BJGN Board Game Alliance episode 15

Tuesday, June 20th

BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 15 

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation

Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games

Gamer: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

Special Guest Host: Patrick Day from Uncles Games and ETX

Lilac city comic con report from Chris, ETX Report from Patrick

 Alliance Distribution deal with Asmodee


Diana Jones award Gaming’s biggest prize,


THE QUESTION - "What is the game you most wish you could play more than you do?" 

Kickstarter -

Lords of Hellas by Awaken Realms (This War of Mine) Fantasy-based territory control game with adventure elements and really impressive minis. $106 for base pledge ~1.2M of 38k goal Ends on 7/12

Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares by Fox Tale Games Press your luck dice-placement game, where you roll to escape nightmares...or become one and terrorise your friends! Includes 80 custom dice, and plays in under 30 minutes! (reminds me a bit of Roll Player) $29 for base pledge 18k of 11k goal Ends on 7/18

Galactic Warlords: Battle for Dominion by Archons Games card-driven game of tactical deployment and planet control Art by The Mico $58 for base pledge 11k of 24.8k goal Ends on 7/11

Josh's Face Working on some great stretch goals


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells is the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW doc club that's BMW doc plus. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase keep patients well. Guess we're going to be issues he'd nation this is your board game alliance my name is Chris walker director walk like Flint BJ she's heat nation. With me as always John never something twelve games I'll hang hang up and Josh Utley of the Omega gamer is gonna do. We also have a special guest host today Patrick Denny from uncles gains and ETX. Patrick sound off our and I'm excited to be here well Iraq and so guys. Let's talk some games. Who should our rent it. Three when Libby won't know that the measures can start. Is the show starting I don't know isn't like now Oprah like right now I'm I'm missing a certain audible in my ear oh. Have a lot of experience and has come to know and appreciate and enjoy and love and theft but I'm hoping that. Is that let them do we were that's a measly little is known for. That's the tough talk. Oh you mean this noise. As always special thanks to Max and the public domain players for that wonderful piece of music today anymore you know let's we're gonna talk a little bit about a couple of really red conventions we attended recently bought the gaming and lots of playing around we'll talk about some of the games we're playing right now we're gonna get into some family gaming with Josh that we always loved to hear from -- that's this week's question what is the game that you most wish you could play more than you do will get reactions from well from the four gentlemen sitting in the room here. Well three gentlemen in myself. As Joseph Gilliam is the kick starter on down probably be some other stuff in there right it's hard to keep you guys from talking about whatever that Al crosses trying to register yet exactly and tell you so Josh. Yes there let's say somebody wanted to get a hold of us apart from the amazing live Twitter thing that we're doing right now. What else did they do. Walk up and on the streets of Seattle and knock on every single door that's highly doubt and then yes yes. I was gonna say. I know you can check out the web sites and all the podcast I did web sites again. You check out all one of our web sites yeah. That means digging gays and I can't like get some FaceBook just search for BJ safety nation follow us on Twitter and minster Graham. Oh who have beating a nation. And it's actually a voicemail at one nanny 02243353. Should this email and BJ each nation and Search YouTube for BJU nation. Chair like subscribe as Chris would want you to do a show like a scribe and use your Amazon echoed just say Alexa plea he nation on tune in volume can kill their case surely needed. I mean here in the other room and you need to be able to hear why in there that's fine yes my intent when heckmann we often need Josh and volume tend to hear him. That I got at sense what technologies for. And I think miso Lara then I am the exact pathologist on this you work in there working the switch your right now you're it's about 1617. Is a matter fact gonna talk about fifty. And I thought this lord goes way beyond Ted cocoa. It took a practice love. And oh and and actually. I know he's ready call in last time by Ted we're gonna actually do we really need to square up some time have got to block done any on the monitor here it's gonna it's gonna remind me that we need to save. Some time for BJ so. We will get to you today BJ or promise. I believe he may not have any headphones because they're actually using his right now knowing eyes I may have stolen from him. That's consistent with your relationship between data's pretty laid ourselves down and then you can hear us he's BJ we'll we'll just. Well. Yeah okay incidents already. I know that Patrick here is here at witness today in the key is sort of the you're the director of yes I love what you do as I am the director of this podcast and hopefully you've you've been doing a little bit better work I have lately. I am still solid and nobody TX I just wanna say you guys are the easy crowd because it is silly key is viewed as a table. And walk away and yeah. That's what I pretty much does that work ethic you might not know if we play logging on to dance house employee had just playing games our angels topics though you include people just randomly walking by and your games alioto. Fitter and a fantastic whether they want to or not no I I I does that happen and a few bears sit down a helicopter you're standing by your table your part of the game now welcome dad and your spy deal with us. Yes so this slows your three of levering tabletop expo and it actually did happen and it actually was successful you know I was kind of crossing my fingers they're going and but this is our first year in Seattle and I don't let's say that the previous two years weren't conventions with literally completely from remains to be conventions hadn't Clayton got you know what you would consider a full school scale board game expo. And this year it was the real deal it felt like I mean you guys for their ideas and speaks about. I it was amazing they were his parents gone on everywhere tournaments you can jump in there were a year nationals were there yeah. Can throw in an era there's also but it twitch streaming going on that was pretty cool you look at actually I tune in on the web if they could mean a percent there's a lot going on it was a critical time then that's fantastic India and do you think fit do you think that the national tournaments and things like that are big part of that or was there is there another aspect that you think contributed to your success here. But nationals were part of it. And national stuff where what gave us a lot of people from across the country and turf. So up until now we've generally been a regional dimension but now we have people from all over the country in Canada and nine in. So that was also a month on affect the winner of like game at thrown nationals was from Washington DC I'll. Nicely you have people from all over the country coming out and that also added a level of for the streams because one of my dreams are ETX which seems odd report intervention but is worth to be very multi media. Which is different I think than a lot of other organ conventions. And because we were hosting nationals you had hundreds of people tuning into our screens watching what was going. Ali changed. You know level the audience level that we had flu there that we do need to apologize for something one means Sean did an on screen interview for your new your new your new when you. Dreamed sorry about that this. Cents a box and how might that might it have been down your numbers everywhere about the numbers go down it's. Like yeah the second. I was there assailing us and apologize to his that we may have been playing 19 revolution oh very resistant seek out. And we may have been spiking the mics during one of the tournament. From Ron Paul okay I'm not I could. Yeah it. Well. We started actually a rivalry a little Meehan rivalry between two gaming communities. Because we had about four or stream channels on going simultaneously we can envision almost like the Olympics. Are you get like she asked channels based on the game you wanna be I think the fact that we replaced for a little while the game thrown nationals early in the grounds home with the settlers a tan on national qualifier and the three rounds audience was not how. Yeah. My old job in the new youths which should gradually dame was larger and exactly and so the pros players and the content of the throws audience in the content audience got into like fights. And when I'm in chat up and they started like creating means trolling or other I started late trolling so into this FaceBook groups like you know. Oh I think it's just became that things though I don't really funny and then that's incredible level. Engagement go to think about us like you know years do you think about it I gaming convention you go to it and they're people who were there can obviously interact with one another and have a good time in and and it may be patrol one another and shut things from across the what we call that area home all alone and taking her. Across all that stuff. But being able to broadcast all of that and and having an audience built in because it is that AEA national qualifying event on that level at tournament level event or if something that people are gonna give in to get excited about and I think that's incredible and it's really indicative of that movie kind of just the belief that technology has changed what we do is geeks know I Lisa surrounding in in our moms basement drinking during a mountain do any info onions. Still growing adult mega jolt yeah rolling dice on the table and we didn't we didn't interact with anybody. If you weren't in the room you didn't matter now we got I got people in Washington DC who come to Washington State. And win these tournaments and things it's just it's just exploded so huge and I think that the I think that having all those two extremes is spots are really brilliant ideas from that we need to think about whenever if we ever get BJ's geek nation cons going here. And John Miller an early in the works and yeah. Definitely and highlighted as a of big thing that was news here was the game designer academy so we are running classes for people who are aspiring game designers and we had professionals teaching the classes hole all I heard an eruption on who go to that. Oh that's awesome what you learn and you're gonna sit aside and I TCU. 00 come on ask. We don't and very god even now is hugely successful and so next year we're plan on really expand in fact there's only about five classes here I think we're talking like two tracts multiple rooms and a dozen plus processor. When he team and so they and I and I don't think there's a better time guide to to do something like that honestly because of the way that the and everyone is just ravenous for this contest didn't give me more games and I want to play more games than any new thing any new twist any new mechanic that you can come up with its gonna explode so I think given people those tools is going to be the it's going to be a huge hit for you there. Not anything else are we can't move. A lot of has plenty of things the one thing after the sale last is overwrought Alec this as the year that we plan and a lot of seeds like game designer academy as per for example which finger is perfect sample I really feel they're gonna grow into something amazing in future years so. You like a free Friday night game night was amazing GAAP so do these are all like that's the beginnings of bigger and better things we've seasoned years to and it's just. Getting better and better so yeah. I think the Friday night Blake opened to everybody free. That was really cool because the way for anybody like I don't know if I can relieve if I wanna afforded or fence you know I'm element yeah budget or whatever he does come and see what it's like and you know Saddam going into yeah. The taste of the con and yeah like you know oh well maybe I do have that money to come and it may be here tomorrow and and actually hasn't exactly so you wanna find out more body TX where where should they look they're gonna get a ETX WA. Dot com. The reason I couldn't go to ETX this year and I I I I blew I'm not saying that I'm upset. Because I had a really good time allow laxity comic con. I really looking forward to Egypt's next year and hopefully these won't coincide again but. Laxity comic con the app premier comic in gaming and nerd convention over in a spoken does not when you call last week. Monica article as we look at Amazon. Know you were calling instances where go to worship to box that's how I saw drug. I mean this is the cut you know not for nothing and that's that I didn't get to host a couple of granite panels with mr. Tim Russ the we'll talk about that just a moment is there restraining order now. I don't know what he actually almost gave me his his private email address I knew all of us just say we were ready is that thousands. I I will say that you're not the only one who goes on lilac city public unhappiness in time as he checks yet as I don't know if you noticed Lyle lack but he may have also seen an uncle's store yet there. And then an uncle store at ETX Yale it was stretching our company pretty thin so yeah yeah I think I. I'm by the young girls Booth and then they had a lot to say about that is a matter of fact throw bag gets yes exactly so. Blacks become conscious out hosted in presented by our good friend is an O'Brien from podcast he's been doing this now for eleven years. And it's just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it's not really game centric. I know I won't say I mean there would definitely games represented and there's a lot of that going on. But it is eighty more of a multicultural geek Kon if you will. There's a lot of everything movies TV. To get in comics everything dirty having mend. A lot of the smaller and more offshoot homes in the area. We will change that with the board games you have we tend to we we plan ourselves into a new con men and we end up sneaking a room and ten rooms are not all are subtle. So it wasn't a lot of a lot of gaming for say as far as that goes but it was just a really really amazingly fun convention that we love going to end it still it still has that sort of small community feel. But he is getting bigger and bigger expanded out to two days this year. I mean they're drawing bigger and bigger media guests Tim Russ was there. Marion like I can't think of his first name but together a warm bodies. You know it they're against getting huge and it's and we're just glove and then we need all the support we can to Nathan and things like that but yeah I got to host a couple of panels one on Saturday and one on Sunday with. Mr. Tim rust to rock from starter Voyager. And it was great you know as the first woman ever done anything like that fills a little bit nervous but here's this guy who's essentially a god to meet and a half off. I was so nervous that match anyway and mr. rest if you're listening he's not listening I promise you that but if you are at stake you so much for making it's super easy on on so just as star struck tricky so where you interviewing him at first it was an interview and then we opened up to two audience questions and things like that so was. The first one was so what was called meet meet the artist Tim Russ. And once I got a couple of questions I have for him and then we turn out to the audience and then turned into hey let's talk about Star Trek. The second day as panel was actually. Talking trek with Tim Russ and it was all our current starter went to Russell is fighters like the Star Trek but I I was really hoping the first day would be more about Tim Russ. And less of a Star Trek but hey you know what the audience wants with the audience wants so being that he is a god TO yes what was the best question you came up went for your god. He mentioned in sort of an offhand comments two in answer to someone else's question about him when he worked where if Jason. Jason. In July in the community I know took from Steinfeld. Just don't do it out and it while he mentioned working with Jason Alexander. I thought on an episode of wager and since a lot of the other actors go into makeup and costume and things like that way earlier than he does because we have much more extensive prosthetics and things like that. And he just basically has the ears and some light you know touch of things like this. That he spent a lot of time on the set working with people. And never actually seen their faces so he just thought that was a really interesting way to fight like a lot of the guest stars and things like that that came on either. Whether he had scenes of them or not he never actually saw them because they were always you know that's prophetic and things like that so I asked him to share with us some of his more memorable moments like you was there ever time on set when you were star struck by someone who came in and he was telling stories he. He went into a long story about Ray Walston. Who ask your grandparents kids it's he was on a show called My Favorite Martian where. Back in the day. And then he made some appearances on next generation and and Voyager is the character growth piece. The grounds keeper at just our fleet academy he was actually very excited to talk about it how it felt like a story that maybe hadn't shared that often. And I am I felt I felt really really happy as an interviewer at that moment so it you know it was pretty greatly. But we did get to play some games. At the Cowen and we played a couple of very key social very party type games and it was mostly just back at the we have an air being be so we went back to that we didn't play that much at the content you're busy. You know doing our thing in a pub company nation in trying to do that meant that we. We did wind up playing a couple of games and we'll talk about when we get right into our games of the narrow section you're always welcome across the street over uncles and played in there. I like the sound of that while NASA yeah literally across the guy is literally across the street from the con that's true so you know what I think you're right Josh I think we have some other things to talk about before we get two games of the now I guess. I'm just really excited about games. They now have you unless it's your fault till now we're gonna push it all the way down that they didn't take in the last. Time I have to cry out as we do last June your little staying back. Well there is there was some fairly big news but there there was okay. And shrinks. Yeah I'm sorry I I I fell asleep. I'm Josh should give us your breaking news well Alliance One of the bigger game distributors from the big is that the biggest well of war and they. They have decided to our asthma and in North America has decided to go with them exclusively. To world. Oh I have talked to a couple store owners noting one we may know that some energy and somebody was sound and the other with a generally. Eight the news is not well received I'm not surprised he seems to be very limiting news and now you're here want to ask you. I mean I'm I'm cautiously. Watching I guess is a good way to put it it is ends probably ideal but at the same time it was somewhat expected something like this might be in the pipe. But the silly this exact thing but people we're kind of waiting. There there are some silver linings to this because some of the other distributors are suddenly gonna desperately need product site. Tuna fill in. From those holes and so I suspect you're gonna see a lot more indie games pushed by other distributors but I mean as Modi owns. A huge chunk of the board game ministry had you. Come from FFG today is a wonder Dziena and games and talk and ticket right pandemic have ten. All of those game now exclusive and single platter that and plot had an out. And so they are claiming that this is gonna help with supply issues. Alrighty awesome if that was true path that we're we're all gonna kinda step back and watch this happens. And this seems like an extension of their wanting to. And restrain how old sales goal for the online portion right I think that was the first and it'd smuggling but a year ago or 69 months ago. So seems an extension of that press so. Yes and I think there's some good stuff I think their intentions I guess I should say. And a general idea is that they a year ago started things like street dates for the games which are very pitted for the industry so we have had something that the industry is needed. Our long time has allows us this store owners to promote hey if you come in on this day we can do midnight launches daddy so many cool things that you see in the video game industry in film and yeah. With four games. On the they. According has already were finding in his struggle to kind of enforce. Those ideas through multiple distributors and so a big reason their interest in going into a single distributor. Was that this enables easier enforcement what's going on. Also there's been a lot of supply issues where. Because he goes to different distributors every distributor decides how. Product is handed out blue Star Wars destiny. Doesn't in my unit refuge examples going on and that. And so for example to really get a lot of dusting you basically just needed to order from all five to right Asian channels. And then that was kind of unfair to smaller stores you can have minimums price so it in some ways this could be. Good but it does mean that one. Power is in complete control of all of these titles. Yes and exactly and that's and Demi do you want a a galactic empire because this is I get a galactic empire. Because and it and it EU EU hit the point exactly and I was going to make which is it seems like it's gonna cut down on a lot of the rigmarole in the paperwork and running around. Because you know where it's coming from you know who you need to get it from you know that this is you work outlet. Rick but on the other hand may now. Compare your master they've got your leash and it's short and passive OK all right so only you will see what happens and seemed brighter side does that mean. Fish and there's. It's. Not give you Blair odd. Obama. Beating its. Years ago I went in ten wins this game coming out and go all the guys says listen despite pacified so that says marks on thing in December yet. So he had never going for street does send that would be a big improvement honestly if if that is if that is the only positive thing that comes out of it and I'm sorry badger because I don't own a business like that but if that is the only positive thing that comes out of it performing as a consumer. In street dates that would be amazing. For four board games I mean that is one think is everyone's always talking and that's exactly as you say who when it was this game coming on people are asking me all the time. He gets are talking about that game on your show when's it coming up. All of 2017. Guy who knows when it's coming out so we know ideal straw. On the industry that's a place because I used to work in the videogame industry I've really been pulled sheen's. But I kind of changed in the table top industry and I know it's like I know the marketing vice president has Modi and some other people who he came from Xbox actually and know he really has that similar heart. Com so I think it's part of it is the maturity of the growing in the industry you know because the industry in that way but it definitely does mean that. We're in a similar place down assay Howell. Diamond controls. Conflicts so there are challenges that are going to arise there. Current welfare enough gas well so will will will wait for more news on that we'll see what happens and we'll keep you guys posted as far as it goes there's so another item here on the list just that I see that is. Intriguing Timmy and mostly because of what the well because I don't know what it is. But the handy thing about the website that you can go to it includes the exact question I was about to. Ask. And what our maps that I. And it's not match like I know what I'm happy as I don't know I know I know what I'm mapping is not an Al Aziz matches. MA PP Matt well it is a met me I think it was a typo but yeah. That normally isn't but not not this time. A couple companies. Who week before last somewhere around there. They also announced a minimum advertising pricing. I don't know what I do I see what's the second people probably not to make product confused to think that they were selling ads anyway it's to help combat the super cheap online prices that's basically what it their boils down to is you cannot sell our game for this much more than this discount. Topic I think they capped at 15%. Below MS RP don't get it depends on many actors I yellows doing one man's team on has their own OK so it's not a universal thing both. Companies are getting on board for that. By and large especially with the luxury items entertainment items and books movies so games things like that when you go to an online store even for something like target or Barnes & Noble. The prices are. Radically different than if you walk into a store and and pick something up and and having having worked in in the retail industry for awhile having to deal with that customer. On a daily basis. Was a huge struggle forming and the and they would look right at me in the face and say at your website it's this price. Classic and that's because that's the home delivery price you can get that they get around a lot of things. Price it's included on the cover price of a Booker of a gamer or CD. That involves everything it took to get that here right now so that you can walk home with it today you have to respect that. But now I think it's cutting into profits for game companies is what it sounds like is this is this and you do we think that's where this is coming from. Well I do a lot of it goes off of their term are perceived value of the game to him and make. Where this team on it's a lot of a kick starter Mike ridiculous amount and oh yeah out of fixed yeah. And but then they're using that to justify their minimum price. When. If I'm getting all this money are all this game per 100 dollars I I am not. Thinking it's worse flask as they give more so aid them. Suggesting the minimum price there. I guess you can see both sides admit that they are not giving you just kick starter exclusives when you go to the store and buy and. Exactly I mean I don't a big part of our industry that's unique. And this also comes from me kind of in the videogame industry over is that. There is so much more as far as production. That goes yeah game but a lot of customers that I don't think really perceive that the Tennessee sixty bucks for a video game. But sometimes it can find it for fifteen bucks. Vs a board game that sixty bucks and some of the combined for fifteen bucks the differences that video game is just crane a disk or some guy just download that. The board game has still manufacturing all of these components that cost all of those dollars and so in some ways discounting hits our industry in a different way than hits on their industries because of all the production costs that are involved. And I can speak to how is the improvement of the board game many. Who games workshop Germanys have always think you know and you know you're getting quality many. Four games you just you restore quickly guy and lot of melted pieces. You know. Who's thin thin plastic chirpy right now for our cool many notre. The disease and I have to repeat that. For their 101000 per round Brett that's a lot of plastic the most lot of quality on into. My dad and generally maps smoke and so maps are great in theory. In reality they can be some of a struggle and one of the biggest reasons we're just talked about that Monique it's very hard to enforce preparing hard for a small publisher or even a mid sized published Blix team on. To enforce you know at the sores breaking out. Or an online retailers Brinkema. And part of that is because of the distribution channels we are just talking about Tom and the other thing is they can actually hit stores because. We can't. Here's how it hits retailer's brick and mortar retailers we can't discount product that is stuck on our shelves and is not moving out and so in that way can make us a little less. Bullish on the amount of product for ordering from. Publishers who have them up. Yeah does it mean if you're stuck with a bunch of bricks on the shelf there are moving and you can't discount them because of this map situation they say you cannot sell it for less than X then what you do you acted. Man I don't know how honestly am on one hand I see the benefit on the other hand I don't think this is such a hot planned well I. You speak to that directly in the sense that I've seen stores go under and I wasn't too surprised because they went and I went and then there was never a new game on the shelf. Pray because they a lot of times refused to have any kind of sale. To move their stock unfortunately. You have to rotate your stuff absolutely had never uses sometimes you have to take a little little lost communion games on the shelves and then your money comes. There you don't exactly ray itself. That's so that's going to be another wait and see situation as well as sounds like will. Milosevic shaken up in and doings in the business right don't have much better news to you I love better news the one thing I would also say amounts real quick is just that I know that these publishers their heart is in the right place chair and so it may be that this is something a roll out and it doesn't work or they need to modify it like. Simoni is. Just some of the best people react industry so happy that today. To try attention that probably the hands and got the they've got the best interest at heart thinking in a lot of that so will. And we'll see I mean yeah when we dark red that's all day but don't we have more things to sit to discuss. All right let's talk about funds you have better news oh no just we talked about the you couldn't. Holmes has more gaming piano georgians awards and talked about the isn't no nationality are you should be Leon well we now have the didn't. Eyes of the goal of the signal of the board game all right so this is a time where I need to talk to everyone here about copyright. It's. There are certain things we're actually not allowed to say on the air and those are. Looks. In effect I thought I. And I'm not a 100% sure description about you. I'm not a 100% sure about the the. As so what we're gonna do instead is we're going to mention the Academy Awards. We are going to mention he. It's it's the actor's guild I forget to go Erdogan is not screen actors guild awards those different and then we're also going to talk about the great big let's all be happy human awards. Or just not bothering save their big award shows because that yeah there's a lot of thought a lot of those sitting there are harder to take copyrighted and we you know a lot of trouble for saying the actual names and it on air so. I apologize listener for all the beeps you just heard because I had to be every time I said one of those finger I feel like it's going to be more fun for me to leave it in an edited out. But I'm moving our let's talk about the next big happy award saying what you would say biggest award of all yes. Should come with a prize. I thought. But I know Nobel well. Exactly. And on top here is okay go ahead because we're probably gonna wanna talk about the background of the Diana Jones ordered. The ha hi hi it's called the Diana Jones who see I don't know that one might die I'm pretty good irons okay and talked about and yet talked about it. IPs before I see it it's it's it's really the big east you can't you can't discuss. Certain. Words when talking about. Like the Academy Awards and vote a big one is the one we've already set a few times. They it's it's a thing. Now it's it's it's like they're wrestling announcer guy who has his catch phrase pair copyrighted not all that stuff so it's just indeed it's a little things. But it's been legally important things so just move or not. The mission's biggest surprise of the mall yet and they in the board game well gaming industry me rephrase that. He is indeed Diana Jones award which is a very interest in award in its name. There is no Diana Jones and she had nothing to do with organ while you are gaming I had off I I don't understand. You're just little stuff I want you do you love our PG strength truth. There was no really bad one wants column know Indiana Jones RPG he. He was not great she was so bad it was put to death by fire I think FF FF. And from there remains of that fire was scrap of paper that said Diana and Jones. Which they permanently encased. Into a trophy pyramid shaped trophy. That is now the best prize you can hear it for any aspect of gaming for the year. Last year Eric playing one. And as a great designer he Diana Jones award that is a fantastic story. Thank you for that story he. And I love on the Diana Jones is they can literally go to anything in gaming yes like anything when you Jennings nominee Emerson with a specific game if anything he's. He's aware randomness so we had nominated for well here. This year pay single player erotic card game the beast is nominated. No doubt a path up. If I do know some. Number on canisters that way we do not recommend looking at this and wait wait wait. Eight single ploy dirt I'm is that what I heard you sick a single player erotic game. Whom all man and policemen. So clothing optional what you're sorry I don't us I don't like it I think it's optional and. Okay. And the. Wow OK well good luck the beast. I'm next to his end of the line I live action role playing games set in the white wolf's one world of darkness total. My descendants is not bad not bad at all that I love white wolf this one is not a surprise okay Bloomington. And he. IA Isaac Childress. US it is yeah the book kick starter now Weis just it is just have to mailing late night cable company and playing in lives and meanwhile in these various. You know I can't wait for your country and I copied him how much. I thought I thought. The romance trilogy a series of RPG is by. Emily Carr marks on her which focuses on love and relationships yes I still and on the shelves and less interest but I tended to vary it's you wouldn't think hey let's let's. You don't wanna have a player's swing your sword in cash your magic this well and you know that's you know she mine low hanging in there and the beast Newsweek here. Marine I know I've territory Mars not a big surprise as they came in as the main goal proved nothing. And here's our here's tired this is how you get to know this award is very different from others are gen con. Just and the con the con is nominee hire car behind nominated I think they're black now I think there's a deeper reason is the nominee in this year to. Well yeah it's also this is fiftieth. A whole year while you keep your chin can't rule it Shia. While the CEO of the current CEO of gen con news to generally likes to be anonymous but have. She's retiring this year so this is her own last year it's Diana Wynne Jones isn't it. In effect I don't know there we go. But she's retiring this year and in many ways she's the one that's kind of brought there is a timers income was in. Tight place and feasible with the one that has brought and cons of the glory that it now holds an industry know react and so I think in some ways this is also way of honoring her. So when hmmm yeah cool I wrote Virginia gas can say honestly there right up until then I would of said I would have said the beast but I think I think Jen come up. I think Jim Conway is it gonna walk off Terry Adams. Yeah that's that's a no brainer walk off walk to open through the time of the beast that I'm. Don't know what happened to be wild. And you can check got all of that stuff just just search for the Diana Jones a word on now online and then you'll get all the information the actual website is really really long song not going to we don't that's one of the many who works yeah exactly exactly it's it's just it's big news you will not to have trouble finding anything out about it valuable Diane jones' only a single award so there's always a passing of the award gala I'll we. Yes there except for the marks government. There wasn't that much left to remain slick. Yeah okay. A person I'm trying to remember I'm pretty sure I play that game back in the day. Who don't know who it was not for the banana up there are street fighter PG no movie not a an opinion wow I totally query and seeing large. I'm straight I don't know I thought I could have been here for a movie you Honda with this just. Any game. You know you always so our so called speed gains steam going transitioning from thing. I don't know what that means the and then turning in so foolish. Tomorrow we are from games that I've played just in the distant distant past due are games played much more recently. Let's our games of the now all aid. Games played that is gains clean. What no matter what happens every exactly is there less you're junior Jimmie and greatness. What do you guys playing right now. Our I don't everybody Tucker why aren't they just had the opportunity to play great game you guys talk about in the last episode. I macaroni and and so good Jay lost so bad regardless. I just got destroyed. A the only time you know the game now yeah our guys dying last time that happens. Last time that happens NN MI wouldn't I wouldn't dream of taking it easy on anybody while playing a board game but now oh now it's lifted the gloves are off. I see how the mechanics work I think I was but I think I'm going to be able to up with something really special the other next coming into play but yes. Everything you said it would be and more I really. Like that came in had so much going on for it. That I love it had worker placement and had resource management he'd had that that really jazzy time travel mechanic that I I really enjoyed a like that on the lot and the do we. Think you had to really suss out where you were going and try and stay on that path. But then all of a sudden you realize that pat isn't gonna pan out and trying to shift gears and can change horses in midstream and other other euphemisms and metaphors. It was just thought. Our it was everything I love about about a really nice more game and effort to play a game that we got it done in under two hours. Yup for the for the first time I was playing and had to learn everything. We still got them less than two hours we took a break we entered you're a gamer I jags actually my money to work in progress right now I have my contractor friend Josh take a look can give me some ideas about what I could do to make that. I give her a little bit more ancient Arab level but dumb yes so we took we took a 1520 minute break in the middle of an all everything so honestly hour and a half. Start to finish from from set up to clean up yeah I was it was pretty impressive that game being the table on the moon so. And up is another look Tony many have been another guy and I have to cut cut cut cut down the table hard but. Not hard to play not already let somebody is asking on board game eat just the other day like what games do you play a not enough of just because that's. Yeah there's just because they're set any games I think about them like yeah calculate them with the setup for the I I must pledge but I don't wanna deal with the thirty to 45 minutes it does yeah on the table anymore I introduce third of my gaming budget goes towards insurance analyst there have been concerns mountain. There and those nights he's got so I've seen those ones that you that you that you have and and yet they are a godsend to the industry as far as I'm reserved to into the gamer as far as that goes Padilla. Oh yeah we can do a whole show about games I don't wanna play because it set up. But. Yes so and act Ernie everything you said it would be and more loved it absolutely fantastic. Who's got who's got one. Oh got to play king domino yeah suffer a HBO nominee. All games so gorgeous and so easy to to teach implied that the breaking domino to do you did I know amid. I deflating Domino's yeah I mean when I got that Richard go ahead and absolutely not no I. Fuel moon. Low. That in turn. So I got an onion shots. Not with mean that's sadly I should district carry with me ask him back Anderson out. But how how should be told I'm getting in the MIA golden age gaming because those two months as odd as that is of planning pretty TX. A board game conventions. I get very little time the right word games so the last two weeks and finally casts Ali gave I think that's what I only fair and close what was less than you could. Well just last night I was plain arena for the gods for the game and it's just about to hit store shelves that that origins right now okay. And that game is amazing thanking him is one of the best games I have plated all year. It's by yellow it kinda is lake. King to looking at Tokyo if you could directly battle each other guys and draft. Different. Ability cards it's it's amazing I can't talk about arena for the gods enough. They can also played and it's not a mere both about it like the Stiller should go oh yeah and so again it goes from two to six players that have just different set ups for different links that game play. Seek Camille like we only have fifteen minutes let's play at fifteen minute game of this or hey we have a full hour let's play in our version of the us. And on its no Smart it's. A really really good game. Yeah I'm looking at some images of online this looks like Netflix from my heading into the park every time somebody talks are one of these shows that over the the amount it cost me money list. Whereas every time and the joke in there with a lot of players learn to be lots of social like hey let's gang up on the scale and I like that never happens and I'm Josh Powell the railway line. Yeah. Hi Josh what I've achieved we've got a dedicated group finally. And we're running through all the time stories. Oh wow and all of them Moammar simultaneous images that we everything that's been released so far we're working our way through. It's. He is a one and done each deck. But think of times story says that the console OK and each upcoming deck as a cartridge. All right and there are they're weigh between one dollars from my can be further from the deck of cards had here game. But they are it's an experience game. Yeah you can't play it again. But it is so worth playing when you do the puzzles are so rewarding. When you finish them right now you remember that unite you we did that. And per game that you think well the output is gonna win this now everybody contributes it's amazing how well. It everybody contributes assists things people don't see but the other guy does yet. I also think tester is kind of agree gateway into several planes only or you know we actually offering them bridge them across to all more role playing experience time mystery is as a step towards I like that too I like that out like a lot of the the big bucks team he stepped to a rather sharp on him and and what not did did to exactly to do that 'cause I have. Playing a board game friends who. I've never I I wouldn't even dream of bringing them into one of my RPG groups without. Kind of giving them you know a kiddie pool really wading pool reference before I push him off into the deep end which is exactly what they do is a game astronaut against him so. Rule week just so people know it is hard to play again and obviously as you know Luke as you know how it works but we've come up with a pretty good system because I had run asylum but rivers came out that's the woman comes in the boxing. And but I rants of people through them undisturbed in the beginnings my car. When I did in two without spoilers he is they chose my location. You know arrest is keeping your mouth shut the big puzzles you just gotta sit back and I am sorry as I can't I can't I think they struggle and they all ask then you need to throw a little give a hint hint you know but yeah you can replay you just have to have a little it's hard at times and I'm just like yeah. All. Look at car and the commissioner and current our current. I still never played and it's one that's always intrigued me in that way as well just beginning of a puzzle solving and things like that. We also got the other day we also got to play it altogether retreating from the battalion he I was doing I really like we were telling or libertarian Ireland or whatever that. I've tried so good night's love pirates I loved the world events have first try for some video two yeah we. I didn't wanna plant it didn't much interest in me because I'm being on and they are in the visuals and yet hunt to me was in my Tina wasn't visually exciting. The sound rather that we plan that game yeah the end gas then yeah I went I went Nat and judge a book by its cover Paula Rodman's and it's going to come on I mean you can't. How can go wrong caring Gillen playing a board game on tabletop with Seth green's life finishes like. That was brilliant and I watched that thing or three times and then when we met up at the at this at the store then it's who's that time and I was like Kate I want fan of Italian and I need to buy it they didn't have a copy. And then just says well he Sean brought with them. Well all accident OK okay deputies and help us sort. Good game baiting and backstabbing in and fighting over points and treasure and it's just it's it's got everything that an entire game should have. And it's it's it's it's relatively simple the mechanics are actually pretty straightforward I love the idea like yours. Everybody has the same BC missing starting cards yet and so it's he strode side well do I wanna go first answers to different phases of the game is a day phase where you get to do things. Minister may phase where you to do things as well on those those orders are reversed so you're deciding well. Is it better for me to go first during this night phasing give them going first during the day pays like Brett it's it's really go yeah yeah. Love love remember telling a also. For mean this week there's two really big events going on right now on an hour over and I'm alive but there's two really big events gunning gaming stores across the country I would say right now and one woman three RPG day there are tons of people are going in the stores grab and free copies of the RP GX nines but the other thing that. That is happening is today is the release of eight edition of warhammer forty K. He had. Which is a big deal. Less so in my particular stores but in most gaming through across the country like it's just a huge deal and so all the stores got copies of the rule book. Ahead of time okay I've just been having gotten a play at button and put them through the rules and it's just that seems like fast and furious. Like just right down to the roots of what you would one and a hard court. Mini game that makes sense what did they they want the goal for this one. Was to create a system that people could kind of jumping into comic with like when magic did with their dual decks rightly they wanted like. About bite size chunks that I knew he could come in and playing golf all this is recorded in it and then not have. Some giant tomb that they have to work through yeah I yes and fighting a court tones played within turns you years. On top of each other battling in a lot of fuel loading comparing it almost like acts swing and that because you're able to a move so much more. Compared to previous versions of the game yeah it just feels like things are happening and moving around on the board a lot Marcella. Supposedly guy who looks really awesome mom I'm excited to get back into it because I haven't played forty K for several years Maria but this rule but they're calling this additions the addition that you asked for an and you concede that they need. Listen to what players were asking food's nice things warnings were shot. And on things and nothing avenue in an unknown thing I've been doing is on the idealized play testing. Now refer games that aren't out yet to help designers kind of figure out well for spot are they gonna sell an actual stores right. On client B has the game up and coming alms for the be given the kick starter scene called shutter bug. That is basically a pretty sure raid as a Miami talk about this is basically a that's basically find out I would stay and play Pokemon snap the okay him. Now are running around a map trying to take pictures of different mythical creatures it's time and it's. Pretty cool. And it spend and me as much as a year and play tests is by Mike Elliott actually. So that's one you can look forward she probably in the near future as part of the titans series. That Clive he did OK at tightness this so that's the Mike Kelly came for the titans here's so definitely report about one. But actually sells it really cool games have you probably played with with the younger kids maybe play with the whole family and I think it definitely has its because I don't think there's tax on the cards wow alleys for me would have a four year old and that's always the fair here for you all how much reading there is involved. So no that's really cool that sounds great I'm actually I poke in my sample of one of my fair is fair game and play the heck out of that thanks so what. I'm Josh you would like to talk about family games having a family we do and playing games and the F I think he only let me in anyway defined fan. Yeah and this week we want to talk about the escape rooms have been very popular lately oh yeah there was its paper and amounts here aptly named. Than there's also unlock. And exits. Well now the unlock one is a really needed in the sense that he can replace it. All that is good and all of these of the unlocks in the exits are fifteen bucks. The CE wily lo price point wow yeah and we try to unlock with them first. And they loved it and there are 99 in ten. And they were contributing everybody is contributing their kids are sometimes had to be like no being nice to your brother. You know it's. A. I. Are never early in this room. If but it honestly say they went through it. I holidays and you can tell they really felt rewarded every time they figured out a little piece in the puzzle that's cool yeah. And then couple days later that the brings chills didn't have to we jumped in exit Eden which. Is harder OK okay where it's. Didn't we there was a bit more of a struggle moon but. Now exits you really can't replay you destroy the c'mon it's O well not just a matter of rip up OK state you who should we do exist maybe put it over here and you can do this. Also earned them and put them lemon award not yet the. I got a I don't know we violent act as if I can tell us back on top cop if that would be awesome. No I was trying to figure out those puzzles and both who unlock is after them so you can get hands OK and exit. Has hit cards. And not after them at all broken thumb. They actually did even though exit seemed a little harder they get a quicker than him hinged. They have come had a few him cards were appalled and I and I played with some men. It wasn't today configured out it was totally because I configured on either. But. Again every time they'd solve one riddle after the next you did see the reward they got just from being able to figure it out and help each other. So aid teaches great teamwork and without an alpha yeah because they're the puzzles are challenging for adults to it or not. It's not just some cakewalk just keep kids up right blissful which is the point of this whole series playing our games with kids. Exactly without dumbing it down yeah Armenians it's a it's all well and good to play you know link between you and chutes and ladders and what have you but. I don't we want to buzz when I have to play good again I must now I'm shooting a I don't like that game I mean nine I'm laying there it is exactly it's not your thing. But have been made yet we want to tiger version yeah I'll have it than that it's ever heard about it. You can hear you (%expletive) has a candy land and I have issues and matters that are there own spin on it and yes they're both amazing. Laura guy says that station. All well and good give me a lot that like to think about someday if I have a family I will play these games with them and that we great. Otherwise. There whenever you're going to borrow my oh yeah yeah they mine for the summer you know I don't know I don't oh yeah I guess when you're still no not a fan I'm not a fan I think your hero Patrick on this on the half yes. So we ask a lot of questions on the chilly out there ready is he is in agreement on this yes I'm not news some of them are good questions agreed. Some of them. Mostly whatever garbage fills out Sean mouth is still really are no related exactly. But we like to ask a question a big question so the question this time was what game do you not play as often as you would like I'm paraphrasing of course but the point is there's games that we like. Games that we love. And just for one reason or another you don't play them as often as you would you would prefer and for me. Yeah I would I always talk about the big games and and we talked a little bit about set up earlier how some games are just prohibitive. To be tuned to playing frequently and T I three is probably the top of my list for this because I absolutely adore that game I will. Absolutely play it at the drop of a hat but he is really really hard to get people excited about a twelve hour fourteen hour game play section. And and related definitely for me in the games that I never got to play enough for. Really is TI three all those kind of long. Heavy maniac often FFG tiny Catholic I have the big play star craft board games out of print and it's a great point I of the expansion port but it still sealed because it's so rare arriving at the base game now yeah same player it is so we need to put something together here and then you and me we return on this board I'm on board. But it is one of those things on your list of how GAAP Patrick my resume had a little problem like I love those games but they can't get them to the table yeah. It has to be an event you have to literally become like up up party planner I mean can you not just talking about. Twelve hour gaming session which it is and will be and if you're not just talking about the amount of space that this game takes up because it is a huge table hog not to mention. I mean just the board itself as large but everyone has their own pieces everyone has their own player board everyone has their own cards that they have to manage every what has all of this stuff and it takes up. An enormous amount of space. But then. It is one of those games that will. Absolutely correct friendships yes you know. It is it is it is at a level because of all of the conspiracy. Deal making and deal breaking in treachery and and treason and all this stuff. It is what is hard to get people. Excited about playing this game it really really is unless they are just the most hardcore gamers that just yes this is one that I really regret not playing as often as and if. And TS three having new rules library. We had a crash in our last play yeah we had a rules discrepancies that move took an hour of yeah. Arguing not are hearing. Yeah yeah exactly and and it's it's another one of those games where you do it so injured there's so much going on that you know that kind of thing happens and how nobody has ever played one of these games with a one player at the table is just not enjoying themselves dad as this ruins from Iran and sighing about an hour and you're just happens totally kills it says on the iPhone comes out yeah I don't he had exactly that and so that's that's why you really got to be careful about games like that and who you bring to the table. Well the rules lowering stuff that can feeds into the one that I don't get to play as much as I'd like to ask magic together incoherent. People argue about rules and bank employee yeah shock profit off the point eventually have judges that will come around and vehemently with the new death and because magic the gathering such a lifestyle game and I just don't have time to devote to it and nine you know I'm focused on. More like board games centric type stuff to my designs and protesting also are stuff that I go is sex that are amazing and awesome and so fun to play and I'd never get to play with anyone. I was actually really census went on your list because it's on my list to and I did say that I agree with you about anything but is there this is a tough. This is one of those games that I used to really really be into and I had a dedicated group and all my roommates were playing and now that I'm older and and don't get the opportunity to. Two. It's gonna say waste but. Invest my money on something is big is as magic is. I just I can't played as often as I would like him when I do play I feel like. I knew I feel like I eat there is no way I can get back into this hobby because with everyone else has so far leaps amount ahead of me that I I've I it's not fun. Did you guys hear the two big announcements for magic this week. Add that we talked about it on the regular show on next step uncertain and return the nominee area gash. Bodes very very exciting pieces of news unsaid is the latest in the fun series. It which is the they're sort of they're goofy year. Lighter side of things the original set unglued brought us to be FM. And and poultry Geist in chaos or urban Aaron I guess confetti she's McCaskill Fannie and just some eight it. Look it up kids because I tell you what the people listening right now Clementi know exactly what I'm talking about so this is the latest in that series and I return to domino area. I don't and are it was the original plane. From the very very beginnings of magic the gathering so we're going back to that we're gonna see. I'm hoping we're gonna see a lot of a return to us a return to form if you will to that original set that I just. Love them and essentially memorized and Richard Garfield he don't working and Richard Garfield is working on a man so yeah this is this is huge news for everyone in match the other the. And so I want I heard that to Mike OK and I'm gonna have to do that in just because it's so goofy yeah it's so silly after you could be a non like well it's been a long time to I've played well that's great because I think the other sister so chaotic and crazy animal he's that they really embrace that have. How mine is and android not their honor there's the board game OK the first in android universe series. And it's clue type murder mystery okay but it has a longer play time because there's a little bit of a sandbox style to us. And you realize raises to make but there's so much to it I love it because of the so much shift pay attention to is an area coop game tumor now it's certainly not you guys you're competing investigators. Trying to figure out a the murder. Be that. Big corporations that are connected to conspiracy in the murder and all the while managing your own personal story ha which has nothing do with the murder huh. But indeed radio and out the next time a more replaced because that's sounds great that sort of right up my Alley well I love it has you if you don't pay attention here on baggage do you insertion her evening game in and you can't do your investigations and he can't. Yeah I think any entered universal cyberpunk right there was a win for me beloved and then nine just a good murder mystery tonight. So you really really great we definitely knew try to we're not soon before too much harder so what so I don't put this question up to the how will we had a few appear cars says sandals a little finesse always sentinels of the more diverse country and I'm thinking he really liked him. You know what and there is a lot to recommend that game we don't play it very often because we've had some bad experiences of that but I think we were also. Partially playing it wrong so I would like to get back now and eventually. But I know it's gimme a tough sell for most the people in my group because they're the ones that I played with and we had a bad experience off in my imaginary. Exactly. I mean you're right here at halftime tie keys the slasher sure it says here escape. When Jenna a lot of people left here escape and a I guess if you haven't you ARU love I don't and a in Chinese unit trying to get it is true he had so good but it clearly got to keep has it in day just isn't it played as often and and I wonder then at that point if it's about if it's a setup issue that we talked about four is how that went. Now that would give me a lot to unpack. He really can't play factors for the reforma on yellow yes or frank yeah icons dismount says dead of winter. Oh on young lady. Not because they don't want oh and got the play we need to we need to get the red are hearing and immediately went and expansion we have multiple games and a winner going on simultaneously. And connected and oh wow another one universe game. That would be fine and in doubt aside what happens as discreet yeah they really at their stuff together. Trevor haren we know Trevor yeah America America. He says is a lot of falls in the category for him. OK but he says that a culture. How well they names like stray empire and game in terms of our game. I love game in terms of our game go out now what happened I cannot tell you that I and so you have to give it was a bargain has one of the best set up systems I've ever seen oh yeah court game because everybody has. Or in their little player or these are things you're supposed to do for so yeah you do they're all doing in the Santiago. I love what we did a rev. Yeah who we broker I had had a nice alliance with ram we were playing next to the each other he went to the bathroom big mistake. I have got a pass up I mean Chris you up with a new plan yet we did to him after the the rest face turned a new shade of red oh man not yet seen at that time. Sorry after red down when you said pissed. Oh yeah I I think I can get that this fight because it'll it'll be oblique and people get police say he thought. I'm. Not that bad that's the wrong kind of thrown for that game. How many more on the and just if you really don't think look I don't know and I'm sure. I okay nobody else. Mark both today calling Flanagan and Steve gill and Allstate TI three are good man good Netanyahu again and again so much going on that. In this is troublesome that I'm not surprised we don't play more and I believe that's TD Steve Perry. Yeah honesty Steve KJ spin. Eat yet he also lists cosmic encounter as one that he would. Oh he's really good because we have another lie down but I agree we don't get out and we'll get out enough ya know he's aggregate that's one knew exactly we play a lot. But I think we played moon. Also unless here's our body Byron hey. He's obsessed with your requests sword play more campaigned in Anaheim I haven't I'm ready to play and I guess organs for sure yesterday so another campaign game with beautiful minions in more immune giant. Are entitled to classic get that done right now and any -- you're saying all of my their words are now so that's fantastic we will get that done. Well awesome we always look here from the nationals and we will put out more questions so be on the lookout for those for now though Sean I think it's time to kick it. Did. Didn't do in June gloom doom. What do buried as what Georgia got luck doing that. All right. John gazing years saying so yes for kick starter Abby got a bunch are really cool games that are this time. We're looking at lords of how lists by a week in the realm we guess this is just so nice awaken realms did in this war mind which is just dropping on people's. Doorsteps from kick starter in the game looks amazing. And what's cool manes in this game. An optical menus as well in this forum mind so. Everybody's really raving about this were mine so I've a lot of confidence that lowers a palace is gonna do really well. This is a fancy based territory control game with adventure elements are brewing. 300 and facility one point two million of their thirty AK Eagles looked slow yeah you'd just. Hey wood two million a month I got me there and pretty and you they're not. Who really need to mean means there's the five part monuments to stand 120 millimeters high and yet there you diligent guy end game. There amazingly not a you know they have my money yeah yeah okay we're the big debates I don't mean this is a bigger game Abby pledge is actually is a little tired 106 for the base pledged that. There's a lot of radical stuff that's game for sure. One of the players levels it's appreciating which is awesome condition and it. Lets come and in my house. Yes film so I Nesta is loose entity the six I didn't nightmares by fox deal games that is a press your luck dice placement game I love those games low pressure like him I am. And where you're basically rolling to escape nightmares. And if you fail you actually become one of the nightmares so routinely used in he had the sounds cool ER in this game is really really captured my attention I mean you really look into this one. It looks a little bit like role player because your feeling placing dice out on and cards and stuff pretty rare feel like the did dice game that really captures team. Yesterday media out now that's funny as I like about arena and so this looks cool because it's they scheme that has a lot of theme as well yeah that's cool there it's clean on dollar for the base pledge and their eighteen came there eleven case of their funded are nice and hitting all those juicy strict rules create. Next up is galactic warlords battle hard dominion and I are con games. As they car driven game for a tactical deployment and planetary control so we think of something that you would be were the specifically into oak death sounds great. Samba again a lot of my favorite words on one place. The art by this is someone that all of our game your noses by the meego who did the art for malaria cart capital of learning games. A solace my. I don't somebody's credit large area. I was a fifty dollar for the base pledge pretty ash reasonable for what the kind of game this isn't there an eleventh came there 24 K goal. It's ending on that 7-Eleven. So the curator re shocked yes I've practiced yet blacks. He looked awesome I'm not silenced their guys thank you in exactly known tiny it is memo mini series titles that says I don't win the death. I deception. Undercover allies doing very much gains we've had great five summit for the Saturday. We and deception a deception and a really good idea this is more stuff. For the game sweet morrow I characters to play has. If there is bigger Boxee can net she put all of this together in one container love that man I am so in on this. Forty my for the base pledge there are a 130 duque of their 25 K go all that much of course of their unlocking right now. I next step is Epoch and the awakening in my orange nebulous. That's a strategic fantasy themed game for to defy players from resource management actions selection tile placement. Looks really cool. There at C 49 dollars for the boys spent. Links for the voiced hedge afforded under those individuals on this yeah I thought. Nearly for 38. For their game. There at eighteen K of their thirty K goal as the ending on 712. And their at a Vancouver Washington well we're not an allotment and it is just a little bit south of us there. We did. And last of I've guts why mr. who put this on their criticism Josh is face Todd that they're working on some stretch goals and. Yeah I thought I think I know exactly who will. Yeah I don't know I just do not knowing about the hair right yeah I think we'll let the kids yeah. Well guys that's so I'll eat anywhere and everywhere and we use a few blocks amount man I did see that. Wait did you say blocked or locked him but who. You know and I. I don't have the key to that door that's so unfortunately guys and if not today BJ's arm and we will try again next week but. For now Patrick thank you rescind this is a great thing you hear will you vote in new Vieira it but Josh thanks for being here coming to do certain things are much basic. Sean give and a I guess thanks for being our president you saw there annual listener think you do but for now they what do we say gosh. Welcome plan with family remind them. The plan. Your inner geek wants to come out and play plug where. To. Join Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for every one let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. 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