MIGS vs TWOW 010 - Chris Jericho and Corey Taylor

Thursday, June 29th

What happens whe you have one of the greatest wrestlers of all time sit down with two huge wrestling fans (one also being a huge rock star)?  This episode of Migs vs. The World Of Wrestling is what happens!  Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy were playing the same festival as Corey Taylor's band, Stone Sour (KISW's Pain In The Grass)...so Migs sat down with the two of them for a fun chat about wrestling, rock music, and more!  Check out "Judas", Fozzy's new record - due out in September, and "Hydrograd"...Stone Sour's new record (out tomorrow - 6/30).

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It's now time for work. Days vs the world. Welcome to another episode of migs vs the world wrestling and I cannot be more excited about this episode. Talk about things falling into place perfectly. Last week. We had pain and aggressive big radio festival that we do hear a KI SW where. Stone sour was playing and also Fuzzy and I was like you know he'll be really cool to do an episode of majors and the world wrestling with Chris Jericho. Now thinking you know Corey Taylor is a huge wrestling fan every time we've interviewed him. It's come up I just talked about his love for professional wrestling and I doubt I'll be really a different and fun way to do it is sad the both of them. On the podcast is talking about wrestling and do we talk about wrestling. A little bit but we just talk about a bunch of other random stuff it's a really fun lesson so let's just jump right into it. My chat with Chris Jericho from Bosnia and WW retain. And Corey Taylor from slip knot and stone sour through this is also doing out a wrestling pockets got mixed vs the world wrestling and I thought when I was coming between addressing Joseph the limit not jokingly kind of seriously dimension to Ryan armed. Our media director McKay. Is there anyway I can get maybe a quick couple minutes to Corey and Chris and a career big wrestling fans who Chris I hear you like wrestling is now SES housing doubt at all podcast is more just about the personalities behind that I find wrestler threesome. Interested as well I would normally wouldn't you wrestling just because it's just like comic images of that sort of Corey was they all do it for jabs without him I miss I'd never heard yes from you guys like a near levels so quickly I'm all right I'll go we get singers in rock and roll bands we're we're set time is almost at the same time yeah yeah there's all this press and other laws at all to the Corey one actually. I don't imagine like how auditioning I don't like. Has nothing to do it made it out if accompanied and I keep saying right now it's I'm OK with you know shows a man you just sleep the source like McCarty is coming to Tampa next week two weeks as segment producer and ask asked his people right you know windows regularly I feel like talking to somebody gave for ten minutes or something external now the request is then and they haven't turned it down well that's good that's good yeah that's really you know will heal up to tell me of that as well as young as gadget works only if it goes after that did daddy you're battling for the salukis won for the fences yet. And getting a card enforce that I got a ground rule double just yeah solid were almost as good. All right well assorted articles like one and like an alien but yeah things are singers and then do this is going to be awesome I'm really look at Florida has a bit of time where you one of someone and you got shot down year like some of the pixel times. Well once again any Randy Orton was one cities and do it in came as another one there's super into super into the Zune is a leg while vote. You know tomorrow at three. I don't do it yeah once they want you again yeah I suppose people tell you. Which you wanna hear rather see the truth and canceling it couldn't calm so. From from Paul Stanley. Council bunch of times before finally gone and overly but that's definitely what I'm saying Jerious. It arrow. But so yeah. How much of my favorites coming you to dissent souls of men and hear him these so human yeah you know I mean you'll get that typically at a decibel you guys have that opportunity to be it a lot of human side of guys that someone like me comes and ask questions is that there's a guard. That as opposed to when it's like you know so and I think. I think that's Corey is rated shows straight to but yeah as on beats plug there are there but I do think we that we know what it's like to get asked the same questions and yeah yeah yeah talk about the same time. And I understand but if onto auto pilot yeah we just answering. But that they don't just given the stock cancers whereas get a chance to talk listening to everything talking like we did your show exactly Cinderella leverage have you had a pretty fun ride this out young and I learned to. All kinds of stuff about you were influences. That. I didn't know and vicariously may be probably a lot of people didn't know about you guys which are which is really cool and it all came from that conversation. Yeah it was just us or show us those are rated and one thing I can Lejeune is you don't have a list of questions yeah I status of question dead after an interview all debts could say you know listening. They do you know looking at the person you're staring at your notes that's why not pay any attention to answer which could lead to a whole new world of possibilities of what you wanna talk about what they wanna talk. What's funny you mention at this remember just receiver not should never say in Seattle and I got to go backstage interview Chad Smith is and always get me to do an interview with him and wanted to have a guys on different radio station I typed out notes and teach your own. And usually it's where you notes Aniston I Dermot had dike I just kind of whatever happens and I. Went in there were no notes and it's funny because we don't full conversation by you. And him Chris. Somehow we got a comes out these weird old mikes were old school like if you watch old wrestling promotion to seven days of stay in my stall owner had you a Riordan a black top so we set up our Breslin goes. I just went hung out with yeah I don't feel Chris Jericho might not never heard of and he was in the front row and I guess apparently you mixed it up with him as during how shall. It's a detriment to samurai sucks up. Why not men and jobs. And it did he get an eight year he's that they are they is the first chairman he's oh into the Dallas I met Chad we've played other celebrity hockey in Madison square garden and he's a goal. Same here that's how we wanted him and I would Chris reportedly going to doubt about that is it's crazy goalies are crazy on your goalie drummer Tommy armour newspaper please back us total waste of fighters yeah yeah. At this at this game because it was a massive score gunners interest stories supersede every year that I'll you know I'll care what the judge when he hit a fight. You know just he's at Charlotte by. So I skated down his end zone in the bondage of drama gloves as it will do is a swing at you you and you move you hit the awful that he jumped on top means. Did he he jumped to come he was on the at a luncheon here. And have a big eyes yeah I had a unique most of my for an. Make a living getting hit above the covers is beating up to Madison Square Garden right. I think what the hell out wool world I am right now so they're my ass handed to me I judge so it's a lifelong friends. Oh absolutely yeah cassette you brought it up when I imagine wrestling I was at the perceive it all alum but Chris Jericho my great guy awesome guy. That's the thing too let's open Corey and I think we've been friends for a lot of the first time I had a moment show. He was talking book freak show wrestling in Vegas oh my god yes I was like I didn't I knew you were fed did know how they give us and it isn't like Jim Rose type stuff yeah kinda yeah but it's it's more like. Because it's in bode. Yeah was our own Garrett attorney is already at it you are a great student grade it's me up all the time it's like you're in town but all and every time he hits yup it's even more amazing than the one that I went to an animal like all of look like. That night they had a lumber clown match. So the map though the ring it is is surrounded by clowns and it's him. Vs the artist formerly known as John Morrison guy yeah so it is he's in there he's do you always do this then you're a liar to come the collapse. And Aaron all the way around it. And here comes but cloudy with like this crazy bag of don't mean to beat the hell out of him and shoot offense is pretty can now and I'm standing in. Honestly the 1300 people there and right are just like so why I'm like literally a minute I'm Paul and it also to my friends Leslie hope. Going in for the are barred got a Yarborough lot they were so insane the other one that I liked was the ghost of Whitney Houston's are good vs the ghost of Michael Jackson. So that's that I didn't drop off not saying yeah you would associate real wrestling and battered area that that al-Qaeda Corey super ends arrests and Jack goes it was funny and. What you said and I was talking with mater duke power Riley and independent wrestler and hasn't just Dana what's the weirdest did you wrestle because that Mac cross on once he talked about wrestling out of jail. And now we are to a city dugout. After the yeah. Dude everybody finds out he's like. Talking to the security guys and there is a boy he's got a minor criminals signaled like I commit a murder yeah I think UN's got to commit murder in the front row. And they realized quickly that they'd like you when I you'll adopt the so yeah I feel and I asked stomach so what we're pleased for you to Kyle and tells like I did an eight year old birthday party. And apparently liked easy heroes like. Fans of hardcore extreme wrestling evenly to spell an end to these kids are like basically like to disable it. Put up really obviously you've been fortunate to be doing to their to reach for a while. Take his birthday party once because. It was a quonset as was called in Canada which is like we put he ends up and it's like oh yeah circle and they know Larry's. And soon in in exchange for using it to train and the guy who is like the trainer had to deal that we do work. His birthday party all what's I didn't know he's already got your book this Saturday and all right hours it's up to the Kwanzaa are really there's enough about it what's the so it's February candidates Frick and freezing. We go on their we do the match and others like three kids and moms love this mom jeans when I got hot dog and a glass of Orange. That's amazing that was I was excellent Udell that stands out as in Mexico and a parking lot and it was dark outside. And the light to they had strung up one out they pulled a Cadillac on blocks that I've talked to have a son. And that's retort I physically I closed at our regular and after that it would rule us and wrestling is you don't Tug of decisions and it was it was the worst gig the a yeah. I putter a college routes killer while they were having lunch. They like it just like the middle of the day and your Catholic the students there they were like this shows hours old like it was like. Our people just. Just right back over showed. Okay he does talk garlic gamble with it it is that and we didn't like here already and they elect a given it a look up it's like we get done. Oh. Rickets and I'm here people expecting trick it's all yeah they like to know what are you playing. Obviously download and downloads as you know 80000 people who are nervous none and you know now it's way more nervous to play in front of eight people didn't than it is to play in front of the eighty now we'd make eye contact but every person watching say anybody can have a good show in front of the huge crowd yeah. It takes a real great bands are great performer really sort of a great show in front of the small crowd does gives you because here's the thing that you learn so much more in that moment. Did you ever will in front of 80000 people is an 8000 people. You basically start doing your best Dickinson you know I like and a continued best health bird these Stanley all that we now you're in front of nobody. You acted figured out for yourself because not only do you have to keep. Those may be like ten people engaged you keep yourself engaged as you can check out real quickly and turn it into like super like bomb out there. See you have to look like there was one time I got to play the show and broke up four people at a club. It was so hot it was oppressively hot in there. I ran and I did have to set standing on the bar and then reached back and grab the dawn soap and I was covered his sweats or two starts hoping myself. And we're working on that into the lyrics of every song let's. Yeah. It was just god I'm like a floating away on sides. To the point where people were like it to the next week or Mike glad Mohamed had a great now yeah. Yeah we're in the show did you learn to loosen up like it you can have fallen in front of while people. You'll have fun in front of forty rounds yet and it's a great point like a member of the on same lines we played did a show wrestling and ring the Alberta. Which is closer drawn our Heller home a foot face off. Just you know I read those are you in the note read on the road from there it was so I said they had they had those in the know are okay and you can't and I'm not in the club. It is so they they they had wrestling show at the college on the same night as the homecoming beer bash a neutral so the homecoming beer bash in Paul C had a thousand people. Wrestling in hall B at seven. Seven people. And the worst thing to me is I always feel bad for the people like they must think that while we made the wrong decision yeah you know like we should what's the beer bash and now. It's our responsibility as performers to make sure like this it's like Mike to moaned in fast times get wherever you are. That's the place to be exactly what you're gonna act is in this great and that's it you have to do is make people forget that there is. No one around and just get them so engaged Julio this was the best (%expletive) show undersea there was hardly anybody there. Did not yet you know I exert strict army Legos or something that you do heard of like Tennessee just got to go find whatever that every moment go for now to give to fill the room with your personality to fill that room. With everything you ever wanted to do as a singer as a former as everything you don't. You imagine. That there's a bigger audience than there is and it's like Dick it's east assays like you'll sing to the uniforms burst releasing did you. All the way in the back and it's gonna it's gonna just do that you know yeah when you make yourself bigger than that room to walk away don't hold. That was amazing. You mentioned numb when we do the interview earlier curb out entered the rest of the crowd and we talked a little bit of a mother while born I watched them and out a month assassin mark Malone fan club. Love of the madness and we talked about love and one of the part some of you ever watched monologue on earth affair documentary asks talks about now and the didn't care you're playing essential tavern in Seattle out of three of us. He's gonna treat him like he's playing a stadium shown Emeril watched us like is. It bums me out though he never had the opportunity to play in the front and he's still only. The only slightly big tour they had was opened up the acquire borders yeah Ali and that was yeah I was it was the West Coast being. And how they describe it is English drink rock and you know it's too bad that once that was at Baltimore lost its clout. All I today there was. Over here they were called the London choir boy right got you on them but over there they were just the choir boys is great song you know bombs real sterling was like I bases yeah dad yeah exactly just it was a Barack yeah it's and they opened the lives of one little tour they got to do. As mother love bone and in that targets in documentaries talk about these so stoked about right here right like is that I won his eyes were open for people like Warren. I don't want to work things is like yeah that's twelve yeah yeah well. It's like act this is so true now you can go out there and credit 2030000. People in it whatever the water now I. Are not enough say to us why the scorpions acidic as you can never listened GAAP. What do. I think I put the president's radio category do you think this stage announcement I rivalry like are you nerves like double nervous but. You go out there you just say anything like I just made another ball and I were to get back I've seen this before Corey sometimes you just lose your place when you onstage junior banter yet. And like yeah I'm trying to say that I want you scream but it doesn't like. I totally let no one knows what you're doing I just feel like god what he said yeah. Are there that's the little confused like costs organizers Luger lost a trend for us coach true message through I do that. Haunt yeah because my melt the so much Basil my brain is no way to. In the. You'll love this what many years are ready for got married my wife and I went to the show must see a bunch of bands like Brad and other bands that all featured members among the blood donors right around the twenty year anniversary of his passing and I was like. In my head I'm not a very bright man but I tell us are doing a maximum. Weird every member of model of bones on this bill that and is around right around in his past things we went. Right around 130 in the in in the morning. They all come out. And bring our Sean Smith from Brad about pigeon daddy's little credible local singer trend of Andy's back today and they do for monologue on solid all and it's like like I mentioned I think I read the music the model of on him Brad was the soundtrack to our wedding yeah we're just saw the married. Not that I was questioning whether to be married just like if I was this is a sign that I'm making a good yeah. But it did just say here goes on life hoping in the back in my mind it and threats like this after Cornell pass the way that they would do. Something maybe couldn't call it mother love bone. But have Crisco and do a set of mother love bone chooses hadn't seen them down any and all yeah employment reliable but kind of like. Have the set list of that exits with a template auditory they did about five monologue on songs which was just completely insane and I was gonna say yeah yeah it was heavy me my wife we were gonna go to that and we were so exhausted as we had been traveling. We didn't go announce to this and so I'm so upset in this as we got him we were to go with Seattle yup first nine I was like. Yeah and you know after all we have hot sexy Josh Anderson. You know one. The impact. Yeah. Guys are now that the riff Raff has got that out of we got this guy one woman isn't about slowing to a jerk. OK so you're gonna last I'm 42 years old and I just to take him wrestling classes I was like you know what I'd oh it's one of those is a Mike. Time is not getting any even shorter. If I'm going to do it and I knew some people and invited me as like. Let me see what it's like I went for one time and then just was. A cloud nine went home could stop talking nightlife zero aspirations of anything other than. Seeing how much I could do it promising to push my body checked yes to Israel and Agile body slam sounds like this is incredible. For you Icelander for a while you remember your first wrestling class and what was that experience like for you. Well it was funny because it was our Brothers or wrestling camp. But there's a heart Calgary Alberta. And vessel went to school the rest of school. And it was a justice. Group of miscreants and malcontents and out of shape people in the one of those there was Lance storm yeah it was in shape and look like a wrestler at least in gravitated to each other. Had somebody who work but the first day. Was the only day that heart showed up that was key heart became to collect the money. And then have some again. He's tussle in high school legacy called back are resting now yes but for us we were just these have these big mats in the gymnasium Cole Porter that's a lake. If you do let's say. Paul halts and those big kind of hit now. Acts yeah that's we wrestled at our own little. Hole. Roster of guys my friend Craig played ten guys athletes and guys who distrust each other now missile pummel mania it was the jokes so I'll. I kind of knew a little bit of rest because we are big Russ and adds we figured out what address each other can do body slam. I can do backdrop of Matta might eat. Stuff like that right so I get in there with Keith Hart and he grabs the and he goes. Mystic backdrop gearbox. And those big insult gearbox like what is it your boss right he throws me off the ropes it was a back Jennifer I don't know what it is the ropes and I've never been in a ring before he's. Those are just proves to take a factor I've never taken a bump. I don't know any. But that's still harbor the school that we're gonna you up and make you pay seek throws are throws accorsi at the rose almost all come back he got a backdrop. I over rotate Elena my feet and Mike. On the star pupil just landed with right. He is like that came from behind me and input in a chokehold which pushed my. Bottom jaw and might. Top of my head down some I teased Philly they're gonna snap duty fill you in salty I did well I guess because I got it on the feet right you're open you would embarrass myself right yeah. And then he was pressed on their for the feeling of my teeth being pushed together so it felt like they're gonna snap shots us and guide and I could scream. Because I couldn't return. And that's why that joke is that what I thought leaders at the heart. And only if the more you stream to the tighter they would put her on XT or it was notorious resistance. Could distribute promote and for a who do things weeks ago Bonnie and that was basically my first day in in rests in school and the other thing was they gave us these contracts aside. That said we owed them. It's 1% of our earnings for the rest of. Our career. And the rest are career and you have no idea what your future holds up as a hub bub label guys say hey yeah economists argue what happens right oh yeah I did know. He's called signing an address or someone they can get if you see and Gil was. Number let's agree it is to sign it says it says 10% to harp Brothers pro with testing. Yeah. I spelt wrong. At least it's percent of our heart Brothers pro with testing like. We inside your whole life would Harvard's pro testing that don't. Right now they've got they're also add a gust of India never actually painting of those my first ever of us and that's awesome now. No I don't remember Duma or first class and they they don't go to a misdemeanor term opponent. Parts not merit as he's doing elect I don't know what I'm doing like I have never learn and it's funny I don't call you by doing. Yup it's Joseph to learn slowly get to build a foundation number lying on my back and just hitting the mat with your hands like a thousand times that you. These are hitting with your legacy your feet has the same time man yet. But not to here's lying on the mat and it teaches you to my movement. At the same time so you know all that sort of stuff but I'm. But like I said and it's not easy to learn and the fact that you're they're getting into just because you. Have a dream of doing it that's great is you'll find out like it's not easy and no bumps and bruises earlier gonna heal yourself. What we need to assume let's or something humanity Il ya most painful thing al-Qaeda as it's called healing yourself are born when you hear yourself and tell you right now you know. I remember pasture was I I well it. Hurts like a mother. Wow yeah as of right now I know I honestly we don't everyone in my shoulder still like there like so when to back. Hammer to them every hasn't ruled Stallone it's oh yeah. The first summit the ropes I felt like somebody had hit in the in the bread basket with a baseball bat I don't think what else is the ropes you got to work up a callous to that you know once again not easy. So it's crowds in the locker room playing hockey two nights ago and I'm seal up my shirt and I have all those Yoakam not callous gets I have all these are all these lines like these purple bruises. And wanted to take. Dude com are you want something. Pinky that we did know well I know I've been doing a wrestling and number one most recommends staying you know I don't care center at this point in my life I've I've lost. Any terrible war worrying about what people think he's. And I appreciate that you know some that you want jobs you don't have. Dreams of of being in the double B or maybe do I don't know owl may now maybe you might wanna have a match that you never know honest if I ever had one Macs are behind that is exactly but what a cool thing to be able to say bright Osama when Batiste went to enemy at the one fight. And I think some people might have been cutting down exists people do right but god bless and you want to do that he did it's that's what a great thing to be able C did so similar. Punk Arab WR Mike and they're and there was at all I can't believe these are in the US Iran like if someone offered you that opportunity that some DUB eighty casino you can just. Think he wanted to do any what Ford did it so. I would never tell somebody not easily because I was kid wanted to be in Iraq general ban and wanted to be arrests in Libya and everybody told me you can't do it and I just never listens and never listen to anybody that told they could do something. And focus on the ones is that you can do it and obviously he remembered a person a fully believing your what are myself with positive energy out negative because if you just sit around. Listen to everybody else's opinions must go living your basement because there was this they don't do this don't do that it's not gonna work you'll never do it. And I don't have time for that yeah I really don't and that's where we're sitting here talking today it's it's just really cool to know that after all these years. You and doing what I always wanted to do what I love to do that's the secret. And at the top U game both musically and wrestling wise I mean that's as an outsider I mean Judas isn't. It makes me I can't wait to get the rest of your record exists and I love the last record but as like this is just another lots. Evolving and that's one thing that you mentioned we're talking earlier that every albums and better than a lot of different but also much more the sounds much more streamlined in that lake. We're talking about for a single Judas was was in the next there's three other songs that there was an argument but it debate he actually called on Robertson that the president of Centrino dude. Judas is the one because the other guys like this one is the one this one is the one and no I won that argument but it's but this through for us laws that are just as good. That can be the next singles an hour and now here's you're gonna watch the next now what do we do. So it's a good probably say if this is 1987 and and we're on Capitol Records like hysteria that flipper at six singles. Dom can at six singles. Third when asked your ballot of course Jeff and Mary pat there's only the layers Lego people rockers the rocket than the valid then the kind of ended temple Roch yeah yeah yeah slaughtered had a down pack whenever you're up all night they'll look at. One last thing before I let you go out Lisa had a chance to chat without Christopher Daniels and I imagine hey ya he was messing how is his career is winding up. A zoo who's the one guy you wish to walk through the doors of ring of honor wherever it is you're wrestling. And have a match with any any say deal. Add to that was really cool is like I've model a lot of how I've grown as a wrestler based on what Chris Jericho is done. How about for yourself today if there was on that you could have won last match wits whenever it would be awarded the US. First let's cool to hear from Chris I appreciate that he's he's tremendous performances here but. I mean I wrestle against everybody yeah I think you know he won and it's arrests and never Russell Bret Hart and Russell on heart which is funny come from Calgary yeah flock towards those guys. Ever in action never wrestled any hearts. Have it any heart at all while which is kind of weird so I mean. I wish I could've worked more with undertaker I think we were only a handful of times they're all great there's one in particular was just unbelievable it was so hung over it was a gift. In England I was. And Heidi can account and and a neck office head coach at the lights off up until 6 o'clock I was done. The one out there and had a great match I think I'm. If you're going for the entire wrestling world I think Kenny Omega. Com would be the guy that I'd like to work with in the as a criminal Condoleezza examples of both of death but Kenny is from when they got from wanna pay. We both kind of cut our teeth in Japan grew up so to speak in Japan were almost considered Japanese by hardcore Japanese stands. Was that matches happening Japan or whether it happened in the states. I I would actually be better if we can happen in Japan I was gonna say dowdy perjury a great place to do that so. And that man I mean I think this pretty much it other than fantasy booking this pretty much. Nobody that I have worked with. That's that I would that I would like to work with. I was sort of worked a gorilla the more people think that we were too so much we really didn't who worked a few times in in Debbie CW. You know we were tagged him for short retirement Doherty would never work maybe one or two years or matches so but other than that you don't get freedom have been lucky and pretty much gotten Russell everybody. That's huge. The I really appreciate it a few minutes out and of course soft bodies new records coming out in September. And what's -- record. Judas September and we're almost finished the eleven teams on it and we're really excited about it. And I would hope you another. Obviously you're gonna come acted in northwest three and you guys are great supporter of Fazio KSW have been for years express and the sound cycle that's so important. To have that so and yet we we love Seattle really do welcome back for sure. Arab we are doing studio for the last record and we made it a song off the record and at that time wasn't gambler at the time it was like it was cool to see the response of you know that I that. You know since it's almost like I'm and I hope our audience is gonna react the same way I hope they do when you see like L a a slew of tax hikes. This is awesome this is awesome display and I copied pasted all those inside the door I'm Mike you know. I don't have any obvious on a horse in the race in this but I. I give a crap about the people that I'm a fan out plus. And so we've we've had to work twice as hard to get respect sometimes because I'm an advantage or Taylor's gone through reckless yesterday manager at that went through thirty seconds. I'm and that's fine because we wouldn't be doing this if it was in good we know what's good we know the band is good we got band is great live band and people eventually come around and I think. Judas was the rights on the right time where a lot of people. I think after Basra in the go to nearly he's going off to leave you Fuzzy. All right I'm gonna give that a shot quietly in the news or sunny here in the like oh my gosh what are we waiting was bright and you can see everything just get sucked up this whirlwind buckle the news that. It's at papers again. And use like it's close in that's cool and he's in more that the numbers shows emerges gone up in the YouTube use of Jews are almost 6000006 weeks. And it's amazing what it is people like Paul Stanley and I was just on them like in say that he heard it. Was all it like that you're that you're songs together like Lars disarmament. You know become a become becoming our slash liking attacks that I posts or tweet posted about us track in the billboard top forty. None of these guys have said they listen to the song but I know they're watching yeah and that's good so there's a lot of goodwill for plaza because you've been doing this awhile if a great reputation. Think Edwards pulling for us to get the next level and this is great step start going toward. I don't nominated it's funny I had a year yet for many a Jeff Rouse our boy yeah as is basis and him and I are working on because they drums and we're putting together a whole side projects. This there was no reason for years I'm like dude. We're just going studio and I we've put together a few of our friends and the name of our band. Bruiser Brody. I'm left I'm task become just showed is that I can't come did and introduce you Roger Waters and here at the how are you could use Roger Waters are low numbers not due to Chris. Good thank you so much Brothers are big guys against Chris Jericho and Corey Taylor man oh man that was a great experience what a great time to pick up stone sour new record Hydro grad. And also Chris Jericho and you've been quasi public for the other next record. This in September. You can follow me on Twitter. And it's a Graham had. I'm Steve migs and he's. You know migs world of wrestling at gmail.com. Thank you so much from.