Broad-Cast Ep. 78- "Baby Pigs"

Friday, June 30th

The girls talk about their 4th of July plans, some awesome things Destiny did the last week that could result in an awesome opportunities for her baking, the girls talk about teaching Destiny to swim, dumb messages on Facebook, Vicky possibly selling her panties, then how everyone does “self care”.


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And I'm devoid. In the yeah. Welcome to another edition of the bribes can and if you leave. Because let me lose Samper. And game. Oh yeah I didn't push the man sorry what overtime. I ass of he can hit me like yeah. But I think he's hearing the nine myself well here's Al stuffy it's gala this is the high priest is herself Paloma and the other key we haven't seen in awhile. I know we have missed you before we get into the things. We are going to talk about today. It is so this is how you can contact as my lows he did hit it hit us up on FaceBook at the bride dash tests. Could it is to grammar of the same and the broadcast 999. Caller Texas at 2537786029. Or email us at the broadcast 999 at Gmail now it is up there. And until last week we are talking about a message that we received a long time ago that never got to you and then we never got to that last week and I didn't really wanted to know we got sidetracked squeezed as. Let's with them learn and I get that. The essence no I remember which part I think of this and this parties already it's removes. The securities and this parts I don't remember. Reading about him poverty. In every. Interest Pratt and and we. I never finished I would read recently that because he had more to say OK and we that we picked to lead his. Went on Flickr about Isle of Man though because hey ladies I guess I'll discuss threes in that top five so man crush is gonna be jamming in Allen Chris Pratt and the rock. And then women are going to be G loss Karla Johansson Katy Perry is that I also I flipped up an old coworker of mine forgotten how nice it was to share that with some eggs he was looking dude. Do you think he'd. College I'm very athletic Carner yeah so yeah it gets a statement iPod they know that we haven't volunteer your message in a timely fashion those least do you appreciate the messages you please access. That we get them on net from the more messages and you constantly keep messaging lasts the more notification will keep. And I hope that our situation did turn when the old coal workers under. Only he Russia hoping you have yeah. Google some answers yet here actually yeah. But how we all doing today. Do you I am buzz and I I just and they just got back from LA like couple there now so I can suck it was a little bit but I was doing at my visions for baking contests end. All of them seem very excited daily super excited that innate being did you and good vibes only yeah and anything about like what did you and yet I can't solely a heads he basically bringing an assortment of speaks out to LA which by the way. Fly already sites have ever flown with any type of the Kate. Boy a cupcake I don't ever do it it's no I almost killed somebody took my frosting but the helmet and and you affronts frost and when I give it a trusting TSA is and I. You haven't. Not a lick its depth look at China's middle liquid anyway it's like Italy and you. Yeah I'm a break. I think there are in and they matter it and die anyway about you know so I went that have to have all these speaks as I went there and then we had to do interviews that he had to pretend we're on camera that we had to act Selig speaks something with like a time to examine there was so much find it I can't wait to here and yeah I can't think you can do yes I do not only that he had freaked and met with a Dickey yesterday and at Alley acts as well thinking he's a rapper a dislike. He's a white Jewish rapper and because of serie BIC a really good lyricists like. It just so happens that you think he has like little jokes and stuff I'm an only Q two pillow talk. When Mayfair resigned on I heard of him and he's he's he's amazing the and I I was so like star struck out McNally guess talent is this is also perennially comes an arm and a laptop like an airport Matt as we say here like you know a couple hours a sassy and by eskimo and commotion as like a lot of teenage boys exactly the public. Yes about a CBS after the might not be acts of liquid the opportunity to educate. I paid ready he does need to do go talk to arms. And one of them just like you do you love your music music and didn't blitz and they can get to easily Catholic. Can't believe it's not could see immediately is everything you ever dreamed a tough. And that started the blessing and as slick. Isn't the Phillies and and I get a I didn't expect it it's taken to the airport after. So I can't brown glove on the put out there. Aren't a lot of that it it was so crowded my agreement Zoellick. Right could've happened next time they're thinking let's. That's something I am asked again that's out my weekends. Announced the weekend the emphasis is never arrived display and what I man I have any plans for the July I forget which of forgot it was July. July. Aren't any different ion they've pilot's name for. You know with these great like let's use something months but the real girls and a party now lab and then Ellen like. And I would love to float the river room I did angles with last night about hair and then it was really cool for like an hour. And and and you're like you're done yeah but you can't be done yeah just got ideally I got to keep got noting how do you just sit on the inner tube and that's. Based on activity is it floats you don't remember her doing -- you get the inner tube and you get eat cooler about it yeah and wind alcohol out yeah you're all tied together you connect all and it teams together you're in a big cluster float down a river that's really I think you'll have at least ways I had a panel. Aaron and I hadn't had a route and we have like water guns but it was still after an hour in the sun you're just like I can ask my Phillies. An exciting it was fun OK guys it's Friday afternoon. Athletic Atlantic and that so for awhile it got disconnected on accident and to float around keep an eye on me. Like 45 minute that goes really has done. An hour I will govern like a. Get really get your god your parents yet mind you. I have put it closer to the end tibia is that the bring to get back on the land I got out if anything happens get back on land. It's just it was a very slow moving river and went up to like the highest point was maybe my waist. And I'm 51 I LLC now. I'm very deep at all. Have we I mean one year we did like with the ball handling my. My days old roommates we watts which was stupid idea we went up and up enough like all these stairs to get the spark. And that it was like a beer with a ball game and when you hit the with the ball you have a beer in your hand. I don't try to be our what you do you put it down and you're putting it down and you hit the the pick up your beer run out I have to the clearing him run. And I kept sucking on a shot hit for real these in some extra I'm just going to be drinking in the cities when he and it. A matter with him when I'm drunk slid one and dad. It is pretty the Jetsons like that's runner would you do again. All working at the tournament for impaired and that he cares that it installed on just aren't there from about 7 AM to about 12 PM that day did it down and and I hope I'm sackler because that's. And yes I don't forget yeah I. I typically work port that you accurately remember lesson I had a fourth of July off quite a few years ago we came here and wash the fireworks and not that pop com. I might add I think by Forbes as we accidentally about then because like I have a view of this kind of like the water and as. I'm just some eyes and a half mavericks have become a growth supplement that come and stay at home and elect have been written they're going to be as we get a couple of cases of Beers is that you would be. Where it's broader rally we we've come here for for the liar for new years before but when iron used on nine it is a guided it's the house. I'm menacing again I haven't thought about. You know yeah I'll Wear a yeah. So I did a quick rundown as I didn't think I faced that kind of stock is you do. The other day at Lake Tahoe and how many messages is so okay so I thought this guy the king. This you know you guys know this many people like he's really cute I wonder if there's two guys in the picture under which and it is. And I don't it's not the line I want it probably all you need kids like to wade through this that and Mike is really yell anything really cool. And done that worry you that from a year like for an umpire. I had him. And I had posted a picture that to ponder is that when you know relations of doubles lately just wanna me eat. Like eat junk food and fall asleep all of you know and while what is playing kind of a thing yet and he commons on his love hugs. And then we end up talking just like random like nothing has really flirting you're flying hey you know. Did you think just yet I just you know back and forth and her. And it was like a 127. Commons later on low. I find them private message like this you know I notice of the Delaware and and now. Is always we've ever sentence than a month away how is he live here in Seattle and Olympia all okay for little file on my life I like I can just things like for a let's not yet. NB Indians are deflate got to meet him before it like dies I'll be for the goes away. We've been talking everyday and I believe that's what did you do you know I mean and on assailant we didn't pan am am I think he's cool but I mean you never know once we meet them and yeah and he Harrison you can't have everything column. Yeah and happen like kind of flirting asking again and again the premise is little more of an uneven like. A little thing again there's no and I don't know yet man. I like dig that sounds normal and I got a steady pace and I guess yeah actually play out. Because he knows Miami does listens I can get mentioned him yesterday on bear out my message me like a common. So awkward editing. I don't it comedy it's a bad idea operate like I have way now and he sometimes the more now because the night you know now it's like yeah yeah. And here is David when I'm mentioning something and I come back in the instrument I have attacks from him like for example I went comic and here and will people Alia iron back and come in and get an X-Men being like please don't leave me for all of our. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Larry as Allah that. Oh I'll start out like killing the demon notably now Thailand and Atlanta but I won but one thing we are. Harrison you had a hit get a my name as the guys do you know what speaking of that I did meet Zack Roloff a couple of years ago. No Clark County fair it is lagging it up from little people big world yeah I guess I'm that shake his hand. Night is that those like half and it really about. And the even act now has yet he was with his I guess current wife now yeah accidentally dissent that June day so weird like I just like I I figure merely speaking in the Alley one's nose wheel went walk in and yet. I actually start difference friendly with one of and that's one of those reality shows. Like I'm really liking an Everett or something. I'll give it up at complaints from hot and views across to him. Can't breathe real well it's bruise I play at a very high flat out aren't you hurt yourself to stand up. Relate maybe redness were relevant ratings since yesterday and I think they did something when I was like. Because we had some crazies AME I had enough to guess how that laughing at the 08 I can't laugh really 'cause I just. Don't think there's much you can do for you I am I got to wrap it in take it easy now you sit we a look at need to appeared. But I think it kept cutting out eggs they've broken and compare them to enhance them and color and an inherent worth. It's going to have. A laugh. And carry out even talking org how I met him in person he was snappy another read messaging each other all the time. And he's also. Is he gave them. Easily merlot that there Monday and then and then he shouldn't apparently though he is only time. All well. Tired laugh yeah you're. I feel like and I couldn't run out so well. I am eleven years older than I am girlfriends who are so now again dating someone younger. And I feel like you're one I've never dated yeah I don't know. Is either yes I he's 26 and I'm about to turned when he. I arrowhead. That's honestly that's how I am. Out of here say like any younger I went out with. By went out I mean I saw him naked eye. The first family medically OK you can Maria sex offender yes but I hope he was pretty. Is action pictures there. Well yes absolutely but he was like to honey four point five when I was like 2637. Yeah that team and they like talking to economic oh my god you're so stupid. I don't think he won because he's like. He admitted Jones again play like we had done and we had finished doing the deed and -- just come Elaine Alley trying to catch your breath because it was awesome. Hannah he just trying to look that mean he's like so tell me about yourself. I. We're all enough and not the ordinance I love and I think that's so yeah well I was born. Pretty is. A gazed at that effort I have such a thing the power. Play is don't DPP. Yeah. Last. I had. I was talking about this notes it was that like a coloring it's so funny that if you're a leg pain and developing. I don't I don't think it got out of showers and like pink and Haley and the hot water and just acting my eyes. But it's funny but you like I'm a little of global also Dele you can do ponds exports to the flu epidemic all wired up and we can book bags and that is they that and a friendly dragon of the do you and you were aware if he was like like like a problem like spores usually there is late raises and fine yeah. Lleyton he going to be anything apparatus and a member or we don't like that so if if you deem it happened at the common man would you sleep with them. And it more than just like all like him opting out yeah. I can. Kind of thing unless and other sparks that hires that on the spikes that are open and here. Who really know what to do here because seeds is seen dozens of kind of are certain. BIA you have to work my main landing. So I told the pain after you four Monday you wanna come over and we can go do stuff. But I won't be off depending how busy it is and to immediately. Maybe like seven inch but silly via Ford takes a couple of hours to get up here. With traffic. With the feeling that it yet exactly go. I don't like I've you make that drive up here I'll buy you dinner where I work in Vegas for complete you can I get half off. I managing I I and it's on midnight I get that prohibited I think that you. Does this but the and it's like he's not from tribal lead and I enemy and I'm only back I have only thing and now it's like op we're election do you think from option at that simply just like that is big enough do we platonic sleep next to each other do we just do it like I do not know. There's an accident and I guess I will give you an update conference amateur and yet though alone I'm singer of the 4 or am I artistic but I'm trying to think about it really. Because my ass and what would you like to do anything differently she'd do and stuff. So like Netflix binging you love you just watch some shows are we can go out like on hiker walker down. Decent decent she tours deepening of the and senator Sam has some things going on and on Monday our Sunday or Friday. With a degree in Tuesday Tuesday you look out. It we only got a. I'm hungrier now. Hey hey I'm just stupid but it is a floor three and a half after I Democrats and I can Alec totally free again and again. Something like you know how society. Maybe just you. All morning are you a kind of putting sold well on the slippers. And a yeah yeah definitely I think you're so anything different I just assumed that if you're in the military that any branch of the military did make him the no I just at yellow helmet. It's only you idiot strain and it's a it is do you like best and yell and yeah. How they dealt tape yell I have Alex by committee despite US and I don't think the meat may issue for me to have can't swim did okay yeah I can't let. So quite clearly for Edwards rated it was forty's up only dale was like crying think logically into Hogan's know what. Oh super bark daylight I was terrified like we were Perot in the middle of the damn ocean and have a dislike. Them. I die. I. Like Ahmed Douglas where this summer is they'll learn how to slam has like a game because I'm in the late in Washington element Californians of late. Like land in a pool and you wanna learn luckily. I'm let's start out in the pool being used them yeah I don't labeling eventually it will be like out you know all of that there. So I think I'll go with you yeah I'll allow and it's only added I'll teach your lack exit swimming lessons and as a kid and like that that it's like. For you do multiple levels a yeah and if I believe there is still relatively little flowed easily Randy edge a little kick or stay out in hangars yeah I'm the regulator. Don't currently level zero Olympic for little kids that like that three year four year olds that the teeny tank for the can flash level one is above all. Mean I remember that you think you you have to hold on the edge of the pool and you go when you let your circle under you blow bubbles for like 510 seconds you come up. When you birdie eagle underneath your blowing bubbles deceit and get your used to the being under the lottery can get bubbles holding your breath. Like solely slightly QE2 go to do that my diet and exams and news lately you know that's nylon Odeo and it. Let's do that you beat Evelyn battles and I don't I don't buy it oh yeah look I I have is I can't I didn't have my Ambien I am at a at a somewhat narrow yeah zeal well this is actually pretty often so I'm really that is a real man by the Atlanta like I hold you up and and like I did practice like that. Just so great in a panic I am excited but yet again early afternoons like nobody behind me we knew coming wolf I'm. Oh fine until it that's excited right thing yeah. Does it. You know like I am list with this bit of this despicable me was like so you have wealthy implement. And good maniac who the bad guys yeah I hammered him yeah. Everett the person and I. Brady Q you let it is does the ridiculous of like minions part nineteen like the very first as Google is really cute. It's like balancing act that I like that line can you were at the wondering if you know he meets the girl with Plavix recently. An idea and Annie those are the for the excellent and I'm just kind of writing notes right now. Because I want to make sure we get to ridiculous. Still things that kind. Angry stuff so we can and on happier fun. For. And Al Davis of am interviewing. Them going again. So I just message. On the Facebook's yesterday in my life campaigns and it really. Ticks me. And then again so this did rights in this after we had the the guy about my panties. And later. But he writes you're not that hot dot dot dot. Hanley but yet your message is so ugly and I am like an ever that I was at this as offering 300 dollars from my nanny I'm gonna consider it. We did you get when when you went differently is really after that'll conversation on area yesterday. Or 2 o'clock. And direct and have a great day of the big all smiley face. Here right I'll just giving you a bad time you've got to say I am a big fan I love you give BJ bad time keep it up best wishes. So when. Those the only way he knew that he gets your attention because he obviously has no game no player is is that general. Apple generally it was about a ignore him that I was feeling kind of spicy yesterday so I say. I read back and I got that I might very rude so I don't think you weren't being serious. He's like yes that was very rude of me and I do have to apologize to you. I really did not think that anybody would respond I don't really use social media I was just pink that you even responded again. I am very sorry I was just giving you a bad time just because you responded to me I am so surprised you made my day. I guess I'm just just because you talk about all the men and I'm not one of them will only picture himself might really your colony not that attractive use in things in place. To me to be honest I feel like that's a really annoying now lake. I think everything you said was true that I am doesn't and I never let who have gonna save back play like thank you you call that he had like so basically he is and and he's a troll exactly in Internet chose is due decadent enough else mattered to the I guess and Selena. And land that I respond that's not an excuse stared as an idol let me get correspondent that's my thing is. Like I get the whole of nagging the negative thing whenever I do I get what you why you kind of wanna do that but now I I honestly and they sell and the nine. They don't think anyone in either see it or respond to it because I get a lot either even like on the fan pages are going to be there I can't figure wherever it they as a negative. And then. You'll or spun and you'll be like a gala Breyer puppeteer like may be tries again will be hair like yeah that's okay thanks very opinion ball and they respond all the stunts like a 180 and I like this are those actually really hard this and like do you not think we read this are like IR AY union putting it out there. What what kind of a sad life do you have. So right somethings don't like negative like somewhere like this again this year venting go write a journal ball whole weekend. The big deal not synchronize human beings like this is my fan pages it's mine my it's me it's not the stations where multiple people are running and it's mind. And it's like do you not think that we're human beings and just because we give each other a hard time on the podcast or on air like him all BJ whatever name that you're coming in fact you'll. Call us crazy here whatever or who has looked. That's because where they only you can do that with family and I don't know really you start insulting you right off the bat I really wanna talk to you and I am. A sit there and like take it anymore I'm just gonna call you out on it but there's no it's not necessary is really worth your time it's not worth. Mine and a what is the what is it Sophie did think's the most relaxing reader someone does like what do you think your response going to be examined that. What he's and a property I think here you're not you're not that I make what does this say. Blake did not flip actually and a pass tag him. Well I'm just looking for responds I don't think that you said people do realize like there are other people on the other side of that computer just to get there doesn't give me liberty just to be at you know but he back in a sense and won recently thanks Aaron kind of showed me. From Philly to BJ went BJ's. Fan pages. He sent the message says can I get Vicki on my lap and Serra responded I. Was a man and a backpack I'm guessing it's like yeah they got very way to like. Exactly ignoring your espy and then honestly I how OK of course then you follow and I ask saying I didn't like thinks. And then again. Did she say. And then I would do it any ads I want every cent I wanna eat big east twinkie is your time that we. And so I decide to reflect on what to do. Fire response now let me ask you cute kid if you can purchase. Looks like and I I I responded on the Internet. I appreciate the offer but at the politely declined so. From Vicky. Is it derby at TH you know what the hell are you kidding any stance. Crap that is some bolts. Anomaly in all it's because it only mentally able I don't feeling and Landon coming at BSU entitled to. CNN and I honestly I don't. Pirates back true understanding. You know Vicki and he's teacher hello wealth I think he might just be natural. Act. Is this he does is generally isn't it. Internet daily is that you your Nellie is the can Africans on I guess I'm asking if that specifically at your personal pages or your faint pages or marijuana was on BJ's Twitter asked. I was wearing really had a well let me get this guy than like it's Twitter and he's all Bally. It's like re tweeting like the naked like either bikini to Greece as a reporter asked it's like a bunch of movies I am I really hate thing I guess sort of you know to each of somber am asleep and this yeah looks sleazy thing and do it you are more than welcome to you but it's still gonna creep me out I want Adeline part of that men in and Luke. Ever media's irony and it means. That I mean I was kind of like I was flattered and not I was flattered and creeped out of the sky called in wanting to spend 300 dollars now. Usable willing industry knowledge or 600 dollars for two pairs of my pennies and make sign for in timeframe could he wants them up on his wall. He's the collector and he caught it real well let me collecting that none of them. Starting in these guys are as Iowa and hunt US dollars mean like we usually think. They're. So how does three year and we answered the phone or he answered the phones and your on the and that's not quite humid like I'm not like a creek where I had not only 58 years old I'd really like a lot of big key and I like I got on there at hand me a nice talking about him as that he's fluffy little bunny you know that goes to. And we both really lovely hand we're all really love me Allenby sweet. And why you're used in mean after you like. And Nan an app on my eyes that Clinton and he has some class and you're out at least you know this class he wants completely with the. Sign yeah I mean I would. I'll yeah I kind of an X I would pair I am definitely cherish that I have I would say is that I would totally give them like you when the Warner and carted around that have been launched an orderly way. Ahmed I telling the under is saying no items I would say how would you frame to thinking I I thought I. One but does it would do it Bentley and yeah. I mean I don't I think a waiter if they were like Amazon and clean like I yeah knees before but the have been one cents. I'm telling sign Freeman because he shares with me he added I have clad OK yes. You can't tell the picture of me which I've not real not just like antibody that. Bad shot birther is name is artist famously black he shepherd. He'd. Break. He drew me at this really often like death. Version I'd like to see it all in he's like making shirts to any violent again it it looks fantastic and woman of those hi I will key sounded and I. And yeah exactly so if you really love me why wouldn't she want I would rather that there and filming you can't see concretely. But not a crook he yeah. I think instead Israel as this then that exhibit team Scott should bottle it seemed like the clouds ordinary hill like way if that means he's creepy that mean he had. Traded to wake up I couldn't hit the. I. And like steaks are. That's not much that I don't think they had the whole idea is creepy in itself. Because that is a very intimate thing and that is how eagle on the radios usually make an answer your underwear. It's an intimate thing brain that you can you give your underwear that guy you like or whatever that is the level intimacy you don't achieve the need somebody somebody you're seeing casually but I not from lady you don't know. Right. Us on it but. Are. I guess but I wouldn't yeah it'll situation not saying that like me doing it wind might be feeding India and reading isn't maybe I got there. I one of the things they did it at that message from earlier in Canada except me and I beat he's been on a cranky mood. Paul LA last week and he's not like injuring donny's. General. And here I think it is those it would elegantly disguises viva very low and I was like teams. Of the elderly. If it's a he's got to get a BJ elder. Oh we sounds like rain there ask you honestly why he's on the how. Think the area apparently unhappy at all. And he's also you know. Not real Lansing but he's trying to get back balanced again after taking payment. So now he's trying to adjust to lean on them more element yeah and freeze and a he says have a little bit of dosage for me yeah but I. An off. Little bit in his cottage cheese that's. Those is can't wait to judge them but yeah. It's those kind of I guess I don't or his own benefit the caller's editing a chiropractor because I have back problems did hair and and my panicky and then like when I went yesterday easily use like this from the neck issues on the text and pictures of your neck Michael into the numbers and helmet up that's not that's also I was trying to ignore at the present now I can't. But it got me thinking into. Self care because anything is national social media day in rallying. Unfortunately missiles and yet as awesome as it can be it is cultural as we have seen is just. We're like weird people that have no no other reason for living excess. To make other people miserable not only that fairly social media who really does Blake. Makes you feel likely have to do this at the show they should do that plagued I read some there really social media like causes a certain level of depression and yeah that's Shari and inside every member especially after elections like I deleted. All mice was disabled on social media because I was for a on the committee even deal with everything with post it. I have an idea isn't going to be our own task and if you guys listening want to participate pleased you and let's see if we can start a trend from. So I have my cousins. Biological grandmother and friends therapies that she's no meets those little girl she's a very very nice we'll wait. And anytime I post a selfish of myself which I don't do often on my personal FaceBook so always coming up. Daria it looks so you don't leniency is being I love you so much and I. Attempting this one much is in as an adult men but she just Catholics much love millions from like. We have more of that. So why don't we use something like where wanted a four on social media. You have to like find somebody dead you know on your on your friends list and leaving a really really nice comments. Not just like looking good babe just leave something substantial. It just lets spread from month. Of that so I. Are reading eagle yet are you he might match at that lives only an eagle on people and very positive. I hear that they duly license plate like sickened by the listens and telling it now I'm not saying positive. Guys only. Like an elderly and I don't add on that and comedy. Like I doing in their private messages lake isn't cements I'm glad to send random people lake because I didn't notice strains of FaceBook lake. They have a dozen vessels like Elson now Leslie cable lake I've noticed this I just reminded here are some of the Bubba plow Levy of Mumbai. And so it'll be and we glee airing it out a messy that regular that for a helped me like they keep. Them I don't really love it if you wanna get a private message he can if I'm thinking if we human comments and oh he likes right I'm usually and then maybe it's spreading it. A little later deep cast opposite hash tag love. I think pat on the path along. Had you wouldn't come level it hasn't easily is Derek braids of fear means something like that and a path that has an on. Iran could be denied and yeah. Imports and that's use violence sixteen and handling perfectly when teacher. Image of an illicit Netzarim an OK now I can't take action right. And that's just pass on to that we can't link to that at nine on pass car past a lot on out past the Sharon corruption of comical. Meaning. Of something I'll let him cash section aloud. Our path. Past the lives that sounds like at the time and the only current and that's it I know. That's why are out. And try it you'll hear it now and you will pull stolen when a resolution is exactly what it is. That elephant and a it is our productivity. Recommendations left now. Yeah I was I am also very intensive it's yeah coordinate your care and because everyone and I had a stressful week last week in this because you know. And challenging 2017 and the glory this year that we odd in relation to everyone was sixteen liberty that thank thanking them and it's in the. Here and now. I seen him in April the boyfriend we locked out of west and a main outlets. I'm Adam. Bands. And mining and any handling it. Wave OK so I was talking in general a lot of people I know don't you know Italy and you got it. Now I. And a lot of time on the Internet so one ends on both funny and so as especially as let's say that it's. But what I'm thing is it all that. Why don't let what do you do for self. I'm not content about alone time and animals let me bring you things you do like LA I need to take care of myself I need to give myself like little treats whether it's food whether it's like going to do something in particular treat you'll quickly treat yourself beak in. In almost any. Not medicinal but something to like treat your soul. And. And I am the group. But whatever you had to say of of cheers of them but what I took an idea for both like I guess the mental health in like spiritual and is to make me happy hour. Am I going to pike place is usually Friday's after a pocket pod cast I walk down the pike place and I by. Is really put pretty flowers are all for my mom actress she adds she has it has couple years ago and she loved flowers is gosh everyone it was fun you know monthly birthday Illini the only impediment that you only want to flowers not gonna type place and have flowers and. Because any good mood you know like employment and I see the water I I have flowers for Debian to dipping like that yet it's been many like LA you know as are you walk around yeah -- for your file yet and so it's only am that is at Alice I have there for the weekend for it because typically it's five and at that I five bucks they last that yeah yeah that closely SI does some after the began as something that's fun and bright again my house the. That's me I guess so fluctuations. And what are you as if the self love I'm actually getting a massage to oh. Says dad I am so excited to get rabbit. Grade 9 which way am I am but it doesn't. He asked out actually and not tendency percent. Massey about that greens. Yeah. Other thing I guess working out is technically and now I love you you really need working Allen when you can't work our undermines the no I think you will usually beats. Yeah Clinton's hardy trees in I mean coming off demand music honing in Munich. Mean even an issue and yet we cheat you high he'll go I that. Man bodies bodies seems like on. They should do. And so we're talking now on the herself. Keep notes on that's actually something that I'm trying to work on what has. All yeah it was pretty much yeah. So yes I'm actually gonna start you know yeah because I duty to find some sort of balance in my mind I do work. So that's actually just kind of thing that is one thing I'm really trying hard to work. Where do you live we have free yoga and they were cut every single ultimately contribute. I'm down in an act combing areas these cars yeah. On the weekends and that's I think my schedule is so great and crazies so it's been really hard for me to actually. Actually that's taking out at a time for myself but I can't I like to travel you know you know I I try to. You do the road trips we've done our trips again I was finally got to do actually count and I we are gonna do a second return to leave she was kind enough to like. Hughes or mild winter unleashes are in LA Boudreau Ali back and we felt like she iPhone of the San Francisco he's made that they must. The we were gonna do it again the third person fortunately she has dropped now and we realize a lot of money we are hoping the third person with the Catholic hotel abounds about. So Keon of being responsible travelers she is had travelers insurance. Across bluntly tend not only after it was. There are going well it's not so we ended up taking all the money we would spent and we had a literal treat yourself day he had. So it started with us getting up going to get massages. Went to walk round Pike Place Market and then we went to Daniels broiler and Alec real fancy steak and the food and all that and then the last bit ones who wanted to go to use get attack Tia. He can't and so I didn't get to completely last secondly do you have any opening easier neo con like in the likely candidate. And she got rad David though we actually both of them on there yes. Leaves seventy yourself stay with all of us hello than ideal plan will plant that I was ahead with a plan ahead didn't make it and then when you key and only he can play a few crazy schedule leaders of the deal it Steve put them on a planet did you. Iranian critical August hits I'm I'm pretty much got in through the end September about it hasn't been Angel eyes that we shouldn't its list into our dad and my all the way to see them doing in my counts and that's the good. I. Ozzie who is that are like self love or panties that you can do better. You very expensive over communal free. Kelly points after his knowledge of the dealing. Only in the Bible that or late or late buying this like pine an article at the sixty acts of self care he threw 2017. And justice and misses of the article and cute little comment that says the turn off your phone for a set amount time. Turn it off and is there hasn't really at this problem lies to the phones and glued to the drama because you're stuck with every. In your night went eleven aren't for reference for it and few weekends ago and then we're all in the cap and apparently he and found that me and everything that is number eight. We're gonna got a clubs and Alan keeping her on it at one super simmering there and just in case anything happens. Everyone's patting mother acting hissy fit. I would disgusted with everyone but you can't snap here at the club level or another I was so like do you put in the basket and just hang out with the people your way back. It is. I I get to the only technology. You don't like that you can't could be with the people are winning it but yeah. People who weren't worried I mean they could like you're leaning economists and playing like just everything on the actually happened that the Bartley the everyone I'll have a phone to call 91 at immediately I need to get my and same token on steps ago in Iraq. Pokemon and easy okay. And I cannot say that whenever. This year dozens of every every couple months just so he has me to go through Ellis spoke mind my mama artists. That's what I was doing that other naming one gallon and then I got it again that. Yeah. Then he's big he had an update on the donkey helping Michael with the update. And it opens up the app Mike. How loud that no it is so funny and I don't look with learning so basically. Did that the last week you guys heritage as Bubba last week in this because they didn't get any simpler this week like they are just it's like trying to get the Elian as as. Belly from the island is a slate. I always have exactly what I need like I didn't have my free man allotment of my car and have any cash they have nothing new on edge as the like. The universe kept working inside Ali said exactly like what I needed and so I relies. Went I didn't have made it added an iPhone out there now flake I'm glad I don't have my phone that equally to a that would be looking around and I went in the lake. Talking to these people I would be doing any of this lake. Identify them make light or when I get back home when a man be in my phone as much to the distracts me a light after people on my FaceBook anyway. You know I don't care what the hell are you don't care is something to do and I guess he gets so. And I think you either don't care at all or you like our kind of talents and hand. Out there and he is right up there in the Caribbean feel like you're body looks out let me get a span inspire me. I year old eighties I need something to do with my answer when I have put my phone no way I thought I'd like Vijay would complain about that I put my phone away. And then immediately got a piece paper and surrogate surrogate during. Because I need to be doing something like I'm watching TV Alec I eat while I watched TV where I'm done eating I'll start you know. Looking through books or whatever I don't try to read that can actually real mobile all watching TV and throws me off trainees have to write music for a book. Yeah but of. You know with a well PGA and the bunker. And then put that he's ever and and I thought yeah that's been in the early US help children would have better I was told. He more distracting I just feel like OK and I get over and I just off that thing now. I'm nervous you know out are all. I would kind of think Kim yeah I've been trying to get attention and Diana. Going to they're being soft on defense I think has forever. I'm trying to get again going to therapy to try to get an. Answer it. Figure out house and what are the steps to immediately to a prescription for an apparent that actually needed that money to stadiums and yeah Bailey don't wanna get it. Nobody. Just be it it's been it's just hang out at both enough that I done I've taken them from Brandon when it's like it's when he won just. Gone like now I do not like that do not too much so that only some athlete I'd have to see see where it really does late. I focus like my 2222 is this what you didn't. Yeah I've ever taken. I am scared because you can eat right immediately and forever oh lake that we Greenberg's away again in 2000 that your very high energy but it clearly you're very just one track via Ali you know when you open up you know computer you open up all the you know I think that's my taxes and yes. And they are all playing music at the scenes and that is my brain. Right now Larry. It's all right now I'm really hungry and I'm really tired I'm feeling really just kind of wore me out that the so we Al let me we have as a tennis and we got an opportunity that not help me make it falsely every time now the CI AE. That that happens ever the he's thinking of BS and add it really does not mean them I tried them you want about a bunch of CB or listen to TV and I any it was have you law awake and I'm like I am a little bit more election. I didn't I don't know why I'm not like I don't feel that like leaving my Bentley B how heavy I don't know heavier cozy but I'm like bill out think. But back to the list and second one is of an act of self love. Sit on a warm cozy beverage and million hot outgoing Eileen good too much on Ali that. I saw a clip is like when I smell is immediately the winter like mechanic mentally to MEI and some marshmallow lose many mushrooms that make. Betty and I kind of marshals for me to that the public have to get the hang it didn't they are out the F a marshmallows on the droplets it was one of my time. Top of the team behind. Eighty degrees not everybody on number three hugs and when you love whether an animal other family member or an. How we do it was. It was free is an at pride in a related note that like that. The play and talent when they had that at a co worker once seen as an art venues new I was new. It's definitely no U2 and linked yet. Stuff going on a Stanley. MIQ. This attitude and I didn't like me the pastor Tony is he an ax for an agencies are very. Access to gable and he's having a hard time immensely. Can make Connecticut he's like. All the big like a tight line come to lead the half a billion. Yeah and you have cycled it from all of that let them breathe and take it from the. Luckily rightly exactly how that don't get me in my matches like open. Like I was crying yeah. Even sleigh. It's an online knows you had a rough there's an egg on court and my reads in line with that boy oh yeah yeah circular. I am not like him. Atlanta and the south sentiment eighties here and if you ever need that's that thinking about skimming I mean like just be up front is coming in I'm like an without means clean up and coming. I don't care and that I'm at a time thank you can. Ella element my friends of the little idiosyncrasies things sometimes the vacuum at the Fred desolate. You at a at a at a need to know they'll put up the buddy your dislike I'll be back at me it's looking. 'cause it says. I mean different things people need more attention when there and that's and that they had space them all want less attention until about reading an inkling in that see that kind of person she go around like I'm only be alone. Deal saying and I will be back at it that decision come back LB toll bubbly happy again been out for you honey I. On the plate right now I am I aging you. Yeah yeah and you just need space sometimes it's like it's just hugged me just only don't they ordered to pulled me. Another wanted to get a good night's sleep do I you that is that your yes I would hysterically crying over frosting at their only because. I think and sleep in the man I say I'd. Yet as mr. regards. Unamortized actually something we we actually talked about to face some nice to a stranger an acquaintance. I think it's not you hockey get a drop them. Number six meditate. What they're here aren't new that I can't do that whether some people meditate in the form of yoga 'cause you're concentrating and we will consider that meditating from the normal prayed. To whatever religion they have a sometimes it's just. Sitting there entirely innocent man my mom that is accurate name for our daily mine and on that send us bribes that there was he would snap you can imagine it. And I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything on the uranium mine tells you everything they are not a cop I know I would just be like a vicious cycle its its feet and I found my Oregon did you do the dishes my paying you travel I know I. Minus cleaning like I. Hazard moving stuff around seeing pictures moving pictures around putting up posters actually very excited that that's a heavy duty meals for some like big. Bringing them they're the ones that are coming in the mail today so I didn't think. Cheney and doing you know I don't know I think after I am I accurate yelling weren't moving on the deck that are parents plane since I was out there ripping happening we're just destroy in the back pretty matchup and that is very therapeutic I was up like three hours is ripping of boards in my throat is a little cameras that. I so much better where I was like. You take on the oral I was like that felt really I can't write has made it out it was curry yes. I thought I. Actually started doing this workbook with clubs are this way in like it's like a theme apparently like everybody knows that is what you know those are in the survey knows it's like it's. That's type of self help book for various kinds of creative. Things and solid one and one of their things says you have to do morning pages and does. Its first thing in the morning you get up you right are the crazies that think things is this. Fire up your mind at an avid an effort we can ask for it has for a I have helped you out when you're sheets of paper and thinking well it off and I hit it. Is that a journal and by my door because I immunity that because I have some weakness of the just pops up. And so is it flake it would be like Manny to clean cut the coolest has gone up to do this as a comic guy here at such as the they didn't. It's billed it might rain this is ridiculous. To pointed bled right team definitely the form that it shouldn't. Number seven hang out animals and look at the pictures of them. Blame baby yeah yeah yeah. Animal pension and I really feel yeah look of disgust that you are like bringing the negativity Sara Spence I thank you Irving. I am. I'm not out and give markedly. It on you but. I'm not much of pet thing like blank on the ranch and. I'm getting a baby pig like you like out eating meat because of the baby pay eggs. You can still. Do I. Hard core I know I've never been anonymous can't save the world are saving animals I'll let you know you. Very much like oh that's on you very much yeah I'll roughly one. Cool I don't eat meat like animal. I'm a bad person then like. Each over at the Bethany belly he's showing me all these video of these baby gave then how cute bear and I'm like. Alan Light and well bill the house maybe paying them and handle the night out then we're gonna get about towns like you know I hold. Looking at pictures of baby anything now finally meet you there cats baby so wedding over. Really hey. Partner I yeah. I need eatery and I sort of got a Gatorade today. I mean I. Really noticing that he met some really good that you Bagger I've met different and yeah. Larry my bag this study guides me in that oh yeah. Do you okay that's the way it. I don't look at baby pay everything. Think the size. Highlight make sure this doesn't massage and I can't noises. Yeah I haven't had a baby picture of the baby pig put underwear sticks or beef yeah right there aren't until the guy that gave him. I mean feat when yeah. Right I'm really nice about the baby being something really nice about you can't decree saying they didn't press check us I. On number eight election movie TV show. Readable Q month. Do you Stephen universe is for roe meditative why didn't universe it amateur gained eleven African Joseph as a shadow yet he and Cameron Diaz is a cartoon aimed towards children I've talked about it before about it as talks like anxiety it talks about depression Billick. Last year and premeditated and it's not pretty and sparkle Lee Affleck. I don't think it is that Hulu Hulu sharp. I only watch fillings flavor and love them any movies TV at all like yeah. But there. Candidly and I don't know neighbors that it takes so much for me to sit down watch a movie that only tell actually sort of in a free you know like. Trapped in an airplane. All of the way it did the right so much movie SA an amateur is that there and so I never got many. You never gonna mean you know I really ever for a don't don't like movies like if I ask you I mean and I can't that if you regularly believes those who knows. You really do anything. For bowling and he believes yet. I know what I can handle it the bass amp. Not angered many a time and it never name and so intensity and listening to Raymond David until it is not that really I thought I. Right handed artist like. Nine is donates to a charity care about blame I did to the deep knowledge of the better it is there a. Not very nationally spending money even for the poor people's you know every time I do man you reusable bag now I have and give it Q. A charity Marianne. Yeah I do you get thank you Al only and are using everything like her plastic lock bags and straws they details up aluminum iron. If that person you're says you should did you should images strain on the. It just makes you cry I actual hard plastics on Sarah might you know might do now about Robert. Tupperware like drinks there and we drink I mean redolent. And telling you did the dishes and you thought that I reused dominance on up with a while I don't know that's what I I. I. Doesn't replaying your lungs get out here public opinion like Rodman yeah I don't like yeah why and it sure and a benefit and just think I'm Mike. Really it's brilliant I'm not stupid but I like to look at my face that's that's embers of the major hit. I haven't yet heading to an excellent. If you Harris to. It is illegal block take a hike and and eleven up. Your favorite uplifting music. The other things and it hasn't influenced if she did and that's his room and I definitely is an. 212 credit gratitude list as some people it helps talent what you write your lists of like what crazy not to got going on right for that you're thankful for some we can only looks on the negative. Sometimes at the right thing that you're positive and is Mary trio ideally. As a moment like crap in it and now and it sucks so bad and I see it now that teachers sometimes as. You guys just remembered Balaguer blast with public a lot of people can't do that my only a lot of people who physically can't White House there you need it shot up. Yeah those ammonia smelling my favorite put on some soft Cheney's. I love I am not in my house and Jeanne in the north I'm about to them again girl you know I don't know the last time he wore jeans and what do we do differently they're pretty terrible I really care law you're so. Why would you Wear jeans your house I can't believe that terrible conflict and it. You read yeah. I like getting all of a cozy on my cal training there and find out in the river and right. According to a kind of a volunteer for a nonprofit care about or something that you do care about. You know I think any does media. As saying adding Aaron does and that's that was the end of Islam and or fifteen something that makes you feel pampered whether it's getting ill recently seen sharks and people in the funk where they can't think they have a heart implants have them that of showering. I have to say it. Yeah I and it's now myself beat off target I get in at stinking. Ironic that the hoops Britain under. A break here Rees Larry here's the other it. But here thanks to all day and it's so distracting him getting hotter and unite all smelling. Like Carly Broderick. You look like it like also is an American I can I do well yeah. They got a daughter charity under boob immigrate here but the other is a disputes as I did it didn't sign it says is is trying to I. I don't really hasn't been there been so I'm very long time this here's what's a lot. I think she does lie. Last month is up all else fails to strap is a humbling getting give yourself some time to recharge. Did that house if I'd like elephants out of your anxiety. Really end because I'm like I'm not getting any. McCain can't just be sitting here bunker what you need to go audio it out and inside and out. Realize you have to get rid of the it is neatly recharge it lake and sometimes. I'll get really mad and comics Aaron Munich on out of unity. Andy on your madness shelved. I think at a good thing for so obviously. Ticket they are forward excellence like if you wanna if you can let people can Italy. If you just if this is like a couple extra hours you'll be missing it's going to be awfully like alcohol Stan. Yeah I've I've done that before in the past like when it's time bouts didn't definitely plan crap with my ex boyfriend. And in the place where living out was a huge mats and mentoring and help clean much and I was like we need in the batting here and bullies and it's so much crap to doing clean six. And I was on I was sick I had an annihilating dealing with crap like. It's cute and the like you're breaking my hand and I don't hold Brees got to push to have you heard how do you like placate your breaking point have you had a complete. Melt down her freak out. Yes. Once at least once. And I think anytime of the year. Yet very few PX how and where I'm working your way and help but he is the sweetest I am so thankful I had and because he is so supportive and no matter way it's now. Actually they played all my hat lead nowadays really I mean I don't like him with the other little over a year now and it's. It's he's helped me so much in his last year I think I made progress on myself. I own worst enemy has beat myself up and I was in my own hand is the focus of this lake is that areas real class on how cus of June and July 30 because we. And it. Both ugly. The Napa and yes so I. I'm getting there slowly it sort of progress out of town and you wounded and I went. Do. To complete the kind of wrap it up what did we learn today we learned that we had to teach destiny how to swim I was so yeah Abbott I just remember that analysts. I'm excited okay these. Items that say India. Those other things try to share that love on the Internet. Plastic. And on. Every one and use let us know if you think of the cooler name. Read yes mine as a B deuce on the Internet. Yeah me on this kind of an abuse of spring items I yeah. Did we learn and we need some self care especially us ladies today and now I'm I'm glad he left the relative let me take. Not. I don't please donate to charity touted as he did in Cuba. It's in math yes go eat a snack of Passat for a couple of hours a week prefer passion and elated and I am having averaging two. And and I think I currently delicious strawberry. On the Iran lessons and crashing I hope you all have a great weekend my you know a few do I hear it did say that yeah. Find out next week and Aaron loves my hands.