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Wednesday, June 14th


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Rockaholics it's Caron daily from KI SW and I'm super excited because I'm chatting once again. With the legendary Johnny Crist from the then seven pulled Johnny how is it going. There aren't sent that EU and Texas writes. Yeah Eric Berry so how many how many days in are you guys to the current tour now. Here. We're. About whether twelve to that point all right and things are feeling good so far India and we're you know if there's any key you're working him out. For you come and visit with the Seattle rockaholics. At century link field August night that's winking eyes W presents Metallica with events unfold. And go to zero that's like you know less than two months away now and we're really excited you guys are making your red dot distraction. I'm retired leader yet. And it feels not pick up to get sick and had to live nation dot com to do that. We are literally counting down the days here you guys actually played peeing in the grass horse a few years ago. And just completely tore the roof off the gorge and theaters now I think people had this been craving more review and we're really happy to have you guys back our right yeah. Yeah and they get hurt and you just spoke a couple of months ago and that I was asking you about you know cover songs are songs that you might be interested in the in playing and and I can tell you you hold on to something you're chewing on a little kid and I I've learned now that there's a reason. You guys discovered a act up pretty I would say a well known song not I had asked some RR sat which if people aren't there. Super familiar with that by title if they heard they know that song immediately. Absolutely yeah. We had yet in the league starting. Story. And we can do some things. Help or pushed their record actor was found in the past and I'm Wilson. Cover songs and some other stuff that you know there may not become an out after this one but if you are ignorant that pressure on couple months they'll want to make sure. Got it back and he has range you know immediately. One of the response now that that's happened and. Well we are so pumped about it I have to tell you though when I first listen to it I thought I was with I thought for a second wait in my listening to the original. You guys did the original such justice but then once the song really gets going it almost sounds like an event seven full song it really I feel like almost aligns with the style of especially the music on your most recent release the stage. Yeah they came out I guess I was well under way we record it though that I'm. Well record crest this case it as all of us on everything very likely certainly problem. And yeah it is upon longer and then during 19 after it was right in all day very hosting their content. And about it and he's you know we came across as one differently and I when it went up inspiration. The kill bill version. Yeah and Kyra what we do I have it up Kelly yes and that's what I did tell folks I mean that's probably where most people have heard before is in. I think it's like the credits early the very end of kill bill and when Uma Thurman scare targets reunited kind of with her daughter and then not song takes off and kind of plays into the credits when they. And you roll out that the list of cast members for the movie you know it's so bad ass you got you guys really not now department as one. Bad idea we're those that is huge span. Observers in the way let's. Until we can do this and that you know week week to prepare attempt but missed a little bit. So that being said. And shadows sounds like Spanish first year is like his first language when he's singing and did he have a lake take any class does Rosie already a Spanish speaking and did. All or how does that all work very arming up. Span our cart is iPhone without Spanish. And that helped out the translation and you know there Adam page you know would advocate aren't completely write out everything. Fanatically. Eight you can attack to bother trying to read it properly or anything like die because. We get up and and you can go through it I'm like that it is an apple is the last thing I want it is at bill authored beer bash has the translation be the best. Lost in translation yeah in other thing about that song I would say is it's kinda sexy in on any it is. That are returned there is now. And here are young again in order and if there no I definitely have a very sexy very kind of soldier son I was Cali picturing a Mike Meehan. You can get in the kitchen. With your sweetheart and I cook up sexy you might not even get to eating the food you might Terry Jones closed offers listening to that song it is really really. Hot yeah actually gets in artillery. Yeah that's perfect. Also have to say that I think it sounds like you've got I mean this couldn't have been an easy if you lay this down in in in one you know. One quick track. You guys really perfected it and how many takes did it did you go through and how much of of not protectionist worry you as you were recording this this track. You know it was it was intricate in. Change happen in the content and quality of that they get in their version and we wanted to emulate. That. You know given that it was it was difficult to transcribe it in temperature on labor and I can tell you how many takes in its area and it was quite a theory. Especially when you're trying to do here I'm little little spices here in it makes little movement that's all I've idolized track and we. Nuclear balance recorders on the tapes they expect a. Alice fantastic and you mentioned that you have some friends that are dead speak fluent Spanish. What do they think to date thinking needed some justice and you know Brooke we're just young Mexican heritage or or whatever did they feel like you guys. Did the song justice. I think yeah they they can be put his partners in the media what. You know hearing it every parent that give a thumbs up so yeah I think it was that he would expect. I'll someone that makes me so happy I am we are obviously pumped about it now we've been playing the stage we've been playing god damn. Not at that entire album by the way is just an absolute masterpiece a total. And almost like a concept. Album slash journey very progressive and I I've enjoyed every single second of it. And it RB Kenny your all those songs are beginning here the stage or we can here god damn and are we gonna hear Molly Payne yes on our us when you guys play on August night. Yeah we got to see it arguments everything away and keep it. Yeah. But then that's been done now get their Flickr they of the past but the. Absolutely well we're really excited about it I mean the bug in Seattle that entire week I think leading up to the concert is going to be. Just phenomenal when you guys roll into town on the a century link field is an absolutely. Magical place to see a show were used to going there for sporting events and we bring some your favorite bands into that. Venue it just completely transforms in and we can't wait what else can we expect from them seven people here in less than two months. Yeah well over the net course of the next several months yet you know keep looking at there's us street bank sees. I would definitely Internet I was and that might be a couple of things at Coke actually. Well I would love that every time we chat it's always and I'd pleasant surprise that was learned something fantastic has been in the works and you guys is always continue to amaze us were so happy to be celebrating your seventh album the stage on KI SW and seven told fans for life. Treat you very much. Able thanks Donnie we'll see a couple of months he'd take care have a great show tonight are very excited here it ran out right now by.