BJGN06-23-17 - Game of Thrones - American Gods

Friday, June 23rd

The gang discusses the latest Game of Thrones trailer; the season finale of American Gods; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach about the Han Solo movie & E3; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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I'm today's podcast we will talk about the American gods season finale we'll talk about the game of full grown trailers. And of course your fund Collins Bob who gave us a bunch of new dad. Of course they geek she wins big TV anchor Lewis Vicky Huckabee to get all of us. Well they can get a hold us via our website it's what's gonna have all our podcast solid information on another cool stuff. It's feeding each nation dot com feel like up front based professorship for BJ she's geek nation. Falls onto Iranians programs in the third row at BJP nation and it. The protects Chile was the voice on 19802243353. Choose any night beating each nation at Watch her video the need to dot com slash B Yankee nation. And just a heads up we are also on iTunes also a few like two meaning you have an Alexa Aaron Amazon access echo ordeal though the lakers. They elect simply geek nation on tuning in and we are right there. The ads super awesome way to get a hold of us and of course. Will give us those lights on the iTunes and stuff like that August the five star rating not lights please and then nad tell us why you love us on those comments is feedback anywhere on the ways we need to validation gas absolutely we're doing this for. Well our own egos. Oh yeah. Let's talk first a little bit about the game of throws trailer where we are and we are coming back in July I think July 16. Is when we are returning to. The lands of went down with breast dress Wes burrows thank you very might appear. I just don't why Allison I like almost a year and a half and I will definitely say that I have been missing it yup I do it was it to spring it's been a spring thing for a bunch of years now and since they had to push back. The the the filling the because I had to fill in the winter exactly path is well we'll back until summer. And of course because winter is here courier is now the what the trailers are saying in this industry super stoked flag I am really happy either and most of these are just kind of showing all of the characters who. Going through places that we're familiar with that but all he's characters are not we see aria in the in the the great Norris food and in the what those ways plans with the the white walkers are. John Snow looking as bad ass is ever and dreamy hope also agree me did we actually see. Who is his buddy the big fat guy I am they'll settle now for getting everybody's names has been way too long we'll give you mortgage backed. OK. I finally. We saw Sam yes so we didn't see him and number interested because the last time we saw him he was hanging out with all the may easterners to become one. And researching. Stuff to me and that's our studies and fight the white walkers how exciting is. For reading and studying with the Meester her trailer and just kind of nice to see him in these items were fine just I just in time. I am easily finance the sword. He has Giles little life which he you know he rallies and then he's studying blink he signed it the why there's you know everyone else I know there's still studying okay less dishonest study anecdotal but forms of bank and -- they're torn up. You'll find. What are some of the the favorites for you know from the scenes from for you guys on this anything that stood out that you were especially excited for a miss a lot of Bernie ships map. Yeah agony. Of being able that'll happen and I really love Danny walked him through the throne movement a dragon stone. You know it's like home again kind of a situation in that whole deal that gap. Has put six episodes is that how long I think they said savidge in the fields and I know it's a short one MA is typically ten ounces yet not let's not. That much shorter but at the same point they said it or not. Going to kind of dilly dally around they're gonna you're right into the action and an app I mean at this point there are no books to go by. So we don't know what's going to happen if you read the books before so tryst in can't really help us out one of our from Nike nationals who did for the first couple seasons act it's uncharted territory. And we are in the end game this is the next to last season as any one season after this and both of them I think are gonna be like seven or six episodes. Their movies and stuff and prequel a work so well they had four different series. In in the hopper so to speak for HBO. But those years this is not that they're going to definitely have four but they are working on potentially having four different winds and their spin off sir pre calls like he said in a bunch of those different things so you'll miss out on demons or is telling the whole Harry Potter they weren't stunned that good it is. Absolutely. If there's a tandem forest they're gonna find a way to milk it because come on that money you yet exactly was gonna make you money they're gonna go for it. I think one of the coolest parts for me was seeing the VD one idea with a flaming sword half because that he was only kind of a small character. In a little bit of it but it showing that easy easy easy easy goddess of fire that most under go ahead warship is still around alive and kicking and regatta blue light. Dot of light tank here in the neighborhood. No I guess they got one night he was on I think it was a soccer close enough on the scenario are are you. When she was on the road that yeah I really don't come back to life a cup budget times and he was the one with all the followers is when she was to. Still hanging out with sex and picturing me bastard Bradley and Diana I alleged name I can't remember. You guys still roll real early Miller LA. Exe Brandon. I can't I can't wait until July 16 just so we can remember everybody's name here I. Yes. I'm excited but yeah exactly. Another show that actually is just has just finished up its first season and that American gods and your dad. I Gooden is why it is a season finale. I somebody I had noticed on line was like I was really mad because I thought this was just going to be a mini series. And they were skipping have so many parts and then I realized that no is just the first season and the heart of Lincoln's from got confirmed for a season due yup so plagued you want to worry about that. They're going to be getting into it. Yeah this was great. Why I didn't expect to see first of any crazy somebody jesus' not a tossup I mean they are how did you see the after credits thing if you watch the app. Yeah it's like any visit that a total like thirteen of them yeah which is which is great because they wanted to show and it's funny because a night after cresting a wanna be like go wanna make sure and pay our major and not be necessarily mean a routes Jesus. Because and you can really really offend a lot of people away with the weight in the take they're doing it but they haven't said veggies. Is pretty much been good nice this to god that we've interact yeah where can I ask and it made a lot of sense to that in it was. I think my fear apart with that was just a one sitting on in the pool data on top of the water the importance pay a business industry gather just got to calm. I am and I think. Fast and it was just it was a perfect it was really interesting to see. The the god of Easter 00. Most are also there are there are Kristin Chenoweth gas which is funny gonna after crediting it's like we thought it really is of her being technically a pay end. Not I didn't but being the big people Christian woman as she is. Yeah I as an actor having to deal with that dichotomy of well this is gonna be. Sort of kind of blast for missing and in terms are fair and that is just the way that actors can handle their jobs and I and loved what they did with her because Aaron the idea of Easter because yes she was a pagan holiday and he got transformed she was always very sweet about it she's a porno with your god this is there how ready to it's like they took it away from hearing now. That she's like sweetest past sun and some of them CD as much as you want I know it was almost. Like a Kentucky Derby type get together guide where everyone just gets and I mean obviously it's an Easter thing you might it was that stay in place she usually. Plantation almost just a big part. All okay so it was actually. Any good got a tour is supposed to believe. As primary looks like he was he was he's just as his business and there's a pilot delegate. Areas I love that you know Wednesday as Israeli leaders crows he talks to us she has her bunnies I think it's so cute. I feel well it was just here to tell you they were going up to the house and night always bunnies and align in just. Mean random Aurilia all they went there we're not really welcome. Isn't able to Sarah Curtis one of the things I noted at the end of this and I'm skipping around a little bit this but we found out that. Mr. Wednesday is Oden yep well I have noted I had an it was outrageous like going through all his names in the course of history. And it was it was cool to finally get dad I mean if you knew a little bit about Mittal Janette to thank Chris for that because we've talked about. Owns day being Wednesday night. It's so that was kind of oh lead into that and I figured out now as like the current stickers is this term as his Achilles and you nailed it may well the answer. But also at the end of this I realize that. Oden and all star. Are there the. Old old old guides. And they're gonna Dix now and were following the protagonists. Who aren't necessarily. The so good guy here time and we found out that when all star. Basically famines and takes away spraying it. Because I think she was always trying to like I like I said that she's very she's very sweet is that not okay it's they can have a holiday and then Wednesdays and poke parents like. You know what screw this this one mine. And you took away yap and I want it back then and then I realize I'm Mike. Wow who I really supposed to go for at this point I because because the new guide's media technology boy mr. world. They want you the U essentially they wanted to Blake Starbucks. They're god hood and they just want to incorporate it into the the lives of humans so that they can still be part of it and Florsheim prosper. While not being complete and utter Dicks that the old gods were were you half to give us your devotion in order to get anything. In the sense we are giving devotion like if like if you are real guns like we are on our screens all the time media's constantly getting our devotion in our attention. But that's not enough attention not enough they want prayer and they want warships. Yes and they want sacrifice. Again now like nobody sacrifices anything you and so it time and it's. Yeah time that's about it but it really is just. Where the new geysers like give us your attention that's all we need and that's how we're just we're chairman there you enjoy or I find being lucky charms characters were fine being the missile systems with our names on it worked fine with being guns with our names on it because you're still devoting ourselves to us. Any more of subversive way. They have that they did lay yes he does want the sacrifice he wants that's who years that's the kind of guy he is owed and you know yeah I mean he's just like little chaos turned. And you wanna email us and you suspect that maybe because the old gods had a different type of worship. That maybe are not as powerful as they used to be perhaps but then you really don't say it Easter does. They're like well OK he it's based on the belief and that was one of the gangs that brings us to shadow moon. Where it's it it's so weird at this point because Chris I mean you you essentially no way shadow moon air breast. My belief at this point is it really seems that. As a person who. Believed. In nothing and that's been the whole thing for this time if you can turn. C a a non believer into a believer it's almost like a supercharged it's like getting a shot to the veins and made it. Boom that's gonna give view that power and it seems like he's almost like a lake has supercharged conduit for belief and oh yeah he's very giddy like you really get them before he got switched on. When he was looking at east or dislike me. Yeah I was like oh. Under her style is more than just hang announced he had the same look when he saw a Lauren they're all dead so I need to talk to my husband just found out I guess you that on purpose here act and that always I mean we we we essentially knew the fact that through a couple of the other old shots that it was. It was lucky charms who knew that no meaning you can and I had I've done it and that had killed but he he's not. Technically a god in it takes a god to make our star isn't it not be able to. To resurrect her hand and so she was just like I know who it is but you're gonna tell me. And it's kind of interesting because sure we've got Oden who now Riley says enough power to strike lightning down there and would lay waste. Technological boys. I mean millions or when did with Hillary had a faceless man. And so we know they he's got some powers but how connect compared to. Her powers because she does have some strength to roar and we've seen Matt. Yes but they do need I think. Then together they can. At fat ass stuff up if that's your family after an up. But they did find something interesting like apparently about next season you knew what it's gonna be like and so the show runner Brian Fuller said that it's going to be even more episodes and it's gonna be a faster pace so we can be much more exciting arc and it says much of pace English teacher a dreamlike quality of season one. Well just shot a moons mental state. Already our defense so now that he's been activated like as a believer we can expect something a little different from how he's going we're gonna tell the stories. And that's it in just thinking about this kind of funny because. In activating as a believer if you have the faith in something is kinda hearkens back till like RPG days and if if anybody out there played unions the white wolf systems morals really couldn't do anything that much. But if they had a true faith they would be able to do things outside of the parameters of humanity. And yelled call upon things are kind of think it's going to be rising along those same lines and I mean I don't know I didn't read the book summer and having more fun speculating on these things. And brings about they're trying to see if Chris I. In Pennsylvania and I got companies got a pretty good book entries in the unaided the one thing that we haven't talked about this episode was finding out they seasonal god bill quest and we knew from beginning they were still like he she went Venezia and there is pieces from new wave back to a back then. But she is on the new gang it's the new God's side tell you mainly because of technical boy recruited her. When she was down our luck but not necessarily a willing participant name. She does oh a little bit to become because you don't completely forgotten that she was even a god yes she was and how so it'll be really interesting to see where she goes and she is really close on the alignment to go back. And forests were especially them showing the scene when she's homeless and she's looking into Ethiopian restaurant and like that's her face on the Ethiopian men you and that's I think that her name or than one of the names of her that she has got that she went by. And then seeing on the TV you know like what's I aces was doing to her temples and all that stuff. And just seeing her her freak you out. And so I can totally sear just saying no you know what they need to learn appraise this again I didn't you know and I'd like Holy See that I cool I'm getting a guy that's exactly what that they're getting by like and getting the attention I need I got my tender her there whatever make shippers and of gender gap I get my you know my soul to these human sacrifices that you know feeding myself relish are ready. Through my age religion AJ. I think we. I know that quote that that it had Susanna nebula. Yeah technical more than that I I think I even tell you is thinking about a IK ON I love he is really weird looks to death bed dead it's almost looks yet changes it a look sly look at lake seriously like battle on five costumes. Yeah just real calculus and our way out there and wailing weird like a boxer kind of with a weird like The Beatles haircut could add to that look like a little kid gender Beatles haircut after he was adding he's doing that because he got his teeth knocked out a couple of deserve the values they wanted to Wear the the grill the good then the thriller the mouth garden. Mean I didn't okay. And and. It it'll be really interesting to see what bill quiz does as well because she is heading towards Wisconsin to meet up with shadow moon I'm going to assume to seduce and then it's so he can into the nebula and basically be put out of the way of the other guides. I want to see how that's going to because that's gonna be a major conflict we know that between her and then also Laura. To see kind of the bad the vying for shadow moons affection and how that really is placed with all the gods. I'm just I love the fact that we are on this side and were watching all of this from essentially what you. Kind of appears to be the bad guys side if you're looking at from theft by human. Yes if I'm looking at each of these sides in this was something real I'm saying this is what's happening here this is what's happening there. I'm not. Even bill quest because it's all everything is very ease selfish he just like cool a minute I'm gonna have sex and have these amazing you know sex parties as he doesn't then I'm gonna take your souls the Afghan aren't about the would make shirt. And that's perfectly fine. Apparently for all of her because they may go down love and it yeah sure but it's because so I'm giving this choice I suffer when that happens yeah and I want to do that Lichen it's not it's not a choice either that's the thing there's there's very annoyed to absolutely chore easy were they were shipper they've mirror and think abortion he's heard that he got. Us of her influence on ma'am I. I don't know third I don't think you can see that one is not the same they'd have young guys you're gonna. Mainly a kind of frightening new. You go into that relationship. Willingly like people who enter into relationship with any god with with Jesus or with owed an hour with technology used car earlier in an atheist world and we need an ongoing think it's not you're not going into it don't go right appraiser you're going into it to get. The action but yeah I pray that the people for two people now on full gender whatever it is okay how do you get that from the people at the beginning and I asked the ordinary and on there you know what do you look like there are tortured like as they were disappearing and you have to figure there's a bunch of different things hundred. Going on when you go and you look back at you know lag before Christ. And then you look at now. It Vicki put a point there's an atheist. Where anything is morals because then we don't need those things to derive pleasure from our lives threats everyone's lives are crappy if you just look at the base part of it we've made well I mean singles. Yes I'm going to give up there and up garments are capitalists like candid about careful when you're exchange rate of broad daylight that I FF I. Isn't there are you guys are busy for next season I would love to see more mr. Nancy I can you. Or Orlando Jones is an amazing his whole story yet and still high gas. Story teller I just love the fact that mr. Wednesday it was like I don't want you stories they tell us starring the late sterner. I really like I am I wanna see him NA NA more prominent role. I really wanna see where shut him and goes the actor who plays him is amazing he plays they're really good every man freaky little yes it it was just great just being stuck in all this and I wanna see where that goes. And I wanna see a lot more mad Sweeney. Mad Cellini is so bad he's so much fun yes how many layers gaffe. Late in I think all these characters I mean I got you know hats off to new game in. Four. Lake creating characters that actually translate. Really well in Austin Brian Fuller and all the show runners that are able to take these characters and make them more then just. You know something that was on the pages in then nadir trying to halfway figured out know they've put a lot of work in the. The book was written in the eighty's or seventy's I believe that in the eighties Emily I'll take that or not but reason being I don't think the show could've worked Ian as a movie years or show any other time except now. Like previously 2001. Yeah he wow all right all right we'll cover that I sell it to really old school guys they're anti jurist let me be thinking eighties center. They accept that makes until a lot more sense now lets you with the whole media and. Yeah I is that a real lot weirder if it was because I mean any personally like to still be any future wave flying cars that sort of thing we key kind of that but they've. Turned it on its head with technology boy being a lot of VR sort of thing going wrong with that makes more sense than those in the two thousands. And yet exactly needy even in 2001. To not technology technology boy turn was say you know he had that same sort ratification of the then now and then in this to whatever level block. What I was only you know pages are slowly dying out eye that's left alone out there MEI you know I raiser in wow and I know raises are still click. Eight years later the answer unfortunately there wow I don't RAZR phone found pink when I was a C you're nice go for ten years ago it was pretty somehow my goodness. I'd definitely loving this season finale can not wait until season two but of course we're have to look at there yet moving on we've got. Gareth Von Colin bock with us. First off talking not so much about. SK and are dot net and I know he spent some time over at. Absolutely so key condensed version of a very complicated thing that just came to light the other day it's that the true directors. Of the console war movie. So ward and Chris Miller. Have been in the walked away from the project that's the official word. Due to creative differences but about three weeks were patrolling now. Scratch below the surface scratch not entirely accurate. Joke. So here's the switch to action a little bit of Burke story troll lord. And first worked together on various films which is the Lego movie 2120 Q jump street equality with chance of meatballs Feldman and so people are thinking. Well this is kind of an odd odd mix to bring in. You know people with a comedic background. Four. Star Wars movie tree and so one of the ideas behind that. Was that they won the kind of tongue in cheek element to the franchise. Now apparently that's where goal went downhill and apparently there's been clashes with Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasten who wrote the screenplay to a settlement it is Sunday he also wrote India the first orders bluster or throw home. He wrote empire strikes factual he's got a well. Establishing was also currently house doctored up to script for. The force awaken to this man has got a very longstanding history working lunch Star Wars film. More when we've been able uncovers and apparently the directors. Tried to shoot it like a comedy film in that who who improper was highly encouraged it wasn't you know the script as a guideline just to improbably from the error. And they were going for a more comedic element to it. Where's the writer was saying no hum soloist sarcastic any shellfish this is the tone this was not slapstick comedy. Am bit. Digging for word now here's the other thing supposedly this outing may have happened a few weeks go and it's just now coming to light. Because essentially. A terribly Kasten and have enough and he went to. Kathleen Kennedy whose feet. You know had to look at stroman who very much it's hurt protective over these films can I am. As we 2.0 litre you know we drove apparel Altria the standalone film role one war after seeing it they said okay we need to do a little bit more. And so they brought in Tony you're worried right into overseas some of the re shoots down this is where everything went two ahead. Gareth Edwards basically have no problem with that as soon as somebody told me he was more than willing to play Foley says Herbert I like Tony it's. You know more the merrier bring in another guy that you Edinson content that he's writing to help me out more work filming and re shoots supervised these strange why you know I can worker and a distinction peak and supervised directing her re shoots and support for anything to make the film better apparently these two guys basically. When it was suggested to bring in some additional collaborators to help Pino moved to Roger or works pretty much put their foot down told Kathleen Kennedy. No way this and the way we're doing the movie and they were promptly shut the door. Wow and that is just crazy because yet I don't look at the let me looking at the theme for. He's the rogue wine in man I mean discussed the fact that. Hans solo doesn't seem slap sticky Timmy you know they shouldn't be it should be sarcastic but it should be a little bit of a darker edge and I really think it. Should have that. It makes sense that they want to protect their stuff and I guess like when you're working on a huge franchise if you need do have a little back and forth on that and you need to have a little compromise because you're dealing with a huge studio you're doing with. Millions of fans out there and you're doing with the multiple millions of dollars hundreds of millions of dollars a budget you can't just take. This is my thing because ultimately it's a bunch of people's things. Right every of course just wrap the whole thing up boost apparently the social the first time that happened there were rumors that they were almost booted from the shadow cloudy with a chance repulsed two. Over things like that so you know you basically have two very strong willed people who say gaffe. This support would come we know how it works but you know. Even. Anybody coming into a store or storm you have to realize. You know works all come from Melbourne Kathleen Kennedy had a Disney had a and he yelled and I don't and if these guys are happy you're going to be asked to make change which. And if you don't make changes to. They've been very clear about we will find the right person to do. You have man that is so crazy. Hopefully we'll get some more information hopefully this does in the put back the movies. And we've heard some good rumors are who's gonna pressure up to project I Ron Howard's name getting bandy aren't Howard's name popped up because you are not forget going back to be eighty she worked for them on willow how OK for Melbourne and have you done. The screenwriter who goes have directing credits to his own name might be brought in because essentially won't problems as we Kurdish and they got to go through all the stuff that's been shot and basically say. What can we keep what had to be re done we'll pool all man I hope this isn't turn into fantastic four where they just took the third act in their like well here's a movie you can't do I cartilage so Kennedy's best incumbent we've heard rumors that the director. They don't miss it terribly all happened a few weeks ago and so we've heard some rumors are out of this morning met the director. May already be in place sort of very. Let policed very short list is in place and they could be ready to go. Nine as well I know that you'll keep us abreast of all the information as he gets out there but speaking of Star Wars. At. Fantastic actually. One of the great things that I was happy is stats. They have a very large section over at the opening up these PlayStation. Boot and it was absolutely packed. And of course you know that you did Didier conference with a live stream. One of the things like trauma opposed to three asserted it's been one of the most. Popular the most popular and talked about and shared videos now I'm the entire thing and the idea that. Is that essentially. While we chart comparison I have not had it's many issues which. The original one. People say the fact that BA Star Wars battlefront that you came flat out at the beginning and said. There will be crucial play campaign. Premature raced a lot of problems with people happy yeah right right off the top and then when they said. You know what we're gonna lecture play from all the three -- we're gonna make the DLC free yes we've heard that it will have micro transactions however the DLC is going to be creek. You know old you can. I have all sorts of creative freedom that you didn't have and I think this is basically what. You know EA and direction saying that we listened very heavily to what people said they didn't like about the case or worst travel from one. And the trust that the start melt so you don't Missouri all play campaign. You've touched the multiple heiress you go all the characters. And so and now they've also reply in the combat the game and what I actually looks so normal I can get got a massive pit on their hands. How that's so cool I'm so happy to hear about that because I just I mean Star Wars is so much to so many people and the fact that EA is listening that's just a great thing from everyone out there it means that the companies even if they do get Iran they're willing to be accountable I love it let's talk about Wolfenstein going back to you this is back in order to again ray. Sort of (%expletive) hole too extreme to the new closest note you know to those two groups told the Wolfenstein. Sluggish since the beginning. People here remember back to the basically apple two and the commodore computers when he first true Wolfenstein games came out yeah. Very innovative and and did. You know years later turned it into essentially the birth took a 3-D shooter the first person shooter and then got it all over the place by doing the whole freeware were the first five bubbles were free in the near may traditional. And then they started to go to boxed games and then you know Activision had a short while and then. Is it that ended up being acquired by protester and they each you don't have to walk and she knew border wall and seeing the new blood and the great thing about it is they don't take this 78 yard gap commercial between games anymore and for anybody who told the last game what they cleverly did was they said okay we're gonna have a little bit of fun would that we're gonna Americana have an alternate history worth the Nazis actually won the OK it's a man and I castle vibe there. Exactly and so and then I think also the success of that show is gonna make this go relief wells are you turn ahead. You were playing in a post war era like one of the games recently had a moon base and that sort of thing how now it the last game ended where it's pretty major vendor and so what they've come out what this time mistakes that. The 1960. Ish. And we're told that might actually be America is very much looks like America because their coach poll cited diner. Shut up Eddie Sri where you're actually waited line and a web server coming get cute. That you had a boot from just jar jukebox is stopped and got the boot freer. Playstations Merck European agreed to just downplay the game. And apparently that's what happened is it's now the 1960s. It's an America. You're still there you know to auction occupation is still inflation of course there's the you know occasionally the blackbirds and futuristic elements to give it a little. Build an extra edge but you're still. Basically destroying many not to do you future employment the most brutal way possible and what I'm really curious about is the last two games basically said. We're not immune ball or multiplayer mayhem like for example. But first dog prior written up the last one which is kind of like a stand alone expansion the one prior had about twenty something to 2226. Hours of game play action. In the campaign mode alone and are holding as we're not gonna bother with the multi play and give you six hours worth those. You know story we're gonna give you won't fully be developed game. And you know I can't agree barrier like patrol twenty plus our worst game but I'd also like multiplayer elements I hear that that looks good shape and it'll be up this October. Now faces so I am really excited sealed I love this see the alternative history stuff that's a lot of fun now finally open now finally there's one game that I don't know anything about hunt showdown what is this about. Okay I'm showdown that is their very intriguing game so we're real quick let me give Europe a brief history three years ago already three approximate Mike we were shown in this game. And knitted this game. At that time it was essentially like a Victorian era left for dead that term store clerk change hunting supernatural. Creatures in Louisiana swamp and amid a pretty good impression on us and for the last few years ending term we've talked to wrap our product may remember that game assured me he tree what's going on without me you know aren't there looks it's all happened. But the hope that the nothing ever happened so. Time would perhaps what happened was they went back and they re amend the basically tweak the game so instead of being a four person. Co op. The concept is a shame but it's teams with two. They have these early interest in twist like for example they search. If your character dies they're gone for good but the next character you create will be a descendant in the blood line. And the dust where I can describe it is. A mention a Louisiana swamp they so there would be other locales and your essentially a two man team a bounty hunters. You have only go and find this creature. And eat as you go through you'll have various closed now of course there's all these other creatures that shall encounter like zombies. They showed us which one which was this big hole contrite thing better be blind but if you step on these leeches and essentially using the leeches to seek. And that you have limited demos you have to get to supply drops and so on and the ideas that you find the clue boost. And you've you aren't sure you get the spots preacher and and you take it out now here is worth the twist to it comes how. The other players in the game were all your competition. They can kick you out that flight Benny and I'm now okay ask. And so no they showed us how old wonder creatures they were tracked emotions trench fighter and it moved incredibly fast they've finally tracked it down. Once they subdued that there are essentially have an open a portal now been brought up the map and said it's essentially like shooting up and try again at Laramie vacancy urged lotions they cheer flashlight when your in the area no matter where they are on the map. The moment Euro taken up washout. It tells everyone exactly where you arch and they go rushing chill it because. Essentially they've got a couple minutes where they can try to kick you out and claim about it from him. And so you have to fight off the other players as they should in theory you can be aggressive dislike a lot investigate. Take down the monster or you can just sit back and bite you chime in when I have to tell the other team gets its you can jump in and if you don't get him there are you yours and extraction point you can just chill politically extraction points of the real emphasis will be on team great strategy. Then of course there's your ammunition is not infinite you can't just go through the swamp guns blazing pin because. The other team concern Oprah prepare already engaged look sneak up behind him take a belch kicked or supplies number of tradition and mission now I remember you talking about it now did you get a chance for hands on on this one ours is still not yet clear and he would just at the point more after so many years to say security has we have a game played video up on the site right now but they also told us it's using beat. I quite sexual I mentioned so they've you know they've put the most advanced graphical and should not that they set that the swamp as one sitting there will be others say it could show you are gonna do Victoria in London or anything like that but I think they've got something here because I'm really intrigued to see how colts. You know how it's gonna work playing somebody and you know Danielle the wild cards and if you bring your body certain. Are they gonna stab you in the back to take your supplies into what the power they actually get really you don't want. She may seem below its work together and get this done you take those bought small trek the next one. I'm oops we just killed 200 you know taken everything that is so awesome I love their loved that car. Is in his that can be involved with a multiple teams. I Leavitt again Garrett button column box from skewed in review you can find out information on. And it turned Turkey should thank you so much gears again Garrett Von column box from skewed in review that is SK and and it has been confirmed. That open he himself will V. Directing or trying to put together all of the pieces that they've already shot for the Hans solo movie and then finishing that up and making it the movie that marvel wants or Disney wants marble Disney marvel holdings alone company known as soon Lucas film maker or on the it might or might not so we'll have to see where that goes in I did I just really hope that people stop like freaking out. Online about it so I was like. Oh well now why now this is gonna be the worst movie ever emling you're has gone early I mean here is kind explain a lot better we talked a bit about it on spots. Yesterday. These don't necessarily worry about the fact that there's some people butting heads about those direction and vision. They had to do re shoots a rogue wine and use some extra stuff to fill it out. And rule one was a great movie I'm sure most people agree with that yet so don't. Worry about their vision now it's been solid so far he asked and now it's time to get to hula. She twists dish we got tourists making its. There's really only one congress and hurting movie coming out and I know that he has talked about it on spots yesterday and I assume. Not very much enthusiasm. Oh transformers the last 98 and then not getting too much enthusiasm on the hill from tornado yeah and I actually I seen the ads are forecasting and they're looking at eight create he had mediocre opening for a movie of this caliber in of this cost. And I know it sounds like a lot of money but seventy to 75 million dollars. Is not necessarily good for a movie do is create their own they're looking for like hundred million dollar openings and it's not being projected as a manager I'd really be able dynasty is to link the kids are like. I'm. Or not it is getting 15% on Ron's campaign that he won I won my guy is so far is 64% like does so where they are really Bacon's son had a good time to pay maybe that I'll be yes. Parades I. I heard certain half percent I stopped sharing a while back but I was the first to. Now starting at yeah I saw seen a couple still haven't seen a single one of them graduation and there you kind of fun then we have a great soundtrack that the one thing we -- put in a lot of good music into this the -- with some night when I saw the last one is on and remember what you and I was. It's a one TJ Miller that's the only thing I know and I spoiler alert he doesn't make you very long in the know what they're older white house with Marky Mark still RAS I had that was the last one that was that third I believe our commitment anymore there's on thing gas. I ever seen now this sort of liked it when you see a movie like look this like can you explain it to somebody will this happen in this happen in this happen this happen in order. Which has hormonal like I know AB and CD happened but I don't remember what play in the move because it'll just motions to Geller and but I thought I'd check what the rankings where of like the best movies or whatever than to transform his many have noted Ron tomato slice. Transformer is the first on the count 2007 got 57%. 709 million dollars were worldwide. Wow. But I got 85% of the audience liked it. And then I also have a chance forms the movie the 1986 cartoon one hey now 55%. On tomatoes vote 80% of people liking it. And he knows it's more a fan favorite and hey it's a little and oh yeah there's some serious things that happen and that but it I mean it's cartoons are people just assume retirement that all day yet Katie movie Iger at Hershey guys can talk about it on that eighties podcast that's how well I yeah we will length his loaned the the next unless like top. Like best or whatever and transformers dark of the milk they came on 20141. Point one billion dollars a world known and that was that in that was huge in China which you would notice by the Chinese products please oh I remember you're removed that 35% are on tomato is point 055% of the audience pulling little wooden managing a diminishing return. Click yes I want you to have something to do with like does that include that's just movie purchases and all that not the whole world lies Arabs worldwide adding that it box office have box office. And in the the fifth on the highest. Chance farmers age of extinction to my attorney 141 point 104. Billion dollar 18%. Are on tomatoes and 51% so the prisoner round tomatoes is not far fetched because like why aren't they make them the worst thing get Megan Fox in return for us want. As it issued gas Aaron opt. Confirming rumors 'cause like that I thought I know I'm only thing I I. Thought I knock I shot that looked like Megan Fox than when I don't think it is Megan Fox. But I don't know because I thought that her and Michael Bay like yeah 8080 tell anyone to make up they reconciled issues in 1980 ninja turtles and all we have your way so maybe yeah maybe they got thrown out there I am getting mail or used Stanley Tucci generous you have to catch Stanley Tucci is in this says Merlin. And I get it back confuses you yes Merlin the wizard from our Permian legend vote Tucci was in the western to let me do. Non Europeans I should say no he wasn't that he was a scientist something like I mean I got there trying to bridge that sort of very neat how he caught the law I really got. I don't know I ain't I can't save his third this thing. And this is a direct descendant of Merle lynch. I tell my dog I'm Carolyn all right I am a die and when is it I'm check you know or maybe a scientist is. Merrill and while. How soon this sounds like a fan period that would be best for another key cheat at a different time I wanna watch some Texas so we have John Goodman plays one of the robot voices hound I'll ask Steve Buscemi again another waste each trader. Mars sized pop die later they trader. And I was just like TR ADR TRE TE Tyler so he's a stock. Exchange robot I don't trainer divide head on how people strains forms and run of those ticker tape machines I'm. I'm John DiMaggio play in the nature and you. Okay. Hello Tom Kenny a case lends Bob Lazar your meals so yeah I don't know if they few days. I'm 'cause I like looking at I aimed to be a lot of drilling voice actors for cartoons talk Lisa there's a lot that I Siri peace silly to just China Jess Carnell I believe he did like. And a maniacs and stuff like that he had his yen have been an emerald seek Telekom a couple times. Candle. What's not they aha now I currently is drift. Little eventually I don't want to voice is pat and I guess I mean for voice acting if you wanna do is get an will named actor in there you can just give me in the studio you don't worry about much. They don't have to spend a whole lot of time doing these things he's going to a studio. Record the lions enemy is obviously a lot more there's Lamar process to that but like easier than sitting into an exotic location I mean you can always been so much money on that when they've got Marky Mark running mark your hardware. And I asked frank Welker he has no list actors he's been. I didn't guarding the galaxy the TV series he's owed in. And Imus are all over future on the all that kind of stuff well if you guys that you guys do like ourselves some. Transformers. Well there's one more lonely out there are clearly yeah let us now to get CA given to Carl you're stand. Let us know how you feel about this movie I wanna hear. Well I wanna here AA real fan's perspective on this. Whether it be positive whether being negative and can you are good Caribbean and I actually you know what here in four with some. And so I wanna hear how you feel about that mean every every good and decent movie. Okay. It's okay. Condo next time guys. Stay nudie. Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Join Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks and hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW doc plus.