Thee Podcast Episode 183

Thursday, June 15th

This week we discuss the Mariners game we went to, shirts, and hot famous chicks from when we went through puberty.

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We. Like some wind down its objectives. And our eyes my excess. Of I know we'll never do it on the spot it is not your style. But. I'm tired of people asking what's got booked a man is doing its thing I don't know he'll let you know when he neo. He just making moves fast you know but he's got crawl before you ball so. It yet it's stuff like that what you'll keep a powerhouse. Clearly you know every designer chat you know trying to stage a comeback but it takes time you know like doesn't not and Alan's overnight sell. Yeah it's Q&A close of the bastards make my moves you know trying to stay. Stay active towards the we'll see. You thanks heavens and out there he goes again right through so I don't know what he's doing everybody keeps asking. Dana you are things we podcast this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. And this is. He contact the store in the pits. Starring big studs and treat starting these senseless and com. You'll let her Wear a helmet now. What they agree with the with the Boise business. I'll be the host it's your podcast gridlock up about a land all the land telephony is my burner buddies always hear what he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels of an image problem now with going on. Just the podcast continued their sunrise this week is MC TP please investors in China on the weekly earnings call playoffs that the company saved voice nearly 67 cents and shares closed up twelve Puerto. Little boys continue to make cuts for a rumors of the female cohost true we'll find out at some point one little interest the end of the stock market today. Fired back at all of the field hit the whole studio seven it. They're really don't have to do a thing here. I brought. Back with a thick that it's seven foot one right now that's really on Matt. And so that's seven point. To do now have an outright would it mean room on the that they that's clocks work do it. I'm I'm always watches so sets have an influence though. The thing. And verify it. Mean. I don't hold a step above unless you know the great line from page to tell to relax and here and I usually so serious and hear. I share we'll share relax has little creepy we can actually see neckties. Yeah the change yeah. What are those classes from either from a company called rainbow optics and and I expect colored lenses that scientists. It via a different tent on the world. Those loans are Chatham on outside the Megan so everything what's really blown out. You know if you're doing my photo editing wherever you like turn up the whites of time I too much white that's of them like. But it orange lenses. Yeah rates ice have some two different brand but the green ones. That does of the green ones that was when burning me and got in trouble we tell that story about the girl with a great breast. Just caught her on photograph from because I was wearing chiefly I I don't normal she'd see to believe it is what got. Can turn away. I was bacterial. And a even I mean even at lake you debate melt down before I've been wearing the red ones of the blue one. And like you panic is it feels like you're wearing his normal shape and you kind of forget it and I think girls look at the two that he does I think. Did I agree video figure out you in neared. I exterior of the yeah. And I agree videos of you Ted in red glasses. Santa coat. The cowboy hat. And I don't know what you're ransom stance but it's pretty incredible Kenosha that was a woman Santa jacket and it's happened to notice that size and we are inside like a sixty foot inflatable. Steer yeah. How did you live video on your phone display you'll definitely twice that will be up to almost all the outs on the story. But you know where like this and it's paying him a cowboy pads are to say it's likely waited and waited it. He's not selling you on what he was stress like I don't reveals the video though Goldman comes across. Ago damn you blizzard deepened about. In a brand that point. We're deep in that way then. Still last Friday. Baseball fanatics that we are fortunate manners team. Matt's girlfriend was nice enough to get some tickets there's three tickets yet clearly suite to ago club club clear about what and a follow it. He forget for a band played. Great tickets yeah we showed up of what the fifth sixth sixth yep he wore pure Porsche commission on them fashionably old beyond fashionably late yeah. Instant glistening on our seats. Beat out his. There's popcorn sitting in my seat my bid completely given up on of the theirs you know it's odd times that sporting events. And I at a baseball game and it's on others showed up by the end of the second inning he's got to assume that it's going to be opening mule but it's that I think you've got to give it at least the third. Whatever that thing is like when you it's never the sixth. Ignore legislated from things by they might show up we've got a cute let's we have to that are assigned seats. And so yeah there then and friends on territory and does Linux is the thing expand it. Yeah I go to Paris and say yeah. Is on the blue jays fan. And then to double up we sat there for half an inning and then have to go to Beers and came back I think you can say that I could have part of me and a plate gives the head I think Steve. And so I walked around fronts are ready to go in. And they got looks that right now I'm drunk. So I think you babies like solidly just getting back thing you don't Wear a man we made it back for the night. But I knew that you need to hear of it and now this neighbor Jack Kennedy the article that. Yet the guy they they had to move over was sitting next in the and so we at least open the sixtieth and worries that it's the sixth inning and ethnic it plays a blue jays fan. And there's a lot of but. There we go like. Before the seventh inning stretch. Big so and the sixth at him again up only on go out to the bar and only cut off in the senate in middle with them in the crisis of Leo he. After that it's six. Actually showed up at the beginning of ethics to his movies people out of their seats and a man Ed only bail again we come back like in the eighth. And if it's America it's mostly it's guys and I. It itself would he say when we came back he just looked at me as they you guys came back as a so out of them but on turnaround ignorance is really innocent about it. And luckily let what turned him with the economy a little bit small cock. And then obviously every time I looked over its use Jen yeah yet started weird though and then what turned was. When piles the year came up to bat and then I told in the back story which had just transpired while we route which is my girlfriend hates house eager analyst talks about his base running. And while we're there. In the sixth they get to seventh he had an awesome base running play query was safe at third and ended up scoring. And then onside Toby got that story and how comets you know how finally I was asked house he was up with a runner in scoring position. And then mare's RD up it. He he got the RBI and I I just lost me there it is. In the guy the guy got a kick out that even though that was my commanders put in the blue jays way. And we kind of made small talk about hockey and Canada. I also like to live like. Make your explaining why you and your girlfriend don't like I'll see here I love them very you love GAAP. While and then I gambling loan because she hates me now via and it's explained why she doesn't like him I go no you're wrong about that he had he made the correct base running called. That all is the coach yeah there's stuff right so here and it's and it's for a minute just for the baseball people when they're out there. So her issue with Kyle seeger is that once he was on second base and there was one. There was a fly ball to right field he did not tag up and go to Ferrer. Which she thought he should and I stated no. Because you can the cardinals saying you can never make the first or last out of an inning at third base if he's on second he scores are basic. There's no point to push right. Again I got from first or second is different to put them in scoring position. Second there is not a big deal him home but it wouldn't have been the first or last are you so there worn out correct fly ball to right field lowering its ascent. That's the second out at that point you can't. You can't tag. Right so he needed to he had the right yeah by tagging. Now might not tagging by staying on second base is he would if he could have been third out there Arthurs and I think the economy deeper right shallower and pentagon. Doesn't matter if your plan on my team you're not tag you're not when we're not having that third out there. I got to see if I take us coach Smith said so. There's I don't know I know nothing about baseball I just literally go for the beer garden. I mean I I grew up playing it readies a coaching that they just it's something in this that damage is instilled in society. Never ever make that first or third out at third base if McCain does it that's his own thing. But if your coach and a base and you tell somebody to go there yet but. But the whole team at risk due. So anyhow the point is not a looked at me for support a completely new yeah all I love that Kelsey Smith Africa cup does that damage here has relationship going forward or did you understand your warrior com note to stronger. From now when I don't let my experience. With that what's her Reza Massachusetts she played soccer ball through college. And much higher level of you're cover all the bases are close you are right on that thing disobeying the the bases are closer together insides look at a different Collins got brighter my strategy. Is a closer together balls bigger tougher to like cranky and from. Rank Obama better explain dollars. Yes how seniors man. In conclusion. Also I'd like to safer we went to the manners gain. You listen this podcasts you talked to talk about dip in doctor told him go under read the news. Instead Tyler were nice enough to bought us donuts. So elegant donut on the way you know proper and that hypothetical Beers or make him that I did anything that you knew what do we get state and pretty. People always complain about the Beers being expensive at Safeco. Honestly even with our discount those things are ridiculous. They like. Like fifteen dollar Beers some that I don't man I was that a money all weekend Saturday I went down the white river to check out to. Future and meego looks she's a music future future closed. And same thing I was trying I was I bought. So it was fine and 24 ounce can answering nearly two of those like 24 to about books. Hello yeah it's is that weight so I feel like you would say the closer first because they like to headliner. Right my future and Mika it's not me ghosts and future. Yeah I'm little I'm doing as I was on an irony there yeah so mark here post area in area right. I would say who else was on the bill that it's so weird to the tickets at 7 o'clock in the mile but he Chris south lake. When I want to see some I suffer revenue we miss him that we deal and then we got there. It's at seven we got there like 745 eat and how they do to meet those on stage right now. And then when we went in there and went to one of the bars lyrically it shows start at 630. Conflict ticket literally since I've yet. That's where I was like yeah is that we have said the opposite usually it's like wane and as we need an avenue and feminist would said. Got there right on time and their load now. That. It was just about to start says earlier this stuff just happened baggage is out and I was that we weren't the only people that it should buffalo skaters. You personally do this this with that yeah you know that tour manners factor too like how we got to make it to Mexico tonight he now. Do not seek to go to our big rapture like that. Some outfits are all. When women are wearing heels like people relate dressed up which isn't all that yeah when you're a rock show late. It is really genes there Carter shore with the with the black teachers. You pretty much good to go right but I was just I was a widget shot but again he's dressed up lost now. And he crazy like matching shoe pan teacher yet combos of like a crazy print when we were not a crazy print and we were walking in. There is it do you to have on. It was a regular polo. Is polo shirt and it was Paul. But that's the color blue. Chad thank. Allah. Lake you know if we see the Caribbean like that color blue and the water it was like an Aqua. Yet still was that you know white jeans but in here I don't know fresh pair of him. That this scene exact colors this year. But not even a spec off. Announced d'alene. Now they relate Lou. And the united bluish green Mike and Alex I people who like to devote to lose that you know that color SP or Disco blue. But that weird yellow one blue Kuwait. Yes kind of apple you know I mean the newly lightly either way the kids were off. I'll let him know that I thought the fire he did not care. Either yet whatever carries that to rest grant out from a slight cut a and ignited today hit it takes you know I'll pumped out of the us those jams dude Opel. Camps to yeah I think I might have toady as a foresee him stop him but the best chart I've ever seen. That's largely shared on a memoir my Shawne Williams. Of the Shawne Williams block party. He got drafted in the for late in the first round pat he got kicked off our college basketball team stormed to a Swede so I played imminent Merrill's. I all right so this guy had this teacher. That hired so first on an Merrill's whose god obviously. Callous super. To use an NBA Hooper my cue that this was like three months before the draft so I accused you now whose prime. Anyway. You know plan mineral students thanked. And so he had this shirt. That tore my roommates was like obsessive and racists like a fan of watching him Ike. Fall apart and rebuild his life like. Every year for the four years were that he is kicked up the bass hall to my three times that you and I can assassin we but he claimed like I was accused hold game whenever anyway so. My friend sees a market Klaus and his guidance style. That's right friends season walking to class he's Ghana's black long sleeve like cotton shirt crime it's normal me now means whenever. But it's got this plastic. Pouch in the middle and about the size of small envelope. And in the pouch. Just hundred dollar bill. Why holster. Bone site. Guess what it hundred bucks. Up. All of all she says I didn't think Fisher. That's good that's this this year cost like 150. I don't know because of the Honda. Now I think yeah I think you couldn't enact. The lie you put any size do you want yeah the ads as well just hundred bucks a master right. Concerns is like I have money you. I would pat Gillick to victory shared dinner it was also should this isn't the best certain that I have ever heard about the does the home. Like it it gets rid of all of the like. All the posturing and although like cola brand is this sort of like a hundred bucks doc are you that. Because a right to the chase. That you don't win that a lot of time they generally what you might have cash on him to do all of those who walk around more than 400 if they have a hundred. Yeah I don't know I mean I just like that it's no like so Gucci is no Burberry it's Du'Shon times like on embarks on the books. I elect. And now. And human nature. Readings that I assure you that. An ever own yeah we just like torture at Kentucky Derby day. He receive measured. My problem perish without the wonderful little jockeys on. Insists it's all this is a polyester. Sure from the seventies the big collar everything long sleeve. But it's got polyester you can putt like images. Really distinct images. On that and so I'm trying to find and as I hope plan a second but so it's got all these like. All these pictures but in no particular like patterns at all like squares it's just like all these horrendous pictures some are. I jockeys leading horses through fields other ones are jockeys riding a two runs and MI feeding horses and rounds are just horses stand America. And it's just like macro made in dike is big collage. And. So where every day or every year on the Kentucky Derby and hammer it. Every three day it's the badger to aggregate grid every you're an architect and Jeremy generators. Mike when he really awkward looks in three of the most sincere compliments I ever get her back where Kabul feel like how a man who really. Derby day really love bash I really love matched anywhere is specifically looks like a bar for the derby and depends on doing next day I mean like I hate. I pretend that I get involved with the derby might have watched it I don't know maybe like. Half a dozen times or so. But you know it just depends on what amount to but the people who know the dairy man. They're gonna NN dot going to watch the derby video wearing now on derby day right maybe you ought to suits on my and Saddam's mr. and cob yeah. Mr. and DRI on a map. And the orchards pretty powerful and the bastard I've ever around how to yes. Think I mean I have to put clothes would be to Berkshire. Do you do like a brick Sharon you know the brick church just ridiculous explain MPs accused of on CNET. I mean it's literally the shirt you've seen it right we've talked yes yes on this another one another year of the harsher on its ram each year trying to. The Berkshire literally as a shirt made of pusher and a it's clearly a shirt that just looks like a brick wall. Rightly red brick with like whatever that route or whatever is I forget where you wore that but then every once in awhile one of the bricks is just goals. But it does that might make any really sentence which ones are gold of which ones are not out of pattern tune like still have it. Do you you know I think I might finally just got rid of the Berkshire brewer I think action inactivity goodwill when even its neighbors and move her yeah Boca. Even the bricks were in order it's like so what's the student went IDs is wearing a brick wall. He gets his share. Writes I'd always have his picture award for like this famous picture we had with bacon Kevin Bacon. But it and it had other opportunities to win the Berkshire document from years ago I got wasted on afternoon in what baucus richer. And my body is like I would buy that shirt and mostly Jenna she is Richards can be. That that. I have after years that port that that picture we had the big debate in. And I never had it in and I just had it and that sort of burning man and we showed up. In the camp where you are friends that you're the one guy there. Accords for the fell. In duty I show up in the Berkshire and he's worries lectured it's different colored but was all bricks do now I like these rich this is the reason I bought. Daimler truck. Moment knowing that you'd like to think that this is on Friday early puberty and crush run as windstorm. Incidently book here comes fill them and his structured credit out of his pocket easily political light Beers that are brick Brothers. You just like three little pigs around their organ blown away by the wins the brakes senators are doing. Dear all redo this quick rules won't thank polyester it give you an idea of the my love for the Berkshire polyester touches my skin but once per year. Steeped in seven years and impeccable tradition the horse shirt only mean one thing. It's time for the Kentucky Derby thanks to everyone who supported the bricks and Horace Sharon over the years I appreciates your. That should he's the love with Mickey Mouse. But he's holding and he sewn to like I don't know their clocks are forty fives. What he's pulling him up in the air any smoke and split. As for yet mafia I just feel bad with my kids you know if their. Super and Mickey Mouse for whatever reason you're right the Fisher was vision Steve that was on the front and on the back. Was like. Computer drawn ninja shoot an AK 47. Remember computer oh I graduated count like pixel it is mean just like like that greatly the line yeah yeah. The prettiest map passer. I had my new one that says drop acid not bombs. My plan that's been hit ha supplies that budgets at the methods. That it is an acquired drop back now bombs so I was watching a documentary and it just it's. Lodges documentary about Timothy Leary and Rahm DOS and the other day went through to the leaders like to me or via Al. John answer and tune and turn on drop. Area and Piven rob DOS be nowadays they ever Harvard. Professors. That resurgence like Dallas and sixties and stuff and and kind of went their different ways. To Mary you know pretty political and rob bus went over to India. That it too perfect through more spiritual path and so it's cool cool document had lots and trailer. And they showed that some footage election protest back in the day in the sixties at the Burnett signs that drop that's not bombs and I was like that's still. I yankees and his teachers out of it so I hop on Google and their. Lou. Nice yeah they'll. That's an error. Sororities skateboard one from back in the day. That series skateboard and it's weird. We are finally folded up. It's as you. The classic that I got that middle school and snatched my until LaMont winner's speech I knew I knew it was on like. Mama this lines you bought it for arena that she had no idea. A memoir fool us yet. Did you estimate the big Johnson shirts. On the path. It just says big Johnson on it yeah Alex you've I am at the boardwalk. And like Ocean City and stuff and tramples some. Did did you ever own any of the price big dog shirts. Oh yeah not out about it yeah I always saw the story is I never like I met anyone who would actually bar are the dogs removed. I as a say the big Johnson's writes this on that big Johnson's Bart casino. Liquor up front. Poker in the rear congrats go and Madonna had to say about or whine about a 69. My cousin Tom Paris you know sat them contract when math quicker than Tom what your had a circus that's great regret. I think and you didn't like receive parents I want for specifically from that I thought contract after he had assured it's that FBI. Scheduled boot you inspect that I was. That could Kamel had says some crazy. Oh I think it's the highlight a camouflage highlight. Nice super old school hip and did the big dog shared lake my mom really got into buying in the big dogs for who I mean if I did help opposite effect he would. Who I warm all the time and then like he got to a point where he got us up by the big dogs but I didn't care about it though like oh my brother clearly did not want to Wear the issue. But the medical saintly happy not to lead dog steel imports could doll there. Our. We do well we don't go to the they are good my delight. Coo catch you slanted noses in my dad still has them. Does it was picked don't think the original Tommy bahama could be I had actually get these associated and retain top pick tugs berg for father's power and all eyes still exist that they do and that's what we're. Yeah as last summer hasn't Santa Barbara and have a store on State Street which is not cheap real estate and our allies do not the lead dog you've you've never change but don't cook but I. Who told. Me doubts and you anyway that a big option. Why didn't I didn't know you not my dad's been gone up I was like that to us. I'm honestly surprised big darn sure it's pay you match. That or not plus sized company. Just a brand. New sure now I don't think of another kind of hit sizes. They have some brand that was in the mall. And I may get just like misconstrued and I have at some brand slash store in the mall that was like all for like giant people why don't. Big dog shied away from having big dude where there's stuff but it was as the store for everybody I'm. It attracts them like I mean to say a regular like. Medium whenever there. Palin ticket sizes. Moon night. Yeah speed and weird mob action incidents tournament. Mall story to do it in this you know when you start to tell a story and you realize that goes nowhere are right this is one of those self. I'll tell a bottomless money has right now. He goes nor Ellen for air after how also says liquor you are that story. I'm not Spencer's gift hot topic. Yeah of course yeah I'm so I met that dude had a guy who started all those. Yeah uber cool guy human flow place car to the full story stay down there goes our ports is set malls. Hours and anything with him really and I used to go there and might just. Go to the poster section and find this one of Jenny McCarthy. Life in these late down feathers in the eye and still pictured in my head who should get that poster its price the price those that someone like three dollars. Throwing up in the room yeah is that the bullets Aaron I've liked the to the mall and then like go to fanned it and sneak off and posters. Just like now watch us there always has told her eyes as a Carmen Electra one to vote on election I was beaches yet to meet you and Bailey said that the first or I was Jenny McCarthy an odd thing about. And the Carmen Electra nudes that I found on the Internet. Would of went picture Carmen electors not one of those posters via U two's. By the original whole week I didn't know girl to be hot to lose you know play. We're Jennifer prior ride Jenny McCarthy unit for her it was cool now. You know ultimatum on wants from me. And 1000 OK Elizabeth Hurley in the movie the dazzled yes. You have that the commercially the devil yeah yeah yeah yeah there's the moment really hot and I undermine insist. Watch the scene where she gets up from the desk in Islam soft yeah. Yeah Bennett won 31 counts had an item then. You cancel school lake when I was in grade school. Like the belt so public library was not far from school to Rico they're sometimes. Nice to read a book on Nazis there's a picture of Clinton now sea ahead stage shipments top. As I did National Geographic. Manning up like that gone on to the west. I remember. Also the mall like you're late that's a good memory going to get the posters that number two with the ball only. Play not get just look at that is this is leg. There was no. This is like pre puberty levels leg. There was no I am you know what do spank bank was wasn't a wasn't going to get material I was just going to be like crock. Cool but it. That's awesome that's nice out like ten. I think that earliest when I was ever weird about what is right and right kept the sports section once that had a picture calorie. Who is that German. Ice skater in south and keep inspection but they think I didn't know what for this right. I just know that I want me to keep its community it was important I don't know. C a narrow. Like juxtapose that experience or like watching I go to single par graphic picture load line by line are finding a magazine in the woods with your friends juxtapose that with like the full HD 1080. Poor experience with the way I'm your phone yeah I would like correct twelve year old now like mine mine would explode. Forget even just one of I mean. You know policy features you want your own Twitter and Seagram's you'd find enough pictures he. Beat becomes so desensitize getting at that age number we've talked about the mail lady thing my kids getting immediate eighteen that. That is going to be some weird psychological things those kids in me you know some real weird ass man. Real weird to share. Yet it's getting a fair ED from sixteen on because we've and we don't have a puzzle podcasts we. Yes this is I didn't I don't know that 8 AM ultimate form humble yes it's like one of the things that's been kind of on my mind. Right in terms like their psychology because they can't get it up because you you go from Mike. Let's just to get back on the sand tiger ballot porn and toffee Taliban and commons a copy obviously like. You know he defers and you have a half cup the many so like chased a drag anymore more caffeine or point obviously is the Sam why. So like you know first time ABC grown swimsuits no one piece with good Baywatch. Obviously. Then you servant Paul announced warm holes and you now you're three it's little crazy your five. Now he has been in U of the Internet. Yeah it's so. How am so these guys I mean imagine starting that cycle that process of impressionable age of twelve million phone you know so by the time you're seventeen. And you're going to like year junior prom or whatever and you know cup with the curl. And she's. A seventeen year old girl whose parents had to foreigners no idea and you're used to seeing on the site. You know crazies stuff online it's just like guys don't even get aroused. I'll you know consisting grows like hey let's try missionary and he's like. Pick back back back back. Yeah I saw that five years ago you know so yes so they're having you know and that combined with obviously the performance anxiety of being a seventeen year old. Having sacks he now yeah just a scary weird out there to begin Wesley out of psychological layer on of that and it's recipe for disaster so yeah these guys are getting right. And of their prescribed in them. Mike. Indian Bagger Iranian Bagger or not this originated. At. Also I supplies united he had your five and ankle friend saw what was that those all of until that dirt just back and I think yep bottler bulk. Could say I got free shipping in the event and I got another discount for your zydeco and yeah particularly remember last Sunday and you kind of sore. The that out of out pretty fiery. Months. Yeah all right. And it segue out of that. You're the posts have fun I am trying to cut a couple of bad that at some quotes are fun. Sir are as almonds and sure you're about this weekend where you are parents own nice and a although dean and I saw yet boat life. Boat like within the dean is much smaller than I expected he has been on yet at a bit. AZT may not that they had never been on a Ding you for I don't know I just it just a giant inflatable wrap how many Rosa crossed and a half. One aka yes that's like that I'm smaller and there's some with three million on the bigger. And we are crews now with sound consulate off definitely on this program are right that it but it took a minute. Not sounds cold to have you known. That was my big fear of the what do we just lose a holiness but we do on the life jacket tied for your life. Yeah this tournament you primary map yeah it's what it complements yet closely if you're dying you know how far our area. We are probably twenty feet from. From that he Megan could I will say people overestimate their ability as soon cold water about my distance of cold water Aaliyah. Appearances with the camera. Nice to talk crisp solid stick to podcasts pick twister that. Got to get the David public's eye. We do oh by the way. Just a note here Matt. If feel bad for Matt he's going to be in Hawaii. Though hopefully he can find some fun and it will be okay but either way will be off next week this format to our GIS format tests your replied. Yeah. Thanks Damien thanks would you give him. Guys this question these. How have you asking what the differences between men and women manner sane logical people and women are acting crazy. Just getting guys to celebrate my eleventh anniversary on Saturday and still don't have the answer this question. Would make it work though we love each other still not a lot of work but it's worth it. While listening. Mark bomb boys cue up the great podcast today. Gold bar. With a day like those interests you. That is Philly. Often times this year either X. It's nice year got a joke around look at a Mary for eleven years. Yeah generally billing unit for eleven years and duplicate what is the secret here went to seek. Hey guys just finished cast first and generally is award. That is used to mean something only slightly related to another topic all right. Is used differently in various circumstances the inquest takes that's typically what remains in math we referred things called tension lines Mauritanian planes used a lot. Yeah Paisley. Yes Alex sign coastline and the cable costs. Yeah costs in Tampa. Killing needed period TV Ted was probably an HDMI cable. When you had no it is not tough team HDMI cable I am so sick of people they emit. Two when you had was most likely it coaxial cable. One thing and a pressures it was definitely an HDMI cable. And in Santa. I get it he's right it was they have had IOS cable. The collapse it was usually go into the back UT I know HDMI me plugs look like. Period eat eat with late it was different obscene it's specific to that MTV. Coax we used to use a lot and still do raised in my hands the new cable it TV stint and a four points for. I don't know what kind of a racecar you had the mine were prepared to how. I just was important enough for a water and Ari. It had multiple we got to play abused my cable Internet chatter multiple types of rescuing options it would cook a specific time. You know episodes ago this is an attempt future I used to that all the time and a fresh cooked rice when I got home my homework but it gas medals and come. Last night saga the corner store economic front crane. He's got a big thing a rice in coconut water. He's a year ago AMOCO. Public and those of you more process than just mixing moves to South Lee you know way off. I don't know but I like kogan writes probably is sounds simple. The more cholera could no more stuff that I always thousand possible to make a super simple. Media is cook the rice in Tokyo water. I don't want at a post dated. Given our wealth of misinformation background I mean speculate yes. I guess probably some crazy like he had like column narco canal and throw the rice and man like mix it up to your left hand now. Yellow Teddy breakfast and ask the questions acts of god does so stream life. Recently gone ping pong balls deep hoping that somehow skirt the FCC rules Minnesota water. Aren't multiple flavors of who look claw I love most of them thinking of investing in south street and I'm not and actual soda pop. But it flavors would know sweetener kind of distraught someone in water. Do you feel associate pace yourself given the prices on water or judges keep buying cases of my core. And the information is greatly appreciate it I so I don't know about flavors that aren't Hampshire early sometimes Alsthom equally one but for the most part. I would say 95% of my so extreme he's just planes or water and yes it's worth. There you have it seven count myself but I a lot of parents out there element after it's been so when there. Ally petroleum will crawl out of that he's and here raw ally that it store brand. Say Ali Green Day plays tells and 24 packs the refresh. Or in the Kroger brand Hewitt the BA twelve pack a little bit pricey habit. On initiate a twelve pack Oakley gives you apex is more expensive. And it is in rages. It's like you got to remember that's all relative man played guitar in about two dollars and twenty cents for like a six pack or a pack but. You don't believe that the prices. And a rash did start I think I don't like goals and points lakers out. So that I can divine secondly though the prize and like Howell. It's it's it's one of the things that people are so brand loyal to the turns out of that yet get the very Kroger pro or favorite brands are often so. Yes somehow in the last couple years like he knew that he likes of me and Matt Matt was a good person and you like departments of water. Right and then right mccoys of LeCroy set out to the north yet call. McCall and I. Also I would recommend though if you're looking for one specific flavor Seagram's. Black shares. The ones we had last week as yeah yeah those were arrogant yet I write to me this or stream is well worth it don't tweet about it now. Correct. I guess so to stream as it is an Israeli company. So any time I've ever tweet about it somebody always replies to me something about hash tag blood bubbles Palestine. Borrow and yet hard. All right. Now I mile quad thing I'm hyped fighter to lock generally speaking. Generously terrorists we like to resist big companies resistant they brands that. If your complaint and if the is the big crux of the complaint is about price I mean they have they fill these things up from Wisconsin. In two rival mall way I like they seal it in an aluminum canning a pulled out aluminum on the ground sort of drive Earl Everett Wisconsin you're like. 46 cents on the news now. Yeah but what does it Kroger brands and I'm from Ohio. That's further. You don't like it thank. And they still cheaper so it's just price. Note I had a different gimmick but most cal flavors mud that they're over places will acquire aluminum flavored is and I is and I lake. We all those fancy for its too much flavor like. Lemon and lime at at the store brand stuff that I got a subtle hint of just natural flavors. Before it's too martz did I get it but I and you could tell that I look in at eight. They sell an eight pax from more than store brand twelve facts and that is. Just as I doesn't let it is they're running again yeah that beauty unscheduled time Donna you got no. Man I'm not above like brand loyalty but I just don't that would truly deserves it. I think that was on the way things ever heard whiter than when I sent them over off. This you know what. Still much flavor in my soda water. But that's I was gonna let us. That I would say they're adding you don't prison ever complain there's too much for a little quiet Braly takes those thinks Ali LE is gotta write some flavors like. It just over power if you just want and might die of regular. Flavor most of time. Bit if I ills that I know flavors as it. No foot pad he does I've got blown bubbles crazy or I'm with you I honestly I don't lavandera live secretly eliminate soda. You now. Entry exit ordnance. Or gigs here and remember right but it is sailing just what the bubbles that need to be flavored. And you this would love Europe every restaurant and like you get like your water comes went with gas you know yes you ask for a flat. Nano like American ship. Yeah it's there it's awesome so. Just as at the bubbles 200 hours at a bar in America. I was at a bar to come right was a bachelor party so we started out early afternoon we go to his party. I've MacKey with guarantee you. So and it it's it's good rates which expects allergies queens be years. So I asked for several water. I mean that wages not late in the easily beat she gave me a hard time about it for the whole two hours. Oh fancy boy needs Savard. Bubble that late is that weird out. Mean did not come as a blue collar town its meaning is it that I got a quarter Miller Lite bottles and then like yes of water. Then. I don't know I'm in the running commentary. I find that crazy because. I've caught flak for ordering Shirley temples and bars now might. Trenchant the app on my guys fair enough I get a play you know hey set up back there you know like I just a photo on it. Not and Shirley Temple though I think is part of it just as the knee right and it's you know Bolick let's go to auto and see that coming from and with this Jewish temple thing. There have been bartenders who are really elect funny about it and it's just genuine my ball busters people that are like. I feel like they're upset because as Shirley temples not gonna cost as much as a beer and not gonna get as big a tip. Arm which in that case don't yet own don't give me attitude with that as well. Yet these elements just like they're you know they're trying to like. Engage you and be funny and become like the pressure off but also to some calibration you know that's different for different people on whatever mood there. Yeah and that is that I get it with Shirley Temple that it's it's used you know it's fine but with soda water that's his that's cruel it's like once solid facts right out she was not mean that she was just having fun but I was just funny Li maritime essar refill. Yet it was just like obviously I was the only male let it on a man. Asked specifically she was like soda water between clubs that wouldn't be the eighth. Whenever your collar it is great to thank on the gun I'll take it. Also congrats on the syndication discount menu that's why they've grown to this point by being used by upon axle turner the third Pasqua. What do Max. I. One more. You learn Wal-Mart. And boys and in need of some solid advice. Our angle became the replacement France. I'm 61 wait 325 however everyone says they look like I Wear on 260. Trying to get down to. On tragic. Because there's no two I'm trying to get down about 75 pounds. Not I'm expecting my first is 1 July 75 pounds would you wait and wait that's lab. Had to reread Alex six times out and expect in my first kid this July and now I want had to be around for him and my wife's loss possible. Any help that this would be appreciated he has a bad askew com. Mark upon Jeff. Matt. Well. It's it's all going to be make nutrition is going to be how are gonna lose 75 counts they're not gonna lose 75 pounds and jam. Spot supplementing it with strength transit good call but. Mean it really depends on when you're trying to do that by. I think the best way to do it is to take your time with that makes small sustainable changes that work for you. I don't need to be perfect you just need to constantly be improving. And you know. Try and trying to make interest in for yourself to have you know I think I think it's easy to gain momentum once you. Get a few weeks of queried in any start to feel some benefit to that thing. Okay what other what other vegetables that I find ally or what other you know. Health the healthier options are there out there. On and he kind of make it made a little bit more of a game out of it and just kind of like search for that next new thing that you're going to be able to stick with. Long term and let all those pile up as opposed it. I'm cut now cards there and you don't know the body after 5 PM or whatever the hell out apology would do all that's doing. Those things that work but aren't sustainable. Is restricting calories so restricting calories. You create Cali s.'s how I gonna lose the weight unit could even he can't create the bing has tallied as that to lose 75 pounds. Display strength training and make and so. It's it's gonna have to be some nutrition changes and the ones that work are small actionable goals that you can keep track of daily. That don't drive you crazy to it to implement it and didn't do. The best diet as the one you stick to strive to recommendations. One read about the slight edge about 200 pages it's free online. To that book is basically about what Mattis hang which is small changes over time create. A huge difference in results you don't need to show that way by July I think ultimately what the real the real goal here is not to be like weighing in a certain amount. On the data that baby is born. He now. So the real goal where Jesus born manner. Parts. Armor anyway. I by July the real goal is to be around for a long time and so that require state into a dive for the next fifteen or twenty years and so to do that you can't be hungry all the time. So one might malice saying. You know like. You can't be at Clark deficit he need to feed yourself the thing is. You need to shift your Mike emotions create change in life and so you need to like. Associate your emotions. A positive emotions to eating that positive nutritious food and thinking about. Like wow every time I eat this I'm going to be around longer for my son from my wife. And they're changing the emotions you associate with food. This can help and huge whack also don't deprive yourself just make sure you're eating tons of food but it's healthy food. And Mike Massa most those gains or come from nutrition not in the jar don't tread on wants to try to do crazy my party on starve yourself. The kind of holocaust saying. Yeah most people a lot of people on. Overestimate how. They need to how much they need to go down and calories. You wanna stay within like 500. He related people. Palace is really isn't over 300. 325 maybe yeah like EEE shouldn't be dealing 2000 page should be out probably closer like 252800. Can't I don't know formulas off top my head I should. I'm getting are going to be out but. But yeah. Used to tweets a lot of times people over restricted. Actually gala at times. Oh in the eye test people over restrictive basically like. I think it's body weight times eight to ten if you're trying to lose weight is a good good calorie. Target. Twelve to fourteen if you go for maintenance and 146 theater. Go and put on weight healthy manner. Or are ever exactly that. And a strategy that a lot of a lot of people. Focus on I'm learning a lot more about nutrition right now is don't worry about what you're taking away. Focus on adding. Things adding healthy gains in throughout the day and if you focus instead of all I can't have Kate ul. I'm trying to add three servings of vegetables a day three fist sized vegetable servings a day. Well if you get those three fist and thighs vegetable servings a day. You're going to be a lot Fuller when it comes time for cake if you want to Kate. Don't worry about it have some Bombay you know you're not gonna need to eat as much because you'll be Fuller and yeah just just think about what you're reading and then don't beat yourself up too much is going to be is going to be a bumpy road. Everyone goes through it and I hour and a lot of people that. The biggest thing is then get down themselves and then that creates a downward spiral with a lot more pizza and tater chips. Just over a weekend and it and does all the work we did in the gym and puts them reality even morally because. They didn't just. You know until the laugh it off gulf area and then beat my junk well all right got it got untrained migraine LA nine cool on the nets then and his. Brush it off what's that old saying I'm unhappy because I eat too much eat too much from them via. We've made famous by fat bastard passed power that would lead now for guys I'll I like I know it's a famous yeah whereas I don't know if that paper dollar idea. That's a very milk went. All right once again and ray format. He's gonna go to law I care about men. Two strategy on IQ berg says. Here it is the kind of sketchy resort on now is now news. Now dangers. Protect him. Before the pilots stick you with that it. Obviously there. Oh. But yeah. Yeah. All right well it pretty much covered Friday night earlier right oh yeah and you and already your house afterward those pools on an in place for the first time out. Hung out for a while. It was good it was the first foray I had into lake multiple people on the deck. Yeah okay and after that that's a more spacious deck for sure yet but more inviting dec. First group play at the house yeah. BI what I've that's is that there's there's more pros to continent constant to a new place you from what I saw yet. So although there's a lot of constant constant in the jail. Actually and I convicted yet or. Is that I don't doubt their consider cons or not. And I we did dumb dad Joseph Claremont I mean we've looked at duke we did fine wine first chink in the in the toaster oven lifestyle. Do not eat doughnuts that well well now caught I thought it was all right now with the they heat distribution wasn't that is even with the microwaves but. The donut. I've not held its form better microwave it's gonna the day's biggest sigh and a cot so I'm overdoing it if that's case but it. The Krispy Kreme bock says how long and put it in formats put him for. I think its eighth. Some are right around yes. Yeah Mac and he says that it's over yeah. Since I've just got to me did you guys life yeah I. That's the worst thing overall my lifestyle biking reach eat donuts quick and wrap it's not a fatal flaw. I'm not keen. Any equipment don't. Being guys like lucky doughnuts as resents ala the donut stand here and it's now open on Sunday which is elected on top fire we'd tramp thrashed me Adam the next day and they're still really good site animated down and tramp trash by guest on their contender for number two and stable so it's their only girl rulers yes they got all the rest the rulers bottom out palm jacked. So we do it. It's yeah I was does fun. And then it. Who have back to my parents house it's Friday night. Because. Saturday I was going to rent in. This news Rand here as the news is he's Jim opened down there and a second personally to regular outlet that would. And it's just. Says there's lots of them in some. That I'm very reverend pronounced out way more for sure for Assurant is a site. Perry did it is going to hairdresser old and in no man's land ran. So. Yeah this this new gym open as it is that Tim called vigor grounder and fitness. And there there really cool jam here locally do do a lot of cool things and they got the runs it is guy Luka who puts out a lot of cool contents that. You know a lot of lot of edges. Things get anything can them fitness wise and you know it's shown a bunch of different variations on exercises with videos and stuff like that. And you know he's local and arrow like what he's doing at that place down there it's like it's got a real cool vibe and it's like. He's China to change surrounding community you know I mean through fitness and really really make a difference is the charity boot camps the got to be a member for every Saturday morning. They're ten bucks though did they do a lot of cool stuff and a big fan of Luke isn't there trainer that works there. Cody. And they both have podcasts that I listened to and so it via a learn a lot from these people. And the other facility. The oval look dope on line and then they are opening a new one which is Derek dealing dope Grammy now locked in there. As they had a late punitive candy store just running around and checking out all the equipment. You know what the gym our gets a little will bare bones is nothing fancy but this is like cutting edge it all the latest toys that it is Yost had. How I can do that at schools like the ass so there it goes by and I got a chance to be. Me Cody in the loop then they're both super cool guys. And and this other guys. Has podcast those who TJ freeze yet. Was Austin or who's down in Venice so I had no idea he'd be right L star struck talk and him Paris bust my balls about it. I have kind of funny thing yeah usually have on you start second via. I was inspect them that I got. A made an impression on Cody and Luke out expected to see immunized kind of prepare a cop car is sort topical too much Prokopec yet the pretty funny hat yes it adds it's cool like other people do that to me coming up and night it's just say well. Cause I'm I'm glad you're still to be talking to me as. Hugo Tivo you yell worked up and I think I think it's cool I think his comments on plea probably felt the same way. You ran that one Reece say hi somebody and you realize sleep you know who they are to they have no idea who you are. Yeah intense yet. Understand I know that awkwardness you're not expecting to see somebody yeah I was hanging out of interest pounders with the one guy wasn't expecting to meet in just awkward. And he recognized you know I don't know I recognized him which is that hey Freddy what's up. Her and then he got elected me as it's up and out and like as it's coming out of my mouth feels like I've never actually you don't you know him you have no idea who it is they god is the random friend it's there will do does the weird thing about podcasts. To that side of that a lot of. Yes podcast you've heard people talk for so long that it feels like they're your friends and you kind of forget. The Dave never physically elect senior us assault podcasts I listen to for a long time I feel like out lockup goes to Matt what's up Mike adds and I know you you're my friend we've we've like. Had this mental conversation reverend there like. No clue realized eggs. Actually what I did today over to see you it was hilarious and like that video you made those people actually come up you tell me and done and done similar things in my. Yes it's so crazy grow like so much about you you have no idea who the hell I am and its us fund the other side of that of that exchange. And actually do. Fitness and business. Summit in September that jail BS so. I'm go to that solid chance to follow up with have. And Diaz does super cooled it down in Renton man check out check out bigger ground fitness they'd I can't say enough. Nice things up please those super impressed. Really just like. Top line fitness facility. And set out through a fund and then Saturday night. Ten miles wide was taken off their tour that down to hide out which who has a ton of fun is just a great line up man. This band on me I missed of wealth death and he has banned despair I got their time. Com it's ever happened with mock society that we before shoebox and out there while the band was on. But there's 88000 people outside that and news as catching up with and about time and then. First candidate and it and it's our top army and their super cooled disliked. Progress odd that we just kind of sit there teach on the floor and Buckley had a good groups seek to like move with that viciously. Musician she shell and off straight up but they kept the group which is cool is the time does I've seen impressive bands are thank. That's cool and understanding him like. This is this edited good group good rhythm to it throughout. And then onslaught effect hatter killer set those were both three shows an outlaw effect has just awesome singer. And Casey Brooke bush you know I'm. He is out through some times he did the pains of lend me. And India's. There were up here think I met tolerated yet again he plays Johns an onslaught effect so I've known him for awhile uneasy were cool but is my first I'm see him play shows those fun. And then ten miles lives on mandate they crushed it there it's so cool. And yeah I was a visited Turkey got show. So that tour wraps up a pain in the grass you 24 and they'll be the we open up main stage so hopefully make that that. That is the advocate to get their own and make it worth the while. I just cool and I saw Cassel made made it down nice course Glendale and how court outside or from the new originals gave. Over and wouldn't bill are richter. Is there that's fun catch up with him pro bit and just a bunch is. But other people that and then though from the scene and always good to just get together and have a good time let loose on an send them back to a parent's house. And went on boat accident out yeah a little bit. How's that talk my cousins last week generic where's Matt ten miles wide or double on doubles and a half halfback I. Mets are of the I don't know which when he that this week and I know either way at ten miles. Doesn't he downplays this weekend I'll be and now it but the point Kate's which is like that her seventeen union building ice is -- from Matheny there back in the day yankees let's O'Bannon is that I yeah. Itself that's typical that they do and they take a fundraisers to keep that place afloat. And you took those and how we can't help it out they got a lot of good memories there's so it's cool that when a fair bands now as planned. Mile third venues but. A vehemently. How fun it is. We've company has slowed them through this now. I know hit it there payoff. That is a lonely writing notes stuck in the upside down. Your belt scientist. This is different than them regulations standard issue bell. Obama already as I do what by the new outfits you know that yeah it's such. You. Cops upstairs. And Clinton already affixed I got the price points that better. You market it pound. And I just your rain down my back stories. Honest flakes I know her sometimes thing about the I mean have they usually come back story is leg would make you get answered that question. So just give us the question and you can use that is. Hopefully the backstroke on the Ager answer. What is something most people hate you find pleasurable. Feel pretty known as he not the podcast dot com has albums went out today what would like to hear from me. Lot of people well I don't know if I would say a lot of people pay a lot of people. Are missing out on the daylight. Yeah Alan app. That's fair call and I find it slightly pleasurable but also just the the hygienic benefits and walk around known and at the queen back there warm water in the back home that that's. Bombed that's just and often feel walking around throughout the day there at the moment that it's there it's brits in Diaz is nice too but throughout the tapes. So ready for it. Random RJ right now. I love the way you live your life. I knew that it did you have to ask you can't afford it put up. Here. A call all right I got off site. The public. And then now. I mean rounds of mosques and Khaled. But a couple of pathetic now if you'd generic. I mean I don't know would be easy thing public speaking. It and get kind of cute and man yeah. I I thought. Don't like speaking in front of crowds against armed onstage and from. In front of people. Scares the living hell out maritime I still do it that it had its good to face your fears and usually it's Superfund by the time it's and done by yeah. I've been hesitant nervous for a lot it. Think. Most people hate. An unrelated to a lot of rain so that some people say you know when it's like smashing styrofoam from doing it like that squeak. Tariff on more whenever we can I say. Hawaiian pizza team you're showing where hell you want to target except this American war and he loved one pizza. I know it's only you but I I would gently. All of a sudden you like last year became this monster thing but now like people are so against it doubles it tastes better he's here. Do you see that time we'll pineapples pops in my mouth explosion flavored crust. Conflicts socket plane geez people. That I mean how likely to last Siad pineapple Pete I'm Pete. Do is attack the Nazis and there. Their hand sizes are really big. And though it. The Kansas tough they would just like by through their front teeth. So because the weekend before I noted down Hawaiian pizza from there. I knew that extra time to take a chunk of the hand and elect take off a whole piece does like to donate this. Eat this pizza pineapple on it with a knife and a full. At the picture imposed on the Internet and people lots there's it was off yet. Also I mean again it's yes to do with locally but you pal county. Man may be ditched Iranian parliament chickens to Yahoo! that's not bad the united through the slides and I talked about here. Via via says that's a good call. How you know don't sites around. Late I do get bored sometimes just fly across the country to do about myself but I like traveling. He had me to do it you know people not like that now I'm really don't think so now I love it. I say 90% of the time I travel lines cranked. You have to wait for anybody's Teague time deal thanks so fun. Yeah I think even just like I was so that's very clearly pitchers but that interaction and that bar was so weird. But I'm. It's really fun it's great. I don't know impunity like that. Yeah most of them don't like her but you're here to seven you'll go on trips to the two buddies are cute chicks in the so that now. You do extravagant and check oh and I only traveling with a friend is great. Or like you know anything about Laura tripping cows like I offline viewing that we the insults but on the same token like I don't mind. It before I get it and Arizona now. Now get different flights. Yeah from Dan Quayle in a car for yet there's I just flew down Friday after work and in came back Sunday. Pound for Miette he had to be like long runs a lot of people and I hate running whenever but aren't as an answer. And scan in known in time who they consider long run. Painting might. I'm descendant environment corona of very cool yeah now because that's I don't either crazy or fifty and that. But it's like I always disliked exercise I've never really understood for some people it's like a major effort to actually size and for me. Mean with the exception of this year on that road tripping I've always liked the most fun I've ever tell us maybe like. Ten days straight I just like it I like do I have encrypt it and you don't feel gratified down style for me it's like. Just to sort of part of the day that you have I don't do that I feel weird you know salmula access in general I guess. Nice. Mean there's CT boys. And I have it in jail. I guess it will be off next week you're back in time for the week after that yeah I'm cool so episode 184 Buick a week out you guys will be fine. I'm tan in the meantime. It was you say. If you haven't yet if you're European McGrath get a ticket come down hang out. You know some syndication and stuff sometimes in the Manger either way. I'm very excited to see people pain. In Japan they. You know you can't be as specific sometimes about Seattle stuff to be anymore so feeling somehow this got out of the grassy but people. I. And how did it sort of says that is what you hear on the fence and by the M on C they just get out there and now it's going to be a fun time some cool bands that's coming up to use of the Sierra but he there. Yeah well yeah there's episode 183. France TP for copper beach at Smith is the podcast cheers.