BJGN06-28-17 - Snake Oil

Wednesday, June 28th

Rev runs down a list of the most well-known IRL superheroes; and the gang plays the game Snake Oil!

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play like where to. Joined Vernon Wells sixty Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size fighting culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your deeds flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Plus. Show ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase these things. Welcome yes welcome him BJ Shays geek nation I and the reverend en Fuego across from me is Vicky Barcelona time we've got Chris walker mr. walk like a flat Nestle has low in the Smith co lead and BJ Shea are honest Simon it's a battle leaves room horror. Prodigy. Was my hero is. We got it out there after returning areas really had been on today's show we will talk about. IRL's. Super heroes had leads in real life. We will also play eight games cold snake oil well act and we may or may not give QB geek she would be TV we will prolonged yes Vicki Huckabee would get a hold of us. They get hold of us see our website is gonna have all information just BJ geek nation dot com. On the Facebook's get a polite we like to post stories and on pictures and all that jazz just searcher BJ shades each nation arrayed there. Follow us on Twitter insert ramp busy road heavy digging nations. Could index leaves late night 1980224335. Threes. Choose any night beating each nation at Check out via. You totally subscribe to download us on iTunes as well I had Amazon app so you can listen to us on to an end by saying I'll like simply did nation on CNN. Yeah I had me and please give us them five star reviews tell us what you like and dislike about us but most of the most collects stuff I mean come on yeah. That's how we're gonna feed us you dislike something simple that we need to fix yeah exactly exactly we'll take it yes constructive criticisms only he can dictate it now it is comic book day but since the Cooley is here. I haven't really read on here isn't there he is not here here's the goalie is not here because Carty said that and yet Larry just said sending their country. Thank you know what did that it's been a kind of today it has been oil GAAP. So we don't really doesn't have a lot of comic book top but I found something about. After Ruth yes there's where I RL super heroes of this superheroes in real life. And a lot of a lot of us know some of that because we've had the rain city superhero movie yes here. And also. Movies like kick ass in super have kinda. Brought those to the forefront I think have really helped people I mean everyone knows about bad man and that's kind of what everyone wants to pattern a vigilante superhero sort of upper house after because that's the most attainable superhero you don't have to go on spacing gave guimaraes. Bombarding you and already you're superpowers in chocolate the last episode Netflix three at thirty million dollars or don't say so damn expensive yapping area to get those -- brother he's that's sort of worth it to become a superhero who pays to have friends I mean and what and it's a rare night and not annoying the Seattle and also we've seen like misfits where you can give some really crappy superhero powers you can be missed seeing. Don't miss that hey that's very well. Carl how this thing in fact carry on well we got ours and here are some in real life superheroes and thanks to comic book resources for this the first one was captain ozone. Now this is interesting because he was first spotted in 1989. As I. Our planet captain ozone differs from the other key crusaders and that he isn't interested in fighting crime but protecting the environment nicely here they. Cling to be from the year 2039. He was first spotted in 1989. A year and back half before captain planet aired. Often considered the father of the real life superhero movement he has appeared in comic book strips music videos as well as starring in environmental. Radio television and cinema public service announcements through the ninety's hook. His only superpower was the time travel. But his original mission on earth was to stop the oil barons from destroying the planet. In the future Mike going back in time to save the world terminator style. Or cable style or bishop style or eighties sort of reasoning insurgent superhero yeah I'm here you know questions certainly about this list to Rick this is this so a real person who started telling people all of this or was this yes Kerry is a good corporation made up and so let's do this thing. Well it seems to be a person who wanted to take it upon himself today Avian firemen go out there in speaking about these sort of iron off some say that's an ozone has not very drought. Here's. I'll use an American got some bad as the bad news that are bring you renowned food is always who first time travel well and his only in his only weapon was his famous toilet range. All that. I don't know who you're talking about now okay you figured oh well I yeah that pat pat pat Beck and his good way in his crime fighting focuses. On promoting clean energy save endangered species and educating children in the general public about now on energy I can sell well on the same time lines of captain planet which you can imagine captain planet was based off of this man. You're trying to protect the environment in a way that you can because if you're like a lot of kids they love things like this and you'll get them into it I mean how many people still know with the theme song to Gavin planet I don't know if you throw the exact and they didn't plan. And then he is a hero or you know I don't think I saw a singles really Julia Whoopi Goldberg was guy asked oh well it shouldn't that if elected by Soledad another girl wouldn't diet or guessing and our blazers. Now see. That's not rest until there is capital plan is the official captains of the planet muse about he's he's he's the best captain of all the captains on the planet I don't know who's better captain planet kept him or is that like his last name who who also planet planet by using what they labor Roger Roger planet Roger planet but he's you know he went to the academy so that was kept -- in my computer and I keep captain. I don't care wanted to name and did a bishop half now right yeah and the guy next on this list is a black rats. The black rat. Is a real life superhero based in Sydney Australia. Dressed in all black go figure would you blend in well at the shadows his suit is said to be resistant to knife attacks chrome as well as the blacks who do Brett comes equipped with a rat pack. That contains items such as a fire extinguisher a blanket and first aid kit to help those in need why I'm a toll rising and they are now ahead. And Dana gets stabbed and this year and I thought I guy. I that's goal unless we train in martial arts the black rat tries not to use his skills when out of control instead he would rather call the police citing his mobile phone as his most important pipeline crime fighting I cannot turn. The next on this list red blood or woman. The red but Robin is one of the if you know these are ninety's on what in the world would have a superheroes based in Asia. Also now known as she actually she spotted helping out those in need the most in Beijing. Donning a skin tight black outfit bright blue mask any flowing black cape wait a minute Hamas won't shoot your that first off caves very dangerous there is no credit is no skates. I she even on the cold winter night she goes out there and her selfless. Ax and often coincide with the Christmas period. And looks like giving up coats and food at the home when she gives a bit of winter cheer to those that needed the most. She communicates with the general public through her own micro blog which game 7000 followers before she even graced this streets. With her popularity peaking at roughly 20000. Having gained a lot of criticism as to her reasons why she was helping. A strange thing to ask him a good samaritans like not been seen in the last few years. Yeah I mean maybe some people think she's got an agent I mean here's the problem a lot of superheroes they're messages are mixed because they wanna keep a little bit of a non anonymous and has yet an advantage you think I know where wow that's Vicki school made good cars you know there's people. But the it was one of those may be the area knows you know janitors and Arizona and always stay on Spiderman death so maybe is that public perception is not doing irons do her justice for next on this is the states man wasn't the guy from kick -- to. Statesman is a handful of realized superheroes found in the UK based in Birmingham he is a banker by day and crime fighter by night wearing a black mask which I'm sure is a theme for many of these. And a union Jack nice to ask he's a cross between the comedian and captain Britain. The statement came to fame not long after the a person that will be later on on our list. Dubbed himself the real life kick ass so he has claimed to foil robberies and drug deals and he comes prepared with his own crime fighting kids consisting of no luck. A flashlight edit first day jail there but he can also hold his own in a fight having boxed since the age of 811. Wow so there is that those that six. I can just imagine him like it's just the old the old. UK fighting stance where there you can't act like they couldn't do driven the dukes they until mid Libor have four to learn okay queens Greer rules again there are it's kind of expecting marinated it I would laugh a lot today are due I don't play hard challenge you'll do fisticuffs are. And and all though is the next on this list at number eleven and Tomo is the first known Italian superhero. Also known as insect man he fights both crime. Is a and is an environmental act big advocate similar to our captain knows I'm duke he was first spotted on patrol in costume in a march of 2007. But already had a background as it I know Max masked activists since may 2003. They say he is still active today he even formed his own Italian crime fighting team. Fade a force ice has appeared on multiple TV shows and interviews and even at eighteen the film him out on one of his nighttime patrols he dresses in black and green any logo that means quite cryptically. Broken time he has no known weapons apart from his fists. Having trained in the Israeli martial art of crap McGraw was our current crop look on robbed so those of us he is still fighting crime today. Did did you say what city I really just said it's Italy are no actually cities are doing it yeah the next one is the urban avenge. Her dad the urban avenger is one of the many real life superheroes based in America fighting lawbreakers in San Diego home. How the law breakers is San Diego I got out he's been a member of the crime fighting team the extreme Justice League since 2010. Extreme with an X no. Often spotted out with his spring loaded power box. And I have to extend his small friend Joyce staggering six foot eight. While I was costume is ever evolving and he is. Most well known for his gas mask with screen lenses and armored red top. But wants to make his costume more cyborg lie a girl he claims is powers include the ability to jump four feet. And run up to what you miles per hour all while patrolling the streets with his trusty new and jock who hung in Jericho yes. The next on this list on number nine is seven. Wait you didn't overnight I don't yes no they listen number nine he's the person is seven. Right so well known as ten. Means known and unknown and learn as seven of 970. Seven is right there god bless you ran over how did you beat me that I don't know because I was waiting for you to say it's I. Oh god I'll Bahrain. Seven is a another Italian masked vigilante one who didn't appear on the scene until 2014. Dressed in an outfit with black and white masks similar to that of spawned he says his name is inspired by the seven deadly sins in of course fighting ma'am. Patrolling the streets of mold dove out he searches for drug dealers and sex abusers to try and stop them in their tracks while he tries to warn authorities of any troubles he is trained in multiple martial arts including kick boxing and crop top and he could easily handled himself in a brawl. Unlike some of the other superheroes he carries multiple weapons such as sure real kids and his poly carbonate fighting sticks. He already has his own judge dread like catch phrase. RM seven and. All right and the law clue little hole hardcore. You know not one not the law to pat at after I'm afraid only superheroes senators turnaround might profess great yeah exactly are you fight all these bad guys. A gun if an oil well. I have no jobs news is that waivers address both the perfect thing going back to the UK we've got a crime fighter by the name of night warrior at number eight. End of the young guest on the list. He started fighting crime back in 2011. At the age of nineteen focusing on the greater Manchester area. Clad in a black and blue lycra he's a gardener by date and vigilante by night. With no special skills known except that he has said to have a quote. Supernatural desire to make the world a better place to place he says his custom Malone is often enough to deter the crib and I half autonomy and a -- tonight Eleanor. Quick question yes. Is it's nice. Warrior like from the time after daytime or is it night warrior like your parents running our great question like you guy who runs Ryan armour and apparently lying around is like a suit of armor nice guest now he has a partner in crime well his partner and fighting crier is his wife now known as night maiden. Who teams up with him in her pink and white suits. Night warrior and I may now have their crime fighting team after their first child together arrived in 2013. And that's why she can't be made me anymore but I'm sorry I don't know what made means looking at kids. But no I'm sectarian yeah I I'm not mocking her pulse and I've thought I was going crime wave more BA's MCI that's another thing like we've learned that if you have those ties those are easily explainable by super villain right by her man as somebody proms and eradicate yet know how does an aunt now. Next on this list number seven as mr. story. Teller counter and having Ian at this time no it's an act of god he. Is from San Diego as well what are using nerve gas and I believe that he is yes. He created the extreme justice Lee never got to go figure on that wind not he is self taught in many martial artists. I ask why. As well as being trained in Brazilian jujitsu I don't know what you re very good one if you want or need the US sees what boys Gracie and all of them oh yeah it's a really good martial art to know. He can be seen defending the streets in bright yellow and black it had the armored outfit is said to be inspired by the Power Rangers always. He also carries try to tease her handcuffs and pepper spray just in case things get a little. The more prepared very young bat like you know that's the guy Ara you know I mean the only guy I mean new dark room and sure in the evenings like this but this guy he's like. I'm a disable whoever here and get you just hit the big broad street he uses his if if you put the guy in a hostile militia Rican they're gonna ask you why you threw it out of gas I know that's an illegal in zeeland veteran. Guys you know better next on this one is superb Mario hobbies I love it already yes Super Mario is a real life Mexican superhero hired by the U Lucci nor wrestler L song toe his costume is a famous red and yellow wrestlers mask a red. Suit with SV in big yellow letters in a pentagon holes shield. One of the first known superheroes he's also nonviolent preferring to use his image to organize civil protests and petitions and rally OK he was first created in 1987. And AM by an organization. Fighting for affordable housing after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake that left thousands of people homeless. Which makes sense ever Mario Super Mario has often been appeared in the twelve by two dozen aid economic crisis by pat mills and Carlos as. As Kara. Sorry if Iran that have super bar has not been seen since 2007. And his real identity has never been discovered but the character has lived on in many books documentaries and films. That's next on this list number five master legend. He's a real life superhero based in the US Haley for from Orlando Florida up his big personality as well as masked crusades he co founded the crime fighting team known as you just there's. As well as another team called good justice crusaders. Like doing that yeah that's as well as fighting crime he's known to be seen on the streets giving out water homeless on hot days turning toy drives for local hospitals and helping out the elderly. Donning the superhero mass for the first time at sixteen he came to fame in an article published by the Rolling Stone. That focused on real superhero culture in America that was rising in popularity at the time. With no known fighting skills he's amid a strong morals that both fights crime and those charity work so he probably doesn't do the mutual comments or merit. Next on this list that comes from down under a number of force captain Australia dad's gonna kinda hard core because Australia is really really big yeah he is a celebrity crime fire from Brisbane Australia his outfit is similar to that of Captain America but instead is the Australian green and yellow colors with an and a sign in the middle of his chest half. Very homey constant bit but I have he started his vigilante escapades back in 2009. And has his own YouTube channel as well as a website. Stay home dad by day he strolled the streets during the dark Australian nights with only a utility belt mobile phone and a flashlight to defend himself. He has four main goals as stated on his website which include but is not limited to. Patrolling in does intimidating the crime element solving crimes. Demonstrating a level of moral excellence that I hope will serve as an example to the people I meet. And of course amusing or shocking people having ordinary citizens lighten their hearts by amusement or surprised him. Number three is known as the dark Carty and coo. It's out here just. Yeah he's unlike any other superhero because well he has his own superhero academy. He's another American on this list the dark guardian has also known as Chris Paul like and he does not. Hide behind a mask or is secret identity all right Tony Stark he got I don't know martial arts school teaches children self defense as well as he wrote ideas and values he explains to kids how to deal with bullies and how to help out the local community inspired at a young age after the death of his best friends mother while this is a real well Larry and I I don't do or concerning reaction he up patrols the streets of New York with a team of superheroes known as the New York initiative. Including fellow heroes spider and zero. Said to be trained any range of martial arts including boxing kick boxing Filipino stick and knife fighting grappling shuttle con karate and can poke. Dark guardian wants everyone to find a hero inside themselves food that's super inspiring hour right I like the fact that it's like you know what I'm not gonna hide behind these things. But it's again inspiring children much like captain goes on and a lot of these two you know hey kids these are fun things that you. You can incorporated to making your world a better place right exactly you wanna help you wannabe superhero once this. The next on this list I've heard of before and way way back in the day when this it was becoming prominent. We actually had him on our radio show where you back in the Dayton shadow hare. Hailing from Cincinnati Ohio shadow hair wears a black suit with a white players face on the front trained and need shoes Randy you karate and mixed martial arts he carries around ten custom base any taser for protection. Using the cadres icu shadows on shadows. He is often seen at public events trying to protect people from violence. He patrols the streets with the allegiance other heroes and and has been known to travel to other cities to help out the other heroes in need cannot and it's constant look legit they get punched in the face it's not your houses up protecting you don't have. A claw bats he had that's very protective mask at all not go that well as well as trying to stop criminals or maybe not succeeding we don't know. He has also been seen giving up meals to the homeless known to have suffered multiple industries well out protecting the world couldn't they dislocated shoulder while stopping you robbery this dedicated hero does not let mere pain deterred and and cannot be seen carrying out citizen's arrests to help the local police who. Now number one is someone whom a we have had on the podcasts. A couple of times. Well known staple in the Seattle area and now is in MA MMA fight. Your fuel is always an enemy fire right that's good year I actually is doing I think as a watching closely mini video documentary on line saying that he is. Doing MMA to help fund for being a superhero verio Greg kinda makes sense yeah that is the one the only Phoenix Jones day. Most people really do know him he said to have made over 130. Arrests over this time as a hero he was the leader of the reign as city superhero movie made and he has also don't they're taking his crime fighting maybe a little too far. Including making sure that everyone has realized that mutual combat is an app. Actual thing. You can in this city other Seattle. Mean and you first off look at all the rules don't just go out because I don't do it if you any person agreed to quote unquote mutual combat. You guys can fight and the police can be right there watching it happen yet. It's kind of weird. Seattle's kinda weird in this is my fellow hunters superheroes out here and has a bunch of them from around here as well he is definitely the most well known wind. I'm going to let you guys know I hear you know PSA. This is a very dangerous thing yeah like these wanna go out there and dress up and feed the homeless and give them water and do that thing or be an activist. That's amazing yet. Don't go out there and try to stop crime you're gonna get yourself shank. At least your armor all those. Martial arts so we were talking about that these people did they're trained to do these people with the handcuffs and K users and and and day and every spring things like that. Either they're not going out looking for trouble they're not looking to get into a fight he will be put down because if it's bad enough criminal. They're not going to think twice about shoot me yeah so careful out there again. Absolutely. So I know I just love lists like that just kind of fun take a look at the people who have taken out of their love of comic books. Into the her real or right exact and caused play step farther. Now we aren't going to do you think he chief I'm sorry Vicky as a fact but this is also because this something you've been really pushing for us to do as well. A yes or going to be playing a game on this and easy and it is these uneven handling her name right the reason why because now I won't end in an argumentative talk about rules which generally need Jason. Your car earned her own grades are not as much fun so Chris you brought forward this game because you figured it would be great for the podcast yeah so this is called snake oil or Rex give us a little bit of a rundown of snake oil. All right snake oil from out of the box games. Is basically EV pitch man contest not a have much like. A card against humanity or others did judging games where each round one person gets to decide which of the other things as their favorite. This works in a very similar concept so each round one of us is going to be the customer and I'm giving you all stack of customer cards. With a role on one side you might be soldier or you know paparazzi. Or pregnant woman. I will pick one of these are their business in the customer will pick one of these have you bee's start off as the column are the first customer exactly sort of pick one in mind. And are gonna have you guys draw six cars out of the other dec that I gave you which are items and other types of from Venus. And you have to use two of those cards to sell me and I don't mean needs to be something. Then I as that particular thing in the customer would be interested in having in the person who gives me the best pitch for their product. Wins the round. Bill that axle plants normally you play until somebody has six guards. Six of the customer cards in there and that we is that we'll probably do a rounder so like gay male hopefully get each person as a customer Bodden depending on the length in this pool well we'll play it by ear IMAP. So edit any questions it's pretty clear I doubt it it's pretty clear on that no I took it. All right so my very first one emanating TV guy is. I sides are really good when you and I had him oh here it is. I am a vampire. You are a vampire so I mean some things. My own my home. Came. And so what they're doing that job are glad it's. Hello I won't talk that much. Usually players are gonna have I just about a minute to go through and to get their pitches and then left. Basically when each of you as yours asset in your raid to sell me something is going raise your hand or actually where it's at first didn't start selling and then while the other two are still picking. I think I am already alright bring it on selling that thing if well hello doctor act que La how are you doing today. You know it's it's been kind of a psyche dance class well what I am here to sell you a great product and I feel. You wind it would help you with in your. Practice. All hot and Truman this is the wonder is in a very powerful lady got a vacuum Boone now you may be wondering what I'd do what they laid vacuum I was wondering that's well. Here's the deal. Which you do and we all know that you are a blood soccer well. You've got to worry about cleanliness of yours victims OK so armed with this this leg vacuum will make sure and if you use it on a victims laid it will make sure that these surface is clean so you don't have to worry about any diseases. Being communicated through these sacking of the blood. Who long as you make sure and sucked on the leg. My mom mom mom who. There are some very good arteries in the leg actually there are there's a great wine and so I think that DVD blood flow would there it would make it quick and easy. Four UQ. Get your bill and then move on no fuss no buzz every know disease there is. All right excellent. Who seems to sell me something I need to Phillies on our bags. Well you know nowadays it's kind of difficult thing did I get a bad rap that their killers and murders your not here and people they're just trying give time right. So we know third when he people that are willing to help the hungry. That might be interested if you helped along with any news adds another to the feminine hygiene products. Instead for your face let's once someone gets a nose clean he says precious blood you also get up and then B I give anti for later consumption. I had an Iraq kill anybody that's. I don't have. I don't really could begin. You know they live where the people who care about you know cruelty free think this is cruelty free blood. And maybe may have reputation improve a little minnow okay now all right there's a stand to tell you go to man. Well we all know Steve vampire can be tough with all that sunlight Hillman and that's why we've created new storm sticker after. These kids is perfect out there will tell you know what it's what got a cold weather the storm got me so you may venture on the otherwise our meet. Happy hours of today. All sorts sticker you can dodge all the daylight there would normally Kerio. You know it's been north it's. It's. My right. All well these are some pretty good products I have to admit you you know come to me with some very very impressive ideas but I I am I have to say that. I can disarm sicker wrapped. Is pretty cool being able to go out in mid in the quarter Gordon daytime just because I know that it's going to be overcast but. In the you're taking a risk there are you know how some pizza cloud one time and that's cool that's it man from a pilot ashes. As exciting as it sounds to keep a nice good clean lake Utah tougher. Tough tough tough it's still we've got to get your pants off first troll. I have a problem with a man with such charisma has been one hole as yourself and instead he should you be a program. The fast. And unfortunately having people hand me a handful of those blood would be great but then I'm sort of letting on to everybody around take some of them. Are clear complexion Manning is doing in this he's kinda get little hook up and we at all we really aren't not now like we know we know today. I think I am still gonna go with like Dracula. Okay. I really tell you go nose had no I don't have. Not. Yeah how good a plan. How good I came up with that made these so called god next dragon logo clockwise a joke go ahead net figures are being customer care turned BA customer. Are down a BA gangster and a booster. Who moved. I rat I think I've figured out mine is he what does have there's firsts I have mine. A lot of course just Lauren and our increased you can talk coursing up and it's all right so mr. gangster I know one of the hardest things about being in gangster hairdo is is committing crimes. But at the same point is. Having an alias. We knew our committing these crimes it's true so what I have for you today. Much like the that was easy button we have the excuse button. So these police call and they are saying hey sir were were you on the night of the 25. You weren't. Did you happen to be around this place that was robbed you can depress the excuse button and it immediately comes up wit a perfect. Airtight alibi so you can get out of any crime committed. During those times I like this could you mere dad general run of what but might mean north today. If you were to say it now. Hey there bunker where oh where Rio on the night of I January that Tony sevens we had a robbery down at the I take it makes it. I was not at the shake and bake I was at Home Depot getting a new toy led four by a lair. Off all right but don't leave town all right it next couple big key aisles of a layer of up. Hey you know you you kind of flag I eight get the nice golden really about how about a bracelet have been a bracelet that's a bun you know he sees some guys that have been on your territory Custer street you're declaring your talking you get such by the cops say you'll know it's just a bracelet. You see a need you see some people sign crap profiling you throw that bracelets. Not from the mall I like it won't notice steel brace on which I probably get stolen some sort remained hot. Ticket Joseph and I knew that if I. All right look. We all know that the toughest thing about being Inkster is having to manage all your henchmen right. Yes you guys these Jim moves run around doing stupid stuff from getting caught getting in trouble. Showing their faces all of account what you need to do is just need to send a mall to mask school. Manhasset school at masks school we will train all we henchmen in the final thought of covering your face why you do it all the criminal stuff right. You can't just walk down the street what to do to your faith I don't know randomness because. Everyone's gonna see your face right well not it masks school. With a graduate degree from masks rule we certify that all of via henchmen will be 100% mass professionals. And no one will ever know who they are off again is Mascoll accredited that's how excited and ask school yes yes I guess it is thank you for asking. How it goes ideas. Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to convince my gangsters to go to school they didn't hit accuser aren't exactly what I. Yeah we got a little old program live. I liked embrace Obama is saying is don't Wear bracelets very often you and I got a human rooms and the button men over the past I know I actually smile wasn't really good yeah yeah I thought I would ask who is very very good pitch that offense that's the Israeli IG all of them are gonna look at the facts are right now it's my experience no. Let's just know where it depicted. OK. And while let's go away at which. I'm in a way it's not warlock time which. So find out the product only quest for me which. Some here casting my spells Pacific using my team can Haitians June. You're right thank Allen Vicky you can started off all right dollar and and I am very powerfully very gorgeous. Very charming you when you look how this all got together but if you someone decides sneak up on him. Katrina which isn't that could happen. So you want my muscle pain. My must took heat is just that it is a protective keep that will protect and any situation you're wearing it it's cozy and comfortable when someone tries to stab you with the men Jacob soy they attain somewhere and they can't uranium for content. You're protected even when you're not awake cooled that's even care even when you can use I know your powerful and I know he can defend yourself but what if they sneak up on you. It's not like I'm just came out I might say. Adam Larry that. Sierra. What do you have for me. I am the perfect condition to all of your sinister rituals you are you having trouble coming up with a perfect arcane item to summon up your dark hours I am. Are you worried that certain things are going to be way too far up in the trees dangling for you to get up there and have them I do well you're in luck. Quit my patented spin you're out there you'll never have not struggled again not only is it crept in from the skin of a thousand margins on home. You get extends to almost any heights Jewish louder no problem for and fuel and it's this game. Larry is magical in major will absolutely fill all of your mystical lettering needs now that will pair quite well with mine economic con. Next. What I got here four years so muted and really like here are some nursing pharmacy union membership at a total cost could come and and here's the reason why. We just hey Wanda it's all you all know that solos they're walk through sorbet mowers people they go on water parents tell us once you do membership to the boat club now what you've got a prime spot for all the victims that you're go to need to kill seems simple enough. Plus military expeditors expect a member although both clubs. I mean did here and say well what happened ability of the Boca who knows he disappeared I saw when Jean the wishful according to ignore that Martin's. We can trust everyone in the book clubs everywhere in the book club pool good selling point now I did love all of these but that's fact that these skin letter. Doesn't match with my new economic times. Usefulness of it all I'm gonna have to go with this skin test get a letter for the win after. All right one more round Vicki you get to be the customer on this one and only because I have to do I would be the pirates have yet I have goers and who hit payers pay for all. All Nokia you can tolerate. Well yeah the hardest part is I have part card and it really wanna use it but I won't. I can't they are really is the workers are stirring so I will start the soft and I. Such a glorious tire it we have in front of us will turn into one of the things that the pirates always have. Have are well a desire for money. And generally a patch over your eye now do you need yourself an eye patch or your ready duper cure yourself and I act. Taking Asia and it's good to go from good reason actually being where I parents is not just because their eyes get infected you know from scratch you with our hoax. But when you go up from the bright sunny skies. Down to below it helps our eyes. Just exactly. So why don't we put these together and we get ourselves the money scratch. Not only does this pats have a dollar sign right old Bristol everyone knows your about the many. That's it also isn't ATM. So you'd just insert your card and out comes your money. So you can put your booty anywhere I'm not kept on a private island of your choosing buried in the sand no X is needed because all you have to do press your pin it. And outcomes money from your money back. Can tune. I asked him and that's. Well there's elegant still has not have to hit the first thing I'm gonna take you have to. Aria artist Carrie dogs sneak up on me in the middle of the night. The from the concerning me every night and ferret out here. Are you get tired of scared redux with the intent demoralize you know yeah he get up I mean I relax. What he needed an hour. Alarm goggles. With the alarm goggles you put the lawyer I is whenever years thinking about pigeon party linked solar I you know taken a long night's rest. And did he say to yourself but our goggles. Which means anyone comes museum to feed you need. Then you can make that distance anywhere you like doing just fine for high dose of real problem. When the alarm goggles didn't you hear us loud ringing attacks and never wake you right up and prepare you for whatever fights you've got to be made. But there are OK I like get thank you and I really do like that. Being a parent commits us. Many months seeing. Not a whole lot of I got to hear you always have a few. At every putt I. Guess. Jose is like me tells us a pirate that's why you mediators saw some Ireland pajamas. All really good full body to Jamison will not only keep you warm and what free but you'll also keep you. The contingency. And Ron bring Vanessa I might feel looking forward to the future to look materialism in we're talking the best kind of content. The one Biddle and cut open. Our content out there we created a I applied with Kazmir. Okay. I don't helps. Sure I agree she opened with a personalized patch is necessarily. Didn't think it's just continental jealous. I remain as you can see he'll look. So I couldn't chip and find out of 900. Okay that's law until an hour. Well I'm happy I'm. Happily tell that the Tupac and yes the Manhattan under the dam is no free to leave anyone can carry I. So Mickey going to condemn to their dad and I Gemma is sorry that was positive game is gray who makes this hi this is from a company counts uncertainty. Out of the box. Nice and a snake oil I'm pretty sure available anywhere where you can buy a Wii games yet this. One actually that you can retardant in as some some street every tell stories that I've seems he didn't target Al Barnes & Noble has this one there's two extensions for it already that I need to hurry up and by hand and yeah this is this is a lot of fun it's definitely a party party game is one of those ones where. Everett has guitar when they're. It seems like even if you're in Q sort of the in prop stuff maybe Evan yeah our group this could be. To get to practice that sort of thing because you get a budget choices. But he's still have to come bulls on fanatic you know wearing on your feet exact I gotta admit I'll win our web. He's a total we're pretty sure OK I don't know I thought I I made sure I don't words. Words can be difficult when you're trying to there's some things that I. Here's the most. I'm like management products well because there at hello snowmobile like the train wreck that is us until next time stinging me. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to golf joined. Vernon Wells six feet Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games that just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of Saud flying. Let your deeds flags fly at Vernon whilst yeah. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW duck club that's BMW dot plus.