MegaCast  06/21/17  “Barney’s Dee?”

Wednesday, June 21st

This week the fellas chat about high school graduation, being a bad roommate, and Barney’s wiener?!?

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Ladies and gentlemen. Steve made. What's going on ten. And yet know without reducing. Yeah man gearing up for our big name and address party that's going to be happening this Saturday he'll read the white river amphitheater did. Ted and I were talking. We've got an idea. Ted and iron inside to between disease that day yeah man women were always 22 ball handsome man and one with a beard won without yet twins he's on shirts. More rock in the Medicare shirts. Act pain in the grass yet and we're asking you to do it as well also if you own a mega cash are to be don't I don't think you really got one in time but you know well maybe Google. You know women are not getting jail time writes hopefully you have a guy to catch it and it's not maybe that's maybe as we inspiration for you to get one I caddie KI SW dot com sort of rocks up but if you're rocking a mega cast T shirt. I pain in the grass and Ted and icu there. And Ted and I do spend a lot of time walk in the fairgrounds. Saying hi to all parties are you gather that's a good point will be there for awhile so I Accenture at the party as well prelude to BJ makes party or are the manager one yep. Or are the palace law one yup. Or maybe just walking around the fairgrounds and Europe. In a beer ardent yeah if we see you wearing them I guess teacher were buying will be your. Yeah man that's how crazy you are yeah yeah or not. We are we are big spenders so I knew I know I see a way remember Peter buying on a beer we are big spenders that is due out established stance saying sit. Well plus also it's a black sheer comedy slash its prewar on Saturday so that house now we're gonna need to be here yeah and we'll celebrate with our mega family but if you don't have a major assured on what you are major as a listener always come up and say hi. The mega hugs are free. They hugs are afraid they might be a little damp jobs. Jess just got out there he might wanna find this earlier in the day as opposed to later in the evening could still get damper as the night goes on yeah just like how we like our women yeah. You gotta find this early in the eighth floor after like seven. Feel what a cool chill comes them. But this week sent the manure comes through the white river amphitheater gap on not looking forward and I forgot about that that happens Tito cloth and and it's the worst smell it's like is already married a law. Men it's right there on the I feel like it's common for me to claw. Elway did yeah and it's always like what the Booz Allen Wright are like speed thirty inch yeah probably relax don't Sowers performing. It just seems like that sunsets is set it's beautiful yup and it stinks depths of your wondering if someone started around 8:30 in the evening no that's just both. Beautiful. Why are rampant theater. And the street Louis on their fault but it's the sweet scent of cow manure or yet. I see you don't call. It's so weird I shouldn't CNET. Tyson spent time am I do I did have fun every count and I shot up to the OB SUV we have some good times the LB yet those monthly cattle on. Always out. Generally bars even took I think Yelp he was the big was the white horse white horse yeah you have been removed almost all around but I remember that one I. No Beagle is always the one that I ended up that if I was ever a bar and Indian blood that was fun yeah new lineup but there after the show I don't know. I doubt it you. Got complete. And I don't know why I'm gonna get out there is they thought Steve what do you never know powerfully on. Bunch of bugs. Flying people free Beers are yet to be yellow be playing more she knew so well in the man. Carlos invited to things I've got this could be a fun episode well a lot of fun stuff to do but let's get our push ups out of the way if you need to to make you gases is our way to get mentally ready. And physically ready for the mega cast is no way to get our heart racing our blood pumping and our brain functioning Kennedy you know like the puts it this time and is actually a back story behind it at some point. In this episode we will get to. All he had song you turned me onto my own time might be my favorite song and that Bieber he's going to be another I does a better to beaver. And he got me on this homers and cruising around in the Jeep Wrangler you like paycheck opposing Malone and I just get ten mega family. Or. C. This. Is so. You never know what you're gonna see when you are the tips of on the ground here at the legacy of years. When he got outperformed. The mom. I'm grown say they look like it's. A there was that will be worth it and that was the dream that was worth it. No the greatest thing ever got fired up close yeah. Local one Barneys new. Millions to your picture up put on army got a great shot at T data outside the test and you're holding it. And I. I told us okay. Ticks me. Born in this. Yeah patriots' side exciting thing. I like an outside comes out of the yeah that's over Chad's joke because his weight after a couple free Beers over the white remember didn't you never know what's it mean maybe we should bring you should be like the villain Marty's girl on the world a ring of honor rosling. His gimmick is he wants drama and an umbrella I. I could be your thing. I can't address your purple phallic looking umbrella off. What's at the umbrella. You'll if you got to ask you can't afford it. The yellow line of ladies we've talked to ten in the grass or. Right I'm not get sunburned and a purple umbrella. I'd Ted talk this week. You know. Where it struggles in your personal life or maybe some major issues we see going on our city right now our oral around the country now. My biggest thing is just. Tried to affect which you can't. There's a lot of stuff going on right to everybody's getting pulled in different directions and get discounts your personal life too right so. You could sit around and try to solve always problems or keep harping on all these problems in your life but then today. Is any good change right now is ailing unit net browser something you can do to effect that change down the line we usually do that personally. Beat be the small amount of change you can actually affect. I'm pat yeah because sometimes and not fall into the chapel surrounded keep kind of harper on some of that one I do not as wasting time and. You can make changes five. The example that you sat. Bob to judge can make change by proving. Somebody's perception of you wrong. And it takes a big men are big woman to do that I think about dom. What I buddies. It's in the media world he's a black dude and I bring up the color because that's a to do with the story and he was at a restaurant and he could tell he was getting his vibe from. The people at the table that storm. That they were not very fond of the black man sitting near them are as he could have went could take you choose your own adventure book and I really respected how he handled this I feel like you had a lot to do with race. This could do with anything where people have a certain. Misconception or a perception and instead of getting negative and agro which is understandable I'm not say yes not fun it's not. I'm not gonna be gagged then you're out of line for being a so would those people are clearly racist towards you. But instead he's a guy to add two ways I can go I could either go the angry road. Or kill with kindness and and shocking them with who I am and you know Bynum their lunch and talking to them in. Just what kind of changing their perception of him he can't change the perception may be of the hole. But maybe by changing the perception of him they will have less of an opinion about the whole. If that makes sense yet just talk about a little bit like this. Where are your thoughts on people taking pictures of strangers I think it's weird I think it's weird I think it's creepy. I don't know how this became acceptable I. As an and then typically it's done to make fun of that person oh almost all weeks and I and I'd been guilty of it so not out on norm being hypocritical could contribute code through some my Twitter page you can probably find me taking a picture somebody's shoes or something like that. But in the last year or so I know for sure I'm not I don't wanna be that person I don't want a mock somebody it is not fair. Yeah I don't know I notice it more and more it seems it's become like an acceptable thing. Yeah it's at people looking for reasons to make somebody that punch line and they don't even know about it it's really mean he'll and it dries you out man. Somebody screened surge chats are higher screen grabs a text message we had yeah I'm gonna be acid test all that person I would block them after that yeah 100%. I think it's so messed up I think you'd I knew restrict I would do it all the time anyone any guy that would like center like a forty tax door. Whatever it may be huge screen capture it and then posted on her FaceBook page clowning on the guys and I'm not saying necessarily the guy may be came off like immediate. The fine but I saw at. That's the world we live in now like we're just looking for chances to put everybody on the last yeah. An aura around him have the time people post those screens captors have a conversation that would their friend and I OO. My friends are crazy like me and I read what they're talking about it's a stupid I need to know about this this is the stupid conversation Yemen when your friend. Yes stuff is ridiculous now I got an Iowa fund conversations on Twitter grime on non taxed. I'm not gonna screen Graham make check out the funny conversation and I had. So letter just inside jokes that nothing they do with anybody else is new. That address it while. What other side you wild are 80 and a lot of seats do. Here is. I go back to late to make it fun of people or this and that like I. I think I've talked about the C four may have on all on the podcast that. We gotta be careful how we. Talk about certain things right to I get annoyed when I CO days. At lake super Jim people and stuff and then it's like I'm so fat and it was piece of pizza to take you are not fat. Exciting it can end demeans. People that are struggling with that kind of issue out. You know images I'm so is it YE there's no reason to post that you know I mean I get viewer posting just brag like. Our land it's like Archie debris debris today Hulu but I like debt like the rockets a lot of love for that the rock solid are such a fat bastard you now Perkins as the thank god 0% body fat. It exists. Just so faking data demeaning and that's I think that Playboy model they got in trouble. We think that's what that court case called so much fire and everybody else has its late. It it. I'm not they cannot say that inning brawl with being a person usage obviously it's great if you're the Jamal what time did you elect when we don't need to know about and social media every day. Well you you have same there's likely Jim people yeah so just like the rest of us kind always think you're judging just so that when she. Set out that snapped I think for a lot of people like meat is kind of confirmed what I'll I shouldn't feel comfortable there is a really sick people are making fun of me that's a good point if you know different. I'm man I don't know like some people like Dawes who become more sensitive and I don't think it's necessarily that it would just bring more attention to these things that may be were never talked about before. I when I talk without Coca ban on my wrestling podcast meet vs the Roman wrestling. He brought up a very good point about how. Older version of cold would use an opportunity to group find somebody in the crowd casino it's a give and take you staff with the crowd the crowd essar deal. Yeah if someone's a bigger guy he would call a fatty and have some fun and at their expense. And now. He made a point say on the podcasting he's like I'm trying my best to get away from that I look back on how I once was and how I messed with people in the crowd. I don't wanna beat a data disclosed to the cheap and easy and make fun of someone who might be even larger because on doing is now pointing out that he's fat. And I took a guy who came to my. Events to his show support that is a fan of wrestling. And now he's leaving with a complex. As a dismal and I got right up of my guess is more creative ways to F with the crowd you don't need to talk about people's insecurities in order to have. A fund given take bad diverse the crowd kind of thing don't not. And didn't. Let's see that's about the gym to its lake. That you're right I don't. I don't think it's being too sensitive I think it's more of a difference of you can kind of cracked jokes and say an accident and you think about it right it's got I just was set personal work out more on this and that it's that we don't know what they're going through May second of all I wish you were a little emotionally more stable and out of whack job. You have some serious issues internally now. Right now that would seem heartless and I said that the somebody right. But no you'd do me like no way you look enemy when you're saying is I know my annoying ground for you need count. Actually grow up become aware that right I wish you would just get that mental help you meet I will and it's time for half buried economy stupid. That's all say it is like some of that such a thing yet I love. The first all bullying goes on constantly. That's how the world works now I don't have that support it like if you work in a business Uga bully. Why did you go to mean like this happens all the time so the ball in stoppage is crazy debate. But how can you believe that happened lets kids or crawl the kids cry did you see that during the spring onto FaceBook constantly. A mom. I had him then took a picture of her kids yearbook I don't know how we execute on our little girl. And it's all about I kill yourself how you use your piece of plastic she asked. Her classmates to write in your book like we all do yeah. What world are we yen man I must say I was like I know it was the most popular kid's school I also know I wasn't by the least light I was kind of flew under the radar. There are people like me a lot and also people that didn't. I've never. Ever would think even it was sort I didn't like in my class. If they came out too with their yearbook I would sign it and BIK have a great even at the age of ten and I knew. Well enough for me my parents did a good enough job to make me realize that but I knew you now. Yeah crap I don't need your book does signal warm place where you say nice things no matter what. I couldn't believe that man a break. Art why do we keep going all these kids are so mean before circle and what is wrong with these parents weren't. Sorry that's the bottom line like there and you're home you're raising them. That kid did not look some some way some shape and somehow they learn to be that way from somebody. And more than likely was their parents and if it wasn't their parents you would expect that the parents would not physically knock some sense into them. What conversation going knock some sense into them are Blatche sit physically I think that's a huge thing to. Physically you're there are used they are meant to them in now. That's a mass about this scene it's a massive difference he now nauseated me look at and a lot of people you know like I I have people that have top fathers or mothers that. Work your correct they were physically there but they were never there for them emotionally didn't really teach a much. Private I saw that the other day I want to quit get that break into my job but. I would walk from my wife tonight and there was a mom but their kid in the stroller. Only pushing the stroller with her stomach. As she's texting. Not in the mall. And I looked to my wife and a Mike and we are having a hard time having children but yet this. This mother of the year. And maybe chagrined mom in the world like Carter and a bad moment wasn't right he taxed I know that truly rooted Jews and doing it took George Soros and go to old car accident. You all right Daryn a very good chance that could be but the chances are. It was an end user is not she's physically there are a warm what's what's more important at that moment whatever is going on or cellphone. I'm sorry if I gravitate and I hope I do one day and I'm walking around my kid in the stroller. If you ever seen you at a cellphone in my hand texting somebody. What are still free and not that important in my hand leg my attention should be a hundred some my kids and I'm pushing around NM. In a stroller. They're saved either in my hands whatever's on the phone doesn't matter in my opinion. Hawk eye misses me off. No different in my found guilty of texting and driving but I never Texan diamonds I know stupid but like I try our best not to do it all the time. But I especially don't do when there's people on the car and I see people taxi time with their kids in the car and Mike. Come on come on. I walk everywhere or whether it gets me is like sometimes like. This sounds crazy I just stopped not where I'm walking and send attacks continue walk. Yeah at the mall. I get over to the corner or to decide by a door where I'm out of everybody's way and I quickly answer whatever I. Let's get etc. you got to respond to something quickly MA may just a buddy even take your head that's that's just a simple thing we could just stop. But some portion of their stroller when you got. And answer them phone on our make it funny gusts full circle thanks Steve I got guts and no matter what I they haven't got even if you're skinny this first of rat out our did you. Quickly trying to bust outbreaks Steve I'm word distributed. To out you know we do ressam podcast I'm comfortable parties. Did you sit and business staring right at Tuukka. Party's deep. He's seen that Coke bottles with different names on them it's fun to hunt for your own for the name of a friend or relative but code is going one step further now you can get an ice cold month let's go. Diet Coke gore code zero with a more specific name for the special people in your life like all this brown knows your friend in the future ex roommates. Max stamper board capital cocoa while you look for a job then finally get off the free can couch isn't it nice to share coping with someone you love story even someone you don't so have a Coke and a smile until someone what do you really think while you're at it. These guys don't drink too much. And they sit the weekend. And they get thanks. The man of constant. Martin. I kicked myself not going to see. Presumably he. I guess in America for years and I think she missed right after Kane Eric Rasmussen got that white river. Sites I think I know more of that band's music and I think it just like I don't act like I'm always standing near Hersh those shows yeah I should say her to hold and the machine. The machine is important yeah gimme me a white only be open up the wreckage yeah. Shout out to why it Tom why you socks so tired of him that's I was gonna say there is they're fun to see you know. The war he when he's with his duties on his cellphone. To a store restaurant hands over an iPad tells akin to leave Malone did exactly it's so weird yeah. So does not even his Katie Barroso went skinny just neglects them into millions Dick move yeah he's a worst absolutely but on the flip side he did do something called once. At the window paints a they hear they played as well as the big moments window for white only in the wreckage because it never played a shoebox and it was a dream show how nice so I was cool to be there are two. Experienced that. So towards the end of the sacked the crowd starts chanting why did why did why did. I got good stores are now moves around about the say I don't it was the most classy move on his part because it's just the proof that he's a guy big guy isn't the name and that is why only in the wreckage but. It's a band is not just him and some hired hands. It's a full band you know aids Kyle it's Willie Nelson it's Rob Blake and Wyatt like that's good they are group there are brotherhood. So as they're chanting why did he gets on the Mike you discuss racked gauge rad kids brag TH an end. Quickly changed the chance in the crowds and it went from being why it took wreckage I dot. I don't know if he's dead mates noticed that because they're probably on a high of that moment they don't accurate but that was a that was a very aware that moment on his part by tea. I get it I appreciate that use your chanting Y I understand that you probably mean for all four of us but let's. Let's let's focus on the wreckage partner the don't out of those three doubles and. It is yes I obviously I'm only kidding I really like quiet I don't either I really dislike the star bucks while two manned ever received shine down many years ago them agony. That was before anything I think. Sees me was like the big sign that time that they do I'll never forget that because that morning. We've got to do you read them in studio yeah that morning we had trapped in studio is its latest track right. And they both at the time. I remember being like oh cool trapped in and a member of thinking okay will they both did acoustic performances and you learn rather quickly which dad would have staying power which span had more talent. Because boy oh boy that was an awful. I don't. And they were not fun guys to have in studio they weren't as make hospitable. Is you know they did and gotten shot down Barrick. They've got my dad charm to them everybody's welcome. And they also perform really well whereas members like the Tel two different bands. Trap not very friendly nice and I mean there aren't decks but they weren't. Yeah hey and the performance of big it was knocked it is their music does not lend well for acoustic. And may try to give him credit for trying but it was not good also the C always sure about that show was it was. Bends like amount of these where yes. That was the first time I met is the girl he was stranded date now his wife whoa and I got a captain in diet she is Woody Jenkins skinny pirates. But he called the diet part retired fire at tiresome death. They don't you you do your Ted talks ma'am but I got to catch someone who might be job. Coming up on the rear are a bit about you but yet for giving inspirational talks and it's a high school where I iron object so I got back we played that post Malone song as our push ups on and said hey it is that there's a connection. Well obviously a lot of schools are having their graduation exam on Saturday I ended up not being able Lucy tool because both family comes first and my wife's. 'cause in. He Qaeda he graduated from Rogers high school go rams Puyallup based high school. And so we went to celebrate the fact that he was graduating but the president rival Puyallup high school do the vikings I would imagine our cascade Christian might be arrival as well. There's a lot of high schools in Puyallup are but people don't dude. And a lot of family because they had a graduation at. The Washington State fairgrounds are the entire grandstand. Act okay. Act in a Mike why is he intimidating place. You give a speech as a high school. Because you're looking out and it's figure playing a sold out show where your graduation. I think at our school. Knows a bit of a Brooklyn College. Are there is big but it wasn't our most of them are being indoors doesn't seem as grand as the outdoors where tourists the national procedural. How many kids do graduate with. Like 290 OK some are small ID doesn't like 38400. I it's not. I don't know how many kids read this one but it was a lot it is like a public schools tracker up. They do much at the University of Maryland like at this wall pieces like the basketball arena letting me go outside sometime soon and missile was not yet it was outside oh my god that has to be so intimidating tee. And a lot of kids neo that a few people speak and all that a good job of for the most part the kids is kind of kept their head down. Read their speech and got the hell out of the area yeah this one did because they were like Jesper just spin or something along those lines. Talk about just going out there and have them like the crowd in the palm of his hands and having dissect this. This aura of confidence and I get like a cocky. Kind of a way he used to like this Q was well loved by his classmates are. Kind of out of magic do everything I kind of got a view like I I feel like you probably were the same kind of a thing like. Fun loving and I saw like you probably Frederick Mike my wife's cousin. Andy could you see every once flocking to always give big odds big smile it's kind of added up up a fund vibe to him. Yeah I take most pride and that what I wanted at that. And I thought I was friends every group that's no Mike go army grabbed an introvert but I never was rude or a jerk to anybody I got hung out with the nerdy guys and how I was one of them. I know the music people 'cause one of them out now with also the jocks because you know I played hockey in. Even got to put ice hockey at a roller hockey with a lot of guys are on the ice hockey team so we were all buds. Yeah out of your budget the bullies like. One of the biggest bullies and our school I spent time with after school we were just hang out play video games and whether we get on a free and yeah I was afraid of but like. It was that is because I was like yeah well when I get a do I mean my hopefully maybe I can beat. Maybe will be less of a jerk to everyone else if he's realizes hey this nerdy kid is a decent enough to the hang out with. But on this beach. Hot I want you to your hat and oddly enough I remember are telling you bombing probably quote suppose Malone and his speech yet he's cracking jokes. Dirty talk about it and you say this you Cheshire this kits each oh we should use graduation that you're like he does it. Quoted the part of the song and I'm like there's no way am to be able to find the speech by going YouTube and I'd tight end. Who Rogers high school. Speech. Graduation and then like look for the most recent posts yeah of course Puyallup school district post the entire ceremony ice some like. Great so here is obvious speech. Including I think it's the principle introducing him. Jensen moreover was selected senior class president and our surged on top that was senior class president Jimmy Jackson. And feel like this is your spirit animal. And just ready do you listen to his speech I us. Only seventeen team at this time you'll also be sharing a few words were Janssen hasn't. We're here here we're finally here year after 180. Long days of hard work and dedication can. In my view like the whole time he's looking at everyone he's making eye contact like yeah it is ready. He's he could be president of United States. There are maybe not that Barbara what they may be because I've never know and we'll look back and be the ones that are accountant and company's tires before noon or. It's tiresome then that's a that's a positive thing. It is tough breaks is bad pub and the tires get. That we just people put them up now we actually got to Phyllis tires yeah and you know sometimes tires yeah yeah sorry thought we were on top. I have to quit work. Finally there there I think that deserves at least a round of applause don't you think tank given up for all of us. Come along way and then learned a lot of them on my lessons I want to thank my kindergarten teacher miss Vernand and that she ties this there there play fair fair and knock it on people people. I'm still working on clean up my messes is but I am gonna take announced. That's a bridge. I love the girl. The girl who are really grow by about a baby is girlfriend r.'s own discretion on him she's love and every joke there's hardly hear they decry I was enjoying these lines. But obviously is just a direct feed from his microphone. Blue cross yeah I'm very far right. Also now know without the love and support of my mom and dad that I would be the person I am today today. And I probably below us vineyard CO BO says my mom it's me in my lunch every day since kindergarten. Class. As I would warrant a Puff Daddy did you at Belmont. I got on immune Marin can you cook them once is for me. Yeah well. These get hot lunch every day on I was you make it among lunch and I think exam which is little bags ships. This is putting pops up and nobody did little putting packages yeah yeah Zach tracks that's an amount. Now now the class of point seven change it wasn't just any ordinary class. We're the best class that I like you like competence and pass not know the collapse of the good dinars. The best class. That's a class that I believe Rogers high school has had an an extremely long long time we were involved all we were spirited heard we were levying of me and we were include since it. A wise man known as opposed Malone once said there. It may never. Have a dedication ends yeah people hate them and say we changed and the agreement ended yeah we made and it. I unbelievable and so nonchalantly just throws it in man he uses of people in the background like court. This picture Moses Malone and his speed as you got to think here. Outside of the still eats a site most of that crowd had no idea what he's talking a 100% no it was fun though now is there a lot of people do by double takes and Steve you've. We're doing here. Context try to meet some kicks scores. Are off of all he's he's back there graduated. It. All started off hundreds have been awesome yes we are critical of all. Congratulate. You graduated. Yeah you're in a purple umbrella. Matt Dowd ran around Iraq right exactly at Reggie got the reverend Gloria who wondered if you wanted to debt and of course and tomorrow with the Kirby guide dad is good news for. Yeah yeah we made a today. If you dreams don't scare you you they're not big enough. Dream big day a great line yeah. I mean are now laws like stand this kid is wise beyond his years a Dow's up and amongst all the jokes he's dropping some serious like motivational wines. Big day people will continue to criticize this generation is the let's keep proving them wrong wrong with someone tells us we can't cats let's all have the same answer answer to watch. Thank you feel good night I and of course this program pride pride. Like every driver every bride the. It's. Us that's awesome downgrades preached to you give a speech at your graduation. I did not not a graduation I he was not trust him. Now that's more for the valedictorian of him he didn't want to yeah yeah all right so ours was. If China remember I got to I have voted senior class president at the end of my junior year. To this kind of a funny story like it's Monday right that Friday is the prompt to juniors in Europe for junior senior prom ranked a connect. And it's really juniors committed continued prom yes that's nice of them crazy but I mean I had no intention to go hard right now and then lake. There's some there's some other priests are kind of in charge two was slick the main priests and charge calls being used. As you go and problem rightness and I'm in rank only use you have to go. Hoosier the next year's senior class president you have to give a speech to these guys gals like what it means like. But you gotta give a speech about lake you're like all right well you gotta get your girl. Basically. Yet they were like what I think he gave me a ticket or something and right and I called. We get a free ticket. Yet they had to go for free so you could play and I called PMI buddy Bernie I was friends Stericycle Celtics there. It is actually a funny story right. So I called Sarah a necessary look like that's the thing it's Friday. But can you go GC GA Allah guide actual out there was beautiful sunny that that was going to be nice yeah. And then there was a girl that I kind of flake made out with I met sex of their kind there was late hanging out with the whatever. But it seemed like it was over and I remember her friend even told me like I think she hits over 'cause like she lets you know she meet your friends who have you guys break up right you know me. I don't give it to thoughts now. I call Sarah. Next thing is like I gotta get talks real quick so by Tuesday night the balls roll and I got a buddy he's gonna pick us up out of the dugout and tell you. And he's just write it for Friday morning like your speech ready I don't know like I have no idea. Or or even worse in my name people really like to where were you. You're supposed to give a speech psyched I was like they even called you up to this stage. It's. Oh big guy I wish our the that girl I'd been talking to you went to another school what our mutual friend calls us and his. Oh my god she's free get out she's been crying all day it's cause that why. She's it was she thought if you're gonna go to prom you're took her oh my gosh right so then. I call and I Tuesday one of the harshest things are said anybody as summer forget what you said to me but I it's like I don't know. Whatever you call we are doing its diet is that clear. What I didn't mean it the eve. Chat room food terrible Ted yeah. Yeah I just kinda came out though it was the first thing is gonna break up I'd been there a terrible team needs Ted yeah. Anyhow but promise fine yeah community dead weight with yet now it's errors dope we you know we are dancing all night I remember. It was just a great time. And then I remember to your talking about like being popular with people but at a school at the map that the athletes are always gonna be. The guys right yeah so what I want homecoming king and I'm not kidding I was the first person that wasn't a first team all American in a sport to winning in years but I'm pretty sure it's this detailing its generally like. But I'm sure I help myself faults is about to be number one pick like. Guys like Kim were always the homecoming in Reverend Wright was like a rite of passage Brian Westbrook to play for the Eagles for years it was like a rite of passage like you're the top athlete you get to become good that it comes. Come upon that beg your part of like this lineage of he's when Brian meal Westbrook in. And the guy you're just how about I think he's as you look at the list of all tiger price former and it dollars for current and appellate Ayers former NBA's current ideology Coke guys like that and Ted Smith. Sat is awesome. Despite Agassi remember after I gave that speech is up at the prompt the guy that was like the most popular dude he was a superstar athlete ever came over and it's like. A year and a guy now the torch is passed. I like to a standstill it seems funny that he didn't even want folks forget reported around the sport but I'm not paid. That guy. Out wow bill Dawson noted there was it was great. One of the creeping that was awesome to graduation ceremonies somebody's got to be a good idea to our south fireworks no I'll blow up by some mob beach balls. Well also tell everybody due to a WW remember he went sign aims to let like giant cardboard cut out faces a little. Doubt be embarrassing now like. I would imagine if you're high school your parents holding a giant cardboard cut out of your face like it's. Top mom and dad Mon yeah they'll be well within hollering 'cause I felt bad for the one. The people wouldn't get any applause leagues on my desk top. The waving yeah. I respect you graduated high school I got two cars is real strict the only clap at the end are everybody's pocket and after every name yet so then did the ball being bounced around hit around. And this will rabbi asked wasn't looking and somebody mega ball kind of came from behind them and the discount like volleyball spike did bracket. But is ever going up in the air it just went straight back. Into her face yup your right in the face. Her glasses get knocked off stiff the Likud who believes his plea is the bridge that glasses. Well the milk it further it's like it clog the debate. But Alex heard. Would imagine his own son now and aggressively mad at can be small. It just grabs it and put it next to him then people are trying to get out of the aisle but the ball right there's three grabs the ball any kind of hold it tight by either ignore breeze hitting my mother in our face again. I just looked pissed like you wanna fight somebody I'm Mike. Chaos man it was a w.s is easy out pop. Does I thought that just worked on hit the open up the low maazel and squeeze it Claude exquisite empty. Always great chaos chaos our graduation. Chaos Google's part will be back column we give. It's. So it's not roommates I how to feel good of a roomy you want to where I wasn't. Arlen and we don't do it would just do something else don't know what it could probably that aren't. Don't stress out the minute concert will be back. How was it. Yeah. She morning. Your boyfriend has a new look. In fact our behest fifteen new guys to choose from including employee millennial. Look Glenn. Then bungee. Just blistering. So I don't scream out more remarkable you over here I don't look dramatically and it just. Mandolin can be. Soul cycle you'll get mad at overpowering ice cream sold separately. These guys we'll keep you cool for the summer. While keeping me there. And then it comes to his immaculate. You Lovato. Ha my dad. Real quick before we get to talk about resonates what else something very exciting happened though this morning. Oh yeah they're back I give a shout out to the mega cast of course on the air I'm BJ legs nice. And this happens. One person was wondering Oprah did become arrest of Roman wrestler name be and we talked about this in the majors for defense Smith field house stone cold Steve Austin and something like that like stone cold Steve Austin SunPower I would yeah rock hard Steve. Many are okay that's. Not so these are wrestling mania in Iraq cards emails and wanna say rock hard then and now I think that you and on the finishers. I really don't know I don't really look now. Us who. Were golf yeah DJ and Vicki. But I doubt rock hard Steve mix I think it's the greatest game ever in fact a few people Texan insane if you make a T students and rock heard Steve means I will buy it. And then what Dexter had a great suggestion that you should be rock hard Steve may just be soft in Delhi's demands. Hole nothing like I know you're taking a shot but that was one is that I couldn't stop laughing yeah. Talk about everything we're just talk about Steve Steve this man now. I Barney rock hard Steve big sports dude. Next summer somewhere I don't know maybe this weekend if paint if there's a chance throughout our stage and I can introduce you all rock car seat makes you get the crowd to chant. Rock hard. Rock hard. Rock cards. Last these announcements. All get looked at so weird we walk off that's the salute that we will get looked at so weird Bob maybe a corn guy who respected I don't know. Probably not yeah. That I got a great debt apology to crouched in Iraq card. It's happened a couple the fire events. We're I call another walking back to the curtain on your somebody like Mets in the BIP area could have spread by the current and make rock hard they'll get right lose. Yes I can make this into anything else weird I gotta I gotta say I got to remind myself of that next Friday. It's continued rock hard yeah. Stiff right I mean that's ideal environment seems clear garlic aside stage announcer did yeah I'd be five of them site while the final necessary I need you what do you believe I'm searching paper cards are. I feel like we might get pulled into the office. They worried about that I was worried about the baby metal fans this at their like. Out of these guys are why does he won't he's checking for propped up a record Bonnie what do rock hard mean Elijah is now want me to Janet led the other man comes out right. Nasty yellow wall does that weird you know. I'm never do at a festival yeah. Seattle I did they mile and your it was a weird things around the one time I was at the Seattle fassel is one radio guy. Sid did the other radio guy won't come until the crowd chanted roc card repeatedly. You collapse in between each rock hard. Don't get it. It's not rock hard rock hard. It's how we got to get today it to the Hillary had to give up one Kurds who have been direct link but went so. Here's the thing wouldn't you Tuesday's announcement anywhere they're awesome right it's such a pain in the grass on it speaks and I tell a story all the time. Daddy can brew you seduce sports in DC for a little bit. And he went to HFS a wall and did stage announcement I've ever my brother beyond we got a much timber all the time now he's also written so makes an impact on both people. So years ago so that's the last announcing people left some people are drunk whatever. Which he would always do like comedian Stephen cast solar Steve meal like Joseph leaned back in the day yet so this one here it's clearly bigs mean castle and Jolene yup. I got obviously not demand I just wanna go to air waves and Matt. It is soon as we turned the corner walk out there in the light hits as I run up to the Mike it's not talked. Public. Say I got my sorry can I panicked I saw all the people in the article started come out of salt. Politician tell it again I wanted to address my Diebold. Snow out. It's it's in my the most exhilarating experience this. It's nerve racking but it's so much fun it's again it's such an adrenaline rush it's a natural high or if you're on something it's and extend it he enix didn't pick it. It makes it more awesome. The best slack seemed to is the one we get to add at all off its record to scorch. I mean I was so Reza Jesse Steve do is announcing it in your holding mid day east lasts a week twenty I was asked follow up on stage. Just think you're like there's these he's our costs like oh wow I never just try this yankees they are are psalm and all my place here are. The perfect state doubt that I get out mice and at the time I was a part private snap Chad hands yes and I gave a mice not chat which is just I'm Steve megs. I remember. Just leave camp at the gore drew yes we did a house to the gorge and Ted and I spent the entire night responding to people on in the capture that. All might lock him up so what's on the board. Sold gone and taken the most weird pictures while they're camping it was also an all it would send back his ten and I'd make close above him and I smiling. Giving thumbs up or you're probably RE CY and yeah we're fine ever won that night it was so much fun Dowdell led the most of the greatest pain in the grass. Well today's. Owls Jane's Addiction avenge 707 fold. Is all broad government driven boom that would have been edited and include tubby all week yes thank you. It's not just. How did that go again this doubled over cut bubble bubble bubble bubble of about eleven minutes and who. Orange hats are off now I airborne played about one airborne. Unless a bit and tabloid bidding war with the purple zoo yet they play that was a great night are great weekend not so much fun yeah. Our job we got a couple minutes those who are nice I. Our new survey asked people to name the most annoying beings at their roommates do. And our resume that it borrower and a break up my Ted have you ever been a remain take a way out and I mentioned there's no like all probably the worst remain ever. Yes and let's see if you are I feel like I was a good roommate. But I feel like I was stuck with bad roommates over the course of my life start to. First one eating your food 87% of people say that your roommate should not do that. Correct I was make it did. I had the roommate that would I'm a onetime get so pissed in my room mate he drank numbness pomegranate drink so as palm's yeah. And like 75 dollars strike a deal is twelve ounce bottle of it yeah and I got one now so pond the Mike I'm gonna enjoy that pom drink when I get home. And I. Go and refrigerator has got to look in the garbage and it's empty and it in my remic what the F is wrong with you man. Either ought to know Greg was yours they know. What you drink either it was a big deal make this thing cost like fifteen dollars. Unit. All I'll go get you one right now and he laughed and got me when he felt so bad. To you. Worse when I had when I was living a DB. I came home one day was an eye for Valentine's Day he made chocolate covered strawberries are ha videos do not eat piece that you do I. I would not do that to you I go out to blacked out drunk. I wake up the next morning he likes the Mac and Mae. I'm like what he just told you not to eat any of those I was like I did you easily gesture letting your sheets. I'm glad chocolate yeah do you rate them. I eighty although my death wish you the problem was. I don't know if you've ever tried to make chocolate covered cherries and no I haven't. So I mean he was 21 he did know exactly. But he stacked up ranked so you can just see because the chopper got colder molding you could see where the two I had ripped out of her ha ha tough times. We obviously. Everybody used to mess river may that he didn't like and he would purposely eat like a like this he put like a sandwich in the refrigerator. Beauty has been established and they put the rest of it in their stolen it would just isn't just to get onto this given that remain on my god that's such a deal Yahoo!. I don't all the time but I just. Was guilty enough about it that I like gals that about leaving Harrington drained most people say also they should not do that. Yeah yeah I set hair all over me and just comes off I could tell it house but you know that's an impossible endeavor. Did studio in my new place to shower looked worse is it just it just shift now. I get it dude yeah using their shampoo. Yeah no one bugged me that much Champloo anti pay four dollars for a big bottles than any way to sat there. Bombs and you percent of people so you shouldn't do it leaving a mess in the common areas. That was the only thing I was good about really my rule would always still be a mass Seattle but I shot I. I was pretty good about like all right clean up out here I never really kept anything in the common areas yeah all right Amir I try to keep it is minimal possible I think. To your personal prepping your own room. Yeah odds that say you know me out a slop so my bedrooms are always a mess but I was always that was like the one thing I was good about. Levy Dunleavy dishes in the sink. Yeah I was so rare that I ever cooked back then with I don't know that I could say tell us a lot of dishes count. Not taken a garbage out until it's overflowing yeah. I think I would I job I'm target these don't do that infected drug and a white knights because I'm just always and remind me TP garbage out and vote mr. Ross and I would take up the garbage and I never I never put a garbage bag back in and it bothers her. To put that now. Now Mike sorry armed yeah it's a team effort you can put the garbage bag exit no Greg will do. Thought of doing it on purpose I always a brain fart it yeah. Of paying the same amount. Is new even if they have a bigger bedroom and I never really put much stock in Sanaa. I never never cared about oh yeah yeah and I want resident status should pay close. You would tank but I would get mad if they didn't. Bob being too loud is it right now we're fish in a fishbowl against a guy for being distracted sick. Trying to be your friend when you don't want that kind of relationship. And having loud sex. Yeah I had a roommate and always have loud sex but I don't really gave. Them all. Dude sorry I am so sorry. I just completely blank there psychic Steve. On the Mike are you just trying to sabotage design that you got to leave it that you're we're trying to get out of here. Didn't mind says he didn't let gonna. Until outlay outlay and I just skirts twice in one episode magnet school you know congratulations head and your approach and now we're malice domestic guys are moves started it or. We all do now. I know that we shouldn't there and I feel awkward doing prisons and our bosses never giving up toward the rudeness enough I didn't do it. It's. There's license. Oh that these are the outside world I think I'm right by the door oh I think they're walking away over the Salam representatives and all right thank you for listening as always good to be going to pain in the grass where your Medicare shirt it's if you don't have one. Get creative and make yourself why have they can make the message that's. All I shall be awesome yeah anything negative test related. And we'll look yup would have beer. He's got to find us and he had graduated and I must. I'm out to busy game will be out there we will be Jackson's don't know when because we have to interview obligations focus. Trust us if anyone on excessive use data out on the ballot and enjoying the crowd it's ten and I get we'll get that I'd thank you believe limits get ten. Sending. Love your. It's. Okay. Yeah yeah yeah. Plus and Twitter at the behest. Did you kiss I just didn't. I don't know what's going on I don't guy we enjoy the party Dong cursing him with the puck snuck kisses. XX com asks for one put out the door. When kisses cinnamon family and knows that kind of relationship and we hug. A lot of.