BJGN06-30-17 - Preacher - Orphan Black - Doctor Who

Friday, June 30th

The gang discusses TV with Silicon Valley, Preacher, Orphan Black, Doctor Who, The Travelers & 3%; Rev talks movie news with Gareth von Kallenbach; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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Think what is stuff I did a really gets deleted I totally missed this I think it's just while you're too busy getting made for the pew pew that. I think there's a lot of stuff there's actually been happening. In dirty news and it's kind of interesting because normally these summertime is. Lake did kind of a waste land for television. And yeah we've got a bunch of stuff that's coming back some stuff that is ending and stuff that's kind of in the middle of where we're going with their yacht tonight is killed Joyce oh Childress is backfield job back this week I believe it is tonight yeah I have such Hilda well either tonight or this weekend Baghdad is so I I have a numbing TV grab bag actually enjoys his back yeah and I mean like Netflix has been dropping. A ton of stuff in it gas it's dinners to because a lot of us kind of non geeky things that we talked about yesterday was spots. March really getting in to go low. Of the united both just finish towards the new black and blows next some analysts yes so awesome I haven't downloaded I am a big trip rather I'm taking very soon and I'll be watching on the plane because mark Merritt and guys didn't pretty decent improvement yeah I use for his role glow so that's chemical one show they did and that is on HBO. Not and end but had their season finale with Silicon Valley garish and I definitely want to talk about it when you're on BJ because this month it was kind of interesting for me was bittersweet now because this sees the end. Ehrlich ya and a very fun way it was a fun way to really make sense for him as a character. But it's kind of sad because he was one of my favorite characters on the show I think is a big fear for every one TJ Miller has gone on the record to say that he will not be back. Ehrlich is gone forever there's not there's no real. All desire either he wanted to make to a gas roller an Ontario he left and heating everybody. It street and here's the all wow TJ Miller is the I don't wanna call him eccentric but it's really kinda how he is. And so some of the things it did kind of sound like he has a sort of a bad blood was certain people on the show. Or is like some of those early show runners but I I don't really know because he's a ridiculous person in real life then the officials Damon he gave when he was asked was complimentary so it we have new statements are leaders in an interview he did an interview. Yeah our little Hollywood reporter has I don't know how Smart you know bird is he went to Harden all you know aren't. Those kids are acting eightieth stack crimson trashed those comedy writers in Hollywood there I think Harvard Harvard graduates and that's why they're snug as a bug. He's that I think that in television usually how one element that is very challenging very frustrating it's an obstacle right seating the best word that he can do Alec was after mean I think I was out for Alec. But I didn't talk to Alley because they don't like Alec yet what I'll I'm my judge and likely try our charmer aren't brilliant. And so yet an Al spurred his one day I think he's the main writer of the show and then uses talking about how it's kind of days. Like a cycle in nature of like that these sort of shows that he has written for the past. Where it kind of goes back to that status quo. And they wanted HBO wanna do a reduced role for TJ Miller and have Ehrlich and Jeanne Yang do you kind of a back and forth but really only like a couple of episodes in the next season. And TJ saw as they wait for him to be like all right cool about I've got too much other stuff going on and I do too many things. And then what he said about that it's like you know healing now home it's like he felt like it was getting Chelsea's have a perfect father son moment with him going on. Yet stern get kind of suck it's a little failure becoming a bit you know a bit hack. And hey if it. And see how bad four seasons of that I can see yet in any case seen the end of the episode where it goes back Q do you restaurant where it's Richard and Gavin and Gaddis trying to buy out. Richards company again like it was at the seasonal wind. I could see that. And having Ehrlich back for that I think I might have actually tapped out of next season finale he's not gonna be there. There's a differing it's sort. It is sort of hierarchy now because they're not gonna have Earl Woods plays. In Leisle Jeanne Yang takes it over so it's it'll be interesting to see where they go with it because if Ehrlich was still there do you just need to do that no one likes hanging around in a wide do you still need that. It's interesting thing because you take a look at another comedy the success of the Big Bang theory. They have an eye for so many seasons and somehow some way. They're characters we still love but they have grown them and added to them. So that I still want to watch episodes of that show and I'm wondering hey you know who like you say it's if it's a reset an okay here's what happens. Richard is going to look like he's almost gonna win and also be successful then it's gonna all the law but his face but then they'll be saved slightly kind or some sort of weird way we have been in this episode and was great and what is what happens every time it is what happens every time so it's kind of like women like mama that not be enough for me anymore. And without TJ Miller I wonder if indeed next season will be my last because I did like that character I'd like he did a great job acting as that guy. I love those moments where he was just so politically incorrect except. You know I'll say again Guilfoyle and did Nash act like that I know I do like that dynamic. And Jared I like that dynamic but UAE you know so we'll see what if what this is they bring to this day and this is gonna be the big season to see whether or not I stick with it because after five seasons I want some of that growth or a little bit of finality to it. I I was kind of hoping they would work together Gavin and Richard and then. Jack would be the enemy yeah now that's some disappointed that there are at odds again I kind of felt like the next step would be for them to work together and that crazy dynamic that would happen only thing I see from that is that Gavin and Richard like Richard has a bit of a backbone Downey he has realized that you have to do these teams and you have to be a bit of a hypocrite in order to be. Really successful in this to cut throat business and in capitalism in general just in general area and so it's kind of interesting just to see a governors like well. I eagerly await did you know face you on the battlefield so to speak. So it's kind of need to see that and see where they're gonna take that but they have to upped the ante on that they have to go to and do more with that corals is going to be the same boring show. And I don't need that anymore we'll see I mean don't get one more season not a Meehan. Hopefully you know gives me the joy that day that this season game I love the season the next show on this latest creature is back for. He had buddy and I'm going to be kind of a wet fart on the I don't know maybe I better and I am now here's the thing I have. Yeah did you see it until I just yet so difficult so I've always episode one but we can talk about what's 'cause they are free on the ANC website you can watch both of them without any log in so if you don't have kiwi can just watch episode one and two. Season GO. In this sounds kind of ethnic kind of funny. Me thinking about this and then actually saying this. Then gore factor I forgot how gory they show why he had this show is very gory and so it really need it it it surprised and really put me off on this first episode. And I think you're just getting back in and uphold 'cause more than I've had a chance to think about it. I'm like OK Mi B maybe it is just gonna take a couple episodes to give me back into the group and what we've come to expect from preach. Ernie you are it's got the houses sit out the door that's very shocking I know and I don't know. You don't have to come clean the table as more real both say no cable eight sausage out of my HS cabinet you're the gore guy it's so bizarre it was just in really angry really could I not neat Jeannie announce. I think it it was I was a little angry and egg in it's more the weirdest thing is like when I'm watching the show ending getting ready to have lined jump watching someone you know one of the police officers getting their head. Blown off like the top half there had just. Go online yeah it doesn't bother me it shouldn't be here and a the other problem I had was the fact that two pets were killed in this at the eyes yeah. Our real issue and I like chat chat via Cass city gaining. I love you exceeding our meals on wheels with Nikita cannons. So now that's the funny thing dean Schilling is still a little blue in the corner now heard that they killed a key I know what the sense I totally not a sense why this is like he knew they had to you Michael Illinois boy can imagine what I would not one of vampire. To eat dammit Carl in the house by it's going to be new parent you know they have the baby there. I'm happy happy but they're very insufferable and tone room include any original Jenny Lee's movies where they heard the children and a bit hard yeah. I don't know save your you know mania media you've seen countless human beings destroyed are now and then a cat that doesn't get shown destroyed highlighted because Jesse went to a all elbows that was gonna Pettit I forgot oh yeah he's ethos that your candidate really know exactly what he was doing when they when I heard the first meow I was like oh combines data from all line. You have no problem with all of those warriors sheriff's deputies and everybody getting destroyed I did this problem with them siphoning gas out of the gas tank using -- test and again we see that was my children on whether it was pretty hilarious now and then when it's hilarious for the cast the problem yeah I know I understand amateur may have broken I am but it did get to meet at that point you you know we didn't really tune Cameron. I know it's early yeah okay I understand that but there's an emotional response there. Like Blake suck the blood out of any sort of human I'm OK with back yet you have no idea how crazy that's an ounce and no I had a gamble that for you eat animals for your own sustenance and I mad that Cassidy eight an animal rather an agreement please announce us and I don't either pets. You're the one that calls I've made a creature iPad you make that designation as a human there's still creatures and in some countries they eat them mad because they even for a vote and and and other creatures he demure otherwise like Dominic Alvis a pat on the call that human. Nothing I don't call my human my brother or sister but you're ipads. Well beyond the bat in my case you aren't you did your hypocrites are good guys these are the rest of the episode was a lot of fun we if we're getting into. You know no pun intended the meat of the show which is a road trip you know a road trip show. To die yet to find guy. And I really do you enjoy this saint of killers. Just how bad ass he is and the basic fact that his gun is essentially how would sir yeah mommy can I have asked her how Israel does blow things. Up yeah and how he is beyond the powers. Of us from hell GAAP and now and it's a heavenly power of you will learn Genesis or whatever it did yeah is as a working and emit only works on beings on this planet in or some heavenly beings apparently now which is kinda weird thing doesn't we're gonna sandy killers like I I I wonder if they will explain why and I can't remember for the comics if they do explain why some kind of interested in Encino where they're gonna go with that. But the first episode I enjoyed a task that is my favorite yes yes I mean Cassidy is Armenian even though the fact he's a cat killer yeah is he is my favorite it's awesome that really that Rudy is really tearing up from his role especially in episode two it was such a great episode really as Yasser have you seen episode I have not been going up about it because guys are just he just has a great let's just say he has a fun day was Fiore. All we are Fiore Peoria has to find New York where. It's such a great all kinds. That's a task is its chassis type days. Also Fiore. Uses his ability as an Angel and a very interesting way I saw the previews going into this John. Kevin Reagan yeah yeah as such it's such a cool idea. Love the whole hole while all of the whole concept of at all it's. It really it's such a different fun show I don't remember that you know it's it's a loss is ever the comics so I feel like I'm watching a brand new show that I don't know what's gonna happen yeah so lie ever since I read the comics and I mean right now I don't wanna go back and read the comics I wanted just experience this once but I think after maybe a couple of seasons I would be OK with going back in. Reading the comics I wanna see. I remember that that any it was inferred in the first episode of this new season about Jesse's family. Yeah and so I is kind of interesting scene some of the precursor is that I wanna see how they handle that I want to go back and read that because I mean I remember some really really brutal things yes Aaron and I pool. I only read the first graphic now I think Biggio and Mubarak Trevor ghost like heaven idea about it. For crack a wrong from the first graphic nobly feeling tulip was kind of like a war lists can be. Only done only answer to know and little. Today and I like I said you know she was not she wasn't as insanely bad ass as he saw the first season yeah me she's still pretty bad Latin Garrett there is Miller and Ruth mega by the way is such a good actor she is yeah it's just chill and it. That's yeah hey yeah us later seized yes she was you would have seen as it was a teleport me. Was she eventually begin middle of order am bullets did did she die and some to be he got her powers until somebody died and she got their heart for my heart transplant that's. Why can't we is my pajamas. Yeah. You know needing a heart transplant girl in the you've run into her and then. She's so good yes she's really really good I'm. I I love it it's I think it's great television it's cool that they have a talk a preacher show I Chris armor is hosts that after they really I mean me I need to realize that so that's out on in the you'll see that after every preacher episode so that's all in they had Dominique gone there. I Tony Stark was an excitement of the bunker and I should actually Tony Stark towers how our hours our next guest so ID EF IILA. It was a little ought to read why I got it was flawed for meet Su I think just because they've been a long time and it was able to get back into the vibe of this. And of course they threw you're right into the carnage yet Al but the end episode to really get your right back into. Glenn Moore shower as a guest stars starring role on that and in every issue and he's good he's. He plays a really good role that I we remember him from my 24 back in the yes seeing Glenn also was the general that well you know I still Kevin Bacon in X-Men now first class. Let it set sale everybody. Hey is a hand grenade you come under that. This is yeah and eglin more showers awesome TV was really good in this I'd love to hear everybody's input on that B geeky nation team about com let us know how you feel about the upcoming season a preacher. And I mean the first episode second. He's a the second episode Didier ya where Dario got more showers or do you remember more showers if it was the brother all Ky okay yeah yeah that's as right there was a second cause you to note I was talking about Adolf right I don't even realize it was him for that oh yeah yeah yeah my GI was -- and I guess the one with some of the cage bogs you down. Now I know Vick he's been wanting to talk orphaned black but she was waiting DJ for you to come back to answer is talk black she's waiting for the club club to be sort of it's fully you know engage it here so what's not. What's good big game. I'm having a good time with that just because in the and we know this is the last season cedar seeing everything kind of take place like and you're getting called axed from. Like I cleaver a lot of this happen like Allison now kinda witnessed one of her best friends quote unquote. Diet she really duty to help her she witnesses she was like I think she wanted it to happen because she thought she was initially thought the woman was out to dinner yes she thought she is one of the aegs thus the monitors are in Indonesia out to be your husband says he's trying to regain control of her life. I just watched that at said the Moreno Watson I was behind two episodes at a quickly locks and I have. Some kind of having them a little morphed in my hand right now some in India held high level I do I love the Allison character in the last episode Allison basically has a great show down. Tom model with bill well you know with that with with they would see you know help Rachel thank you yes. Because Rachel. The idea this show is is that these are clones but yet and Rachel's one of the calls but she also wants to be in charge of this whole biological DNA cloning whatever the hell they're trying to make humans better division. And the clones end up having it. Our faults so they end up all dying they wanna fix that. Turns out this one cone had a child successfully were most of them couldn't believe. You would do and character Sarah and yes so they wanted previously taken her daughter to get for DNA action but then there's another clone whose crazy good crazy axle twin PS I hope so she's able to have babies since she's ready she's the crazy on Palin aren't like Madonna yeah trachsel twin they were separated at birth but she gonna stick in my stomach so we and our members are doing what we know of the babies are doing because they went to the hospital as I did did they did some political news check out the baby's ultrasound. They wanna do a test and Italy the move this baby that was hurts. And we don't find any injuries oh yeah accelerate the healing baby out Walgreen Davis I would know that her babies and special week. We have known for awhile they cheer us Sarah's baby her daughter. I'll also has some real ability to she's connected to all the clothes she can tell when men when men like one of them died and she knew right off the bat even though she's hundreds of miles away order only be wow one of the clones resigning soon aren't quite a hundred miles does juice. The far away yeah. But she knows what the other clones are feeling the casinos really sad she's or this person this so we weekly hinted at that. The last couple seasons but more finally gonna figure out what it is full blown on that while we have because they cannot make a deal with diet ads say no okay you'll. Sarah Webb will leave you guys a little more monitor you guys will leave you alone we just want serin hero for these tests and stuff we want a big cities and they're trying to find Helena Helena with her so they can you know get her bed isn't. You know and check them out to an alien as being as resilient as ever and escapes and kind of been hiding right now. This being the last season do you feel that the stakes I have been up for that. Because it's a NASA deliver exact data is because you know it's this is the fifth season there's not a lot that's gone on. Tom Carter remember everything yes this film so it's been so long then yes sometimes that is the that is the problem but at least we're gonna get to see some resolution. A you know including they've got a guy it's hundreds of years he's he's almost 200 years old. And day out at any says there is a very island of doctor Monroe field to this even had the book Reno basically talked about and as an island where they may get some of these people or he. Well doctor Moreau was a fake Kara trying to think it was a real doctor Maroney real life one sure discuss face to its not a real thing your mountain yet because I'm saying yeah I don't think that universe is told us that doctor -- is real you know and yet editors say FEU is probably still a book they tell you that that's primary not an actual doctor Maria yes so I'll admit they've you know it's the acting is great test Panama's Lonnie just makes you area and I am excited because. They really have some great moments between the clones because Allison is just a soccer mom and and. Emphasize that this this episode though like we know at least and K before you know whenever. She was useful and you know back where he's folk she's a cop and she's like I'm just a soccer mom and help come from the same bed like they're all the same person just raised in different situations it's that nurture is. Nature so why cars looking down on the other Coleman as it turns out great moment between Rachel and Allison who they never met because and Allison even said. I know you we've never imagined in races can I get because why why why why when I meet you Gary kind of a loser the I and had no Easter break to me and as it turns out of course I Allison was able to I'd turn the tables and really put all pull off a power move with Rachel to the point where she's like Allison was like. Even now I'm not a brilliant size zero and I'm not a brilliant business person I'm brilliant because I can think of this. You're not gonna do what you said you're gonna do and also she's been really resilient they've killed two people and bury them in a garage and admit to doing church social. You know she ends up having a really awesome relationship with her husband who was the monitor and most of the times the monitors are not anybody looking off for them but she ended up having a relationship what does India going to be a nice man who wanted to be there and trying to save the mall yes so and she had a good moment and I love Al. Austin's character can she sell soccer mom ish. Mom and Tatiana just plays or so well which is usually so all went so well like it's okay NC don't ever think oh this is the same person just doing different accent and you forget it's the same person I wonder if she's just going to have to you after the show is over just kind of decompress and like. I don't trail she's dishes do the movie with Jake Gyllenhaal mayor soon I hope we she's only playing one character got a point. I would. And dedication and let. Moving on from that we've got Doctor Who BJ RR yeah it's hello oppose real doctor doing too well Armageddon with Dell the aliens at this point we are at the end of the season only we we BM I love the last episode was the beginning. Of the two part series assess season finale which and frankly I mean could be the two part series finale of Peter compel the yeah I don't know and I don't like I am not too I I don't like to read a lot 'cause I like to be surprised. So I'm coming from a person that's watching the show host. I know that he's leaving and I don't know he's coming back for the Christmas episode some people may already know that but I'm in the dark about it intentionally. How it started it was they've had every generation seen already that was takes. Well they open up this first episode with him. Just the tar disappearing in this really snow desolate lows snow snowy waste land. He stumbles out and he's regenerating like he looks like he's about to regenerate and because he's been injured the biggest two meantime this is yeah they're gonna either delusional man but I know they have do 'cause he says he's done OK so yeah okay he's he is either this episode is his last episode Leno episode twelve this season or the Christmas episode is his last one. And that's how it starts but there we go into a flashback has is like on those a position I was due oh yeah okay and and it's it's a pretty cool episode as they go back. Two. You know we've had all different kinds of cyber man one of the classic villains not it's not as great as said the dollar Lex but the cyber men are still pretty awesome Malia and but in over the years they have looks really goofy and bad because well as you know as. As cosmetics and costumes yet we improved over the years so assignment a look bad asks. What they have gone back to our planet called Mon ass which is basically the twin of Earth's. Which is of it which she kiwi we could never see because it was always on the other side of the sun Soriano was not there yet are right and I think there are a bunch of cyber command from old school days of the Trout and days and why. And so they find these Mondesi and cyber man. Who have basically socks on their head even though look like robots. We just got acquainted Q. We know that the beginning of the episode but I will tell you very powerful part of the episode is dead bill. They his companion get shot through the chest pretty much her entire middle body is vaporized. God she's dead did they have to bring her back to life by basically giving your conversion mates are are you said. I am but I kind it was like god that was very familiar that little thing they put on earth. And basically the end of the episode she's completely turn into a cyber meant. I show my doctor the doctor told the way for him but they were on this cool spaceship that was so long. And near a black hole that the top of the ship was in the black also time ran slower than the bottom of the ship. Well so she's in the bottom of the ship and months in going by maybe even years are going by while only seconds or going by where the doctor is trying to rescue her. So he's already doomed once they take her to the bottom of the ship. That is so crazy so it was a really interesting concept. And another bizarre thing which I don't know what's going on he's trying to reform the master who's now of course the mistress missy can and the idea was he was letting her leave this mission Molly state and its artists and giving your coaching points while. Know our dole and go lower leg with her as they're as are companions which she called them assistance or or of course are horrible maybe she called them. Com we we did we come to find out this is character who's a real today. He sort of like a salty Gianna her character but there's something about him I don't know anyone here that in the end of the episodes. Okay he pulls off this mask. And reveals himself to be. John CM's master rules any standing next to missy and we're like wait a minute what is going on there's supposed to be the same thing again missy is a regeneration of Johnson's masters goal. We've never seen every generation the last timing Chris you'll back me it was the last time we saw John Sims master was when he was fighting grass salon. And he just sort of chased him into the thing and say appeared dead David Tennant doctor now that we've ever seen the masters since since then no and then missy shows up and calls herself the mistress right in the first season Peter compel these doctor. So we've ever seen we just assumed she called herself the mistresses says she was him. Wouldn't it but now I'm wondering what she ever really hit a maybe that's not the thing now pod there and look time lords to engender Ben we know that that's right and the only other baguette thank governor again I don't I don't know and maybe people know this already but. There was another time lord called the Ronnie who can who was a basically an enemy time lord of Doctor Who back in the day. And people wonder Ronnie from Jersey AAI's earlier. America so I don't know I don't know how we can have them. The same like two different versions of the master though I had plenty of episodes we had multiple doctors on the so. Well it doesn't missy like you say a bunch of stuff that leads us directly to think that she is the next generation exactly so maybe she just knew that a lot of books maybe picked up his diary somewhere through their death travel apologist yeah so that's that was the cliff hanger firfer episode eleven. And of course tomorrow night is the last episode of the season. We will see if indeed we get a regeneration I don't think we will because we haven't even heard a whole new doctor is going to be which is why I think we're gonna seek a poly in the in the Christmas episode. Or less the BBC has been like hey this time. Instead of telling a body with a doctor is we're really gonna keep it quiet and the big reveals here doesn't really amazing happy especially in this day and age weigh in lake that technology is just a lake where two in tune with everything. And people have drawn roams no fly over lake satellite T being sets and stuff like that. Just to get a little peek on who might be on set at at times to make him figured out he had played in DC it's it's hard for me to believe that they can keep something like that under wrap now days Emma had a big party to reveal Peter compelled during the fiftieth anniversary your doctor drew. And before that Matt Smith they did a nice article saying here's the next doctor after David Tennant. So I am I. It would be surprising to me that's why laugh and think there's no way he's gonna regenerate at the end of this episode ahead aura or if you regenerates. Maybe they just keep that a secret and set it up in such a way that oh it's the start of regeneration. And then the Christmas episode when they finally name would you do it is in Britain and film written all that then they'll just continue it. Either way yeah it was a good episode I have to say it was really creepy. Really well done that this is that the cyber men reveal was kind of cool I kinda knew it was but I think if you didn't know you'd be like whatever and it doesn't allay any cyber amended. Of the current Davies and the media and the other due to a camera market Maya yet we haven't seen as Simon look like this before so this that was fun and bring it back Mondesi was flying because that's a nice amendment and that goes all the way back to the sixty so that was cool short when you wanted to talk just briefly about two other TV shows. What it what you have on their BJ well let's see well I want to talk about travelers because even though I'm way behind on this travelers. They had been there about it they will have their season to maybe in the fall. Eric McCormick from will and grace and eight he's he's CNN's on Netflix you can watch a right now like I'm doing okay and the reason I bring it up visits a scifi show which pretty much the only scifi part of it is is that. There are these beings that travel from the future to the past with only their mind their mind gets inserted into the bodies of people. And it's count quantum we yeah 8 PM and who they insert them into the bodies of our people who are about to die. They basically change history because the people were about to die don't end up dying. They don't but they don't consider it actually being mean stealing their lives because they were gonna die anyway because they literally over right whoever was in there and their own wow and they don't have a war and they don't it's the point where they don't have other person's memories. So they really have to study the past in order to be able to know about their character. Which is really brilliant because it is the episode the first episode has a couple of screw ups in the process because. They thought they were downloading into it from a certain type of person but for whatever reason because history wasn't as accurate is it could've been. They didn't get the person look like they are and again Colin are high and it's actually very clever. Very well done it's like detective show really. Because it takes place in modern day but they're trying to do missions from the future to save the earth from a calamity. Of the future so it's sort of like it's it's just heard John Connor they go the Earth's ice athletic comeback is the terminator early ninety's comic book yet it's very John Connor but at. It's a well done because. They they jumpin all these different bodies and the oldest person of the group police say is like almost a hundred years old. Jumps into the body of a high school seventeen year old football played jerk kid the backup and all of a sudden went without slang they all of a sudden now he's a genius. You know I'm one of the jump back. One of the jobs in the body of heroin addict the other one jumps into the body of a developmentally disabled person. And so it's really fascinating to see how they have to navigate life community because of the fact that they're no longer those people there themselves. I like it a lot travelers and then another show I don't know a whole lot about on because I'm gonna watch it come on I'm but I downloaded on my iPad from point plane trip. Is that this new show I guess it was made in Brazil completely to the point where it's gonna be dubs. Co pay and it's called 3% crap grant to pay attention. Yeah it's a decade is that an outside guy you can't read their lives because it's it's going to be like the old school martial arts movies because there are gonna move differently hopefully a little more of stated on that as opposed it and that's ahead I had doves on the old gung fu wanna watch this cereal because I just put an emphasis and check it out 3% and it starts off with in the future ago our wallets and our future than if they qualify for scifi got to pay attention. And the the elite inhabit an island paradise far from the crowded slums. And you get one chance to join the 3% saved from squalor. And it's if true it looks like people are competing Hunger Games style but not. Not like you know born arrows are more like you know you're trying to do puzzles like a survivor. I had an hour to try to again and it looks like to add to completely Brazilian made TV show for Netflix and a Netflix original and that's out now I think you just drop not too long ago anomaly check that out who. I'm Mary if you ever have you if you seen this before I let us know your mr. review on and I feel about it. And now it's time for me to speak with Garrett bond Colin block. From skewed in reviewed that is as K and 200 Manhattan district at bat better yet there's a lot of news coming out and we're gonna focus on a little bit of television and films and starting off with as Spider-Man a homecoming which is Mary very soon and there's words of a possible new event jerk. Correct well also what we've been told dismiss that. The first doctors during the screenings. Force Spiderman and that melts from now on July 8 they horror or chew. Post credit change so we're told. And it should be no surprise some people already stirred planning shot my second one starter rent homecoming too is the kind of title right now. And it even notes Sony property you're remembered Dutch is still part of the marble collection universe yet to absolutely be Ole. That they cut where they're gonna work together on them now cheers word gets. A little interesting and have the same time confusing. We all know that from all they had to jump Robert Downey junior in iron hammer prominently featured GM a I us our program homecoming yeah. Deed which said that in this sequel it will not be Iron Man but it will be another boat venture that will be featured. Say Kenny hinting towards. That. Inner and seeing. Which leads to this other interest in little piece of news. They're currently filming the the next avengers film now which is part one of the two part show yet he CD war. Correct now the second film Elvis says you know this is the big one you've got all the characters switching to date Doctor Strange and a man you have to guardians of the galaxy and that were. You know launched literally all hands on deck. Now this is word gets interest in the second part which is Utica amount to our. You know you're afterwards how. Basically is set to be the final bow for several characters. And they better man's Daniels needs do you know take some hazard needs to be it's us the stakes on the line you know. Exactly entry in this is where everybody's speculating now. The number one speculation that's Chris Evans who's Captain America but yeah it's been kind of mention the last couple years that is contract is up he had mentioned notably there's about two years ago how he was kind of eager to. Move away from up the camera and the work behind the scenes directing that sort of thing mentioned that the you know the work out needed to keep published this week is generally very difficult as it goes a long how but he won't secure during now. The next one ever what looks set a course is Robert Downey junior because he was the first of each cast who literally have their contract. Finish and he signed on for the chew. You know avengers films and eventually. That also led to his appearance and our captain America's civil war as well spider ranch felt yeah now. People look at him as well as the next possible one that maybe Al Melbourne not chamber gonna kill them off but they may at least be put their position that explains. Going goma road whether or not they're you know this interest in Chile played out. It's funny because I know nerd this has been doing videos and now comic resources and did some polls and they're basically doing Vegas odds at this point to see who is going to and I got actually a matching Vegas having almost like a sports book firm and see you characters that may or may not bite it in an infinity war. But that's a separate entity and the funny thing answers we all know nobody released these dead. In the historic change if there's a reason to clutch you know as Steve has been pointed out it's hard you play characters are encouraged physical as they are that in the comic storm early age when the actor's agent you know you gotta give marvel studios a lot of credit they have not pulled the non chancellor what we got a different Batman would each film or. You know Gifford yet true very consistent but you know I shall go back to what Robert Downey junior said when he was storming earned him three people may not remember pretty terrible been remiss sappy hurt ankle and he had to basically take it easy for a few weeks and he had commented you know yes or no the Iron Man. Character is. CGI but there's a large portion of it that's me. And I'm getting into my Kristy snell. And I do you have to wonder. How long can make continue to do the demands of those role and I you know I was thinking about a growing action he could continue to play Tony Stark forever that's not an issue. The problem is the Iron Man portion and did you get that fine line. Stashed you know -- yeah they can get they'd take go hopes up for themselves a chance pressured to New York. We're image of sense and self promoting CEO Lucy grand event played by Tilda Swinton has big plans. Sounds like a weird morality sort of yeah tail thing I don't rally in my movies RA it's Fiat deal mildew ridden limited release Lehman have really search to find in your area awesome what thank you so much Vicky. Diller logo on the back and until next time and abstain charity. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells since the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for every one. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot bluffs.