Loud and Local - June 25th, 2017

Monday, June 26th

This week on the show I featured music from Hundred Loud, Devils Hunt me down, Mos Generator, The Sonics, Rest Repose, Into the Storm, The Gits, 7 Year Bitch, Staticland and more ! 


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And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. I was noticing great north west's good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. The rock featuring music born right here in the great Pacific northwest and 99.9. On the beautiful weekend is almost over but let's rejoice. Because it was like it's a beautiful and we have a few more hours. That we can really enjoy their favorite. The best of the northwest my name is Kevin Hughes is tonight your arm loud and local I want to thank you for filling up in twelve. Subpoenaed the grass is awesome to meet all the rockaholics yesterday so many of Q&A lot of us came out and enjoy the first band of the evening. Ten miles wide played at 140 and older something is so he's got to hang over from the night before but he was off them. It was great to ten miles wide outs to each platform again. Very very still on that and end you've got to check out ten miles wide if you weren't there. To start off the case right now for the start off things are loud and local with a few of the they love being here in the northwest doubles hunt me down and mosque generator after that. Loud and global. I'm 99.9 KI SW. Rockets. Know the loud and local content. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Welcome back so loud and local mining can be used in. I got so much good stuff coming up tonight we have. The end of the 800 loud coming up within the next couple hours probably within. This hour see you hear that before the 11 o'clock market of course. I need to mention I did speak with Ed in Foster of the legendary northwest and the Sonics they're going to be playing at Seattle center. As part of the old you know. Marie. I'm sorry the illusion and that their project. Search party going on all of it next Saturday July 1. That is going to be an incredible summertime kicked off. At Seattle's dinner along that it went to other bands and document and boxer from the side we chatted a little earlier today there are a technical difficulties. But. We got past that had a good conversation with Evan and that could be gotten from being on the show itself. I want to play a couple hard hit bad back to back right now we had in the studio last week rest to impose their new records killer. I got a song from damn. And then into the storm another great band here in the northwest loud and local all northwest music yet if you have anything you wanna hear you call these are six. Fortunate enough. Now me. There. The train him. And tears were. AI SW. Infinite blocks Nash is a banned from Tacoma very very heavy stuff. Loud and local here on 99.9 K I guess W Kevin gears here providing you quit. The northwest and increased spending time to a ten inches into wage to a that we can resonate one last time. Before the weekend is over. Thank you very much for coming out of pain it was an awesome time paint when he seventeenth so particular day remember to continue to share your videos and. And photos and has checked mean 2017. And we like to see all that stuff man it's it's it's very cool. To see all the rockaholics out there enjoying. A good time now I hope to see you out next week. Next weekend at the Seattle center as the fair project in lesion brewery. Have an awesome event called search party we're northwest spanned a north was legendary band by the name of the Sonics will be playing here's a song from the Sonics. Called have globe will travel. From their 97 1965. Record. Here are the Sonics after that I'm gonna be speaking with Ed didn't. From the Sonics there were a bit of technical difficulties so it's misplaced in the audio is. Not perfect. But it was such an honor to speak to edit and I did what I could with it so bear with me I think it sounds pretty good and and make sure. You come out next Saturday so here's some by the Sonics have global trouble. Which happened at the Sonics. Obama on the local. I knew. It's loud and local here on 99.9 KI NSW I am not very stoked to have Evan Foster one of the members of the Sonics on the phone how you doing tonight Evan I'm doing great and doing good man you guys gonna be playing and next Saturday July 1 at 2 PM. Would you guys are playing at 2 PM if you show up at 2 PM at the Seattle center for these their project and a lesion brewing search party 100% of the proceeds go to Vera project you guys going to be playing alongside thunder. Lack black pistol fire the struts and of course headlining that night. The Sonics man's can be also date next Saturday. Yeah we media. We cougar came here act and move it and we think Seattle felt that incorporated. That's awesome men now I got some personal question for you just based unlike. On so late last year into week sixteen you joined the Sonics to tore with the band in. And I'm wondering like being a musician in here in Seattle in and knowing the Sonics legacy what was it like joining this legendary northwest being in. On the Internet and owner I'm religious. Young I didn't. Call him happy he was. Yeah I'm born and you look at it is leery. Yeah we are very humble I'm. So again if you're just tuning in I have an imposter from the Sonics on the phone. Are when did you first start listening to the Sonics in like what was your first exposure to them. I'm probably didn't know who literally early and I believe you don't like 8588. And I got my first copy Lou yeah dirty minded and and. Wondering. Going alongside with like the question of like growing up alongside. Like Kenny knowing that that music in it just always being there being that the Sonics came way before what many call like the Seattle sound of early ninety's and whatnot. What kind of influence do you think that they had only generations that came after them. And what do you really critical. It you know nobody emulate and there are really had record. Record so. You know I think that a line and wanted a lot and you know include that. Completely. He movie. You know relief after injury absolutely you know. You can even say cut up. Punk rock before punk rock. Yeah I mean a lot of people is that the consulate for about ten. You know you know they are are making it you know link bracelet on the first you know. Pensioners with a eloquent. You know I think shortly. If desired. That blown out like pure kind of punk rock sound Indo you know that I mean I did get definitely defines what you would. Call grunge I mean that hole blown out rock and roll stuff so what what can people expect from a sonic show with with we'd never seen him before. Glee. Maybe you and you know hopefully that lives. This is all out and in Kerala it is quite easy entry mean. You know you don't see it exactly that you know as. You know one of the we'll play better and and it. If you agree that is only you know actually in memory and Morton rob. You know we lead and that's an important. All right so again that is Kevin Foster from the Sonics you can catch them Saturday July 1 of next Saturday. They are going to be headlining the very project in a lesion brewing 100% pros have got to bear project but again it's called the search party. Playing alongside some awesome dance Ed in his or anything you wanna sit in the north was our audience to Lotta local listeners right now laden while we have your venture. Absolutely yeah I'm absolutely. I'm. There. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Very big. Thought we. Not days. This is loud and local. He's on the right now do you avoid not. AI DS and. Each week on loud and local heat present to you know. A BJ in big loud and local band of the week. No that does not only mean that you get played here Sunday nights from ten to midnight cry yours truly but you also get Friday. He was seat on KIS double dot com very very cool thing you get a why. Show information coming up here next gave you may sixth photo of the band or a dirt bag photo if you want. And he also be featured on DJ inmates mornings on Friday afternoon of that week if you wanna be featured as the end of the week go ahead and Cindy. All your information and decent songs and I will definitely take a listen to whatever you set me. This week on loud and local we got pretty bin by the name of hundred loud. These guys are killer they opened up for the devils put me down record release show. Over at the high guy about a month ago month and a half ago that's when I first heard about them another big go strong for a while they just played yesterday. Page shows a lot unfortunately it did not take it out as I was asking in the grass. But I hope to see them very soon give hundred allowed to comment on KI SW dot com is the bid for the week. Got monster and at 72 songs back to back hundred loud. Allow mobile. Okay. It's. It's. And it's. It's. It's. And. Loud and local continue. Here's 99.9. KI ES doubles you. Do. The. Yeah. Okay. Tiny died one. KI ESW. IUE. One CE. This is loud and local. Volatile. 99.9. AI DS to. You know that may record may have come out last summer but that record will always remind me of Summers is good time tunes. The exquisite here on well. Local my name is Kevin. With a lot of local with the current stuff but I wanted to play a quick throw backs on I just been listening so much of his family. And I check out the documentary called the kids. In just. It's really heartbreaking what happened to me is upon if it's not aware that he definitely watch the documentary she was. Who murdered on Capitol Hill in the early ninety's and it was many benefit shows for her and four rated panda abuse awareness and four four. The many benefits for me is a product such an exquisite. In seeing awesome police she had so strong so powerful. And as it gets just and lives on in I would continue to let them live on here on the airwaves. I've playing him whenever I Daryn view employees. He gets. Why is that when my favorite local bands of all time second skin turn it up. All right he knee is upon us. While multiple on the process. Yeah. Clinton be nice. Yeah. I. And dearest rules. AI SW the. Got a couple dedication is 206141. Rock is what you call it that you have a request but I got a couple texts. You can technique 779992. When it's the only needs them clock he wanted to hear a song off the newest adequate and record Jeff Angel of course. From static and it was is a friend of level he's been up on the show. Before and I wanted to so this out Dylan and eight on a bullet holes. In that Jeremy who's up and every feels it's exceeded in wanted to hear. The band he's got to see a couple of times here in Seattle sun giants who got us. Of course and static winds and sun giants a couple of text requires that 377999. With which you were injured while local. On the rock. Whole wheat Kraft ten miles wide totally blew me away yesterday fifteen in the grand theater grabbed 2017 and. Phenomenal day and I was so pumped to see ten miles wide when they're saying they just got back from war and what weights and work. And open up the means keeping the frantically at 140 what he did not catch them. You missed out but they did everything that's made points seventeen if that means that needs a lot with your PI FW. That you could rock out with us all day yesterday of course gets the all kinds of advanced at the otherwise. Bosnians don't tower of course quarter headlining. And you know what the interviews up on the coastal communities definitely check those out in done all the photos you. In and make sure that you continue to share everything you've got. Yesterday. With that the had thirteen points seventeen. But hopefully we'll continue on here with one of my favorite local audience by the name of the year of the cobra it's loud it's hippies. Still horrific. It's just soon so he should have read. Peace. Drums in b.s and that's all you need to cut the crap kicked out of the basics. Cobra on my mobile. It's all okay 99.9. KI DS. It's only comes down to the last ten minutes of loud and local thank you so much for supporting local music and tuning in Sunday nights from ten to midnight maybe Kevin years. And I wanted to mention that this Friday June 30 and that the crocodile he got to make sure to come out who your dragon they're playing their seeking relief show. And guys again at the crocodile that builds down. Dean from the Presidents of the United States of America is going to be playing as well Glenn came in from the danger about to hear we got some some would feel pain coming up. Right now. Underfoot after that standard called emerged so with serial killer some really cool stuff twelve local and solicited support local music. It'll seat you know. And iron dragon and then at the Sonics on the Saturday after that. Formal form Iraq. You. And you. Yeah.