BJGN06-26-17 - Magic: the Gathering - Hour of Devastation

Monday, June 26th

Rev, Joe & Chris talk about the latest spoilers for Magic: the Gathering's Hour of Devastation set; Rev talks Walking Dead VR; Rev runs down a list of the best horror movies of the 21st century; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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On today's show we will talk magic the gather reading a we'll talk a little Walking Dead of virtual reality each and in the end no dubbed best horror movies of the 21 century so far. Error. This is an all Vicki I can actually happen lawyerly tailor made for our good friend returns and we may get a little bit more fun stuff but of course he she would be he'd be picky. How can people get all of us. Welding get a hold of us here our website because I can contain all information podcast just beating each nation dot com. Also like us on FaceBook to search BJ she's peaked nationwide race there. Follow us on two iron in Saddam's consumer analysts at BJ geek nation is fixing the place not won any 03243353. Since any Millen Vijay geek nation in Also check better video that YouTube dot com slash PG. And then if you have I have iTunes you can check this out on iTunes if you have an Amazon echo we just say Alexa played each nation on tune in and we're also there. I'll write it he's so much be key now on last play well. Is it I'm all hop up on like allergy medicine pummeled today he's well while you take care of that Dravid everywhere. Could turn. Magic the gathering we talked about this last week in if you miss the podcast he came up a little later but we ran down a lot of their overall of what they're doing with magic. And it didn't really necessarily talk about a lot of the cards. But it's. Our of devastation in is the new. Expansion. That is coming out of very soon with pre release is coming on the eighth and ninth I believe of July it's on to great somewhere around that time I think maybe seventy to -- around the time and were finally getting some previews of this and there have been some cards that have been leaked and there have been a lot of cards lead toward the ball expansion excellent board could discuss those runaway until they do the actual. Releases in the actual spoilers on those to deal with it. But our devastation has been doing to bear on their part and this is. This is and ammo and am on cats. It's a small set for them it's always that block and there's still doing these blocks up until this point and also excellent. And it was really interesting to see what they're doing with this because this is nick global losses plane if you don't know nickel ball Los he is the Greeks as color dry again. From the cycle of elder dragon legends all the way back in the legends sat here oh this is like my pain before I got that cash for that set GAAP GAAP yeah Andy is a very very powerful card back in the NATO and he has become in amonte Katz. And they were waiting for the like second sun to rise over the fifth parameter. The Vernal equinox of whatever that's Roberta yes for storytelling reasons they're waiting for nickel bowl loss to show up. Well four hour of devastation and it's. He shows up as the global us that god Ferro though. He is the first I've he's a big boy and he is a new business news planes walker formed in its astounding. He's got seven casting cost which is it actually in line with his old elder drag in guide them casting cost. A little less intensive on the colors it's four colas of blew a black and are read which is the Greek for scholars. His abilities are. Amazing. First plus two target opponent exiles cards from the top of his or her library. Until he or she exiles a non land card and and until end of turn you may cast that card without paying its mammoth cost. I asked that is insane this guy cost cost cost seven that's a lot of Anna but if you do that. You're going to be doing some crazy crazy things like it's just. Why Harrell and this is not saying that those cards that are exiled go anywhere else they're exile forever like so. All of the land that you get Intel then you're just giving her just go lions are just gone and it's a random factor you don't know necessarily what they're going to be. What you're going to be getting so it's kind of a crapshoot if it's not only card you cast you've got nothing out there there's a good likelihood that you might whiff. And you might not get something that's going to be very useful on the same point at that point he now has a nine loyal to because he starts at seven and he's gonna be hard to take off the table. He's he's been again and yet it's actually be fit in with gnome and at least there's no it's their works marvelous standard anymore camp and it. So they're not gonna have to worry about marveling out a nickel loss. How's that gone home router to get. Now he also I think another plus ability which is a plus one each opponent exiles cue cards from his or her hand. That is really powerful as well you can attack either the library for their hand it sold a lot of these same lines. Carner liberated here are Coogan the spear dragon very high casting cost but they can take care of permanence and play for a or cards in hand. Now I haven't mentioned any sort of permanent some play thing when you have lost. Because he has a minus for our best says he deals seven damage to an opponent or a creature in a pony controls so. He can just be a finisher and don't your opponent for seven mile per minus Ford still gives them three loyalties and we can still do some other things going on that. And then for his minus twelve his ultimate exile each non land terminate your opponents control. South YP. Wild life he just. Why how now it takes twelve to get there. But says he has a plus two that can work. Each turn. That's 34 turns I think before he can do them plenty of time be it most the time planes markers are gonna make it very convenient to me over anyway one way or another yeah. But it's always fun to see what they're doing with the big splashy. Splashy effects for the alternates. Most the time you looking at the first two or three abilities a cart has. Planes walker because they're not going to be a lot and I'd be doing his ultimate and let your late playing cheeky commander things nearly doubling season out there seeking to do right away but that's. Poll other rules things that we don't need worry about it. One of the things that I am wrong cat was the fact that there were five gods of each color. And it was kind of interesting to see what each ones would do well on our devastation. Those gods are being killed and those are represented by a cycle of cards that are the last stand of v.s these characters. We've only seen a couple of their last stand cards what is and being. Oh tech crow is and she's the white god which is kind of funny because we are talking about. We're talking about American guides. And this character is real or this this god is essentially. All star. From American guide we think the life god. And so purse is very interesting. Because for a white and or for two white and coalesce you go back tears starting life total with a cabbie yacht being. Your lands do not untapped during their next untapped stats. And that is across the board for all of them so this is really strong and a debt that needs tipped waste some time. This is an effect that was on a on the resolute archangel. Which was a very powerful card but it costs seven CU really necessarily couldn't play it. With this you definitely can't do that three man has suddenly you can be gaining anywhere between ten and fifteen life if necessary. It really really hose is a lot of burned strategies. I can see this car getting some side board play in a little more dirt Lee decks in like moderate depth because it's got a small casting cost. Odds on the black side we've got their last stand and I think it's bomb tee which is the black god. And that is a U essentially a damnation or wrath of god for three industrial creatures. And he joins don't untapped. They whipped a way from making four casting cost wrath of god thanks because they thought they were too powerful. They're gonna going to be five or more with stuff like fumigate and that as such. This is page Internet has not bought three man is not so and the problem being year lands don't untapped. Some most time you get away with that you're fine with that. The easy green god. It's and I've never seen a 45 for two. Cut cut cut you. 45 I have out of it's a beast tourists make token it's it's insane though. And your lands don't intend to snake to green for a 54 snake tokens to run his last stand GAAP that are referenced are worth. Should act like I'm an EU because it's fast OSHA your lands are on tap so essentially has like act go. But late if you can drop it on turn two. Or if you have like a turn one play and say maybe moderate and I'm looking a lot of these cars because it got low enough casting cost to maybe possibly sneak in to modern formats. If you go to turn one noble hierarchy are birds of paradise. You're not hurting too bad at that point is that worst you're gonna have one land that's untapped and yes sir and I'll yes it Saturday and that immediately turns it on. Which is. That's a card that I didn't expect to see stubborn denial it's a one manic of four spike. But if you got a creature of power four or graders just a straight up count or spell. I didn't expect to see that so much in modern. But I GP Vegas I was watching a little bit of that in its letter to have this like really really powerful. And then it was kind of interesting because I realized finally handing credit to people on credit and not all on the Internet out there that kind of help we see it is. All the invocation all these special awesome gold weirdly framed cards. They're calling grew exits colors which means he's our all nickel pull us passable cards. Which now finally makes sense why there's so many in specific colors. Except for the gods themselves which were across each of those so that was one of those interesting things about the implications now makes sense I didn't actually realize that and then also. Now nickel bullets has his own gods. And these are different from the Gaza we have seen already and amonte had pat which are very from the Gaza we saw on the arrows. I'm as the once before on this plane were all in the struck a bowl but they couldn't attack the block when she met some requirements. These ones are not indestructible you can kill bam. But when they die you return it to its owner's hand at the beginning of the next end step and that's for all of them. And we've got the locust god. The scare of god and these scorpion god they don't have names they're just faceless entities. Really kind of representing. Plagues. And plagues and also just. These things that you its. Hater card which we haven't seen in a long time that our depicting the gate watch which we saw with I talked about last week morrow is saying that they're going to be dialing them back a little bit because people really were were kind of tired of the gate watched. Going around the plane to plane and saving the day every day when the global losses cut on our same page with that because he's wrecking everyone with Jason's defeat mrs. defeat Gideon's defeat Lilly on his defeat in chargers defeat these are all cards that affect the color of they're car that their cast on so the white one gees defeat will. Do you in effect to anti white creatures but it did he hits eight White Plains walker. Named Guinea and it does a special bonus so there's a lot of those that are going on that I was kind of surprised to see hater cards that much. I thought they got rid of and they were pretty anti guess I just because it's otherwise fine I don't especially does like color on color ones whereas like if you happened be playing against white also yeah and Glenn Weiner decks of the right now literally like status degree away from Mitt. But I mean I'm glad to see him back because Ozzie they're very necessary. Now that was his whole ideas play whatever colors you wanna play right. Yeah yeah and systematically it absolutely makes sense for the story nickel boss is a very powerful dragon who has been. On the through all of the pantheon of bad he's he's been one of those top winds. Basically we've got three groups. Good. Upper Echelon bad guys nickel boss. The correct C ends which took over a mirrored in it became news breaks the of the pray towards what that. And then deal draws he feel drowsy for the most part are gone two of them have been destroyed and one is imprisoned in a moon by her own choice. Do we've got the new for X in great doors which. And they're doing their own thing they're destroying the planet they're trying to figure out how to get beyond this plane and then we've got nickel bowl loss who has. Caused a lot of turmoil in the past twenty years or so magic you. And so it's really nice to see him getting I'm always a sucker for those the bad guys getting a little bit of of a win there this is definitely that's how calls is our man yeah at the right devastation back. So I'm really excited to see more spoilers from that I would love to see other people's. On the thoughts and ideas on what they feel. About these. I'm also kind of stuck because I was started to make a I was gonna make in the Coble is commander back. Just dealing with all these things in my common of all these different gods and ate them and have all these different lake legendary creatures and then I realized I was making a villain hierarchy that would be amazing for a bill world Ender sort of thing I like it Leavitt moving on from the vast we have to talk about the Walking Dead because. I know Vick he's not a real big fan of the Walking Dead in zombies. And probably not so much when they're going to be developing a virtual reality game now. Yes so you build yourself prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Turning out he hasn't yet. Sky down entertainment what has announced a partnership with sky against interactive to develop the VR game based on the Walking Dead but not unlike other VR titles already on the market this game more reflective source material. And that will be more than just taking down the walkers they will be played faced with the same complex moral decisions found in the story lines of the show. And of the comics so this is kind of interesting because they've done the telltale games which really have you doing a lot of the same thing. You've got is figure out who you want to Saban not everyone is going to live through these sought out really wanna see how they do that. And with DR they're gonna be incorporating the jump scares you know I ought to be having missed like he joins Theodore get a half hearted time but it's pretty fond. Yeah you can't spend a whole lot of time I can't play any VR game like I can just sit down and just. Played fallout for hours and hours and hours and in my life is like hey can we watch a show and a Mike now I have I've dubbed the players and star disarming Darnell and I gonna save itself the right saint yes so it'll be interesting because they say the focus is on a new setting any new cast in a quote. In if needed to innovative contextual interaction system. It hasn't released it I mean does he own name at this point. But it is being developed in the unreal engine out for release on various platforms including populist PS BR in the HTC five. Which are the big main ones so it will be kind of interesting to see. All of that in if you take it that you don't feel about being left out on your favorite systems might. Now speaking of horror stuff gas are two completely and utterly exclude you Vicki bat well. Hammer here it is very clearly an episode he had no name very canals yeah. We got the best horror movies of the 21 century is Lowe who are ranked. You know we're going from you know wetness is the worst part I don't even think it will Susan on the Haaretz story a little older yet it's an all out and you don't know I wouldn't put get out as probably that one of the top it's like out when I attend Yad tots and if not probably top five maybe top three. It's a really really really good movie especially from the 21 century a lot of the ones I really love are from earlier than that yet so it's it's kind of interesting to see where this list is but the first when they have on this list and this is all based off of medic critics' scores Coca is soft. And it only got a 46. Which just kind of interested in because. It was a really well done movie it was in India that spawn I mean I think at this point we're going to have the eight the wind normally you don't have jigsaw this year even so it spawned a franchise that is only been dwarfed by like Friday the thirteenth inning nightmare on elm street. So. Having such a low score on that I'm glad that it's still ranked on this list but I was kind of surprised at that once. You blame game it's very Connie T it's totally ironic to get even CNET. Really a. ISL the new list evil dead movies. Yes and that one I mean a lot of people are gonna coop who wanted to what did you see like how do you feel about it non I sun kind of through someone's arms out. After I yeah I'll ever irons. Number Q on this list are going backwards it's you know number two I was always solid number one sol was the lowest on this well OK so yes the next on the list is the rain. And I just think maybe because it's a remake it but it got a 57 on the meta critic. And it was one of the highest grossing horror movies of all time yeah and it brought the 21 century into a because. Before that I mean he's sure it's a videotape sort of thing so not necessarily totally 20% treat her like every right technology into it I was gonna say things. They mean that's a talented guard come out. I think it did I check S soccer malware writers have reason I like the ring I guiding the best Hormuz the ones that really grab you with an enemy. And it can't necessarily defeat you must certain things happen to me yes and you're trying to solve the data hole riddled before you know right you killed. They're the ones and just follow the saucer is they like the first one did that as a second third for the remorse just out killing people yet exactly away as it was essentially like a hostile. Torture porn can't. And as it's a hostile gaffe I've seen Allan you hit it actually no limits on the list I don't think you will be just the fact that I don't think it's gonna get a higher than a 46 and I'm I'm better than I saw no I don't know the next on this is the dawn of the dead Zack Snyder remake men I think that has a lot to do with the fact that James Dunn wrote it yet in net. Helps whole lot but it also brought back the zombies because it was well made it was a remake and I really suggest that if you a one a good. Glimpse of eighties horror. Was it eighties maybe seven days. Don was Q was it would have to check and I think it's it's older one to calm and check it out like that won the original is really good but the remake does all doesn't a good service and it's got some great people and I think being Marines is and it ended he's right in 1978. Wow yes so it's that the old was definitely worth a watch but the remake is is really is what kind of commentary on the remakes slow fast. I I don't think it was a bit. I think is most in no jumping on it I think it was a slow moving ones for the most part Mata had a couple of fast ones. But it also had zombie AB's. Our moral ones on baby that was pretty grotesque and kind of nasty knee and a childbirth is freaky anyway but at the same point when Nancy and Donte' didn't and then and the Linear thing it's rings because there wasn't brings to Mickey Mantle like while I. I green and I am February I'll unveil an emergency like it was getting spread via the Internet Aaron of course and a guy because I would like Derek the next one that Vicky see this one Tucker and dale vs evil I think part of that until it carefully and that why is it's hilarious because it say it's a it's Alan Dick yet Allen to dig. A horror comedy sort of being where these. These rednecks are going out there they're not necessarily. The ones that are causing the problems. Well yeah yeah yeah. OK. Okay. The next one I saw the dabhol I don't remember this one but it is a Korean horror. Thriller. That. Star's old boy lays min six Choi as a sadistic serial killer. And Korean superstar Byung hung Lee as a man on a quest on vengeance. A lot of those Korean whores are really really well I would suggest seeing in this front on this list as well get to open audition is really good old boy I don't know necessarily if it's a horror but it's still a really really good movie as well. Suggest on that wind. Right and the next one on this list that caught journeying to you that now I didn't see the conjuring I did I suck I suck for you people are alone very early in my career on this that particular podcast and detain there was a suggestion that to somebody should go see it's we can talk about it on the show the next day and and everybody chimed in a play on museum all. And that's you know another thing it could happen you know I'll go see them get some time this afternoon so death. And I liked it. Not really any yeah and a respond to a and I a couple that's cool and then this sort of a spin off yeah bell movies always says and it's like a second one. Yeah there are now a lot of Annabel had a bad NFL illnesses that Luke Donald one of my favorite movies. In the Condrey got a 68 on the meta critic paranormal activity is the next one which also got its 68. And I the first one I loved him now. Part of it is because I like it is this the sort of found footage thing I event that is good guy I was really into that for the Blair witch which won't make this list because it was 1999 death but. On the same lines I was able to see paranormal activity in a packed theater room at 98. And so the crowd was amazing four and helped a lot with that movie. Whose real real diminishing returns on the sequels death but yeah it was a really really good well made movie in my. I'm a Saab paranormal activity I was bored. Because I was I was expecting the shocking mere horror movies any intense movie it's not a shutout innings exactly yeah he was really an houses like Allen I think in my group home sleeper part of it in many wishes he was lazy it is theater I saw the theater OK OK okay and I was just it was like I wasn't enjoying myself and like OK well whatever and then suddenly it was one of the best things that are received. Hit half but I saw again. I was on a cruise with my with my then fiance. Now in my life. And we actually get to watch it on the deck of the ship out by the pool. Ellen on the big screen tap tap like. And and credit Caribbean and it's all stars the stuff about cool. Pretty spectacular scene in that in that way and you just sitting there and everybody's like there was no cause more crews or is it telling their duties as you know what tonight it's movie night yes guess what. We're auction you know you know they kind of know it Australia. It's slightly better than say they then having ghost ship you have whales would be kind of funny I don't know not Titanic inappropriate to have its. Yes I know venture yes totally could pick up so we watch too much parallel activity and an end in a set out on the declaration put their arm could be cut in half pineapples Fuller booty. Community. It's amazing it was a really good really a lot of fun the next to you are a pair of horror comedy is getting 7273. Respectively. Cabin in the woods and zombie land paws on the scenery Don Baylor and yet some relay and I mean it's it's a zombie movie. But I heard movie it's the idiot thought. And is scared really does not gone into Zambrano had a watch I started watching in town I saw the first part of them like nonchalance is again Arnie and I. That's right out of the gate with a bad yep I'll be doing is pretty amazing and you know it was held my boy from the lines way at the time and I had to stop me and I'm like I really truly get here yeah I can't do that. Okay cabin in the woods just takes these old older ropes. That you're like okay wire these dummies doing this sort of thing and you're like well they're being influenced by a fair amount once find me outside like basically office workers trying to make sure and good Hulu doesn't show opened despray universe and I do want you to consume and it's great it's amazing that really know we have all these different monsters we got to sacrifice these people in this order to do this thing to make sure that the ancient ones don't show up. And a well. As long as things don't get screwed up. I'm that they did OK that. Pat pat pat pat I. I'm surprised this movie's not higher up the list yeah honestly because if we just are about horror movies from from 2010. Now and just. I just. Thought this was so well done and so well crafted in just an amazing movie and again I get it that is not a straight up horror movie like a lot of these other ones are but that this illness is so good. Yeah I I never saw my roommate did and used he's kind of a security Catholic I am depending how might that fuel. And I had no idea what. Any of that as smooth going not just on and a typical us. You know Freddy Jason time I'm gonna do your guy is on the mimic milieu. And then when he explained it all to me as I watched a little bit look into little pieces here and there of the end of a guy we all know like tell me everything's happened in the end and I'll watch a little bit win and I can't. I went out with a win like this special ops team is getting ready to deal with the monsters in the elevators open and now it's warm out now. Almighty god it was just like every lake. Every horror fantasy had ever had now coming to life in an amazing thing did there's a ton of things honestly summer run through a bunch are real quickly 28 days later and the others also adult orphan age students you Shaun of the dead. An area ahead devil's backbone I didn't see that either but it really use the backdrop of the Spanish civil war and that's some that's Guillermo group horrible and yeah I. Under the skin I did see that but it's Scarlett Johansson and scifi horror felt they say it was a bust but the critics praised the brave experiment in time I'll be worthwhile checking right now will cast Scarlett Johansson and antiaircraft ahead. Battle Royale there calling horror and really they really not in the 20% because as the year 2000. But it is definitely see our lord that well and perhaps not going to be pickers out there and his men aren't as good aired. That's a deaf that's definitely a great movie as well I don't know necessarily if it's horror but it's basically a bunch of Japanese schoolchildren. Being stuck on and I'll land and they're saying all right this class you have one survivor there's weapons everywhere you go have fun and kill yours you got your fellow student Hungary Israel says yeah yeah yeah it's kind of led the preface of hungry and there. Let the right one in. The 2008. Why is that though it's the vampire one as did that you have tenant or. Another. I. Let the right whenever I went in but there it. They're the same movie. Is the thing one of aromas of foreign film and when was an americanize or yeah westernized version of the same Seattle based on a book called. Let the right when and whom it which makes sense there and they call it true horror at its finance enforces the year to confront that deep seeded ancient fear. Every human feels at the monsters that go bump and I died. I got a meta critic score of 82 mile it follows was the next one that was only two years ago in a lot of really good things about side they call this the psychological horror in which victim hood is spread sexually the only way to keep from being murdered by a slow moving operation is to have sex with someone and pats on the curse. So it's like no rained but. Where it. Songs. How rock yes I'll muscles. Add on moments that I don't. I cannot get my kids from. Who did parent norm and and planet. Needs you as are Hewitt all his Kermode Mary and night crawler was and then the New York remake. Oh you know let me down the right when and other I think let me end. The last two I don't know let it right when he was lived before in. Yeah I would run and then let me in is that yes OK and I got out OK no I'm only Peter Gallagher Jenkins is an interview I think. Mr. Jenkins ended the final one on this list is one that I watched I thought it was great until you actually see the monster the most of dynasty that the Bobby duke. And it was it was a fine creepy thing about a new please do look like kind of a door key kind of claim nation and stop motion animated. Creature right that didn't scare me at all. And I don't know necessarily if it needed to move but it was one of those ones Raila data and like seriously if this monster is coming to kill me I'd laugh let's face and then it would kill me. We certainly did because like. Bob the duke has now become link it we are in pride month on gas and he's become a symbol for keeping it. Yes you know I don't horse symbol for that's kind of amazing event live they you know I know I while I guess so I'm on Netflix you know Bob a duke was listed as an LG BTQ movie. Like. Don't they embraced that second or third one and I always thought it made a mistake about the death by. Obviously I haven't seen it but know that my understanding is that it was just an error and it was up. There for like a week or month or something like that and then there's just the just the the the gay community. Just took Kohler and ran with it hasn't had so much Clinton now like and add their pride parades and things like that goes into being with he's a Bonaduce I guess if I. The spectacular area and then finally filmmakers like well yeah so that's due this. That is great that let us know what your favorite is and I have to say they get that would probably be. Can add maybe just the top and I think I liked it more than the baba Duke's oh he still I'm using now followed you know you're telling how are a year ago but that that they don't see it right now for. And now well now we're yet to rule. She Swiss TV she's gone back to putting out forest. Well it's kind of it's a different type of geeky but incorporates. Arcana geeky man. What is that Kiki saying that the consent for just ace send. In the space lose. These you know hey I think I think that top wind it would have to be teams doing dashes. Yeah I think earlier because June yeah I anybody setting from Star Trek study wait yes. Yellow yes it's that and to the creators are tracked a guy yeah it was a nightmare primary day I had makes sense as well just because I mean these were the people that really put aside 58 chewed the forefront of of American culture. Yes Sophia is don't know what what all happened with that's so what one of the things gene Ron Mary requested when he passed a ways that some of the ashes be sent into space and I need to. So lipstick sized capsule was delivered outer space India's Space Shuttle Columbia. On this FTS fifty dash 52 mission. And run barrier there remains a run varies order orbited the earth before eventually disintegrating into the hands hearing allowing trick he's trackers like. Two point at the sky until the children that somewhere up there is Jean yeah. And they converted the DC and another capsule ascend the same way in 97 in on Pegasus XL. And then I genes dubbed. I'm doing and doing and Hamilton don't and the thing and never the right and you couldn't. They hate James had just caught chief. He had also wanted to travel space and that happened. I'm Tony twelve spaceship percent to for the rest of Ron Marianne his wife's ashes along so it's happened multiple. I'm alone they say may look to her mom now beyond that. Could learn I can't really think every T help us especially near the dirty dirty Q that's been sent up in the space. Your I mean. Yeah yeah I'm I'm I'm I'm liking your what else you got for us on the island wedding. The Fed to us. As an homage to the 1977 classics scifi films Star Wars. NASA took a no light Saber that Luke Skywalker himself mark Hammel used to fight the dark side. And shot me in six trillion miles into space and more. That's collected a ball got to what are they going to be word that you're gonna shooting in the back room. Well when and how you stab wounds. Nothing will maybe have rears of alien might super throwing guys like god don't talk the talk. Experience easier the next day because I encouraged to link he's. To make sure it's very new to. After the six million mile journey to space the elegant Blanton. Handcrafted my finest and I since this file it was then it would actually returned to Lucas films so it's now stored in the Disney. Million miles into space ending buybacks I don't know they're just like at a big stringer shall I announcer tough tough are they went around our program that's sits. Beside me and I hear OK I think. Put it into a really wide orbit and then when he came back already out there we any tract and can do I want you feel as if they're just indulging in the story I'm wondering if there was orbiting for oh world that over the time it was them I mean I've always exaggerating that sounds we're on links him to pry and probe because I don't think you would last in another atmosphere and when even anything about point nine in favor of artists and stellar. Autism research I'm feeling liberally. Both strength has yet here's a thing on information off the Internet to teach so I agree boys are at all right next up on the. Hard degrades. You never guess this one but then they're tired agreed to AK water bears are these microscopic eight laid critters. Better known as a right extreme temperatures tonne creation and nearly a decade without water. Now look my bears paranoia. They know they look for a broader parent feels black because they concern at a decade without water can do all these things you know on earth. Why not through us so can these guys dale. So they kind of look a little weird per corpses. It's weird so in September 20 2008 these creatures through their survival in extreme environments about a space because upon their return to earth. It was clear that the little ballet is survived imperfect health. I wish I could do that can I do restaurant on a beach. Yeah okay. No lobster I wanted to recognize it about thirty minutes to get the pit road. Next Obama's big pair plan it's like anything you want so company California master space systems in Santa Clara. Is offering new and even you you guys. The chance isn't anything you wanted to space and blackened lungs can fit in a Coke can in an isn't too heavy that. That's sounds like one of those name a star thing he had done and they're gonna like I didn't looted an issue something industries like there's gonna launch an up there with a string bring a Baghdad Iraq got going out there like let our dabbling into the streams in space word that I thought it's not just rings series thank umpiring al-Qaeda strength very. Let me made with a strangely could bring it back up I thought that they'd sign here currencies. Clients aren't you wanted to prove it must make approve it I don't I don't like this little article says it's leg down. And there are not not not really there many many practical have been research applications for those final one to be fun ascend to something in this phase for the most petty reasons like now he'll never find his keys match. I had about a brother Sox went tough talk comes up I really something interesting LC could send the space is yourself. I honestly trust Christ mind you have a very million dollars. OK you can visit outer space trip started farming and listening when the camera button and I don't credit line I can't. And we Stanton Larry ninety Texan computer to game developer Richard Garrett he paper among mountain Russia's federal space agency for the chance to board. The cellulose so rockets into them and eat pretty good news. Turns excellent news filth you're awesome I had to go to listen to this mixing chemicals into the son of a former astronaut Owen Gary and Richard became the first American second generation space traveler who when he spent ten days on the international space. Should I throughout our animals I either idea that they might feel village you know oh would jarring it is time gravity no Oreo artificial gravity has bad idea bad times I well I mean I'm not very good on any sort of like rides or anything like that I remember the gravity trying to which is the one that you just spin around a whole bunch inside of a spaceship but an illusion up and down. Ad that was about the best wind and I can do and I still spewed so that when I do music. This one of the really nerdy but it is pretty fascinating week. So up early bird droppings gross for the space shuttle discovery was noted as spotting some weights you know to. Splattered around three weeks prior to liftoff in despite regular Florida thunderstorms they did not come from okay. And apparently they were still back and they and they was still on their when he came back. Confirmed who survived the heat of reentry. That's why if you have virtually incarnate really wants to act sincerely and that's computer I don't know of the amount it seem it. GM if it's enough. Wrong and I are some things anyway differently they also sent out an inflatable space station. Inflate. Apparently here. Apparently Bigelow aerospace of Las Vegas is an operation run by space entrepreneur our Ron Bigelow Robert Bigelow hopes and kick it over his name's sari. And until like I don't I'm sick similar scenes is that the successfully launched their pathfinder mission Genesis one. And the whole project centers around. Some so apparently it was designed to serve and lodgings are tourists and also you know a basis for precision manufacturing don't wanna I wanna live in an inflatable a giant bouncy castle basically. Hold on hero plug that others are gone back and I have I'm sorry are updating anti grabbed bouncy castle thing about that for a minute should measure the restaurant could make your time. This place down if you don't do with the one nice yeah I have is tiny eagle good luck people I had on this. I got a couple more Kelly number eight sea urchins so they sent out all kinds of animals get they say Santa prying me. In lake where is that I lost sale as early 1984. That's when he sent the prime meat but it wasn't until 1957. In the Russian dog named like a became the first animals or orbiting earth bonds Kotnik yes but let me included Guinea pigs frogs sales tortoise spiders cockroaches in 1980 sea urchins were aboard the space shuttle could. Columbia so for some top secret testing so we don't really know why I. And they came back in May look like goes aliens from the Simpsons they're up at my favorite thing I think in years the army review will reveal the new lurching cluster bomb we know who to blame Canada but I think I'm number nine the hander if an android phone. Can learn about Aaron was spectacular yeah I'd say he's sorry to cut back up and number ten assemble enough a sound. Salmonella Salmonella sammon how would you wanna print I wish Yemen whose Allah I I think rob banks he got it probably to test that sort leg like those diseases and so yeah yeah. Made any general take I am a better sample or a virus or similar data they're trying to figure out if there's a way that you know anti grabbed her or do we do catch gravity and ash and definitely not how you start a horror movie. I've away this is a horrible idea because it did not leg erratic heater or anything like that apparently wind they came back in September 20 2006. They fed the space germs to Sutton to mice and scientists found that the microbes turn into a super bugs and seeking stronger and more deadly than ever to. Our generates. Having never seen a movie Friday right like this is totally come on he didn't say magic on plots this flat out here about this yes. They then terrible idea I don't wanna sit up there why aliens. It's just too perfect I do like this is the love and the article isn't the closest we've come to fantastic four affects so far yeah. Just GOK and also wiping out the planet Xena you are doing to disclose. Think he's he's no more deal worth area of the field when your freedom immune Barack immigrant girls have been a probe Xena broke. That sounds like you know probe is my aliens from government and wow. Wow yes are not known yet until nighttime guys. Sustaining any. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deeds flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot plus.