Metal Shop's Backstage Pass - Episode 115: "Putrid Grime and Gore"

Saturday, June 10th

Welcome back! This week we discuss Wonder Woman, the Lita Ford, Cryptopsy and Angelcorpse shows, Ian goes to the doctor, Ryan goes to Canada, we preview new songs by Mutoid Man, The Faceless, CKY and Venom Inc, we unveil the Summer Slaughter lineup and Seattle show date, R.I.P Big Val, Suicidal Tendencies gets shut down and Ian goes hard on the Brutal Poetry Too Hot For Radio segment to end the podcast. 


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You are listening to little shops backstage press. What's up with metal shop backstage pass I eat episode one thing. He wandered in fifteen hours of purer nonsense exist. Idiocy that you just waste your life on it totally goes okay are on the same boat. Welcome back my name is Eunice Kennedy years hi I'm Kevin years that mr. rise in the beard hi I'm not given gears hi I'm Brian beard and I feel like it's been awhile since we've all been together in this room talk in the teens and leak in the it has been quite awhile actually what do we were all in all of foursome. I don't think that indeed it I don't think they get away with it and I know now who would pleads the most heat looking at right baser at an act that put them back with gone on I have some armor. I. Helen then that I can't exactly like a maniac and he wrote welcome back you know I think it's our first. It's not like it ever mattered for a while maximum was on our podcast you know. And he's gone this week he's gone through forever he's he's left the building forever. Can't. Just dedicated effort in this chair he later Max yeah I he lefty when he moved he moved to palm on the screen he left in the fashion. He stayed. And had allowed them. Bates. A book and like man I'm not doing his job classic Max none of his job was was done he left three hours early in the bunker deep smoke. While plastic any gave like two days notice. And they probably didn't care so I really Kobe puts me down as a recommendation someplace like he likes yet ST. And rules of smoking weed and he's great at beatings he's very good at. He would do an effective job if the job is beeping and not working. If you need of deepest this is your guy I'm like he's not here otherwise he'd beat them both your races and foreign. Well Coleman and glad to have be back in the studio with a few guys what even a Q would this week during the last few weeks now Brian. Nods again and go get any value but he last time both you and I like this you Wonder Woman instead of theaters in different areas yeah. It's that you weigh in as we can't be hang out veto it and actually. Faces look bad public yeah it's it's a little weird. I did no Wonder Woman was awesome movie totally like DC they were really. Had disappoint me in the last few ones that Amber's Superman was. Kind of a clunker. The suicide squad was. You were terrible the inside as an app where he lives. Like it right now inside your Harry's being actor where your nasty. Particles live in are about to build up to have the most heinous. Heard of your life. That's just the hair my whole that suicide squad. Went to see that at the discount theater who wouldn't that until we like paid two dollars for OK so not like eighteen and did for one in the Wonder Woman who don't yet. Prime good movie. When sullied afford this week over at the Clearwater casino a cross the water. That was a great show in Clearwater casino actually. Brad pleased to see if it deceit. Show where like what is in Bremerton since the Kwame switches ECD I've no idea you take the Bainbridge Island. Mom Berry so it's like. A little bit further routes in the in. Bremerton figure that true jams that vaccine exactly but I. We have four results and had a bunch of people come up to me one person was like here you Ian bills like no. Now he's in the locker way to like OK cool like that want to talk again now had a bunch of people came up in which karma KI SW a metal shop and I was like man metal shops and nasty guys are awesome. So a shadow of the people that we're at the lead afford show me rules when separate top seed on Monday. I believe it was Monday and they played all of none so violent its entirety. Visceral disgorge was was awesome and they were like you know do songs about eating babies one of our favor and things to do. They were who'll be yet another really weird. And they were like this songs about eating. In that the. Out in the eating begin and then once again. It out that he was hilarious and like Jane that Bob yeah he was just ridiculous this or this torture is awesome. The day before that on Sunday night's Angel corpse. And I normally like over the highland venue but I got to per month last year I'm sorry about the highland venue. But whoever was doing sound own knowledge and in bad and everyone's Indian it wasn't that the sound was better the whole time but that was deceased feedback moments. During the day makes it unbearable me where everyone in the wizard wincing and it loses late. There was deceit I would just eat heinous feedback where it was the singer hold the microphone by the monitors. I don't I don't think sound I don't know. I don't I'm not sure those things are some bands like they get they played too loud so that the turn make up for on the mikes and he just doesn't work and smaller spot like that could have been a new sound person or something and again I'm not trying to throw shade higher line but I I gotta be real here we. We keep it honest here on the podcast you know and he's an hundred and you know great venue but. Might have been any sound person so but awesome band altogether into courts sweep in drunk ordered. Love scene trying to headquartered lives awesome and rock. Nor was death metal tool you know when you Ryan. Well I'll talk about people were running into people for a minute now so last time. I happen to be walking by the crocodile while this while shows going on Diaz acts and it it I just happen to be lost some guy some guy walked grab meaning goes hey. Are you Kevin's friend in immediately acknowledge shrank back a little bit because last time. And it was a rain fell again is asking in your Paul. You're tall body A hero of the guy's name off sloppy met the release are the yeah figured that what well wells in my word. Lobby now walks up to me didn't recognize him he does say you know Kevin right. Mike yet he goes you'll get guys I haven't been wasn't about geo is about is yes they're going opulent and you're right. That Amy at. Associating with UTT degenerates he saw he he's that your dinner now. I got out prozac Australia are you present Kevin. Yeah. Why. He's told us said hi I'm is used to caddie and he till it whale the human stealing from the he'll he'll end. I out of vision or heard his name is steelman that doesn't mean yeah. Without feeling. A snowman. Are OK Jack had a little bit of is that while show from from outside the venue. However it is in school donating for us veteran. You know from quartile posted a picture of Zach wild like standing on his table while he was drinking whiskey like ultra drink this beer and Zach was just like teen walking all over the bar and walking a lot of people's. Tables apparently was one hour now have to be at times it's probably the last time you'll really see that while the small setting before he heads out to to be in aussies didn't. That's true called Ozzie Osborne you've heard of it once or twice. Yet she and so that all you've done this week each of rain in one person. Yeah we're you're a colony cave he really hater aid really boring week I mean I clean my fish tank and I wish our about. And I and my shower it's a two man and general amnesty in any idea that mine and dress that threw me to a rash I have it will dispenser in my power was able toilet dispenser Ayatollah paper dispenser. In the shower with a but the to a neighbor on it like on the role but there's dispenser like a little roll. Like as if what you wanted to put toilet papered your shower all of the handle for old people and they slip and fallen die. You share via yes. They get up and out of the bathtub. It's for the old folks like to told the paper I mean if you run dry and this offer my article but I enough to get there in Vietnam conflict now. Well okay no need for any bleacher any cleaning products then. So that's cool he cleaned couple things Wendell that rules white girl who's brand is weak at the deep stuff I. I tell him that way they ran and got more shy and you know I mean plenty. What we logs like. Yeah so Kevin here's a guy. Again. Your are you so I thought you would go you're keystroke or something like that yeah want to have a cavity campaign. Can one cavity that's not bad. I would I would finally. This week took advantage of health insurance and when to go enemy ears checked yeah you know what the dentist right. So I've been having like a pain inside my inner ear and I've been like having a really bad tonight it's. So want to go get my ears checked they checked him out there like you have the most clinging years we've ever seen notes and ideas and I was like. What the do you not the united I have tonight it's back in here right now as we're talking. So went to the doctor and their like we don't know what the problem is that you referred me to unions he. And then what do it my teeth checked and they were hurting and I had cavities they took X rays and their like your teeth are the cleanest heat we've ever seen. And I was like oh what the then what are even go to the doctor on both sides. So what am I supposed to do is just aliens questions first podcast and Johnson's got back from big yes. And talk about I mean we can't I knew it was something deeper that's right it's gonna take a long time like that's what they'll get a little bit of news. Knew each time. Yeah Ryan went to canopy in deal. Is tight job. Right into. It across the border do. You could do it now he's bad he's like 74 pounds of food team. But I can tell by belly improv group routine. Fairway right when he at Michael let it get them there it is and now obviously there. What underbelly. Unscripted way so. That says you need to stop that right now. Thousand. Forty dollars on it from the other room. What the almighty. I blow up like don't have to ask. Are there isn't you signed by a band called the faceless there's no word on when their new records come out or anything like that but we just want to keep you mean. So here's a piece of a new song called blacks are by and defeats it's. I don't like that faced him. Burger I don't know if that ended up. Haven't skipped happily. Fallen. This. Well we put. Seeing me. The rank and it is. For what it's worth listening to songs actually pretty you can land guy got through it all. But yet they're going to be planet so much harder to. Yes in the August 17 at studio seven. It's a pretty huge liability from I got there at the line up their fourth in the big weekend at the Thursday theaters here. Alongside. So some of water this year is of course the faceless and. We'll see you face those shows up because. They've honestly been canceling a bunch of shows all over the world scans of their entire European tour last week but black doll. Murder is going to be headlining pulling their nocturnal record in its entirety for the ten year anniversary. Anniversary to a dying fetus the faceless Oceana slaughter to prevail prevail or Gian rings of Saturn betraying no murders no murders. And Warner shore plus more to be announced again that's August 17 presumably Americans see eighteen. In theaters October 13. American senators who can. Is serious and turn it new Goodman has a new record coming out it's Cold War moans actually tell now just came out last week it's got. Got guys who Chelsea wolf and even Marty Friedman shows up on this record. They just put out a brainy song called date with the devil in a brainy video of skid out just a little piece of this the record that now it. You haven't heard yet here's something for you. Malaria. New Year's to a man. I'm three so it's good and they're actually coming to town. And we actually have tickets on care is W. Dot com to cook off contest he cannot try to win tickets does he need to man with films only and he whose offices gore. That's a Thursday with a pool it's Tuesday shows to like six. And new mouse all right so if he's ever seen in the idea pants are home videos like three want to go or any of the level group videos. And you've probably seen this dude big valve he was the former pan terra. Security guard also did security for Ozzy Osbourne in Sebastian Bach. Well big Val day two costs. Dick Cass and BJ BJ guess the key bridge shake his I don't know where butchering his last name that sucks because I value price conscious this past week he passed away. Yes so would the former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach wrote on his FaceBook page. My heart goes out to the family and friends of big Val we gave you. We gave you your start on row on the road of rock and roll now that road has come to an end my friend thinks are watching out for me all over the world NC had a dime big Jim and will be for meet cute. Very sound so him any shadows and sacred Reich obviously crowbar hope you know Vinnie Paul. That is he had good one Gelman and not only have a bag I had to have been a true treasure trove of store he says I love got a hold of those means. I love this kicker Greg says he was always great to us and a member of the morning slash team while the painter deeds were still sleeping. This afternoon off now. Well anyways. Rest in peace big Val. Hopefully you'll be keeping all those rocks are secure in the afterlife well looks like Michael Acker filled us up to some pretty some pretty interesting side project type material. He Bennett was asked recently about an upcoming project a proposed project would DeVon Townsend. He said well let's say anything about it people are going to be expecting something to be released. Some of these I don't know how many projects that bad in and all that have been talked about when you're drunk of course. He said he had a band with Jeff Loomis. He's got to try to start a band with a print from mastodon he said he was gonna have a band with eBay announced dean and so on and so on and so forth so. Allegedly it'll be with Dan Devin Townsend singing and Michael walker fell doing some music so. Again. It's just saying that isn't proof of it actually happening because that we all have these kind of study drug conversations from time to time so. We'll see if that happens all of those sound can read them. All right. Or something that definitely is happening is the bin venom ink which is then newest band featuring members original venom members Jeff month that's done. If the avedon parade along side exit venom bassist and vocalist Tony demolition man Julian. It's gonna they're gonna release that are a debut album all day on August 11 on nuclear blast they have a official video for their first single. Dying fly each. We can we can check got a little bit of it. So let's check out the song. Super duper creepy. And in today's. The new enemy think all of. Hair. Coming out soon on nuclear blast everything's coming out on nuclear Glassman and him. I said last year hungry hungry hippos with all the millions the year. It's awesome are black seventh has just really received the golden god award award at this year's metal hammer golden god award playing essentially like. The award of the night obviously pets all the blacks that if we keep racking up all the the accommodations endowed accreditation that awards so they've obviously well deserve it so add them to be going God's category. If it was informal now its formal there being god of heavy metal man holding. This past Sunday's suicidal tendencies held a free concert in Los Angeles I had some friends attended and Allard just kind of doing some some FaceBook live stuff it looked really fun it was an outdoor concert. You commemorate this. Really cool mural. Of Mike from a cycle Mike of us suicidal tendencies in guys that these huge huge block long mural of him in and it's really cool but. Guess what four sons into their sets suicidal tendencies got shut down by the Pope it's. Shocking they had helicopters circling around it it looked pretty insane because. I guess the the crowd got a little crazy in broke down some barriers because they only lately born again or exactly how I really really truly hope somebody got like professional video that is a fight. Suicidal tendencies music video right there I am real life and I were just like low on Pepsi's and that's whether it started. You're isn't bad these Manuel wanna wasn't god damn deck ala one was suicidal concert and you didn't give it to me. I see daylight is back there playing warped tour this Friday in Seattle here and they've got a brand another brand new song we played the one that they put out a couple weeks back in its. What pretty good man I haven't heard that bad. And either new stuff in the last for fifteen years sounds like CK wine and they still got the groove they still got that same exact own man. Killer town this new ones not as they get into this new one but still pretty good. They'll replace we'll we'll we'll get the track here. We'll sign that was a line that was that no other part of the best known that. Going out there. I'm thankful we appreciate. Like what the again. And a guessing game. They would be really fun to watch. So again like he said they're going to be playing alongside Vince like acacia strain knocked loose from now why are so many dance at warp tour. On Friday at the century link parking lot I might actually be able to get to see struck out that's cool never got to see strong ally so he. Well we've come this time in every podcast. But we have to. Sicken. You out in making turn it off this week on brutal poetry too hard for radio eons going to take the lyrics. The band that we actually get on the show but he's gonna go a little bit deeper into their cuts from their 2000 into album mutilated in minutes. Gore our needs. Which we. Harassed a broken glass. Your ass. With a broken glass might be here it is Ian on brutal poetry too popular radio. Good to cross the ball. He cannot. With a broken bottle in my hand I cut his ass like fudge. Blood pours so my church. And he begins to wind is finally paying an Amy Nichols up this. He laughs and with his lips as his balance drop on the floor. Watching as he puts the ground with Pete could drown in the door. The pain inside gets too much his victim passes them. He stamps and hits and batters tar and kicks him while he's down wrecked once we did glass. Us. All racers places need to be stitched as. Don't. I. That's with broken glass. These sick pleasures people find from Jesus Christ I gotta stop. There it is wrath of broken glass. The only time I've ever grossed myself out I blame my girlfriend and reporting on him to be taught. Our is that like by jet. Well Ian you're up and now now. Here but now over the arrest me now you were all complicit in this cramped so this is something day he'd do. And in. Yeah I mean I'm registered mission. You got your own things. Through are you to judge me Kevin. Easily. Could. I was down mag given -- got me right Oprah getting Cobb podcast done next weekend thanks again for listening to metal shops. Terrible podcast. Is an episode 115 we'll see you guys again next week. Welcome and hello. Shops backstage press.