Broad-Cast Ep. 76- "Sexiest Things"

Friday, June 16th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about how Vicky's 10 year reunion went and the drama that occured as well as the sexiest things peple have said to their significant others.


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And not deployed to. 800. Welcome to another edition of live broadcasts. That keeping. And we have poorer than ever hang it just and standard. You know T some tonight yes there is does the traditional mall. Sexy time I'm I I hadn't been a part of the two person podcasts and a half minutes so it's always kind of it's it's fun out I don't ever actually. Man. Well before we still is isn't mean to today's topics how can people get hold of a fan all right we have a FaceBook which is brought to dash casts Twitter at the broadcast 999. In two Graham the broadcast 999. You think college text does that 2537786029. Or email us at the broadcast 999 at Gmail dot. Any have you been ceremonies are we. And the thinking I'm so glad it's Friday am going to leavenworth which have with a bunch of girlfriends. Later today it ready is doing in the minority rights to my friend's birthday so I don't really now obviously and or having a big potluck today they rent Alec townhouse oracle now making an uneducated and really we want to save a lot of money selling an angry. And smartest and explore the town I haven't like once I first moved here recently. Fifteenth sixteenth and nearly out from matter what did you cure really worse now ain't amorous favorite finale at snowing and it's so pretty violence fighting in. I think we just like explore the town mom that she in a arcade tokens cynic at a peaceful and act Irving land line apparently. But it'll be different in the summertime. Yet it gets pretty hot month north I don't know what have checked the weather gets this except you what that's just comfortable yeah exactly I'm glad I am not gonna be dying art and author yeah I mean I you'll be you'll be fine you're just in New Orleans which I'm imagining it was a lot stickier in my years sticky humid and sweaty and now thinking and now I'm on people and I'm. Definitely goes on moved back at some point their life to Atlanta. And that's what she was for a long time. We're going and a few months and now. I haven't been met unit were there last year and I was sweating in my Campbell is off. Used when it plays that you don't realize you can eat away and so you're like I wanna where address the thing you have to Wear shorts or something because let's be honest most of us get and that I. And rob the fight chafing I even its number of insurance. Via a man on. How are you Lola I'm pretty adequate to maintain your union laugh yeah. It wasn't as crazy is that builds it up to be in the sense I didn't get it's the party annual all that Eden. And I just you lock in time and and see any pictures on the aisle because I've panic on the point in my life where. I feel like taking a bunch pictures take away from the moment and I feel like that's because of might be like I do social media and I like it. By at what it's like my own personal I feel like I'm at work so I don't I found myself not allow us with my niece or with like babies. I want to I want them to have those pictures via. I'm probably just before like I am very much like take pictures before and then you're in a moment because I was at my parents' house flick at it wasn't like any. Don't bit dizzy all time now well also I brought a. Bunch of different outfits that's my parents have had a hole like freaking duffel bag full of different clothes from and dresses to skirts some the united going shopping on no we has as I'm driving enemy parents' house and kind of thought about it. And I realized that we're having at a bar in the needles are posting pictures of just I'm goofing off. It was a good revisions guy gimmick actually Hawaiian shirt off and he just looked very very casually like pre uncaring and I'm sitting here I'm like oh wait. This is my hometown. This is also a casual Barley or just people go on a Friday night to just chill. And I can't going in all dressed deliberately. The nine the feeling going to the club in Seattle. Yeah Clinton layover drastically and kill so I just war are just like shorts and tight like I normally do with some flats and at a T shirt. Like I when I like a black teacher the year that year hired here yeah I did my hair I didn't do my hair make up. Okay again they're glad that they're Oswald players like eating at the party bass player yeah it was an Albert hill. Yeah I would have been a little do she and my my girlfriend who's gonna come with me cheaper going to be. You mean our router that bitch she is she couldn't has yet adult responsibilities is again after bill which it makes total sense and I was like still land I'm gonna go on my cell did you end up going buyers out you know as I called my buddy up and we met at a right in the parking lot of walked in and hung out with just Honeycutt I thought I'd be like hot pain out in the entire time. But then we sob as a lot more people and I thought I would that I would want to talk to not end I'm chatting with different groups of people and then people it hammering him crap but in getting out you as much as I want and giving it any on front and your Alley keeping contact with more. And maybe. May try to call one of some of them are I see at conventions ago a lot mentioned and there are always there's always embassy in a couple times a year. Men not an mining once I mean I I want to just like I'm not going to lake Stevens like it's it's such I have a lot of friends that. I'm going nearly CNN's coming round pick for Emily Stephens and usually they're just from my parents yeah I don't have a lot of time. And I you know to go do other Cisco I don't get I don't have the chance to like I used to like I want to have a whole week Americans to hell I want my Stevens but it. It's not only is the man plausible. This is busy girl. But I didn't make any friends she's a. I never really knew you'd. School we didn't we were friends or anything or just talking like in line at the bar. And she's not do serious stomach Ecstasy agency personally and I'll outpaced that she's like moving a main and a bigger names Casey is she's like. Ever not to mania placed a stay you're more than welcome she I don't like and I sat there thinking looking hatter might we would have not been in the same social circles. Tugged at all I know who she wasn't I kind of recognize your face but it was only issues in my class or friends yeah and I and I really an acquaintance not really ads as the face I remember. And she just super nine days and we would have never been friends a nice. We'll because you have all these stupid like walls that you have these clicks. You have this idea how things should be. And then you would never like betrayed those dealing now I don't hang out you because you dress this way and I dress this way it's yeah very stupid high school actually is. And I just tell myself like I was not trying to like go by name. I used to be you ask how you studios trying to talk to people as they went along just trying to say hi everybody. I mean these are people that I Exxon like are really I was cool if you. But I'm talking these people's I don't feel the need to rush over and talked about app on so few people I didn't really to talk talk to offending thing. What had some really good meaningful conversations some people can it was unlike and one gal she's struggling I became president after high school X is in college class. And we used to study together and we just like talks about life and that are both Hispanics are bonded or. It's you know it's like to be we need to let make sure people there are names right we need to stand up offers loans and a Asia's like super funny she's like I admire from afar and. It's I think you know didn't you. I'm glad I didn't go. In walking in with that the air as an air can see your just totally has. And just let it be in people that say. What big island and this may not feature from most are for other schools or other people. The bird woman to at least explore. Right now Facebook's fake. It's our daily fainting and I'd yeah largest see what people are doing to quite a Stanford I'm wondering until it suits like the you go to the high school reunion you see the person and so. It's it's it's different if feels different it's not fame by any means of here on the offense and going to your ten year reunion. Then I just ago like the worst that happens you're not gonna get time you leave it leave and every month because you're an adult. Yeah whether anyone and I was like. Oh snap you that I lawyer oh with the nab you got like anyone of like well I barely recognized in paying is it if a and some really awful. Now tell I was feeling very self conscious of those like I was hoping to work outs in the in the year and month and six month and I haven't been crap. That's a month hopefully I kind of what I did I don't until like Christmas was two months ago theories link. Hand. Cramping and make him he grew lead to maintain your reunion this other girls from high school and it's like this is what happens to us. We get older and we gain weights want everyone and some people they used apple lost a lot of weight some people really just as I'm able high school they were being. Yeah I think it's just. They read up western it's at an average on issues like on average. As clean up the girls like the girls one girl who was the cheerleader she always typical means an owner since elementary school. Issues quoting high school I run into many times here in Seattle or in the home and but I do of his hometown. And her mama like my bus driver. Chooses always joke with me and she like she gained some weight she's totally cute to tell you that the but it just it's what happens let's Aachen sticky. More often than not adds size zero and most girls where some of that and I don't ever remember when I was you go there there wasn't any just. Are there was some drama that went down I had to take care of. I know I'm Vick isn't the rest you know. Kind of actually as much as dry as she was I have to thinker and I tell you line affect. So gal I knew I can't remember her she's kind of in my circle of friends friends some people should always really quiet. I beat I am friends with her on Facebook's over the years they seem way her life has taken her in all the choices she makes and I AM very that's not a share on FaceBook at a post my life and maybe a post some recipes are. Scalability query with my niece yeah there's pictures of me because I wanna be able to print them out and how minute album one day and I think that's just how we grew up. And she just has had read it a little thing. Crap that goes on the delights like kind of associated all her post in my head as she's fat tap. I'll I'll her post sadly I like it not silly except my own boo hoo but it's like billion like this. And and just like it's American rebroadcasting men out there. It's like kind of it was a little leery like seeing. You know pregnant Rana his school yet. You know as I think to baby daddies that kind of thing yeah I felt like you are excited to be there she seemed very energetic Catholics like that often as they seem and she has her husband or boyfriend on has come husband for the sake of the story. Am equally as. Some fun and talk and other people to want talking to the gal from Maynor going to Maine she's at. Recognize she's not I didn't realize how can she was until started crying. And I like it hugging his co. Mean nobody ever talked. Today's I just thought nobody would remember army. And looking over at her drink and she's Allan oh like bright green or blue dress. Like you know him and me. Map for something ridiculous crap tarnished checkered. And crafts and Ehrlich campaign. Ads like TV your best bang for your buck basically and I there when I was twenty TO. I would last. There drink whiskey. So whenever dynamics of them act at. The ski ginger. We technologies will be publicly with each and Kelly. I know some people got converted that we that night and it's you know all my there's. I was like oh that is that I don't know any of these she's had. And it is kitchen and I go out drinking much and I picked him and he I can make that home Q school. On the she was her past. And then eventually look over we're at a Booth. And then enhance my buddies she comes in with their husband makes it with a suddenly you guys are blocking the exits. In him. Her then passes Alec face first on the table Egypt out but that he was having regular during that. You're not the hell out enemies like some people when they're drunk are hotly passed out or whatever. He just slap more week they wake up via. And I don't remember it like it started fat and it doesn't matter handling the plane a man that's early to prop. It wasn't that Lee and I'll feel. Hewitt out. Some like whenever we like the guys Adam moved amounts they can get around the bathroom. I'm turner I turned around the boot because in the last the unpopular people walking by chatting. And I see you're sitting down at a corner me tie and then all I hear is just like rosling. And I see it on to stuff out of the corner I turn around she took my nachos they ran a basket with the paper underneath and a she had taken the whole thing of paper and their room. At her husband had to move. While he was fastow ally that's on the table and all the not to go flying on the floor. And hit some of the girls in the Booth behind us. They're not as of the egg cheese and all that likes our honoree everything out Pena is in fact yeah. True and not to Spybot I yeah those. I should've made a paper on the play she was drunk as well I immediately went and my mom would not like bit cheaper and now and I got up. And look better Mike and I pointed at them not to look at why did you do that. Was that necessary. Diddy like you know oh. She's like I don't know like a mechanic and satellite image why did you do that. YEF did you do that as a viewing your Donny you're out here and like the guy that worked there immediately came up mr. cleaning and I'm so sorry the girls looking like getting up getting all pissed and I'm so sorry. She's really drunk she's out here. I'm like getting out there I called my buddy over my get this guy out to you. And he just has settlement able to get him out him in another friend of mine. To the front and he just puke in all over the front. We ran outside the rock barn and clemency. Record growth. It patiently again hit Aaron throw again during get them RA glass fray last or something believe that experience of my god yeah. That's Matt and NSA and hospitals. So yeah I. Yes she I get her out of there and I'm like OK do you have Hoover on your phone as we look at Seattle I'm running a do over on their town via our lift or whatever. They now. App I kinda cab company something dueling. Calling different cab companies but note how many cavs through my hometown they'll go to and for it which is like 1015 minute drive away. You RT I ate at a bit like OK got flagged you find out about black I must tell you that game I was tempted but I knew because she was sitting with us and want people the local earn a save like we just after front man. It's Korean in only that like all make you dig they don't I have gone on an arm and a openly also something bad would happen on my. Because they could walk they didn't live far away. Now the prom with a lot of the county got query going fanatics just it's our it's not worth it to them to drive a mile away and a and freaking call me over in the Hoover wasn't gonna come lion. Looking fine they had to cancel this like five bucks. Because illegal will be their only this many minutes from Connecticut from home now via. So I am extra I had that park are always had to go get my car Allison really drinking and close to do the talking to people. In the Allen had a couple throughout the night. Which leads to another point later. I get my car take them to their house. Dude picks in my car and in my buddies. We drag them off to their house knock on the doors people they're like get taken and have been like there isn't as bad as it DS have towels. Takes like their hand towels from like the kitchen. And goes only wipes it off and then until now my my buddy he army has these awesome I love him shots John. That's disgusting yeah he cleaned it off and healing goes back to their apartment instead of like going in to their house again lead author of the temple factored door. Did it and down. And we just laughed and. Did you hear next morning Ashley thanks for you know everything you know only know Celtic thanks apologize. For being crazy bitch. He would Nikki sometimes. And I am. It's good to not be ninth or yes I noticed it about ardea I was up puke MIP I wouldn't have puke in my car. But it's filling yeah you guys are adults. About. Yes. I mean in the we went back and we had a good time and talk to people at a gallon back I gotta hand Earthlink who's my best friend in middle school loans. Mom had seen her like healthier from time to time when I go to a store like that she works sat in my hometown production manager Dan healthier renowned and I think it was last ten years maybe a handful of times. Pesto. It was cool to just hang out she had a good time she's always we're always anti social is so for the anti social kids to have a good time at the tenure union I'm super happy for her in like everybody yeah it was it was a good time and I recommend everyone do it because you can always just we managed to keep nonsense yelling. What else. In the long run as much and she should pay for my not just I have the thinker because I would eat the rest of cannot choose. And I had food poisoning I think from them. Ole lay quietly let I don't know. Oh a lot of that stuff could ban that and she. These are our cream. Any hands are I mean it yeah anything's gonna get taken it and become also been the leader wash their hands properly so it could be just anything. And so yeah I was sick the next morning I had a click cancel into my stuff I felt awful scenario a super. Understanding drilling you'd never you know cancel for being hung up on anything like that appear to commitment you just do it. So this is only you like I know the difference I've and I and sonic at me almost anything that went. Coming back at via. So next morning wasn't so that I ended up just kind of like laying down all day I slept all day. Kind of get him but the sound like Niagara area. Just like I do poisoning IP to my car subjecting not with her husband and it does it out of the great entertaining for me I get time and I topped of people select once that was over it was fine yeah the next morning lingering a Obama food poisoning the well. Oh. God they gonna go to your funny Helena. Teller I. Think it like in your head easing a twenty years from the mill at ten years from now yeah at least ten years in Dubai and halfway there so I'll see as a news. 38. He third. You know me Japanese and a man who put it but almost more genes that go on graying. Yeah maybe man on the mount Arafat moment grade shoot kids I don't have kids they'll go Grayson thank my data is barely has any theories. It's like fifties. Factory compared item and apparently how many. Identity of hair we're gonna. But I feel like let's switch up what we are doing. And you know we kinda short podcasts today because it is just the two of math. But rapid fire computer. The what is the sexy thing a guy has ever set to end. If you need some time to think about it it's. Got the fullest. 32 women who like him for serving like Calif sexy thing as a percent of them. So I feel with go through some of them to hang out all on its debt. Let's see if we've been told that before and I. One girl in Sarah into before. Knowing it. Wait here and ain't no and eight. Any and we know. If I'm going fuel that I'm not. After months of waiting inflating in building and he said. I didn't want guests. But I am I mean but there for the beginning please can I. Didn't wait for. Karen line when he says. Put that put down right now I'm gonna have Orman the taken from him. I'm a nurse now that depend the houses it depends on the tone because it's like. Put that put down and take it from you buy it like a child are also be like a paper the book down he grabs and I wanted to read it guys and Kate says any variation I can handle myself around you there he had no idea how crazy make me. Ethnic had. Something like teen boys learn to say. Technique like import lately. And they try to use it in real mean aid in the moment it sound sexy but out of context it's like. It Ukraine. As I'm not sure about you creek you crave meat. Ayalon. Oh well I think behind it and that asking pennant. That question or when at a bakery you know I crave the acting bad out there. And I like that I'm having I said to people I'm having whenever an Amos withdrawals. For about coming pre nine. Make are like oh I'm having fair withdrawal from. Yeah you bar. It's cheesy I don't ferret out what target you. Limb leads and he told you love financial super really care because it was beautiful and sexy maybe a comfortable desirable being myself. Less mature but still think he says your butt looks delicious and those pants. I think I called them by not sexy again not a sexy thing. So we might Wear and yesterday's that he'd like love spending make upon anything you think he like loves it because analog you know warming up Iowa when you sweat pants on and Mike. For that what good is it worse and we. And for me am like thinking god because the rest like tight pants and make app and here in and that's the summit's works on budgeting like that does that mean. As some of these I can't be sure to try to say it no answer it you are so. In. Need to start in the blink people yeah use your imagination. And. It says this girl Julie says it's probably sounds weird but to me the sexy thing Everett has been when my boyfriend he's really tall and big and I really small. Hold my head to his chest after sex and tells me she. I feel so tiny care for an intern on scene time. That's so three I love that. I do love like and that's part of the reason like relegating personally being with taller guys I mean granted doesn't take much yeah. You didn't really get fixed but by eight yeah I I don't right Ivan would do a Vanya she's they're huge. Yeah and I stealing my boyfriends have all been for the exception of my last couple years ago. They've all been I think about sixty till. Five allow evidence sixth wine and yeah 62 inch. I'm console has like 57 but he is still fine to me like you're and a does that make you feel like I act Earl and I've I've. I was seeing someone awhile back. Mike and the last year. And he used super tall but he has pride to you and and I felt exe for a little I didn't even know that even when I was a bloated like heavy daisy feeling crabby is still feel so honey I nearly just. And just like it there Amir around the gonna do is very silly intending via a link. Like feeling a little out of is is dissect the sense of like sexy like code can do to me. Big John man march and irons but then there's also think they can actually in do you estimate how. And our. Can you tell me how much I want you or can you tell how much I want you. Is that we've been sitting at the restaurant at this point and he had been looking out looking out my mouth looking at my mouth over and over again. Now on the guy thank you how much I want you. This girl says when they tell me they do stuff to themselves. Thinking about that Alia that in great and I'm like oh my god I just did this in this because I felt this picture you were rough thinking about you getting that from it by now what else street thinking about it. It's pretty fun facts. If I like this one. Way ever addressed I can. Yen and flake glam and using you know his friend he texted me about an hour into and that I need to come see you can I come over. It has worried from the restaurants I think it is having a case that I need to be somewhere. Town. Mean there there have been a lot out of their bets yep exactly. That without the Leo I'm back I thought it was and she was saying now they're friendly little controlling battery rather than like OK I see. I can't especially as of this front that plays like an element like so I and it me lately not paying. That's dike at a dinner party with friends he whispered. Roof dad I nominate (%expletive) I just it's like doing at the correct and I love that it's public then. What do you do a lot of public knowledge. I love public I'd I wanna do more of it it's tricky now it's Philly it's. It's wait tricky about it especially Simon we aimed. At all about getting time. Like yesterday. Like we wanted to do and a look let's just go to the park but empire like. It was raining so it lets just an apartment his car is really like the one marked them let's in my car but it Eckstein laid out till like ten now also. There's all these like. I don't running it's not worth getting your ass of for Ehrlich I don't know I annual mine you now now. Mariner's game I think appeal by atlas that's we have to we half if if you'd found me in the eye well I got everyone's gonna for Italy's there I really well I've always wanted to think now Hamas and we tried it with an epic fail there is. Yeah via instant mark. All of these can't read and if they win I'm making too much noise and Betty tells me to set up element. Did my boyfriend tax me to shut up. Few days ago I was like and weirdly turn on right now like I don't know I I let alone if they shut up element they bitch. And I don't like ACC where it and I love it when they just say the words like bitch or if he's like your being a bitch or you're done that actually what I love all it. Like you wonder mean to you when they say and do your big habitually comment unlike. Prowling handing habits thank you for reading in my place you're probably. Went to it yeah I love it like. Guys who aren't afraid Buick because the word I sold like. Words don't really mean much to me like if timing to see where I'm being if they were calming MC where like that's fine if I can tell you his word if you're being abused her being an animal like. Cool let me tell you that jail eat now and I am I more or less about how you choose your words. Might have its. 'cause those. There's one in my case. If there you're being a bitch arts like Terry your acting bench yeah like it is the tone of voice and is the wave at what how it fits in the conversation. So I'm very much like someone can easily say it was like I was just saying that to kind of get your attention but I like I want you. And there's no reason if they're trying to be deliberately hurtful that's when I have a problem yeah small eating more often not tell all the things on the you have them like. Does he think I was being beaten them homeowners' how he really feels them all the time. The day kind of thing you know doesn't like how you word it to you again and that's more or less what I mean. I like getting effect Sally killing people often like tiptoe over what they Friday announced I think he can't just 'cause. Some people in the world think it's wrong kind of thing and Mike mount just calming whatever your feelings okay. Right let's yup but I I get that going back to the shut up thing like what I've been like simulate diagnosing of Alaska I was seeing. Very dominating in the that was one of the things you do and Adams. Okay half a good sometime early I have a. Thing aware I don't like to be told what to do too much in the sense that it's all in Italy say it's sometimes he'd get real into. Being at dominating and it and then be Buffy and be buzzing pissed me off so that I fight back in the sense of the right now egg you should do it's like now. Yeah I end any and I like even if you wanted to do it if it like comes out wrong it's just listen mound pumping again being a brat and like I am what he get to do about it. So was cast sexy it turn out like a turnip but it was just like if you're gonna be that way I'm going to be this way because I'm not being a 100%. Submissive. And that but he. Had some done about it sometimes thinking. But. Yeah. A battle is solved the problem. It's this Clementine says when we are Wear in public public he'll let me know they thinking of something very dirty by saying I think in my hearing today. Oh I love that. I love that. That's income I like just codes I want netted and move him if this is from time to. The gun and under says. Look at me. I get the guys like hey look at me. And they just like stared Tyler Melanie particularly when they're doing and. I'll. And yeah I'm still outside like I'm public they're just look at me. This found kind of weird. I can't believe that it's touchy today. Announced that the finally it finally. I'm kind of enamored by how intelligent you are that's wait for me. But up until. How about. He can't do that. Lake. I absolutely melts when he says and it really low tone of voice good girl. I they did pentagon. Back to via a domination thing that's on of the things that I would we would do a lot like depending on me because I am more of a switch. I feel like that would naturally so what that means. As a submissive is submissive is the person is usually the one being controlled McMillan told what to do. Dom the dom is the one that can control. There's a lot of people that are out nope I am just straight dom I am I do not like to be submissive I like to be telling people to do really two opposite Ali can't. And then there's ones and I know I'm only submissive I only do this the snack. For me I'm a switch I like doing about and sometimes I'm too much of this by canning get bored with it. And frustrated with its like this which you know he switched in the middle of fact sometimes. I depending on your partner depending on what rules because sometimes your partner me you might be a switch to your partner's not. If you did you Aaron Celek I was with a guy for rule for awhile that was a Don he was strictly done there's no. Nothing else. Last guy I was with he was a key what's preferably a dom but he would let me see. But he would be my son if I wanted to make him at all I'm coming in the middle he knew it when I started acting a certain way tiger saying certain things than he'd immediately. Oh that's cool with me C don't like in the beginning earned the start it. Just say yet. It just kind of however it is kind of plays out and I think it is and problem most of her time is. Let us start like whipping and a person purse or something like that it's asleep sometimes used to start making down and someone like pulls in a person's hair. And is special way to pull from there now can yeah he can't it's going to be great for. On air and we got time I think I've talked about it before on the podcast. But a lot of people just rabbit like if you're just pulling hair like a little kid would hand and a you don't do that can you just pulling you're not doing anything. The trick Izzy take your whole hand kind of spent an Alley beginning Michael White hat I ever on industry now light at five and so put the tip your hand to practice I yourself via some meals to it. The back of the head like meat of the neck and run your fingers up the scalp who bettered it feels good Ratzinger and then you just. Might make a face our ball. Have been pulling hairs your point all I hear from the real. So quick last whiplash less whiplash it's not it cannot pulling hair outs. This way in but if he did it would you pulling back and tired chunk now my home like I mean you have to have a really yet to really try. Move for this is just like I'm moving your head and on its. It's your hair happens to be there but I'm not pulling your head actually. I'm here I can get care becomes so. Looks so comfortable nicest shot. Like it's being silly theory you know doing a certain doggy style. For example a lot of guys look at the Tony Taylor they'll pull your hair like the whole daddy it's a grab your scalp. So have yes a few are in a doggy style type position. Here the man or. The person on the back of me we April 2. Just run your hands. Go from like it is easier because of these way to explain it via the radios. But you're on your fingers up from her nape of her neck all the way up her scalp and you kind of are holding her head basically. So your whole league your hands around her head her scalp. And then you just kind of bunched into likable or fifth kind of a thing you'll have her. The person's hair tired girl and a long and a pair. And rain iron yup and then you can move you can really move ahead pull it back. And it will hurt its seriously that is the most annoying thing in the world incidents including hair like really well and Manning are like seven all this free hair just like. Like a bunch of hair just like following shedding for the next day it's like thanks but ain't that just gets now yep I shall teach you after the podcast Alley I'll think yeah it's. But for. This were open your amount. Yeah term gas for so many different thing right it came in to speed really K. That's the EPA with their math with my firm students stay and who the phones adjusting Alison says you don't touch your wallet when you're out with me. I knowing down about feminists and I do insist on paying sometimes but he was just so sex scene in charge. Yeah add that is to know to deal is really spectacular fall in my back. The guy I am seeing now I don't I was I was bitching about my hair and how my roots. Like grown and it's such a bitch Ingram all locked in he offered to paid. For me to him her it and. Like I will totally did if you if you have a pop in Korea and I was just like. Can beat you re all any shot and I'm like did you operated paper in my hair like. A like I was then it was so weird but in its special we I would like how is so sexy. Leg and soul I soul ninety's. That it was so sexy and I Nolan that really done that before just like. That was really cool obviously. Ailment op pain for both exist but I went blank do you think you're now. My boyfriend is a really big tough guys from Gina in sometimes and we're out of whisper in my ear I need you tonight okay. Absolutely crumble and I love it's so much. That is the topic can also be very extensively Alec how do you need me easily get all the Wayne. Rooney's. And it hit a one minute Doug on this one but you with the fact these things from. I can't really pinpoint one specific wind just because all these have been very similar to a lot of things I've heard. Apple one of my favorite things and Al this is a day. I don't like sane ethnic. I think it. Some say like I think our own worst phrase average just sounds super cheesy and it cut it out tonight on everyone knows it's funny because even if you don't. Column by that term everyone knows what that kind dissect it. It is very much differing UK and how that was somebody like when your lips even married or dating the sabres and for many years. Not every time you have sex is going to be docked and then you just have like headboard paying in crazy I had an awful day in the office ranks sacks are just like it quickie. But I ran out of them done but there is something about that kind of facts it's more intimate it's. Not a silly romantic a lot of people also think it it requires candles and and rose petals that now it's not typical I'm really love each other and yes sometimes the links sometimes there's this weird connection a link you'll out of nowhere just kind of we are sitting on the couch she just kind of look at each other Regis can't stop looking at each other racist without saying a single word he connect gaffe. And then it you'd have sex and it's passion in all sermon like weird because you're can neck being. In the mentally emotionally and you didn't mean for it to happen but usually just kind of happens out of the blue. And sometimes you can kind of planet are kind of make it happen that it's wave pattern out plan I just isn't just happens you're oh my god there was a meeting. I hate that term making. What he quality of different yes and so I took me awhile to figure out what term to use. Until inning guy says it back it says our says it's mean the first place that's it gets me turn on. It's like let's get lost together or I wanna get lost with you get lost. To that did someone say that you out when you're like why I don't name I don't remember I think was with my at my last real boyfriend I think we would say that. I make Edmonton to hate this Terrence and luckily Holland so we kind of we're discussing it and we said it may just fit. Nana and it's just that's my like my fear way to describe it like let's get lost. Soaking me so art now is back and a beard thing I've anybody have I'm not just like it just prayed just now it's not specifically him thing. It just if that they hope it works yeah I like I think it's it's more romantic it's sweeter in its nine. You know. Police say making love I feel like it's like the hallmark card version. I love that I think it's so I don't know I love love and I love the word love but it always siding making love and light. And it's sweet singing it's it's been ruined because they think of like the cheesy like sexy music becoming like eighties movies rent. On my land to corn. These actual movie movie it's now what they way the girls wearing like a least he like Laura Ling Teddy. Why haven't we flora line everything eighties accounts top dog. Just back chemists athletes. And at like I like they let. At and month. We keep their dog and about you know like I think those those two races away more than Spain play. Think let's sacks and like I like it makes. It into that what you wanna do it yeah. I don't I don't mare you wanted to get up there may have done up on the court and I don't cut it now a is it I think I had one where I was hanging out with somebody. He's and in the economic so we wanna do that you liked but still out. At the but I don't like what what what's your stack the line you via either like told the minor you've like heard from someone and weather event at like have to do with sex or asked to do it like. Summing LV just that C perspective again and again at las with me recognizes that that's probably up there but a drink together again the same. I am conflicted like the whole look at me like specially during certain activities. It's just like. You mean I'm doing this for airing now. I'm no no you mean when you're down there yeah like what you mean. No. I have this much care for a damn reason so you know. Let me and I don't put you know the get I'm not trying to eye contact I knew that I really. Guys suggests. Let's do you beyond problem like oh I will be on top but I like doing like a reverse cowgirl all the laying flat. And I love and on top I I don't like I don't like being on top looking at. Because in only competing temperament Eagles very I do not like at least if I am turnaround you've got. Booting it mean that he lacked duty bound and I love being just like. That's where. I feel like eating your group I agree on Anna I mean I've I've told the dude like video and family tunes aren't feel like I'm using it because sometimes. I'm on top and really do you feel as if you know my affiliate all about me like I'm control angrily and what's happening. But then how is it does it. Not think that it's like looking. Might role apple. And at all beef company for an. And turnpike at that doubles and mean. Trust me I could on camera and it's facing mean now you move. Vote yes and my favorite evidently is that nineties style. But then nine I can get that's in Tim and I think using new bats. Half the time I have like. I like hanging in devices dairy because it's like I can tell fish that's how I explain to me it's not that you're not good enough but I'm selfish it's like. Hey would you like some ice in Texas ice and it is amazing on its own. The top but I want toppings it's like I wouldn't I'd like I would eat who have ice and all the time. Seeing an ice cream and cookies here. And and the cookies profit of lot of guys like A in courage. For toys some do some guy is gay it's intimidated they're they feel. They don't feel like they're good and and sing have to sit there and reassurance that now do you like. You are doing a lot better than I would be doing if I had all the devices that would. To be like you know the real deal batter yes I mean like the real deal pull my hair and ten tolerating angles and doing great. And adding a little bit of cookie you know cookie crumbles. A little bit of sprinkles and a little green on. Today is uneasiness. And I'm not like I'm going to have a freaking great I. And I will probably wanna do it a couple of times how and then you have on you do whatever you want you to bring in means. Anything any toys than what I learned. Go for what you thought sprinkles and gave us are doing and then I can Wear the sect's prophet I can do you know if you wanna Wear this argue that lipstick and I have my way. That is not making. That is not. I don't even making love. And we've been out. I thought I everything out I'd like not a nice. Place to wrap it up I'm. Little about each other they're pretty candid and I we don't argue you like the term making. Bland white and. Effects via phrases have you heard or do you tell people what to teach turn on the what is as the Fraser a couple of ways gets you going and but the but the play animal Leon and next week and I'll see that in fact I.