Broad-Cast Ep. 77- "Ex's and Ohs"

Friday, June 23rd

Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and The High Priestess Destiny chat about Sara's trip to Leavenworth, let Destiny vent about her week, weird break ups, Chris Pratt and what he means to each other girls, growing up with strict vs non strict parents and their favorite porn stars. 


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And I'm points. And for the again. Welcome to another edition of the broad half. Wouldn't I think he be if we gap lose says. Hanging and of course is easier hangings and stuff destiny. And I Don lane is happy for our right. Saying CGI and they know fabulous. And couldn't congratulations. Think yeah on tonight you know the year because it is now Palin has been able fort Payne and address. His name is ROP. Gone you know we're gonna actually just cut up one of the assurance that we will be posting a picture. The dust and yes yes yes I always hate the fact that we have the lake. You make are stuff super cute as. It does give these give you disown him for a shirt so it out like bagels shared so yeah we got to you know I just I sit up academia is super cute she's accusing it teeth there and Moroccan elegant sexy fabulous tomorrow and pain McGrath yeah Spansion. As in we will be posting that on a social media pages which normally miss Stephanie. Yes smile as he can reach as on FaceBook at the broad dash cash list. Mr. Graham and Twitter is the same and the broadcast 99. Email us at the broadcast at 999 at team out that current all our calls or text the earth. At 2537786029. Hit us up man this idea. Achieve so you have a couple of things I'd like to chat about to match. Anything new going on with you ladies. The universe is tested. The F out of me this week a house. What's been done on. On my way how cameras and it fine. So Monday. So it's like this weekend and what the policy tool at the Golan asked out Allen and any change my freaking life like I am I am convinced like is some some magical portal or some. Stuff at the African ports as well. Gorgeous it's amazing phenomenal and left that hole is our teacher be you know a apps out that. And I know my friend went in I was so excited to take him because he Ferreira was like a whole fan he has been for years is using years as a member able to see cancel his trip and bonds is excited to be bad so I am happy that he's happy. Anyway. I AM. They sure I forgot nicely shifts brick so Monday who's been hit that the senate sexy and like always was to be a way it goes like no they're like yes as I hear Mike. Have finally downtown my Starbucks they giving you know like oh I got a hand on life now so you are. As solely Gilbert like Ali like all the department heads early in the meetings at least Simi dislikes you know distrust on the comic side. And so Tuesday ahead all of these plans has something like a for relic audition for some and it was really really important to mean now in every single thing and just what the heck can get a rental cars. That they that I peaked out to the ground and I pity yes I can in a confinement and I'm iPhone and I made it a break. Amid a crisis thing and I AME like this the worst for in game effort died giving me out of ten. Never made it couldn't can make it I think yes I are all good really regularly saw Ed Kelly I was I didn't I didn't behave like with the hope all of Wednesday. And so what happens and having yesterday I got to cut. I had a Mac or her daughter. And some im pretty. All that says they would tumbling down big GD stairs I swear that the universe is a specifically asked to have me this week they have yet with telling downstairs. As so it rests you know let Latin Mary and you know downstairs so. Down at pike place you know man the bakery down there just to make sure I have my order celeb by now on new Mac Koreans just major had a lighter. I you know I delivered that they are issues like almost for tomorrow and ask for today. Yeah. Yes exactly at what did matter and well she suitors like think is so much seat belt bag next cook. Thought. Do they aesthetic cry that was my peak late that it has made people like so it was like you voted against us again either that an accurate. It. I do and nobody at like a true baker has cried orphans Mac before and again and I did. So today I put on some make but in my hair accuse the put Ahmadinejad and gas and is going to be a. Awesome freaking edit share and like really talk to your fabulous that I think you'd think you'd think you I appreciate you guys led the event's. I am more than happy to hear about you guys as daylight. How how is everybody else's week or levels of tying or time period where he just had a freaking terrible. Terrible week or day images here. I can't really think of anything continuous. It's kind of a weird feeling weak is BJ hurt his back so like this week has just been in a weird. He sometimes going on like maybe is the universe and nothing quite as bad as yours we still fidelity because I was happy and I need right now is you have it like I honestly the other day I was I think on Tuesday. I was driving somewhere and it's just. Just I saw an exploit for not not one that I have like any problems with necessarily. We broke up. I broke his car in that we only need for a couple months America's car. And I purposely tough talk only to the start seeing someone right after. Some gifts like super Belmont went. Anyone and to wanted to be heard Ernie things like completely cut and and I lifes you wouldn't see any of that. And like I ran into a couple of years ago packs. And we just technically the first time met in them them online but I had. We found out I met him previously briefly and air packs that they gain me and many are and I and I get. Which is funny because like I filmed him he's a go on the video link or something used on that coming up on the healing and like Corey that I feel that video that and I headed back into. I had. An. What is real nice tank. I just wasn't there for me. And I thought develop with the other guy shortly after. And when Iran into attacks using no ill will you'd like Los couple proudly even though he didn't need to leave if you look at him he's like really tall really. He's really nice features in every these again minister modeling you know and I think he's getting a contractor about to get on something that mr. science engineering daddy. Sounds good on paper and just like I wasn't on at like at and if you like I have the butterflies. And it's just. There's a lot of things that I'm about that I know he would. He isn't about or would be about ever so obviously this isn't an hour. Syllabus and we asleep Islam I'm not Penny Arcade expo years ago haven't talked to him since Ernie at that. I am driving around the corner from why is. And I see him either going to the bus stop are getting off the bus. It where I live it's like you either live there or you're gonna hang out with somebody that's not Ehrlich place to go hang out and used there's not. Every enemy is there a mile yeah or even a senior and autism afford. I am I noticed him walking like oh my god that is totally him so I am a little weird how they. Would have a problem seeing and I think it was a nine. Did I bring back most of their now I just like I felt awful when we broke up because they felt bad for him like I broke his heart. Did all I totally dipped out and I didn't get out on a nice way. He doesn't realize he's an isolated do it and thank you for the what you did it but I got ready talk after kind of sort of attack mr. Italian I broke up with this can have kind of. Yeah there's no win situation and mail them so I was living. Lake Stevens at the time and he lives like literally eats. Right by Pike Place Market in a partner at aipac is market and we gained for a couple months procedure that we made it official after like a month or two and then broke up after another month of Celek they met this other guy definitely you know life. My got stymied that I need to feel any to venture out like meet the sky talk to this guy beating cheat on him now. Like maybe emotionally and gumption and nationally. But I would hang out of panic you know what the sky sparking something in me and I know that I'm not feeling with this other guy down. And I can't make I can't be with him so we would always Skype and so one night were skipping like you know I think we should take a break it kind of wanna break from this 'cause I'm not if. And I'm nets them a new residents say. Heath start crying on Skype. Any like an X. Eight and I'm thinking of definitely dropping them Acker and that her crack think with the public and I'm just yeah even where we break by the way I'm like Philip. Forget about it immediately come. Important presentation the next day easily next time McDougal were imprisoned Tunisian abuse of the importantly does seem like at and yes like some hamburger with the Ana winds that thing about your resignation tired so I appreciate. It we won. Like a year prior diet or BJ technically won a gift certificate to stayed at a fancy don't Al oh north. And he's not mean this you can have a gave it to you drunk he gave me Celtics but I had going. A couple of months to redeem and other lightly act. You couldn't do on weekends and you couldn't do it on holiday and I haven't had an island have been mistakes that they should call the number affairs in my. But still finest knows a lot of body is likely had a completely off an October. And we eat we had picked as a I am gonna go useless would you like come meter man in a while ago. So we already made land before I decided I want to break up with them. And we put money down for an extra day so we split the cost for an picture for the room for an extra day. And. Big did not god. Talking to everyone I'm like should I cancel already put money down the line nine can be bought you canceled is cruel only but would it be mean to go into a problem earth. Like I try to Republican and I could. And without that and nappy you're you are crying like I don't visit break up personally you want to forget about it forget I said anything. I don't forget and I just you know. So we go on the trip the follow shortly after he and I like it I'm like kind of like thinking about the other guy. So what happens iron Johnny emotionally like I've done belly I like league's big spending time with some anywhere and no I don't for a free can make can't the is so emotionally does to be I don't like not fair I was 22. That's the baby category like. I now on I know that accurate. Partly baby I've ever done that when he Theo I don't really hasn't like that that. Like you don't think logically don't think practically just blankly. Out. Exact same Lansing and I believe now I've laid off air traffic plan it's all act the same plan like. Leslie and he I don't know changed I don't know how you having an alcohol was and now like like like I surprised him like I. Think your goal is there they just like oh this'll play for the radio and no value for rail. Yeah ask sob I don't know how hook up a a like raid you don't shares are shares of the year the light at the answer is yes but this is coming you're coming from a prison never to take care of her while she's drunk she's a African actually Atlanta violate. I'm calling did anything Caribbean I would much on any ticket that has seen it take Cammie by giving her shots enough now it might want to know that's awful. Any Dell and I taking shots. Syndicated takes I don't probably taking shots probably got a good shot when she is she sir yes no limit to where. She's just yeah. Three I also lives and alcohol played I console but I really don't let you. That might say it openly and I would mean like 98%. Of their reasons and I am I have never an outlaw poisoning with. With you there without you there yup. Yeah the the president Omnicare Edison an Edison NRA. Had. Not on the bottom line there atomic. Making notes that any new iMac all affecting my idea I just plant a threat in where right on Amazon and aren't. I was on the last weekend. And high and never have a bad month but it years ago when I went there as an adult Jack and I went is so cool little German town that Belgian town government. Is about a OK I don't know why this reminds me of that can this'll do booms they know him. I love gnome tonight insignia okay because there's always imagined being new homes there I'm hesitant and there's not restore. And Sheehan ranges there's there's. It's a story that's Christmas Ollie around oh yeah really freaked out every time I go to 11 on site I am I. I go to that store my friend guy it's just I at least by tournament. Everything via AM here I'm going to have a team that I worked here I'd be so confused and residents now any rain and connect capable. Openly and it's. Do you like that cracker foreigner downpour OK okay select I didn't violently pick the stolen while in custody because Hanna at Chris Messina. On. Christmas. We showed he could. The odds are a lot of the night or rain years have been at Chris and everything's gonna release ended up my music and I Renton. I find. The facts in front of yeah fire play. Myers in a bra and began as a way insult behind them in the light so let's slowly make its toll could be in the moved like being in about Christmas is bad it was with a porno the for real want to know what's. How many Christmas things like Christmas and analyze it becomes a leader of likely please I didn't into business to violate element that Abner. I'm really excited about Christmas apparently. I. And it was so you and I here in the wintertime it's on me and here they deck it out and I. Telling us anything gonna get it means I mean girls and Santa Claus out there are pictures onto it gosh you get it fuels her eyes still I still may mean I know that it. Was I've been there on Christmas Day you opened with everything when he stayed at a time when an outing and snowy is how all. It's happened so we've got to strip are like right around and I bet the bank but it didn't like I did. Art trip is like farther away. Then we've been admired. Mike. Just image yourself to me apparently six more months wow. When I think about that at this like is to seize up and if it should have been I guess I used to big bananas like me but again it has it. That's I think that's correct I just days later dated yet on I and I guess you can bring them on a broad light that we put it on his part in exactly using my cards like wants you like yeah at a rate. Exactly. That's that's our thinking yeah I mean I think that's. Well I just think it has. Ally and going back to though the break it. Oh yeah how was the trip I never the triple awkward. Actually got sick I was detained basic while we're trying to do you see he's trying to do it I have a headache I can't tonight about legit sick like I have let one of the worst lose of my life like coming from that trip like that and you feel like crap and outline like I do feel that. Because I am idol your body merit anemic demand as the super stressed and like ruling got a couple's massage and stuff at the helped alive. Like with feeling sick but I just got sicker and sicker really texting have stated earlier that that's on death if we are you all the freighter in their name. I don't usually just use like Connor gave her. Yeah what happened was. His take he heat at the end of it that we're about to leave he knew something wrong. He's like let's talk let's walk around this town X times like now. I become like I did my lastly I have to do today. I'm driving back and I'm actually going to a club is it will connect methodical only to the goth club you're not got you're not gonna like it like I tried to into show when he was no fun. At the show subs like he's not have the time the south Lebanon. I was gonna end up meeting the guys that got club the other guy. Selling milk you can't come and he's like a bite to Italy no it's literally you need. A night or anything and I. So opera now rank who could have been in the situations underscore NG adding another person. No luckily I mean maybe backers and how. It. And they've they've been normally make public my feelings come such aquarius Kapalua and I like a moment 'cause like I am so that that's Alec wants. What's my swing feels which is awfully. You called an idea that act now gas and discussed that even when I'm trying. Now cited cited lack I have to talk to you and we're gonna do it on the right it's like to our current Seattle. It as a child care all they have not take you are it's a great job with them on now you know actually work and that actually was very helpful. Because what Yucca thinks eaten firm in evening grilling yes but he ended up like green being like everything happen in the course of the two hours. So we are what Clark who want to run walk around the talent talk badly now let's get the cards. I'm telling him I'm like how I feel like this this is a work and done. And he's crying and crying and he's. Loan Alexander and you pay. Am I know. It now but no that's not and then by the time we get like. Three fourths of the way to Seattle at when Lin wood in I'm getting gas and he's like refreshed. He's feeling better last accent problem. They isolated site that there's any flashbacks now you you spot like he had stopped crying for our. You know I think I'm gonna get on the date like the beatings and again I'm excited like let's this is gonna be something new I've more confidence. Now into how about yeah. So no I liked the oil is a good ago I was very much like to get it down. And and then later that night as a right of Boston yeah I was very. And he that fatty that thank you for this wonderful trip and we went on it sales at new life. About that part and it's free trip I got a little I pay for my part. Well we paid for another night. I pick from. Act I. This it was very but he's I think in my neighborhood now. And it's like to break up very law. Still I think feel bad. But yeah. You. Little pattern confidence I mean break a that is so weird and aren't plants by guys at least. You in mind do you ever write a and yeah and we didn't see each other very often. Okay different schedules as opposed. Neither did yeah. I'm wondering how it's just recently broke up with my name at Furman explained and it happened for real and we went out that this is before. We went. Term wind if I break up I'll I broke up with him ready violence recessed lights. Like like the day before elephants as much. Well yes and a look so much happened after SS class stuff and cut off by it but he's been any like theft proxy if you that's us if I if I don't say that many here. The members know wasn't person a kind it kind of led up to. Confusing kind of let it too we missiles go to it hasn't been. And I kind of flicked on and LA after like this I this is Mila I did sleep late in a do it in the reason why didn't carry disease they don't mean. Party every you know so many times and yet that ending. Actually being cared he was right. And so late. I realized that he was all upset a lot of like I realize I didn't even care if he that sat with me and so that we got the phone and I thought about it. And I was like YA but haven't when he this now and then I left the big like. Like hats like if you played in the bank account actually can't do that now line. Think the news and I yet that's exactly happened and I basic social like sold that to mean and so I called him back analysis like. I don't see myself getting in less busy it and he was like I had that. He is again known and I can you again that's fine on an ad noticed you've begun as the men and that and you'd have less time for the senate there has like. Yeah and this is just. The beginning. And our. I really still wanna be a friend S that's still toady Levy below but he was achy actually get it out. I'm happy for you in as I guess I got still going to be friends about who's against toll for short and you thought about that before. And so like what my question was specifically is a slate. Evan texting him deciding equaled a cordial and I'm wondering. If it's weird if I should continue to text them and does he ever text you first know and that's it's now. Some if you if you really want him in your life then you you make the effort to have somebody life but he my needs time to heal and dad doesn't begin ice that may be like for ease up on and like just either if you do it like on the mayor twice a week there's something linking the Yankees still have 3 AM I don't even know if any is so funny like that's how. Aquarius I am like am so able to play my intuition it's fully on work in means so. And so able to switch that off Saturday would know if that's normal and I at a news I can you like register other people's felons right now because avenue and the sub class on. Got any at a summit that's get on the back up that I am very emotional I'm Mary like hard to cut. My emotions on so I mean. If you don't have emotions threats and you think you might think he hasn't towards you and a friendship and every relationship is cute. We street in Allen and if he's not like reaching out to you in the right now I probably went to the same. And I like with me. Because that's really what Alaska I was seemingly cured my boyfriend or anything about it after is like now also be friends and stuff. And by I don't usery I noticed I reach out to not lake house in house I think. Here's a funny Sherry here's the as yet have signed on I now know exactly we do wouldn't do valley we hung out once. Again we go pick up something we ended up paying out you know it. It's just. Not the sane human so like a lot of times like you know a six month has passed at this points or cool now. Like I cleanups on recently and at a group thing but we didn't hang out hang out that the good have to involve sex and emotion to get sticky. X second and we'll literally I can I have an. All over her acting here is and other stuff. All my daughter and in this room I if it hadn't we are not animals in the oceans I would have been fine feel like I think unique and friendly partly people. I'll probably run into at the concert my friends go to comes concerts and selfless and different I'll look at Nevada. And I backed you but we're all like that in Ireland where he replaces now. And it's just it's like nothing ever happened but if one's emotions get involved I I like what I did to the sky. I noticed I was very distant like I would look at them for a long period time at least not come as you look at them in the latest analyst with Nazi would also. Anybody else eating eggs still have a mansion. Blade yeah become a little hurt by some things are done or Saturday not Saturday I'm. So I'm a little adding better is more alas yet not like not over the entire. I don't. Yeah. Anna and I aren't just gotten better than anything just annoys. I was just like I don't want to be vulnerable aren't you condemn deserving Alan you deceive who I really am. I have in the past that the you don't of that nor do I want you know how that's I don't wanna be helpful and available there anathema to distant. Yeah I think and I affectionate about like I am involved in the ocean anthrax slant and then. After. Q like after amount of time you and it. Getting over all of it happening you can just take now one unites them access that morsel of saint frank group and it's like thrilling and again I know emotions towards you at all on a flight gap. We dangle for cool. X.s and those X-Men. Before I forget and I have been meeting to bring this up for a while they keep forgetting safari moose actually did tennis match. I miss you. IRA so. If you guys is the as we know pepper and if you show yeah if I have an assistant name is smooth and salary I really hope whoever moves is temporary and that Jesus. I contribution. Patients that they have all the have episodes on YouTube. So this is from way back then that we were talking about food beer top five like celebrities people who can do. Anyways so I guess I'll just go with three and had a top five so man crush is going to be jumping in LO he was and am. Ones that really Channing Dan but shippers. Cool Joseph. Mike magic magic night yes it's really care for it yet no one married to Cynthia. She hasn't. Qaeda but he's also in Trueblood heat he's affected he's the man yeah I'd get schooled and AM here that suggests June period. Chris Pratt yet how you have loose. Chris Pratt and I highly. They know I need my my my deep after after Brett after the odds are as it borrowed a guard as the galaxy changed my whole you know went to my eyes yes I do in my free kids do you. Might Ricans are Egypt's. Was in the same class concedes ram it's yet Washington yet. She has a year but got him she is again he was in my high school with the has been like BSI agent such a diagnosis is he bright yet again. I am fully finger any fat finger only at the squad and a snake you know Chris press I was like. Faced Edmonton you'll remember you faith that I don't like iPod like please just try like Ellis Perriello. The site that was a whole long story is a big island and it actually method being an Arab mentioned in a number nine. Secrecy let's see what happens is those. I love them you'll curve for me. Because I graduated Roy after him I think he's currently. I'm looking ten years they like seven years on me yeah we aren't school the same time but I remember. Actually thing about this this this this morning. That's. Wing and he got his firstly big you know. Greatly TV series Hewitt is on the show called and her alleged yours and Gil was and then main character's. Love interest brother. Was he with the movie than to. Really I love salad lovers and Chris Pratt lightly. I unplug and really comfy yet does not. He's a little bit usually thick chunky and they put these goofy. Enemies yet yes Friday is adorable but I am in a dirty sexual way because I do. I remember when I was off eyesight and the. School newspaper. And I keep that represented something like or not although the town newspapers a tiny free newspaper you can at every Thursday and I saw him on the cover with our vice principal. And he's an antique shows like who eat crap. Countless knots. Bad in the sense there was like there was nothing to do. So called kid to do is smoke pot or other drugs at a front runner up to me just came on at the hearing out of school and they were nothing for us to deal via an it was a very weird balance of Barry very rich people and very very poor people's area a lot of kids trailer parks and a lot of kids parents financed them in the cool breezy yeah. It wasn't like of like run downtown is hard and they hit a lot of people who is really solid they. I have friends that you know got involved in a lot of crime and issues and there's a lot of problems like in that area there's a lot promptly as. If it's like Chris Pratt has laid them they come back why can't they just can't like if it like pork chop garlic and Graham. That's pretty wealthy area and we had nothing you can do is back on the island so there's nothing idiot separate acts. Yeah exactly so at all make you don't have activities like what we could have used cell that it was a venue our place for kids can do opened my weaker bands that played a lot of bands in the carrier camera we have his Appleby and that would. Play and around like. You know surrounding areas but honestly with little to do it we finally got a ski park all that stuff Sony or towns getting nicer. But at that time there wasn't a whole lot like to see. So in my head growing up my thigh you don't. They come at a lake Stevens to do something huge really that maybe you do get a job engineering you go work about and seeing him on the cover of the magazine an attorney law. Not sexy life. Likes you oh so you saw that it didn't you just I thought that's cool I like her you'll like you meeting you how that this can own. Nobody I was I didn't have many friends I was little weird golf enemy club. Nerdy comic book reading chick he. That could even do the golf make up like I was a really crappy looking guy. Oh I would love to have that many where I think I'm I have more money could be really good yeah. I think the thing. Is currently I like those flattered and certainly for all adds to the global. Our combined men's extra extra large you know black comedy on a four foot eleven curl of government that. Maybe Lleyton right. Got to do things like I was there'd been behind in the chains like my first chain I ever had to change and why can't she got a from the dollars or so he is get dollar store chains put on key rings and that's how he has changed. My wallet I think that it's cute I begged my mom for a chain wallet issue would not bottom anyway I was trying to run free continue its yup I actually bought my own. Like when I had a little money and bombings and while they connected to my existing game backwards wait for 22 dollars and in your HP points in the eighth to. Immigrant is coming up on the get a gust to. He is awkward weird kid and so what what nobody really expected to me they all those people at church and pregnancy and on drugs that everyone expected me to count so scene he can't from a town that. Expected me to fail. Made me take Ike I have I am meant for so much more tests and I was going to be something bank and people are gonna know my name of I like and now let's take care flip bright red as. Cast not naked and pregnant the can admire. Is that he pizza man beast but it. In my head he doesn't represented that to me your presents get the hell out of my town and doing something else something more inspirational than sex in me so people are drooling like. But the idea is that that's my timing it's Jane yeah. Story it is maybe is -- -- learn and get Blake because I know what she for a deal about him like massage and did say like even in high school he was a really sweet kid he was really just funny it is funny and sweet that I do is always going to be people are very India and so even now he has sold many foundations. For this for the show tunes that LA he's he's come into Children's Hospital on late that's why he general de vita to hit on guardian of the galaxy got him so he could where it's children's exactly how it was Marshawn Lynch would do an unmarked harassing Russell Wilson and act more rodeo. So like so again glad deathly drool over Chris Pratt Kelly I've. As for relevant because I got to get close here and hear that story just makes me smile because like. That was just his first role it look Leahy right that was him on newspapers yeah they look when he went to go do it would also inspires me about him like I've read this story about Howell. He was living out his van right before he got his job froehlich. Wrecks and at parks and rec assembly valley not parts of regular another look for another movie he had moved to lie and you're in a Bubba Gump's. Yeah Hillary Aaronson he had been chatting with that the person and she's like hey you should read this movie is tiny movie. That's just like right. Never met him officially they he came to my high school when I was fourteen. And I never standing outside the cafeteria on these benches because you know 'cause. Me and benches as the party. I was all rattled Iowa rebel coming that's what color is your haired and procedure person. A lot of them here that my hair and dark brown that's Clinton. Like paint him. I embarrassed plain sad and a lot of a lot of things. The out Billingsley obviously do things that debated temporary it and achieve for a one. Every time. Yeah. See that you know you your rebel stance of these figures were able to grow and I would do it like hundred degree. Anecdotally. It appears think cake. And why young girl at a dance acts shall I. And actually that's it's a missile sign McKee you're fine but yeah. As is her life and I'd have to say why are all. That so many Swedes easily that hole I. Am not in my in his room. I actually have a from the I would like to ask the league lead going back to Chris Pratt and I saw him walking by their vice principal and staring at the sky as a like standing on the fence. Staring at him just falling into my eyes my face he looks at me funny. The health of kids day on. Weird drop kid look at that time doesn't matter and I thought so our. Staring a little bit actually a little bit those are my friends. And that's only kind of sat at a but I'm hearing this guy he walked into the cafeteria. And then it hits me who he is. And head no. And I only would watch that show for him. Like I did you that's where our I don't know hookers Brett hey Chris pride you hear this by the way hot. Now Vicki should act and not use my job and no I don't I just as well. And while all of them. Put him in my ticket and if I do love it like to use does anything and it's fair is fair yeah USC yet and that's the perfect couple I lovers so much and I imagine how morning imprint of their marriage. Finally I'd. Number I mean I would like Cuba and if they if they allow that I doubt they will they look at at an ally actually I like to have like really problems axed and until you do that to do whatever your hey guys if you listen he would every year ends it's back. Word male. We're and a bull in him let's not that what are they won't do I want that I had to make it weird. But. Going back this is the minority of his home you did get something that I yeah yeah I got I am well this deferred. Time I have seen somebody get excited about being a minority of rare battle and I it's adorable and it's. See also is totally white people are gonna be a minority the race of the makes this three. Ideas that I EU and my favorite. But really I engines those soul Q Tom and I have an Asian maybe no and I don't have any children and you are asked. That have a wet blanket is like my it's my jeans and with me at towed back out and I am so sire area. That's fine pitcher isn't it. Well maybe it's Selma and that just can't hear it mean. Have a but you about the kids you know I now am I don't want actual product either know about it. It to be in her she does not want the bread after the I don't know gardening things that. Allen looking at helping. Very eggs Obama appear at this not me. You about Alabama for me I don't know illegal alien my I don't want to stop this woke up and yeah and got them and really cute blatant than again I haven't. The Korean flag and we're gonna get like grand am going to be higher something I. Found anything. I don't estimates that got him he you worry your pretty whatever the hell you want it. Like I was not at all by any means I was very sheltered I was allowed to do a lot of things with a modest and I'd friends' houses I was an island to go out passer in time. I was right in the middle like my mom needed me to call her every so off and back and still go somewhere but at the immense and some like I was right now. I don't get curfew ends up but I think I can't also like you who I they raise their time in school systems and my dad he was very light. Quiet on hunting and deny campaigned on and he really knew that a lot of discipline and I don't need debt and very night. Just like meat communities and I'll do it. If I followed the rules but I think the ruler stupid and I don't given. As you asked Sara to do something shall do you Telfair to do something she's not going to be yeah I got appliance in apply yeah I am sad. And things. And he said. Researchers can now and I am I high priestess then and now I into the did you ever yell your parents like Austria cult like bitches or any no exiled them all my head like actual and I got an aunt who. We would have us careening battles. But there's a battles. And anything went down my mom and my brother what hide him I would go after you like by its. Not like fiddler I had verbally I they worry are peaceful Johns. At everything and Marie and Andy and for me I become like what I chemistry and arm and screaming turned and Alex sobbing Q you know it's like oh yeah like I. So. He really even give him. Because you think Gary it's your week I have not like that went out back in the day we be yeah Alan I'm Catholic storm downstairs like slammed the door and the pilot bill might panic sobs. No literally like yeah call re easy answer but I ice. Yes yes arm and open it because I am I I would it's. Think of the kid and I like huddled it was to be yelling and we would yell at each other. Play. I would never as much as I would yell there's a few times made here in some low blows. Real like that was really awful to say that it's where but it was awful com. Like rehearsed. Hooting and let down my Fran you do right. A link below Zhao are you say something and it just like it's not and I yelling. You're not that was me that is just right in the day hi soak that tightening and it feels so good in the moment you that's that was my thing like in in school I was never a bad talent. But it's at a freak and Malcolm mean in light can that be like talking like bank is his leg to your mom or in general. Mostly use general. And dinner everyone yeah umbrella as it could regulate my issue of the authority as a plate that's a late. People always say you like yet you are arguing but you were so calm and sold me you and I actually know what to do. We have a creepy people that I've got relaxed at that went out came mom this on time and like it raced at. And Helen my girls had it checked issues like dude Ugoh wade knew our CEO and out like brawl if you can't receive it don't dish it. But I like at. Tigris and dishing when you're like throwing a bulldozers side load on the behavior of Iraq I'm an ever bigger rock Thomas are you started I got mad thing and you started LAW magazine broke the Bayer like. Yeah I went back that day you about like. And really no really and I had it been like and outs. It's late I don't know lately words were always my thing my second flight suit how awful maturities but it's yak I can picture you like to have a gaggle is trying. I it late and Abdullah I can hurt you way more of this like that it would as I think that might never as much as I would yell at my I wouldn't do those. Like jabs off and you're like really conniving ones. Play I would never called them like bitches there and you're you're being ever doubt my mom that I would never use any of the other awards to them. I would bear rarely still wary as a teenager Allison is very necessary Italy towards them I would swear at them lightsquared a within an hour and a full. Offense and and and we swore out a time of its off limit my parents and you'd get them off Haniyeh who now a click away negative. They are saying her yeah I started swear I kind of paying high atop them you have but I never crossed that line of disrespect and I don't know if it's like and Catholic guilt of someone they still feel. And still get an eye out for a long time because I never snuck out I don't think out of my house is already team. For the first time because my parents so like nope nope we filled under the tells you Kelly in the eighteen I can go island until midnight. That Nokia gave to be latest on their colony who are you or your dad what's happening. That you guys and now I am on exactly dumping. On now numb and didn't either but I again I didn't do it until like 1819. And on and it's telling go to apart. And endlessly to back. On whatever like I'm not cruel I was so it's over and like didn't do anything cruel. It's. That added there is a completely different that is who didn't feel on the DUI. Probably the next thing you know. Right now let's say it would be nice I guess now oh Mike I doubt it's like. Oh hang out until with scarlet the stars and like cheesy now now that could say this is Mohammed. I used to sneak out angle over guessing anyway they just acts he was my high school crush oh my god I was as. Married and have like a white picket fences and an island that is that he was is that it is like. Just happened he would run a quote him from me we found that out. And X I would sneak out and out his goal at the time my panic and ritual. Schedule how to sneak back summits go out. And so he does live like right down his street benlate. It was so funny I remember one time I snuck out there was a fox there. It's them I'm hysterically caucus because late bid to go right buyer over a breeze and Bridget Wright is as big as instrument a little tiny Berea where creek is. And there's a fox is sitting there. So like I'm does that picturing all these stories of people being murdered by a close eye on him and hysterically crying greatly by movie's gonna chase me but my goal is gonna eat we Izzo does this is all your fault. This is gonna kill me event literally as swearing. A crane flies over. A clean M Baltimore Maryland a clean I'm not on he hit. Who played a hole like we see it multiple times after that like this crane is like that there was really weird anyway. So that's scares me even more to this huge leg exotic birds flying over and so am like crying water. And add to staffs can. If I guess you could end up like getting it out. We just turned back. Another worry fox leg badly this is every U lake folk tale I've ever seen in my life Harmon there attorney aspect you know around Engle homes though she. That's at a meet our auction to be more scared of you and you land them I see now investigate the back. And you know. I am afraid of the Al's got attacked Dianne racquet on accident some guys here in the city. As locking at it as an ace when I lived in lake Stevens writes come and hang out metal shop on fan Saturday night mainly because. We sent pictures I everywhere. You know rank counseling at that Steve and everyone in the he'll hang out with each other when they're younger early. Angelina as elegantly jail leaning Cassel know Regis yeah ten years old that's crazy so they would go in decent beating all these memories together so I just started immune radio if you'd like it wouldn't be a good picture but I don't I can't stand I can't do that with all these other guys to their all. You know beating all timer marry year older have significant others well we don't like tiny people aged yet and the only people my age where metal shop and then Steve the irony. He Steve we did the podcast sometimes feelings and we do podcast we do metal shop and I became the them. So I would come up on Saturday night the quote on quote learn how to run off. And just paint with them just and see how was just to get an alum so whenever they will let me crash on their on. So I would go up and as a think that go violent at twelve pack 24 pack the care of like the cheap stuff and I went up and pizza. Up the street as a blocking back ones with Mike the pizza and hand. This directly to be free you know how the hell it got there or why there's. Other rapper because probably eating all the garbage and Capitol Hill. You were right bright yellow. It's a scary thought does quickly what. Did he just like grab my missed. Cut and signing him. I was imagining the economic guides really fat way. A raccoon like like flying squirrel and you know like. I know actually at an angle going. It. Me is who. It's funny isn't it crazy accident is now Omaha idea at that Justin and I reckoned. Aren't Cuba we you're not expecting them trainees and around that Lynn. Like as that being here and help and you're in DC you're is so dear to buy the IO RO. I'm slightly. Fat fat wreck moves as a whole family in and it would come in people would feed them oh banning that rankled. But the fact that Camden. With a PH that one of them has CPAs illness be rate went apparently better. Act as if that's cool way to call it like PH eight T fat and then actual SAT fat wreck you back. As our name. I don't have endeared all of the dying art and dearest terrified me the ad out their cell they. I live. I don't even know Rick and Linda you look back. And like series a kind of a shower and those feeling on my backyard is usually three of them now that Dylan which is so Larry's and they have a real grass it's big as yeah we have fake grass that would went what but you Sunday. Make. It feels good it's just like scratching up against the man and I got platinum like yours and clean and and yeah I expect admiral. I think humor for you if you get to like you now are on alana on the way I got to pet I would like friends that like to go live at our married. Little while our Mary. Free agents and what do you like but yeah if it like it. Yeah and ice I honestly love I called my ear and I was that their islands have been. While I paint or are. Now by. And what. I can be no way of violence and and singer either gonna pay more than. Or arm and all them happening. On. All animals are really creepy and I love my diabetes when they get older there ice freak me the grounds. Yeah I mean and shoot as Helen little babies but the island that it'll story with your eyes he landed him on and aren't dying. Found again the name dude dude it was just like chill and on the hill and I had a strong and I had a bag of chips. That I was eating out of and then again and I share on the death and I. Find that goat or is that it produce that it's actually lays out. And I was I remember like ago you know they don't really happily eat if they don't buy you know he's like all they know me you know they don't buy you they like. That not abated at her in now that you and all Audi enables that day as Alaska and I while we bond and that's. Very cute now porn category. The president's tight. I saw the body bar and with the Christmas themes are actually pretty fun because I can't imagine. Yeah here the olives and I love both. Guidance and it's only here but even with everything that he's been accused of all my guide to what it completely wet what happened a year or two ago I. Anything to keep track. A lot of a lot of bad enough never alliance it bleep that out growth growth you know we want Tony to steal. On the pistols that it actually write that down he little chubby but I love him an awful vehement and Avant. The big pencil. I like it Atlanta got some really did like and John I like the big you know okay. Baby's arm holding an apple anything they heat I like the porn charities like and Allison and and other ones and has no problem being this goofy mother after it. Getting into it personality with like that in the multiple people one girl multiple eyes and a panel that neck again award. Basically done those or he'll do it customs but then I think you'll do in threes wearing a suit. And like tell like you know be the dominating one what Beagle that he will dislike. This a couple of other guys. On my car and you know. No I was told flat and I you know Latin. A lot of girl on girl and I am web site you can do. And I have my jam at stake tonight and but it's so bad it like. I didn't seize. Yet now. I don't really that they out of there I need add an immediate from him that I own and I know anyone. Ramon Nomar. And Ramon. And a bar and and they are. He is. Include any news room. Balls are watching and I now Iowa and the broadcast and we can do that I have to say QB if that's my access they have got a little unit. Yeah yeah are now. Right amount as I ought pain and asked them around I am quite interested to hear about you guys his worst day ever doing that week and and Eric warrant diet. And we reported actors. And an dresses and here events here and I weird break ups. Does not us we got. FaceBook without Twitter weak side. And IN GW's. Head tax early possibly still will play. On that yeah his ankle tackle us. I've written and allows have a great weekend.