BJGN Board Game Alliance ep 14, part 2

Wednesday, June 14th

Host: Chris “Director WalkLikeAFlan” Walker

Chief Game Player:  Josh Utley with The Omega Gamers

Designer/Salesman/Professional Kickstarter Backer:  Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games


THE QUESTION: "Hype: What game did NOT live up to it, and why?"


Anachrony by Mind Clash Games

Designer: David Turczi, Viktor Peter and Richard Amann

Basic mechanics: Worker Placement, 1-player Chronobots, Doomday module. Commander pack comes with The guardians of the council and The pioneers of new earth modules.

Theme: Sci-Fi with Time travel

Components: Cardboard Chits and tokens. Minis with the commander pack

Value:$59.00 $40 for commander pack, but for what you get it is amazing


Sean Kickstarter

H.E.A.D. Hunters

Table top skirmish game that is part toy part game.

10.3k of 40k

$22 for base set, $40 for 2, $80 for 4.

Funko are $11-$20

End on June 22nd


Roll Player: Monster and Minions Expansion


A 1-5p, 1-2 hours

A dice-driven Euro game around creating a D&D-style character.  Various races and classes. Did marginally well on Kickstarter but blew up in retail. 

171k of 65k

$39 for expansion, $89 for base game plus expansion.

End on June 15th


Badlands: Outpost of Humanity by Jet Game Studios


A 1-4p post apocalyptic strategy game. Strong Mad Max feel. Unique player powers, weaponized vehicles, mutant creatures, development, trading and combat.

Vehicle Minis upgrades will be available during pledge manager 

9.6k of 28k

$55 for base pledge  

End on June 23rd


Street Masters Rise of the Kingdom


A 1-4p co-op street gang game that mixes minis (65 of them!) with card play. Kind of a street fighter arcade game vibe in the play and art style. Designed by the designers of Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game.

Vehicle Minis upgrades will be available during pledge manager 

28.5k of 60k

$89 for base pledge  $109 for the base + exclusive Oni expansion which adds more maps tiles, stages, and 17 more figs

End on June 23rd


Osprey Adrift by Plucky Robot


4-12 player hidden role game of Pirates lost at sea. Players need to find out who the cannibals are, and make them walk the plank. 


Click Click Boom


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Hey guys welcome to be dishes geek nation if you'd like to get a hold of it she can check our website and all the podcasted BJ geek nation dot com. Like this on FaceBook just search for BJ she's ski nation. Follow us on Twitter and is to Graham had BJP nation. Send text early voicemail at 19 means 02243353. Shoot us an email at PG geek nation at YouTube dot com forward slash BJ geek nation earlier video needs and that you could just ask your Amazon echo Alexa. Played geek nation on the tune in app and now on what the episode. Sean thank you would do that. Find in the looked at night. For immediate at a lower as far as the commercial hype but it was the height that I get from a lot of players that's terror mystic. Again it's not that it's a bad game to well designed game it's it's one that didn't relieved and to a four mean and again it's the whole theme and all that sort of thing. But you know it's well designed just yes I can't get behind his game any time they wanna play like. Can we do anything else. He could bail on ended with us let's play impairment because he played Terry missed the guys I got busy again children's. Can I can only imagine what it was like you know thinner on the house. You you on the other end of the phone call. When you Chris wanna put this question out I was really struggling to think of one actually only because. Well two reasons. Number one I'm I'm very I don't know if you know some very busy very important fellow and I don't give a lot of time to pay attention to hyped do we need another screaming how different are now we have been buzzard a we have buzzer OK where sir I'll vote myself now I got to control and hit out. So I I'm usually not actually very aware of hype unless it's one of you cats. Telling me hey this thing looks awesome and amazing and great. But then that reminded me that there was a game the chone brought to our attention that I thought was kind of whirlwind. And it was that. Real laser ray gun mad scientist thing that we played part of the problem when that was it just it didn't play very well this really clunky there were a lot of question marks that we had fort. But then I got the thing about it even more they realize that that was a fairly early version of that was not the final version that we played let's. The one nationally Hadley began a sort of looked like Marvin the martian. Yeah yeah yeah they know now is the final was it OK well then that's my game and and I'm sorry can't think of the name on it right now but you've now won. I had somebody whose opinion I. 50% of the time. Tell me that this was a really great game and we played it and I was just I was not impressed not to say that it is a bad game by any means I didn't care for it didn't it didn't fulfill either the promise that I was made. By use their. You Yahoo! I I agree with you on Ellen parent. Mine was. I love Arcadia but got everything about her well you should every very well you are getting but mass far which have backed. And all and got everything I don't really care from their core phone really he has a high. Lot of downtime I can't get rid of it all there as well at all those characters in Arcadia quest that I think that it crosses over completely yet but. The downtime and it kills it for me. And apple player count game your chest and it's in there there's not as terrible amount you can now that is a good point and I know a lot of people are disagree with me on this Monday it. That's that's the ones who feel you're not wrong. I'm I think I think are like miss more as a game in general it's a good game. But the the point that you bring up about downturn that is that is kind of it's rough there's a Lotta Lotta down time and that was. What you think UN as a two player game I've only played 12 player game and that things are learning game. So I'd I'd have to play another to play in two million people. Opinions. So I know we says the question out two to the nationals as well like on the Facebook's and one not so. Do we have some some some listener mail if you will. We have a lot actually go into learn. Quiet and this was a very opinionated topic I'm not surprised most people were absolutely. Wink wink right. I thought our orderly I guess so we don't win here from Suzanne Ackerman friend of the show. She said to before I even read the about post I was also thinking of munchkin. It's been a terrible game but he gets more credit than it is due for sure. I agree with their I might have to stop being friends with Suzanne and you people. And I mean may be able. When you mean by what do you mean million people. Most great right. It I don't agree with the hype around mention because it did our kick start a bunch of stuff well not expect. It launched me more into this hobby all right but I went overboard in which many cards and I'm all ones with the equipment and rules all right and then still worn out from that it's fair that matters all right okay now I I I'm coming around I I can see where your where your hasn't done a terrible pain right. But it does it live up to the hype are maybe not our fair enough okay all right what else. Got. Bradley Daniel McPherson says this is a non answer but it's only because it was so high Christ having. How amazing game and it takes more than 121 play to understand the nuances and for the not given enough chance. Mom may I mean you're playing with the wrong people. It you know because it is to match or it yeah a little deeper digging into her daughter through I think he's right on that all right take more than one play yeah. But I do you think it lived up to the high. Okay well Ed. And again this is this is all very subjective. Sort of topic this is all very much about personal opinion and and whether or not some you were influenced by the hype and whether or not something was as great or as sell or even as terrible as somebody said it was going to be I mean I've had people tell me that this is a horrible game again absolutely hate this that I played like a pretty good actually give them. So interesting interesting was thoroughly you actually do have to play cry Havoc a couple of times first time in. You're gonna play horribly you don't really get how your faction works and jerk here's what to Joey can you name. To gain was that art that's slightly if I play a game once. And I absolutely Crockett and I totally understand all of the nuances and things like that I feel like that is a sloppy game you know what I am I releasing any any game you're gonna wanna play it in it if it's any good. Our qualify that. You're gonna wanna play it more than once so that you can get all of the different sort of strategy and things like that like I played that once and I completely ruled I want it it's the easiest game there's nothing to it. Now I I don't think I've ever played a game like that. Well Bradley Daniel makers and also had a such an entry O which he agrees win if one Tron. And Wear black they both all three of them say steeple. I would have had. More than one person tell me that the fall is not all it's cracked up to be and I sit here on this show and I listen to you. Week after week telling me how much you enjoy this so I I enjoy it alone Google I believe do I believe water Tron and and and back in black. I think actually. I had in blind I they use editors I Carter got a not. And Larry bat boy at a bit I'm Elena you are not as easy as all I do think yeah exactly so sharp black Sean defend your game bottom every one word. And Omnia the steeple trainers that worked all right is this is from Thomas ignored the said the hype around robbed at BO finally releasing its own creation. After critically acclaimed legacy games took the table of world by storm. There was immense. Than the game came out to a collective. I'm not sure I can speak to exactly why Atlanta with a thud having only played one game. But the fact that I didn't immediately play a second is telling and we only played through the prologue which is a good idea get a player used to make tanks before things get real. But in doing so they hamstring certain aspects of the game and it just felt underwhelming and there were moments that introduces players the mechanics are huge part of the equation for us. If you don't feel natural and easy to follow them better they're going to be something else to really trust and know how being played and we're playing a lot of it. The prologue does leave out one of the biggest aspects which is. Attacking players for their stuff. And that's kind of a critical aspect of the game because they just want you to get in there and get a feel for like how to actually go through all the stuff before we start messing with each other. If you just play the prologue yet you're gonna feel like well okay. Matt again it may. Once you open that up though. Yeah it now headed thinking really decreased. So so Blair in the wanna try and maybe they just need to. Keep playing keep playing yet and I I think this goes back to a game like worsening with Cray have it right. Playing through and one play of the game is not gonna really give you a good example of what it's like fair play the second time to be a third time then you've got a good idea. But but there's also something to be said for a game that doesn't grab you on the first play. I mean yeah it tipped to be fair. If it if I sit down and they do play a game one time and it's not. Engaging and it doesn't catch me and it doesn't so are are I immediately wanna play again then and maybe they're right maybe maybe there was something. And both pandemic legacy and risk legacy came off an engine that everybody knew. They weren't weight yet time learning yet you still played a basic game a pandemic or one of legacy or month one of legacy. And you generous he still basically just adding in Everest before the rules tired and and right to point. The point oh yeah if we do know those games what would we thing I think obviously pandemic was so good that we would love coming out of from nowhere if we might have actually been kind of my math or. Well I mean also a year that we're talking up a high rate agree hype around pandemic and legacy. Woods off the chart rules and how can you live up to that I mean that's you're sending these expectations. And an astronomical level I think any game is really gonna struggle to trying to hit that. Oh I fear expectations are. Unrealistic honestly. Michael may. Says this one I don't anger in my on our hero my idol European news or cures they know what I site that's it might all. I don't get it I swear I will turn this podcast around he says it's a very big game but nothing to live up the level hyped there was four. It was a stoppers are very again. I mean like he'd like you say this is all very subjective than in people's opinion of people's opinions but yeah Michael Michael try it again man. Increased this one I think you're not gonna her friend I'm listening. Lou connector terra forming Mars too long and not enough engagement for a three hour drafting game. Wrong the component quality a shambles and card draw luck was a problem here in the game linked. Also wrong. And I've seen a few other people have problems with the thinking that this game and it's longer with more people it hit shorter because it's more Peary always completing the three objectives. Two to end the game I have a longer game with two people than I did the thought oh absolutely Ed Ed it to be fair. If not for everybody that you know and and and I don't whine I don't want I don't wanna listeners to think that I. Actually in. Haranguing them at all you know what. Play game have fun if you don't have fun don't play that game against how I just it will here's the thing though maybe it's just me and again we we talked a little bit about this before I ate. I don't have. The same kind of game radar that I think that you gentlemen both have ended some of our listeners obviously have. I heard nothing about terra forming Mars until you said hey you know what there's a new Mars game coming out. I heard that time yeah arm yeah okay did you did does hi Benjamin is definitely full tilt prepare for so there you go so are in in that respect maybe he's right maybe didn't live up to the hype and that's fine you know what. It's one of my favorite beer games right now and that is what it is but it also for me sort of came out of nowhere so you know what Luke I'm sorry I I'm sorry I gave you the buzzer usually save that for the dumb stuff that Sean says but. Luke you know what. I wanna hear from you again actually I would hear about a game I don't know if you answered the other type question which was which gamely did live up to the hype but now Luke I'm talking you specifically man. I want you tell me which game did live up to the hype and let's celebrate the next one so again Luke. So sorry for giving you the buzzer from now on that is just for Sean but. What a ball like I said. Two we would from Colin Fleming and Star Wars imperial assault well. Ouch our group felt the game is tuned far too much in favor of the imperial player OK in your player in my group felt like he had to choose between playing as besting crushing us on every mission or actively playing less efficiently to make sure we had at least a slight chance to be commissions. You don't. I'm wind going easy on as he felt like you just making us frustrated with an impossible mission and trying to beat us and at the hardest as a rebel players seem like be missions were tuned in a way that would require us to build a strategy around information that we don't know about. Until we completed some intermediate step like opening some door using some terminal. You know what I think imperial assault is it's. It's it's pretty it's descent or from what I've seen. I'm but I played as imperial player Jimmy you and I go for die death I don't linemen it's arriving and I've had a tough time beating them. I've I think yeah it comes down to. How well the rebels complain as a team yeah because it is overwhelming but you're playing against the empire and you're ragtag rebels yeah. He got it rarely does actually feel like playing in the Star Wars universe. I felt it was completely cinematic and the if gilligan's balance we played I played on their rebels' side. And we did have to work together we had planned things out there are tens were struggle owner Rick we're not Google to do this and and it plays in around it's a set amount around to right and several times it came down to that last round the last three almost every time and played just trying to run for the exits for the rebels and stand up I trolling just because. The tension did grow it like Sean says that bodes very thematic in very. But yes straight out of a movie. So I don't and not for nothing call invent I am I'm I understand where you're coming from on this but honestly I I I can't degree. This is one that I feel like. I feel like I mean Star Wars you know as much as X wing or any other Star Wars game that I played it really feels like. Yes you are rag tag group of of rebels and you need to work together to coordinate against this massive juggernaut that is the empire so. You know what though again. Look it's all down to personal taste. Yeah yeah and they're not rolling and it can be aspect of it feel like you don't have all the information available. Yeah you don't. That's visible reach moving there would be true the rebels as they're fighting right they have a little bit of information yet they're gonna go win. Awesome they're gonna find out other stuff is going on that they totally didn't expect in the I have to try and forgot okay had a week and we change things up in order to accomplish his goal now. Welcome to the rebellion start killer man this is what we do and playing the meter mark when may comes out and a half a lot to intimidate the other place yet has yet compelled. But it may yet I see your calls coming from yet so I do we have anymore than you wanna move along to us for a quick hit. Couple discrete George hero says to Kato and Richard. Grizzly or blood rage. I I have heard from a few people that found the blood raged in the book to the hype but I personally and that's slew of underage yeah Julie didn't the look tonight and at first I was and not because of the hype and garlic and I don't know I. Do is alive be as good as they say it is the premier was. What I'm getting here I was sort of a theme for this question obviously the very polarizing subject. We're talking about things that we're supposed to be good and then were maybe not as good as we were hoping they would be. The dissolve. Super personal it's one of those things where is like IAE have his understanding of what's about to happen to me and when that doesn't happen to me. I'm upset does that make it bad game I don't necessarily. But it makes me less likely to get excited about the next big thing like maybe I'm going to be a little bit more cautious about the next thing that I'm in the spends 608000 dollars on which is definitely I think you need to be cautious and then in the kicks her hair out yet. Oh and Alan dumped in this money on the kicks her on the ad ends like for me and mass Mara. I asked led down by it now on there you go exactly and in and kick starter. Might as well just because height starter because their whole thing is we want you to give us money to make this thing we think it's gonna be amazing. So all we're doing is we're gonna tell you all the great stuff about it and then maybe you don't deliver on the promises so. I I get it this is. Yeah I think this particular subject little spiky. Let's move along to happier subjects Josh. Yes sir I play some games with the kids. Get some kids. I 80. A good point I think it's illegal if I'm trying to I've got a van and some candy is its own. Know how do I didn't eat Candy Land on the side of the man who took a critical part and her husband and he's not as various. And management staff and averages. So let's go to races. Let's go to releases hitting deep deep groove race race go go rates go fast race goes I thought into the summer is going and I have no idea that god. He had not going to copyright and Bernard and a tie that's a. I had Max radical summoned for me. Tell our racing games with the family man and I'm not going to be talking about formula the what's Ari or. IRA. Or or goalless you never break she hadn't. Plus clearly says formulated. One of us. Does another version loses in the day. I will jump across this that's. So not formula the the theme of things one is Camelot. Obama and I know you're saying how could you subject your children to gambling. With. Because it's all about betting I wasn't gonna say that but I you know I'm horrible person fellow hunters on people and I'm Hala actually. I do like him for the kids because it teaches them to see all the options. It forces them to game out some things in that teaches them pretty good lessons and a lighthearted way. All right that are really gambling there's no real money yet. But it does let them practice probability is. And just came out I think in a in a very simple short game yeah it's not some longing equation assist. If that guy roles that he could take back and comprehend even though it only looks like he's winning me mine now when he might lose. Yeah not add any it is it's not it's not a super heavy game as far as that goes to the rules are really basic really civil. But there is a lot of sort of not second guessing but I mean almost gained theory style roll yeah. You know speculation and and I really like that and and I think is as far as the simple game goes. It's really satisfy. There and it. What can send those those just teach them to tingle yes there's which is great and then it's not comes off as a lesson. And then just finer one that quick simple simple racing game yeah Jamaica. They love Jimmy who really loved it. And I tell you put on the empire soundtrack while you're planning ahead pretty amazing. That's when amber to put it that's what I haven't center and that an African Lebanon Jamaica oh you'll like it's a very basic you who have. Holds in your ship mean when you put something into the hold it past the empty. So you can't get your calling holding them for more coins in it. If lawyer holds a fully and you want to put in the new stuff if and every time you move. You who you player party has that something you do first and then second day pays and pays rent this and actually control what those numbers aren't what you've yet. Some places you and you pay food someplace you're going to play money. UN and other guys are space you have to fight that but it's just once around the island of Jamaica death now. Yeah it's. Is a really cool cool game I thematically if you're into pirates. On any level I I really feel like your players alike like prior race and honestly. This is one of my favorite arrogance to I've only played it like a 63 times but it is is that they're asking look at the spoiler alert I play a lot of K says that if I hardly think straight times and every time it feels like. Whatever strategy I had at the beginning. Is absolutely not gonna payoff for me in this new race because I'm playing with different people. There is no different that things happening you know whoever gets to be the captain for each day and night phase gets to decide certain factors and it. Really really fun and end in and light honestly as far as that goes it's I talk about it like it's is that a lot of strategy that goes into it. Very is put it still just really light and fun and amazing time you are really good way to spend an afternoon. And there are some laughing yet that has its negative victory trigger cards then you know announcing those so. Again it teaches them looking at four to choosing options choosing their path ahead of time. So it's a great way to teach kids certain things in a fun fun way. Won't regret along Josh. The answer very big game of the now but it's also kind of a game of the vanden. And it's also an in game of tomorrow war. Sorry it is a knack for me to. The worker placing gain with time travel all that is a given a bunch of my favorite words in one sentence. Yeah it's and macaroni by in my class games it was a kick starter fully funded fully back polish church told. Fully awesome. And Akron me. Is almost as far as the amount of stuff to like unpack and just need to play with. It is if feels almost like at TI three level game there's so much going on but you guys say it's incredibly simple it is simple to play it's a lot of. Iconography and Sean introduced me this game means hinge if you need to get this so I can play at NBC it got a lot of I. That that's consistent with Atlanta. It's designers and David church he Victor Peter and Richard c'mon it's a great worker placed in game where it's the end of the world book and I mean here has already hit earth cool and it's in the future. This meteor brought down a Unobtainium type. Sure material there that has allowed for time travel a resource than building power plants. A certain type taking time travel but we know that thing in the earth is distance up for me another. Meteor impacts a little so we have to off the planet we can't just time travel back to before the Munich and I play can't and its immediate insulin from fair enough. And on that tech. The but I see the player boards are. And multi sided. Two cited to you can choose has lots of variety. Then you have your goal we have what you need to do. At times and when you need to evacuate. So is not about saving humanity it's about me getting what I argue that. Heck canonized more. And and you get that player captain dangers she choice between captains. And they give you further abilities aren't but on your turn. It's broken up into six phases and there's some board prep. You know without the resources for the term that the workers for the turn things like that and then the best part the most. The original part of this game is. We have these titles like a corpse of and they list all the resources as Max there's other workers there's resources. We each can pick 01 or two we've we all hold our hands we. Show the resource we want and you just get it. And on pay poured in and doing worried just yet who. What. And customers to zero are reviewing everything he has gimme stuff you give is now all right and then you go there's got to be a catch there is a catch. Aerial you go through attorneys are around the board each take actions based on your Mac suits think he powered up aren't you to go out into this world it's toxic so you have to go in Mexico and have an exit and everybody kept their -- you get actual. Minis that refuse and you actually slot the workers into the Mac suit. So. Did you get tougher person. But I order a surprise. You don't need it but you don't need them to play but I highly recommend it because like I said you slot the workers you know through the Mac Sarah. I don't need it the way John probably doesn't need it and play my friend Josh definitely need as a way everybody different yeah. If you go around you do these there's actions on the board you can do you have unlike. Traditional order placements where you have to. Placed in order or once you place the spot has gone yeah. These you can pretty good place where we want is just different costs associated all right and once the middle mean actions give fallout. There's two more capital actions well actually in some cases what you do one of those cheaper so if you label you can actually do the action a little bit of a discount all right. Of those really cool and there's a few actions that multiple people can go to their little more like just get water to trade and there's a mining actuary yet resources from the mind. That's consistent with what I know mining by. And then you clean up after that and in the next round now you will for paradoxes. Member of those war scars you put on the on the timeline I do I put a bunch of those and whoever put the most on pastoral paradox that when she hit three paradoxes you get an anomaly that actually. Creates Blanco warm hole in your building extra boy. And it's message it's easy negative victory points and it takes up your room for building buildings which give you more actions give you more things to do girl Brad. Yep you messer over the timeline enough men a group B equals equals they and suddenly. There are right now. Ouch on future turns if you go the power plant which I highly recommend you build power plant are so apparently you can use those power plants to travel in time. And when you time travel. Mimic those three things you got tiger of those things you can remove those scars by paying yourself. What you've done in the first round. Hall that's awesome so yes so like I I I show up and I got here is 300 dollars where the heroes come from. In the pitcher that I would know that we all remember going to and I do yes yes it's exactly like that. It's like that on things yet to remember though let's say you want and an extra Maxi. OK but you remember that came do you fully powered up so when you send it back it has to be in better when you send a worker back. Well he came to view a long way in active and ready to work and a so you can't send a tired used up worker you have to definitely ready to work worker all right. So you gotta be careful on that if I messed that up. Probably bad things happen. Anomalies and there were little and what's great about it by sending them back you'd actually have to get rid of him out of your polls clearly getting those resources now and that makes sense I mean that's consistent with what I know sending things back. How is it sounds so good at the time travel is not a pasted on theme where he can be like. You know obviously the scars yet a few negative viewpoints at the end right well they can mount up to be a lot of neighbor reports why too purse are. Plus an on anomalies if you have those or minus three points. Her anomaly but when you time travel that's a escalating victory point track okay every time to time travel. You go up two points four points eight points. So there's a huge benefits for time traveling here both clearing lists are so really it's about a 32 points swing. If you go from your New Orleans earlier upon it is you were telling me that somebody when this game at 63 points so I mean well somebody at a particular wanna learn wanted to name bucket to Tarawa and I happen. And. Color your family members for losing the game by two points. But guess what I make two points to tear aspect has really thought about a chunk how many points was of this announcement to be too. And who was at the end don't be kicked your tokens on literature. If you listen to this you know you don't know she's going. Well yeah that's excellent so what who would you say that this puts this game and this is in my mind clash scheme grand. And dad I is that it's a worker placement it's hard to. In the box comes with the and alternative. Rules Hogan and stones of variability abilities. Through the rough Moorer never ever learn. They come to the doomsday module. Which is another side board you can Andean. Has a one player version that's not gist. Generic one player play yeah it comes with an entire race of robots oh my against they have their own player board. Now so that AI on this is very well pop out in China pasted on one player version. Now that's that's an excellent for me as well anti bank commander package comes with the guardians of the council and the pioneers of neuwirth modules. So really. You're getting a con. A ton of variability kind of components. A ton of game play. With this game and I felt like a parlor game. Four if you Bible that is a hundred dollars but the the base box is 59 dollars very difficult to get right now yeah there working on a second currently on to the afternoon so watch. Org awesome we'll think you sir I really appreciate that love. I I really can't wait for this game ever leave we need it we nuisance at some time here in matters very near future acts and Akron. So it is so I was gonna talk a little bit about a classic game something that I've played a lot of and that honestly animal level as he has right now. I don't like very much. Really but it is a classic game it's one of those games that everyone knows or is at least culturally aware of whether they've played it or not but it is. Nowhere near my favorite games list like. Here's whatever games list this game is in a bunker on the other side and down a and just I I don't like playing this game in its risk and I usually don't like to dump on anything I like to find the something that I like about something and then I will tell you that. Like even if it's the worst game ever I will just pick the things that I do like about it I will find something positive to say and I will share that with you. I hate risk I would play monopoly. Before I will play risk while any day of the week and twice on Sunday. And I think the primary reason for that is that it is isn't gained it presents itself as a strategy game turf and says. Here's a game about world conquest. And if you are wise with managing your resources and the amount of aggression and territorial control. That you you do in the course of the game you will be successful and you will rule the world right. Wrong you roll those dice wrong one time your game is over there is too much luck in risk. And I do not enjoy it because of that which is not to say that I don't enjoy games that involve luck. But I feel like risk is all luck NI AM and I'm lucky person so this game has nothing army. Do you feel like the theme the most recent teams it's a lot more cartoon you looking like they're the cat creatures and things like I do think that maybe makes it feel less of he'd deep strategy game and more of a light hearted. Laughter. Young played risk in twenty some odd years so I couldn't tell you about cat people and Matt Khartoum whatever I know why. Then they did produce a new risk and it definitely it definitely feels different okay rigorous you know 1959. Wind and it's ranked 121727. On same coach if you have to but there Avalon hill. Who we've known for reward on Avalon oil trade yeah. They did risks 22 Canadian 2001 thing. And that one is ranked nine and 45. Now I personally love that one because it adds in these commanders. And command cards. Okay so you get to mitigate the risk or the luck of the dice rolls. Women couldn't very I don't look beautiful you Gary are he had to mitigate that with card player as well okay. And sometimes you get a new regular commander you just want them. Some people respond lots of world burns this is your thing and we were to augment countered we have you can put the army and guard and everybody it's played their nukes for free. And you I downy wrinkle less he aboard state change your attitude. And then the newest risk as of 2011. Risk legacy. By rob W the view from the foul and pandemic place yeah. That wind east are not different in another risks you put out your guys all over the map print and everybody to death. In risk legacy start on one spoke. Power and you have to move out and the goal of that one is to get so many stars and certainly it starts. But then there's ways to open secret Pac's new characters and big box tax hard packed. And then if anybody is ever lifted up their train underneath the in the box there's a pact glued to the bottom of the box that says do not open ever. And I know all I want now and an ornament and I'm an adult and then you know yet some people you have that. Pat and I can do I want equities in relief people listen I don't know home yes I I don't I mean I hear things. I laugh ever opened my packed. Because I still have other unopened packs will buy wild one on their little pack and I refused to open that one in talent open everything else. He's appealing is going to be something in one of those like one of the later ones that says OK you know what we said don't open that thing. Because no commitment yeah and I was I wanted to an hour I'm hired writers my problem I know it's gonna open up and it's gonna say. How how it was not open and I don't hear free money. I have impulse control shifts. Then come over and I'll show you the pack but a lot of. I don't buy two copies of this thing yeah I done. Warns me to get and I took obvious that it and the first thing immunity though before even before even pop a piece of cardboard. Or or pull a plastic meaning out of it's frame governor's run straight to that tag that says do not open and I'm gonna open it much we don't need to know it's happening. Focus this actually sounds really really great I may have to give risk and on the track so let's bring the full circle you started this topic saying there's really nothing positive that you could say about risk. What about the fact that without risk we would never risk legacy. Here's the thing Fareed wrapped them around. Risk legacy is the high end game and asked her to buy has. How. Oh yeah don't break your mind that we got together just totally messing with the slower now so I think we need to move along lipped out. I I you know what risk I'm sorry. I take it all back. I would give you another chance but if you burn me again manage tell you what that is is we are breaking up. A Sean it is I love listening to you talk about what other people are doing successfully. With their careers can you lay low kick starter on the right now. Angel kicks down action but yes I can actually a number of things elect talked about we have headhunters. We spoke of those gentlemen from gotcha game yes. McCain and essentially because they did a very well. Good job and talking about a game like we are very from all of them it's only say things like they did a well good well good job. It's both well and good at it the right a good job and I'm sick and look at this. You're doing very well good chunk well thank you can be. So there aren't kicks that are right now. And as of this recording there at eleven point four hurricane of their forty king that are looking for. I it's twenty dollars for the based game which actually for me. Uncle pop style figure plus game that's he really reasonable price yeah I was really impressed with that mostly go past him to go for like eleven dollars to twenty bucks yet they start and 9095. But then if you've got like one of the special edition whenever some fancy or it's one of the bigger guys yes it's it's it's thirty bucks. So yes so you're you're getting your game and this figure like yet critical and then forty dollars for two so we're seeing a little bit of money yes pretty nice. Eighty dollars for four. And then they're going to be unlocking Morris as products goes alone so really cool thing to check out. Next up is one this. As Jews cool les. On kick start at the this went bunkers sizes rule player and the monsters and minions expansion. Role players and in Pristina. Teams so. Win their rule clear first launched on kick starter awhile back. It did moderately well all right and then it came out to retail and ex blue did this. On retail. People are playing this all over the place it's got. I have an edge has to put myself but everybody that I've talked to. Ecevit's is very much like today in Euro style game. But you're building a dean. I character building game. There's just there's a lot a lot to it and kind of a deep game. And in their killer is going crazy for good. And of the expansion of with in a tip or about four hours they get their funding just like that it was insane. Well wow so that's. Yeah four hours that the incredible there at a 197. K of their 65 K gold. Sunny and I think many in the day he had yeah I think there I think you wouldn't see that expansion. Prequel will you know what get on you guys with the name of the company over the thunder were schemes saw so this the expansion is 39 dollars for the expansion. And it's 89 dollars for the base game and the expansion of which seems a little high but the based game and I if you try to buy a retail is right around its MD eighty dollar range and it is so you're actually saving a bit if you go and further expansion in the biggest game by. Going on kick starter or manifest itself this will be ending on June 15 also getting into yeah quick. Next up is badlands and also hold other you manage the fight that just aimed studios. Does have anything to do with the television show no. I strongly end and then matches that are meant oh it's me but I just wanna save or create an Irish here. For game that's about broken down after he. Very mad Max and I are looking in Oreo as the Prius and Martin area who have had how have got a new fantastic look that's pretty that's that's excellent so I just said this is. He won the four player post apocalyptic strategy game at a very. Very mad Max he looked to this game right you've got in unique player power or is you've got weaponized vehicles mutant creatures. You're developing eat in your area your training units combat. It has had his head about this game just at April and I know this game so coach armored souped up vehicles. That's the main thing there are vehicle many upgrades and that will be available. On played two managers earn me an email and Josh is an all pretty bad yeah I guess I'm back with a widow and represented a prized. And this is there as a recording there at thirteen point four K between the case so there about halfway and give or take all right around fifty to 55 dollars for the based pledge. Scheme looks a phenomenally got to check this out that's ending on June 23 next up is street masters rise of the kingdom. Nowhere is the previous game may have a lot of biased toward men maxis have a lot of vibes towards street fighter when you look at Gary you can tow Canon. We quick nudge knighted and memory are inspired by as you later on who you and the box cherished. That the this is they wonder poor player coop street gang game. And mixes manes. Which they've got 65. Meanings in this annual. With Carter play as an excessive never manes. Texas alone or Garrett is right on writing just the the birth of this gadget plays out like a street fighter arcade game but with. The minis in the cards. And it is designed by the designers of the war hammer quest adventure card allowing. That's really game yet so I mean like this isn't just some guys there it's their first time Alley bright eyes. He's got noticed a crowd they've got a they've got to pedigree yeah well that's fantastic. So this is 89 dollars for the based pledged biscuits you all those crazy minis. Plus several exclusives and their at 34 K of their 64 K goal with 25 days ago was a recording. We'll be wrapping up our so I I don't usually like to make you pick favorites right now movement I only have about a hundred dollars to sort of not spend on food and things right now feature in. Rule. Although it was street masters or. Or badlands man my vote is UP extreme masters that he backed Atlanta I go I don't know fan I'm just glad I know this is hello. We may gaming grade again yes. And it's not selfish or self serving at all. Fair enough that does sound like you're completely objective opinion and I appreciate your input next step. Episode next up are well. Is it just think things so this is one that isn't on kick starter as of this recording. However you will be on kick starter. As people are listening to it now and future. And now Ernie does yeah that's so yeah seven leads though this is John's report from the future and the future. Osprey adrift by plucky robot. What you run and actually contacted mean I've been. Having discussions with them and I'm not about it turned design and I happen receive their game getting demo and and it looks really cool to say pirate themed. Puerto twelve player hidden role games well or 212 how. Wow all he enrolled game hidden role and him yes. Where either playing as one of the parents on the ship. Or your playing as he can Opel. I am so in for this yeah pirate or one of the animals. A yes. June this guy and so it these guys were inspired by the game mafia. Obviously and they bananas in developing and honestly were up via two and a half years. I've only been putting a lot of power scheme is not just something got through together. And apparently so I'd get a chance to talk to my little bit and the V candle aspect actually came from the designer's mother pleaded it's. Where you don't know. She is very interested in just like the history of cannibalism and one night and so they kind of put this into the game as a nine to two month. Felt like a fun lady. With chemical or elect good honor you know honor. So it is their first game but places they've been into homer for quite awhile I asked him if they had a need. Any issues getting I testing done on the twelve player side married and actually no we. We have a lot. Of people play testing at that and that's and count now are they are they part of a bigger. Consortium if you will almost like a a plate just northwest and I'm loaded Manila they just take it out to wherever and say we need to all people with them play this Vegas have a bigger group of players available to him routinely. Why else those they had a chance to get the sound of superpower that's. And I mean no that you might be playing emperors and I realized I know that they sent us a copy. Oh we can check out and you know I said hey you know can road games that's her bread and butter is seriously that are jam so. And Britain better entry if you if you. So let's just. You know I did those of you out there who have hidden identity game did you want to play tested and also run into the ground and broken as much as possible. We're here guys. And one last one OK she must plug on on my part against a so shock retirement. Old me. I don't know what season low and couldn't read it could be as well as how well it does. Yes so I begin that I've been toiling away on for quite awhile click click boom is going to be on kick starter in the future. Launches on June 6 so that'll be one for people pay check active day. If they like you. A game where you get to see your friends blow themselves up and convince them to please cards that allow that to happen I do like that actually that some some fairways deeply into a yeah and quickly boomers are are bluffing Russian roulette games said in a western universe with. These really the cute animal creatures to counterbalance. Every other dark theme here a little bit so much like horses and bunnies and goats as sort of idea there are hard. No go yet that's a few in the and then ten well I can you repeat. There's a bull there's a horse there's Jack rabid raccoon. You're basically playing for money and stealing many from other players. The instinct thing is the way you play it is. You don't get to look at your cards everybody else does gas and then you'll like what else are gonna tell you to play cards in muted side. Who was trying to screw you who is trying to enjoy life as it worked. Any kind of any kind of a deduction game where. Where its reliance on reading someone else. I love that kind of stuff I mean a lot of play poker. I love to play the resistance where I actually have to not only understand the logic of how a game works but also. Have to actually rely on and sort of social cues from another person I love actually and end quickly boom boom boom. Give it room to lower addition there. And click click boom is great for that and and I gotta say I hate. Hate hate hate to give you credit for any effect. The fair and why this is another winner for me I think and and I'm really really excited Huber goes and so you know a good argument and I'm glad you brought it up for this but I think. We do have a little bit of extra breaking news right now guys like actual legitimate breaking news. I'm thinking it's. For a little while creating just a minute hair Angel. So we announced it on the last show and we actually had a couple people take advantage of this time no more braking issues. Breaking ish news re re re breaking the restraint yeah yeah I'm very sadness. Free breaking news we're never gonna rear braking moves that that's not as good as I was hoping it would be make sure your phone is on for you guys it's at. Real Omega gamers for Josh. At walk like a plan for myself and at thing twelve games for Sean. But of course you always just follow at VG geek nation to be a part of the show. We're gonna let you know when we're recording so that you can call and participate in the question or if you have something you wanna ask about boardgames whatever it is and if we like what you say in what we like the way you sound. You're going to be in the next podcast that is our guarantee is we'll like it. We'll play it that's how this works so make sure you put it over Haitians are on make sure you subscribing to all of us or at the very least justice revenue BJ geek nation because. Guys we want to hear from you so Rex is see if this thing works because guys. Guys guys we got to call it's working you know I lose twelve yeah it's done its job forest. On the phoning those Caleb Caleb are you doing my brother. Are. All we're doing fantastic we're very very excited that would this working for us we didn't know her we sent in on his and there are some technical difficulties in the Rosalynn my fault but. It's happening now and you were army your I don't recording this is gonna fantastic you have us do all right Kayla and here comes your if your question should. What game did not live up to the hype. And why. Okay so again I don't know why yet. But I also honored volleyball. Team all about it. Doesn't fall we all know that when it's sort of a legacy game pirates and running around and taking over islands and things like that. It's sort of as being absolutely by the designer legacy games round avenue yes there all right all right so as so pasty old Caleb why yeah why did this would not live up to have for you. So I'm. He may even find the whole wrist or rather you didn't really tell you big he did boot order laughter it is dark endemic legacy. And I still deep balls kind of just fell under the belt and didn't play a role in it takes way too long you have very few options. Do limited or what you can do. Yeah I have them play this one yep you're right coming come around and coming off of pandemic ASE witches and number one on BG GM held there for over a year. It's been like what you don't want one more key enhancement for so Long Beach ball. Stand guy you've you've got to remain picked up in a bit. No knock. Yeah no I sure playing C fall right now at work and the first play that you do there's no combat and I think if that's what you'll be used to the first one right well there's not a whole lot of interaction between each other. Block you know I'm glad that can be a big impact on it he is he's all right Ron in the fact that it's a long game two we've been playing over. Flush times and all I can asked us we don't relief are are revealed it is a little skewed may be sure it's we're really digging it submarine and types for each different group raised innocent and are played just over. One session I guess I could see it being long and this is another 1 that I am excited to trial only because they hear you talking about it and how much you you like it plus pirates right my wheel house. Another person surely get the pill might be ten term change your mind here today. Well I got saved the last game Shanghai for him. Not a game isn't going to be long it's gonna have to be good. Yeah I knew I had that's Paterson truth however centered on the leg is now you want that unexpected you want the thrill of opening up the next seeing me out and argue that too all right well also love jury maybe it's still a little bit out on this thing for me. I can't of this is accurate from zoos in buffalo right. You're really only wish yeah man hey great that's we loved playing there who's Jeannette Rankin. Are killed thanks for going meant don't think you're dating the but I. Oh and the and the lines are Iranian hang on 12 let me switch this over and see who Barrymore and I think it's BJ himself. Italy thanks let me call and I don't show that early night. And also one guy about a couple weeks ago and what we. Who I don't know what happened there I'm I'm still getting your songs. As the air I can't Alexis wiley on over their brutal war buddy nick and I hate him sorry BJ. Hash tag nemesis. The does I think we we've pretty much run the senate ship aground for the F for the week what do we get. Well early move along and day defects were really real lives you know what playing games throwing dice. Chicken but that's so we do right I Daisuke but very much and my budgets get more often than not he didn't. Just what we say. Play nice little double turns them back and put yourself in anything. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG some video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot clubs.