MegaCast  06/28/17  “Would You Like To Groove With Me?”

Wednesday, June 28th

This week the fellas chat about Pain In The Grass, Ted’s sunburn, and why Migs hates the internet!  We also talk about Ellen busting a crook, Gronk busting on Big Papi, and we play a fun new game, “Firework or Sex Toy?”

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It's made. How the hell are you my friend you know pretty good yeah that's pretty good. My goodness new apartment. Actually it is an iPod medicine they're actually the awful. Probably about an out and a bad mood. That's a fact now and it's good. I was little worried about my grill but it just electric or charcoal so I got that approved sites are girl out there oh you're the guy oh it's a guy like you need to wait type of event. Yeah well just like each I don't know his idexx kinda inside yeah it over yet have you known yet all right. And get germ that maybe this Friday night after the Friday after after if I could never be here yet Abby awesome it's a bright decks consider it done Ted and it's a good size but its latest. Kind of what's inside a how to describe it but I'm not like my old place that lake delegates like talk dig up some decks are trying to Alps. It's summer tucked back in them sounds kind of like tank girl out here. NASA guys again Amanda closes or charcoal was like all right game on let's. They run a vibe because I mean let's just say you were growing up there it's on smells it and and they got denied. Didn't dust neighbors Kubiak and I'm in the towel. As systemic did your landlord guy to be like at a property boundary as a nephew he's cool he's using a grill he's using electronic grow. Our like some ways feel like you can't grill out there Michael might meet halfway done. People in Manhattan but man they like what you we didn't do dude I don't like it rare it's taken. Yeah but it's also good because then the weather doesn't really come in there needs I think it's the with the electric the downside to lecture krill is Steve the last year I'm able to grow much this has been raining follow an album got attacked in there though the weather doesn't blow in. So I mean. We're looking you know you did you get an October day it's it's rainy and stuff. Stop their growth at yeah I would charcoal don't matter for training yet not to worry about getting electrocuted and how we just worry about depth. Yeah what are the benefits of charcoal you do not the feared death. I'd be sad if I die guerrilla yeah. Everyone's always at all when you loved the dive into doing something you love and I can tell you know I'd rather die doing some B I'm not enjoying value putting me out of my misery. I ain't what it got a G got killed back collapsed. The rule but were talking might take a bear polar bear yeah I was gonna go panda. Poll panda panda and you know what I thought I depend on the brain and got panned out and as Ted. Check it out. Awful hot teachers who ordered aimed at Delaware because me Gundy sent me a bunch of underwear every couldn't make up endorser and spokesperson for me and these protests WI is a real box of law underwear. And then one of them. Let's pin the bears. Focus this changes that were interaction now did you ever talk about this southern Egypt mixed drink yet know how tough could have been an ongoing conversation I just like you miss it you're just so nonchalant about that like I got to hand on the brain and pinned on the bottom two tonight at the dollars and I've pulled my parents and Mike. I sure hope somewhere in the panda ones otherwise is going to be super awkward. They got into it about your underwear big it's just like why are. Yeah has been ongoing conversation on on our mornings are now did in the mid ninety's under every debates it's a Larry is that I'm not doing their commercials for an underwear company well yeah it's funny. And the about it I got BJ a pair and he'd try to Johnnie mentioned those days that man is it just me or are you know selling it like accentuate certain things might. And did you brevity of point. It's like a push up bras for your balls man all nice it's it's it's unreal like you look like your viewer Roch in something massive. Lowell made asserted my wife finally hey do you notice a difference is like. Wow it really does conform well to your area where you want to look here behind these dot com slash KI SW played percent of its first there. And Al I don't afraid. Hop. I some underwear let me see your nowhere mega Stanley. Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk real bad as a ya ya Bob read about it and Ted will be retreated. We're opening a pandora's box without pay and go up to war in the box. That kept Jack sorry. How to really get on a Mac and open ended are now what a candidate can only. I. Are you. Perhaps well yeah I think I'm okay like image violate. Grizzly bear something attacks beards like yet Ted Teddy byline and I think that's cool way to go out is it's on the Euro warrior exactly. What about the Liggett kangaroo if you lost in the boxing master you're not too cold and he died. Yeah that sounds weak yeah I mean her heartache. But there's other small animals like that's like I don't wanna get bitten by and decide slimy little snake them you know with a lot of venom. I wanna be ripped apart limb by limb like a man. You wanna be like a captain's platter for that animal that's exactly right yes arthritis and try to wing I'm gonna try to pin the bones and yeah. Dellucci mile guy do rotisserie chicken or else. Just like our enemy that's part of your pillow I don't get the harder. It's in the blood tubman a brand functioning in big shout out to everybody who came at a party with us a pain in the grass especially those about the about that not. Does that to be Jimmy demand from party you have to ask did the mega cast took over that party it was unbelievable player I don't know how many people were there may be a hundred herself would you say. In the party. Yeah and bowel. Sixtieth homer mega cast listeners. Desolate or maybe 58 we took it over to deport or some people were very young troubled and confused and disturbed by the antics of the mega family. People are very turned off by the push ups which is great. So let's get the push up some big shout out to everybody came out shot to those that war mega cash hurts even the guys that made homemade versions of them I hope you enjoyed your peers. Com. This time around and decide to use for our push of songs up buddy of ours AJ Francis you know he's got the hang out OTA on the way. And now he goes by the name frank and I learned a formal thing could have been trying to find his stamp he's got on all the streaming services but to pay me justifying frank. Because he's used the sense sign. As the C on his name are well I learned because on its podcast starting out he gave a nasal tip if you have you know you cellphone when you're looking forward if you just hold VI a dollar sign it gives you other options. Our own sense is one of them so once you type that and I think it's a lot easier to find because at first I was trying to surged by a songs. He had to go to a bunch of songs because this is a pain in the ass. But now it's easy to find frank. Nice so some high grad in my opinion so far of the three that he's release it's the best it's titled why and why BNP would do young black and paid. All right so let's get ten tuck our buddy frank AJ Francis. Made a family. Oh yeah and then you can see this from my mistakes so do. Nonsense own dark and ominous let me just coming into the second all right okay ranked. Let's get ten mega families. It's. Okay. Holy this is all about small grass it's bruised if there's enough. Been called me and so. I mean I am sure they okay. I give. It's. Win and I actually went into rehab made you want an easy call Davis and we're the babies and take these old car. Joan VOK yeah hospital. Yeah man yeah plug out and immensely. I still. But I don't know. He goes off on all college football there's a there's a bar where he just goes off about how. My coach is making a million dollars and I'm broke. You don't seem right. I think it's called it he can talk about that stuff and they're not lake. Like tell like I wondered if anyone catch his wind Simmons of the singer about if it's gonna upset the NFL. Yeah I mean he's pretty open honest Twitter about stuff it's not like he's trying to hide this is not like this is like dikes not my Clark Kent Superman it's not a differences and then there's frank it's like god this is me this is what I'm doing what I think he's just pretty honest too about stuff like people get on him about. Certain people miss like all season stuff music why they don't have to be there. What he unfortunately was a casualty of that here in Seattle he wasn't able to show up for OTA's even though he told team. I'm not gonna be here for you OTAs because I wanna get my masters degree at the university of Marilyn and it's the last week I can't build on it. And apparently he let them know and advanced is supposed to be cool next thing you know he's not there any gets cut. Which is kind of reduce move. As if that's the reason why they kind of I don't know the behind the scenes stuff but it just seemed a little odd they signed him yet another chance to show up for practice yet and then he's gone. Yeah that. Yes Charles crazy it is sawmill hopefully is rock critics often then isn't the word about it yet no kidding right I do know I'm I'm pretty come from so for all the songs I've heard are are really freaking good so can grasp that frank AK AJ France. Says so terps that's right but not Gonzaga. Tools it's tiring do you takes me. That Ted talked this week to sinks number one. Where suns' streak. At all at all. I want you to talk to bring some personal experience all of your Ted Thompson based personal experience Steve look at it. All my car yet tears but got no did you. Is randomly go sun screen them random parts to your body and our revenue act Rogers it's raise sun screen on national. Are us I was there rats you know in a late in my stomach because like crunch stuff like that home ice are indirect costs to the metal my stomach is still light and in the bottom half of my belly my chest and atop my shoulders are bright red. Sort of read my Iran right down underneath your belly button it just like. There's just like the circle of like a giant like mosquito bite yeah well that's just the temple Steve follow what in the temple and none that dude yes. Who gets back where sun screen people. Ted rob bad stuff then man yeah I don't you just ran on the ground the worst how I told dude it's. It seems easy you just spread on its top also seems easy and just sacked but I tell you what he's he's get so berg that's have a man. All my sat in my my wife when democratic Hawaii she didn't spray on. I know we're like random spots a hiker ilk. And for I say I think it's a low less are annoying because we're dudes yeah so why you got some weird spots but when your chicken your you know you knew ye be elitists is conscious of how you look. Like having a random son and I might joking with them like how pledged for sun screen on that spot and then you go out and give birth to our on the rest of it is that that's not funny. But I don't yet and it is. Hot. Okay. This is easily today is like I can function. But the last couple days have been brutal to where were you when this happened okay so pain in the grass right yeah all day are so that was. That result that talk where sectarian number two I just can't say thank you enough to make a family were also paid artist who so humbling. Beyond going just the fact elegant and to be must agree like heart to heart conversations about how important is podcasted Saddam. Which does it. You know you and I were doing this for free where it's a real sometimes it's a giant not Pena to do the pocket Pena to really get studio time to be able to find time to make it happen halftime in command when you meet somebody you realize how it makes their day better and makes it all the worth all the work that it makes it all the work that Ted. Impress you with. Deal with podcasts I just always assume it's kind of like. But younger dudes or whatever like I was pretty impressed some of the make a family like are we had different age groups in this and that. And and how many mega hugs that we give out we get about a totally anti mega hug with like twenty people but that we also given a lot of like individual may God's. Yeah I mean attractive chicks to older dudes up. Younger guys I mean but there was just a mishmash of types of people that are listening to him you cash that is so beyond cool it was also then yeah now. As awesome and my clients are witnessing what's going on NM we overhear them talking to our main boss about. I didn't manage don't want that there's a bunch of people who like Ted and Steve but did pushups with them. I am I couldn't understand that and then they just had this weird tribal. Bouncing hug thing they usually see a football team do before gates. Like a fight team that's. Where I hugging him bouncing ball. Okay. It was great. So. So I. So Saturday at pace in the grass straight it's sunny it is warm. I am diligent about suntan Lohse gave me in this in that water and water right like I'm gonna be good. So then Saturday night when I left there. MC TP new podcast civilization is he was in. Hawaii with his whole family moved to his girlfriend is watching his dad's house so wakes him damaged out of Tyler. Yeah right so then. Matt's dad was like hey if a couple of you want to go back over there after paying off its cool oh. So we get so legislate is just a few of us say lake we go over there we hang outs and the next day we get up and upset there of bread Terrence boyfriend. And it's like 111130. And I'm like I am get out of here he's like dude come on we're sitting here we. We've got to get in the lake yeah and Alice like you're right we got to get in the lake know when you're on the property has meant more laid. Of late Washington you have to take your manager and so I jumped in the lake on Saturday at three hours a float around in the lake drinking beer or let's I would imagine some Beers or involvement. Sorry that's. That's always so funny with Saturday I was a diligent about it NN Sunday in the and it's reflected off the water out yeah it was a blast Aramis I will say Lisa remiss sunburn. And it's been fun now always great. I was painfully when you have relieving I was like. Hey you wanna go with us see and I would I got to go home. Addicts yeah yeah I would have just enough and I'll rough evening into the morning and now gone to the WU we. It is would have been nonstop. Cluster for me if I if I went with deicing what it was like yeah what's the first thing you did you got out after pain. First thing I do I got home in Japan I bottom. I'll tell you after the break now getting. As crawl in the bedroom my wife. I'll say I took one of the top five showers in my life I didn't take a shower but I would I thoroughly washed my hands in my face because I just don't cry me. Yeah so I might cause I feel like salt lick because of all the dries sled dog yeah yeah I was a dude I was a hot day. Hot day. There's so much fun and like Ted said it was it was super cooled me never want my favorite part of the entire pain in the grass. Was after we did the corn staged announcement which is awesome because Ted and I kind of took charge of that whole thing yeah which is great we got a great picture comics are throw it up on the may cast Twitter page at the mega cast but then Susan we were done. We just hit the line. Yeah let's say what's up and slowly just walked and hope that people come up and say hi and we were right me you in Tarrant. Just had an incredible time talking to different rockaholics mega family and high fives and hugs and we just kept doing it we kept doing a loop. It was great it was so much fun it was June so it's still sunny outs we could see everybody yeah I mean that was weird to have the headlining band play for half of their set while the sun still out. Are we get back. I said to some stuff we could do. One listener said the Sony. In the email about a game that we can play I can play a menu I rock got in trouble because of he's roast. And also have another example of why I hate the Internet. So maybe we'll do one of those knowing us we won't do any of them when the may gas returns. On the baby she's taken Stevie a great. And then it costs will be back. Match. Okay. Who started as a legend and oh yeah she's. One. Yeah. Box office failure. More concerned we're. More cool very finding a new friends show us. Yeah. Don't. I'd love to read and all the cars to. If you got Roloson is name me any. I'm and then it comes to. That. All of my country music made guys Saddam. Give you my example wide Internet aren't. We have friends over go grab 100 point 70 okay. So wall. And our friend Alan I think she posted something up on the pay. It's just affirmed reaffirmed why I need the American had nothing do with her personal thing that US carbonneau. Jersey. It's got patrol mentality. Of the world that we live at the end and some time. I always say give you easy so being troll and of course you click on their pay to see what they're all about it's always. A glass tower houses all the time yeah I just yeah of all people you're going to be joined taking shots. So she posted an interview that she did with some country start to Trace Adkins may be short it's a pretty big country so bright and it was a great interview I watched it end and I thought she did an awesome job I think they'll I think the world of ally Dixon a sweetheart I know you lover has while. And so she posted an and I looked at the video. And she was dressed very fashionably like I say as she always is yeah so it's always funny when somebody. Well again I went to dispersants page was an older woman. And had zero fashion sense and just. I'm not going. Dog on the woman but let's just say she she should not be taking shots at somebody's fashion choices are so Allen posters. Within a minute it was a live video within omitted the video being lied this is the comment that this person posted a Mormon and you look marry. Why does Allen also look like a slob. She never does her hair gray sloppy shirts and jeans I never see she dressed stop good grammar not good. And again. Look at the video everything she's wearing looked why might she looks great. They've ever seen Kelly not me. It's. Serious it just proves it and I am I now find myself December morbid curiosity as an evening that seems positive and should not receive any negativity. Online post on FaceBook. Within within a few comments you'll find the negativity it doesn't matter what it is it never matters into these could be doing something for. I'm raising money for kids with cancer here's a picture Ramirez this kid. What's up guy caddies all of whom yes because he has cancer dry 88. So Alan. Being a consummate pro. I've she had really great way better and I could I would have prices ignored it but I guess I guess I'm just I I I don't have any I don't have the ability to see something nice and someone's being and total Dick like this woman was. And she wrote as Dolly Parton said you'd be surprised how much it cost to look this cheap. Smiley face I know my Stalin and for every woman I hope you enjoyed the interview regardless from Alan. And I was really bite. I'm glad to remember that whenever it's army army and quote Dolly Parton is not our cars better for her pride in us they now hope they make fun of my boobs. Yes look and Steve nice moves way you know Dolly Parton said. I've got three moves I don't couples. But then I got to give credit because she doesn't even need to really reply because of course the fans and Allen in the stands who wolf they'd they'd be the now. One person sent a summed it up as we say ladies women like Mary are my reminder to teach my future daughters to know their value. To not let him quote unquote brave person behind keyboard tell us what's good and not good. The sad part is Mary's probably a mother to someone hope we are children didn't catch on and pass this mentality onto her kids. Now of Allentown I could write a book on class not a treaty haters would have would love I'd buy a copy. And of the purses and Samantha wrote wow I feel sorry for you Mary all that talent and personality and all you can do is tear her down knocked kind. Not good. Yet another example why keep African Internet. And you look at the mod to marry a woman if she looks at us we moll kind of that does that fashion sense but you know enemy likes your looks like she can be easily be your momma my mom. That is one thing I will say let's start to get an answer grammar like about a cigarette yeah like. I don't know that I commented on any pitch basically you just cannot like stuff like some people comment but it's not like FaceBook where everybody feels like. It's rare to get negative negativity on an instant. One that was costly trolling me on canister abuse yeah and otherwise these guys are tasty and there's a punch in the face Steve's in no talent packed seeds of their Steve's at that. Is kept and I kept noticing Emmerich who is is gonna click on this page as a guy who used to work at our stations dad. Paul Paul Paul located. Yeah I am like. First of all on the one who helped get your kids the job and eating get to keep the job because well he wasn't a very good worker who had nothing to do with me. So old that's cool that you're decades and every time I met that guy when his kid was working at our company. He was all my ass to be my buddy yeah and then all of a sudden on. That guy. My dad and my car all night. Dumb ass like I still I've given job references to your kid. Because I felt bad that he's no longer here. And now you're taking out your hostility about him being like go on meek. But look at that comment about that. Now you can't write. I mean that's the thing that pisses me off the most I mean what I. We did talk about all that and we have right now the signal the bottom line is that slate. We can't I can't be as rude to you and and unleash on you did do it. I'll get in trouble with barely got in trouble your work Alford surely just it's just crazy it's like stand there with so many. I don't know it's like. Tony and an example you know it's got to likes playing so I think I'm not gonna fight you need to keep smacking him in the face like okay lake. Would you tough nauert they're not fighting back. But imagine what the USC fighter who as it is contract if you get into a fight outside of the octagon. You lose your endorsement you lose their exact. And now he's gone about it a bar with his girlfriend and some 88 c.'s image says. As my jets we captain tough guy has taken shots at him and insert pushing him Munich I can't buy you a contractually told I can't fight you. That person commit argued pushing you that. And that's kind of what it's. There's no way to win right you can make love the fact that they have no followers within your jackass right to make fun of the fact they'd you have a cool job and they don't then that makes you the bat like. I mean there's no winning for us I don't. Bring up the fact that you kiss my ass every time you've seen me and you've been my super body every time you seem even now but again it doesn't serve me any good I've made my mistakes in the passive get in. A now aggressive but I getting. Getting root bracket someone is site you know you forget that in context it makes sense but what sort takes it out of that context you look like a jackass yeah. South speaking of Alan and actually getting back can somebody for doing something wrong. So a DB was sent me this to Sonoma big fan of Alan. DeGeneres yeah now are in the Allen show. Bottom. Did you happen to see the episode maybe I don't know if you're beyond Denver. One of her audience members are being a crock. I've heard about it I've I've watched the progress I've watched a video the audio on all it's so awesome so walker and I grabbed the audio and Mino pure deposited by the it's it's great so what she does I think she explains in this clip but she met anyone that comes to watch her show. Go into this room they've got a bunch of Alan merchandise on the table and they have only one rule their one rule an ominous spell it out for yeah. This one role. And it's just simply. Take one thing and one thing only honor system I but there was a secret camera to make sure people being. Happens all the time or is this just this data set it up that's a great question I don't know okay. I haven't had the opportunity I've not been hash tag blast to be able to go to an island taping I think I expect maybe one day maybe Steve are so here's our house and all went down. What I star in the they show fourteen years ago I said this is gonna be like a relationship which is going to make you cast you know we have many family and a and the most important thing the foundation. Of a good relationship is say it with me separate thermostats trump. You know I cricket side I wish we had that here. I work yeah missed assorted hair club the likes of Mormon in his office apparently yeah which makes my office warm. Our office's site that main studio is always freezing that's our fault probably. Knowledge to it's it's freezing turn our tired show all connected to a UNLV a lot when do you ever. Ever hear me bitch about being Cole know your man who sweats like me like I have never caught. I have to cast your man who sweat a lot I have to put this lecture every god give dale like 4 o'clock that studio. CBS so. I doubt it. During a thermostat Sox. And then after that trust right trust is very important yup so before the show I put out Melanie products with a sign that said only one per person and I just wanted to see how honest my audience was you know as it turns out your very honest very very honestly set out. No idea what bush should slow Islamic draft status lady and you know whoever that person is is in the crowd. Going all sweet Jesus osprey Jesus hoping that maybe yank her footage didn't get caught yet because she shows footage of a woman. Who had a hat and then decided I don't want this more support pat back. And grab at whatever trinket it was an opera some and so Allen showed that video and gave the woman back. As well okay you're cool you're honest I'll give you to have as well. You should applaud your selves that's really it's really tough to say because you know nobody's watching and you don't think Tom. Yeah seven hidden cameras just to make sure I mean anything you could have taken more than one thing you didn't except for these ladies right here. She knows. Through from Britain's. I like out of you hear it in the audio but there are times you see this that the glimmer in May go look up Allen like I'm I'm joking. But I also think European OS. Are GAAP. This is that I they're showing the footage of the person being like a minute read that somebody grab that and then she runs opted into the back and there's more stuff. And she returns 100 stolen items. And he's going to evaluate. And in the world looks mortified. She's got to be embarrassed. Yeah. Okay. Hello. I. Let's see my sister grinning comes so. That was her souvenir yeah. This is the best part coming up right now Ellen does not sound very friendly right now no Owen she's given her like the dirty is look for that so that a challenge response is so great. Sitting here yeah. Are people sisters couldn't come. A whole whole whole old dude. Co workers slope woman. No kid just the way she goes yeah now pretty heavy and say a lot of sisters could come easier to Royce year and you know I own thinking you're not even still lives for your sister you want him more crap for yourself. I that okay. So what is your name. Nancy Nancy I'm sorry that's embarrassing and everything but you don't let that feel lessons you can do. He's watching you and you just need to be a good person just because you wanna be a good person. You go sit in that Ellen jail over there right now. Sarasota and a corner exit out of sit there. Siri seem to sell boys like you're a person outright take a whole bowl has gone up the ball candy outside hallway and to just take one yeah. Energy Greg Abbott Costello Jim finish the thought but I'm thinking. You're the president takes multiple samples of the same thing while other people are waiting in line. Mean although I. Just different cast custody he's twice a year if you go that's a citizen pizza bagel bites right all right and they're giving out samples on it. Yeah would you take more than one. Abby and I get that July. I got a problem with pat alright I thought about there's like a line of people behind you. You don't know how many our love to. Demi god guy can show up to that that that blood stand and not get a bit abide have to wait for an extended period of time because of your selfishness all right Jeremy I don't know if I want to its feet. It took a walk out of it could deploy your sister Ted are right out beaten jailed and I might take three of their little pizza shop top tech behind. Money and that's or Steve right apple could take examples I want to do not rhetoric about whether it be able idea all the ballots out. Saturday and show her why why at the lot of you all up I don't know did lead some samples. We know what I. I hate it when you show up in them Costco with your wife who doesn't like you eat a lot of stuff so this is your opportunity get all the samples that you want to see rolled their hydrogen panelist is still do it. And then you get there and all they haven't sampled it damn fruit drinks and crackers and some stupid Depp are that little thing a smooth eight. Are you know our it's always there. This week. But I don't mind the little smoothie but I want to make sure that there's going to be an enchilada somewhere down the line or pizza pizza up or something but give me something cooked. Sorry man I don't think you ever thought about the staples got scale I think I've always take a couple of nurses and self respect. This they also I haven't been to like a suburb cops go Luigi edwards' factor in a long time arsenal in the cities this city does go to okay. Politician with a company does not help myself here. It's just a sample beef. Except unlike deity you. Did even allies beach at Smith samples the samples being staff for realms shut you out your dog. Bob Hope right now and you're all going down I'm going down suing and okay we'll go together and have all the samples Steve all the samples to see you and I forever but he didn't have a mega cast sample party. Did my buddy Mattie C for years the intended I Simon target digital. The morning I'm Bob made in the grass yeah he was in my right in front me all this I hear what's up Steve and I look governor Mike. He was going on man shot and and then they come on get ready for immigrants and a little bottled water in New York I think you might need a bigger role model bigger bottom wouldn't know whether or let our lives is my car. Give him Matty C for years is that this theory. That life would be much nicer if like randomly downtown and stuff for like even downtown drop randomly walking around meant for example. Absolutely right. Whenever I go to the street fairs or whatever it at a farmer's market. Even a guy just slice it off a little bit apple. Right you know. On the onetime mime or my wife and I we were like a top foods and walking around him when employees are sure logos that he tried these apples there Mike. Excuse me have you tried these apples and the prisoners in that area and no. He just pulls up like African Rambo knife out of his pocket in slice off staff and slices and cuts him a whirl I don't know that it might spend. And I think this is very primitive I mean Greta yes they did needed a montesinos' to a free sample but it was very weird. Think he's I got a guy that arm Rambo knife in his pocket ready to go. The best for example I've had forever. Was late Spokane. You were playing him you guys are playing a hockey game not run our run the more vodka can't and then the end of the aisle there is a free champagne might find tasty what's. I don't liquor store. What did you say god awesome. Did you go out and odd Trader Joe's except this is funny does. Rich yet. Rich like right you know they're rich he's go getter he down the aisle when he comes back late the late look at Selig look for Rick and I still didn't matter Turco the accomplish it rained on. I didn't taste that that is pretty good. That's great. Examples make me happy your read about it Matt Matty C right anytime I get a Sam bomb and a guy that's why don't mind going to Costco I could down. I just typically I cringe for my wife wants me to go shopping for food with our could I just heat. Knowing goes walking around a damn shopping cart yet you know I shot a final whatever medium things is trying to find the but when your costs go all the sudden you just walk down not only I. I would love that pop pocket thank you do it in my belly mountain and you may not take to Ted Tom wait for one. Carlo we get back Tom yeah I won the game that the listeners and the season goes on games now obviously I know the answers I camper taken to the best time we only need one player. And the game is simply called fireworks or sex toy. Okay myriad apply it yet in part to make as we back and we'll see how well Ted knows these hybrid race. These guys know my. Roses. And that kinda sexy. The minute concert will be back. This portion of summer brought you buying. Brain freeze you wait your ice cream too sexed you mainline chocolate shake you saw absolutely distraught. Now you change the temperature in the back to your throat that juncture your carotid artery which beats blood didian serial cerebral artery causing dilation contractual arteries the medical term is steel pellets and Helio neurology and you know it better as. Really insure ease. That you weren't gonna stop shelling calls Stults in your yeah. Greens priests because you know better but just can't stop yourself. These guys didn't they. It's. I come back and then along. Yes the first question is do I know how to turn on a microphone now apparently. Many elevator with our data works in our building out a new prime Domi pricing immediately goes on like the maintenance stuff right super nice guy. White or black just like do bald guy smiling yeah housing Dave Chappelle. Yes right so we're in the in the elevator would just BS think they gets up the elevator coming arm and all populated could see you in the gap taken light. What does that mean I mean I that I. I have is that a term that a phrase pretty make it up. Email and our take it easy out right you take it light. Man don't let likes it too heavy on good I liked it but I went public could make a stupid idiot like I am Louis. Jury in did a Google search for taken like deceived maybe it's like. The new hit. Brees didn't know it now nothing popped up so that is his own term or his term with him and his friends. At the current Coleman is a minister Coke. He also got it just screwed up yeah I've done ever done that all the times I caught me lying about actually something about how light. Just citizen into these usually take it lightly. Why should remind me Greg taken lightly and not that we are you mega mega cast like me you know deep pockets as more upon yes artistic headlight taillight all right cool. Did you like Ted tila. Exit. And I don't know what we operated we got a big game to play and a person emailed us and its market these inmates used to try and test Ted would this game. And Nicky came up with Terry Stoller from somewhere I'm not exactly sure but it's patriotic themed because next week is the fourth of July so it is such as play our new game. I'll bet that Damon an awaiting trail thus find just a quick friendly reminder. This might probably just in this donors in the crowd. Don't call the fire crackers and some law. No well yeah then you should know that stuff already known by match point is on July 4. When you're out haven't fund set your DVR. For some of the firework shows that'll be on TV. That way a couple months and now feel good Maryland is fireworks ban there on the TV. You couldn't use of fireworks all right Valerie. Right at the very exciting game captain easy are over here and it's. No fireworks. Well let me. And I looked up patriotic funky music I'll. Like this and I'm like porno music spunky. Yes. All right that's why fireworks. Lower sects away. It's that simple I'm really the title of a product and you're up against whether or not it's an actual fireworks at PeopleSoft fireworks stands. Ford sex toy they are you buying your favorite sex shop okay all right are you ready I'm ready packed first one. Push you look at the universe so it's really hot it's August caught off guard out like that. We're crewman Murphy on N Baghdad. How solar monkey do you think that's a sex to wait for a firework. That howler monkey. Rome today after sex so I started not a dry I don't know what it does put it sounds like fun and gives pleasure. You don't need a banana which is howler monkeys. All right next one it's wonderful mystical mushroom. Yeah a photographer. That's either. I can be found at festivals we. All right sex so I didn't. Ding Ding day moon nice I Ted you wonder why are actually saying out. If you get three right here the winner do you agree wrong you're the loser okay let it affect our next one they were to do more of these next week let's go away at. The thrill seeker. Is at a fire rats got to be a firework you are correct yeah look at that man who. Company and yeah U2 and one. Next one. The dead shadow of doubt promote general. She sex toy or firework show its delicate. Got is that so I. Rome NN. That's a firework that in the fireworks. All were running in the music. And it's 22 to reduce an hour and sudden death overtime. So simple right they thought okay this is just a cheesy patriotic song that I found on you do. But then all of a sudden. George Clinton walks in picks up next door kicked Scheffler instead puts balls get up. To avoid notably in the studio with us I hope kicks off I can see. Shouldn't we feel webcam it's quick it's a broadcasting the show on like you do. His feet we'd get a soul train line going at the barbecue golfers are everything on the line. Congo line in the backyard yeah sprite yard through the house while all wearing red white and blue. I would got one more. Freedom it's ten going to be a big store. Forums are American or British chef right. Fourth of July is street Joseph. Yeah. All right Erica oh hello there we're still dancing I. I. I need to hold so well we don't even talk related with the another bomb delivered yeah. No nobody would never I get an African whites did. I wanna know which one and it's sad story our Bob firework effects that we just I don't. That's the answer. Doing. All right this into a tango with tiger on the flames about your children. North shared a headphone with a person in the middle seat. Did I would like to grow we made. Nobody freaked out this like gets the greatest. Meltdown rehab as someone would you like to group would. That would be weird there good point it's not an air yeah. Hey man. You hate to hear your book and daily think it's weird and so they put that everybody interior and and tonight. Why yes Ted I would love to groove with you. Patriotic vote. All right Ted a couple of sexually or fireworks. Pete commando. Or work. Bra on URL lose her love Dan. And yeah. Chief commander of like a blow up doll not wearing underwear. The case may be commando. Number that's maybe there's a lot more I keep fighting next week we've once again. For one reason and one reason only just get the music. So they can move for us. I'm sick to my wife the song. I don't go to Brussels is gone it'll be like this you haven't been around all day right. Early doors Saturday it's pretty good on Saturday. Our friend. Donated to a kick starter who. So like you want like this before rants ever have a man like we all get together parents families each Al's hot summer so that the band is coming over to the beach house of flying. No way you. What brands. Our buddy Johnson runs a meltdown it's slow motion so yeah thank you side project Joshua Paulson something. That's awesome yeah. And really doing mess and get a lot of dead serious tonight because I really don't know Saturday amid. You leave my sentiments MP3 you can learn it. Marmol walked off oh okay now. But that's a great idea and should we bring this to him to summer melt down that song and at some point in the 900% to put it on yeah yell put under happy hour Friday it's only about two minutes long but I do prefer like. An hour yet. Just haven't play. We just like the thing I do admire campsite. Plate hitting it. You're not a guy that got killed. You can integrated yet prove. Our. Or somebody's qualified. But yet still has proven conservative and are mega death. A united group. Judge a group that may. Yzerman thought. I didn't I thought don't today that's cool awesome is that I mean the Yankees are quote unquote competition but the us obviously. What he's doing how what station you Don is appealing to a different audience from the rock audience. Puts her makes ought to be doing more names on our sister station hot 107 yeah. Happy Erik Howard is back in the mix still yeah manpower to go dogs today and makes all the sense in the world but that was like the king of few. And now anyone who grew up listening to Q it's probably listening to our 137 because of either did you grow up quit get it out of this town. Image team and just dominating that was the station oh absolutely I mean there were. There are doing great for a long time himself. I'm not any good could do the army like I don't care so that it's on the dirt and lose our dig in my top bomber for them but. When my gonna do yet. In this situation when it but I that he was coming back 'cause like hello you after the good guys aren't ours to the people because what may be to play this on yourself. Yeah even. Yeah I just can't screw with us on Monday it's. The days when I visited Friday Saturday Sunday. There's a lot of you. I deploy yadier I'm not yeah. You clearly do show. Honestly feel like it at that moment I was having too much fun. I wish we did this before and grass I would totally brought a boom box. To arm our outlet when I haven't gone to mega party it was BJ amaze and amend your party yet. And just had that play. And if we get a guy like what have we got in Hollywood minute are we had over twenty people to push ups with us into a man god we could've gotten over twenty people to do. Don't push ups how to be a second go round I go round I was like maybe like seven or ten I and then a guy comes back. Anything I heard you guys did push ups in my gap. And his response was Emmitt I was hoping to do them with you guys and so we asked everybody that did them an aero yes sir and then a few other people jumped in as well. So while things we'd sure like I just never thought. We'd make it to a point where like somebody do like Dan I want do pushups with you guys they just you re ignorant things and the look of our co workers but don't listen to him you cast. I don't blame them. Blake I get The Who had its biggest like Reno is doing down evident all it would. I think it's but it is funny because so many pure popped up as pushups everything wizard duels that night. As we know we do Ted in the beginning and the end. It's not a big deal and this is what we gonna get our brain functioning toxic Od did you happen to ground. I read a little bit about that sarcasm grounded guy he was part of a big roast for Big Papi David Ortiz. And school crowd was rock and a big poppy Jersey number 34 guess Sox Jersey and apparently they're not going to show this roast because he's got two offensive. Which is it just to see a few people there are a lot of other people to the only thing that I I saw was brought Gradkowski according to the Boston Globe. Last week to roast a former Red Sox star David Ortiz got pulled from the air by any S and mess him. Because the network was concerned about several of groundstrokes at the event so it's a black jokes he had some. Other jokes as well that I can remember exactly what one involved masturbation. Are so I went and watched it and it seems harmless. Just seemed. You know maybe I am not as sensitive as some but I don't think he was going anywhere use it was all very plate full it was obvious you don't say a broad shouldn't be just all. Shouldn't be on TV like that up and let. So of course will put him on the may cast Omaha. I don't until we might write an assailant for a network to be like oh then be like I'll it's too much its licks itself. Franken wrote so what did you it's up to its bride so. Adding grabbed the jokes that were listed as the questionable jokes if you do research you can find numb I mean him they are what they are but I did grab some of the jokes and and one of the Japan. Agile listen one point he I think targets a female comic it's pretty funny one of the jokes that he says but it is wrong with being drawn yet another reason why I think he would be fun to off. To get our groove on west are there are so here's grounds that the roast of David Ortiz. Larry yeah. We played well in the Captain America. The war there do you work terrible love. It's. Fast Super Bowl. Okay. You really do you. Or. Probably Islam in the white man he may have planned super ball but he's still like one of the most loved New England Patriots ever. Loved by everybody in the renewing the patriot fans I think I would love to have more on the Seahawks. I can't say that he's deathly got a few up comedian. Nobody is in the whole table. It is more citizens you're right I didn't set it up right I don't it's just have no idea who it pretty backing Israel better than Czech it manager name. I dug up. Falcon wasn't shaken no superhero movies better next joke and it is what he makes fun of some female comic. Make sure. It's. A feeling quarterback around you because of the do I'll pass. They are good ever comes easy. Seven home runs here. No matter what I did you know they've spent time on the twins. So that I got him. I thought I was completely. Outlined a few comedians good I'll pass yeah no regular wagons to be a fine now on. Sarah. It's. Doing the quarterback around because the do I'll pass. That is dead that's good that's good topic Kurt Thomas tied to our grades of wrong doing grunt things once ER let's get idea let's get our puts up out of the way and say good bye to everyone of course. You can follow us on Twitter act the may Kasten and I didn't speak for Ted once again thank you so much Yemen. It's always been so much fun and aggressive the blasters because of all the mega family really did make the day great yeah it was an op Ed DVR your car. I have to tell you at the thought we can get and that is all I thought we might do a hundred I don't know. He's going until the song and I get ten mega family thank people listening. Don't forget mega rally. Taking life they get like. Well look this rollout. As we roll out. We will be back next week have a great great weekend. Devin had a blast. Be safe out there.