Thee Podcast Episode 184

Thursday, June 29th

This week we discuss Pain in the Grass, Maui, and uncomfortable moments.


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Thrown at 730. Our power prep. From where most ever. Get busy mills. Man. That's why he's going to know now. Partly just get a go day. I think we podcaster at this isn't just Indy my dad suggest any podcast couldn't do this. This is. Contact him storing the Ted. Starting deep stuff and see it's starting these senseless and com. Fueled underwear I don't know. These podcasts. There was nobody for. But that would avoid these dead there will be hosted here podcast Greg's blog after all the land all the land. They'll look familiar front burner buddy goes here let's be somewhere in southeast being shown to. We'll give an image. Opt out of going on the flash crash over the weekend 'cause the theory from the crater by almost 90% shaking confidence in the new crypto currency many believe mainland China is to blame. The bad boys of summer are back in full effect to share prices coming double digits this month. Just the podcast closed up 12% this competition a large wedding match conquered Hawaii and Ted with the say gunfire came in the grass. Deedrick fireball we'll find out at 730 back hard back there the wheels of steel bucket good fresh haircut fresh and laugh from the life. Back out of the producer at CDC with them back AA has I deleted Ted. First Matt. You were in Hawaii. We talked about that I hate to be this person do it to you but pain in the grass ticked a lot of ass. Lot of people ask for us to you were missed you missed it odd yet look that a lot of fun it was it was very hot very swaying really hot. But I gotta say man the crowd was awesome overall but made a lot of Lar bonds doesn't like it yeah yeah. Cholera bacteria to continue to wanna geez I can't W event to. Next event I'll go yeah everybody's those ask where's Matt you know it's like I. The men doubt you were to Ehrlich worst Ka well that's how they may know on this you know I can stay below read unmanned you know Miette travel by -- idea of them have been angry protests. You know pay and the grass is trying to find. Let's doping positive the other guy's gonna bring up is Blake. Do you guys from the last cast we did gap retirements on Nepal. Was there was teams two guys do Casanova guess what he's back we'll get into it don't watch the do you remember last cast didn't. Tour false I sat here at city that's gone on vacation or take a week off yes true. We knew that we at least talked about the forehand I remember that part pretty sure we talked about on the cast I am a 100% skirt and I had the out we are a lot of sent it to you. So like I got a couple of emails to let you know my regular major account there like eight sped with a cast that only entertain in the ugly in my bag right. They'll think well maybe there is crazier whatever bless them talking to my own damn 'cause he's yet a real worked up. It's what. They are pretty good at out of it and put it where you're a yours yes that I remembered. But either way I appreciate the love we don't do that kind of out the but he just he got a shocking real dude where's the Catholic. Too quick. That's vacation and what you want from me I also found it funny that those accounts Tuesday when I cast him. How many you do this on the you do that and I just sat here and drink Beers this yeah. So it's in the it's in the same amount of time when many of the Tuesday. That's where it's always say I felt like as a kid looking into summer like com and this summer can be different manor and indeed this. Maybe this weird dude that's like coming permissions ride bikes catch bugs you know. Some stuff that some stuff. Speaking of sever stuff. What the act I just got through the pain in the grass is also there is really really cool. The joke about the fireball when is that it was so hot so sunny Matt. I was even I was a little paranoid about drinking. Like I had a couple Beers here and there. That was killing time before happy hour and I'm in this beer gardens guys and it's got byes to shut the (%expletive) are all he's got a looks at things like. You'll have to you know want to an irate at them. Minutes later that I'll take us about a fifth of us got our ass again you just don't see the look on your face and why I think so because most symbol both say that Tia. Now it it just yet whatever the look what they gave religiously. I've ever walking that beer garden like as I walked in this big guy checking IDs you your respect is of the liquor guard and a beer garden anymore. They want you liquor you gotta go on the guards which I was in a beer and it was right at the second state traits of cool. But as I'm waiting to guide giving up the wrist Spain and is pure it. Moore yeah and I'm like. He's takes time and is pure economic I think you might have like he. Exile he start now personal than regularly he's not drinking that he's working. I think she is viewed separately. I hate. But this is not so then he's all right other people come over Florida get up there and I'm like I'm already kind of scared I think you know what you Apollo water uptake of the year that's about it. I wish Eric publish British army but they knew what was going to the Manger in happy hour and a half. Look like BJ may throw up their 2000 eighths I've ever to do you have of Beers and easily do with the files. Can't make him. Oh right that that's out you know it was warm and that's not even I'm and I you guys he -- a lot of firewall yeah. But it could Stevenson are now brutal conditions yeah Sunday melt down is yet Ali later that night he. I may arena every that the fire hall from the fridge in the chaotic trust. I mean I am burning man you're wrestling liquor and some of that harshest conditions on earth. Yeah arguments and smoking hot town that if it was dude he just the asphalt. I broke up my house shoes those white ones that have forever. Which by the way they stayed relatively clean it's the goose that everybody you know mosh pits for your ha. Now I'm net. Dude it's. Could he doesn't now. Especially in those shoes no weapon chance of going to happen much written. At the the last I saw I wrote down Robin thrill liberals like dude. I don't know why everywhere and those of the democratic for six months it's a nice day. Where a plane just black. Nate captured and at some kind of pops. And then Brian from always I saw him with first got that it won't. Be tough for those white ones so that they stayed pretty wiped the whole day but it was still warm on the guest spot I think Marty Blake did treads were melt. One oh yeah I mean that's what they know like when you hold on a pair of fresh use that long line at some point you just wanna bust amount you know but Bruce buffer so like it's. To happen yeah that's exactly where I was at least Sonny gave me and the app that these things for six months it's not rain and somewhere after you run me a ride at that point yeah. Thank concert she's always stepped on mad at people you know. I mean the killer for me in your exactly right but I never was down only the general see only the floor or whatever so I just kind of was like rotating the perimeter hold. All guns flooding that helped element that points. Smart. Calculated not every spare freshen is that correct well I mean I made peace within I I kind of assume they have a big scuff mark on Gambia kind of sneered at yeah. And you know I think people just got to respect to. Don't go to close the tendency to Midler when those pearly whites. But anyhow it is summer. So after words. Meehan Matt's girlfriend Terri and in brand in one parents' friends and Lance. We got to go back to Matt's parents house in the wake. Great time that houses so joke. So the next day we get up and it's like it's only like Newt ninety keep in mind the family's gone all the -- always quiet right pit Cote family has gone. I hate it ships out there. I love that. Can they be so happy. Tyler's on the wall I don't you know she was. Was on the law yet this might have been stretch that's true there is a picture of us on the wall I was really weird components here now is not informed about that so I'll all right cool. Yes so the accede to these guys are responsible. My parents and all you and you know kind of added they had the hang of it by then so. Some like it all worked out. It did possibly use couldn't have timed it any better like literally the hottest team weekend we've bad. In over a year get up on Sunday eat breakfast and it's like oh yeah there's a lake right there in the yard. And a pool and hot tub. Just got to pull there's no fool us all hot temper hopes they did and like you it's the pool for. I was a fan. Was the thing on the side isn't. Badminton court or what is that bit of volley at all or that and it asked the art and there's a ping pong table on my side to side that's when I was pregnant and my table there there's some other like yard hype factor. Yeah. Yeah you got to figure out how to turn on the giant fireplace. Back out rural India the flames are pretty disappointing and spoken here at the fireplace yeah I owner had hit yeah. Similar to. Have you accredited business fireplace in Ted's house they like so the management has told them not to turn and obviously gas card fireplace the right now telling these. These little tiny flames and there's a little key thing you know just like like an Allen key types aren't you can turn out. And I stuff called at a church he. Gonchar plays huge rescue would be a more property in the now on key talent he's like a little Allen wrenches aren't so adventures queued. No you what is a church key not one of the big. Bottle opener things. I've heard total all the cherished value holes go through all time me to hell this is one of those we have snarls are very I think color or are placed the guys were gonna want to answer. All right I'm Google objects or turn a good effort fireplace Steve before that's definitely exactly what we're talking about. Yeah any MMX 10 what you know is one of those proprietary keys like the use for like turning on and off water Mans or whatever tonight that so anyway like. Easily you know the pair of Neal those plastic crank this fire up in just feel it and highlights. Friends said right now he's deal with these little meager slams is a map maritime entitlement Massa would have been Ted. Just you now for all of his site from his wild adventures he's a rule abiding citizen. Just boom is it strange view oh by the way definitely got a complaint well yeah I think maybe so and splits up the air. It was and it is is is okay is that bought our goal yet. We were checked out there but he got of that debt is buried like in clothes and subject that's not my kind of linger. It's it's not the most open that you know I mean. But this much is that is like lately and I will they are very nice there is that any neighbors got a couple slow played don't forget lately whether window's open now. So much gently off with a disaster you wouldn't that mean he has. Not necessarily as we got a cigarette complain about somebody like higher revenue. Easily but. Except senator Reid mode that's don't don't rock the bathroom is now open all week Barack knows splits in there but with local Bo get in there. And yellow vest blue flash man now we get back into weird terms you gotta get a spoof dude I've bought a smoke buddy. I got this crazy air freshener I don't like charcoal bag. Slightly to be honest and yeah having to use this cease Lou for a guy just of his smoker balls and anti spoof like someone sells a spoof its cause nobody. While I remember smoke eaters like an all meal bars and on the slow things on the ceiling talent like all of my copy machine. Yet we have seen as they dislike yet most who smoke church key not to be confused with. The key to a church the church he has any of various kinds of bottle openers and can openers ha I its I was wrong. Yeah so what. Who will be time hotel that I that you got to turn up I was like don't so I got a complaint some economic. And given the rules of mr. turner as I was CNET how to happens pretty soon and the process racer Ted from his government yeah the problem is my fireplace just mostly blue there's hardly any orange flame it's got to be a little bit about maybe just a little bit and I can now. This time back down if need be I did find out though it it's okay to grow up there. When he on the deck yet let me just out yet because I was late. Neighbors windows are that close to smoke and I just be growing music yes I was or charcoal balls aren't game on the we on electric grill aghast at capitol Nevada. Monica authorities said. So grilled some Wendy's it's July 4 have a smoker now. I mean small cabin about partisan. It at least that your at fireworks. Dad to dosed on at the mean it was assessed predator read too ready to tap that. I hate to. Oh the other doesn't say about summer is I have a vicious sunburn and. Yeah I noted that you are the first thing and they hate her I avengers take your shirt off yeah look at those events patsy. It's fast you are so patchy. It's so weird. I'm not amusingly passion folks I was senator raps my stomach was crunched up slick the middle my stomach is still completely white. Where is the bottom of my belly is bright red my shoulders and booze or progress. Mike checks the territorial pictorial. So summer's definitely upon the face not too bad. You know rod dam on the had a face that was well and I had a hat on even when I was in the late in the first got the lake and in Atlanta had a hat on it whereas Straka. Oh where an agreement trucker or coal but he had a hat on an error reduce that game changed right on to more emotions put it had a I was like cool so I did my neck and my neck my back pack even. With my neck in my back again in my legs but I think. His first allergies and swim and about it I just don't think I thought about doing my chest it depends on him the cracked. I asked right out of Manila and definitely not finish it but it though we ought to Wear a gold not a complete manner oven rack them up oil anyway I don't care. But we haven't other functions Saturday that the outdoors I'm hoping I'll still on terror and his maternal scared it's an opponent to do it in the water. Now give you good man like you yet a week you know for your skin he Otis moisturizer and there media parent yet have this aloe lotion. Her. Habit three years and then when I was moving house or use the solution yes I'll bring it. And the like last night a frosty nights ago and got rocked the solution Erica. And man moisturizing sunburn to make a huge difference in the next couple day as I panicked and doesn't dry out and wake and so now and you retain some tentative. Couldn't yet be sweet tea yeah patchy Kumble for the book but why wouldn't that part ten. Don't worry about it you know in the northwest and lived dangerously regularly use the right why. All patchy. Shoulder over here. Somewhere I can see in this view bay in the near thank aria and there's just one spot on my shoulder that kept missing by a multiple. Multiple deja I call you all patches from one day and then passes from another today but all the taxes kind of overlap like right here. You just did not I guess spray or or. Mike dealer lotion sons neither are you there will we ever get around I'm just let it all star break bush. I was an all split I don't understand how you got any summer and if he sprayed since the united test. Kazmir out there for three hours. Should last three hours. You know among the fifteen SPF for in the thirty. Mystery man. Promoted Merida Moyer mr. admit. I thought you can spray sunscreen on your chest and somehow also got apaches sunburn and your only other three hours. Yeah yeah I can figure. Is that ice paraded on the second time and jumped into quick. Jumping in my first 510 minutes. I don't call praised our quick I think within a minute what are you got to let her candidate where you don't think that that wing youth rated on. Well that time that's a problem that puts on the first time that was in the late I got out of still wet most of title sprayed drives now I must have pretty dry that rolled a split. So to half of it and it went back downs but I like sprayed upon. But when global law certainly jumped in the locker that what you like 3536. Music on many you know better than most. Yeah bingo I wrote I was worried about saying marry America's I was like you know can happen. If you go after this you're you're like the worst unreal at this moment to just get back. What thing I haven't had a bird like this a bit link two or three years. And it's not it's not ruthless and I've seen like some of those deep Redlands and they start to turn purple yes it's nowhere near Malibu it's like you know. Comic you're Arab why is there anything yet and now I think by tomorrow it'll be on. And we were very first degree very common in Washington and I feel like yeah effort Winnick a click that the first time of year. I usually take like one at the beginning of the season Connor and then mostly good after that bus like that which has lately lazy about it. I was sitting in the water mile. Really warmed up. It's so much applies here grizzly great human to Bernie mean with the you've both been on the river it and it melt down with the use obviously are right semi load me up again it and that the scene Saturday it was so conscious about it Sunday of now hack. Through an attack couple Beers breakfast let's go swim and lost fear man I did philosophy and she got. I mean cute when major key to silenced. Just put on sunscreen folks of talent. All right so. Everybody knows worlds are a world store. Thanks. So I sought tweet of the day side. Your goal with this I mean yes I think so. Our were like oh I think we're gonna say is that. As much as like I don't know at the tweets at exactly the base like BC white people do something crazy and there one yeah. Ali fashion and many Al both food. A relative and that's. Right. Now I formed pro viable it's like some Micah crazy parties at point. Yeah. It's funny. So I chose what I like I like these is the mayor right. On bicycling and they do a night time talk show at eleven daily cash on YouTube for years from the Bronx school. So Croatia is on the right Burke pressure on Loper Croatian ranked. Tonight's great comedian. Awesome stories in Meeks that may cast with whom he's a real nice due to I mean late. Besides the stories you see insanely we don't know for birdies. Yet that's it everything I've heard is that he's like one of the best guys and now. Yet so I saw him there based in wilder on him GAAP and so for people have no idea about that. Yeah yeah when he is at Florida State it was mainly the top party college university rate Rolling Stone to seven PH BO RO Mercer autumn and yet do you still favored to sort of perk pressure the machine is that big bodies broke international crew ten minute YouTube video he'll love it animated one. So I saw him on the last night it was funny like he's he's a big fan of the show and stuff I couldn't tell if they actually had any idea. But he was like against on. So then a couple things you talk about watching the show like using their mannerisms stuff and they are to think now that don't do that that. That I saw the bus speed being a setting a world star and then at the end so they do that then they show right you get a rainbow that goes in your hands that those are what you entering go to say. And he those. Originally islands they like. Lake officials would pass card and neither of those guys somebody else that is now. All housing. And her her hat and I read a little uncomfortable there have been with a whole interview a couple words just like towards the nineties were a few on camera what. I don't know that's got to bring it up with a there was deathly parts it was uncomfortable and I thought I fall into this too. Late Bert was doing you know it's like I'm an older white who's not old but it. But I'm not a Tony three year old black dude yeah event. Analogy is think killing maybe put some of the stuff I take from it like I shouldn't use. Are the guys who the show 23. I think they're like 2728. How special pretty young yet. Now I don't know it was just different and that when he said that like it did seem like I would say that I about flat. Yet it just like when I got carriages like noted is that if they really am. And I think how generous the ha. He seems like he's fragrance feed he is if he was all right that but that's I'm saying it could've been what it didn't diss or Merrill I think would have and one being affected somebody else there's that just went. No it was like dead and like they put up the caption like. Off fairly Mayo. So would be an open is rainbow. That he could beat up all three meet youth for her parent these cubic that'll Joseph Biden in media thing in the BET awards. I don't know I don't know what the question I was Alec. Think like the world star hip probably should read now we taken that stuff that we shouldn't. Taking that step and use and it where we shouldn't. Right at least Selig favored assailant yet they watch the show really you know the same inning that we recently it's not your terms yes you're saying it was again it is it like a cultural appropriation thing when my quite boring on world star. Sat the cracks or talking about here he even though that it did seem more like they were just like yelling you shouldn't be CNET you know it your four year old like. They ended our lingo are here don't they just race I also that's an age thing. Yeah it's I mean I completely green and by this might not be I can't politically correct thing to say but Mike. Two black who gorgeous super cool man I'm Mike we wanna be more like a sometimes you know they have some Bankrate hip hop pupils and incredible comedians. Like they're great dancers you know. Hike they have a lot of great dancers and African American community. Mike sorry you guys just look and sound also sometimes you know sometimes we were awesome and a flavor for our life so. Yeah I mean I get why it happens you know look at every like suburban white kid rap in the lyrics it. You know to pocket big you marry younger Warren you know and I in my nature whoever I'll close hugs him yes disaster zone. And so it's just like. I don't know like stop now so much Austin stuff veto might. Yeah I don't really know what went to San like anytime you make on the corner original people are gonna gonna copy it you know well I think that's part of it too. That's my leg of the aviation each. Yes it's a cultural appropriation like I always think like. What's the thank. I can't think of that. Idiom like whatever is the sincerest form of flattery imitation imitation thank you. Yeah it's like I don't know I can't seem people copy like. So if we do business wise and dislike. It's frustrating for sang their competitors that's like whatever like if they're worried about if they're looking at NASA word or two and one birdie on the next thing you know. I used to which can move on. Yes. I don't know what your thoughts on. It just I don't know part of it is Burke is just from the West Point where are you know we're pleased from Florida is he from Florida. Still he wasn't that thing at the end it was a little walker who do you think no yeah but Blake. But the parties to already get to a shout outs his kids and stuff and I mean they are kind of massive legged out an early that's like your. I think pay your whatever and eat it struck me is I'm like all right I'm 36 and I love that. But I you know I still at hip hop would launch late. You know I still watch late. So sometimes I uses terms like price and actually used to be also group in PG county which tips for those who don't know is literally the black scanning America. Yeah I mean that's naturally you can and you people are a product of where they grew up. You know like you grew up around a ton of Brothers now you're in Seattle or we have like six black people so yeah. Now. I mean I think led but I would I got by A at Brigham Baltimore. I was just I just try to be myself you know and MIK. Yeah I'm I'm a white dude from note from Seattle and Baltimore country. I'm not your front leg and anything else. And I got you know at their own super cool with that you know and so I think I have to watching noble like. You know if if it comes across as slightly in authentic. You know it you Myron and has some issues. And so I think you know. It came in certainly you know a year. Student bared their black Q Jerry hosts yet say if your younger black do this ordeal like meeting comes on our senate. Dreaded topic here and act like you it. The accuracy paean Ellison resistance. And say out I just won't go through that in Hawaii to right. As is as I Alec note not and I was super chill I got that a couple times and Wahoo outsized there bet. The guys who say you know how he stuck it out like I was here about nine of those I'm not gonna try and pretend on the local and is gonna have fun and and does not be due respect tourists and just beat. You know. And I made allotted you know. How a lot of cool their actions of locals and you know bid. They breaking off with you especially like at at the resort where there are the lights sale lol honestly it's up to you you know like. But I can and I gonna try and act act that that does to them on vacation and yeah a lot of really cool and actions are society has to speed itself. So on a helpless to interview but that's my thumb over consent to try to hook up. Yeah well I the is Syria is a went on my first solo venture. The hour's drive in owners my a look out. You know and check out and then there's going to be stand there talking got a bead stand. And Hughes who are sick and so I. I didn't feel like you've been with the needs just I have yeah and he you know for Seattle's and that that you know and it's and things I. That dude over the years with the dreadlocks I've blurred. Well I sell beads are gonna be a little bit beat guys forty juju didn't enjoy yeah its so I go over there. Cow's wearing my my spirit bear tank top two guys know from meltdown that purple one. And I just walked over towards his acted like he tank top they get things is. Call it the spirit bears and some people call the acid there and his I think I know that we have met and I'm happy I have I've heard so. Don't buy I need an approach ever anything. Conversation started and we hit it off tonight we're talking fri ten minutes before I was like him and unity at some bonds that already knowing that. He he did and then yell out my Wii that's the price though it's not for like fifteen more minutes like we are just yellen and he's super cool guys it was Dave and he. That's it and didn't peak. Why don't. Yeah yeah out of your bedroom Bob Marley pullen I did jump out of an idea why do dean and is the only hit his Hawaii newness cult repeat that the and here is going to come to Ireland and let's Aaliyah took you out there about look at the beach state and look white in the spotlight here on the ideas by middle lifestyle. After he lives. You goods that is ten and he doesn't Hollywood in the same place movements and wherever two nights in a row like goes oh yeah and he's like smoke and it is I I'm home free man. Now what he's home free man to kill it around valley. And on man he's living it is an iso plays in a grand a month and is cool and Arab elected this is now Downey back up my tent and I love it and yeah news is cool do it really an inspirational home free via. That a homeless via satellite every frame yeah and so he used to use kill and it and super cool of the year and then I was wearing. These sunglasses that had that. Have light magenta lenses and make everything look really cool and as it does its adult classes and then he was like cannot do we you. And then have tickets dot com an Internet connection that here's that I talk about trade yeah I had to that your than those for some more. And you know the magic of Maui I come back to the hotel and my dad had just found a pair of oh please in the ocean same pair. It turns brother Nolan my spirit animal have. Nice zeit DOD can make her brother is now you're spirit I hated America from leavenworth. About it oh yeah. They didn't in human form yeah. Sorry both like ninja turtles and I just elect who is registered animal but the doomed to pick up. We just get each others Diaz for Pennsylvania cheats there as the media gallery where I came home and some men there I found it's not. Yeah she's traded my office and we'd Danks well played match and I told him straight up don't pick it back. We'll solve the yeah hold failed yeah hole Pham has there been any any does anybody nobody's mayor Egypt right now as we know that that it has a girlfriend like. Ten years now and she was there are even that term failed. Taken. And was like giant in night black people Twitter forever. Oh yeah I am now right game now becomes mainstream a lot of things. Eventually become mainstream and by then they've moved on you know and they've got more cool stuff that until land is your older white dude you might get a little. We'll and a look for used it yet and they come and like common parlance is of those on so he can't like I own some cool word yeah I guess there is something that they were saying bit. Treasuries using and then. You know that takes off and six months from now he may be able to say that without anyone raise an eyebrow the only yeah. Like coming down favorite kind of give a hard time he couldn't pass. Out that's part of the delegate count across the one that after that I mean it was so. No there. How's it he went in topple meego is my hand the judges that are there he went into up on Rio's. More about me guys. Man. I got myself and bird I. Since they really couldn Mets also has stories of Soviet man has been down from. Let's just funny is those guys like it's part of the joke is always no white guys. Those funny you seem pressure on there pretty easily Japan. I don't actually. Nicole waste of their they have a policy of no white guys on the show and they have white people on but it's kind of a joke like I don't know if they played anymore. The easy part of of me Mike and no white guys picked up at a C. If you had the opposite that oh yeah tissue but it's not late night TV is all white guys but they don't say they're opening doesn't say. No black cats. Right I you know immediately now would like spark that like you're crazy like you don't write in that show they're not. They're not equal thinks. C that's right disagree with you I think Ike. Mom was a man I don't know following goodness. I've quicker than I resign. In orbit. Yes you're right that's a whole different conversation yet. We'll put on a fast one of the Annan might zinni now. He's got an entire. But there are clear their manners spoke at a nice I like the managed catastrophe. What does this baseball this is like night and I like American nominee analyst at fourteen or fifteen home runs this month or something like that over 400. Just my manners of thumbnail 500 days or at some point while is in Hawaii and updates they've stayed over 500 Barry I remember when they're. Got over 500% in the season. Those white you know easily refresh is that there is that they're like. Regular. Kit now are daylight and so like with the yellow outline sitting on the blue no I laid it did Alexander throwback thing or ones that. I think we're beyond Sunday's home games or something. Fresh on the worst and ask how liked us. Never Arab I managed choosing I think that that's one step wanted to cardinal Jersey which. You hear about those are ready now. Memento and hang with them of what I suddenly got near the details. Oh yeah hall calls a home and it is not that exciting for I'm caught up. That's the topic. Last week on Wednesday night it was after work. Site popped into king street by the league of if you're going to sound mean it's always packed in there but like the walks up to you. King street still Alamo the king's you've Barnum and yet nobody Troy runs out placement rate however unlike it was a place that before with the pros now waitress. T he Bob yes that was it now next source the lot but king she's been there for a while yet connecting street you want hamsters yet. That was like became was picking up like 715730. Yards and had a accent monopoly. Asked her apartment institute of Detroit. Simple. So like I had a couple Beers or whatever were just (%expletive) about the day it was a premiere owners and founders making usually. Due for two hours we just crashed. And then I was walking in. And there's that lecture on the phone walking by him like that there's two couples next immunity Utica drug habit and a deadly weapons or with the growth. A story. How that's I think I text you like your Jersey walked by meted out there. In the platinum yet thirteen years in Seattle's first autopsy of a person. Yeah voice in person twice since the sons of X war. But they law. He looks powerful. Millions of French fluently and like he sticks like he's giant and tall. All the photos that he was doing something really important he stills like what's up guys they just prowess yeah. Pozen dot I saw Dustin Brown who is the captain for the kings. Nine morbid he's capped oil one cup goes both those times then though. He walked by and the airport Mallory began his four kids and his wife with them. Sounds like ally not to tie hand and touch and it it was insane to it he's just so tall and massive and out on the I think is a relatively big player but there's as a bunch of dudes. His size you know I imagine him on skates right and there's just insane seeing it an NHL and thank how fast that game moved for how big that guises as. Mind boggling it's we Zulu club well I was like shaking when I got. Well. That's that's how I think you don't I'd recognize it rail lake Brad Luzon. He he plea for years over in England he's been on the American national team is a goal keeper. Like I was walking downtown Monday by Nike town I'm like. Almost kind of like in the distance cop and I are like locked eyes that we arms. And he let you locks I'm like I don't know that's Brad. It. 288 I wish is that it was a brat but it's and I just kind of like stared down a dude I have I have never met my life. I gotta get our growth story for you sum up on the queen and the queen and USC re like oh yeah there's a guy yeah accuracy cast it's by itself. It's the middle of the nines like 111130. And nine sank their about close those Arafat with my acts. And down and we're auditors shop and is very few people in the store. And I see this site. Sort of Asian guy and I recognized him and I was like oh nice another gamma camera aware from as we walked on the same IL. And he looks at me and I'm like looking at him I out should be scant knowledge and care member's name and so site. Man I don't like quick handshake you know means I pay and he kind of like all of us and I realized that mean we don't know each other. Turns out it's the dude from Q thirteen who's like. I think Alice is in the air and little bears Levine at the plate and a bigger and about five member of the united I don't know. Yeah I doubly impressed that might be your friend they just can't remember why that's I have an air Levine storm cell hit me. So I don't know where he lives now but you still live in Belton out of my neighborhood you know some of the building late day they have when mostly town homes on the first floor. But when those people cut it open that door in the open that gate you're just right there on the side I live workspace is yeah yeah so he I think he had one of those were never seem like closed the gate. Amy were just like where does that rate there's is that with the bank. Can they. I have man. And out the don't Wear out about the late we are crazy fan man network of radio placing business that's good news ago okay. I know you're definitely some weird crazy fans yet and until late two weeks later at Buckley himself now. And as they get NCAA tournament team on. And I my outlook. Here luckily lake and the maybe is why the girl he's dating at the time out of his wife where. She knew our show so she was that the heat it's the satellite while it. But may have the look it is I was it was apparent as Leah never vetted and realize yeah. Yeah I kind of did the same thing we're told this story a podcast but to Jerry Cantrell. Alison chains SI over the Seahawks game on time and I sign. And I was like home and he PGA instituted and is safe. Hey you know I could just try to keep a low profile you know actions such I'd be chill about the interaction. And out I was like I didn't make a scene about it but. And I just instinctive is that hey they're eyes had nothing to say to them it's they. Yeah I'll work he does still he does really Cooley does it pain in the grass you don't expect. Yeah thinks there's a huge. Isn't he had no say in that you know obviously I passed not a decision he made it doesn't like now or do whatever critics he did did not care at all odd. Did not know who the hell out as audit its with a you know. It's still all. Man. And I think I had bleary hasn't had so poorly as did that it is I think it is. Freddy Montero he's like this downers that happened to me once. Track go in BT crop back in the day there have like a party of him on the kitchen or something being ready walks in with a credit. And then like it's like as the words are coming here remember that I don't know I don't know AM did you see Obama on TV via. Like their athletes with different. At any like that you say it is if you're saying had a friend Michael do we know each other Mike you know not being like oh hey you must be Freddie you know yet what Freddie. Again another beer or you don't and I think it's a little bit different if you mean like Matt or me year big you know and emulate yet even you the podcast we're here kind of telling you about our lives. So makes a little more sense that you know they keep Felix you know let's work. For I think. There is athletes are you doing this sports on TV that was. But Rebecca you and me and of the wife of the kids. Oh man I would think that even though they're. Are serious so first first things first thing I do I got to cop to something so we very talked about this amongst the boys but. For whatever reasons. I had to apologize to some you guys this a decent percentage of the emails over the last year been getting kicked in in my spam folder she. Deleted after thirty days. So. I'm deadly hasn't houses like Bob's present and getting more emails but I had checked spam filter until a week ago so anyway I'm dissent does any awesome emails and and read them. I'm sorry. Yeah act act act this out here trying to do my best you know but around. Yes so thank you we appreciate it we may or may not seen him serve and responding or read them on the cast that being said. I rescued sound and in my spam filter alone this week we had. Eight in the last thirty days so like the idea of how many have been not reading and Dan I'm sorry vote we love you and put our best and here. What our guys when you ask this question aren't furthermore no no more we'll get trapped in the in the central Amman. Don't force contract. But some guys we asked this question on the last podcast. It's sub titles immediately can in my mind how it was. What do you. Or is that topic it was like what would you most people hate do you enjoy some yeah. We S is thought the question last podcast subtitles Munich in in my mind mostly on Twitter of their test. Texan a body in town. Sorry man I totally different from here until I played at 830 it's 815 and like I needed to exit. Take care for a if not the most Dubai now here what you Marines with subtitles I love it. How much everything with some tauzin and get it you know it's an English speaking show or movie. I might be a little hard of hearing but mostly I like having on because they get all the details I need focus on the show movie I'm watching. I now I'm weird this president have found a few people enjoy sub thousand resided. While upon today's Noory. Yeah. If Noriega era nor is out in the streets doing mom always. Are you guys are random snapshots from her. Yet she also. The last. Podcast party we have. In our schools now. Cheers boys here's to the greatest podcast on land all the land of the listen your podcast for over a year now a levee intentional commerce. Ten I don't know how to pronounce the word tangential conversations. Commerce is big on a tangent. Felicity podcast in the may castor marathon training and working out nice even save the last two of the socialist tutor in Iraq general half marathon last weekend. My race and it perfectly with the top topic oh by the way I was watching that Iraq general marathons are probably side you went past my house symbolic. What does something most people hate you find pleasurable for me it's pushing my body physically whether that's running lifting or climbing. And I'm not mountain biking that asks is dangerous for a and the best way to do these things you O'Neal. And the best way to do these things as well listen to three broad scheme. Proposed Euro well the misinformation and talk about donuts facial work you boys put in his podcast. You're all very appreciated. Julie AKA ten has AKA. Uzi teacher AK girl laughing allowed herself of the gym. Am a Ted debt and years that tried certain. How how. I thought oh yet hotter yeah that's also. Now they're doing it. Yeah that it was yeah it was pretty cool they're like little like rock bands posted up along around and it was packed manner so many Levi couldn't believe it are gone my morning walks over the arboretum and it was just it's. A river of people. Good day Jones was of cast this morning during my commute one thing I enjoy most to below this commute and a driver about 55 miles each way podcasts and audio books made the driver Brees does it sound think plan things out or is clear my mind. Rock on guys keep doing you do Dustin and Mike Goodman. And Orly Goodman is the guy prize is quite near. Feel like I'm a fan of it already yeah that's good game yeah late Goodwin. Does sound fun. Some live in the summertime wintertime they have great fires out there like do not gonna house and Likud and mammoth go out there entry the beer soda some kind of like cute county chicks you know. But not will you be like oh that's just like hot girl like you know like Q Downey checked yet attack you know the time do I mean. Partly could read the damn me to. A billion guider emails long but thanks we had a sports package unlock. What's up boys. So I just kind of on the podcasts. Bill passed by the way with the boys so just cut up on the podcasts. And I did while he can't hang on bill war question. On said the question was debriefing on billboard voted aren't. My first thought was had by a billboard in the middle of downtown Portland but it sounds crest time they would read six is greater than one you'll always live and our shadow. Nice I thought about it a bit more and I think and I think yet one ups and understand champ which it's come in many forms. True. But I thought about it a bit more and I think it put one up somewhere and assess take nothing for granted. Threes on this far behind on the podcast because I was in the hospital for two weeks after my appendix ruptured. I went from my normal health so incredibly second of course a few days heading to. You boys better doing better now back at work in front stronger every day that stint in the hospital for a lot of things in a very real perspective. Our health was a fleeting thing need to change very sadly. One day inevitably those doctors won't be able to save us know me our time to go good chance of become a little warning to. My point isn't to be morbid it's remind people to enjoy the time we have. A father came to visit me every day on his lunch prequel I was in the hospital York's in his -- I feel pretty blessed to still be here and have pulling friends family that idea. It's very easy kind of in the daily struggles of the repetitive nature repetitive nature of life. But none of us permanent so remember how specially moments are taking nothing for granted cheers tryst. I agree that the and I have. Gotten after Ravitz of all time. And survivor are always really hammer the point home. Got to do better though man yeah a school that health is one of those things you don't think about until you don't have it. And that's the only thing that matters you know for me like haven't had food poisoning a couple times and had it recently in February. And it's. Everything else in your life kind of goes away and all you can really focus on is like the pain you're in how much you want to go away. And what things you can do to get better again how worried about what's on TV tower and about a basketball game you know worried about somebody said to you. Think all you're worried about is getting healthy and it's funny because. When you're healthy. You know I think about it and so like. Actually today has a great example like cut the heck out of my hand on a pint glass. And so I can only use one hand as a as a parent my jacket kind of front pants from a podcast like and euro's going to be late. And yeah acts just like every little thing with so much harder I know it's going to be for the next couple days. But you know slows things like this morning I woke up I was an appreciating my you know having full dexterity whenever south. I think not just he had a sore throat and mouth gathers. Yet you have body's just so crazy and do it today get Warren and then when I get to experience all the stuff live past offer. Is a slick. But really really insane gift. That. You know on suing. So when recently died in in this Seattle rock near a lot of us noon. Christian and so we VO Evers and and guys it just like peers near that same sort of perspective right hand. This is such a fragile awesome thing that I'm doing all the time and so you know really. Relate. Stocks are complaining train and its tracks. Are. Appreciate your ski era. Hey Ted he knows that's a serious today. Sorry got flack for the subtle water the sounds like he also didn't know there's difference in soda water club soda. Cold sodas carbonated mineral water with minerals like sodium by carbonate sodium saturate. Potassium sulfate and I sodium phosphate Soto waters just carbon and water also known as seltzer water. It's good to know the difference is they taste different and nephew are meeting did stain master in the club soda not soda water thanks mark on the shelves. Yeah that's true that is char grilled eyewitnesses told me about that he dalliances Victor mineral mineral water yeah. I do like just water in general bubbles via. Prairies or any easier entry. We get three short once I guess with the suit has not spoken cool. I was listening to the cast last week and someone emailed about getting into the elevator trade first falcon grants him that's awesome. I've those perverts are committed to my own horn a little bit las fears of last few years have been applying to be a sprinkler fitter in the Seattle local unions couple months ago I got the call and I was accepted. So I've been doing NAFTA the last couple months love it. It is very hard it's very hard work consumer warning might get through my five year partnership malignant six figures a year to dozens seventeen has been. My year of the hustle. A limb Puyallup and work a lot Seattle San plenty of time with the podcast in traffic. You guys are still the top of my analyst record immigrants podcast in a land all the land on consol that's all I have to have a go on guys peace out con. Nice contracts nice yet I remember correctly they call those guys strengths. Business. Oats up your strength again. Amendment Sparky is which the electricians. That we'll shorthand names firmament. Recall carpenter. Joseph. Sub to on the topic of self driving cars. You have Ausmus. Congress don't want. Two degrees podcast on land are well planned Matt you're almost right knowledge risky thing as a whole. There. They're called they're also called personal water craft. Just is all Kallis sake which in my opinion of the best wave runners are Yamaha was and I'm not sure what ski user called other than ski do. Cuba mr. misinformation. You guys rock from Matt negate the power scored sportscast AKA for the summer squirt. Yes in Paris scored it for you like the powers were putting out man I don't that's a cool that they're growth areas. And l.'s Nicole thanks join email or public ready to next week. We are not what the misinformation bra but our. You have Matt will we are talking about is like the general like. Hunt for immaculate eloquent. I'm within like the public realm a few ballistic owe that to jet ski or even though it's not. A particular brand and like Kleenex you know if I think overall we just called jet ski yes right whether they are or not infected disk. I thought the big argument was over her. That if yours it mean those are all wave runners in jet ski the old school ones like that. You're standing and yet that's what we are talking about rights and now I realize we just about bring gamers completely wrong and now through the Enola. They're all in jet skis that a couple of rat dead since he. Obviously there. Or. Yeah. Well I had a great time in Alley 'cause they're ten days. And did a lot of cool stuff. The the C. But told you about getting we'd that was fun that's. Vows on a day where. I spent my classic Steve could. Classic this. Hisham Bob Marley and we got Dave yeah. From Kansas half. That's not your vote while Rada. It's not an island and pulled it. The promise you I Ghana match goes on an island and hundreds. That it's though. We yeah we sit at the first go days I hung out at the hotel and you know this or rather beaches. Pools and stuff that that is really cool spot but eventually that grew by a wanted to go explore. Fairway it was really content it is they drink there which is you know it's an awesome place to do it so. I went out and just like when sought out a mile on that date and Kyle looked online after a few things have found a spot called Twin Falls woods is on the road a Honda and just went and explored and I'm around and it. We did you know like there's a creek that runs alongside the trail that I walked down a Barnes does it's like just by myself there. Hoping that some snaked in pop out of nowhere does it just felt like I was a small territory. And snaking it be that it felt like. I. So and then at the end of that is that this this waterfall. As are the biggest our fathers seem but it it's over a cave that you can swim in two and it was bad that says typical when I rolled up on it. No one was in there and size is cites women in their about myself and annoyed when people came as a dozen or so of the picture I got afterwards the budget it's excellent. It when I walked up and just saw completely. Unattended in Q is straight out like move your centers wow kidney itself. Ott got in there and then on the way back as is that going off the trail. And I found this. Ropes suing. With no one nearby there's no one below is on that topic and usually when I do wrote senators and by that see someone. Do it before hand at senators be on an island and a place that never been before and just stumbled across a random ass broke swing as I. Now news news for. Did nerve wracking and sides site. That can add as they have activity that I've got to do that and so I would look at it I grabbed their site. Clearly a lot of people who use this at the bottom kinda worn down so my you know it's got to be all right. An addict I talked myself into it but it's still to you know like minute minute or two legs in anger pay. My heart rate up than it finally did it is the coolest now I hit the waters off. Yeah. It's allows. Thousands super fun adventure and on the way back from that. Allegedly object is looking out of course that's profoundly in his late. That was that was a great day. Yeah everything is aligned acting exaggerated my sunglasses for some more weed and come home my dad's got in new. A new pair oak leaves from the through these on the ocean. And then. And trip they put out vaccine gave treat those glasses these pickup truck. Double down here and it happened double Acela to a couple tourist NASA you get it at the whole water also now cut at a so now we got to lagoon party you don't know that at. I know adult couple days and houses great course. And while they and like you guys to brunch awesome ocean views in a shot a 102. On Tuesday in a 103 on Thursday so pretty consistent. I was pretty happy with that housed. Hit it off the tee a lot better on the first day in my short game was a lot more. On point the second day so really inconsistent with how I got there too it you know consistent numbers. Pretty gay men that. We went on this other high eight. My my youngest brother and his girlfriend and I went on this hike down down by the southern end of the of the island there. And I he's basically. I can through lava rock along the coast and so there's a sake. It was pretty cool prequel experience rob lockers that pitch on your feet promise I promise not to call it. Leaving the same thing. I don't know it's it's really jagged and shot and hard. And very porous yeah. And so like you see is invasive Mount Holly doc lusty good C a all on the green side where all the lava had come down and news is there's kind of cool. And then we found. We found this like cove. Lake swimming pool up at the top of the cliff. Which was like pretty pretty cool as like you know will blow over waist deep or whatever. And nice there is fake. Koppel waves that came up but there are super small and super mellow and so we write goddesses and he has NC crazy. And so we we hung out their profile. And then I want to like get a little closer you. He heads who logo over. And as I get out there Rudy Gay that huge wave coming. I know she inside but I. Down the law I jumped over the law and write down some pretty good grip and just. Race for dear life in this wave just totally submerged his knee comes crashing over me and I just held on as tight as I did. And luckily at most the way past me it's in the water level is higher. In the push wasn't as strong by the time it did yanked me off the wall and I fell back. There's rocks all over like I was at the spotlight she don't have my head Decker spine pleased. On and that is like. Landed in water on my oh my god I'm OK so wait now don't get sucked back over the cliff foot and credit goes back out and I don't. Want to. Oh please and so on that's what I realized I was fine and I came up on from a lot of rookie Daniel like terrified by it. Oh my god they will put thoughts are that's got some fun. But I got to got knocked out. I didn't know that over sizes. The hours it's an ocean Tokyo police back no no we found a and they were based state in the pool so yeah I was. Is pretty intense and test vote them out. Yeah I was wild like that split second thing was is it that split second of adrenaline and terror. Lake. It's right after that I realize okay ask fire made it and so. But yeah that that a journalist by whose real man so that was pretty epic. And then. There is there's some really cool trees out there what it would animated difference if you're farther back in the pool. Yeah I would have been as strong like I noted he had moved in Eller and they're never they're back there and like. You know Luke Luke held on and he got he got hit by it for sure and I was there it was the most powerful wave but he out. I was like right up against it just got tossed it is normally as though. Does close calls and it. Made and the then. I just really enjoying all the trees said. There's this one in high and it's the biggest. Being entry in the United States. And it's interconnected with like twenty different trees but the main big one is just the most massive trees and non. Tree stump you've ever seen a signature from avatar. Yeah yeah do you CNET. South totally posted OK yeah are definitely an about it and be out there and does dealt pictured that spots really traffic through their late at night so I'm just the only one. And it and I think as all these vines hanging down and it's just. It was really cool. And then. Though is but where I was rope swing in and there is just think that this cliff we could see all the roots of the tree on the top of it in the side of it this super dose their eyes is enjoying that and then these. They had these monkey pod she's I think they're called they look like those ones you see in my day African. Desert. And my the lion king and stuff. And they're just a super cool on the way they look which is suitable monkey puzzle monkey puzzle about ones we have here. Opens though. And it's monkey pod when pod thing another monkey puzzle trees in the arboretum. It's a picture real clip to let me inner instrument so to Sar then well it's happened there's a lot of a lot of fun you know family drives and of the tree brown. It was still open wheel drive it straight out of line can't I vitriol like that's my message yeah. And. I. I got. I got a golf gloves that. As they it's all wide and then the pinky and the thumb are black for that has shocked edits as hanging loose confident that particular thought pretty stoked about that. And then I found so I accidentally I swear to god it was accidental accidentally smuggled by pipe to Hawaii. That brought a backpack now is out on me and I bet in my pipe was buried in there which. Dave searched my Jack attack at the airport. On the way there because I forgot I had a knife in it and she's student. Now is not flying and I was really high on notable what I it's going through security. Only brick one a lot. Lot of time man I know I think as the mayor tell you nothing I didn't know the pipe I don't either or and there I had no idea and I've been a pipe from a backpack and no urgency to act. And I would bring harmonize I've got to pipe when I got back their brows like Ottawa flat back with this type. You know it's used its resonated again they might get hung up on a technicality. So Oz I can't yeah. This the data Downey being age. You know we review yeah and. So. If so was there a what do you smoke shop and I found a pipe that is made in Maui that says aloha on it. And so I got that and brought it back with because it cleaners just to pike you know get out and so ice BI swapped out a tight. Through that which has pretty stoked about an oil pipe was tipped on the mouthpiece. So yeah I'm terrific but just a prime happened I think those are most of highlights. I'm here really like you do yeah yeah I could've been killed by the ocean horror arrested on federal prison. Yeah looks like both millionaire romances both those trees exist by the way totally different traits I just looked up on me you attack about gassing the tree of life. Yeah that's sick this you've ago. Think those African Savannah trees and a half flat almost across the top but yeah branch is coming out it's like the ones you always see. Giraffes eating. On Discovery Channel. Give people a vision. If more people get tree of life. Oh. Trailing light as a going like we know graffiti is Lebanon with the tree of life. Ryan Lion King yet that's a feast spot rates draws a little like I just know that that African treatment ideas Restovich I don't know there's trees are called. That's what it must utilize the net cash is actually a bar and on now he called monkey. Nice that we didn't make it to but I. Yeah there's a couple I threw wanted to go out never ruined his leg was. Really time off at the house instead we're playing games and is getting rowdy is pretty funny it. Where he's staying he's like condos that they have laid up above the main hotel. Com for right fairways and stuff and so apparently we had next door neighbor and I mean. Everyone is free. Pretty sauce one IO largest playing these games and screaming at the top of the top Marlins I don't know what the neighbors thought they could definitely hear us like my. My family is getting loud so doubt doubt pretty fun but I think just it's just witnessing. Now or five of baptists. That seems about right now yeah yeah houses get time off routes that go at you right now we're glad your back could be Heidi it's not that time. Top. Well. Overdue. And tells C a 184 episodes. Two mountain. And. Beam me like seventh grade. Real awkward really and a school. Trying your best to like. Do well in the classroom it's like the first week seventh grade and there's this teacher who haven't coached the track team he coached my brother. He was an African American teacher and I really want to impress him because I really want to be on the track team he knew my family knew my brother and her parents. And so. Worry class in history class. Hands. And it's happens if I don't I thoroughly set about this cast out the ass so. So he's having people read out of the book. Right. And it's. It's my turn to read and I'm trying to like. On the seventh grader like I'm just trying to read nonstop and not like mass about the while. There's a river in Africa. That's called the Niger River. And IG ER. And some reading now allowed country and gas so reading aloud in this class and I don't wanna like. Posner Massimo reading I see that word coming and didn't really know like I was like I'm never really seen like. The N word renowned firearm offense that doesn't is that it's going to be weird type ponds and don't say it. Mean like. You know means to make Iran comfortable so I just read right over it. I mean pronounces as the Edwards hadn't known Niger was how you pronounce it right. Read through the rest the paragraph. And I'm discount like waiting and then my teacher Curtis Bates I'll never forget horse the so friends he was just like. That's that's Niger and missed cop suck I'll call either. Do it becomes public this week is. Now what is the most cringe worthy thing you've done it. Yeah Brady email I mean I still still think about that and just Koreans and I was a seventh grader and a thirty year old man now OK so anyway. Super awkward I still feel uncomfortable. Out and have you asked this before I've told this story. Answer it before that's why I was asking you guys about told a story before until now that you're excited and you what is the most cringe worthy thing you've ever on email us he melodies podcast dot com has a moment we are seeing at the podcast to Reese. So I remember and added I told the story and the cast a long time ago. Soon be great for new listeners. But it was on the cob topic now I think about it as you says I think because liquidate to him. And then went and when does comprised. I thought my storage it. Our men and Sarah both men revolved around cringe worthy. Since then and then it. There's girls. And we're we both went to was it's in the hands deck the hall ball back in the day with liquidated to. And system down and staying in Lincoln Park. We're at that and so. Then at the time I kinda knew how to play bass might very simple songs to play great he is very simple songs so. I learned. Rock show on base and now like reworked the lyrics that talked about us. And then I called her and played it for her. At sonic sum my lyrics. How to go. And terribly cod. The united. Let's Malays does she respond when it. I you're seeing it over the phone I don't ask telephone ours is is down I'd. Actually land planeload let cord on the kitchen no note and what their cell calculate kisser anything you know know that I just a winner over. Yeah I played valiant effort and it fell flat on its face then I think she was kind of polite about it I don't remember her reaction to be honest. As definitely did that. So the ones like film over the growth Iraq you know she said landed on an idea now guys since quote yes there are now at. This is like yep everything I had it when should you even listen to their son now. Gentlemen parents ghetto out of sound. I got caught them in love for imperiled the reaction. To turn my head phones now ha ha ha I don't remember that song. It's on the out such an on base the threw it to where. That's like eating at the Frye are free festival winner to fire require a thousand. My actual story for mine's pure and simple we had on cedar yours ago they are pimp and a new problem. And that reason I thought it was going to be funny. And Housley gadget they might name and now former band apart time and usually know when it's not funny. And as. They did they races given about the that is late knowing that right bright eyed. Topic I know how bad I was gusted up either being from South Africa that's correct thank you yes it's a very good name in your being in a part time. Her and I try to exact number they both like it's over your. Dude yeah a well spent some. Yet but I was uncomfortable released of the seventh grader I was an adult I was like you might want. That there and he said to sit there with them. And he was on the phone on its better yet but he mean even they throw miles just look at him in the why why would you pass the hat and what does it honestly and that racism in the commercials I Apollo like I don't know why I just. I thought it would be funny like this league of his he was bad as size or you think about how many people are listening. 100% up you know when I heard a lot of the time you try to not pay attention to it. You're a good thing there's jokes that don't always fire but like you feel like challenges that I am so sorry guys I don't know why I said that like. Blah blah blah. Yeah it's pretty bad. Did one of my favorite things about doing the podcast is some of them like communication. Visually that goes on my beyond the microphones like when alternatives elect. Yeah you know like looking at someone's mouth thing like quite the hello imagine that worries over I allow others like. Yeah I just staring at your spirit bear arms out the silent. Yeah. Yeah and to this state still bugs me man yeah that makes me uncomfortable Macy debate our friendship. Yet least well you know Elise. They know the countries there for now the puck up at that stick. I get togethers episode 184. By the way. Simple ideas thought about this now we will be here next week is the excuse they still like war. How would she do we should dual mics and airman or something. Or whatever and we could find it work on and about Winston. Given met as a different after all work is of a job. We gotta be tough. Mom would make some network tiniest thing. Command bang out of thirty mental illness to two weeks and around almost as an MIP doable for me if I can't you Sunday are I don't know from a Libyan city. What about Mike. Urged all of this mean. When sale next week. Yeah probably that's I booked solid yeah for a training operations off the again yes so it's like for next week we're gonna be got a game. Enjoy it a holiday edged toward the holiday. Just the sort of be over an hour. It's a little lecture form the 45 minutes and actually twenty minutes and Baghdad but happy Independence Day. Enjoy your time I'm clearly gonna grow my math grow. Scenario the meat to be big time and where you're goddamn sense. I can't stress that. Everybody. They have reserves of 184 prince ATP for cop on the Ted Smith is the podcasts ships.