Loud and Local - June 11th 2017

Sunday, June 11th

This week on Loud and Local I featured songs from Mark Lanegan, Chastity Belt, Mos Generator, Heiress, X Suns, Ten Miles Wide, Georgetown Orbits, The Exquisites, Rest Repose, Piston Ready and more ! 


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Okay. Amanda is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. Analysts noticed great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. You see is allowed. No rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest and 99.9. Hi yeah. Laugh out at a local returns to the airwaves and yet here Sunday night's. I'll let me we haven't seen a beautiful weekend here in the northwest mining is seven years. And about the DOT which few hours of the best northwest music. The weekend is about to be over. But at least he didn't you wait a few more hours of awesome awesome to thank you very much so mad he overnight sensation recovery last week I was I was out of town. And I think he's so much for having too often did get a yeah I have W dot com and check out all the audio. Including ten miles wide. Us onstage as he had addressed the AIW dot com for your pain in the Brett Pickett and they start things off today with a few brave new releases. Mark when he did. Solo album out. And I expected vote gargoyles and check it out once on the sister. After that chastity belt and another possible we'll begin with the new released. Mark winning giving Jesse go back to back starting things off allow local 99.9 KI SW and the raucous Seattle. Okay. It's. Yeah. Okay. It's okay. Okay. Now. Okay. Okay. I. Loud and local continues on the road. Here is 99.9. KI SW. Welcome back allowed in local kid here is fifteen to forty ahead. You picked up from last format the overnight sensation. And I can check out the audio from the couple bad apple will be in in the studio. It's an acoustic songs and. Just I'm now though was that KI SW dot company on demand on it that your iPhone or android. Always right on the IT. In that they updated with rob local if you're just tuning in now I started to show off with a brings some bite mark when they get off the cart wheels album. In chastity belt off their new record. Called I spend so much time alone now I love those records I love those fans but it's now time to turn it up for them. We don't watch generator to a Black Sabbath cover dirty waited after that as. This all besides from them off record that is like besides a rarity thinking now recently called reckless speed. And kids and after that Boston later Eric fits inside. I've read some of handy if. All of northwest all the time and while local. On the rock. And tears rolled. AI SW. And okay. I. Okay. Loud and local continue. Here is 99.9. KI SW. Dust marks here on loud and local that that ended a relief. Really ramped up there I was thinking about profit on in the act and you know what I just felt an hour because snappy and it just went well with the vibe I was gone for dust mop corrections. There's scale record before that tends son's school reach areas restless Ayman starting off that little sad mosque generator with a Black Sabbath cover dirty women. Future and in any like man it's a bit. Must generator they do have Khatsava corporal tell you that my name is Kevin jeers and allowed a local is what you're listening to. Coming up here in a couple of weekends we have pain in the grass could KI SW dot com to your tickets. The seed beating middle corn because he even go see stone sour and most importantly to me that loud and local representatives. He goes to ten miles why they're going to be waving the northwest banner. First big and on the main stage so very KI SW dot com my Digisette and get your tickets you're definitely gonna wanna see them play the big show. They had ever played in. I am super pumped to see them they they actually just played. A record release show or I'm sorry that's all that showed record at least it was sold out show. Matt overnight sensation kneeled down last week he had them on the show good KI SW dot com also to hear that show but I they've played eight. He has sold out show hi dad alongside army. Tore kick off is what actually meant to say so here is some ten miles wide. And being in the grass on the 24 got to go. I'm local. This is loud and local. These volatile. 99.9. KI ES. Beautiful weekend and in order to land since he was just so awesome yesterday was the Georgetown fair. Kind of the festival George Allen my favorite he's here in the northwest. Very cool it's kind of you know industrial but also got a really cool vibe and Georgetown there was a lot of local companies on a local vendors in just just hang announced enjoying the size and how much fun. Actually play itself that was very appropriate kind of be playing use copy and by the name of the Georgetown orbits. These guys are straight out of Georgetown so it's good summertime music. Sure it's I know right now it's it's like quality teacher whether I'd say it's not too cold. To just go out and where they're shorts and T feared it might not be the hottest. But it feels in good to me Georgetown orbits holding the keys. A lot of local. It's not playing there. He now. Okay. Yeah. Even. Yeah. Maybe he. Even. He's. Yeah. Please. And it. Okay. Okay. He. Yeah. And in blue. And okay. You can't get. Tiny died one. KI ES WE. One CE. The loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Oh real. Curtis gone off the bland. Rest repose album and his self titled. The Levitt and sons and self relief against what it appeared in his first week in the top twenty billboard charts. That's how often this season how big. Support system they've grown like organically from YouTube you online presence. And I'm proudest day I am. Going to have a rest revote in studio on loud and local next week to seven days from now we will have that the end you just heard. And we got a couple more songs rescue boats coming up here in just to view. But before that I wanted to let you know when you heard in the set before resting pose ending the hour with a bid from Tacoma called built up rats. Grown up yeah it's quick hits from right here in Seattle with faith. And down my name is Kevin hears loud and local is the show every Sunday night we end the weekend. Few hours if you all that is is it's what 655 the fortune five that we itself occasionally even 519. Feel like I promise I have few more song from the west repose album. I've been able few if you stop playing this man. You can check it out on Spotify on apple music you can buy it on me and can't beat her record that. From the band itself. And I don't have all the info on how to do so. Next week here a level with flaw in key and after that spoke gravity few more songs from rescue boats loud vocal on the wrong. It's. This is loud and local. Just bought the rock of igniting Roy not. AI DS don't. We continue on with loud and local now every week on KI SW dot com. Loud and local teams up with Vijay and migs and we present these loud and local. The end of the week which means you know. Well and even feature your band. On KI SW dot com to get some prime real estate and you also get featured on the morning show BG and made mornings on Friday. Friday morning's very very cool spot in gets a lot of attention there. Over on chaotic W dot com so if he wants you are being featured. As the days of the week send your music over and you can find my bio on the same website that I directed Ichiro. He and Cindy either MP threes or your albums and a I would be glad to listen to this week we've been by the name of Kristen ready. On Friday deflated the tracker tavern in Ballard alongside super suckers. And Zeke had them up a couple of weeks back a lot of local and I'm gonna play a couple songs. From their new album yet pack 68 you can check it out on their band camp. And you can have purchased a copy of it it's very cool CD. Last word in hammerhead back to back its Vista ready people out in local band of the week. I'm 99.9 KI SW. From local. Loud and local content. Sears 99.9. KI SW. Some sanctuary. Cherie out and they'll be going to hear from sanctuary and we've got to throw in some hope for good measure loud and local here on. Iraq before that he's done by the loud and local B and I hope that the week Vista ready go to KI SW dot com shutout of his stand ready big way to show on Friday. Alongside super sucker is in C. Not a great shows these weekend omni. And in ten miles wide played last night. How. And shout outs arm with a high school some of those guys schooled they're doing when things you know are back in action. Got to get on the appeared calm out mobile. Right now wanted to continue things unfold in that vein of sanctuary some strata one of my favorite local bands. That I had junkyard aimed to figure this thing and she. Until that after all the members of the game from Baghdad canopy in particular. By any means often self titled sub strata record available on sorting machines support vocal music support local I. Might even. He's on the now do you avoid not KI DS don't. Thanks for listening to loud and local law again this week AK ISW dot com Greg Abbott and the week went on the day of the week fifteen ready you can also listen to. Back episodes and the entire episode of this week if you depending on. And only that banned some more. I got you head games and they show it. Q what will be of course that's all we play here on the feel a sense of gravity which guide of complacency. And wounded giant offered you one of the room of the towards my name is Kevin is viewed dancing every Sunday night until next weekend. Being local.