MigsCast 06/20/17 “Rocket Romano”

Tuesday, June 20th

This week Glenn shares some insane home remedy stories that leads to a spirited conversation about the show E.R.!  Migs talks about his latest adventures in learning how to become a pro-wrestler, and the Rev shares a fun story about his wife’s giggling at movies!  Plus, we discuss the world’s worst dilemma…short people at concerts! 

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I'm. And I got excited. You broke it I think ever to have phone again. The man's guess. I. Have my career with the reverend and play Gagne yeah thank Glenn cannon Lou hello everybody hi guys doing good doing well who do. I'm sad to hear that because most of the Lulu cans what are you gonna do we have to retire those 7506. Is with the dog on the ear piece man. Mike appealed the dog part off and on my next of these cans are fine it's a headphone Jack. All I know your fee you ruined the whole. Kids should get the whole day did you balance audio so we're gonna before you start shaman man was going to be like that because my head coach extra girth beat you put a hole should be measured using a smaller part and I were brought here that. Eight page Candace is yeah eating leaguers and. Oh there's a good bandied devastate we are devastatingly Garcia could think that's a bad name it is tough. And it didn't commit bank Connor Rutgers couldn't screaming trees posting in the same thing they didn't wanna make such a cruel heartless they're guys that we can't say sic jerk terror. How big boys everybody's I heard that the silence on loans soar was actually tribute to. Ole oh no no I'm kidding I'm kidding just. I think about it but you know. I bring its total deer right now they are friends give each other the hardest time I wouldn't be surprised if vice true here let me in my out of number way Moammar harsh are my friends that I am people that I don't know totally true and she'll appear he punched me in the study did well and I sit socket and introduce its acute lack jones'. Music you looked tired a little late now but then I begin golf is my dentist now mentally got a couple weeks and let hey. All men today don't get no morning shows are kind of weave weird I woke up my sleeve. Felt like on nine to five earth and got on the road at 7:30 in the morning you you know 88 jury shall still like you guys up like three yeah well I was here at. Five anyway OK I guess that was I was man in the boards 'cause you know someone has to do that boring job round I would opt my internal clock biting you mean my wife my dog yes it wakes me up 1 morning and I will boo did not know the thing is it's dead partially as the dogs fall but look I'm able to get up at 2:30 in the morning and not wake up anybody meg just. I am in my dog a little bit but. I'm thrown around my house again ninja I got my phone I'm using my cup does deserve light up my phone hasn't flashlight to find my clothes and just get everything done all stealth. My wife wakes up lights go on to come marching band comes into the room while she's at least somebody else being in there aren't that fast that's all you know well I think you're onto something do you well my 200 something commented that it can figure it out and I dare pat pat pat. And sooner or stop and around music gets turned on the TV goes on as well like little. Sensory overload you need like do you sleep just a treat resolve our old I get up emporium I fall back asleep but what is up ten early because she's a girl needs to do pretty girl things Christie gets out of three is no war. Four she's a four. But Jesse Miller wrote what time six. OK okay I'll sheets but for the got a whole routine in the Ramos and staff just isn't really good I take an hour from bad yeah I shall wary got to deal with the hair and she's got I mean she's got a crazy hair aid and it's like I can feel if you were well yeah I mean you've got the same girls but. This year is a little tricky basically churlish our leaned over into the shower moistened moistened the way Aikman and then you stand up and put in whatever implement you need to control the wind anymore get out the door. Yeah I don't know if that's how she does things are not sure it's not an extensive record or to pay more attention to but also see goes downstairs she reads her devotion all she. She hangs out meet some of the Bible like she's got a whole root team that is not the. These silly evening activities to me this sounds like 11 PM things get away get paid my wife says the thing was just do devotional price she'll sit in bed are reading your phone. Indy kinda ease yourself and getting up it's one of those things where she's giving herself a lot of breathing room in the morning sure she's up but not necessarily having to run around and do a ton of things and letting everything happen at a leisurely pace as opposed to you know what I do is literally is like shower put on pants go on to your parents about my day getting ready and other free I includes Africa deodorant on the usual there's Sunday's Reggie White. I keep deodorant in my bags do you have some pets stick candy yeah yeah dad there have been at times or other people who have had Pitt stay here that I have jacked. From the duke. Yes it's all right man desperate times call for desperate adding volume rose to all months ago or just plucked the hairs out of it than I ever thought I don't just just do that you want me that and other people have said that but did when I use theirs they got mad about it so. How long gotten everyone's cool would that I don't get the people who aren't cool it down because a lot of times OC like six gimmick that's so gross but they'll see them surely not lip balm. And I might pull I think lip balm being shared his weirder than sharing I don't have herpes at the careless and she's got a sore you're still does Robin that's going on your face bogey and then on we hear about gas so I don't know you're it's fine though. And that's I don't know outlet I know you like to right now I don't think you know now I let her man to Wear. No socks underwear and go ahead and what was so weird about that that's that's where a couple of months and use it one time could he never knew what I boxer briefs felt like the American classics I gave him an extra pair dirt that's a step away from sword fighting at that point all I can do. And a shower every yeah yeah like ESP any jitters he is definitely our common and our kills the ring worm. Does not come on draft two out of three miscast. Draw. The Sox I am the lucky guy though like Tony all you Stallone is mark would show up. New for shows and it just into the new year do you take this really cool T shirt please Wear it in origin stink but another coach Jesse UN like a neon Cornish our segment. In the brown rice and yet we got head band vibe here today near blowing hot line lap eighty days ago Chris. Exactly and I ever college you're not A Flock of Seagulls cover bad enough in the light blue mom jeans like that it missed. Trail power fail here take these items of clothing but I think. Mark is destroyed a lot of Tony's garments I'm lucky that because items I sold its coverage of the fly on the wall over generalizations. Does Tony is more on I mean I'm don't Obey and as they weren't entertainers you all look like roster. Tony Knight has like this the bill the viva rock star yeah. Yes right. He can see it's not the gasoline goes Adams waited dude that's like people run under me and this is the way I dress. Every day right this is the clothes I Wear this is who I am I guess the same Tony where mark bless his heart. Was penalty ever got on that page or maybe he would rademan who I am either this can really good on a row. Hey I'm going oh yeah. Shall I don't know who I have an island so the Buddha on the Bruce would Wear black jeans and I was against Buddha like on myself we my best in the black Jeep that's Americans are good now get seven I'm lucky that because I am 64. You know it's not like Tony your market Schundler do you need encouraging second workers and maturity and they would look like there was a time warp the good a little kid in dad's clothes you know these giant Hanson is a giant game of a teacher feel OK good then it's see you wearing Tony's clothes and Tony where you are. There's like honey I shrunk the rock star I don't know and Michael will mom beauties is not a very tall guy you know and I don't know I'm whip from green drag equipment greens were awesome guy man we're getting another launch war and of course aware loyalist Paul really low and I'm 64 mob guy yet. And I walked up to what little Stevie to give me a shirt and underwear and how it away as I guess I don't want to area dad is a bit at Ameritech dot I walked up to Michael would you men com. Redo if they re assure bro and had this big smile and I took my last call off. And put it on it. And reboot just got there and cheer all I think the toggle switch from my pickup selector was down around his knees feel like separate from our sound garden. Like Steve Clark from Def Leppard and if we both laughed usually does this is a cool guitar like sure what that I want to see how crazy long Micah Z two bullets are really well. And it's it's like little dragging on the ground yeah my instrument hanging installation you know the unknown. What to look like a rock star I mean there's that that certain threshold where you either look like a roster you look like you're in a Blues Traveler that's correct or deny you can ask your eye when you see those bases and I are so weird I'm shirt like. But like functionality wise if the right place to be you're able to do everything you need to do we look like I've. Gruber when your your base is resting on your blue look like someone trying to channel the fab four. And yes I look cool job doing you just don't you think. Jimmie you've got to Wear your instrument well it's it's interesting when aware like fenders tell cashier's check bashers somewhere around. To what feels naturally correct which is lower not mine I'll see when you sit down only know history you can play the hell out of it and standing up I knew where lower but they ride naturally and I can play my game since their. Put it doesn't look. I hate hate to say that Jimmy Page ruined it for everyone part of it you gotta look cool yeah com so it is harder to play my guitar that hello. What I'm an entertainer and you gotta look cool and then Aussie after a number of years Gibson's there are so heavy. I would love to see you Glenn play one joke with the guitar however I guess you you got both title when he played terribly likely. White suit worn rim glasses Buddy Holly yeah absolutely. I would ask what the rest until I am down. I am the other bands did talk a little essay here man in his straps on adjustable. Others photos here there are many like him are jammed with the black funnel all stars and it was all zaps stuff then they're guitar secure man this is beautiful little custom strap is on adjustable. And yeah I looked like a member of The Beatles the green less Paul was up. Above like if I were you gotta do this gene you do and let me do it gets all loud outnumbered Internet at all there. And I just I want it I know that you can play any instrument matter up up there when she for me it was awkward as hell. But you know when you know you cannot look cool man dropped to lose its rock and roll Leann yeah. Let her dream theater find where to break your neck I mean it's at two stone throws away from B a little leg up on your shin. Yet you're in a frog rock ran all bets are off regular as a drummer. And Muir when you got like a massive roto Toms and in my yes five Toms on top and then you got like you know. All these crazy amounts a symbol is China's animal splashes and Mike that's just ridiculous for rock and roll like all you need is a simple basic flaw in this case. And we have three or four symbols and you're golden want to. I'm good enough for John Mullen good enough for you and Odyssey for yeah. You're a necessity I have a Jeep I can't fit anymore drums and I fit I'd take a little different kettle drums fantasy you know there FF yeah well I was like how about some gold Mattel drama hits now let's. I'm brand they know it's like I don't fans can get away with whatever they could show up wearing whatever acting however they want but there programme Smith still played all eight of those other guitarists yeah you can all see now I'm really how we learn more you know I'm right Alan Parsons who is also a lot of people left right center to come out as ideally. So it's actually really like brush lands. I do I used to hate rush. And as I've gotten old driver I've appreciated your respect their music weigh more I'm still not a rush fan I would mikes and around my house listening to my deal was it when he won twelve or whenever. On the bottom of the mega fan but I would say the album owners by exit stage left a correct that's a lie record. And it's killer suggest by that and that's all the Russian indeed my mom I think I'll be streaming that gas per hour the first record before they had curtain. I mean when they released working men in the states a lot of people like men have you heard the news up once and are a lot of people actually thought it was zeppelin and announces Canadian man called rush to their first album. We must master referring coached to little rock and roll reliever Saul working net yeah that was a single that record it is a rock and roll wreck that go back and listen to land and a lot of people in radio at the time like man have you heard this news out single and has not Led Zeppelin it was a rush. Then they got meal per in the band and meals dormant took him down that path which I'm not saying anything bad about I mean perch are really talent amazingly create. The guy he's young I am I hearing it amaze you know I know I got this right I remember how dumb story but when I was a kid. On Iceland you're you did I ran over to him I first went over to Billy told Billy Joseph coming at Foss kid and I want to wait sheepishly and and I saw Neil Perry from Russian my no my god Dielman drummer Joey needs to compress them. Jab and in my ear and he is not easy way personable like he's a nice guy like lol I just leave meal. I love all this build up I never met him oh dot played why I gave him. And it's stupid reason when I was a kid I guess I subscribe to modern drummer magazine that was like as one does add pro wrestling illustrated the WW after magazines and modern drummer. And then I was in my dad's Playboy so my big four and a more emphasis on taste now functioning. Are still I would read modern drummer makes cover to cover any interview and I remember reading an interview and you parrot and he spoke about. How he does it Wear earplugs in that like. Didn't hold. Reason behind gimmick who I should not we are your clubs either. And so I stopped wearing earplugs in when they are really met in my damage to city and show up for practice and I was so Mets a two down my drums I was beaten eleven pit. Since then I've had the ringing in my ears and it's never it's an aide Derrick ads you probably added to. There are days where it's not so bad and their days were it keeps me up at night math and it's frustrating. And I blame yogurt because up until then I'll bring earplugs and I stopped wearing earplugs because I dot. Good drummers don't Wear earplugs BA CE it's that I don't read the article wrong and he probably said no Wear earplugs all the time I reading comprehension was a very I. I don't know how I'm not a new good yeah when you meet you and that's why I am a parent needs you needs he means you have to move back from two real and I don't you think peanut butter normal here mr. about how he like purposely Mike. On learn how to play the drums are to re learn how to clean room trained himself to play track grip because he felt that he had hit the peak of what he couldn't do with. I don't know what that's called when you just hold the sticks straight out I caught animal science traditional grip it has once once stick forward and want to stick annual Mac guy analyst who swear they use the power of your wrist a lot more you can do apparently into a lot more if you learn to play track gripped O'Neal went. Okay I'm really good on this road and yet he won't we you completely restart your image. As your style of those are my dad used to play my dad apparently I mean Newsweek before my time but when my dad was a sessions studio drummer. A bomb he was so good it's traditional grip. That he would be able to do all our single hand roll yet with just one hand we obsess thumb was like what did like so when you're holding its count like. You just kind of like rolling it we jam and you're just. Forehand. And you can get it done and apparently once you've mastered that the power snapping your wrist you hit five times or pound you and Adam traditional hit. So by I Danny with your wrist and you make it stick do the work into Michael Carla actually when you'll pert and let me be Eisner who Michael caught ice and amazingly talented drummer who. And Carla pooper like this one new ones are caught a lot. OK so nominee that and he did the same thing weird it's weird because she can't play all his drums are angled slightly away from amidst the craziest thing you've ever seen. To compensate for the fact that his stick is not angle back in towards his stomach. Density that is just what you'd call all of the watch him play elect many you know god has really wow your machine like complex drums I don't know if I have some original project right now is that a couple of projects over the years but he's he's good drum guy in Seattle like if you do American music he's run a mantra oh yeah I'm sure I -- I'm reorder I conversation random brother and their overtime tequila see jealousy it's weird man if you walk the American music deal will Landers and Mike comment in the building at the same time it's like -- I just turnaround he could work and move. Well from of course I'm miles wide nominee who I finally got to see those guys at that show when they were as high yeah impressive as well. Yeah I mean that that's that's a style drumming that's an emblem from what I hear it means that you could also army club yourself a lot quicker yeah yes and benefit owners. It's it's in the risk Lisa just minutes of the about the risks and what they yeah but how careful not to decapitate yourself on her knees about a lot of people just pulling the helmet right off the soldier they actually take days they stress that people morons I usually like decides they'll go to certain size you can't. Learned that style drumming from yeah that's just not good for you. Okay great bill Willis another rabbit hole and call and more about your dad was off today I'll I'll I idea ads got a text from a looks like he's gonna be good to go tomorrow sadistic weirdness of this whole things has been very strange he's a guy you could he hurt his back somehow. According to uncle Chris was he trying to. Economic data zero point Marilyn Manson then. But he didn't learn that proper drum style so it's a committee or remove array of any route yeah that is well how Osama auto Felicia how the app do well lit. Let's talk now is the rumored that caught trying. In the ninety's that he had removed yet rib removed and he was also the guy from the wonder years. I don't either those are true believes that yeah he was a ball from the wonder years you know we've removed then Lotta people believes that sort red won't stop horse man no. Read do you have the Baxter behind BJ's off. Injuries. Just from boy you talk about Chris Chris and that telling you mean that he apparently BJ bands over to check the wheels on some things that we calls women at the strip club wind instead goes up we look flagrant and instead of doing you know us up plus why do you view it was Ben Dover at all handing out are dumb reasons yeah I hate when that happens I know lake and eight as much as I wanna make fun of the guy for it mighty my roommate of someone you know ten years ago or so he'd literally. Pulled his back. While in the shower sneezing it's remarkably easy in the shower and then just stocky couldn't do anything so I pulled back sneezing in the car guy is just like how do you do that. I whenever tweaked my back to that agreement and had many friends and have gas and while we're poking fun at BJ. I guarantee you that hurt and oh yeah this you have to you can't see you can't stand for any amount has Mona doesn't get you yeah you're just gonna lay there and be in pain yet. Well so he's been resting up for pain in the grass of course not absolutely a -- in the back I would hope should be great if we get him wheelchair and slowly Omar easy do we know morale of our chair and we'll take the governor also Grasso it's hell ha snow just get one of those little Barbie power we will milk speech as all of these great. All I know you Africa okay. Get him a motorized bar because yeah. Chris yeah. Sort of talk him about it for sort of podcasters joking around about these instance of some his weird injuries including my favorite is still the spider bite incidents. Where you just try to by now don't make it and there was a couple years ago in the grass regatta spider bite. And you wanna keep he used to irritating it's we have like these random band aids it to select like this weird like heroin addict yeah Accra crack addict or some like random realizes. Ads which don't settle assuming spiders I need to hang in there at his house and gone on to what National Mall for our rulers did if you're in the house in your were certain size sorry well that's on our silence and I don't like spiders Murr. Brown spends weekends and we got the cat now says he's pretty vigilant about bugs which is kind of nice yeah anything else he's an idiot but it didn't look pretty good and the other day went outside an immaculate a blog an arm out and freaks it out I I that's not why I'm. Thank you would like there's basically give a cat for a second which is proud that you brought her new friend and I look look look I got this like kind of sudden appeared in. Persons like what is that like a leaf and a beard and it should look slow closing. And if you don't like his kids you should we do you might at the end of the day looms a dog she's doing all of me concerns right there right now. She might look cute by the which is you know still be out of here that I'm I'm I'm not. Well dog used to roads and you tell it that's those are good on the you grow as an rarely feel didn't care if the dollar isn't doing Dodd all or another don't letting kids yet. Older liquid and then my dog her name was Max re lol I thought it was a boy until the first launch appeal to call him so he became a backseat yet totally yes I have 4000 nicknames were good I remember you know Maryland slowed and. Like three previous known she'd be out bounding Jesus know and then she vowed she stopped at all. Then she would burrow down do this now and locate a frozen character frozen streets and come up just elated not I'm. I don't know who has led our our alien in the elite eight or just better delicious she noted that along scandal could smell that you that's no gas prices knew there was a captured them. You knew it was there originally and so I can't wait till. Winter season comes I street and they ought to give it finally happened icicle. Exactly because you think about a portrait that we did our own we've got a horrible thing go on for appreciate having gone mortgages are really cool. But I mean. I could step in and cat asks you know there's a dog finds it three feet of snow I can't even spotted my living room. Oh yeah yeah yeah you're right right may have some other so Dorgan my quiet. I'm Manning stepped improve their Allison what do the words I remember stepping in and then we're go into a restaurant and I'm like RA who stepped in it and then I realize where do you yeah I was you don't have to like sitting there before we get in do that the restaurant and you know that should I analyzed my address you can get a wide leg white in my and I liked it. Herb and then on the grass and like I can still smell February your vehicle. Yes. And at that point and it's like can kind of hoping that it really didn't stay there and he's gonna. Deal with the you have to win the throttle pedal I have a breeze in my car soldiers code coded all day and Jeremy and holding reasonably is that rule red oh so fine didn't know yet you put Lulu in your cautiously to the polls may yet cause you good. Look like an exit goes free so we don't my carpet my car's a massacre crumbs everywhere I'm not not there. And I can't make up and you think is an amazing incidents over the stop at leather you grow assuming no she's due telling my car. I thought I. So at at lower odd talking about just like Regis funny ailments would the band aids on the scam Glenn shared I mean what has to be one of the things. Incredible home remedies series that I need the reds and all of the finalists and the makes testing here. Still it's just unbelievable here this is random conversation about Mike I have to write this satellite he got the short. The other girl madness is all I got so all on growing up in West Virginia and then western Maryland armed IC poison ivy and I am a fair skinned guys so wanna say got a it was a black league level. You know a couple times it looked like the mummy I know she just it would ruin me. And that plagued me my my whole life I got poison poker poison ivy it was not like a little itchy patch up put some cal monarch. It was like I'd been set on fire in the sunburn you know put out with a Murillo panic right. But still it. I think it was maybe fourteen maybe fifteen and I got poise and broke again I'm certain downstairs in my skin crawl on and my dad's Mary's excellent. You know. Do you wanna kill us house of god yes all do you anything's like well. Less than. You know we even get it so that you get so wildly and so ridiculous I can't stand seeing you go through this yeah so I don't we get the wrong idea I'm not trying to mess with you I'm giving you honest legitimate advice do you wanna kill it and I'm like yes sir yes that anything yes and he said okay here's a Judeo. Go in the longer room. Scratch it open until a more leads. And then pour bleach on. Good got no let's scarring yeah. I'm scarred up too bad but you know show I was car like I you know I looked at him was like. Really needs it is gonna hurt. In a way you can imagine. But it'll kill. It'll dry it up it will kill yet. So good that has been my remedy for poison ivy poise you know. I would just scratching to a bleeds and if you scratch through the bloody reach is what I call the white face where she is white glistening skin. And then you through the bleach on their now you have to be careful not to lose consciousness. At all. Not to lose conscious were all gathered from the time you give a little bit television going on I mean I'm not kidding. Do you lucky you you're good Allen. Yeah same yes but hey this is my dad to me means Exxon do not try to set you would kill you suffer for three weeks and he learned as I wonder if he has to act you know. No one no one in redneck guy rams have remedies right out and this over the banana inside and I think is a tasty treat our halo discovered that rubbing something raw and importantly. Not sure our policy unleaded gasoline allude to jerk you smell bad but that'll kill it it'll drive right up and those talents you know I don't want dogs that are you can use a rubbing alcohol also feeling it tailor my wife and and she yeah I got I was at. They're down or in helping her mother clean up their property and I got poise and know pursue Mac or one element I was a massive. And armed you know Tony scene in the bathroom like trying not to lose consciousness is some scratching the stuffer on pouring bleach on it. And my wife was like there's a better way chizik you're insane electric car I don't know you know I just can't count on my hand over to the that's doesn't do any good manually. I can't believe Janet did you should be out gag kills you. I'm still here you are mummified at this point you are just like you saw Obama as soul that somehow it's still animated in walking around for anyone got live crab merit area you can Richards keepers are used bleach on the boys know and that's all still here and outreach. And if you go to your drugstore. And go to the small laundry section every drug store has there is a bar soap that is hard core. They see wash your clothes in the river style so that contains actual whole lot where the chemical lie which ruled all aluminum and in armed. And you can take that you take they analyze good stuff. So you take that he Gil in the showered and you scratch still bleeds and use the edge of the line Barroso open you drive the lion intuit. It's not nearly as painful on that'll kill it too so for anyone that's considering this is a remedy to don't. Do you try idol I feel pride tried alive for and is it true you pop doesn't give him a headache you draw hauling your brain and import and that our nation and extract good idea you don't know how we're out of your Mark Harris is once and four body cut myself and it was a nice deep cut and I don't know why it occurred to me so much for armed. Who knows a cold dude and so we went in and I clean the wound and was bleeding pretty bad. And it was a point of curiosity from me and you've always heard of salt in the wound home put salt on lunar moon told us assault balloon saws I wonder what that's old all right so this nice deep in cut maybe everybody's lying to me it is actually the most ultimate healing agent ever will know here's the truth this is and this is what I learned 'cause I was curious. So I've got a nice letter and Saudia this. Okay I I don't know happy. Receive songs he's so yeah it's a little idea at all dad saw a landing on popcorn on gear box really grabbed the Morton's trillions and arm to. And still insult to that elude to CE what that was all blown Nash barbecued your arm inserted their men dumb. It it burns like I had owned it really hurts but what I figured out what that's all about. As the salt granules does all they've pretty much become water any cleans the wounded a weighty key. Possibly it just steroid no and I want innocence and I was like oh that's what that's a low margin mood. You are crazy you'll get it now I know PS I know it's so like if you're if you were in the wild and had access to assault rock and were cut. Rather than risking gangrene and dying. You saw all the wounded does hurt but it cleans the wounded in a remarkable way. Also I note none of us our medical profession you guys know I'm not a bad that I that I I was I was all watched dot doctor shows on TV consumer Saltalamacchia. But as they say about like Munich on how polls are like VoIP canker sores which was soul which without warm salt water because our army joint gangster which I've done some times when it's hurt so bad and I just wanted to be I just radical dab of salt. And put it right on the canker sore and illuminate it kills the but it seems to heal a lot quicker ball. Hello you gum infections are naming its stock down there whatever he did incident irritated armed swish with hydrogen peroxide now. And I learned the hard way do you wanna cut the hydrogen peroxide to water. Because if you don't know how you peroxide will foam up to such remarkable degree that you might suffocate ask me how I learned that. Good guide post China brief little cool punt and full they called Jesus got a little I always got a little sway and I didn't have to worry about Pratt I admire I had to laugh. Did break it all in cold sober and I couldn't Italy. So I was email. Acknowledge any additional separate company I started a joke is that it is a well you just saw it happening holding my view peroxide into my loans unless you land grab a NN. So that you use yeah but he's outta my cinnamon in your out to right. I don't know that you only had. I had sentimentality what is this you're trying to whistle why you do it sucks out all moisture in your mouth and you can't swallow and it is Jesus could not come yet cloud cinnamon smoke usually in a funny tricks to pull on somebody when you video audio. Enough is absolutely not notice is on for dear all thrilled another good old remedy the late eighties if you get a blister doctor can cut it cut it off don't look all a lot of poke a hole and just opened tops of the skin underneath can Harden can't. All and then honestly depending on how bad the cut this. Super glue do not go get stitches stitches will scar to Helen Mack super glue was invented for battlefield doctors. I believe in World War II have a chicks dig scars. I want on my finger on his island bad attitude and got to get what you I got health insurance for all times so I would lay myself open and then the way to fix it. Super super glue shot it'll it'll and we're gonna do it works great. So there you put similar on yourself it's like that's actually what it was invented for redid it. That's what three guys on his come from slapping him that I kind of been a little my fingers don't talk Italy's foreign Owen is com statistics Huber who just -- garner and add and feels about that the good. Yes that's what episodes for twenty ER break. He knew that she ER has doctor Glenn I came home from work one day. I don't want to and my wife was watching ER. And right when I walked in the war. Some guy was on the hell pat you know some doctors and ask talented bright future doctors on the helipad on par you're pre or summing up by Grey's Anatomy as well. Boy got to close the rotors and it'll off his arm off but it's good. It just isn't episode called doctor armor something. Procter arm literally I was just there and I was really guitars and the time which is like an assault on all your senses anyway birdied ten hours at a time. And a walk in the. I'm leaving me here in thirteen terrible drummer a drums and oh my god and Qatar prime played zeppelin so painful. I thought I was I guess soothing sound. Now walking and in this guy's kidneys are lopped off and Essen and then be can turn it down for second and she yet once it's on my knees the that's a look. Life is hard enough. Arnold won't come home and walking my front door and she some guy getting his arm lopped off from a goddamn television can you please. Not watch this. Appropriate duke what humble man. Belichick watching ER when I was around because you didn't know the special is it a little special guys and if you team down you know over the border but there was a break. Now I'm mentally scarred now because this episode yeah yeah like gray here it was a backup. She settled yet head they had to evacuate the possible dream monkey pox out break out my tour bus on the helipad and the chart on the Gurney flew off ahead in the windy he went to pick it up and helicopter amputated his arm. Seasons and he got a robotic arm and then he died when I got a lot of garment that Doctor Who generally are taught Carter did you achieve the ER until he died in the episode freefall from a helicopter that fell off the roof. German shoppers yeah. What I host doctor Romano is taxing it gas. Undecided. I don't need that my life. Like you're out of bed look. You are home. I don't know. Here comes on top there. It I was like yeah. Killing all would you think I'm all the normal watching Schindler's List I would hope that. Yeah. There was a big plus you monster ball back. Now I don't know what I'm that guy it was a miracle they're well. Okay. It's. Yeah. It's on forwards and our own home and Celebrex. And yeah. I walked into that and she's a little put off the television we talked about it till it hush until I watched Fargo right now I don't know if you ever watch the original movie all anytime okay well you know the wood chipper scene had sex until well yes well in. TV show it is brutal and I'm in the second season right now and they're literally grinding a person in a meet other airlines. We're noted no they had past but it's the if the person that they need to dispose of the body and its New Jersey zero or writing being interviewed and do this sausage you know now an illusion and ask. Why not. Deal with my wife Jesus like and after the wood chipper scene this is. Normal OK with all of this might lose and we're all Internet hard about as your partner in the wood chipper this thing. His nickname is a beautiful little visit his name is doctor Robert rocket Romano. Sure why not men's preliminary call brews are pretty rhetorical rocket Romano I'm not I. Hope. Forget that we get we got to have go bomb the drummer of Def Leppard as a drummer Luke is otherwise a sudden you have reason to me it's. A face off. Over the top fuel sipping a cup and I know we have a story about pouring salt on the wounds. We have a sort of halted his arm to clean enemy knows verbally it's probably dirty greasy British per share particularly diverse strike the other thing or boycott Arizona and quick quick going to shares or about ripping scabs and pouring bleach on his arm to match like oh yeah coach's view and time episode of us can. Eating lasagna put it down now to put it can only guy get an arm chopped off from a helicopter from a bad TV show thing well as you wrap your scarface come out I. Peace in 81 when I was whatever was there are five maybe even though they don't show anything when that dude got cut to be a very shower with a chainsaw and we'll show it to show the blood hidden pitino's face in all implies then. But as solid as a young man as a little person and Utah. And two you don't you do so do you what do you com. But that I think freak me out. For a life whatever because he starship troopers in the theater and that movie's basic use one Vijay took his kid that amputation fast you know app after app and I'm sitting there just like. God help me I just there's something about all the loss of bloom. 'cause of the 'cause of that guy didn't cut next we take delaying any kind of have a chain saw a solo goes way too young to see Patton. And I think that's what all that is more of it just we eggs I can't handle letting Ellis. Six or seven when predator came out of any came out in 86 dollar sought in the theaters. And the first thing that kind of struggle well creed well I was to skinned people at the beginning you can't be more skin hanging from the trees crazy seventy yet very close and then OK so I was about eight then Tom Hall and in -- Jesse Ventura when he gets his got blown out yet he gets blown through analysts like those were the ones that have completely and utterly stuck with me but also pretty cool with blood and gore at this point now in my life. And you pretty solid and safe with their for most of my life just because of the redeem. It was missed but I thought at I would not think it was a psychological thrillers I got meg this shining similar thing like there was a lot of implied stocks are one of the dvd movies little kids yeah yeah yeah when labor didn't do so funny held back in those days I wonder if like that kind of style of horror. Or thrillers would work for people now they look so desensitized because they've seen everything get rid well it cut off and thrown away. Think he implying he. Is all this what jaws is so incredible this day. The build up because you never know what you really cute to see the shark a lot. Which was MP elbow there or settle stir up giant mechanical shark and broke down in the had to just do it that way but it it it's kind of why signs dimensional movie shot science. You never really get to see. And so what you do it oh shoot or even though little old people relate what crap but Allen saw Blair witch in the theater. Then all of the just darkness and screaming and see your imagination go wild. Dude that was stressful I thought it was really on that early and also. Paranormal activity the first 10 yeah what I. There's CNET 00 it's cool it makes good man it's kind of in whatever if you're sitting at home with Blake you know like you and your wife sort of thing but we saw any theatre opening weeks stressed out 1130 at night. Full house yeah. And I my fears were about that is the fact that my wife and he is the nervous giggle are all know she was giggling during like there's certain decisions on the verge of panic as yeah yeah I got it like people are getting pissed her. And that I thought that was hilarious as well but yet it's a one of those things I love seeing a war movies in a big group of people because the tension in the in the theater. Makes it even worse yet. It will or Saturday I did feel like I cascades and it's a good group on phenomenon. I think this is the desensitized and like eat when you see see see it's he would. The less it's really gone well like I just what you saw alien covenant which are all really and you may show nothing was implied Kellen Lewis in the first movie. Mom doodle policy was doping among these are not spoilers but some of the things I love does for alien covenant. For the intro scene they use these seem. Score from aliens I heard that and even nice touch even the logos and lettering for Vodafone cannot pursue the same exact from the alien film and how that's going to. Dude spot on releasing not one of the cool things about blade runners they're using the same school. All trailers easy the extended trailer I have not seen the trailer at a guy in a bunch of little tell us on the legendary Dallas it was so nice and understand more important to. Well I like most of this. We'll answer those unanswered questions from the first of the Debbie does Denny does to right we finally find out why she did that's right -- -- -- some I didn't and steadily the thing is does the name of a person's I've never watched Debbie does Dallas and I don't care but it is downstream of a person you know delta or is it the entire city generator I think yeah OK okay I think it was one of the sequels that starred Lexus Locklear who was really -- lesser known as Hossa got real lean summer something and but men and so fond of unleash such a beautiful beautiful little porn star entered their hat in the summer do you fear. You know we actually have got audio from when you when you're out of his beautiful wife were watching a movie and now this is what it sound like. Yeah those hurt you if there's isn't seen laughing and horror films. He was the scene at paranoid to worry she's released Danny Goldberg murder has been over the bed now and it like fast fours it's just kind of wobbling Baghdad. It's three super creepy. It is nice but it's not when he got an early yeah. I mean I saw you seem really well and I'm Charlie keeps. Sometimes. And the Jews gotta go see this movie so and so we went and sought together a little and I aimed at. Really laughing sound bite I'd muted you know I put. In and rewrite some solutions bride as from politics turns. And you know that tension build up build a noble things trapped in the paint for yes the woman hand came out from pantry door yes. I'd jumped eight feet in the air and that's how old Glenn bourses like. Does our friends. Aren't there all. You can't be in all candor it's clear that the mayor just want to army. I just screamed one not so. Annihilated that you might see you talk about laughter yeah it took a minute a a couple people around me giggle at the whole thing you lost the young everywhere crackdown. Saudis like what it's well yeah. Or are off to bad it's always. What is the collapse of Monty who aren't your Michelle and I go to the movies together. She giggles I screamed we have to be created pretty much element of unity self Ahmed you know all right good deal with a weird those around me tell you got a clean game and worried spending clear and I do you. All there's no listeners in the shelves. And I don't like him. Now one Daria yeah I don't all. Look com. I. Imagine being locked in a darkroom head to loosen eugenics in this is being home to my heart our ass I began my cup my own head off there for like two hours there and what to Hawaii and she got his head off all look a little entrepreneurs start throwing firecrackers imagine. Foyer area you're going to Alter you were going to reprogrammed you you're now a government assassin. OK you can access. What are your boys Reynolds I don't know I know I'm not exist here yeah. Yeah the blue. Actually it is digging those gremlins and I got delegates tomorrow. I wish there was a way to make my peace makes that. Oh without and that's what happens if this had Blake gets a tour. Not just word K can change people around the neighborhood. Please can we set this up. When king and how he dawn and who now to dull it's a I think it is it easy to set with a bunch of new audio old. Ohno got a ton of feedback about his job back man so he's got a ton of positive he's idle and let me. I had to make a final when vitamin what I held and I had a nervous breakdown and will no longer be following the program that's. Our brand new roads that you bad man song is incredible couldn't ask for a cool version of that beauty and abuse song I can't stop smiling about it or get it out of my head colds that's the Beauty and the Beast. Backdrop bloody election outlook. Noted none detector I just rip the huge bong hit and then you guys played dads are you nowadays on a nearly soiled myself in them laughing at our I got it man you OK I got a chip mine we shouldn't Gilligan disclaimer like two blocks we didn't even know though it should give him a disclaimer I don't look. Suzy this episode. He says hey everyone I could be forgetting but I could this war that you're missing some bombs so here you go. I got more than just the co we'd won and I have to ask we still love the co lead when Cody won some income he'd do the co U wounds and move the ball can talk a leaving. Amazing they got a kick like that but he's opening and god damn bar a bar I go have a bar hope it's got hikes. And I said Glenn attached is another thing I did as Bane. I didn't. Though that one claw on Friday what the seed for next week entities. What would you do for a Klondike -- who would you shoes for a Klondike the Klondike bars could we got four new makes cast dom. Messages song why I have one has gone I hate Concord middle and called redneck metal gods said cowboys another local dismissed as a these IP we imagine brilliant ideally I'd look at all the. Otherwise we had to wait a cements are usual movement and I want to listen to the lyrics does instrument. Number one yes these men do messaging video from a nasty people out there. Imagine you know so does. Learn. Did I think we've just exact same line maybe we just like I did he just recent political ASEAN like. Do what it is it's you're not playing these rats so you send them. It's good fit what we have a listen I just I'm doing today. By the way all of us and our heads and shoulders are volatile and asked I think that might. So like he said I mean yeah I mean I get this through Paris did this I say cowboys the same. My job growth to honestly yeah. Is this you noted is ready and up my nose to the Graham broad zone. Haven't been able to get the voicemails in awhile also we have the voicemail spectacular. Normally I run my mouth for two hours you guys throw me out that's the show. What had. Under that I took we noticed one another the redneck when they're ill tell us anything. Do many goals so maybe copies around the I got to. Don't designate Tim we have right here risk your lives without a I don't go around and talking on American lives on James LDR. They need to first get dizzy Glover as they send these using because I have them all right here. That that voice message. I don't know I do. He killed the marine golden. After show by. Any party if you are there. I got to see the in my review review Politico he won a lot maybe you just unheard what the other ones I like I guess they can still use all of those as well I just know they're all. They don't want me is that sure oh that's an intro roaming animal like he didn't use that to start the show I think good he said no. The other thing metadata meg strip them prepped up up up up by it's. Almost as well yeah I didn't get megapixel all the time. Now all his life. Balance my favorite of over the most recent. Visit short and sweet and killer. Old old old old house. Amazing what you just did guys that was read that was what I put on unopposed come back that's been there. All are low rent. I. And all along. I took easy at the end and they had these woman humans do that Christine look who helped talk compiled cook could. Page forms loneliness of internal helium pouch basically religions and what it was ribs and depressed is a button and that's good that's on current but hats and the rest of the multiple kept legitimately now that it could look at it from. Everybody I'm fight these talks I can select and the things I hate the most is how people at aren't I mean not only. And my elbow me where they don't even being an independent run L will be in space but else entering the regular I knew it and you know he'll rule and if you're over IIQ. How the sit in the backup or. Shut up candidates I'm Mara maybe some still must. Yeah. Georgia refund the I will say when I go to shows I trying to not leave the tall guy that ruins of the people should I don't stand in front of people but it just happens I'm sorry I'm under no choice gas. Yeah the worst is what it's like assigned seating everybody stands up remembers what did you and I just. And I'm standing up. And person three people behind me who bleeds over more fragile person time Minnesota you can not that he says can you sit down and Mike know I can't. Because of the person standing in front of me and then she says well I can't cede to you need to sit down and I was so pissed and I just looked don't go well maybe next time you should buy tickets quicker. Well they're very proud I'm a little Robbie allow. I feel her pain that sucks what it's doing it's about it unfortunate scenario that we're not all genetically yeah I'm sorry I headaches deem that you were already to have a public event I can I hate the thought of someone missing a great show because I'm in their way that really bums me out at malls he does. Sadly I'm 64. And a lot of times I will do the bent at the neat thing to make myself 54. But I can only take that I wanna watch the show there for about twenty minutes then my legs will start to quiver yeah. And you don't score certainly all everything will catch fire and want what am I can't take the pain well I just want to show. At the same point if there's somebody who is like that who is behind me if they want to scoot in front of meat usually. An issue with that I've gone yet and why I always like making sure that I'm in front or bright behind my wife as well because they do here you are I'm sure all there that you are talking about everybody knows rested on his wife and yeah. So my advice do you sense it is a concert is to remove her top and get on someone's shoulders right. That win win always solves the problem because you do sound hot and I wanna point out that I think some high actually about 551 as well so wonderful things come in little packages. And we we love you and all your tiny gorgeous glory sure people are maybe just a bit about some do shoulders. Or have a sort measurement a short person section Misha it's like to decided its little boost culture booster seat. Finals stilts are little pockets that you put on your feet and you can walk and a half hour but do dumb I might feel ray's class I may get a point when I go to show a because I do like. The way concert sounds standing right by the sound guy because well that's that's the one in reference to your volleys are back my ass up. But to be sound and he likes it Nadal on grass so boxer well I was sick I'll go all the way to the mix positioning yeah or am I that we nobody behind me except for the sound and he's on a riser so it doesn't matter no end I don't just cares about watches Joseph they're original. And I'm blonde and put it behind Steve and I issues the war of one although we apologize for that. Plus your draw your own 64. I don't understand excited by his side he had his marriage your singing every dale word no so if anyone was behind this I'm so it's caught. Bit sorry not sorry guys I doubt and so I didn't care about being in front of people I ordinary we will basically as close as you can get before you where. Knee deep in other people's how will go back to the area we're at the back in the tall you stand in a minor way. In a blaster or I think she had as much fun watching Steve and I. It's totally government not so yeah I she'd watch him play the more Dick sure it was incredible which I gotta look over her she's look at its do you like oh my god you guys are having so much fun we looked like twelve your one while his first concert at. Obama nasty that the settlers from the night before is it chicken outs or really open. We're seeing in Somalia how how good crisis might be an accident and it was like there and do. And I got ahead and I. And so anyway I apologize I saw if you're behind us. And hello I got -- do you like going to go my wife already in the past I've I typically because there's a column beyond him dean's opponents you know what's your enemy and all I gotta get down and see what their high it is. And I'll be like wow all you're watching is that person's back Comcast and Mauer who like. The dude have you ever given Sid the tour. Always talk like a sexual Eddie George commissioner Kelly that's Hansen no no in early on in our relationship at one point Mosley honey can assure you some. Jewish jokes god for you she is right there because she's a review panel again and she's just right there it's a running joke my wife and I and but at one point I reached around her torso and I picked her up salute her head was mind. Head and I just walking around and I walked around the entire house that voice and she could see the world know. There are rated show Lego we got to the top the first is a good. My job offers a look and I'll look at it every day what sucks is a white that thing down within a month it looks like Sally and it just drives me crazy and then do it pro area she's a true. My daughter's head. And I love that Michelle is so short there's there's plenty of things like that where I don't give a crap about the cleanliness of it but it is out of out of it shoot it yeah I mean I love you should yes I wish. Yeah I sure I did see the top of the refrigerator up couldn't carry her around your whole house like that technology to help put her under and you'll have a laugh if you have a riot what you look like god this is what you this is what it's like you brush your teeth yes seal the mirror comes right to the eye level I'd sucked into squat to brush my teeth it's funny I doubt I will do due out jobs and national role might be titled weird instinctual beings have been taken wrestling president might throw down and yeah iPad lacks the I don't BJ heard is the summer tour that aren't mature and. The hospital yesterday I learned how to do an elbow drop in alike dry ice that was awesome OJ and now you've got is his idea or you just brought funerals is finishing moves it out more I now know why the whole Hulk Hogan has some serious hits and an leg issues anywhere yet that put they did that for thirty years every day and sometimes twice a day sometimes more daily day out of themselves and it does I got me no it's not like it's I excruciating pain but after about five or six of a constant united all my head and Democrats are no accident taxman I did it was funny because when we did it. Originally our coach coach Steele what's up he was. That is driving the culture that is a giant like punching dummy and Chad. I drama on the ground and then you do all those Moussaoui and see what you're doing wrong and I'll love you just pretty much minding your ass on this has dirty you know. Have a life size real limb poll yeah. Lying on the match here and there you flop around with and yes half and it's not we don't know if not we're I don't know I just always attends public. It was just CP RW zap you thrash on and you hit him in the startled look at little Glock you'll comes out there. There are. I have got a way to do that I become American I did I got president is yours really it's it's really difficult to look like you're hurting someone and not administer any pain to them. So like when you land your life you gotta do it in a way that basically. The crack in your eyes my teachers everywhere you mastered this project and it's simple to scratch him behind you're not a big would that have been in your knee. It's right over their face for not touching it. No and boy oh boy it's difficult so we don't have a few times and then when you -- probably got a coming at the meaty part underneath rubble not the actual poignant part your elbow and land like right over the chest or with me I've got long enough arms frankly kind of like do it over the Internet but I think yet you knew what that you probably don't want to extensive jolt. Crush what's ever grabbed. So we go through it and we're doing the best that we can and then coach. And smooth I mean now I know wisely in these co steel because his middle name is balls and he lays down and says OK now do would to me. And I'm like no let's trust and that into this trusting you man why is watching the wasn't it reading a book wide on the chair she's seen it all done and all watching him doing is wrestling classes she hopes of a ghost. I don't think that's a good idea that's. I can't afford that and that was his theory or do you guys that meet our blue. It's like you you're doing it on a dummy and you're just gonna be reckless you're learning new you don't really necessarily cared that much right but they got a living being under you who's your coach who's really tough yeah intention is you're gonna learn what due out. Don't hurt me and if you heard me. We're gonna talk everybody you want to talk so here is and it's no time told me bro you know just three minutes that's what you it'll look like I did I get where he still don't make sense but dream is before he told us that he told us a story. Every guy dude if anyone ever lands an elbow with a pointy part onto my chest I'm I don't care what's going on I'm getting up and I'm throwing fists yeah I like what I got data might. Kelly I wanna learn to swim. I was a water wings kids that do the nerve to list off my grandfather was is bigs got kind of guy and one day he was like calm and he grabbed me in check in the past Seattle now you think that like man that's horrifying cruelty and if asserted on Hulu and say yeah. He was like to hear from you know what. I figured it out thanks grandpa and we didn't get tossed in there but like with our swimming lesson I Nixon's in the water and Hillary that publicists know. That's loaded and no. Snakes and seeing stuff like yeah no way my family my MI and my they're super water people like they'd like did laws wasn't like our swim instructors in laws suffer like that and it was yet you're going to get into the deep end we're gonna have you start on the on the hand and hold onto but then we're gonna make you let go under gonna figured out yourself. We're going to be right there the entire lives around. But I is that same thing it's an essentially tossing you into the. And that's what the Clinton going to hear coaches doing what I do they saw I don't know I mean you're capable enough to do it right I'm sure he cheat and get hurt but he's basically like look dude this is I don't wanna business and it exits and hit us. But boy oh boy it's on third in line and unproven having a panic attack like I mean shoot I don't know I carry myself like my body more sore than it's ever been it's never not sore now there's a wrestling practice but I don't mind hurting myself. Did give her salaries so why the yeah right the and I he's even said look we're wrestler you gonna get hurt. He's like. If you guys you're free to get her to don't do this were a Mike puts still. I don't know how to do this properly I think I can do about it and so my first elbow attempt was the dumbest and tell endeavor like I landed on my desk is a lie purposely spotted but before I even touched him on the test there's tell land aren't like me not a few of duty dad. Yeah I felt like you're right. Did it again and you're right though dude I mean he got it right they weren't perfect but I never heard it that's right and that's all that mattered the leg drop for great accusing that was the one thing we're finally he looked amused bows good vision for pleasure Julia couldn't I'm on the hoax or ma'am don't abdominal like from now I expect so after the fact like at 10 o'clock ET. The class and he leaves but a lot of us typically stick around and we just. Goof off for a round you know to enact a tag team match which is also like to get to like actually knew some of the stuff that I'm doing. And some doing to stop elbows and I didn't it's not matter where like they take you from your behind the guy he's kind of puts his arm around your neck in flip you over right. Eight he's not really flip you over you're doing all the flipping so I put myself over I'm on the mat. My buddy he comes over to drop the leg toss flag land is pyrite on my face. Ideals and Agha tied you've got companies typically spot on the uses that area happened G entire like glistening facts it's your house yeah. Schooling as a man Malaga to not be bought a lot of my blue. Once I hit you don't yet know I have my little guy bill Larson got dobbs and how well I mean you lose millions Miette. Doubt guys that because as you did a nice hot tag him in my ball collect outside and they have so much fun met him so much from the best part of tag team matches all the hot tech. Add the build up where your region the arm Iacocca are these agreeable there I heard the moments ago literally smell the. Got married and I asked for address these semi formal. And by that I am walking around my fashion says some people felt that. My former mean gene which I don't understand. I mean this is rough spot. It's. Just war I think genes or five don't have anything. I have like jeans and about three. Under dressed but I don't think he was bad plus I ended up saving the day in ways I can begin to explain it becomes number brought an entire sound system otherwise we would have had no fouls a lot of thought ahead on that none there was a he wouldn't I basically work my nuts hope for shots wedding I don't must adopt moving. But I'll be your man primer com I hear you honey and I got a wedding coming up on goal and a Kyle give mes wearing from one and only in the wreckage we socks and it's on pain and grass very little bit and then it was cute. Wow that was a long. Bad planning to your name origami is that we divorce a ten miles wide guys are nasty kind of come down and help a mile flat dad said it would then Jake and I didn't really talk about that again for awhile and comes wedding came up and end Tony and I were really had to weigh now. What we wanted to do and and yes kind of deciding need and I'm glad we're gonna go up to cows wedding and Northern Iraq arrived for work actually be at his wedding and actually getting your towels wedding but I'm gonna and what hit him up he's in and semi formal. I don't own. Any slacks and only got kind of went on a position to provide your prayers and until I got a lot going on I'll probably Wear these have got black jeans look great and I'll put on a dress shirt you're doing fine you're. Is that my wedding was that semi formal as well Merv was very yeah Greg and Leo I dressed up he got jeans on I don't care yes sure Don but not a nice collared pullover shirt fine. One and I'll never I still have issues with this guy and on the in my life Hawaiian shorts then inflict more formal Oscar. And my wife's clothes are you man boyfriend time now husband shows up wearing a baseball hat. It took everything in my power to go up to me just slap that hand off his head Michael mommies have thinning here already shaved head bald. And all the ball guys look like come on you know like I was talking to my wife and my womb you know I remind them that remembers epidemic is not this is it just thought ago. Not a big the comic that's all I can look at right now since all I see is just disrespectful asked is wearing out. But I don't care that he's wearing out the crappy looking shirt and jeans like that doesn't bother me too sneakers for all I care. Take the I think hat off my dad like unless you have a reason Mike. I don't even know that reason they'd like to have album clawed toes on the queens yes Larry my gap apple tomorrow there's nothing. To be a really good or maybe he's got to go weird it's like I'm issue where it takes a hat off and everything just falls out it rains every I don't know but I gave that's keeping your head together fine. They have been on a patch on the had at least my attack keep my head together because otherwise take your app and had off. And I'll mail so bummed that we do get invited to their wedding that they may give Lucas they got married. I had to go to short shorts and a tank top and go to war Oshkosh overalls with nothing under it I'd. And and and I got African straw hat. I know the propeller hat yeah the other day is apparently some rove as knives and I'm Kristi what's the hot I was gonna ask you this question I'll let you know. Anyway congratulations. You've moon moon out dobbs show a picture from our wedding and anchored. The songs jeans guy to win and teams if I know had. Will we're going to away being. The week and after fourth of July oh you'll like a couple of different cool jealousy does this whole thing but this is also. Where it's gonna be genes and their guy like jeans best in like a tie and like that it. As it's a camping letting and I am not really continue to be very funny I own several re curve those. Would you like to take a quiver of arrows and above. He birdied generals apparently there's going to be a cannon there. All I wasn't designed to be shot once. Awesome their early on you know what yet there they had to get approval for one time and so there's no approval also just they're going to be option is going to be one get a job and then probably its neighbors and I'm going to be brought down yeah we can and the reason yeah yeah yeah black candidate those things where they're like yeah there's going to be it can Hala public in the Canon. I don't know civil war era hold so we rat it's going to be I don't think it's gigantic doesn't at least more I put some potatoes and don't know it's okay you gotta get it but it's like an actual Kenny could feel we have been trying to shoot that humans are so much did and in that situation you can Wear overalls and obviously acceptable and I know I know. Bring upon chemistry and off the but Gallagher talked him I would like my wedding my wedding was a theme wedding so I was like hey Pat Nixon yes if you want to dress up it's fine we had a couple of people who did not now is completely and utterly OK with that because it was asking a lot for people to try aged you know to Vegas and bring a costume Brian as long as people had fun I had knowing she was sure sure I was amazed that out of the forty people I think thirty people dressed up. Like and it was just astounding to me definitely do that lol. I didn't remember. Some people were dressed up. And I think some people showed up like a Merom a money match showed up but just like he would in his street clothes man I'd I'd did not care. Totally didn't carry I don't think losing either across a mile in oh yeah and now. I went to. My AA I guess cousin on Michelle cider she had her nursing graduation and last week it. And so I guess it was like right after work ahead if you'll just have as doctors hope but and I got your arm off but oh no you shouldn't you show up the specs I was Jews ultimately -- that's why I am rocker remind us well and our effect others know wearing like my they BJ in migs T shirt like my hoodie I think everyone else is like really dressed up and Meehan one other guy will use weren't kind of short some like flip flop or is like. We're going to monitor us for this army is not everyone is like essentially it's like a draw more like a gradual obvious is graduating from your graduation but it was like one of those things where it was like we did not connote sweaty and well oops yeah we got an email from Jeremiah as a greedy knowing who we are running up against the clock gonna get this when you were. I you're choosing not to makes gets to gmail.com is his how's it going guys got back from epic weekend of camping at the gorge for the kickass tool show. Awesome show as always especially at the gorge it took a friend in my for the first time seeing tool he was blown away by the sound and light show that goes on the background. Grandmother acting mad as Canon OK. Well every old partying it up at the campground waiting for the concert start we were playing music and your song alive and well. Came on and on here from the group. Camping next to us was half the gap turn that as a mom. I don't know this DOS off. Everyone remember your first from Montana and they said that they'd love window panes. Can't wait to see you guys play again I had a revenue that not only did I get to meet you shake your hand and get a brokaw's. And they couldn't believe it. It's cool I don't know we'll do acknowledge that I I. Back to Montana and then we will get back to Missoula next film you'll clearly Lewiston on new home the height of the little woman. Total night you're real standup guy and now you appreciate all of your fans may remember from back in December when Emanuel the tractor a after the show. You guys gave me some advice from calling in about my mom and dad going through. I health issues and that my fiance was sleeping with their doctors at George I remember that. Very little right out of you take your time to talk to me for quite awhile back tonight meant a lot of work the best night that no wild game and use defense to take gas music. When he dignified because you get into the Charlotte to fight your beverage and chat with you hope you get to make it the jazz goes next month. My apologies go along with the email all through these guys are awesome. And all the other tight dedication to appreciate you guys like no wonder she's rockets got well and then thanks brother I love that. FC yeah turn that adds that's rad. Guy he's funny I ask from your first record fuel. Few tickets Pirillo tool. And into the deciding not to. We did make it either we just took what I would call semi quiet weekend at home I knew that the worst loss was there and we were posts ago we had full plans on going and then damning stuff happened. There's. Bob poor communication about a graduation ceremony for one of her. Cousins and what did you where I I graduate from high school nights a war you Jeff Carter Center and even have had to speculate whether it's tough set every woman he met. Sorry I don't live I've missed out on the fool's joke because what family comes first reality and a match doesn't of the pictures in the videos newest rules and I'm sure it was an incredible I do regret my decision. I have to. I thought you know what's weird but I don't find you need some data compression and away the night she even. Possibly begin to explain and I kind of finally got it in men and now. I really big if I never saw tool and never been to the boards. He would've been a tougher. Selma went on both hit my wife asked me I usually take general public but you sure that you gonna have to kick back Obama you know family comes first. I know that he's. We'll go see another should think she's never been to record not prior drill holes were really Ali okay. It's sort of a pretty cool man going to feel like is this gag Garros Hernandez's elbow drops you can. Nice ride after giving her that. Work. Found myself on the money to help cancer but she she found it very nerve racking and stressful. I'll address your response. Get a tax it 2532714787. Get this is as bad as fun everything I saw it and how we forget about that record silence. Good stuff round. Turning out. It's nice and it's always Gemma something or not. By this Texas has got a promotion I got a promotion can't see anything at the office until they notify people who didn't get it needed to look look. I. They sand hello my wife she got and a promotion at her job that everybody and her department was going for because that's just you know who's a chance to move up a little bit. And it was one of those things which you could say anything at president's killing her because like. She wanted to share the excited but her excitement would (%expletive) off other gas well at this weird. Domestic challenging scenario and I have to be until like eight people want for the same dollar and I mean you get it you're just like sub. And where you. One is a lot of wasn't Stanley after that guy yeah. There's like one person that nobody wants to get better. I'm a guy who is that guy who's like Garrett to put into Camaro knows what gurus and her music yeah exactly that I was applying it really wouldn't qualify go to one of the money you're. I've thought it was brought up of abuses by attacks but it cuts in school I was on the show now will be an interesting want to revisit. What post 2000 rock band do you think will make the rock and roll hall of fame one day host to south I really can't think of and nine and that's a tough call my post 2000 like can't make ninety's I can think of a coupled that haven't gotten unions and I would like to see. But I'd mess just kind of my own thing but I don't think it's hard to say right now. I'm sorry but the Nomar is the school the industry well but that's thing bro they feel we're talking Barack though right yeah well it doesn't matter if it is REN hasn't given us any thing. Really great because they're playing it so safe and pandering to the lowest common denominator and they're not only didn't I mean a lot of good bands never really got a chance that a lot of room recycled refurbished same old stuff outcry. Around trying to think of a band right now let them dig a highly suspects have been that I love but it's impossible to tell. And then they're not making millions and Internet access or anyone else I say he's right. Bands that end up in the rock rock hall of fame from the 2000 spun off the man's you're hearing on the radio. They're going to be like oh we have those guys had heard of yeah it's not science yet it's not. Going to be. But I don't imagine dragons I mean look I know it's super early to tell Iran. I don't know we'll be played no that's why as I know they're getting less fraught they're kind of doing the Coldplay they already were borderline rock and then they got further away the whole place. That's right there late ninety's the only glitch they're selling out like you know Key Arena is an in places like that again. They continue on that trajectory linkin parks Sara so many where are they and I ninety's late ninety's yeah. I've never been able to stomach that band you know I joked about Bruno Mars but I truly think that he would maybe that will be in the rock all I agree I guys see he's he's the Mike king Midas of pot may I just. Seriously like his his Super Bowl show like at all really say anything are seen much about him missy meadows like Yelp while young twins Super Bowl he's a hell of a performer lady. They went to sleep not come around ninety soft easily NIC really never hear any nine I think was there her and Corey Taylor when these are doing records whatsoever about our when it stone sour comer they were actually a dam before slip knot. I mean they didn't they didn't find success and get noticed until after so I'm not so they are 2000 Arab Christian I think you really. Talented artists that are putting out all these material. From the 2000 news like that we're new in the 2000 and I am having a hard time thinking don't want people wanna shoot if that matters a lot a lot of grants available Arnold we're not gonna seed pop evil. Oh yeah we loan it. Well they like I don't really weigh heavily in his ways definitely knowing he's an all kids break him Benjamin. And home Kelly would really does mean out of college I couples of all records on the regimen is back bands that I think that their own mother okay. And I and I'm not a not a hall of fame worthy it's hard to tell right now I mean I don't think so either back amoeba who knows if a bed takes his incredible turn him becomes finally admit I'm incredibly album went for the band that we just all go. You're right I didn't think of them all and I bet there's an artist out there that we've all we're just not thinking of. Right what are we table per next week wall text us or email us too bright three twosome went 4787. Please do the homer Demetrin bit and it came out after the ninety F that she's out of My Chemical Romance guys. There you know they're back together not put up Bob what Cobb but did just attacks to shoot us an email boy is Briggs casts a gmail.com. Again please do not send us a band that came out before the 2000 because sometimes you do these kind of conversations is all Billick who would love Pearl Jam. Think you. Banks come with a media. Just a bunch to lift the arms aka hadn't bailed out of me mentally ninety's. When I'm clearly an issue for that I think he's learned that there's a lot of tall frame worthy bands out there they are there and you don't central Monday night because they don't sell enough flight nickle back for someone to risk taking what it's the industry shot itself in the foot. Big time mom. Bail us to do it dollars and cents which I get that it is called music business were reasoned that the industry just really screwed itself man. A lot lot of tunes stuff kind of just. Puts it I'll choose other Regis sure are always so like she either sounds like tool just like and so it's just sort of the same. Painted blue collar rock as long as hell and so I ask you why I don't know what's next to that was a great record and then the one right that's up to now after the to. Mom vitamin are hiring those two records. But after that I'd get a new show I record a new and I've heard this record it's the same damn songs but like AC DC where they really only wrote the one song but it's such a dude. So all right say we're not saying that he needs and their back on us to go back to the fact that your nominal ninety I don't know hundreds of their records only good or bad is she. Keep in years and up the hall of emergency bloggers. All T cruel or excuse me did not tell these guys are legendary I just stall. You know they might have a thirty year career give for them and I am their records and and muscle on Jim Jim it's not one of those things that I'd suggest. There hasn't been anything ground breaking. Come along a long time because the industry will not allow for that they're too afraid of that. I would love to go and stop it ahead of time in 25 years from now and see what bands are in the rocker all think it would be. Curious to see what demands from right now could do about the B 25 years from when you first but I your record is when you can get a little office. Is that most rock stations around America are still playing that. Hell lot of artists we don't 70s80s and nineties and they slip in some new artists here and there. And anybody that tried focus just on new rock you don't do typically are now a different type of format. I'm fortunate just like it's because crappy time crop I don't think it's because the audiences and there are only really think it's because of crypto for rock I think it's because. The industry's lack of imagination and lack of vision and fear of failure we cannot afford to lose money on developing a new unique unique artist. Has left us was the scene recycled refurbished rehashed stuff if that's why it's a crappy time Barack you have no label won the election and I call that a band that I guy I still I I stand by guys writer come out the 77 or 87 they would be in Iraq or even 96 or innuendo and Jude have you seen my last international tattoo right I put my favorite bands. Ever is a band called big wreck out Canada. And I remember seeing them on much music we re back and I was like dude. These guys are going to be my litmus test for how screwed the industry is because the first albums called a woman memory out. It's incredible. I mean the guys in police the singer sounds like Chris Cornell mom amazing musicianship incredible guitar playing all these guys are just killer killer musicians and the music's incredible. And I'm like if this gets swings it'll give me hope of course it didn't there still fusion candidate and when you were in the states and had to put out of bonds you're record his party to if she parties another example those lines. Great band all when I'm on earth I I'll dig that record was so good all men Syrian official I was a mother earth through right out release records and. I tell you are not Our Lady Peace. Oh yeah had a glimmer of hope but man feminism was is phenomenal I know we're backed up we ought to run because side of revved gap off to go do an appearance can you appearing I'm gonna be at a Q don't give muscle some Bermuda is where. The one up in the U district. We didn't. Give credit union and one hump. I should old tracked vocals. Perhaps I ought to call quick unrelated note to any demands that we just talked about but I don't forget migs fast to use going to be happening on October 14 odd skewed and the back to your mind that we know page got a big show coming up yeah. Y July 15 down jazz bones and to call on that will be Chris yeah Chris and Castro released players official first. You know we are you play this the shoebox that was march farewell show. This is chris' first. Full fledged I'm a member window pain from a great city one you're probably gonna he's sound nice. Has as has become a tradition so he Mikey he's at that show awesome definitely be at that bring to figure that'll be our last show and many ups her northwest terminal right after the arrogant foreign recchi seduce and shows you just really cool. And then mom. Yeah I don't even so we've come does bones in my agreement and we can catch us here we have stuff on the area and we're working our full tour. Outset a mixed fest actually you know makes us really got July 15 and then you're probably done on hold for one of pain until. October 14 forming stressed to let you do which is going to be incurred. Which everything is locked in god that surprise special man. Is this contract signed and the bills killer in the in the Villa shows two year old that we were able to get another local artists that. Really excited agreed to to come do you Michelle yeah mom so it's it's it's dead right substantial maps. Pretty bad as antitrust stand stand slapstick and Schweppes Hyatt well grab average career high lonely and I. We do kitchen. Wow and the duke it could deliver video game season you know pain and I'm not. I know what it would matter when you got early on were coming up was we know her window turner. Doesn't react fat cat now likes. Why am I and then you know we with a notes obstacle window pane because we earn our place you'd be out first came around with those things. Has a closer look like and sounded like she's. Jimmy Michelle very nervous. It did its total confidence on it and try to get out of here. Congress would give me confidence in Baghdad moan don't forget that show positive vibe makes. Cash shirt I've always forget to tell people that put Isabel on the rocks off and pretty damn box. The shipping and haven't found fifteen of some dollar beat by woods for the KI SW dot com and check it out the rocks up we're back next week we'll definitely talk about bands that. Could quite possibly be in the rocker hall of fame plus notably it would come over the years I Lotta people do well Joseph too. Dallas is something we'll always we're all going to go man I didn't think those guys got to be that one band that won Ben were all missing in Iran going to be like yes. But they will be able holes on this site or will continue to be depressed about the music summit and I guess. Heidi the details Konami guys you guys are all good but now there will love Vijay makes tomorrow got to take some BJ he's going to be OK okay. If you're wondering if we'll be live tomorrow will be like tomorrow and Wednesday. And CS on Saturday a pain in the grass. That's going to be a blast thank you as always listening and please. Stay positive.