BJGN Board Game Alliance episode 16

Tuesday, July 4th

BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 16
Record Date: July 2 2017
AIR DATE: July 4 2017

Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation
Game Designer and Publisher: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games
Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers

Origins Awards Winners

Weave: Storytelling redefined.

Gaming Terms and Archetypes: "Revolutionary" Game Mechanics

Magic the gathering Richard Garfield
Modular boards
Deckbuilder: Dominion
Legacy: Risk, Pandemic
Cry Havoc: battle mechanic

Josh, Game of the Now: Outlive by La Boite de Jeu 
Basic mechanics: Resource Management, 
Theme: Post-Apocalyptic survival
Components: Standard all card board chits and meeple a, Deluxes edition minis and plastic resources
Value: Not yet available. True test of VASSEL'S LAW
Replay-ability: mid-high with variable set up 

Ducklings - A Game About Parenting by Deck Head Games
A heart wrenching co-op game where you must work with a partner to waddle your three fragile ducklings to safety.
$20 base pledge 
10k of their 8k goal
End July 28th

Wendake by Post Scriptum
Native American themed strategy game of resource management and land control, with an innovative and unique action building system.
$49 game pledge
20k of their 13,700k goal
End July 20th

GameTek: The Book by Geoff Engelstein
Ten Years of GameTek: A book collecting the best GameTek segments from The Dice Tower podcast.
$10 digital $30 digital.
20k of their 13,700k goal
End July 20th

Click Click Boom by Thing 12 Games
A bluffing game of deception and russian roulette.
$18 digital $30 digital.
5.4k of their 7,000k goal
End July 10th


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Join Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst the sign up today and see for yourself BMW dark club that's BMW dot. Club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering the Jewish hasty nation. Yes we're going to be dish is the nation this is your board game alliance my name is Chris walker director mark like a planned way VG AJB nation. With me has always shown her persona thing twelve games are designer and chief though it and the absolute master of all things involved with actually playing games just gently from the AME Harris and Josh. They know I'm doing all right so far so today on of some sixteen of euphoria alliance we are going to be talking about the origins award winning games from this year pretty exciting with some really really really jazz will go down a couple of things that we've played recently we play a lot of games and we like to until you guys about how that's going we set the other question too well pretty much everybody in the geek nation we asked them what is the best I heat game you play that is the best intellectual property of game based on something that already exists on the world like a movie or TV show or something along these lines and we got a pretty of the most of that stuff too we'll talk about game mechanics we're gonna get into the holy spirit in our game turns and archetypes section are here now is called outlive and we're gonna take you to the the apocalyptic future and I teach you how to survive like a boss. I don't take you way back in my classic games section talking about a game that literally changes every time you play. And I don't mean every time you play the game I mean. Every time you take a turn Sean will kick start my art as he always does and give us a rundown of some of the coolest projects online right now and we've been very very special episode of Finley came corner. Hum hum hum. Was that McNamee did a lot of good how well do you. If I would also. But for now take away Macs in the public domain players. That's important episode page Josh they have people get all of us they wanted. Well use. Can find all podcasts and BJ geek nation not com. You hire some FaceBook just search for mediation is deep nation follows on Twitter slash PG nation where also gone into grand. They're good. And YouTube has BG Haitian senate actually voicemail at 19802243353. Should just email IBJ geek nation and Also I believe if you have a solitary confinement on to mean. Just say. Alexa plea geek nation unto me. Gas and here's here's patriotic duty will be mister Vijay shared the show's namesake. We're gonna talk to him a little bit but hopefully a little bit about have also leave more patriotic gains that are out there because what this episode goes out. It will be the fourth of July right I mean independents. Hey hey we're tantrum I'm sure BJ is gonna do a duty forest. Wow yes so on that note whom I have to say as speaking for the listener I don't believe you pass up a half. And that's just didn't just get something hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it's never going to happen and it's not our fault he's busy and we locked the doors yeah. No honor fallen on my way of welcoming the rap for our own. Coming into here so origins winners you say I do send Josh you have the other loosely or just one winner there when you overload downforce I do that. You may remember in our main the overly tired episode of the nominee is. The card game that one. Was misting mail your favorite and I I added gently that when recently and we talked about earlier in today's show lovely card construct or. The best miniature games comment Diaz. He really should you or her man done. Is everybody ready to be sharp for the best ministers in OK hey I'm sitting down. Warhammer forty K well. Kill team surprise surprise it's not right. In connection played warhammer forty K in decades now but if you really long term if you're gonna own genre even better to win that's exactly right the magic dagger right yeah I mean. This is no surprise. And this one I actually was I was very happy you won just because of your reaction to it. I'm Malia and counteract this time booking him on day one area electoral game fan are Netflix is actually kind of an upset given how good your magic cat yet magic degree here. And I think that they're probably some of the A the broke in. That that whole thing with the banned list there was a lot of controversy this year that banned list at four you know for tournaments that turn McLean things like that's nothing magic might have. Might have struggled a little bit even though it was a really really. Inventive. And innovative set. Yeah then I think that they struggled because of all of that back and forth on the band and restricted lists that they were sending out and kept. Sending out and revising and changing and realizing that maybe I mean I don't know if they didn't play tested enough for it in place and to the right way but you know this is what gamers are gonna do they're gonna take your game and they're gonna break it as quick as they can't you got a billion cards so I mean that I understand the difficulty of having 20 yeah figure out like on his culmination of gonna talk with pretty wild stuff that you just couldn't. Account for some will go on your Pokemon world on. Not next for family game. Happy salmon my north star games have you played like everybody yet know anybody yelling out all right you have on myself and I'm from what table for it but happy cinemanow can say you get a lab elevator pitch we hit Hannah cards okay. Your role as security your cards and telling you or your cards were doing your action with someone else playing the game so it's like. Shake hands fist bump. Happy salmon that's for you can like clap your hands the other OK yeah right you look like it is here are around you making noise we stand up your movement has done about. The minute they stepped okay. For game accessories coming in as a shock to no one of the literary or organizer by a boom. The blood re younger don't turn your computer hey I love blood right gotten through the intro so this was overdue on. Fair enough I know you're not wrong. No blood rage organizer by the broken go to. You know shocked and that role playing game no thank you evil I'm not a good games. That one looks really. I really wanna play that you can tell a lot of gas. And then four board game in the air. Of all I car category Harare rich yes should do the whole announced her own intentionally or not I don't know I don't know I'm not going to. Now I cited by still marrying. I'm very happy and I really thank you sir have they're out there quietly clapping in the runner up at a I wouldn't even talk about your sister sitting in the corner of the room being quiet. We put her in the court honestly she's always an electronics. Weird interesting points. Sometimes you put yourself in the corner missed and we put her in the corner we have mr. Blair witch project I have now I'm terrified right now. That is visitors there's an origin award winners and fantastic and congratulations to all the winners and then look forward to playing a couple of those things very soon but for now let's talk a little bit about the what do you playing lately what we've had a chance to play within their well since the last time all of us were sitting together in the room talking about the games we played Josh CO articles when he went are about what James Hammond playing that is a good point on the list. We played a lot of games. Much where's all the talk of low remorse and miniatures game how I'm back and played really more important deemed a no first edition that was featured on our from lack. With for the fancy little mounds. Move on you second edition rules to as much as a plant in Camden oh yeah exactly. And he was saying we had a great three player game. Here meager controlling your army inevitable heroes are also running around trying to requests trying to get six rooms. I'm down I won the game with seven. Well let me who's already over here and half did not win. Go wrong way there's there's always a young girl in the corner shaking your head. I like so we essar is say it is Sydney Carter and I keep quiet but we just keep referencing her I know I like he's absolutely no recourse for this she's gonna come over here tackle meat because I'm closer to him she's gonna take my microphone shoddy you guys you're not. Seeing know what we see is no downside. True how true worth so in that are completely unrelated news there will be two openings on the little sigh what I'm looking wearing all of our partners through. I'm not going anywhere. Do the man who. Already the end of the jug where did you play loafers and I get to play you vikings on board by blue orange and there's a lot of copy of that because I'm a real viking kick and it has just open it up and I don't really Lorillard are safer I wanted to kick some vikings after a play designed. The so the cool thing is when you open the schema study film feels gonna have years of bunch of parts and pieces and stuff and whenever an economic OK I have a lot of pieces of left put together but nobody. Everything's thirty built. Swing and sweet little light plastic components like a links put away in organized assist poor Jessica. So and it's really if please really quick is really easy to teach and economically it's pretty clear. So all you're doing is basically loading up the ships full of goods and you're trying to sail the ships out full with your friends in trying to get most points. Pretty easy. And I think. Didn't they play this little table top once and IE ten feet long maybe I'll watch Rondo Roger I I know I've seen it played and that was another reason I was excited to go and get it not to mention I think I gotta run Clinton and at the bookstore merger watermark. The point is yeah I haven't had a chance actually opened up and play yet so that's that's good news like that everything's already set up. It's very cutthroat yes you did them -- gaming is mass -- feeling how home as -- in his previous possible no wonder showing my sense is why do you seem afraid to filter combat you know if he's your year end and I gotta say that's one thing that sort of missing from Jamie's amid guard does that mean there's a little bit of of back and forth that to get to actually sort of mess with each other but not that much I mean there's really only one or two things in and passing the blame around the thing like that speaking of jammies amid guard that's what I related reason way. On a recent break. Ish from the show we firm from the main show why that bad both the reverend and I work on besides this podcast we are on the I'd be Jamie's morning show here jacares immunity for nine. We had a. But I don't ruin your love of god. So we had that we had a couple of days off but we still had to be here monitoring the computers are making sure everything was going swimmingly but it did leave us a lot of downtime. I brought James to that guard and we sat here in the in the main studio and we we played game and he never played it and I know he loves making stuff so. It really worked out really well he liked it I love it I mean I I told him going into us like it's like gay. So if I guess it's like a little bit more active floors of Watergate and so he was in from the get go. Idea for your mother ran out of gas steam punk vikings. The mood that's interest. Yak is we culture we talked about it a bunch but we're really like to stink bug he is also a big fan a vikings I wonder why this is never crossed his mind before you actress staying. None seen them have visions of big horned helmets with the goggles on the front and then actual steam coming into the top yet know this is a thing for making this happen. Who's got an opinion on talk about besides me because I have. Yes Josh well we've had few games deception which is always fun yet murderers got away both times Lou Lou you know I'm not. And DN arms and you get the wrong group of people in the wrong mindset to Andy that gaming it's really difficult to be fair one was. And one of the clues was death by blood loss and I think there's fifteen blood card. Cable costs. Less now now. Oh yeah oh please get it you just try some and if you take a different act meant it was a tough on meant that we had keys to new players that he's a witness in the accomplice and great. I get directly king don't open a lot of king domino actually lost oh gee you show that was just a few weeks usually I don't and we beat them remember yeah so that actually a member of dominant game one time. Actually taught this recently to my mother in law and my life and my eldest daughter my wife really loves the game my mother in law who's. Of their nature. I'm not an aide to hardcore gamer by any means your. If she picked it up pretty quickly she lost the first game that enhance the teaching and yes a 21 and it was for my wife to just wipe the floor with music he picked it up really quick. Side note can you imagine us from the retirement home oh man later on David I almost out there. And arguing with somebody and not a rule. Our guy aren't you role. I told her former new bureaus are we'll trade you my next week's men's if you don't put your guy in America. Yeah that the that's exactly what it's going to be a real gamers are terminal the ten oh thinking Domino's was in this field nominee. So yeah that was well result really curious about and it's really achieve is like seventy bucks when it picked up just that's EMS or. Beautiful little pieces and they think. Ideally games that you've got this little kingdom commander going to be building on these pieces around your castle using domino style rules. You pick up tiles that have one of two different. Pictures on them each style has two pictures and as of the same and you're trying to link together the shapes and and pictures and two domino death. And stumbled and mr. domino part of king nominally under the and it's a moment and math guess and I really liked it if it was isn't really simple mechanically you say there's not a lot and not a lot actually going on who is kicking their foot rest. That would be mr. doing and find information was oh is enough not enough but a I look at. But. That's junk like this you right now OK you've. And we. I so I'm editorial won more than we can now we move along to the question I think but Sean has something he wants to say. I do have one more I want to mention oh my god I say I have one more you get the sort of game otherwise known as one more. It's a brand New York is brand new low tea so this is it for combing your not this is army or not side of things. I was again called crony Tim Luke and it's again it's another lake Freeman play quick and easy to pick up and and learn. You have god that your playing into you've got a handful of cards you have twelve rounds and you're trying to get coins. Based on the Clinton says that a relative. In each turn. You're going to be drawing coins from a bank and you're gonna have different colors those colors are worth different points and so you're gonna put three of those coins and take one and put him back. And then you're basically gonna have a bidding rounds we are gonna silently did face down B card even and then everybody has chance to rebuild it. And the person on the bottom has the highest card is going to get that token. Tilt or give a chance like mess with someone you can go out you know we can cement has claimed wondering if maybe you're gonna throw mosque and you go to an area that you don't really want. You let them go and then you foreseen daughter read for it Jack and I can also clear bid back and re bid the also it's it's really interesting strategically. And you know that's a politically quickened and limits components and small little box school. Yeah well I mr. vanish again to talk about I'll just go ahead and skip mine even though I was gonna talk about origin award winning misty veil but that's fine yes Josh we saw after time it oh yeah we have we have one fantastic want to talk about and we are saving it for the last although we all played it eight. Actually yes so we had Kyle can care for Michael society on the show several times to talk about well and pretty amazing this that he is friend of the show talking Kate yes and the entire society that is the Markel society. Now we talked a lot about the rules which is C which is a what are they calling it for Lexus skill to right field for some Dover Alexa and it's a very handy skill it's a very heavy storm that's the truth so you can go back to listen to us we'll go into that right now but the other thing that we talk about our Tara with Kyle. Well no at least twice maybe three times is this great game called we've now it is a role playing game at heart. But the beauty of it is that he uses the camera technology on your phone. To take pictures of these I Terrell style cards without actually taking a pitcher that takes a plume on your colleagues. Exactly it's just scans them and then uses the data that's in the app on your phone that's associated with we've. To generate characters and story lines for your game master. And then you play with that and there's dice components involved and whatnot but we've. Is great we had a chance to actually go and play the thing with Kyle. I'm alive we we were on the tour channel we were all right major twitch for awhile alright yeah. We were on we were cycling through the front page it twitch yup we were on the late night cable comp US so friend of the show a friend of the show these things are better run it and doing a great job. Yeah where are Vernon Wells went he has veterinarian and having fun source food to her while hash that we can play. A complete DND and Lyndon I got to dial he had beauty style complete game of we've from scratch with four cold players yeah. Including character creation in three hours. Yes yes and you know a couple of twists and turns aside did we we I think we did pretty much everything that you would do in a normal session we played. We played what's called the gloomy news set and down and if so I'd pick up now. The so quickly was a little bit more tongue in cheek to have a fun year so probably you know clipped along a little bit morbid if you wanted to have like a serious and very heavy campaign. Those sets and there are those those adventures are there and that's sort of the beauty of we've is it tailors itself to whichever side you're playing so we played good means. We scanned our cards and each one of those. Cards gave us options to build our character but it was all drawn from that same place that. And if they have a fancy place at things he said there's cyberpunk place that there's is this game guys as soon as it hits market and he was saying sometime in September. How did you guys are gonna love it and we'll be talking about even more I'm sure. And I love how because it's all app driven. He knew the system remembers your character flaws and manages and builds and into the story as you come up to Sudan's loop around. That you're not depending so much sorrow of the jams underpinnings of much himself to try to remember me notes his system allows for this is a solid remembers its. Oh great because a once we got our characters made and we joining game session it all ties back into the game masters. And again masters Foner his device when every using. And then he can see everything that's going as far as that goes but in the game knows all of that information as well through the app and then just a generation game very. Very sort of organically but it's also one of these kinds of things that is literally going to play different every time you play it. And everybody wants to wash someplace recession just look up go to twitch the complainant tabletop it's in there video learn their bond section. Yes and once we once we have access their files global definitely put a link up on the on the FaceBook page and we'll tweet it out their thing he has. Guys it was incredible with so much fun plane that was he has and it really you know I hate to I hate to admit that I enjoy playing games you guys. Preakness well I don't I don't need that kind of beyond my life. But the truth is that was a lot of fun and we would have Brandon. On that happens when you don't exactly is they don't have a beautiful marriage of of two great Tuesday podcasts. And he's our guest. And the more Himalayas were there the sister shows were you know to the apple humvee you know to lose there who doesn't have a negative sense this news. Oh I forgot toll forgot I got a I got to improbably song at one point there was that I had I was so much fun so should've seen the viewer numbers jump. It's just started laughing and that was awesome and so the concern I had a couple of characters that we are trying to we are trying to well we try to take out a giant flaming spider. And a day to Terry had a special ability that allowed her to charm something by playing her musical instrument her her harmonica which why not. But I had the ability to do an assist. With my. Mighty sick blues jazz riff there blues riff is what it was called and so. The GM says okay beat you get extradited for that you can roll it but I want you to impress me to earn that die and had us actually do it live anyways it was it was a lot of fun and that we did really really good so we thank you Terry yes he's not been smiling. But again the inflating spider in question. Had to be wrapped up in two women was running around on fire flaming in bashing mean the stuff so you guys had to save me which was nice of you to do noted that eventually turned eventually did yeah yeah I mean that was secondary just 300 million uninsured is Shawna yes. Hazardous milling at all animal around and if we look a lot a lot of five and this was great it was that it was our chance to get it to to play and if you were. We were. Almost a lucky enough if you're one of the people who was watching us thank you. And if you are not like I said we have links harassing go back and check out the video later on the BOD stuff but. It's time to laden let's discuss. Our question the burning question I don't find some question the theme music because source in transition so that I can do not because if what we're just like. Every every five minutes or so I'm saying. More online at which is kind of fun. But you know and I feel like I want to move jazzier in his a lot of other work on that maybe extend our special ops transition reason I could borrow special how to transition music. I'm moving. Ever. Yeah but we are gonna move on wanted to talk a little bit about the question now the question we asked last time we sit this out on Twitter and FaceBook. And basically all over the place we wanted to hear from you from the geek nationals. What is the best licensed I. IP for those of you who do you don't know or well for me because I like hearing myself talk. That he's intellectual property something is based on something else like a movie or TV show or comic book. What is the best licensed I. I think we see your street to mr. Epperson because he's jumping up and now am I OK I thought Sean. I guess is he's our colors so he has slowed down man and I'll just tell us no I'm not really sure what my game is because I don't irate I'm like god when I read IP game I put toilet trouble. Iron down and I then that's been done. All right so now let's hear from someone who's not a complete and total idiots. Josh was there earlier noted no wisely alliance and presumably you please go ahead. Well I have I have one and a runner up and aren't in my first one isn't and kind of amazed to not seen her in hand for army. But explain. The miniatures games all right get a call star Lawrence. Is there a better AP IP exist don't say that they don't do it I. Can store hours is next. Hello new listeners who have me. I opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of of this warrant an alliance would put any misstep for advertisers. No I love X wing alone and that created so did show me then then yeah they really nailed on the movement in my SI mean it's all they carry any measure and it can only license blazers yet. Police inches lasers are not licenses. I yeah hi with a movie X wing yeah. They call and then I'm I runner up Star Trek ascendancy also I don't see amend our news thinking it would beyond anyone's list. Hi you know way and and as awesome as both of those things are I gotta say that the one that I did choose is better you know then I mean not just say. That stacks learn and I absolutely love why at all and I do and start your ascendancy is still. One of my very very favorite game I just got a text message from 2 o'clock Yassin to let you know keep won't be returning your emails on our sons and he sees a lot of I selected game after its I was kind of I've bouncing back and forth between a cup. Of games the the ghostbusters game and I game of drones. Because if you haven't played the ghostbusters game it really actually does feel like you're playing the ghost busters I mean he didn't really really good job of that IP it lends itself very well today universe. He definitely feels like you're in there each of the each of the ghostbusters themselves on their own roles. I think it's a great game I love playing it. And I've had death I've struggled to find other people who wanna play because they've heard it's not very good. I also don't own a copy of my own so I'd have to give Branden in hearing he wasn't as Serwer with that as I suspect he would be. I've Brandon loves ghostbusters easily his favorite movie. All moved the ball three the parlor owner mama don't but I did she's game throws instead because then you're right oh my lord. Such a great it's a great game in and of itself but as an IP. It plays exactly like a free in game I'll throw it at all while lord alliances over here breaking alliances over here sleeping with your family members this game. Has it all its eggs now you like an episode of game with what. And a few judged by how rare and ran straight I mean wow. Craig Graham here you are absolutely correct yeah you try you try inside against Landis during grey Jones though we were. We were Landis turned graveyard and no I was a Starks oh yeah you're very jury starts and gradually rose only is he who has the number Afghans that sorry. Sharif who did not sorry at half staff so yeah I gave throws he just so good as an. I. Was because it really feels like you were doing that think like I feel like I'm in game of drones you know I would like an eagle or gangsters. Yeah just fine you know what are the I. A charger conservancy does feel a lot like that but I thought I had to I was I was measuring and weighing and I felt like the other two were more like the thing. Then then it's into us. Now Sean do you ever realized can talk all you know it's really troubles and cutting you and pat. I didn't like to actually all right as. It's a trend to choose between Harry Potter hogwarts battle. And I was trenches between Star Wars imperial salt though so Bogut yeah imperial sold really has that fanatic feel a Star Wars. I enjoyed near going to an adventure in your really pushing against the empire and empire sorting do wonders just which craziness going on. But in the end I had to give it to Harry Potter because in Star Wars. You're playing unknown named guys like Eminem names but it's not anyone you know. You can bring in Han Solo as as a helper fur around about it. He's in legal and often doing his thing but your your players character right you don't get to play is a guy is that you wanna play as if you're doing a campaign. So I was terminated from but again don't Emmys can possible. But new Harry Potter you're actually playing. They characters you want to play your playing Hermione you're playing. Ron Weasley if you're playing head to Harry it's just it's so awesome wanna be mouth point yeah I like where I didn't expect this coming out saying that I like uno loves good or you know. African Cho change how cool would that be they don't extension coming out a bit impossible creatures so. And there all right I'm gonna guess it didn't go our live here maybe creatures could be creature that has a it also that this is also really easy to teach to people so it it's a gut kinda move it any Leahy sees best. The field when there's. You're going through each book in each time you goo you finishing game. You're going to open up a new look and new things are gonna come into the to regain you're destroying any things you're not losing anything in your game but you're bringing in new elements. So it starts out a little easy for people that are maybe dec builder extraordinaire strike it's easy. But you get in the game like four or five whole week though things get turned up band. Yeah I was missing when we played at that time he was he's exactly like you said we whipped through that first book in no time half and then gives you an IBJ playing and and what went into the second book and that kind of wrapped up a little bit there were a couple of pars were thought maybe it was gonna turn against us but we still be. And then moved on a third run like OK here we are. Yep now attacking Ontario hello crap and we were really struggling tinted to move along and actually keep playing and they usually say popular decked. Builder Beulah know deck building games start off a book three. That's kind of late. The first two were sort of like the teaching talent and a few well yes and entered into turn three things turned up and then turn five by book five I mean guy young man yeah it gives you know rough because you're dealing with a couple of guys at one time. And at one point in the game you actually have three villains that you're having to deal with each round. And accommodations and how those phones play off each other well yeah holy cow changing chain. Well and we also put it out to groups yeah we did a different peaceful groups ahead leaders Molina thought as a geek nation have to say about what I'm saying guys. The screen but a little bit. Hello you're on Libor game alliance. Figured is he Byron. NBA we were just playing very Byron remarks the other day you were yeah that we close the planes down what's going on man. There and to figure out clear clear look through podcasts I love the sound of that excellent excellent so I am I understand that today you saw our question on line and you were excited to weigh in on the topic. So I don't know you have for those you don't remember from what I said at the top of the show the question is what is the best. IP intellectual property game that you have played Byron dazzle us. So for me to have to be warm during. I think ordering all by itself was just a great game but when you tie in the theme of The Lord of the Rings. And that quest to either destroyed or rain or hunt for the ring because you know what side drawn. I ever again that I've always played has just been so epic. Very very similar to recreating the books or the movie great if you've got the ring. You're on the conduct requested trying to sneak through and new line and drop but ended duo Cano and destroy it. And if you're bad guys are more door. You know you just you're on a timer right you know that every every brown meg goes by they're getting closer and closer. You know through completing their class staff running out of time so it's been this was that he really cool use of the FEMA finger. You have to him teach because I got my copy and Stoller put it past half. There you copy you have so not much I love that I got bit at the new addition as well you know you are where Maria. Yet the smear me see blue okay yeah we're definitely you know going art of our thoughts thank him and yes sounds awesome goal death he that he's into it that's not a denial. I'm just an awesome again I think for colon is there anything else say you need do a plug or anything that you and ask us about. No artistry you are doing a great job and you know keep playing games are important maxim don't think that I am Rebecca yeah keep playing those games and will well we'll keep talking about himself. Thanks man aren't very good fields. And then Dubai and called pal who's also learn to love I think CN Byron and day will that part of playing again with you really soon but that. For now while what a deal would have the rest of the geek nation have to say. Well being Trimble says he did them tiny angels license IP that vikings gone wild was at the top of his list. And mex for his minions. Yeah I guess vikings Dan Wheldon is a license IP because it is based off of being mobile game. No doesn't react to the motive at all but is based off from another one another ipso sales February. Absolute favorites are Star Wars rebellion and explain how I'm mr. million school ever manhood can't get the president and the. Go ahead and this is something that have I if I talk about what videogames allied and can assess Star Wars game is almost 201. Are exceptional video games. They do very very well and they have great writing and great game play there's really only one or two that I can think of right now that we're just not very good. And Star Trek on the other hand has the reverse problem. Almost every single Star Trek video game is a pile and there's no there's never been one that both. Captured what it is to play start to be a Star Trek and then was also a good game. Board games. I feel like it's pretty well balanced look at the water really good start trick games and there's a lot of related Star Wars games in this is this is exemplary of that so yeah thank you dean was at. Dean thank you Dane. I Gillen from for flat out games they responded on the twitters the who's who and then they send good recent one they Harry Potter dock builder is surprisingly good yes good introduction to the genre for younger audiences hidden all until you leave readers to be I think these are final games is to determine which. Yeah fantastically intelligent people is off. I thought I. Eric reasoner says maybe Battlestar Galactica. Then came has some major problem but does a fantastic job of recreating the feeling of hope who followed by a fuel for a senate floor and how. And that's the flow of the game car may not amused group. Dollar and we need him right for the show that Julia yeah I wasn't I wasn't fortunate enough to have anybody print out a list of what the people who said on line so I'm just gonna go bounce back and forth between you guys so our men out there Sean what's an excellent. You and I have no I don't have any. Josh has just signed it wrong Mo threw himself as a student at Louisville because he just left starter on the microphone we all know I. Talking about my embodying. And mark. Both had excellent segue dark souls honestly one of the best cooperative games he's ever played Ohio and new and some how big yet relatively got a response here. I don't believe it at all okay I'm within one mr. Sharon Epperson answered the question to his own question are you kidding me my guess is going to be monopoly ever which is not wrong it's. We'll talk about the amount and others episodes we're gonna affect you know you know that you get to sit here and say things you don't need to respond to our questions I get to know it next. Next is Andy back now sort of like here. Next time to stop moon. Dong. I'm again hey welcome to butcher good fellow young Cowell owns stores are back in without a doubt historical figure Gustavo. And Eric spies. Jesus wow. There's the fear is he's disillusioned Hillary should go to those before the show and have make sure you pronounce them all Angela I like five point oh the judge has the advantage of chromium and until then thank you take it still there the other down there it's only a doctor and I don't know I got all right go far in my interior cells that amazes me company and what he says first ribbons of those less interest and curiously he they are as I know I don't know and a so now we're okay. We're oh dimension Eric. Spy era. You know saying it confidently does not mean you know how to read a correction and have a direct hit 80%. Of of whether or not people believe you is how confidently say it and only 10% is how well spoken you're signing and 10% his log not the only way you can say with confidence and you know Berber and pizzazz. People are gonna buy it every time's a charm you keep doing your. Battlestar Galactica. Hands down no. Jason Hancock says WWE superstar shoot which I think is how we knew Steve plan yeah and that's I think a lot about that I've heard a lot of other game tunis are on the shelf it's as marks in the day and I think you had. Greg Deke house says star fleet battles good one and mark terrorists not necessarily the best haven't spent enough time with it. But godfather Koreans umpire was really fun when they played it it's not yet it's aired. Our. It's gone all iron very clear that's so glad so glad to know we're only rarely that the game look amazing beauty components in the singer off the true. Yeah bring your own decaffeinated horse head. All right well awesome ended we already have a question for next time there's no. I don't know if he's. I had given her face the gate and her putter and all that stuff though if you cannot following us on Twitter are already efforts well why not second go ahead it's really. Easy to do just fine BA's Gaby UK's key nation on the Twitter and I can now for the next question and we really really wanna hear from you we love hearing from you guys. Hey Chris you know just what she can but missile for the time is that it moon. They think I would have some action I'll patriotic music I have known. How unfurled learn more glue. You know me for. Yes senator did you hear him Mary can. See Bruno who know. In America. It doesn't and so it isn't. Yes America and are celebrating our birthday and that revolutionary things that have been then America if you we're gonna talk about. Brief we need some revolutionary name games and designs and mechanics just. Because they read the time in its causes yeah adolescent who's active down an awesome. So we talk about revolutionary game as a revolution in game mechanics will want to know what we're really mean is. A game that comes out and sort of since its own pace and gives us something we've never seen before or gives us something that we have seen before in an income. Put clean away and it just makes it stand up and take notice this is in this game and you're going to play it. So what's the first of wisdom and always do just that I just say it. Dean. DDQ is there a bigger change in more gaming I don't think there is I don't think ours well and I'm going to tabletop gaming there's not a game. It took awhile to get out of the basements but yes a sense out now mainstream now you guys in the streets and nice there are just watching with can only 50000 years. My name not my role playing game just died yesterday. I mean if if if it hadn't been for dungeons and dragons there are so many things in our world specifically in our board game world they would just. Not exist now video games board games so many being a subordinate oh everything they are to doesn't dragons and and and Gary guy yaks. So you're you're not wrong. I mean it came along and it said hey here's a way for you to. Essentially assumed the role of somebody completely fantastical something you could never doing really real world but we're also gonna takes a man. And a little bit history makes it all together and you're gonna have a great time just sitting in a room looking at a piece of paper enrolling these funky diet that we invented and during. And dragons. And everything's better with dragon yes. But and then the next game and another full game that really changed the landscape on everything else. Magic the gathering yeah and again you wanna talk about the game. That so many other games owe their existence to mesh together Richard Garfield came along and he said you know what. I think today I'm going to invent an entirely new way to play games. Okay how does that sound everybody got good a good night and I'm on it he's fond capping the cars don't respond. And if you don't know how to play imagine the other thing go into any Morgenstern death and compost or pick one billion star. Store and got cut your hair day we tease me have a magic and I'm pretty sure ten people I got to demonstrate here yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I hear he's been down now let's play. That's now NA a little more mechanic German side of things and modular boards if you really think about it because old has grows day mainstays are where I was one board yeah. Harris talked on the same thing yet when the modular boards which seems like a very simple idea now when. But look at the variety open upon Clijsters. Oh yeah and then and then you know you had you had your board your box came in it was you know one foot high two foot across may be you open that up and you've got to aboard this two by two. That was the standard every game had exactly that it was two foot by two foot. Issue Eminem I'm I'm just get going and remember I never measured exactly how big a part cheesy were runs or whatever. But then that but it it limited it was so limiting because it was a static board. It never change is always the same every time you played any meet me a lot of times it made you not that excited about playing again. You don't even early game like avarice or were or you know what's the other big war one that we don't is an axis and allies got. Because I mean those games is specifically whereabouts of the world in which we live by now modular boards modular boards means your game is different at all no single time. If we did see a monopoly with a modular board. Eastern faster restaurant and have a very new and engaging contest twice here that's a good point. I have I have been put out when progressives in the country input it is is he's off he's gone don't. They're quick to expect something about the paying another mechanic could change the world. Ten recently relatively. A builder. Oh I Dick though there's not a lot of that constructive like magic ridges and we just don't know exactly but a Dick Miller everybody starts the same as you clean it gets builder. It's in honor there's. You know we don't you do it gives very builder a (%expletive) you burger you brought you here that is available. I. How hard I've. Learning connect its failure. He had deck building they're building is one of the coolest things. That has spent has arrived in my. My particular gaming world came in in a really really long time I loved that idea that we all start out at. And exactly equal. There's no way that you or deck is better than mine at the beginning of the game which is not always the case and something I met together. We start out on exactly the same level we have all the same opportunities. It's luck of the draw at the start but they comes down to how well you spend your resources to increase the power of your deck and that for me. But is fantastic and have played so many different deck builders I've been amended together in France firmly. Decades and the thing I love about deck builders is how it kind of captures us feel measured together during break new kind of are doing their deck construction over time. And it's always different experience like I illogical to so much it's always a different experience and there's no way they've just by throwing money at this game someone else can be. A 1000000% better than exactly you know exact I love that. And dominion was and largely credited for the First Act builder all right in a few other games but doll that Specter you know really did nail it down and demeaning because that's all this gap filler it's just ridiculous but then that leads to LCDs which ratified did she. For Sean that's specific reason. Well I don't want to just whoever has the most money it's the best cardiac LCD everybody is the same expansions. You want to write cards that's in that expansion is no guesswork there's no super Alter re airs keeps the skill of building within living cart and. And I think I think you're likely aspect of everyone is still building their own unique dec. But we all have exactly the same carpool to work from an Iraq that's what I think that's what makes an LCG. While that's what makes it different first of all but what makes it also a little bit more care any evens the playing field as you say so it comes down to your skill. We're tying those cars together and also your ability to get the combinations you want happening on the table so that is fantastic. Then probably one of the big risks in recent years. Was. The legacy games. Now we know I'm Claudio yeah and Miley Sealy C game is a retired members who have four inch. You are actually changing just trying throwing away making permanent conditions to rules. While you play the game it's. I love it I love that opening up boxes and nimble Lopes and hitting surprises and I arrogantly from hormone. Police he doesn't necessary mean destroy being in the original legacy games it was destroying specifically about it yeah now it's not so much always destructing. But there are modifications or because they're newer legacy games that have. And shoot at the destruction elements have not electable like OS because it's hard to talk somebody into buying a sixty or eighty dollar game and then think oh yeah you by the way you're going to be throwing some of the stuff away along the along the road so. Lamar Odom generally give you as though like. Dependent on placing. Here you can play that point four times. Kim played twelve point four times now that's a good point and a lot of games you don't play 1224 times and it was elicits a lifetime thing yeah exactly and in is designed to be played. Continuously earned a semi and it's continuously backed because. In. Him being relentlessly campaigned released I'll lose a word. Just a word for thing that comes after another thing and then comes after another thing and it starts with Khan and I'm having trouble remembering it it's cool let's just wrong. You know bill I tried continuously in their right it's continuously and concurrently continuously might be it's. Many of my guys in the record you don't have I don't know eight or is just absolutely does that word just all all. It's a word. I don't know if there's a word I was you Corbin is absolutely no word all right. Marty hello one more quickly and then we're gonna get on to yeah in depth. Discuss this are the hyper specific but it's the battle mechanic for cry Havoc. No dice. Right some card play in two minds about placing new order minis in. A portion to battle over area control apportioned into battle over capturing and raised. And attrition for killing killing on equal terms almost. Any president now who knows I'm sorry it's about moving. If you can moving those around after your opponent goes to try to do. You have to block you have to have skills cards you have to have the numbers it's definitely need definitely not revolutionary. Yeah I know I am I really like how it's it's practically resource management at that point. But the thing uses it it's one resource that they can do three or four different things on that track and gap no you're right that battle mechanic is so who are awesome I love it. Nothing can June you know I'm not a fan of Craig having hired as an unfamiliar with the make up my guess kind of up against them but it's you know. But that's great so I'll let us know if there any any archetypes or any revolutionary things that we might have missed. Or if there's a game type or architect that you want us to discuss. Any kind of game mechanic any kind of game terminology anything like that we love talking about it. Go ahead and ask us or on net over on the FaceBook on the Twitter on wherever just at BG geek nation finest ask this question. I. So moving on let's talk about Warner the most amazing games I've played in the last 24 hours a. And you are absolutely right it's usually tough to guess game that I've ever blame you last week for our guest settlement you don't get out of that car you can make everybody people have occurred and man. Learn how. You lie with statistics here we put a typical tough on this week's game of the now is out Lou that there and I recently released on kick starter it's by members to lose you lose. Oh man it's France but of course it's French so it is funny they let me see the thing. So I judge's ruling on missile what did you close enough good enough for government work let's talk about the actual game now please. For the game and is largely resource management. Dramatically the aim is. Apocalypse has come. It's done it's over now the survivors have to deal and then unlike most games there are no zombies there are no robot of prize there's. It's simply about survival. And there's. The convoy is on its way and they stop through and they pick up the best survivors to take them to. This new. Utopia. Somewhere on earth. And so what you're doing is you're competing to see who the best survivor is who can handle the most people gather the most resources. And then save off radiation and survive until you're there. Anyway so you have these action. Needles that are really cool with the kick starter again her phone means would do he had no interest it was a really were legal but I think that's usually I go and you have to move around the lord and he blew up two spots and you cannot move to where one of the order for our. Right now three candidates and constant spot. They do things thank you get in gear would you give me ammunition in area. You're collecting different resource gas calculator on him then you can also hunt and Kyle the first time behind tier one or two and then the second time of the same pelt type. You you give Marty is stacking on Osama hey you're you're getting better hunting and animals so now I need more good. But also when you go to where another player has an active character. You you have these action points listed on your character 543. If you have more than any other attractive character. You have to pressure than me used to come up huge gap and you want their resources so if I vote for three U I guess I'll be taken some of your ribs then you get the you the difference on my 350 Intel. I really really likes this game not only some medically is it right in my wheel house I love games like when we played dead of winter. Or any of these sort of survival type games when it comes down to managing your resources. While our while simultaneously messing around the other players to hopefully mess not only messed them up but we are forward your own goals. Then you also have to managers into events every phase and if you don't clear those off when they they don't go anywhere in the attic surrounding her new and things we happening exactly and those can really stacks of her very ignores those very around six you're just came to its drawn GAAP. Jeff I was really confusing because in one aspect. Yeah net and the person missiles does is getting victory points but you who want them to do that Terri thanks yeah I didn't get those that really gets really tricky says to look at somebody else who who can afford to take care of an event for everybody but chooses not to. Because they have other things and me take care of so you're kind of like. Yeah I'm glad you didn't get those points but and it would have been great if I didn't have to kill tour might do this next round. And for your own personal boards your new get a tableau we are building buildings are in a room and alienate shelter and he threw rebuild Kucera once around to benefit them but only if it's for people benefits for people you also have to feed those people so you have to go gather. More news drew intense hate those people. We can also find equipment and when you equip me to stack those up and you also uses of that criminal once you fix it K yeah everything is broke every visitor apocalypse manual not just gonna pick up a functioning crossbow or pacs off. But really it's a great worker place spring game went movement gain or remove McCain can win some restrictions and thank you Mary interest in it's not a big board and now trying to move for guys around we can double up. There's there can be a challenge there we had a stretch. Jeanne economy of movement for this was. That you know the levels really set really really high and you had a really Plano which we're going to do how was going to benefit you in the greatest. I made a couple of missteps late game we've played and I I don't think it cost me the victory but is certainly cost me at least through two or three points which honestly. I passes I was just kicking myself so I thought I thought right after our mood was like oh wait I really should've done that the other way. And so I think that that was kind of interesting was the and the fact that it's urine. You can go to a place that you already exists of the number of players isn't really gonna impact that you can do a two player game and you're still gonna have that same problem you have to overcome senate. Not yet he's. You're impacting your own movement movement as far as a value I can't tell you hey around my house is much. It was released on kick starter and it's not currently available anywhere well all right out there because it's saying game in France I'm hoping he comes to Essen. And then that but with the popularity of this came from the kick starters I think K I think I think they can happen I really hope will happen but it. It does put out good test of fassel's law yeah. And that's a good game will hear reprint and that's Tom Astle G council's law. And you know he's not wrong I think that I think the history has borne that out ray really has so. All right we'll move right along I know the top of the show us an earlier talk about a classic game that changed every time you played and I mean that literally every time you play cards. Don't talk a little bit about clocks but I gotta say yes. I'm looking at the time only episode and I might have to show but until next. Time so are we give you guys out there in in indignation land had an opportunity to. Read up about flocks or you haven't played collection ploy here and then you can get back in touch with meat directly on Twitter that walk like a plan and I am I will answer your questions and then we'll bring that up on. The next Shelby I'm gonna force you guys. To shut the heck up for a minute so I actually have time to talk about my classic game next time we record shot this case in point. What show what amazing piece it's a little taste you have to college BUT it's almost like the rules have changed. No matter. Well OK I ignored it it all back that was a really good thank you for that shot you're welcome to. Reaper. So that being said Sean. Years star America yet maybe and so the first one owner bring up his duck clings to a game about parenting. By dec head games this is a heart wrenching coop game or you must work with a partner to waddle three fragile little duckling to safety. Now the delivering a sudden this doesn't sound like a game is to clear your wheel house however there's this really depressing length dark element you asking him. So if what are your ducks lead the well that's why I brought up you're about to answer my question am I am horrified right now and so if we do all political the greens are really cute. And if one gets sacrifice trying to cross just rose sat flip thanks well if you die is like you have don't sacrifice is a much different words you can save them all and so I think it. And decide which Clinton is going to go. A few. Flip the hero. I think she knows which one of my baby ducks and no and absolutely. No violence and death. OK you can talk now. You put the card over and it then you read his story and it tells you all about how. You lose. Yeah. And it's just gets a price all off I mean pier number. It would so Dora Muslim League Sean because it's like it's a good mixture of up. Yeah I'm OK let's search and then there's very good of god it's a film with like a good lake game that you can teach to people. You look at tuchman just over Twitter like if I'm not surprised. In a good way of a message yeah is twenty dollars for the base pledge. And there attained can either he can go also there there over funding it and so they're going to stretch goals and only kind of stuff but there's apparently a preliminary to survive yeah. Yeah and they go to a home on a farm announced they might I tell you engage in there and they don't die in the game they don't really know what state to be was the only other little. Some you've been so believable yeah well I guess he's. He's no worse than kittens in a blender the exact same thing they were alone can I don't know I'm on the targets. Is when Daisuke by post script him I don't know. This really interesting 'cause this is they need of American seemed strategy game. Okay and your actual playing of the native Americans are you Dolan sees animal life in a lot of these work place bestowed in honestly this is so first time I can think ever heard of when like yeah. So this is a game of resource management land control. It's gonna this is in a media being unique action building system so you actually have a a tribal. In parallel where you have a group of that's a three by three space and if you're going to select. Spaces and you have dislike them and wanted diagonal order or a column. To decide which ones which are going to want to and one chief followed up tenure thing reef replenish its so used to newsletter to destroy strategic decision making during this process. It's 49 dollars for the based game and it's when he came there thirteen point seven K gold's. So they've got that locked up yes Chris Bury magazine looks amazing super high quality a really unique theme to it so I really recommend you check this out. This is ending on July 2 next up anyone that is interest did in game designed for game designer for your game publisher if you aspire to those sort of things. You need to check this or not this is game tech the book. By Jeff Engel stinky well from the attack. Differing using yet in Houston the lead of the game tech segment from that I gave tech segments on diets are OAA. Summers at collecting ten years of his game tech stuff. And it's ten dollars for the vigil in thirty dollars and before the hard back copy of this book. Not only is this gang and genius his kids also geniuses yeah. Yeah in games and his whole family. You're not wrong for yeah do if they're really Jiri myth to look around their family affair which went on got the talent it's spoiler alert it's all 32 yeah yeah I'd like he just goes over like really in depth stuff about the whole game design platform and different mechanics and elements and there's just so much that you can learn from this. People need to check decide if you were even if you have an interest in gaming there's light of interest in stories and he goes into and that's. Descends on July 20 all right very nice. Last up is click click boom my thing told games. It's not really into else nerds who had what. Think anything what they're playing twelve and do anything with yeah I this senator Maria old flash in the hands trying to. Here today gone tomorrow parenthood and whatever okay well you know good runs and then it tells about the game well and I think gave this thing blunt the human description and Russian roulette. And we've got on Kuester now it's ten dollars for Clinton now. And Florida you know this is your campaign you were running out right now he has a tough talking English so I personally find this. Okay it's. Copy paste is not my friends. I don't know how eighteen dollars for the based game if they're blaring out better if it's over about 15100 away from funding and all this ends on July 10. I love and you don't have to get married and no underlying three days on July 10 who could treason diligent. Copy paste fewer than being of honey I'm not. CS I episode in the game your basically going to be flashing up my hand of cards in your hand if they boom cargo to the when you don't wanna play thruster clicks which allow people either steal from you or you force me to play one into the pot can if you love above the table table time. Manipulation. Just bullying. Occurs at a oh and you of course can perform blah thing on an instance this fund such funny yeah its got a little bit of everything and and I liked the way you describe it to as a as a bluffing game wears a Russian roulette feel. And and also each of our each of your player characters has special ability and and maybe come into play be useful. It's really fun and I hate to give you credit for well anything but this this game is is great I really really have a lot of fun playing it we've we've had a chance to help you play tested. Well and let's face it we're basically you're going to play test group that's fine and I have no problem that. Still waiting for that one with like that the goblins and stuff that turns down in there but it's coming we'll get there we'll get there so yeah I think that thanks Thursday for continuing to crank up games and we really appreciate it community and a we will ask the nationals to support you might guess from inferno from the I'm in period to cool games and and and yet there is a. All right and so what I have former Nixon. With itself it's the only game time Josh when you're definitely meantime hideout for you. It's a for the July yeah Bedell the podcast. I know playing in your grandma alone until bush had been sort couldn't say oh yeah I know you're a guest. You know listening to us. All day long and the end and haven't as yet be your ears about about the stuff we do in the geeky weirdness that were up to his and one thing but you're right it's a national holiday. Nearly everybody has the day off enjoy your family play a game with them that sounds awesome. But thanks BJ is blocking the way you write a big. You and he just ran off play games with his family on we damn dad nicely done guys well you're an inning in that case I don't feel I don't feel half as bad about not talking to begin today so it can get together to win. But guys. I was not a fun thing he's so much for sitting there with me today and their well as always you know what's. Josh what are we sent tumbling away. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells says the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG easy video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW doc plus.