MigsCast 06/27/17 "Poop Shiv?"

Tuesday, June 27th

What happens when 2 of the 3 members of the show are running on fumes with barely any sleep?  This episode is what happens.  We chat Wacky Tabacky, Red Solo Cups, Sexy Boys, and poop Shivs...not necessarily in that order.

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That's my name is Steve big time here and the president play out no lock. Right near here there's a ball and I'm glad I NN end. I don't know. Sad yeah I mean by computers. Editors this struck me boys are so I'm Mike running on. On fumes right now from pain in the grass season then the next day I went through the WWB in Everett. Could you know hybrid if you golf right next door doing. Still some photos is all smoke and hot chick in not camouflage pants are. No parent Mel this. Along the school a long scrolling along stop that's a little into my interest in the that you don't penalize the thing in the new thumb and forefinger in law urgent excuse me. Yeah I was using my thumb and forefinger definitely to enlarge and the guy in my mind when Steve must be at some wrestling thing that happened that was all the data I glean from it but I pretty much was just like and they were. Pictures of grown men as well and pass them and what you shots of karma law. Who's the waste into her underwear since something like. Just fabulous fab girl that's she's got the best of one of the best out of ring entrance songs. Called fabulous of course so here yes she mysteries you tell you eight. UKS. That she's the queen of part of princess of Staten Island. And she's fabulous. Oh US cents. Do you go back Felix I didn't look so hot hot hot hot. And had put their. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah she's. I'm not really feeling be the theme song but she I knew that you're wrestling event because I saw her. I should find new new is the new hot move to new bomb intro song that's again never went Richard Steve interviewer backstage you'd just a visible Chubb. Shell excellence got a call at a series of golf ball smuggled on the front doors so I'm stick to the the the the. I got to meet our our car as good her escort I don't know her ballet veterinary yeah tens Ellsworth holidays for a hook up so bomb. James Ellsworth is cow like a character and Demi did you eat and wrestle much a renewed run on just says enhancement talent. Job vs driver remember the jobs squad would be a future of their for me yet she's getting yeah yeah you basically there to make the other wrestlers looked good. And cynical. Well but as well as not to tell me cancer death I deserved seeded mr. Russell much it was 010 yeah you get your ass kicked at first of all all I just got mouth often drink champagne or something general manager you. Okay all right I. But it's a jays in front I'm really just in the local talent whatever town erratic Maryland and Indian soil for their big guys Brian stroman to beat the crap out of there was no ever plans to sign this guy or any hint that he's got to go weird look tumors you have that much of a chain. They just tell us a little different and a big big big man but that was funny. And then the fans fully embrace the guy like because there's a eased ever and we want l.s right and people started chanting and like Ellsworth we got to bring this guy back so they brought him back firm and it plays went nuts again he's just a guy was meant to make another guy looked good but the fans were so like excited about this guy that's great judiciary and Seattle water activities signed him he's got a contract and now he's on WWE superstar. Please mostly just Carmela is our ballet. But so easy ways to sell all of last. No old Alice GI when we went to wrestle mania the radio row and interviewed all the WB superstars hands down the most beautiful. Of all the theme now colonel Carmela and Renee young Cabrera. Just smoke ships remain impersonal and a young yellow current she's beautiful as well she tells. You're good so goofy show show show blind he looks really familiar though he looks like a guy that. I would know that would go to C did the right of the did look a little guy. The little little little sure I didn't gorilla man hour right after you guys don't get firms up so would you say and what was her name and a young Renee you don't think. She's also at AB ULOU. And furlough listeners out there all I just fiddle around much fun they're probably doing and as well are doing on something. Excuse me. Yeah I always OK okay well yeah she's aren't men yeah. To James all were like good how about this are anxious James Ellsworth is a huge fan of the offspring so much so he's got a tattoo of the osprey logo on his arm. So you know work cleaning out our station. We're moving isn't just a soccer or no self esteem yet here I don't laugh I gotta give crede is pretty fly for a white guy okay half an hour today to alleviate me. The metals analyst that is a single senior and I wanna go broke whatever. He's a little girls lose us an answer for spinach remember and I'm president running on fumes are so it's going fabulous friend I know I noted thank you. So I cinema. We'd prefer get rid of a bunch of these gold records that are in the hallways and one of them was the offering one conspiracy of one. My area would you like this never done he would reply or maybe would just like kid or whatever. Instantly follows me instantly messages me and retrieves it saying hell yes I won it. So there we start talking behind the on direct message some McCain may everybody or should the W did you eat. I can mail it to him if you want and I was gonna ask for address my doubt become a weird it would strategist James. Its windows your bedroom window and James let me know when you're sleeping obviously won in looking through right well the mood light shine possibly to the guys over the limit. Her abdomen and fiscal year to finish old gymnast so. They end but they all or if you're coming to Everett. All bring it to Everett and Victoria I'm common there but does meet up nine great. Bring it to them meet up to very interesting I never been. That early to a W event is used in around three and other media put some people for an early dinner anyway so. I went these has just Mimi where all the cars pull in the park for her. At the Everett arena okay well there's already a crap ton of people fans just hoping to get an autograph or catch a glimpse of their favorite WB superstars in this. Hot hot heat he had to give these people credit my. Your phantom is exceeding mine tenfold because I would not if it's true pot now after that I don't care district in the rock and I'll call him. Coming in and I know that comment I'm going somewhere where there's air condition was it Scotty too hot yet he's. Ramstein. Pressing joke nor I don't know Valentine director and writer in my head to toe with rigorous and friendly and adored by and let us. Stop. That's I mean out with a every time is it you need tickets some like I have a pair but I have a buddy that does in it means it won't just give me your name these agents. You'd direct message me your name your from your birth your name and all that now put on guest list on alma great. So I do that get there pick up the tickets front row. Dead center. Your buddies suddenly had a world tickets no fortunately my body was flying solo and I've felt bad epidemic we got to sit by yourself what do whoever tickets they get. James Lindsay was a pair justice three tickets and thorough lie so. Man so I gave it gave the other two to get to a buddy who was also there that was sitting up higher MI here you're the pair seat you sit on the floor use won't be bright in front my gosh sorry. Sucks for you heard. So that was awesome most at all because in the super tweet hey man saw what you got co cabana what the astronomy satellite did. Like collier equations I scored an interview with the one of the biggest indie wrestling guys he's got a huge podcasts and I've always wanted to interview when I won in June from my wrestling podcast which is called made vs the world of wrestling. I figured I'd be I decided it was so that we can have less wrestling gets on this I guess this is there really wrestling podcast anymore that's a success. You know we're talking about wrestling right now. It's so does so are you may. Water or errors like barely being an thank. I was gonna do I felt like it say to you prior to Lara and the like four years ago if they get Lois C yeah I heard it. So I've always go wanted to interview him and he was in town you know Mike he's tough guy again I've tried before he would always respond to make a get weird ripped them as an amen if you do the interview with me. I'll buy you pastrami sandwich at the awesome market house across the street from our radio station. And that worked as it did come down he shows up because look out a wrestler but I am a Jew first half relaxed though I'm I. I'll ask Matt we. Sam ash throughout that period idiotic great center and now that ought to performing I got to interview wanted to guys who I completely respect. And then lunch with them and those sandwiches are solely G is when you to write him Olmert and that is just like welcome to Seattle here's some meat like yeah good 612 left suddenly woke up fury outside greet people and is loan me here I just knew Jerry Lewis saw the best I. Unlike got to change shape and size really quick matches he's hesitant about wrestling this Thursday all right that's Comas temple theatre it's an all ages wrestling event. On every hosting defy wrestling gigantic. Go to the fire wrestling dot com to buy tickets Cody Rhodes gonna be there Joey Ryan amendment you know as though the did the penis plaques. Disarray I doubt that he's young star and he's a guy who flips you'll ruin his penis. Oh of course yeah he's got the what one does. I okay sure you have to have you ever seen that no all you have to do not try to do a couple times but most resulted me squealing like a pig he has perfected it senator. Is it with a little other than don't understand the erect penis can crack just like a knuckle no gap because we have heard the horror stories when he over the long throw in the main guy throws a little too long pull out these ID network legacy dab between the two entrances and you are not like the local and you are nightmares when they're shown to re creation you can break it somehow which I don't understand is is a series of blood vessels that have heard about the whole Lotta broke into. All that yes I've had that's the most terrified I don't want my crutch to make the kind of guy. Our area we are one George Ryan flipped a little person with his penis without ever crafted. As a man is holding its own. It's. I don't know. Powerful teams powers that it's come back and everything. I just have to lose we lose our bull penis powers I mean that's the best way to Armenia where. I can't make dogs outside brownies. He's in goal page now don't stop don't stop all yeah you can just awesome it was at least eighteen it's just not good not only. They're good hundred Joey are trying to confuse written by someone who's that cheek during an inner Jennifer wrestling match wow. Sana for China China not even more. I think you would but who would you like to the world premiere is 200 at its. There's some good color commentary and it's. Good it's just what do you distract and he's. Got a girl like skin tight shiny chrome shorts and a bikini top jumping around out of stress and I'm not seeing anything else. Also wrestle I think I jingle all hello we are all style. Of it. I don't even wrestled his wife once in an Internet and I did the Arab children you propose your commodity is in the shape for the best but a disease. Slight bend the exit from Greg while on the middle of the match she gives Dionne she didn't notice proposes Serbs while the match is going on she's like to get all caught up in the emotion starts crying and he's duplex is there he rolls are up from pins are when the Mac. I. Do you. Guys. Brilliant right so he's gonna be there on Thursday night so we do to get tickets and information CNET over his temple here are all ages reg you should come I ask. I ask my area I got out of that man I know bill would have a late night but you know you can leave early and it's and it's a Thursday that leads into a Friday yeah he's an additional and try to -- well let me know if you wanna go any sleep walk through the show Friday prayers. OK I officer I saw the show this morning I'm working on two hours of sleep right now was BJ crossing if you do on a pain in the grass this year he was hi I'm premed and he did great this man did sag deal did you Wear hand listen to the curb the bill he had a had a Canada already curb the bill to law cannot help W hat yeah that's helpful to cool with. I just good enough people care about that's all that finance and we've seen all we have now we always are speaking out about the some glorious of course yes it has become might be an as the greatest wrestling team some of all time great. It's reached a status of urban legend Leo I was at a wedding was a pal give these wedding Saturday. Now which is great man as Obama and his people I had meet brought a Matt brought up the league's Casanova OGG one as fine an episode called glorious yeah like yeah I feel that everything food that's. Taurus that's a lot earlier a lot of the humor from what I overheard being shared was at the time you were still queuing no sound of Lexington and Steve camp setting you up. Two Q that you I had missed the cute cat people like random folks who are your charted rev GAAP measure that Kyoto. And I got there I just kind of sit and eliminate. This is good business yeah this is why Steve now has his laptop over here we should control it and that's where I trust in the general Arizona tries there's no trust. Respect his net interest in the nick. And I released it. It isn't angler with. Then amazing it's so. We got up. Crude theme song that could be. Right there with glorious god every new odd couple a power couple might give Maria canal as you remember Maria Callas she was an identity from able now she's got her husband in the Debbie are you with there they just showed up. And this is their theme song is called true love. And I think. This song will be used at weddings in the future. Cheddar night. All I wanted to be chatter on the yeah billion real. By the electric guitars they. Floating down eight film he. Three versions. Weeping somewhere because you. Work. Come out and like leather fringe. And bed together cabin yeah. Probably see her now. You'll have a few lives that. She got all right what's your name. Creating now Jerry returns what's your name. You well know. I voted yes she's is total smoke sure she's really hot streak of cheesy is wrestling themed songs booming in have you ever heard Shawn Michaels theme song. You know. Yeah a long time I don't know I. Split on this I'm trying to remembering. And all hanging Amman who normal me right it's. Marines are now. I had very diluted. Not singing itself to me. We're out of god it's. Militia does it I actually wrote tonight. Thank you guys are pretty cool. All right okay. We've lifeline. You know what. We percent of our live there's the way ahead. I'm pulling back to eleven legacy episodes. Is just like ours says when he's got to look at wrestling chase on I knew that I'm gonna Google image out. Sir what we talk about I forget. Postage stamps used as bikini anyway yeah wrestling that's fine potter running on Houston were to wrestling class last night and got opt download you caught up in things. And stayed late did you kick anyone in the Chester. Not Russell played on somebody as a job Larry Collins no. On his elbow I even body slam somebody on our of the body slam did it right you heard you dog and heard a single and termite all I can hurt my shoulder a little babes for those. Gael too aggressive in my roles I didn't I didn't SOK to be an old guy older I didn't even like midnight. Do all we ask this what happened we go from eight to ten react coach writes we thank you got to work it was three. I didn't I saw him today to 310 local gladly show you obsolete pulled Glen yeah I got home took a shower Kazaa a sweaty man imagine if every day like today. I imagine every gala fully today and pretty much that is every day for me now that's terrible GAAP what did you do because I love it how do you bring attention to what I go through I I I learned about watching you the best part is you guys are saying and I'm looking at each reviewed and both of you guys have high is as big as slivers of voters. Did. Eye opener like there are bags under both of your eyes I don't think it'll bring out a resold for the time. Hal 9000 coffee vision and you can do well men and well not only disrupt the program. It's by no man who did it it's funny because I knew going in there like OK next time we come to class unity Judith had to a body slam my old. Wasn't really ready for his misery in jumbled so Muslim holy ground knowing you pick somebody up and you hoist them over there don't like Germany Erin you're holding the biggest thing was there basically viewing can't stand off commercial simplex. Man Allenby that. That's a eventually got and I'm an idea that one I'll let you simplex media now why would like you me about how what I. You let. The EOK iso I'm not tough got a problem body signing now dated I have you heard me out and arguably you dirty bad it would be worth it Justin bit. What I want usually dude Steve threw me on the ground so that's that's not what I learn how to do this duplex first before I do this duplex to U. Well lobbyist curse me out is we don't shave your legs did you realize that on jobless Steve look there. Just flailing you know. Arteries you have to learn to assume that that's the fun part about the bodies emphasis on driving and I'm like Jesus Christ I don't think I've ever really lifted a human being over my head and stare down. I was terrified about the idea of hurting somebody who is he get there I'm having a panic attacks and I don't like somebody's neck just got a new weird since a week out grind house like well I don't might have you heard me I don't want to hurt somebody else who's put that I realized rather than quickly. It's all about it is dance obviously wrestling is a dance up so it. I'm using their body there that energy from their home by that they're partially planting their arm on my hip and their swing and our own legs up into my neck. Sam's. It'll do videos on my legs around snapped his neck in Atlanta I know you you try to get your crush a minority gonna steal the power chair may eggs you know and his. Signature move was the roll out the guys that threatens I don't have a legs anymore sorry Madison. So I always did so I grab grab a guy who got I was weighed about highway and it was like as if I was picking up well like. Second day goes on nothing but it has and it wasn't like unbearably happy and so cool those systems and it. I was just like on cloud 90 my I don't wanna go to are trying to keep bodies slamming people off. Since you didn't tell her dad yeah that we have some pretend matches and you know coach les real weird we decide that we can go to clocks twice. So your tonight I go to Monday night's. And once in yulia Glenn yourself because now you have rests in class men and then you still have a hockey are at Belmont a break from rocky okay seasonal. Hawk he's a seasonal thing yes I still play the afternoons it's a bad night Soledad I want the word heart and I remember you were taken who was the type long must this look personal and legal woes wanting to coach Stevens you'll learn how to like just absolutely when it's fine if they really stuff yet Murray that I'm doing right now that once they get the school going upright in Jennie OZU she figured out this is what I'm not doing I am I manage that and more opportunities. He leads an activity when he hasn't acted OJ that's a 100% what I do in order for me to do this I can't play hockey and I believe we were. It's all up lol palm I think that was Saturday night in and time our tunnel Michelle and and talk and Michelle. I was mentioning you know what I had going on and Tony did not realize. Until that moment that bruiser Brody was a thing. So literally from Michelle she's like another and literally shirts and wait what. Hoops you have another band I'm like she's not listening to a pocket. She's been busy all. You know. Yeah did oh Alison we didn't have a great great guy in Eugene literally was like good Glenn and one million emerged damaged in the pre we're gonna it's gonna be is looming this is the blues trio I'm alliance. Yeah you know but yeah I it is still got another night you have added an activity you know hey you're not. Do not delete many do I wanna delete the day job so that way I could have at this and everybody just glad I don't know I don't know. And what you do what I want to trying to better option. Oh man that's why I've played scratchy right now. And reverence is exciting times through debris now as five songs why. Oh move Chris Cuomo fight song oh congratulations glands and carry numbered air drums on. Home yes it's actually and his literally whipped up the demos they were just you know concept soon. Sent a mile and like the first day like within half an hour Steve's an email back with with a drum track flown in. Any anything that could possibly be wrestler entrance music GAAP and I don't know that sure enough man and I go out and get them Yamaguchi easier that's for sure yeah we dare male older Deval card please please I wouldn't do all she knew Ross. Can you would taste test case. I just content just to play what I was open produce their promised to me is my idol exit good idea I did a great idea but the next round. I see that boss or your group. Okay. Are you. They get. He doesn't matter anyway. I can tell it yeah she didn't. Mortgage early help being good. Their electronic drums. I'm considered better my audience doesn't changing camera out easy knowing another. Noting that really play your backhand yeah. Today your vision take that's an effort that wasn't as bad little Hollywood that is how they go a little love. You know not but just the quality of what you're hearing to me that's me all tracking my concepts direct and you heard it start newsletter click track normal cardiac peck peck. And then Steve is like it it's like got twenty minutes later and. I called a month it calculates the smile off my face adoration he uses sorry oh cool little Jackie identify more time to work on the other ones I'm just so deep doubt about it but I got back I listened to them I'll just drive around Ellis a mom my Dropbox traveled a Sauna and and just drive around a guy all I can do that I can do that looks like. But young so limited with an electronic drum set because electronic drums do not and sound nearly as awesome as acoustic drums so it's like trying to I can. Make okayed this is it's gonna work or is it just sound like ass because the electronic drive I don't know we have got to dig up. As a call to scratch pad yeah but this is totally this is not the final work this is the scratch pad the video that ours Jason signal critical going to be cool man on some comment out of I was glow I mean I still everytime I I screw around with the stuff on my glowing at home and all your cool man I bit my wife. Here is always a good test. They aim my wife suffers no fools did you just frown and tapper footers said you know everything sounds good exit footage from south I yeah. How sad that in random point one save her milk coffee cup opens. On the other son who are working on the part that I'm not sure rather take apart on the Versa I'm just like not feeling the drum Japanese think there's no race yet some might not exactly sure what I should be doing. And I play from gamma teachers like. Yet that part doesn't work. Comic okay cool and I owe money didn't I the love you to look the pre course sections right before the course I think so. Where his mouth and I know I am a little man and that man and yet Lennon and. No subversive version Martin. The part where you group the universe right. Men are duty then let let down I don't know the Lannan. Do you do then do you do do modeled along yeah. See why you guys doing that it is my turn to god. Glenn K not. Our islands as definite network will drop rail and a wrap up our house. An aboriginal get sleep Brad ferret nothing's going in the world of the reverend en Fuego just fun opinion McGrath tells the grass was. A ton of fine I mean it was super hot and MED eighty well I mean it was for fashion but Emeril or burka I wore my top hat so were my killed in a war. My black now where you love free all the chill what is the past that but that's a proper way to look at me it is not a proper way when it's like ninety degrees out these guys are really feel wanted so how are all now. And millionaire. Daughter of Medicaid the gold ball yard pass a metal and her underpants and I'll be fine wiring -- -- swamp not easy to hear radio friendly units yesterday and then not how I don't know I need the added jump rope going on with any a vast number of my man okay so so so I wore a war that killed and warm. Iowa and have a KIS study shirt from here they was in the closet signed by Ozzie can do is let's. I had nearly GAAP and also I don't think you're wearing the wire only welcome to Seattle sure you were in the wire only. Jack owe you Jack Daniels rewrite it just doesn't bottom well you know I still don't matter no known gang aren't you haven't lost yet I'm still me now you know normal but hurt still little Omar is those are really cool man why why you always more addicts. And it's just your goal of. I don't are hello why is likely. Luc had just heard from guys disclosure probably buy him some new idea anyway. Well why you've got my some big symbol give you move small percentage of what you paid. Certificate back do you were aware until it is doing decide the Hamlet cup sooner you exceed the amount and then I ended up also making the very tragic mistake of wearing my top hat. Now it looked great. But the problem is is that basic dead thing is basically like a broiler is not a catcher now and you're smoking ribs again and I was like not even intentionally but I was so gross about it leg thinking back on it. Because any time it was so hot I would Wear for a little bit and I take it off and I just kind of carried around. But my head would just speed just a Sheen of just just sweat. And I would just wipe my hand Dodd and in just kind of do a flake in dispute often just splatter on the did you like that they try and find passing children when we do know what it would seem that bad but it was just there was so much liquid in my hands and perspiration my hands out just flick anyway just. It would leave it was like I like appalled painting just a cross on the on the silence on the hot all of you sausage LNR at all. Plays this the only good part is there's so much shade any areas that the white river amphitheater that you can usually find a place to duck behind has been a backseat barbecue yeah got that other way that I'm almost would have been treated fastow and even after eating the barbecued there was like a half hour or I just had to sit in the way back. And just chill out because I was going to fall asleep around man yeah it's actually he looked at a guess appear Gina Smith and there's not so yeah it won't borrowers saw somebody out on the lawn and used wasted right now might come back later wanna see what's up with this guy. Like uses super nice guy but he was wasted no need to make his girlfriend or wife it if it was looking as like I'm sorry on behalf of my. Another nice seems a waste of a nice find you an open Loranger yeah. It's not possible hock yeah I have to go to sleep oh yeah I'm eagerly you'll see. So I come back like maybe five hours later oh god passed out. Still there. Army's body is still there was shirtless Mel thought he did a little easier when you're right Biggs was near the sun Taylor told you so result. Well and everybody to see you as happy because I was about to go can I take a picture with him and his guy wanted to have a picture of me in ten like sitting next hole she wouldn't feel that I didn't bother to ask bills and looks. Very upset he would ruin her day yeah because now she's sitting not the law he's got a baby says babysitting little pretty much a lifeless body why. I agree just leave it there. Little bit or responsibility if my wife passed out I would sit there was fascia wouldn't you're right that's a wonder I I think I remember being in college and battlegrounds on a lot of martians and I passed out during our fish concert in Plattsburgh New York. And my buddies and said. You know what's come back again but you're not banging your buddies. Well you don't know how you're right I don't I'm just made are we weren't a fraternity together intimately there's little his nap and I thought I was having a dream about being an appeals concert. And I woke up comic con won't believe as is best about being an appeals constable apparently fish to collectibles a mini set of the Eagles saw I. I enjoyed a sap I just could not see its use fine I woke up I guess and grass stains all over my body. But does this because I passed out I know sharply penises are different that you do it was a fish concert I'll think anybody was surprised as some old you are now garnered solid balance plus a lot of evil rat out to other people were passed up next to me. They use me as a pillow I cope. Level now the fun time I there's a couple of highlights for me at the pin at afternoon address Ott and it was all the backseat barbecue stuff. One Bosnia where Larry just don't we had a great time during our interview with Bosnia were just total goof balls it was a lot of fun. Corey Taylor as always brings it. I had an opportunistic about this Friday in my wrestling podcast. I interviewed. Chris Jericho. And Corey Taylor together in a little room. And we did a wrestling podcast separate air quotes because. We barely two weeks which from what I'm talking about mother love bone and other ran things are so cool there was a wrestler presents so are real quotes a wrestler into wrestling fans to wrestler Steve you're in the wrestling business drag drag Manchester trainee bomber paddle learner I'm a professional wrestler grasshopper they call me swamp estimates. So medicated gold bond his signature moment that's like twenty minutes of us as she should be asked then Korea Italy could you delay freeze meat increases. And then you're Chris Jericho looks weird I got a harmonies of you want but my guess that we do a little bit of more nerdy rosling talk but it was. Thirty minutes surreal experience so cool but then the other how I was ten miles wide performed backstage. Need to play backstage yes I wondered if they were gonna get to do this a set and I mean I didn't obviously his boys have their hands full that dead shadow chum are almost tax but. Even back when the Ed hook this up and we were BS and I'm like man policy play in the main stage at the timing of the planet. The crowd's gonna be so scattered in the sparsely crowd of lodged in Munich and we're committed mom like what what's killer is the Max age acoustic set if you guys could do that that was the high point in my entire payment grass experience so I mean how they knew what it would just killer alumnus John the acoustic guitar is a force in and of its own money. Bring up an acoustic guitar because there are some issues with the direct line input where we couldn't get the guitar to make sound. And it was getting to a point where like we're just standing there we are bombs apart you know where's keys were like crap we got a fearsome just like it was like Glen when you needs what there is a Steve when you need you know Mike you know what I've got a microphone. My arm will be your microphones and did it like that so if you find pictures and you'll see in people why we wondered why can't I went up my opponent John this is Qatar Steve was so high he kept asking the guitar questions and it would notice there's deeply puzzled by it that's what I. Things Judy Miller do not and I'm so I'm holding it. While they're playing and then it hits me my arms start shaking oh I think are there as he got anal turley. No there's there's a good kind of work out com where you just take a five pound weight and hold without an arms who has torture. Jackson accidentally. All so I'm holding it a ball and make a crap as I switch arms used the other arm of the cup props and then held it in anonymous ballot but would you do another seismic crew. At this point I'm hoping someone on our status tracking down a Mike stand yeah and I look now or else an old drinking launch and they're watching you do this Jaffna was like you were there are student wasn't her yeah. I if you think you can hold it there I don't know my god dang it I'm in their I'm going to be in these pictures. And in their videos. Of your sister random tattooed guy holding a Mike had a covered it was a good man who now goes great epithet that's I have and I saw. And big banks clearer my alma I was even Mike Haywood could also mr. rivers I love the dynamic that look great. Big yes Arum a local band I viewed them like I view you guys did you guys. Our bands that I view unassailable as the national big name bands I listen to and a door a lot of me if you look in my. If you look at my apple music on the most played. Window pane and ten miles wide are always in the top like tenth all the talent none of the income that's the only difference is only I can help with that. But apparently my number of spins is not helping. So it is surreal that the whole time Mike on the Mike stand for the lead singer or band that I truly love and I'm like so that's kind of keep defund. But almost like I kind of want to just watch him take pictures of it yeah you really missed the show by say hi Michelle and staring at a stereos and the whole time to make sure that my it's my microphone doesn't hit his hand but almost ten academic from close up because I'm noticing that nobody's putting up the damn volume on it. So they can be loud enough girl watching no one's mixing everyone's laughing it was I think is Steve being toward. And they've finished their second son okay bye did you do another one time this is sort of no I'm not well beyond I. I do see him crash that appear before he started singing no so he's vague idea of your new beer is so. Explains his GH lake they'll be back dude thanks so much love you Glenn thank you think you know us. Bob do you love you so much we sure hear. That was his reply that hey man and a guy as a businessman and I don't always know that your alma mine and harder on her car. Those could be there just thinking about you guys play Edwards triggers a stage where. They kept asking for and people can bring in and the meter record for their firms that worked out these giant we give John a severe. And I'm thinking oh he's got a couple Susan for. He just pounds Abby and I literally. Two seconds he's still colts just detonated there are no way to play does that once saw and so bring in another we are. Don another one instance in this city majors any more beer I might only caught the man like hot outside and it's like an open your defense. It is only the sanction for factors into why. I wasn't a pain in the grass. On the telling are really really trying to wagon man big time yeah and I knew. Then if I went to pay me grass I would be drinking and partying mice and go off all day is a great guy and so we got you know we got the invite to Kyle gave his wedding we are like you know what. Let's go do. That'll be awesome in font and we won't have to worry about you know we house from Y and only in Iraq am I crazy after a while there not men robbed a drummer Chris anybody I'll say welcome to you yeah. I know after all it was all Corso I was six numb I was sitting at a table with our buddy any detail. Middle how sound system for the wind and the first gold it's up to start talking and I know every word is. Our handy just look to me music Glenn. Don't mix. And I'm like I'm. It home and and then she's like I usually the I was out of my seat in Canada are fantastic romance serious part I our crime scene commander turner. Bring yeah I got around rigidity of the way they had them may have missile leaving mixer metal five million graft and everything above like one point five was slammed wide open moment my god no wonder why this year. So I got to the mix dialed in and then of course the my cable plugs into the one hand held Mike was sketchy as hell closure anytime you were talking to just. Keep. Strenuous but yeah one point Kyle literally reached up and was holding his record in plays well for other people were detained. The other crazy and have identical a lot of former ribbing for not be able to just stay seated in less than unfold over the I couldn't tell I can fix this guy came in some tricks and some controversy now about that but at a but I know we had a great time it was early chill really cool and calm you know all. Did you Morgan brought to Lucille. He had that back at the wedding I say is a I feel I don't I just get this picture of. Land it sitting on I was mightily on new on the sidewalk getting rid premiums yet getting ready gonna get a buyer taught me what are. Public not every mention of the maid of honor wanted to grow during speeds all I think about I don't go to weddings because it's always the maid of honor speech is always the worst. I always loved it's as there's no structure to wrist and the tigers don't. Very and he was snagged it and now she didn't ask you to and it may hit those cold shores many should all Rhett blank car and they are valid wraps up with. Remember her well like yeah it. Do we Clean Air Act on YouTube worst maid of honor speech ever Carol LDL did the editing ready right now Tony committed nineteen so I think. Well umpire and there's the best friend. You know you made abundantly. An accredited. Oh boy he's already off to a start this. Week week's fit I. Other. Unscripted that somehow this made a monitor didn't know she was supposed to have a speech prepared. But. Dad she's my best friend and much of anything. Federal and another heckler at that time we Puget terms low blow and fifth. What that awesome. Congratulations brother. Oh my god. I was recently. Kyle's wedding was not like this at all. I'm an awesome and on their role was in a great mood there was chiller food and why three I. There's part I really wish I had been a pain in the grass I'm really glad I went to Kyle's wedding instead there well. Trying out there look at it. I'm only take turns with me I don't do MRI also oppose this this could. And their friends I don't I don't think it's easy to answer it who she knows she's Haitian. He's trying to work. I just wanted to say very happy face there. Won't right into the room and oh my god. Bad though this is just. And her wedding and thought it same thing is like someone not preparing any damage just a million tire swing there a general right you clearly cannot plan is still a senator like these are people who are not good at public speaking who aren't sure what to say in it's always all were done. You know I think it was go back to listening to wrestling songs now. And after I'm not. You came out did you. Today. Oh yeah and Vincent looks good group that I. Agree with them. The biggest wedding it was it was his putting was ordinary go to though usually doesn't land and what are restore lost little grabbed consummated the marriage. And that. Yeah pregnant. Because there are boy's mother and all of weird message left at at at about a mob bearded Letterman wasn't revs labor and all of as. I can't stop this Steve. You know that's. Totaling as. I imagine you know start to. Oakland Novartis. He's got a tweet that was just like us. Our buddy good luck to netted no is going gods always send them again Soledad I have also confused recently sold frozen toes again. I should I should mention we're hurting anyone who has made the mistake of following me on Twitter. There recently realized I've got a new phone third. A couple months now I've had it for some time. I've remembered my commission check out Twitter from about a month ago not and I got on there they wanted my log in and pass or eczema on the founder and autumn when. It is so simple enough but it's written press and keep it password. Those do you zone you're used FaceBook to talk air land cooked or else you'll never hear back and that is awesome how this. Earlier we're nearly Oz and between it's reasonably hot now we go I don't know I don't know as you can do as to the fact that I never even bothered dues long wag image we're gonna have really big conversations. About the mid. You are free money what free money. I need it broke Twitter brawl remember him we treat that you were Nancy you know why for free. But never respondents ages as ago. Should they are talking about you know I sent this tweet this tree and in the end my mind control dialogue was like man if it was like 1986. And a bunch of grown men recession around and one almost like ours and got tweaked. Still. That person would just be chastised Allen met and maybe even slapped or you're an adult what do you notice in the word tweaked. Wash cinema to which you replied to went to we if you look. Racquet like the vocabulary a hundred years ago and the fact that like Carney Sheehan was a swear word. And now I read about this because of deadwood. Angelina said to our nation into table that would as yet you would that give you this map with a wooden spoon sort of thing could see well instead a militant gleaned from that was let's see soccer and now they are much everywhere at all yet pep talk. Edwards got wise to say is that or is it carnations. These are all like would yell it because it's really funny. In house and but no yelling like baby yes he's he's soccer they use this. Carnation what we considered goofy at this point knows what he's saying yeah fox forum like Warren. So I say Kirk and nobody wants. That at the bit that the car we had tax that I do pride refused it 14787. Guys have you heard Toby Keith song about marijuana. Now I have been treated Jimmy brown. I don't. I. Just Damon was Damon is now wait for it to remember my password for me because this isn't hit. Yeah I ought to watch in the slightest smallest roadblock to hundred no human bones if I don't totally out there it goes okay Smartphone for his noon o'clock so it was just like oh well I guess I can't. Should just took effect and this is an excuse free at that point by its solid blood it Orix do we dare try I'll listen to this Toby you sign him up. It's again we've already heard wrestling entrance music a good can't be worried so wacky to backe is oh geez it might be how original and clever it's. Coach sweetly but blacks out of. They've got a question is. Richard hasn't. It really keeps the country irony. Sort of. Renee Roca and if if possible. See you were down at all. Do you follow the wall. You win. The news. We'll limp backhand. Serious and people love listen they're buying this record to meet. 2.4 million year old that's a John I think I wouldn't wrestling element right that is a joke when I was twelve that's pretty hard. Yeah culture people that think this is great and clever four days ago his video was released and is ready as 2.4 million views this makes me sick. Inside the case so we keep them I think Jay is a rental startup well I just appealing to the lowest common denominator. Know her yeah. I don't know afford to only play what's up our that's 41 million URO I should've gone in the country I still think you did and it worked for Darius record to work from my duty it was an off brand they were for Aaron Lewis sustained yeah. You got our analysts thought he had a good career path would be hype man so basically I don't do much to go year school. What it every so often and I collection. Huge amounts of money list in the background. You have your residential. Pulled out a press. Receptive. You still need spare the best that we had a blizzard here on out there I hate to songs let your kids were courting unions are glad. Hey guys and guys on this team and this. Fourteen years they are did you like eleven year old and injured a poetry contest. Fred bruised people are given money to. I do you look at this time of modern day here I have really blown. Things that have to basically you sell my old enough to listen seriously at all. Go have fun playing music you make a lot of money humiliations are the guys are still plenty of time to do that or. I've been a good life and health Sony would bury me in the desert and okay reruns. Yup he could say an eleven year old. Your approach consciousness. Use our free. I don't know it's okay looking. My IQ. Prevents me from being able to enjoy this standards is that it really hard is that you. This say about all right I love it. I don't moon couldn't. Lighthearted and fun it's lighthearted and fun I guess it's just not in the lighthearted and fun that's the hardest part about it I don't listen to the Barney tapes either you know. I love you know Riley I. No no baby blue her banana phone baby beluga. Our man you missed an outrageous smear Democrats earned fined any dead hundreds really should be children so in this little. Which is worse this or red solo the same level and. I don't want to hear all the people like that read so welcomes all honest I don't wanna upset any of the six year old light much either I just don't. I am. It's insane it's insane kind of kid 41 million people have watched that red Solo Cup videos the unedited wonders if that's a love there probably has millions of other people. They get there once. And there were testicle he he he yeah. Did George T shirts a couple years ago when this is like the big hit. I made a fortune by basically you know what a joint commercial for the red so just I have no soul I don't care about. I'm not in music for integrity Yemen music for pure and did what it is party country pure entertainment yes and yes I'm an entertainer and I don't care. It's totally it's junk food the sharks it's the same reason why reality is so amazing and it's the same reason why I wore happily eat all sorts of junk food because that's Ka. It's not necessarily. Good for you or doesn't give you any benefit. But I think I should in my hard rock in my methamphetamine and yes sir not at at at at at at at. Out last week hot cakes so we have none we show me how to make this thing here and configured don't you know this pickup truck I. I'm always like it was a voicemail to buy the returns are 14787. Hey guys hello it's just didn't Hannah. Coming home grown buddy Al are. They were discussing bands that should be in the home. Are we Eldorado Max cell phone I only get us to pawn of tags good emails. And voicemails to counting given aren't well there's one that I think. Both get to have I think we can all agree is it a good pick. Anyway there are lit up on and the only bad enough he seemed kind of word these that was money meant well Toby Keith. So. Okay well he means he's on was against the killers. Hamas I am big killers. I guess. And that's about all we. Now I wouldn't say monetize it you know date kept going guys stay positive. Maybe two pillars. It's a different your records by the killers I absolutely love and managers went down the crap on haven't heard any of their stuff Virginia subject to meet some new word killer song. Yeah it was a bitter Teradata was willing to sign whatever you want me to sign the was sick or whatever you say that's mr. Bryant's a smile like it don't I mean smile like you mean there was some newer style I just don't know would be pretty got so used to think you're gonna sign rock dummy I am told me Friday somebody told me to merriment as one. It's fine it's just night and rough control. Myself I was really. No fun we've got some pretty popular I love the next albums and downloads than ever that. They haven't done anything worth it and I didn't know they released in the. All of playing my head is about an artist that has a legacy of you know even Pearl Jam their arms sales dropped off remarkably after an apology but they have a legacy of successful albums and they still tore the world and sell out everywhere yes so I'm and then you know they've had some you know even though who cover or that Alaska yes sir yes. You know I mean socialite as I think it's more than days that Alaska's I hate its own mind you need to. I think every skit unfortunately isn't really one of their biggest hit an all time and you are probably sells as far as total I heat's slow fans when that happened April down and that was the way and I guess and I got to pay a single. Pearl Jerusalem and Beirut. But that's cover IG it's a yet it's a cover doesn't wow why why hate us and many other great songs. A little thin and even if they probably I know for a fact dumb. The debt that particular single. I don't know what's on the menu that song but all of the proceeds went to a charity. OK so they're pro only stokes that it took off the way did her com. Yeah I'm not gonna hate on for that Ariel screw this guy are what are when I saw a couple of radio I. I think it came on this morning on on one of the orient or rock salt in place this morning and I blew it really and changed the channel now that they are supporting no problem this year not until he does and he said he really is frequently as every other years I. Some like I said did you tell him. It's not so. I don't. Coming up on you like coffee. But. Yeah. Steve from new stuff but I was young and out whereas now. It. You heard. At I. Actor. Cause some pain and aggressive we took that picture up on stage right before Cornet I thought we ask somebody called Emma the voicemail was doing our stage announcements eat. You want more angry at what we do. Beaten and all that and she's doing okay. And it. And and and the. I'm OK. What are. We're gonna you're. Gonna do well. And will. I'd say. All my caulk JS gazans T shirt signed every year at and everybody anybody and everybody knew needed there was into the crowd at the end of the show. That's a gross talking about. But does an amended. And let my I don't. All. And nobody. It's now. It. All all. And put out a portable cor aren't yeah. It's another reason every day or go to work and garnish my cubicle that if guys are particularly across each other and every three. Single track might you have to go to the bathroom this new engine option followed me I don't know like on the same page article I don't know we're just grows and like you know pulled it a little bit longer for the work to go up to contend with every. Shingle and without bail Sokaiya couldn't follow me into the bathroom and that's where some country not even going to the bat it repeated standing next to me. I don't know what it is. But I just can not stand that guy and Ed Reed creature in time I go to the bathroom. Check it cannot fight here is here earth he backed up if you get up to go with Lee memorial I did it absolutely insane I never met another guy. We're good battle it not a guy did much in depth guide as. Take him out. Let's get and jab and no longer around the cubicle farm or just give up you start to get up on what you hear him like pull the chair sit back down. We are doing he would all what you. You go to guys so worried about all being judged for going to the restroom. But as soon as she email like what are you working you go to Magic Johnson yeah so as soon as usual skill music cool I'll go with him right because Dominique didn't drop cake yeah. Some offices the pressure and stress some losses like that trillion of that guys sitting there like for you need an of the piece is so desperate to get away from his desk after the working to whom cubicle farms and it's. It's a psychological. I'm sorry for your job man. There. Should be halo I know I started work on starter Roy standing view right now it's so hard to get anything done that's why it's just. Human beings aren't aren't meant to be Amir Katz who who who can pick up your heads over it with going to have. Or to the environment for awhile it was so. Yeah I must substance abuse. Reached you know that was a credible I try to get a lot of what you exhibits we sat in the chair all they haven't met on he would drain well here's what I think Kelly was it idiots like an all configured to do when they got off work was drugs are good but nowadays what now just. I have they have such technology as recombinant bikes that fit under your desk he can just panel why you're just do an at the whole time did you pretend you're getting you have to have getting away they have this data there's basically right now you really hammer throw we. Yeah I've had a language I'm not going anywhere. And it's you know without water bottle at the stamina there are bowl and he knows it was your nose little water hazards exact her. Are we got a few people I wanted to chime in by attacks about the band that should be in Iraq are all fame. As tight as each one is talking about the same band Bob Bennett came out and after the year 2000. Audio slave. Judge by that. What about Odyssey for the rock hall of Famer on us sound garden and raids will eventually be inducted but I think I assays we induct him for what they've done. Together apart from their previous works jeers DC's Josh from bossa. Have any other super groups. Gotten into the hall of fame because I don't I feel that that's cheating. Obvious cheating at all I see your point though. Because it's like sure you guys always you only see little things I say to Moroccan rule stream and no idea. It's just it's going to be even cream was kind of a super group. Did they make off iron I don't know because if they have been an act I would be like oh great so lungs. Yeah but it's already three US grab records it's like to establish groups that they're just pushing together and it not not I just I don't have to say get in before rage or sound card that would be a slap in the. Meal is that that would (%expletive) off everybody around garden end Zach dinero con law 2006 everyone except for the rhythm section and guitarist Richie isn't she going to be like part of ongoing through our I had an NRA that iron and non Jewish you're in this span. Another person saying audio save as well how about his own five finger death punch and the killers. Just. Ousted five figured a bunch I've never had stated that you know that yet that don't well yeah. Our hearts to god that I just I don't. That's I think he's he's you know thirty years from now yeah could five finger death punch still be playing slow Arenas I don't think south I had Dennehy to beat that guy but even know what we're on toward them they were huge the time they're only Paramount level here in Seattle. And as I think that's what we're talking about we're talking about you know whose mood zeppelin and pink. Laurie it's hard because listen another step you know you know the man that you love a lot like I mean I love corn by it I don't necessarily think that they'll make the hall of fame she. Think corn would be more than viable because of I think who aren't links and the legacy of their career. I -- tough in five and six albums and Stonewall multi platinum even as the industry collapse in on itself and multi platinum was a thing of the past. Still headlining big visual headlining huge tours and maybe they can well though. Corn came well. Mentally nice peace and Iran 94 to USC so I did an enemy to all famous somewhat I think as a fan I am I just never really had that act bag. They could yeah I think they absolutely I mean they've. I know them. I think Rocco roles are pretty broad John Rheinecker corn absolutely would be issue man but. You know sadly they came my around the moon moon early ninety's to legally now he's a really great time for I don't know why she's the late eighties. Through the ninety's are really great term for rock and roll cattle but Metallica's a rock and roll hall of fame and you know I mean GA asked actually think corn could and should end up in there. Got a three. Yeah. I don't know what that sound. Clay every analog had to read it again three. Stepped up a couple of Winfrey's most Cyrus and I choose not to pay your social. It into a bit that the good. So honey I go to the blood out from Adam he's you know Lloyd's of Internet. YouTube. Adam says possible hall of fame post 2000 rock bands Maroon 5. Fallout boy in My Chemical Romance shined down and the killers. Hi I'm Carly classic Carly. Parliament which attacked America how many mustard on the British and now I like their first record they really count lost me since then put on the Magnus is a great they're now 13 or four albums in early for five and they're all big all five I think bouquets they've had five big albums I think they could end up. Whether album started around album three the first two records were marginal. Popular and then had a home with us second chance does did the white record with at least of this on the madness or whatever it may be now owns huge. I see them I mean I'm a huge and that band but I can see. If they continue a legacy of they have powerful memorable songs via a really good songs but then of course you know. A few more big albums followed by you know continue no worldwide popular. Are dancing their music I feel like that has to do some of them won't Def Leppard is not in the hall of Famer and it should be. Actually do think that amount Def Leppard fan but I mean how do you not put our kind of things I don't until all of a limb here and for maybe there's leverage our I simmer down on near hysteria so. Glad to be left to die of liver and but that's I guess the traders soundly that's good news. Tweet too I got to treat banks that Steve. From your from and just kind of muscle in the new. Are. You bullish technical questions men. Com. This year woods Twitter say. Well you do this blue screen with that annoying little bit different please enter password for at Glen was Santa. Oh no hassle it is there is an icon that says clearly forgot password. So you should I could that's added to the other to tell us if that's true value early milieu new code and you are like my wife you'd knob. Like these are the in the last. Near my wife gets simmering units were doing her thing how he's already here right now wouldn't it where we're fine we're back him up again my church she's just like. So where are you wet and it teller says he says it was the party that said did you text your record wouldn't I would exert each and we're texting. Or should we words she's like well you're not or I am right now and as like check the map that I don't wanna check. As it. You have all the tools in front of you to complete your task and yet your being confused by the director that given you do what it does get admitted I don't really your jigsaw on your relationships. It's like to play a game dressed beautifully needs. See out of him map weighing in on what bands in 2000 should be in the hall of fame I honestly think our last night will get there no they were great metal sound original thought. I don't even know now canceled cool good Obama would all of for the best for them cheers for supporting them actually that's ram supporting some and some New York than we don't know that's retract a I gotta say I'm a Maroon 5 fan. But I would imagine they're going to be in all fame there's they keep putting out yeah. Have been around for a minute and they do put a cool stuff lots ahead a she's that slash record reality of single song number one with a guy from maroon five's at a grand Yasser held a singer decent rate hike. They see no prisoners and memorial under OK now we just recommending bands and no one's ever heard of yeah they've got really three earlier you get dynamite do we Movielink will bring you get there we were circulating there since super cool heavy Stoner rock group powerful theme of what actually sounds guy awesome powerful female vocalist who crooked doors is an amazing record if you pick the music it would seem you Leo purchase on nebula. Then you let go by and Nabil Al below here agree there one of the best I would Stoner rock bands. Armed but yeah really cool really Tony you're royals under is all about Dan RA UN jam mobile. Number nor do you feel like you're a man he Miller Texas and you're watching on what between to a style. Displaying Croats and doing. I I'll. Protest. Whose song is gone April showers by this Dan met the person savagery are cool morial funnier than. Please give. Now I see at a time machines the other one they said. I. I mention he's got a later school I was a brand name again big called the Red Sox routed royals under article yet right elbow under a Babar. That's some total still loves you lose guys give him the Robin holds run all flame Beckham Dumars in Iraq general Jose did the other day and you attribute great. That's an easy. Well plus they got a little easier for them to obtain the Olympic events in the east room. Then we we really get a glimpse of that reasons that movie that movie I mean it's a fine film it's great as long measure Rudy would really really really really style I don't smoke weed I've seen it three times while. What is later enjoy it Barbara then. Do we need to I mean there's so many of these three messages about all these is insane especially they like is he's out you know what I'm every card reader reviewed at a time. I'm event seven calls come up a couple of times I can't tell you why avenge seven fold while I'm not again not a hard they and the band I could see yeah happen they would work around before 2000. Now in 2001 my. Wow I guess I guess he has been here that makes sense I could see immensely and I'm alive at the gorge that's a good call yeah really organic grass he actually that was huge airline following they are putting out consistently good albums that it's I'm not a big fan right and shadows is amazing hello there you'll once and you hear the coolest guys like super cool yeah I'm Donald Geoff thank god there I'll Americas or they're you know they can play and their killer. A lot of that would that there's a lot of what. Knocks you back on even murdered replica we keep your what's his name Toby do you coach G Johansson. And he felt OK well now. Yeah principal tougher now wacky detractors say is I'm not I am. Got to hell is like talking. About tell them tell. Geez bomb. I it's a lyric or some of the lyrics. Bomb. There early stuff with the bad that they that hail the king some lyrically I'm like dude. Really Chad every possession what bush says why don't like nickel but I'll see that's why don't like a lot of stuff that lyrical content is so back. Let them why don't I'm not seven did you write this with a crack down. That's why I like avenge seven full especially held in the keen because it's got a sort of mid evil reigned fares are already clearly out leaned facility plate yeah it's fun being mad silly with that. This is always half a season. Hot hot hot hot. That's why they wanted. I didn't Moret. My age. Toby Keith didn't pick up beds and they won't oh he probably isn't money guys it's got. Have also moved some nice stuff as well thanks. They associate positive mazes PS on thank all three of you for doing what you do I emailed a few times but it's now been a few years. Now hottest day since then I started a new project called unresolved podcast back in 2015 on a whim. Franken get very little success but now I've managed to garner tens of thousands of listeners to us I. And I'm looking to make the podcast a job maybe be one of my main inspirations have been a fan of yours for as long as I can remember that thanks for all you do. You may just think if you so it was a goofy radio guy but you've been a year of mine since I was a teenager. Then that's killer man wind remember that I hadn't forgotten man. Well I wanted to must love me and Toby Keith got together and wrote a song called you're like dream league's job. I bet that at bat at a couple times I wrote the lyrics in crayons to keep your real. Mark Martin but I think that's Zell on mine this morning in the podcasts I'm not entirely sure I am Texan the right number of boy you are reasons he can get to your brother have done so I can't do. Yeah. And if it's yeah. Dallas argument didn't make good friend okay without a mother did. Didn't read you guys find it thank you rather funny and free advice you guys are great I've got to talk with the rev a couple times acute Joba yeah Marshall is all signs must eat shrimp what do dirty fork. Glad you've been an amazing selection show you what happened just so I wish they would do we probably never will go to my close to sure about there yeah sure one for you know there was a bunch of forks but there was also a receptacle for the used forks. And so you almost grabbed from the used for. Kyle it's street dealers noticing. Stopped him before and had a gap until the cold sores spread rather not a sex move but it could ended up in gold soared yeah serious analysis revenue give me a dirty fork and let's shrimp with a dirty for. It might even an amazing addition to the plot gets W bringing with the music in the stories I hope ball's going well for you Steve Allen you're positively enthusiasm about everything you do a few and cut them and that's just it's a lie do you get up at Stevens agrees skin hey your whole thing once I thought I thought. Liz your bulls. Hey yeah shell of a man and enjoy yourself. I could I'd love to come eyes and in the pocket sometimes you had a really good look he's also I friend Wyatt on FaceBook gonna love his music and looking at his inputs into that. We both grew up impossible. Every vote when the boss the high spot my wife is also pretty sure he was in a band with whatever friends from high school in new event take off the mat I mean stop texting to stay positive. Hey it's march and again I re read my text after I said that please excuse the spelling errors and no punctuation. I. Tony seventy. Through a great guy good guy bad guy that uses the semi colon isn't taxed I mean I really will yeah mom. I respect that music so our Lola didn't think you know. Avenge simple came up again that lets say I really can't forget what he found one. Yes 77 full audio slaves debatable because it's super group and I heard it unfold and the root hello hammered. I've yet ironically today after we are you know a lot of long quest sides reach a deal killers come up a lot I don't know necessarily agree. When Lockerbie geez could we even ZoneAlarm they can Solo Cup as Grammy worthy I mean. Now our Brent writes us and says what's up guys going to listen you show rocks every Tuesday makes my day a little better amid a candidacy at a music scenes it's as a teenager going to appoint one. Temperate cast an hate Jason shares. What do you guys ever suggestions of local bands that I should check out and when it comes to the cowboy hats there's studies that show. That the toilet seat covers are actually dirty air or don't do any good. It's. She should do they would be cowboy hats es point last Stew we just learned there's no polish it would paper implants your backs on Romo you won't put oil that thing out there are putting a month apparently those those those toilet seat covers are good for removing oil from your face as auditors yes. People are using Red Bull. That's why I'm a very always he had declared instinctively got a lot put that they were let's face but the truth is it's an old dispenser it's shield and safe brick. But I just I associate that with with fecal matter. Soon cut cut cut back and another I think who murders an attack but now we arm our our our alternate candidate for every birdie and it Ben symbol came up again moon have positive for some humanity doesn't do you know they were formed in 99 is that count yep guess so yes problem you know it's always someone the first record came out. Bob what about Arctic Monkeys no maybe even have to take. Hey there hadn't won a song and there's a slower Julia Latimer and yes. Well but there rock song is the same nerve pitches. I look like Allen at first came out and that's cool yeah I brought the eighth time I heard it was a good kid put upon. Dirty cube before in my and I half and then I they released a new dropped so we'll look at a shame if it were faster Julie. Arctic Monkeys somewhat turn up the real thin resume from sleep. I am also glad you free until that the show box well done. One more email I love historical music talk I did that this is Aaron from Monroe did some research in the hard rock bands how long it took for them against a hall of fame. Historically heavy bands have a harder time and not many have gotten right in 125 year Aerosmith it took to the 28 year. AC DC 26% to win actually year. Z top 33 Leonard Skinner to. 33 van Allen 29 in my quick research the only have you been to make it right at 25 was Nevada and he pro Jim as well remember they give it. The original question of which heavy bands starting in 2000 you know I could think of mastodons. Data landmark album a little via fan and a massive respect among their peers they just don't know if they'll retain the popularity to ever make it much less thirty years. NN immediate thing it's time yeah rang again so we'll see I mean that's. Matt and I are some really cool breeze and sort of come outpost to tell ya. Com really cool one of my favorite bands is his big reckon there'd be you know Canadian band and no one's ever heard Evan yeah talked about that but. Yes that whole legacy of 25 years later still doing it yeah. That's the thing man so it's our front brother runners were full yeah I think avenge seven fold. Pot audio slave run offenses of the super group fact I'm not but you guys are Danielle and I know you're sitting room between me about it but I wasn't able to access the amendment passed British and us. It just. So there's not a terribly terribly she's used to treating me some new lyrics. Even an and a heavy rock band Maroon 5 yeah you're right yeah yeah yeah absolutely so that's. Fed said that some of the Salo check you listen about fifteen years boys and girls yup yeah about a cup. Do you realize that effort point five years for a band that started in 2000 is only seven years away while you're away while yeah. Yeah not a far ha it's closer than it is far man's hero. Yeah me too everything hurts innocent under the voicemail they gave you it was a voice that you've tried three twosome 14787. OK I have something that is bound. She sounds like she's a hot oh chamber he had Dan half Canada. Perhaps she's hot and wet tee and audio since two boys she was juicy because we teeth. With people not turning the volume up on the fallen like XX game. A con it annoying as it did right. Pretty quickly ethnically place could be mean you know I don't even get the dinner hearing conversation are seeing what they're I think it's just that. Not been licking a foul on the that they think that speaking you're like I think. We we oblivion if everyone around them to put your ball up I let it unbelievable. My wife actually made fun of me because I forgot to take mine off fund that it. He can almost hear it you can almost hear that. So are you mention him solo most irritating them. I don't know where I'd I'd I'd turn it off but I never look back I don't know I don't know if I've gone all the negativity and remember that it's funny guy it's probably in the sounds. Condit's so yeah seem grows to recognize your voice or mind yes this when she was like in a water cooler somebody's always upset there's always some of the mother which we always appreciate them grinds my gears thanks for Colin that you sometimes come by yeah. Cut out loud no it's not that's not Islam not a discredit her years did she can't take your. The house I don't know is kissing her. While I mean if you're better read a retired now I can tell them not thinking clearly I'm running on fumes from running out this team noticed that missing another voice now that the. I'm really aware. And the thing that Britain and Spain decade people who brain and. Paused for a minute let's discuss the gas submit it. As you. No and it's. Read Jerry can get it looked. Well. Fitness and lowdown lady deals. Slowing down lie and I think that's fun I was drives her nuts besides the girl what are you lose consciousness of the message hey he's incidentally is she puzzled here that. And the thing bedridden and saying can't you people brain. Think he compared to what action if things up comedian and I hear updates and is can't believe me unacceptable I mean I true even if their mouth off my clothes. Well what I was eating. Well known for suggest curry yourself it and popcorn guy if you ask me. People who microwave tuna in an office are. Evil Michael wings who are certainly evil asked him or her health conscious fellow coworker on camera and him. Although that's right she's not here anymore whom did you that would do we tease then yeah I think she's also ordering another and so look but have a right from Barney thanks. It's kissing the message is she missed his muted by. There really is is hot tuna things. England tuna casserole the stuff like that okay to the casserole like oh yeah a bit of all the ways I enjoy it everything from just like to tell him she. Okay tuna salad. Would you miss out or chicken salad illegal your hot salad now you might you can promising things are cold as well yeah chicken of the sea baby. That's a way music chicken the company isn't my heart and. It's warm or cool. Your future as well. I just to order an inch Larry you know how great spirit is it out of my own cash. You're also. But what you feel like shooter made sure my friend that they don't lose your gas cap because it'll happen through. All you do to heresy that the US image as a maneuver would travel to Oregon about the last and I haven't Martin Harris I'm going to war. With this gas station and we call it all out some poor man that are already being made them that may damn mail him the gas cap. And he called twice a week are still armed got my gas cat yeah so glad he went to war. In a mission and they keep I think we have lost window pane it lost like four gas caps and glorious cinematic but in the fourth one Harris. See now why is poor kid probably fired what was it like that chip chip lead about the I'll do what all you put people jobs flop back so I don't mean this whole thing Mike Cox and he made their mail him again today publish more colleges I wanted to talk to appoint you convert to travel from. You know allow that is live well. I just throw our communities browsing just kept Murray says it it's up wildcats. It's a settlement excited because I think that's the point he sounds tired for the equipment if. And I am just an update or tool that the guards. It is amazing more on a party buy us schools get a VR and and maybe. And our. Almighty god tool party lots of me very. A lucky guy now. It. Oh the order it and the view of how how great spirit did it excite you I don't ask. For us don't like guys. Actually co wrote most of well Kobe hello guys heads briefing often a lot of it. Kennedy suggested that great but just an ending rare genetic Concord update. We're heading back or on the party but Carl's drive thank Carl Carl Cameron Carl. Yet the concert was amazing school thought so and so many people. Soul. Concede mess of drive and out there I mean I wanted tool I love the gorge is just. I have done it a couple times a micro Colleen trying to kind of pull my call the party and knows a thing it's like we are going to be trapped. Yet a giant party yup and it all day. All day all night and we're gonna take the RV in its sudden you know while I was able to get to see ever all with love and now would have been part of the we're look we will be trapped at a giant party. Oh yeah wind in our these that is just based get their point party central it is a ruling party there so we each other you call. I think it was yeah. Some pretty awesome note the video is so bright he's a bit Obama boring sign me now. And so that's my my Monday Bologna T skills and improve I have always say give exec you'd are some things you can do excuse me. Do them all solo car. I'll go and important about what's important to order an edge. Here how could very. Well why don't carry it over. Frankly in Austin I keep you on gas tab Bubba didn't tell you how I never had that are living and also. Living in Jersey and traveling through organ I've never lost it was a mark terrorists that gas cap I think this is I have remark was like I can talk my own gasoline guy was probably so put off by Harris has behavior. Casino Marx never. You know upset anyone ever cared so. That's why it went down for the good did it back has never experienced it personally either but I am. Cordial though I did hear that that experience so is. An awesome. It is always a little bit. It. Well I love this voicemail access to our advantage. Ari says it it's. I don't care to do now. My wife would love ourselves forgive lost my wife mother wife would love living in organs and every. That guy is so Ford down 33 in third at national actually stabbed every syllable of the word excited yeah. Does that excite did yeah it regularly it's like he was studying syllables English class. So our vantage. You know how Rick says it is. Don't care particularly big and well I do it did demands for the most guys. We love you broke Bristol and we ask you so much was up whenever you get gas and others telephone tells more about. We wanna know more about or didn't ever aren't you excited for just organ ease. The movement for giving you real early yankees if you please accept a while Rio organ music view those please app. It's Frick and awesome. Yeah I did the Mariners. And I core the only issue all I. Area had before Mother's Day. Now not answered it's not an IQ. And Canada I was very clearly isn't concerned. I am dead. You're ever rather curious if they issued there were so yeah. That is being gay marriage you and I. Quote did Derek Jeter's turn. Hey mama. Send it. But he didn't all of our voicemails or emails and text messages while. I was freaking awesome. Groups. Hope I drew Charl I'll hit my. That's adorable little man aren't apple I good tells stories you'll. Lebanon and what I'm rebels and later rabbo the snow. Yeah yeah. Well. I just don't or. Do you believe sorry say it ain't so why don't ask. Now to Turkey also. And contrary to the finger or else an African awesome para. And it. And vehement yet live if you. When do you know him. You can remember it American management and expatriate and grant for entity with the. Big that's. Up through the. Sexy boy. Was a heartbreak kid. That your voice Droid. All like you get good guy. Eat your heart out here. Early. I'm not. That was the only key. What an amazing talent. Guitar solo on a keyboard I would wouldn't be electric guitar patch it's sounds about like that it's. Got to move. They're really move up a six. There's still not been done there's my red. I your voice going. Well what are your writing over. I'll love every telecast did best someone's notes football clubs rather than vote to win no matter what you're right. Road show so it says sickens six point 717 Jan adult friend K kid they are mother and daughter. Never been and never met anyone on the shelf. Jen won the set and at a charity auction at Children's Hospital. A prison knife made from human excrement and drive all the papers known as they push is pandora has changed. President Clinton camp did. Metric implement. To our students do you guys. Did you guys are tired I'd never heard what it's an I think it's an urban legend but it may have happened loses got you didn't put themselves altered. If you took her blue chip. I've heard about whose share and I thought it was urban legend but at midnight federal pool well you do some guy each and solitary at a problems one particular guard. This may be urban legend. I'll never committed to losing deterred and toilet paper he works that Intel it created like well Cawley Cooper Reche OK and then once he had that proved to appreciate you fall down the did you put this guy and then when the guard came to get him on east down to hello this guy with a scholarship for a shank. And you know which is bad because the risk of infection when you're stab with a third is Odyssey only I guess I need to invest it back to you or by as many shares possible. I think a lot of dive again step by improved through sheer yeah adding you know if I might moons ago gore or assets this is just saying it's a shame that we have the cells sensor and 'cause saying S shank properly yeah. There's just did kills by Herbert joy yeah. That's all it was all right eight Toby Keith Stults all about the puncture the Georgia he wow. On the recall when the girls. I see. C news and you know. Only you read and yeah not just the third love Charlotte Dearborn it's a dried out his fragile but I used to Jamaica point. Instead that all my shoes. This class suburban sugar more than that you were able rehearsal Morris and believe me then I'm not the least good start there. When I was. Rizzo logo. Who know existed. Oh. Wrap for you because you that's what it dumbing America down Toby. Mr. cheese. Can attitude and a variety barely got. Sure don't prove she. To be a negative episode and yeah. I thought yeah. Yeah do really did you ever you like your head in urine and no I don't Soledad talking I'd never heard somebody getting killed by a group. Our slot originally images we should have hidden. Very loving happy I did this did break inside of him a one month old I'd be a look at what's possible and I don't want experiment with a personally. But you know hopefully you take the burdens of water and in full of people you can create. Cooper mentioned we should and we won't I don't have a new bigs get challenged every able to make little patio or on the yeah I don't aero NASCAR now. We won't win anything again we have like if you can fabricate a group should let you stats do you do that yes I wake up I. Glenn went to bed playing yet you tell us why you like the I do. I feel like fifteen. I could do the job no it's. Come see wind OK moms rocket and a hero who's. There were flying back to now. You can lay out a western Maryland man blitz so. Do you guys coming out meetings Thursday night and Friday night over at I defy wrestling go to the fire wrestling dot com. He saw Thursday after watching his head out temple here in Tacoma at all ages Friday night is that Washington home in Seattle that's when he won enough so cool to see there. Steve isn't gonna Garfield ask you see. I am no wall today I didn't count out Don and if you look come nor could we look after themselves and Elena and I thought I don't listen. So cool you ask that it. What Superman stuff but you've been hallucinating we haven't even started tracking this at it and I read what our units there to get its Kurdish. Yeah I know what is happening. Where I was Carrot Top that makes sense that if the new music video and why it. Yup wild eyed look thank you and save costs. Course then right at the exact same spot where it's supposed to and that's just the. Yeah yeah.