BJGN07-05-17 - Cornetto Trilogy Fan Theories

Wednesday, July 5th

BJ & Walker review boardgames & their expansions with Mystic Veil, Bears vs Babies, & Tokaido; Rev reviews the Scryglass phone app; the gang discusses fan theories based on the Cornetto trilogy; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!

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The deep sheet with Dickie V biggie how can people get old the last. Welding get a hold of us here website it's gonna have all information and dollars sci aids and it's not our podcast on medical leave to listen to our podcast since the right to religious review. Or also the Amazon I could just say Alexa played each nation on to mince. I can also like us on FaceBook with both a lot of these awesome liens are a lot of things we talk about on the shower like you know like stuff. Homer Facebook's I searching for meeting she's the nation you won't find us. He also calls on Twitter and instead Graham news there drama at the BJP nations. Benefit sex Jolie it was a voicemail at one rainy 02243353. Doubles tennis any night beating each nation and Do you check other videos at YouTube dot com's I. Beating each nation thinks you've big key and let's get right in to board game Todd gets a little while they know BJ and Chris both the viewer. Chomping at the bit tired about some of the new things in the board gaming world I was denying everything gonna I know magic together and our does that devastation I suppose we'll talk about that sometime in an upcoming podcast SES what's the whole spoiler we draw decide it's yeah I think we're we always it's a week from my lasts Sunday and Saturday and the princes are actually happening. This weekend yeah oh yeah it's just catching up I mean the the whole fourth of July thing happening and instantly know boom. We in a magic in my head was like god and I'm gonna miss sifford Rican wedding Palmeiro. So I'm I'm happy as I missed the last two pre release is but that the prodigy and I will be has been enough fun time this coming Saturday in my head mocks boarding house in Bellevue nicely addicts and I saw Arianna environment to get lost in the mail I guess. Sorry man well you guys still play board games together so what do you guys have. I got -- I I got invited you would not he did go to mosque boarding house a bit BMW click on their calendar and you can deal taken to the plays we can sign up for the event swayed we're gonna do but we're gonna book you both Saturday okay so they know the 11 o'clock and 5 o'clock join us buddies I think that'll work guess sort of like you know that really is bizarre because I thought I did let everybody know that your visit. And I lose again and third. Idea. All right glad that we would love to have I think yeah so what we're games he got for us well you know this sort here we can bring Vick in on even though Vicky did not she just hasn't I'm gaining lewis' much to she's like ham and our lives China via person yeah amateur and it's a little extra jobs added in people's food yeah should get a second one Tom well mr. Vaile which was a cool card crafting system you know you can check builders. And then mystic dale was that they came along with these cool oversize cars and these plastic inserts that you could putting and so. You never change your deck you always have the same amount of cards your deck you change the cards in your deck by billing them damn hole yeah. Derail the Garrett because talking about manic so they have come out with two expansions already and I didn't even realize they had the first expansion and I didn't know about the first express until the second one drop to which was of course it. Misty failed Thelma while so I thought hey this to be a good time for us to talk about it yeah and even Vicki you've played mister Vaile. I a lot of fun with item bonnet that de activated. Is a card Idec filling in which I love all those media. Like demeans you and our ascension ailing just kind of building it but the fact that you're sitting there kind of crafting. Yeah own blade version of the best card possible way to. Power up your card that way. It's great and it also has a mechanism that allows you to get ready for your next turn which does speed up the Deco building process. If you have fought for player deck builders sometimes what to somebody take their turn it takes so long you know the I don't and they can I speak about in this game and goes relatively quick and you prepare your next turn it. While it's somebody else's turn so it's it's safe so they go quickly turns so quickly. And if you're familiar missing bell we talked about it before but it's a cargo craft or what do you expansions offer well first of all the middle expansion which we never had a chance to talk about. Which was let's see I think was missing Dell magic in my right about that he had a veil of magic. And that basically just what it did is it introduced a bunch new cards which focused on the the guardian power if you remember there were these like little helmets on cards. And they gave you if you had enough helmets in the right situation it would give you some cleaver having helmets. Well there are more Helms if you will. Data released to do Mora made sense because there were some but it's not allow I don't know every show I bother trying to collect these helmets with the first set I don't know. Well the second set the helmets really actually are kicked into gear. They're also are coming to a trigger effects that happened when you buy the cards with this new set poll that's that's a cool thing so there's new veils and his new car crafting things. It's a pretty cool thing though mystic Vail Vail the wild. That want introduces some cool stuff including some new leader cards. Which food and yell leader's credibility is they can be upgraded to be gimme more powerful and you start the game with your leader. And then you can name and basically he's just one card that goes in the sleeve he's a full full card. And then you compare price and an upgrade him through a group to. It's and I'm that it didn't know bits yeah yeah and there all. So eclipse advancements one of the things you can't do in this game. Is that your card basically has three sections and so when you buy it when you cart when you craft Jakarta mystic bail you either have to get a card that will fit into the top part of your inner beauty sleep they'll be top middle or bottom yet and sometimes you'll see a great little craft dubbed the go while I I I gotta get that oh wait a minute I already have something in the middle position in my card and that's a middle position are narrow path. Now they have it close advancements. Basically which may be covered by another advancement. But the ability that sometimes on the side because they they're in this game there there there are pictures on each you know each part of the card and then there's this sort of thing that runs down like the side they give you a special ability well. You can actually eclipse the picture and still have the side ability work. I'll I'll just kind of a nice thing and that's what this particular. You know mystic field all the while offers so you get leaders and and eclipse advancements. And so I am looking forward I am hoping to play it today is a matter friend I'd run a little me I've got I've had these expenses for awhile and I haven't hit our game table. So and finally I think we're gonna get that done nice also big shout out to by the good folks at old male and the fine folks have put out about exploding kittens they're very bears vs babies came in the mail from. Okay. And gripe I got the great collectors container which is a furry bear looking into that problem. They say you know and they're so good those guys because they said the aide said hey guess who I saw the other day is like a bear as hello they submit cartoon. You know and Matt and of course had the Droid and it's like hey guess what I saw the other day I saw that I Shea Tony tell you about the O'Shea is they are the worst things on the planet earth and I since hears is that list are worse things on the planet hurricanes drought famine. And the jays. And you know just a personal touch that when you open up your content and see stuff they do such a great jobs underneath there funny I am looking at a picture I love this shipping and that it would take a rug that was denied access hysterical it really is safe and basically it's bears vs babies I hope to play that today as well fit fit and I -- oblivious of the babies are actually the enemies in the games we don't have barbarian realize yes the -- bears are just trying to defend themselves against these evil babies and I don't have a successful kick starter for those guys and I'm sure you really get this in stores soon if not already. Because amid exploding kittens was a great success and bears vs babies hey you know what. I darn good success for them as well if it and then any other games guys I talk about. Okay. You know. Talk about it's a kite go check Chris and I know GAAP to actually is a very I think it's a very fun game to play with people who. Who aren't necessarily gamers but you want to. Get them into the world of what it's like to play a victory point game gap where you have multiple pass to victories you know Chris and I. We love those kind of games that mean you just recently played and macaroni which is one of those kind of games yet total points oh and yeah that's Alan yeah I don't quite salad sometimes is considered a negative thing but I points up voice salad that actually doesn't just have you running around doing stupid stuff but actually gives you many different strategies to get your points. Terra forming Mars does that and and Akron he does that mores of water deep as you'll what do we play death you know those are games ago all right how my gonna go about doing this in order to achieve the that the major points I need to get as opposed to late eighty negative point salad being just you can get points from any which way and it doesn't really matter and you're just kinda yard sale account I get my dad costs and that's their that's good term point Celek came up as like it doesn't matter I just gotta go over here and get him before he is over here and gets it and I notice no strategy involved are being Smart with my character. Whereas in you know in an Akron in games like that you look at your Carriker go OK these are my abilities this is the best way for me to go get points but if there's a lot of different ways to do a blight strategy is more Paramount. That and I guess I guess I never really as those negative turn thank you for that I because I I I heard you say one timer like oh that's a really good description referred. So humane so you enjoy salad this is true and see here's the problem most people do not enjoy his salad so they hear it as a negative I got to a point of faith I was quite okay daddy says you have many different sources unless I need a strategy when you hit the books and yes like I'm really really did Coke and to Qaeda always a nice way to introduced at first of all. It is a beautiful game and created and NATO a great concept where you know I don't know exactly if this was in the in the early nineteen hundreds early eighteen hundreds when people would just travel its title which is an east west road connecting Tokyo to Kyoto have beautiful tourist the experience and in the game. The idea is we talked about before the idea is is that. You want to. How the best experience. On the road it's not about the destination it's about the journey. And so you and your other your game members you know yet you're its competitive. But you're trying to go on the road and trying to do the most cool things and whoever does the most cool things. Will basically win the game I like six kick flips and 90 well no ground you're you're you're actually observing panorama as the person can see the most beautiful panoramic sites on the road gets victory points who gets to have the most delicious meals get seventy points who collects the most baubles and you know they hit eight you get fixed so eating the coolest people is my favorite yeah that's a great one. Hanging in Hot Springs so you're basically a tourist get to see all these cool things and depending on how old how cool your trip was is how you get your victory points or I guess so a lot of find out remember it is now okay dad and it's a beautiful board it's all whites and you have multiple characters it's I think it plays a maximum of five bike you can have their more than five carriages you can play. It's beautifully done I thought he hid its original form it was a beautiful game but they have just come out with you know and I am very smartly because now with kick starters people say hey would you like the regular addition for the super amazing component addition wherever and some may and I'm or we read we call the Josh addition can't get actors Josh will buy every up upgraded thing that you go by he's he has some beautiful game -- Andrea -- I like to Ky go oh am and I heard it was Marino his Father's Day and they simply want I said well I heard isn't a kite go compose an addition right Chris I think collectors accessory pack. Is what they're calling it. And it. It comes with every character and as it normally display with a maple and it it was just the colored people now you have this beautiful it looks like gay. Like an Asian jaded or or aware that whites are alabaster yet alabaster step off zealot like he's alabaster figures cool and there in there and every character that some read that you could be. His are represented in there the money is re also instead of cardboard money you have metal coins some men may you know are and so I thought wow I have to get this. It's just me an and it just makes playing any game better when you have all the right components it's true it's absolutely true sold to Qaeda was hitting my table again to got a great intro game that he you know it's not super heavy it has a fun thing. It summons not a big gamer Digg and a lot I think they gonna love it the art work in the theme of being a traveler we're gonna we're we're tourists. And there are still some tic data and actually can because I mean give him I'm just because. You can screw somebody out of the well they're tourist destination if you get to the panorama before they do well they don't ever ever been on a trip where one person has a schedule set out I don't screw up that schedule I can understand that yeah. Kelly and it and this is this is a great game for that that sort of that placed out that mentality is I well I can tell I'm not going to win so how can I mess up everybody else Tara how I liked her and I'm sure that somebody else does get what they want ads it's. This one is a lot of fun I have played with a number of people who who would say I'm not in the heavy game is not a big gamer got it to play this and it is it's really accessible and the legacy gorge. And has some good strategy to a so even though is not a heavy game for them for you oh you go it's not just like we're playing sorry right you know air and so does he see you know it does make me feel like I saw some strides against up to think about. You can imply. The a small package which will give you the upgrades or they have a box now which has that it has always together that one either way so if you don't own to Qaeda would all you can is by that box all the beautiful stuff in there is appropriate yeah and it is put out by AIS Syrian press send. An. One bows and who's on some great games aren't anywhere beyond that and then yes that's I'm doing and I hope to get all those into the next. Typical well I think it's about bedtime for you to go get in those games that's right guidance is that this is a a short version from anybody you know but we have a lot more to talk on assignment right now in the middle of the pocket and a half so I hear they're very very weird. But I love you guys sorry I let lagging and had gone out of air I'll. Now I before we talk about the fans there is for the commando trilogy I did want to briefly talk about this app that I had. What are the biggest things and Joseph can attest to this is well. That with magic the gathering. Keeping inventory on your cards is one of the biggest pains in the but ever get a period back ever co anchor mr. Clinton magic cards who has you know you know about this back in the day by. The very you have your trade binders and people still have those in trying to keep those track of you know. Is it the way you would I don't know the way I would inventory of them would be usually color in this sometimes you would go so crazy is due alphabetical and all that stuff crazy it is it not that perfect Jack and tell yet history has changed everything up because you get a bunch of new cards and suddenly got a switch everything around that's why you lease basis yeah well it down and I'm sorry superior attention about the alphabetical part Garrett can go out that one of the things I kind of gave up on that leg it was just like well I'm just gonna put all my cards and boxes I have a lot of old cards that aren't worth anything in and in mixed with that is the fact that. Magic the gathering has come and gone through a surge right now and there's a lot of old cards that will actually have gone up in prices and I haven't even realize did turn in so I found this out my body was telling me all about it in his call scribe glass it is for the for android in it's also for the IOS I have a for my iPhone. And what this does is he uses your camera to scan the cards themselves you put them on a white piece of paper and you just. Put it overrated and not taking any pictures journey thing and boom it scans the picture it scans the carnage tells you exactly what card it is. What expand Cheney it is. And eight gives you actual real time poor rice is based on which ever armed whichever. Their website you wanna go through to like TCD player. Star city channel Harbaugh all of those different winds so you can get a running tab of your inventory. And also of the price of what you what the cards are because there's some cards out there right now. I didn't realize that gilded Drake which is one of my pet cards said he semis Edgar commander dec. He steals a creature and yet to give does the trick to the your opponent. I don't really is a 120 dollar cart spoke yeah yeah yeah just boom right there anyways because it's a really good carding commander. I mean there's a bunch of these cards that I didn't even realize or that much I'm just scanning through my inventory at this point in its popping them off and my oath and it's kind of funny because when you're doing it it will dean once it's registered the car. And it will deem it a different sound based on. The price of the card so it fits like boards like 30 central time a lot of those international brute. And then as they get higher like our dollars brink and then after ten dollars. And then went to gets liked when he and then fifteen just get tired are you can say yes so why you're just you know scanning them as quickly as possible. It will you can register and figure out which ones are which. This is amazing because now I literally have the they the pile of cars that are you know. The 25 cent cards are gonna have the piles that are the over ten dollar cards and that I can now would separate doesn't figure out what I wanna do in between each of those. And it's it's amazing you can also take those. It's kind of funny they have that little dollar sign off on the app itself as it's would you like to sell these to cart kingdom right and I having gone through that yet but you can also just export your lists to bear yes site resellers and harm or just you can just send it to an email so you just have that list. It's a little long key because it's still using technology that's not a 100%. Sure on the foil cards are kind of a pain in the butt sometimes it really depends on your lighting you wanna be may very well lit room care because you can use your camera phone. In use the flash on that that'll help a lot but with foil cards for doing it to close it just illness carry out Iran and sometimes it'll misread cards and you just gotta kind of pay attention to this sad. And the the card name but it's easy to edit. And he is working well they also have been updating it isn't so from the beginning of the when they first brought it out it has. You know gotten a lot better right this is a U it's worth the I think it was four dollars for the three and 99 and yeah edit right now it if you are person needs to keep tabs of your card to your Garzon who is looking to possibly doing a lot of trading or selling of your cards to one of the big markets or anything like that also Leo this is the cards are this is an app that you absolutely 100%. Neat because it will save you so much time game. There have been other web sites that have been able to do stuff like this but you have to do the manual data entry which just gets. Exceedingly tedious so at this point this thing astounding and amazing and I cannot recommend it enough. All right now I want to talk directly to geek nation and say any of you out there who are app programmers and game designers and things like that firfer further apps and whatnot. I need you to make exactly this but for hero clicks a. I hope I am well and good luck I have that already error go to I don't know why do very good at and it's so hard for defendant can everything I've boom. There's a but yeah I mean this is connected. You meet my good name for a hero picks the only night acts Williams and see you guys I just pray all I know all the. And at least get a kick back released a free download the app when you guys make it do they look at their Beck but I do dec recommend that you do peak this subtitle yeah this is that this is a must have for anybody who's got a large collection magic or that I wanna say they because. I've got cards sitting around and I'm not really doing them much with Padilla when they do play with but I wanna get I think both sounds more stuff again and the last amended and I had to do we all like you said manually I can highs. Hate that guy how I'm going through money as I can one get one like yeah man I guess halfway through the Marino's I don't wanna do this in the last summer I sold cars I went to I think it was GP Seattle. Couple a couple years back with the legacy GP and I sold a bunch of cards. But at the same point I was showing the guys my long boxes and he's just like. There are so many cards in here that I know that are worth something but my commander guys over there not doing anything. I while I made a couple thousand bucks that day. I could've made so much more just you they didn't have the that he expert there are available at that one time yeah. We've got the Internet we've got personal computers on our phones that will do all of this now before finally figuring out how to deal I monitoring using. Moving up from that I did talk about some fans theories and you know this is something Dickie loves speaking to us I hear her aunt Mary and we all love the corn and a trilogy we talked about it this on not Friday's podcast. With baby you're in Edgar Wright is the man and he he does he's very thorough. Win means he's making movies there's not a lot of wasted space in terms of like dialogue it's not necessary. For visuals that are incorporated into the story. And it's really interesting to see people come with the fans series based on the court Mandel trilogy and a lot of these I'm actually creating downwind you most the time of year and they're like over Rory community sounds like some weird sort of slash fiction that's what it is however this list two and I think. Yeah I think toll from around us and don't forget the first one is a huge bombshell that it changes everything for me and I'm really willing to accept this that Sean and nick list so Sean from Shaun of the dead right and Nicholas Angel from hot fuzz. Or blanks of Gary Kenya from the worlds and blanks blanks from yeah yeah incarnate a jargon a blank is a robot who has replaced a living person pop up in a robot as a slave okay yes I know. Thank you are well. They pop up in the world and but some people believe they may have appeared earlier in the trilogy. According to creditor. Sky was the robot Sean from Shaun of the dead Nicklaus from hot fuzz are blanks themselves in fact they posit that every character played by a recurring actor in the trilogy is actually a blank on the network made them from the DNA left during the year regional pub crawl from the world's end in order to test how humans would react and a variety of situations. The theory the theory also attempts to explain why the debtor suddenly rising from the grieves in London in each I in London for Shaun of the dead and why age group but seemingly no Alltel spoke or forming a secret society to murder people in hot buttons that's who did he had this implies that all of the act Al of the activity into place in the first two movies is just the results of the network. Sort of testing the water ask yeah. And so it would be kind of like yeah we have this crazy cult of them because they were maybe not necessarily be. It the most upgraded firmware versions are the blank yes. Lake in the it's how. Barak's it works on a a bunch of levels on that I wanna go back and watch again energy and everything with that mindset all manner the next hour on this one is a little more bid Sean and Ed actually kill a living person. And they're saying that day the should be the scene in when Sean and Ed are going to pick up Liz and run over someone. I read editor named flan dangle and I got a friend of yours so well in finding -- is pretty sure that they kill the real person that there has only to become a zombie after the vehicular homicide and there's very hinges on both the of the news reports that say once again the bodies of the recently deceased are returning to life and attacking the living and the fact that Philip and Barbara take very little time to turn into zombies themselves. After their on screen deaths. From your point so you know you can kind of plausible deny ability when your run someone over and they look like a zombie afterwards. But that stuff really happened kind of quickly so you can X easier than actually doing them. Not only to analyze it the next one is kind of fund these films are adaptations. Of Tim this comics from space to act. Even. Far and there are like. I had just saying this is Mark LeVoir another renders thinks that each of the films of the corner and a trilogy are part of Edgar and Simon's attempts to adapt the comic books written by Tim from space did you those earlier television project. Which can be so Clinton's enemies yeah my dad or crazy to think that. They did they would be like or maybe these aren't going to do that but it kinda work. There raider believes that Sean was created by Tim as a representation of himself as a zombie going about his data daylight before he became a famous artist Nicholas from hot fuzz is meant to resent represented Tim's discovery of fame. Not being as great as he thought it would be and Gary from the worlds and is he representative of Tim returning home after leaving the Hollywood machine whose. Under or the board the middle in the after there who are interesting to talk about it all the next one I really can't add that all these are really enjoy over the past find out Lynne is is the true hero of Shaun of the dead. They're saying if you don't remember Lizzie Sean ex girlfriend in Shaun of the dead and they re frame her as the hero who inspired Shawn to get to work and save the day. Not only does she spur Sean to literally do. Everything I have but they say Sean only scored on quote win it was getting Lee is back. The next on this list there was more than once wall line in hot I haven't and that. How this goes back to the fact that they were talking about a member of the as Sanford a secret circle asking no luck in catching the killers then they're reference when she is asking about the swans earlier in the film and was corrected by Danny. Maybe there were actually two swans the whole time for many moon or more gore can also Lisa the fact they're more killers. How how long they'll be offering desert and not wait late Edgar doesn't waste dialogues true. The mets' chief inspector was in on the whole thing now if you don't remember the met chief inspector was the one who sent Nicholas off to. Off to Stanford played two amazing perfection by the inimitable bill making yet is also. A DV Jones and as a Caribbean burnt a writer user going by the name of top cat believes that the MCI either knew about the secret society and was trying to get Nicholas killed. Or he knew about the mysterious deaths in Sanford. Anyone in his top man on the job but just didn't tell them all the information right away. And I Max yeah right. Another thing on this title for iiroc. Pass erase another one Vermont does the kink in the ice cream word ghosts. So they word because everyone in there is eating cake and they're also eating ice cream how well threw out hot fuzz while they're doing that it's possible that all the suites relates with something to keep the officers docile. Because towards the end of the film inspector butter man is so busy trying to stop Nicklaus that he doesn't have time to drug the forced. And that's why they're able to better mobilize against him in the rest of the seeker group as opposed to basically just accepting all these accidental deaths at. At face value. My thanks to correct. The world's end it was all in Gary's head I've actually heard this move yes according to Gupta Prague man honor edit these third and final film of the tornado trilogy were very rarely takes place in the real world. Gary king. The alcoholic and drug addict who never managed to his life together is they're saying with that. That is the theory that only the flashbacks to his glory days of the ninety's really happened and everything else is an elaborate Tennessee to make himself feel better. And the worst case scenario what they've brought out here is that the fact that he is owed deed and the movie is the last thing he imagined before he dies and that's real Mulholland drive that is and I think maybe a little too out there are a little Q David Lynch for an Edgar Wright thinks the same play. Who you know who owns Intel on that point. Danny's mother Danny who play used that was played by nick frost in hot thighs. His mother died in a drunk driving accident another kind of a morbid when here Tom while this isn't the most mind blowing theory about it does shine some light on the character of Danny. At partly through the film the audience learns that his mother died in a car accident. Read it from desert mountain stranger Bruce thank you believes that she was actually drunk at a time in that Danny grew up to mimic her hard drinking behavior mounds on find now is just sad and and Obama. This little interesting can this kind of said just because I don't know whether or not I want Geary can to have a child right no it's fans of Edgar Wright will tell you that you really again like hasn't wasted any dialogue but the time the world and premiered viewers knew that almost every line was a setup for something that would happen later in the movie the only thing that never seemed to pay off with Gary discussing how he may have fathered a child with fame woman named Karen entertainment red editor backwards marathon believes that this is a foreshadowing. Of Gary's quest. Post the worlds and saying maybe he's looking for his son who I like that which is a little bit it's a little more opiate that. The network connects everything and I'm not talking just about the world's end. The theories that was presented by an anonymous ready user. Presupposes that the court had a trilogy is linked by the entire network which is the shadowy group of aliens are basically brought the blanks and won the Starbucks the universe. The theory is that these Sanford chamber of commerce from hot buzz is working with the network for the greater good here and that the comment that landed in the ninety's during the world and that started the zombie outbreak in Shaun of the dead who leads back to the original we're talking about the blanks and everything about this and the time what is a little iffy on it but it's still kind of fun to Jack getting guys figured on the island that. And then finally this is that they do blast one is a really dark room and but you can kind of see it as well the world's end is pretty much the darkest one it ends and arm again like I said. And this is just a short period it just says. Jerry keen. He exited her rehab at the beginning planning to return to his hometown to complete the probe the pub crawl called the golden mile in Rhineland Matt and I and that ill that he failed to finish because he wanted to completed use completion is to we know that. And yet if you hadn't been sidetracked and completed the gold mas everything went through aria and was able to complete it the way he wanted to do right is just gonna kill himself at the end having his final drink. Aid I need I know they are down there weren't 23 my hands and I concede that I can see it being a sort of thing that would be on his mind chancellor ridiculous and they demonstrated there he had tried to do that on before I I get I get recovered from secretary of a man GAAP Chirac. I don't get a bonus or a man will just keep with the the network making blanks in connecting everything like that does the finality is a little bit more fun on that but I love hearing fans series. Let us know your fans theories you know not just on the cornyn trilogy but beyond. I love hearing doesn't know Vicki does as well Heidi is speaking of making it's time. All our cookie sheet twist Dickie V. Actually got them in pretty interesting and is something that we can debates okay. And that I found the sun rain carries Tony seven moving millions and when I'm gonna do thrilled link and then. Back. Who are probably right along and that's why no one thing about villains is the ones that are. You know they heroes are the ones that are trying to disrupt the static the status quo mean in the villains are generally those ones that are opposed to them. But how many times have you watched a movie and you were watching the protagonists doing this dynamite. Just screwing everything up narrate in so I'm I'm really interested to hear about this. You know will all the good villain and not just this excellently lucky hit doesn't should come as an obvious one the first on on the list mystique from the X-Men films out and she has her own that it might Miley prom with this one in particular make of that says the reason we heater is 'cause you know she. Through and I mean rejected you know professor in the user attempts to kind of try to make a peaceful humanity Inco exists. But she is really wanted to see like K like we want to meet that go on how we don't like humans. Is she easy easy easy persona of chaotic good for me and she has her own sort of anti hero stance on these things. And she lives by her own code. In the in the movies yes because they feeling Jennifer Lawrence is for trail make this her likable. Yeah I'm out I mean we're at our idea gallery gardening in the guys in the movies they've ecology just a cold hearted bitch yeah yeah I absolutely am and kill her on her own son. Visitors a G attempts to kill her Saudi AI. Kermode machine that throws them off. A little a little waterfall but he gets saved by his easel. Sizzle yeah I did three ballad. I had that issue. But she's not really blonde she's been abused her whole life discriminate against you have Haider's self literally. Her entire life to world that is just can't really discuss it with what she can do and who she is so why would she not want to like. Go out and just cause of Rampage tilling the politicians to everybody that's against her angry with Kanye. This also you know very obvious we'd get weights of the last from the was that a lot is trying to she's you know she's got green skinned we know that much why we hate you because she scares us she's got a hand on me now it's like yeah you. Only years she's ugly but so I can be killed her sister. Tucker slippers right and in the ocean and was for her to give the scalpers she stole off her sister you know like. Wiped a valuable precious family heirloom air off of the dead feet. Other sister that you had just been killed by authorities by our house CE if this had been are technically not dirty about it but at the same point she eject her shoes I guess that's what have you have you flipped them in turn protagonist into antagonist at this point. This is just a normal story about a person trying to rescue their sister's shoes yeah and end exactly and you know dirty should be locked up for grandparents up taco. Wow I like I. You're I don't know why or hour and no carrier got a dying down the list that relay Battie the cyber leader from blade runner. So easily heat imaging to to train click kill air combat replicate and LA him being on earth is going to be a good thing but. Why would he probably a good terror right I should say. Is at his gold were completely understandable he just want to live longer and he was forced into four years life by design a blink of the nine by you know human standards. And while humanity on earth wanted his immediate destruction. There is no indication that patty was planning on any kind of damage to last so everything he did was directed at people who directly involved in applicants or endangering. In self defense against a darn he was just trying to survive bickered Eckerd know Medici. And it's an and it is on the effect relationship you know I think you'll really like an interest. Going on the list does Steve Hadley from the cabin in the woods if he can act. I talked about having an access trying to stop Armageddon Danny yeah why we are all trying to do you know he'd literally is job is to kill Chilean make them suffer and he was good job you like doing NRA and it typically used trolley ride because he didn't although the same things you know bring palm worlds and you don't how many children will dine now hold all all of. Children yes. Another very obvious what the Indians from one. Chad and I mean is that the book explains it perfectly I can't necessarily remember if it did explain it that well in the movie man if it why I was there but it wasn't as clear as an atom. Referral to people Ellison's tennis that have not seen or read watch certain how he basically leveled the entire city of new York and leave out. Millions of people across you know and you know murdering a lot of the people basically. Because you know he doesn't want it to an also in hit that the reason he wasn't he was great I mean. Was because he was doing that because the nineties were fighting with the Soviet Union they would bring everyone together having a common enemy any UV in the movie it was doctor Mann had and he made it seem like doctor Manhattan heading in the comics. He had a team of artists and scientists desire I aimed their version of an alien base monster of the weird tenth release beast onto the weird squid type thing Darren Darren and I score and I am so you know what everyone's like well we have to come together and you know for that these guys we added you know so there would not guess more like it. We were totally worked yes except you know I'll of the the end of a play for Shaq stern home here at lover secular left. You know misogynist. And you know it's great hello eagle brand and sexist man yes cowed like I guess again I was all. Early Jack here I don't really. He's phenomenal I love you poultry has so much like rorschach it's easy to top up their for like superhero for trails. Last seen. Or the last panel for I'll watch men. When he sees monologue union they're ready to stop enemies like I've it it's already been done I sent to I had made it happen 35 minutes ago yes. Is that was that. He basks. Being I have the last night and I analyzing and why are you monologue denounce like this how every bond villain who loses yes it's like oh because Ari definitely not going to give you a chance even have a. No chance yeah chance you're not gonna get any way to stop me from doing this. So again next son on the list not necessarily you know we don't really hate him them they must quickly about a guy Tyler Durden from fight club. That we don't talk about I'm so happy earth. And he muluzi on brand any news like gain in. They're anyone start strange I. In giving in the end into the worst impulses destroying property you know beating up people in authority than letting zions you know. All kinds of Dirk moos. It was funny could've made the movie funny. Leg he is probably right because you China does destroy this rat race that we've all grown accustomed to end. Of course his plan can possibly work with the whole clap how cloud thing going on nowadays so telling you yoga and raising your records it's Cobb lot of property damage but. Who should run the ruling of those servers that the club is on what you need is a lot more I'm sorry don't take that as a recommend they ask. I am more is clearly I don't and then sorry we necking on Mattingly is. I had green to card from them unique and yeah AKA as broad run ratio rule he should share valuable. Eight and so we needed under the is trying to you know in that movie was trying to weaponized to hole a loosen gin and a scarecrow and Susan GM to meet. All of golf and lose their freaking mind and just kill each and not not a great thing we hate him for narrate an eight play who's trying Gotham is cancer it always been a cancer of the world is never been right in beautiful metropolis. So he was speed threat like crime bosses and even. Dan man's work to shut everyone down Skiles has more consequences so trying to kill everything in restart it very similar to the aisle demanding as theory your idea. And in that that's the big problem when you get big picture vs little picture sort of thing in you get somebody who has this grandiose idea how they want something that happened. And regular. Yes well Oprah usually doesn't jive with I mean ideally you're saying by just like I chuckled a little late this one of those that they think what they're doing is best everyone when in reality it's so. This is the first woman an accident take issue with snow already has there ratio rule we know is in command of essentially a small army of super Ninja's yes. Enjoy so basically at eighty media hundred who knows how many enemy in care how many but a bunch of bat man's man if you will. And instead of blame waste was sitting having everybody go crazy and kill each other and then at a huge mess to clean up why don't you just a sign your army to Gotham. To ever so now you've got a bad manner. Corner. There's not a double B gun and I couldn't stand it he does article says that with fat man helping a lot of little worse consequences have happened so with tallied the latest one guy they're very good target of one dad if there's an army of veterans from. Fresh crime is going to mean everybody moves the heck out of Alabama problem is it's even with other comic book movies or shows we see that it's like you know one guy that's powerful. Did everyone start like when Lincoln avengers he's like you know why don't we billing these crazy weapons in the first avengers movies like because if he he showed up. People like Kim showed up we realize we're very. An external tank runs it becomes ultimately we had our brands are turning we had nano we gotta like up our game and it's a we have an army in the we got up ballgame you know and eventually it's gonna patting the language on the data white guys. A city overrun with overrun with rats he get a bunch of cats and he's only get oh man castigate dobbs steroids Dodds and he got to get dinosaurs and sunny and a city full of dinosaurs and what do you do about dinosaurs again meteor to meteor exactly and they also are still overseas than his wasting everything you can just cut out the middleman by blowing up the ferries and meteor yeah yeah it. I. Fair enough that we may be dead MCI and Intel. Just it is in the car to go we're not suggesting that you get a meteor and tragedy into a city yes and if you can. Let's turn and if you can't do well and what we didn't stop yeah. Another one doctor on I thought tedious from spamming and sue. And on much of that. Wally can't use the doctor or maimed murdered every rip across your brain banks and nearly leveling the study. But the reasoning is right is it really a reactor without amount of power if it works could actually save the world's only half now so he had ERS I used to his spine certainly had a little too much aggression together. Doctor rock. You know eventually you know he commits a lot of horrible acts that he was trying to change even for the batter can't use Tribune chain men and again the hard part of the problem but yet I am within listening one or two more. I left removed from Little Mermaid. Now what's at a million dollars or why. I have we'll talk OK okay point and I eighty from them in Enron until a fact that we hate her because didn't lose Terrell I'm a big piece of it. Let you know she shining kill that man you know she killed Laura if free says he finally letter written. There are priceless ice free ice price freeze price it's simply put doesn't just sit on but none but. We destroy the planet is she was using the venom to get plans to protect themselves. So I'll they use its creed being an intended to use the venom to build ultimate super soldiers until the victors dictated that she was using it. To have the planet we're destroying defend itself it's like the happening she caused Mark Wahlberg is terrible and I shot on my work. He came by Mark Wahlberg from that I will learn. Penalty and Ursula on this list vice give us your Ursula reasons why she is okay so if you're Ursula and Triton are basically. Brother and sister or your least there's a family and their family right how long was loosened and the mermaid right right exactly so. The hill to start of but so Ursula is for is forced because she's different and quote unquote ugly to live in this like basement. Apartment or whatever with all the lost souls in any cramping and so what she's trying to do is it trying to help people but I'll also to kind of become. You know better rate. Now she's trying to do everything about how it goes she wanted to shoot though he she usually either hitting Battier about wishful film knows how easy is that exit I'll maybe angry and he is. And get back acts frightened by use seeing his daughter as a means to gain ultimate power that was her own stupid fault. Aerial c'mon you know this why is this amazing began early this year and heavy sixteen year old child to get back at. Her brother and gain his power that's completely villainous and there's nowhere really good and I went. And how does how do you feel about the whole Hercules Hercules Zeus and hades thing dodger talking about every movie I'm in count that as a real loud music is paid either lack I can I hated the PM on the Mount Olympus which is actually kind of funny because in a couple seasons ago for once upon a time committee was gone awful but I still enjoy watching it happen. They did the whole Haiti's thing any link is in love with actually the wiccan whistle which grew up as staying hot it oh yeah all of this is a bagel cluster wrath if I need is an amazing closer ass I'm me I'm just pretends to be made Marion and then impregnate gets impregnated by Robin who was dating people switched. What that I had no oh yes soap opera as it is also have a it is so much oh wow well if you guys have these villains that may or may not have that actual good intentions not Ursula. Let us know if somehow you can decipher what the hell geeky just said citizen email as it has no idea but knowing who you need flow charts for her once upon a time. Terry has mailing it in tonics and as a singer Eddie. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. Blood where to golf joined. Vernon Wells said he ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. 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