like to just gonna complain outside. Only read I didn't get there I had a couple of days later in the text what I believe but for a couple days I was like me you know who's good I would and it's obvious you listen back and him kidding yeah so just love you brother I know is you and thanks for not eating meat was totally wasn't. There was this. Are getting email Bob at this from our body Sturgis I I I forgot that I even had this email any mention the he had me up by nine UT was commenting on video and and ask me hey you never got to my eight email us curious what you thought. I think crap I didn't realize it sometimes emails fall through the wayside because we never get to them. But sixty memorandum a serious question Iraq dateline tonight at Madrid's once you. The Dan Insane Clown Posse features violent. They're nearly thirty albums or psychopathic records from Detroit starting more than twenty years ago. My question is more if you are privy to them but you download the clown. And these are juggle those are fans of vice CP and similar artists. But also self identified as such as a family sharing camaraderie love and respect for each other. Jeff laws have been labeled as a gang by the FBI watch list since 2005 I think. God there ever been a band who we. Who's followed who's following were viewed in such a way for example kiss was devil's music but there's no need to argue. Parents sister and understand rock on Brothers from Sturgis and die. You know it's funny I used to have a certain top perception of juggle laws because of the negative. I only heard the negative stories so I don't really know what but you know that's just what I her. Com and media that's what I've heard on media as I SA that is well. I think the media likes to pinpoint and focus on the bad apples and a bunch and that pro life so I assumed the sometimes with the stigma was that they're. Citing gang that causes problems and just. I assume that all children are soul sucking wild dirty messy little old a money pit. Sort of our that's true yeah I've got to let your data center. But you're getting yourself to a guy does a great podcast Kevin Gil he's he's on the world wrestling he's like a commentator for opt in setting compounds he has up. The gathering of the generalizations like Insane Clown Posse wrestling and they have like all. You know big name wrestlers in the new world com and at first a lot of them have that stigma to like twelve million paid and they leave. Like loving this I'm integrates other nearby school year I listen to Kevin's pocket he's all about up PMA positive mental attitude and and he. Shares stories about being involved in the general culture and it completely changed my perception of what juggle those are. I went to wrestle mania in Dallas last year. Just randomly befriended him and sort of hang out with these guys and they were like big in the Jumbo scene talked to them learned more about it. And I'm not a fan of insane clown I tell the couple that sounds like the F the world song I think that was pretty awesome can't play on here without revved killing me Eric but. Not a big fan of of an out hate their music I just never really been might have exposed to enough to be like Al Lowe made it is not my thing. But man after hearing stories about what the Joseph the low. Culture is like it's very similar to the community we built in this podcast you know it's. About being positive is about looking out for one another and sadly there's always going to be a bad apple on any group of people we see it's a bizarre FaceBook group page some gap or not necessarily the most positive as we'd like them to benefit at a and it drags things down from time to time and it's just how it is at some. With with numbers come sometimes bad apples. But I guess immoral my story is I'm glad I listen to Kevin gill I'm glad I met the people that mad affect my body zero the wanna kick in the stomach he's got up. Insane Clown Posse tattoo on his arm and so I would imagine he's a drop below yeah rob and some of the best coolest people I've met. Debt I would probably would've had a certain dumb statement attached to because of the media because of the news. And I'm so glad that I was willing to open my eyes and ears and learn more about the culture and I have nothing but love and respect for. Juggle those as a whole. And it's one of those things well you look at somebody who is different ending you look at a hole. Group of people who have decided to go outside of the norm. And do it in a similar fashion via which is definitely what they do with ICP and then you will get that stigma because. People don't want to infiltrate or gay even near a group of people that perceive themselves like that. And I mean it's. It's like people who are into the horror movies they think oh they must Albie you know socio path and all that and yeah. This the fan base for horror is some of the nicest most aspects well at all. And it's the ones that when they go to a cryptic Connor and horror conventions like they're genuinely happy. That the dead that that people who have done some of those movies have come out no matter how big of a role or how small role as the fact they are part of their culture. That they're just so appreciative and it's a lot of said that they juggle those aren't. Same way imagine tipper Gore's head exploding if she went to a black metal festival act and then met the fans and the bands like these are some it's not exist coolest people ever tried this really dig this music you know I mean that outlet is what keeps them well normal outside of that outlet it's all good man that's that's you know it's you know. Don't think anyone goes to a rock concert again to have this fighter stab someone who sometimes these things happen and maybe one guy's doing that's the sad that the problem thanks again for burying that shank for me at pre. Well you know that's what I Gaza which opened himself a lot with no pain standpoint to people and a deep connections. I do wanna take a quick thank you and hi to Shane who's been hanging out subsite to change the surge say I could jump on the Mike and does 'cause he experienced in for you so far both been fun yeah. Back in my dad she's due radio. But yes. My brother have is grown have friends with a guy who ran radio station and up in the air they are and is nine year old kid and some meg the answer the. Always what you said now it's radio third you know in my library when you're nine years old dad passed anti opponent below or went back. Half black half I try to call the station I got this kid is the president Barack. Thought sounds home. That is there are yankees organization in this town of you're nine years on the other hand serve alcohol free Labor Day even be I love it about it and thought I happen. I don't like you did really appreciate you being such a great supporter of the so at BJ Mays and all that kind of semi Zora thought sailing as academy golf course of course. Listen well one more voice on the road Boehner now are sounded hurt that's the. I'd have to grant a man. Condemnation. And I don't think and I am I know you. And that you are. And now I'm. Okay you yearly. Get away well I had had a good weekend this weekend nice and. I a little tired he is still insists on every minute it. I'm so happy I am a big fan me now good head failure Jorge and never got our Jelena. And that's thanks to my son of man. And it still it netted name's Eliot fairway and then very rarely. So. I feel well. And I sleek. Bad. I wanna throw out to all of our listeners that mama hawk NATO was not sitting in a car at the show while. Are not. Five she's doing fine dot com it was a mess out. Tuesdays or Wednesdays following the show that Tony produce this massive gig bag her gift bag. From walk NATO. And she had gone that but in the Mueller that is one of those nights and all the things in the may and I think she put it in her car for safekeeping and then three days later she's in by the way this is from hop NATO. And all kinds of goodies all kinds cool stuff. Talk NATO brother thank you so much armed super super cool actually I donated to two bottles of champagne. To another really rad cause which I bet will be revealed in next week's episode but thanks so much bombs for passing up to taught me at Toni of course thank you as well. And I did get it just several days after the fact and now he and I've been texting back and forth what how I got the package you know. So we'll see you July 15 at jazz moans my brother and not thanks so much and want let all our listeners know. The mama hawk NATO did not sit. The caller we can recruit and coach say hi which was my sweat laid nightmare about that event. That is yes Willie and yet thank you guys glistening as always we will be back next week and now who knows what the hell we're going to be doing but they'll be fun I'm sure. Dirt on the T well well. That our boys in woodshed are in the studio right now are pictures dates for Rio send me a bit of a track it sound and killer. Com so those are some exciting news I got on my way and that would shed his tracking I've turtle bit of it it's chiller when there's so abdomen here yeah Alex definitely had an idea really windy Chevy that clip doesn't. So yeah. Devil a throw that helps all our listeners a mom July 15 over Daschle I'm fixing to jazz bones that I anti hero and then all the problems rock and that's Kristin cast first official welcome to win a Green Party. And we have some stuff planned for him so its goal of youth and. Yes and give you more information you go to window panes FaceBook pages or do we know camped for defining their don't forget to join our FaceBook group. Just type in the mix cast to be a part of all the silly and it's in the insanity that happened. On that page I will be back next week thank you guys listening as always and please please please don't cause it is of people residents. They're part of rich. Plausible for started.