MIGS vs TWOW 009 – Kyle O'Reilly

Monday, June 26th

On this episode, Migs chats with Kyle O’Reilly.  Kyle is from the B.C. area of Canada, and has wrestled for Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla….and will be here this Thursday & Friday for Defy Wrestling.  He will be here with Bobby Fish, as reDRagon will be wrestling Thursday night (6/29) in Tacoma at the Temple Theater, and Friday night (6/30) at Seattle’s Washington Hall.  Get info and tickets at DefyWrestling.com.

Migs and Kyle chat about his early days of wrestling in the Vancouver area, his love for the band Tool (and how he is friends with one of the members of the band thanks to his wrestling fame), and a crazy story about wrestling a kids birthday party early in his career.

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It's now time for work. Maids vs them. World. And welcome to another edition of big vs the world wrestling we're gearing up. Just a few days away from defy wrestling for those few that are not in the northwest in your listening today as we've a big big Indy wrestling show. Put on by defy wrestling a company now I'm proud enough to beat the ring announcer and also the host. And two huge shows so user called gigantic. The 54 which is happening this Thursday overactive Comas temple theatre and that's an all ages show. And then the 55. Having the next night Friday night over in Seattle Washington haul our usual stomping grounds where. As we say hash tag we get loud a lot of great match is going to be going on Cody Rhodes is gonna be wrestling pent is gonna be ashamed Strickland Mac cross. The loops are Brothers are wrestling and they're going to be taking time on Friday night. Red dragon and red dragons also be wrestling Davey boy Smith junior and Phoenix on Thursday night. Red dragon. Caring and up I mean these senior gnome tile Riley and Bobby fish and today I'm chat with Kyle O Reilly. So let's just jump right into it all before it yet. To fire wrestling dot com if you wanna get tickets and information we seriously hope to see you this Thursday and Friday night I am here with Todd how are Riley and you're gonna be here this Thursday and Friday for defy wrestling I defy wrestling dot com we've got to show in Tacoma. That's going to be having on Thursday night Allen's all ages and then on Friday. Where you have the one up Washington hall here in Seattle and now 121 and up into. How you're gonna be wrestling and do an eye on them doing the ring announcing for a defy wrestling and last time I mentioned today. Just like you know red dragon to be taken on the B two Brothers and a place went to not site. Yeah good the anticipation free for you and and embodies is going to be insane I I know you're from the northwest but. This is is this the first time you gonna get to actually wrestle in Seattle. Intel robbery this William clay first opportunity do so I've I've wrestle you to our hands armed. In Washington State in ever written a few times in Tacoma. Took back when I was you know still pretty nudity. Faulting so first time since I've consider myself a decent decent wrestler. When did you figure out bit davis' biggest regret about what what what did you realize that you were becoming a good wrestler because you know a lot of guys that I know that a wrestler they said. It's at least 67 years until I finally felt that I was actually doing a good job. Under a sad yeah allocated to its just. You need experience that's what would it really comes down to like we first break and you start yet. You think a pretty good at this new yet eating grass Barnett you know you're going to stand proud of what your coliseum. It really takes you know getting out there and and resting guys or more experienced getting on the road and addressing mull I speak for many many years or your really starts. To get things and and things really start to click for you so riddle for you that was. Basically leaving British Columbia and and moving here since you asked us to get to be busy and and and Russell more than three times a month and then you know things are searching. Oslo the senate what some what's up with saw that the north westerners leaving the northwest and going to the same military because I mean your body and our buddy from defied. I. I know former both northwest born and bred in you know we've both absolutely love it there and it debuts actually. My main driving force hurt for coming down the Missouri in the first lady's heart is in the ring of honor and and there is the offer to. Come crash on the coach if you are now trying to get my foot in the door are waits was no my number one short term goal at times so I I jumped on that opportunity Meehan and our car and made that dark jot down soaks that this not to say there's not great. Wrestlers in great wrestling in the Pacific northwest is just it's got. UN. Really before Ehrlich who is really running. Seattle area before to fly around there's a group set to appear in the air but you know you gotta go to the option. But I was talking with Dai Davies he shared a great story in just to get back to hold the other learning curve and an eleven to be busy doing their wrestling to actually become a better wrestler. You should agree story of wrestling Samoa Joseph and who is a model where he was still like a little bit in over his head. And that was one of those moments where he realized I got to step up my game. You have a moment women who were you wrestling was there wrestler that basically say get your crap together or you need to step it up. I think he was just watching the guys around me that word doing so well for themselves and who were having such great match his eyes. You know motivating me like TV like Brian Cardinal sin. Seeing guys like that from the Pacific northwest getting out there and using these opportunities and making the most of them it was my number one driving to worst. And that it just motivate me notes and now and then you teach you see guys. For pro amnesty and you know I was on a lot smaller local so is there any names or there's guys that eat. You know we're getting a bit of a decent buzz and an reputation for themselves are on the Indy and I remember thinking myself. I know one veteran beaten in these guys don't I don't wanna but you have and that's huge motivational factor is going to have that mentality. Yeah now you've got an opportunity to. Yeah rests on front of some insane crowds whether it be you know the ring of honor proud new Japan knobs are also I mean upper wrestling guerrilla. And I keep hearing all these insane stories about job EC CW in Vancouver and British Columbia. What's been. Your favorite crowd to perform in front of. Different crowds for different reasons you know it and creating different moments. Like friends since they. Making my homecoming GC CW into dangerous pass yet Eric at the biggest Iran caller caller on special from oaks that. I grew up in that town and colorized Jamison January. And then you know it Boehner and in New York City arena honored for some of their bigger shows like. First time I wrestled there was a huge deal to the first time offense that there. This past December when I am wondering on April title clearly that was huge moment as well and then and then you can jump across to. Overseas Japan's Tokyo Dome that's these the legendary matches that are happening not buildings on disgraceful to. I've got those opportunities to wrestle in these places such historical significance that. Have such meaning I get you to think to yourself that if these walls could talk and I think it's pretty cool. You mentioned died in Japan and I'm grossed close beat you with Tom I hang man Adam page and you are talking about said that the dynamic in the world a sponsor is that meg getting these meals from guys and our fans and some wealthy businessman did you get exposed to that and what was that experience like for you if you did. That's dig extremely cool experience sleep news. Generous people and their families status they treat you with such respect in such high regard they just want to there. The best steak house that you know possibly in the world then I had just really kind of just you know it's kind of a status thing they take unit they sort of want the wrestler is it showed her body Eric Idle a wrestler go at things like it's. They think it's not like that you don't feel like our users to write his brother have an idea at all again let me ask you losers. No other so cool and they're so friendly and an accommodating and Mike. It's the whole culture really they just wanna take here you entry you rank and if you like. You know after the after the sponsor dinner burial you know are trying to. Pay it forward and give them a T shirt and they insist on paying at the nightclub and then seen dinner early easily get from me for once like it's just. Everything about that place is just magical and amazing and it's just some coolest experiences I've ever got. Who enjoy a you know reaping the benefits of being a world class professional wrestler. Did you ever think when you first stepped foot into a wrestling class that one day you would be in a position where someone would want to bring you do dinner as a sign of status. You have because I think he was always a goal like you now are huge goal of near wreaths or at a talk oh orally OT ER radiant Elena was idiotic risks. Breaking out. Wrestling and then first leading men who were thinking I got a why aren't Japan I should rest in Japan you know Israel. Looking back I was nowhere close to being ready for Japan even just when I first started going merit. In 2014. And the goal was. You know three year three plus years ago you know I was definitely a lot closer to being ready but it was still like I had a lot to learning and going there and wrestling with somebody out there and just. Be on the apron and he's ultimate exit just to watch and took took her learn a I just got such a whole different route so this whole game and just add so much my repertoire as a result woods kind of. Coming an ongoing theme when I interview wrestlers and is that I'm I'm I'm I'm in the middle of taking wrestling classes and and an end in my journey of doing and has been really just. Very rewarding and employing an end and unlike any in the end to put in perspective and your friend Latin community not how loudly you relapse when you up the phone I'm 42 years old man decided now's the time Communists are taking wrestling classes but I know that's awesome man and did it's it's been one of the I kick myself now not doing it sooner but what I've I've really been enjoying now talking you guys just hearing your stories of when you first stepped foot in the ring or. When you first decided that you wanted to become a wrestler do you remember your first class and and what was it like for you. Yeah yard vividly remember ridden the wrestling with some air I know what I wanted to do for her you know. Since. Late early childhood does some arrows had to pursue got to know how I didn't know which you'd go. There is the local companies BZW's started up a new training. School called insane asylum in 2005. Site just graduated high score and a arm mean in my eight friends sit asylum. Use another civic northwest wrestler from B Wentz and met with Michelle start was running classic car mom's on it to me don't understand cruel sport is that's all been about. Accustomed console paerson. Half. You I'm signed up then and we have our first class Meredith flick with. Honestly look at Velika fish taking to water like I just felt like greatness. I knew this is this is going to be good for me and felt like cause I was a delicate natural just felt so good and just felt so real name. You know I haven't looked back since I I've continued trained this day and not feel you never stop learning. You have forty years old to step into the ring for the first time like. Yo long journey had a view bit that's just it's just that it's labor of love this whole business and it's it's a passion that you know he live and breathe it but it's it's just something that. It's an assault and and truck it to live it to pursue it I think it's beautiful thing. I did honestly like right now I've accomplished everything Arabs. One and out of it wasn't like I was going into an open now and all of a sudden you put on a card or you know I occasion Kyle I now know how to do a body slam let's Russell had never of that exists. Let me challenge myself and and thank you said there's it's just like set off a spark inside I mean like I can't wait to like the result only going once we now I'm going twice a week it's like. Annoying my wife because of how much I talked about it or. Now iTunes but I'm just recently the other day I'm Ambrose driving in I knew I was gonna learn as our coach said hey you're gonna learn how did you body slams and I was never more having I had a panic attack driving into a Mike. I'm afraid I'm gonna hurt somebody because I don't know I had I. And then learning it and accomplishing it was like make such a surreal and awesome experience do you do you remember a moment when like you where. I guess was there a certain move that you walked in like you're like oh man I don't know if I wanna learn to some afraid to learn this our reserve chairman Maurice started doubting yourself. Anytime there is like a back flip involves it scares the crap ought to read a column for flipping yeah. Era have yet to learn like our. Like the back drops duplex reversal real Barack football out of it and I'm almost got dumped the art on that she's you know. And good you know today's daily could still suddenly multi once Wallach it's you know it's got to trust the Brothers out there at Billick and you know certain things all you re taking your own well let's try to. Where what I try to do you try and and do things that I know today I can't united. I work to my limits and a body slam you basically stand there aren't in the guy obviously surrounds himself with moral so a lot of site. Right never for me I was like I don't know tot mom on Hamas on his head like you tell you is did the show the basics like I don't know what the hell I'm doing and Donyell once you get did that once I did and I'm like oh wow OK all this makes sense. Yeah I was I was hoping I could just talk a little bit about some random other things with you because I know that I think it's I don't rite of passage of the Canadian urine and then you play hockey as a what I I play ot get a goal he. Do you still get a chance to get out on the ice or is it something they just don't have the time. It's its other and that you know it's more like when efforts in the US I try to make a little time for MI out new equipment not nuclear group and use that there and try to get them stick and buck and things like that back you know it's it's it's hard and so physical as well I've found that. You know when it comes around if I wanna give roughly 800% I really had to give it under resented it it leaves all experts the spring training and then now grappling training and let you supplement our trade are a he is physically active as possible it could be used to look at what Ike. So all the time in my wife trying it out yet outdoors go packing things like that are like I've been snowboarding and god knows how long it. Six years maybe. This is hard to make time for those of us physical activities when you are giving us a 100%. There's also fear and I mean not fear but just like you you keep in the backyard deck this is my bread empires I can't idea why one girl it. Britain's breaking my ankle playing stickam blockers know registered around him in some idiot decides to run intimate. Yeah what I have photo lab to go to defy wrestling on for a Thursday and Friday and I guess all right man. Did Bob I'd I'm jealous I think get to go on last Saturday are a couple weeks ago when Iraq to gorge dress on your Twitter that you got the C tool what was a concert like. Dog man though is it. Amazing experiences they've been one of my favorite bands since. You know maybe I was like twelve or thirteen years old so and I'd never seen them live for us so it was very cool experience it and I just happen to work out our I was back home. Losing some family in and they saw me they were running the day for a flat out so I definitely did amazing experience yeah I know why. I look at the sat lessons like Jesus and I basically the greatest hits site. Most that was an unreal have a so good man and I like Adam Jones the guitarist actually. A pretty big. Pro wrestling guerrilla fan and that's sort of been able to become friends over the years since wrestling down and seeing them a pretty much every show as well. You is very accommodating and and treated me and my brother and friend. This heat is welcome that was just the wind and wind is just unreal experience all around. Yeah I saw that I think government wants him gone on his Twitter page and just being on a Twitter stalker is a guy one who he follows there was a it was all wrestlers are a nobody but wrestler like OK either he's brave he's he's he's trolling us or he's a wrestling fan and I read more economic all sappy is a huge wrestling fan that. Menaced had to be won a cool word moments when you realize someone who you're fanned out is a fan of yours as well. Remain in the U get that you get the Kings of Leon guitarists are wrestling and any. African too cool guitarist loving girls and articulate what is what you think not like the other here because which then I mean look I don't need Kings of Leon although that's a lot of bad taste in my mouth when that guy who think he dad let you know what are formed you'd like what do you what do you gain on this that someone dark warrior grown adult telling other adults like it. Anyway so it's marquis Dick about it after the fact like he he apologized and and you still takes more shots and Mike I wouldn't want to know what it's no like I don't think you're expecting to take a backlash that year you kind of caught off guard ready to realise there was that. Can you can watch certain types of wrestling. Being uneducated about wrestling as he remembers time and qwest or help people. This united mainly to use. And then you gotta gotta gotta move on Peter do you shows Japanese dressing and I think he gets ER for a little morals of the year on the variety that. Get from rats and. And I hear a lot of like there's some sometimes you can spot a few celebs at the PWG says that the the lady from mom from modern family actress Sophia very got out. I heard out of Davydenko is just there the other week last week and is that I don't know if die even gets in your guys' heads of your your consummate pros but have you know I get nervous sometimes and I know like when I was an abandoned ninth it was up. Meg somebody in a band that I really respected or somebody had to make another type of line of industry got to respect the narrow there I'm like all crap. Get it out of my head get that America don't even look at that area pretend that I got here this Thursday you're going to be taking on. You you were Bobby fish to be taken on off Phoenix in Davey boy junior deed restrict junior. And an ounce on Friday night in Seattle you're taking on the loops are Brothers. Now obviously Davy speaks fluent English has no you know lot and that bag can be difficult for communicating but I think Phoenix speaks some English but top ten to doesn't speak any does that. Factor into your matches that. Kick in the leg as a kick in the leg you know from a punch in the spaces it's saying it be universal language around the world so I had. Not that I'm. How I know when I suck or DVR and asking him about Michael we would like to see them to wrestle in the future and he brought up beauties and I'm I'm bomb that he has matches sat here in Seattle but that's like a dream match for him he said to take you want. In the northwest is that something that you love to do is well. All under present you know youth music I use help me out. So many times more than I can explain I throw my career and we had some classic matches yet there and it's been. A number of years this and you wrestled each other. Water is. I'd like to see and how we match up now that we've gone innocent separate paths and we've grown. Individually as performers and just to see if you know I know the medical facility Everett to see how it's evolved over the years you really cool. Colossal absolutely doubt be a fun one to watch he's such an intense do you like camera I got told this when I first met him at defiance like. At first I was like is he just is used to mean guys like I couldn't I couldn't read America first Camilla they're not listening to what he was saying like oh no he's a super intense but he couldn't be a nice attitude. Return I just wanted to show you a lot of love Bob because obviously the northwest community I never madam but I've a lot of friends that wrestle here that have. Went under the tutelage and learned and now as in a world of wrestling but he became like a father figure for them. I nets but he waning unfortunately passed away and I fifty years old from a heart attack him. I bridge between night I was wondering if you had any experiences with him beforehand and and what was it what what kind of guy would you like everything I hear it sounds like he was such an incredible these. Yeah I'd only really met on the hand times our own and I had returned the TCW a couple of times he cannot. But he was just such alarm. Ninety's inviting new. First and then just getting the talks the most few times it was just a real treat some great ankle but it gets Needham. For his tragic passing their night is one of which my condolences and TARP I wouldn't Shanley uses just very sad you know wait too young. Yeah fifties you never know it when it can happen raiders got to cherish each moment and you know. More the world used to go to hell in the hand about your every single day I'm more sank all each and every day that I am doing something that I love and wanted to do my whole life you know regulates which he short and Evernote happened so happy. Although sometimes the editions and a sock in traveling brutal elements are found in Suffolk it'll get into form and do it always want to do and I guess it's better than sitting on an office and kind of fighter itself. I and you say you travel perform everywhere and this is job one thing that I love hearing stories from you guys remember his dot talking with Don Mac cross and asked him this question he said that. The strangest place you wrestle was at a prison for you what's gonna close the strangest place you've ever wrestled in all the years you've been wrestling. Our men and beyond all deathly less than a year and six months there are some we looked at a birthday party and you only. Documents in turning haters out there and you know oh nobody Zurich. Is hanging in three other guys and so we re for a show what. I'm altering drugs that the ring out and then go and as tools that get changed and become totally. Not going to happen. We're like family like there and by guerrilla gave may have meant they could really golden ticket this ticket he have any little match you know it these kids that don't know any better way you know concert choir and we're looking and they're watching my. Matches inside the watch like Coke boss he in my salad to each other alert at my god was. Created there. You could sending dad the tables and you don't touch it and I are those guys still wrestling do and I've have you had a chance to kind of get back to. One of them it is my friend. It sound I think has since retired these issues outnumbered on the business out and there are right Michelle sorry think with other I think except tonight goes right salty the seamen announced though. Thank god. I don't he's still doing stuff over an island invigorate Harry has well that's awesome dude that's. That's right up there with a prison and eight year old brick and already. Well hopefully we'll be more than just eight year old at all ages show for opera for you guys we've taken on Davey boy and not in Phoenix on Thursday night in and Friday again. On the two Brothers taking on red dragon are yourself Bobby fish and I'm looking forward to a man not defies turned out to be an awesome promotion and and the fan base is just insane it's already like it's loud it's deafening. Be prepared to have I think a crap Thomas streamers thrown your way it's it's it's a fun vibe and shout out to the streamer club these guys are you I think this spending thousands of dollars for these two shows. And well on their they're there they lost their mind when it comes to streamers. I think someone from them message me on Twitter ask you were colored streamers you would like I think I sit back while our name is red dragon so. You know it's your own conclusion that the president doesn't yellow streamers will be coming your way that. And I'm really looking forward to defy and making NHL debut along brother says he awesome. Desert retreat support I routes. Odd you can't win I'm looking forward to it defy wrestling dot com for anyone to get information they can also follow you on Twitter. K all our combat and idea of a pro wrestling T shocked yeah bursting keys flash Kyle Riley please everyone who's listening purchase T shirts or some mud that's a lifeline for a lot of you guys so mom and and then bounce or you'll have your merchandise there and when I you cannot are at the temple theatre and also Washington hall if there thank you very much I'm gonna show man accused thanks a tile Riley CM this Thursday and Friday night of fire wrestling dot com. Tim embodied finished. Red dragon good pairing and up here in Washington State. Thank you were going for listening you can follow me on Twitter at pains to ramp at. I'm Steve makes. Email this joke major world of wrestling at gmail.com. And we'll see like Thursday or Friday night for the fire wrestling big thanks to Jim Carey percent not the interview you know I love your brother. The owner of the fire wrestling match farmer junior okay I'm not a great guy. I've always go all the things go to you guys and gals are listening I really do appreciate it. Talk next time.