MegaCast  07/05/17  “Blame Maryland”

Wednesday, July 5th

This week the fellas chat about the struggle that is July 5th, grilling, whether or not parents should have their kids on leashes, and we play “Firework or Sex Toy” again!

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No we're not ready Steve. Now we are. Ladies and gentlemen. Steve made. What's gone on said. What else do you find you know just maybe casting with my mega family. It's very weird today was that I don't know it's Wednesday. And foot. It feels like up Monday yup and then I just I don't now hi I have a series for years four got a radio even when I was Janet air. Like July 4 takes place at night moon so when it's during the week shouldn't we get the fifth off 100% agree with you like we do third. Near straight up. I doubt that would is that today just seems ought to. We retirement that this morning MB Jim migs and I was saying how my back yard covered. Mineralized zone. We did cover more than once not ever what they do all the things we used Ted. And if it's like we're about to say it's so good that it's okay here it twice all right I and I all of your decisions later during that July 5 should be a national holiday. There's no reason. I promise and how anyone should have to work today in any mind set to wanna work eight you were out drink gain celebrating. The country and thought blowing up fireworks and eating unhealthy eating get home until only time or you'll like myself my wife. You try to go to bed at 830 like you always do but the neighbors decide you know what we're gonna see how scene minutes firecrackers go go off. Before it stops. This could change your honestly today there is let's say you're not at 9 o'clock Alia Puyallup ball just so happens we read by the Indian reservations. They gave me a break. Damn till he you'll fireworks and that's ILL the eagle like the bird firework. Oh yeah I get it they ilk may you know you go. I clean it just seems ot and it just seems like you didn't like. I've made you change a year to year depending man you know but like brake late this year it was alright Tuesday. But it seems like we should I got out of lake you get out of work early on the fourth right you'd still have time Leo picnic or we're closing off girl that knew him. Actually because oil rich north first not pregnant sought time to get home to do the grill and enjoy the night and then have today opt gross. But I Matt Walsh I learned yesterday when you start thinking all the fireworks are gonna die down soon and I say this at 9 o'clock not realizing it's not even dark yet. This is just the pre fund official. Fireworks seem at all like you did it start til twenty after 10 PM rice and once they start it's insane. It's impossible to get any sleep when you have MA he's going off outside of your house. I just throw it so bad I got up the idea of around 2:30 in the morning to fifteen to 30 in the morning I get up I bring blew out to go potty. More go to bathroom if I want to bring an adult yeah but I what they know Google body. Fireworks are still going off 2:30 in the morning yeah well I'm sure so we'll just took off today. And some are students that don't have school anymore. Gun rights and they're just out party having fun and I don't regret anyone for having fun and setting off fire I'm not a fireworks guy but I'm not like a I'm not a guy who hates people would like to set off fireworks I understand that people like it is just not my cup team. They can do us a favor America. And let us how the next day also we could sleep then. I saw mass information it's really. Hires today in flagrant I like you're tired and like I describe this is a weird five like walking through talent coming over here today on this lake. It's strictly I don't know I was just use the whole weekend as to what dale was moon bright Saturday didn't feel like Saturdays and because we had off the third or fourth right. But I got it today at a so couples like I can't really pitch to the does that forty's off sir but it was still dislike. And I don't know see the jets should be a holiday. Once dragging ass today I I would I would. I mean I know stats to back this up I contend that probably July 5 if it's July 5 balls on a workday it's the least productive workday in the entire year. All right let me issuing another theory okay. Out generally what I think you're Pollack played. I always like July 4 and July 4 whether it's a weekend or whatever or got output right up there with like Christmas time it takes given them but man. You end up they'll turn it crashed on July 4 again due around Christmas yeah leaving yesterday there is growth some burgers and hot dogs about details like. I ate three cheeseburgers. And it really excellent public cheeseburgers that made it up double double cheeseburger not picky and why that I another event it was like that it was almost out of the fireworks is the well. Four cent burgers and there are Muslim heated up at a joint exactly dog for the late this summer equivalent of Thanksgiving. Yeah yeah it's like OK it's our time to be a lot less. Every Saturday I went to a party and it was the opening so day of crabbing season a law right. So like people kept showing up with crabs by the way and that's usually I have been that the strip clubs this is nice for once and not we. I yell or did you guys get crabs are did you eat crabs and our edict I never had crammed into a moved up to Washington State. All right you Desiree they derailed blue crabs and Jesse day I correct myself. I never know I never did that idealism I would have crab legs back when I was living in New York was when I go to red lobster and get the admiral's feast I get a lot to tell you to crab legs. But my family was all about lobster but when I whenever we had like one of those big seafood meals. If you're gonna have a shell fish it was officer nothing else. See we know red lobster and you just you know you made a botched craps I was but he left sonic. And I used to catch some heat for it as we get caught a lot of heat for cursing crabs yeah like I'll may have to go these crabs that he's crabs there was like crap you eat crap knocked. And I would be right there rich yes that's a well you better play in the whole state of Maryland and any how hot hot hot like you do the black anytime Ted sensibly weird. Yeah like grow blame it on Marilyn mad go terps yes exactly what happened ready to call turtle we decide to come of it all mother named. Everything they're put thousands are just interprets it. But casts. There hasn't had a cramp. Great basically I've just read tiddy Richard saying Saturday asking this took outlets are all east the most it's the most fun club hall hall old dude it was so great they were fresh crab. Since. To toss is just seeds grabs. Our Ivan crabs here from her days like three stops they're. And then I never knew that the plural crab crab. It's not just I guess it's only a Merrill that people talk about eating crabs out here reduces our EU some crab a word your you grabbed but I it is not like you know these checks L got crab noted that. I don't know I had to make a connection to a nasty B plus it was somebody's mom who's giving me very hard time about why you saw that wanted to be quiet. That's all good luck. I'd be noted. All right it's egos who do you eat shrimps. Or do you already there are like all right I eat shrimp. This is the court about lobster DD lobsters you look Leo well technically I would only be you lobsters he was like why did you go to grad. But as you showed up when you say hey look I brought ten pounds of lobsters. Are used to be Tim on the lobster there remind us how working employment on marrow. I don't know I was like I want to play I think you make America whole state that's right surged yeah I think it's him that's bad just turn your back on the entire city you were born in. A lot easier that way. It all smells blamed Marilyn. Claim marital commitment. Let's get our exclusive his ups and not added who has had the arteries in the blood pumping in the brain fog should it is the first that's not for either one of our. And nothing for anybody so I fixed. My cut us some slack. I mean it is just weeks almost over that's a great point and I decided to go with the theme song for today since yesterday was the fourth of July so. The most sound card from there zebra known record the song is called me. Fourth of July I didn't know that yes a nice dirt you wan hello this. And it sounds like. There's the part about grabbed me. Trying to get that may have family. Axles so. Learn how to do some flights getting there rustling collapse. You can learn very live person. As I landed directly on my head is one of your. I was. Didn't hurt but it scared the living outside of everybody in the ring that's not good the island rather. Quickly that you know simplex doesn't require just one may impose new outfit landing you. The person being simplex needs to contribute to the process. And I didn't do very good job of that. And it ended miserably Salma got a carton. Now he's ginger did not softly lit he's really did you back Kurds everything birds. What are they doing this to myself turned. The rest yeah. Got coming the issue not so I do a variety I love the camaraderie. And other family I'm building in this wrestling ring. Sometimes and thank all in my head she two straight we are back twice a week you're on top number on a night to. Oh OK you can afford and add and tour the hiring then takes me mud wrestling has been. Kind of ironic given and received just talked about a hundred today stepped up Roosevelt. Make sure you do things. You like to who who who. You're going to be hurt yeah I think it's too. Well I'm just regulate this weekend man I've had that growth sit there and I thought it was a screw it avenue girls including how did your back of forth mood but now. I just don't get solved then or this or that but. I forgot like I like growing stuff and everything it made me very comfortable. In my home in America month feel more like how you Ellie in May in my house feel more couple that's awesome that was just. And I think people need to remind yourself of that kind of stuff like Saturday I was at a beach party on a beach right. Nobody wanted to go assortment of aren't there Jason I don't screw you up just went out there what's swimming and got to get us women. Did anyone get inspired and volume America yet to form our people enough funny yeah nobody wants to be the first they're probably all wanted to go swimming Benoit and I pay you wanna go swimming or they made a mention it never was that no. You know Sunday Ted Smith the trend setter. The pacemaker. What you Saudi those had a bunch of pictures of the party this weekend. Hi everybody sit on the deck and this and that could tell I'm the only person that's been swimming is that the only one share of this as a like everybody still looks very happy sir is that is that the gets out around my neck nice that it beer in my hand and let's go to our new and ordering your little scared. No you aren't scared of him bit by a crab. Alcohol alcohol or grabs grabs a group of I grads. Don't but I will say swearing in the sound is it different magnitude six or one. I forgot how buoyant salt water makes you know do you just float around out what's on the politics and yet an endeavor to act out that. I would I will admit in mailing even just in the sound sometimes it's different to beat LA you're paranoid. Could be some in here. Oh yeah you know I mean that's my that's. Mormons like sub big fear but it's like part of why I like going into central pool and dipping into the beach. I don't wanna step on so I'm Mormon knowing I'm not so much I mean jelly fish obviously. Our drums you know. The idea to stepping on like you know like a shell that's cracked or take some kind of like weird thank sharp staying in mid income cut your flight that's always been my big fear. Yea yeah yeah. And I mean you when you walk out there such a minute tied daddy got to walk across that rocky part of the beach exactly and that's led early in his leg comments like you've been out there already today doesn't oh now. Now that was crushing that was very painful I senate is to tell everybody was looking every walk in. I just got to solve swallowed up through the largest. U aren't serve now look at. Earlier you made the statement you can't you can't turn around that that's where it's our daily. Well what hurts. To remind guys it was hurtful. Do you see that picture summit courses like this is why you can check to see how how deep the water in that you're jumping in and there's a picture do you like being like. And I got off a structure of some sorts and his ankle was completely like. Bent in half because it shocks me as he jumped into. A body of water not thinking of maybe it and whenever one surrounding him it's barely have to people's shins. So he jumped from high distance not super high but probably a good fifteen or so feet. Landed in game on the water's got to absorb rid amended. That has to be weirdest feeling when you land and you realize oh my gosh there's no more gifts I just landed on ground yet dude yeah. Had to wait who lost yeah I'd imagine alcohol is involved in 95% of those instances. Yeah but your absolutely right I mean if you don't know how deep it is slate at. You know that story the meltdown thank I don't know if I do it early tell this story. Not a dumb are you might have I'd say a new do I have a lot of holes in my brain dead partially because of hang out with you I sent. Folks there's like the river part right so it's it's Saturday afternoon. Depending on what's happened the winter before this year we had a lot of snout so that curve this one part of the river were curve should be nice and deep fry him. So there is definitely plenty of room to dive whatever it gets deep but you've got to go. CP eight looks like every the waters up to lake almost everybody's needs or whatever. So this dude comes over and it's a big country boy Andes where I'm like you had a hat he's went almost like. Italy we call hats that are kind of it's a mosaic church should happen there round. You know means that like the hard hat has a big you know the normal. Hard hat yeah but this one's completely around around the edge almost all that EA out so is that where one of those right. I'll sit there on the slaughter random write and I have not sober. Shocking videos. They got right after jumping and right now I would do that man really shallow right here. Turkey. And he's like I gotta I gotta jump in and I say hey man. Being dead serious with you I wouldn't do that. It is really. Shallow here images murky India as well so tab just got at least some judges get huge data do you own any stakes ahead. It's lips upon us and it doesn't belly claw I. Pitches I think it's. I don't think that it apps to pick ups up our. It happened really trying to act cool flick the whole deeds she's seen this dramatic video of him belly flop but it sort of October just. Hair plugs. And an embarrassing enough and he just did it. Show I read British joke and you had a conversation with them. That he boot rude and even out of doing a little Soledad good dude you guys do hat flat. Still I'll say it. Maybe that was so cruel act sort of just do which got a dukes it flips that hat to you might look like a moron that sometimes you gotta do that. It was all it's so funny. Yet in the coming back at that point out he like got up to just kind of stalked off the beach yeah you can't just like Joseph Bob read today and I thank. I knew it all wrong. Dot sap is. Look he's brilliant pop out to be like that I was right. Slaughter (%expletive) out of out of good funny crap and he did that I'm in great yeah but it was just embarrassing. Our figure quick break when we get back you know it's it's it is right around the fourth of July and last you know a lot of phone with that I think we should bring back. Game that made everybody happy fireworks at. Where sex toys. And things that make you XBLA would lose. I was really yeah. It's. Hold on these. And then get comfortable back. Okay. It's funny because. You so winds stay like no other and you need morning motivation. Because today everyone can tell from the sunburn on your face in the shape of your updated sun. And the way your beard still smells like hot dogs and your breath three soon. Beer and tequila and the fact you're wearing a wrinkled shirt it's clearly out of hampered because you overslept. This morning. Lived through fourteen. You celebrated your independence of beer crowd American and stand tall. It's Wednesday. And if you can make it three more work today so you're gonna do. Take this statement is true that next year's and then it comes to the raindrops. He knows. What don't. To say just. This time you come across I had mine who has used during its just me so laughs. Hi AT&T put this on I got the email blast as you know yesterday was a fourth of July 1 of the things besides almost enjoying our celebration that is of America. My own true American pastimes is eating up crap ton of hot dogs in the spirit of competition and that is the Nathan's hot dog challenge but it surface stir well. If I would call it. Ike isn't it at the corner of surfer in all I don't know her I watch every year yes so I'd be no surprise Joey chestnut once again. Dominating. Dude ten championships and this. But just yet they'll put him on my all time championship I saw that I was gonna ask you about that as well I'd I'd a little weird to put him on the same level as what dole. The Michael Jordan a Wayne Gretzky I mean the guy could swallow a lot of hot dogs but you know so consumed. So can Janet Jamison and went up putting your Mac graphic. Al hikes are eight. I don't know if competitive eating gets put on the same things they shouldn't. It's interesting it's it's fascinating. It's something I can't do but the headline today is awesome this is from DMZ. Joey chestnut celebrated hot dog victory with giant done this. Whole. Group. And that makes sense that he gets approval afterwards. You got to imagine it has to be the most massive dump of all time. Or multiple dogs. Would what. I imagine is like you know among those dumb talk on the mega capital stock you'll have one of those nights are like got to eat eat pizza to later Federer got. I like the next morning like you fart in your site oh my cat but that is close to do I need to record has a warning sign yeah. Yes and that's what actually dear he lets took direct site later that day eight. Can't imagine if he fart has got to be awful bro how much. In this story he shares that he gained roughly 23 pounds during the competition. And that the evacuation process is just beyond. And apparently he won't return to normal weight for at least a couple of decent. 23 pounds in the course of however I don't know how long these competitions go for ten minutes. And ten minutes you gained 23. Pounds and put in perspective said he too hot dogs his. Over 20000 calories. The sodium is over 656000. Milligrams. The and according new study which I'd I disagreement I mean I'm not a big I don't you tell a hot dogs. I'm the geek to mean fourth of July of course it's a great time I got the America according to this once a B average Americans eat seven B hot dogs and a year. He more than that in ten minutes. I mean. I just sitting hot dogs any year isn't that crazy that's that's more than one a week it. Yeah Wentworth I think we're thinking about different you know why news don't have hot dogs your house true and like I don't know single dues for me like. Is that so much bigger relic a marriage could top dogs and. And and single dude is well important if you don't have a wife to be in looking over what you eat. Eating three hot dogs and in one sitting is not out there it is not part. I mean you may never hamburger and a couple hot dog so yeah I guess seventy doesn't seem all that crazy when you think about. I receive up people's families itself that's just an easy being a joke it's hot dogs now we pick up families are getting hot dogs Obama have a grill hot dogs a summit this old Saturday. It's always grow hot dog doesn't count to me it's like. Other fruit during the day. So probably like celery of the food items like you've done a bit of debris grow world. Only about this data by a grill I got us to court for cutting edicts you're losing calories just by aiding and right now. So that I could count that added my overall day counts of hot dogs. Like what I go all I had to hot dogs in a bunt knows that third random wanted to state. Say hi I 100 summons Syria sang I even address that would like to. If it's Amber's not in a bond. It's just like I say just picking at eating right having a piece in the you know I mean like. If there's exile a burger that's just sit there are no one's eating it and I don't put it on a bun I don't feel like I'm really eating a hamburger. I think another funny thing about July 4 I noticed this last night it's the only time here I feel like right end up with a zip lock bag that just says cook top dogs and air burgers. It. Do you go back into a while and you don't. Yeah okay to make it sir yeah the storm people other than their wrist when Richard you're eating your iPod onto your hamburger leftovers. I was. I was just there let's look at I don't know why just made me laugh like they zip lock bag got to play harder or do I doctrine could have been drunk at that moment upright you're probably right that I might see some flooding could it I. I don't know I guess that is what the rest a year I'd always put leftovers on our plate. Where is like out there August oh millimeter this got tagged. Two thirds of condiments and it shaken up you got like you'll grab bag of food Steve would you say is up at a very American ice cream. Who are very American ice cream I'm gonna go over now. All right all right. Or rob cookies and cream. Who could scream this is a very popular street for me mam but I know I understand I'm might not be your average Americans. But I'm I'm assaulted Carroll dies from all humans. Our occur set all day only long. I was by itself Saturday I was just hurt Jesus Christ Saturday Monday know who cooks to running an air Britain's. I would secure seat. And I may have pulled a bad mistake against Joseph later or four I got there. Suspects I must I do not semi suspend. Ninety minutes in this Q seas kind of roaming around Kerry had things about doing anything. Things like go don't want dial where there was some cheese and reeling jones' teens are going back government develop this geez. Some like ice cream frozen food section and the guy working there is like gonna help yet. Cannot out of them man. It's kinda still thought all right sounds kind of look around he has he got so obvious title let me know if you need it thank. And then when I come back to come and get the use Billy doesn't miss a beat an average trying to make all. Call. It overhead is a distant I don't try to figure out what's the most americanized stream videos where onsite. So he went straight for the rocket pops does their red white and blue but that's ice cream all right that was my point I think technically that's popsicle required for a run up an extra eight. So then the dude working might check out next to a. It's sort of good if you had ties to your manager you clearly are not a good employee I said American ice cream. It's it's. It's easily upset stomach having. And kind of an argument of what makes it there was talk of the Klondike bar I said what about good humor star Richard cake not dry what kind of go ensure every shortcake. When he could order drumstick. I need you there Steve I started with a drumstick Almonte was odd jobs tickets are telling us be very mature kid and like get a job. Why couldn't predatory. Lenders and about jobs exert. Why got a dramatic about it it's Saud Al wild vibes are you holding what looked like a phallic object in your hand you make it I. How are. Let's just drumstick extra notch in my mouth. Do we street at the end so they have so you're wonderful and happy to do with my days off this is an idealist and a lot outside the groups are stars. Rule every problem when I was a bit and getting stoned Arab background of the green and out get started just walked two beat USC yeah I got my vote go get some treats. I would always believed. You would section got me every time was that the Knick knack sections make of all the random post items that you might need like our folk that is attached to suction cup. Yeah war. Shoelaces. Like elastic shoelaces I come back I'd have like. A little mini wrenched elastic your license. And and like a dryer back in my robe my ovaries like what we have why did you get this I got a dollar stone and I figured I might need all these things. At the same time. I don't know. Maybe you. And a tight and I screamed. Yeah they screwed Ben and Jerry's that was my go to back in the day. Off. I'm. I have fake guy aren't simply didn't. That's when you favored him on the Ben and Jerry's. Rendered god I'd be in stuff to do that and they're really get a demo peanut butter crunch one that's for can awesome. IBooks and Ben Jerry's come we see her like a Friday night after to fight and I get a drug everything else like I need that saturate. Dude how great it was delicious just would sit there haven't even opened it the book the strawberry shortcake. Quick shout out to all everyone I came out to defy that army cast listeners men if you ask. Obviously thank you Ted for coming out on Friday night to the big defy show and one of my favorites of moss out of the five defy shows album was really. The crowd was so hot the energy was great the matches were awesome. And there's a lot of scrambling because a couple of wrestler is. Our lead. So we're paying man and I don't know what it's like living in Mexico. And but the reuse of W two Brothers which is too big stars in the loops underground new truly brave world without pent up. And re Phoenix and here's what's to come from both nights conceded Thursday and Friday night Thursday took almost Friday Seattle. And they ended up no showing because pentagon mud on the way to the airport and the guy took all the stuff including his ring gear and his passport and he. For some reason had great Phoenix as fast court on him to and that got taken. Everything seemed rather fishy but it's like of course. It's they'd try not to go to that lets you that's why those guys weren't there are so a lot of things had to be shuffled him moved around and we at a night. Luckily there's some great northwest talon that we're able to tap into like god sonic go at the last minute be like hey can you wrestle. And everything turned out great all the matches were a lot of fun shout out once again to the streamer club big began ethnic and big. As soon young was lost some. I think about that night was great that dud of them the last match Strickland verses Stevie Richards for it defied championship was great. Probably the fight I don't there's a byte where we found out who have been very first to fight champion tonight to be Davey Richards. Bomb. Did not show up in the mail until Friday. That's the bells talk about panic she's so writes the new tour is not showing up yet sure of the championship belt that your touting his being. There. You know good to know to give to the winner. Might not be there in time we are hoping that the mailman delivers that it was such like. Biting your nails kind of a thing but it all worked out man it was such a fun time it's always great seeing you there yeah man had a blast. Yeah collective time on it. The time. They seem shorter I did yes Sony otherwise. Yeah ended I think. By ground eleven dish yeah. Which is great yeah yeah it was awesome I've got tag team match. I eventually they'll be on nod to fire on demand dot com who is. Red dragon. Verses Matt cross got a we've talked on the may cast before and Darby Allen who is. That as crazy in the ranked by two guys going to die in the ranks he's insane with the stuff that he does a high flying moves. He's great but there Iran but like he's jumping out and and rain out of the ring landing on the floor where there's no padding. And it's like sometimes you landing on his head. Yes some threats such as crazy how those guys are doing and it's not not nearly as dangerous as me trying to do with simplex. But it is very dangerous when he's doing Murray and so are you combat tonight ya bet they'll be there tonight your regular. Look at nimble now quit now and that's not stepping off once the adrenaline kicks in I'll be fine Ted now tomorrow might be a whole different story. Expect a guy like Dutch youth his even if you have a Dave your stiff after wrestler like. It's like you're gonna sit around just chill out and always something you are always something I don't know what you have going on this weekend but I know it's clamped. RC was this weekend mode 321 battle on Friday night are they yellow and Saturday I believe we them to denied my glued to resume. Nice I spent some quality time with the white. Seattle urged Obama we have figured out just yet aren't on the implied in Seattle. Yep my nine and a look at some monkeys are Durbin the zoo here. Really yeah molecule we do go back yeah no. It's I don't that what is race news Joba to the kid but governor and the zoo. She's shoot eleven of Baltimore I don't think I went to zoo there. Well you are caged animal you know meets the other caged animals exactly yeah Zagreb with the national zoo where it's free. Companies podcasts dues paying money. Yeah imagine looking like a sucker. The reforms will get to the authorities extras in the next break IR eight style and a reader questions from a mega marked as he sent it via email. Over the weekend I saw pairing you one of those kids leases for their child I get that it's for safety and he keeps a job from running off. But it makes secure look like a dog or something and then again I'm not a parent so what do I know what do you guys think she did Lisa's happened. Depends on where you are. Really yeah by what would be a good instance from you having a kid leash. I've already got two kids in ones like two and a half the green any runs awful lot reset the same reset bastard. Police have little kid and he had the father. I never thought unleashes a last week I read somebody who has like hey like I have two kids that the Europe witnessed it on a leash is that weird. I don't know favor an awful lot aviation glacial. It's sort of weird man had done only when you're walking your pet. It does look weird that's what I was a kid. There was only a couple kids that wore helmets on the road their bikes no we thought that looked weird and that was one his pain in the in the world now. I would even ride a bike about a outlet. Yeah I mean that's just how and other woman went to Hawaii we do Wear helmets. She's deceitful and split the rebel leaders and I. Recovered during a contest had. Per dollar during a podcasts. Yeah I mean anywhere how little we can birdie and that yes. Video we did she get Leach's for summer Mel valid. Claims it will backpacks Danica will bear on the back in as little leash attached that we don't lose anybody. We can walk around who's gonna be the walker. We take turns mediocre great Saturday on the river a year my buddy I gotta keep an eye out you. It's like every our thing we want to each other book that she got re going to be weird at all. Yeah that's what you walk us. I hate reading your dog walker she Joe Walker is. I don't know man bush gets heard auto see now we could. Didn't seem very give would've met with my dog I don't know but we wanted to be treaty he might shoot as poorly he might get too aggressive as our owner. Our did we are. When we come facts will figure out how to make things normal by applying a fun game known as firework or sex toy yet that it's completely normal yeah. It's hot it's. Way. It's time the team. Attending. Remember we'll be back. She may end its costs are. Caller I sure to July. And you you are more drugs in your work true. And no matter how high you turn on the air conditioner and you'll be in order. Unique Kool Green Day. Breezy easily touching story here air conditioner vents with a long nose to go over your shorts. Brees under firecrackers cherry bombs. Find me cool relief. Make some room in your short. Are we seeing a sell. Ton. And did you have to watch WE smackdown live yesterday. I did not too big rap battle happened between new day new Suze. Is more back morrow is back. But not on smackdown he is back I'm not he's now going to be the play by play guy for NXD. Which is perfect for him so yeah I think it's a perfect marriage. It's a great way to keep morrow in the world of the world of wrestling to see such he's so good that it and he loves it. He's a wrestling fan he's a WWE fan and pay out I'll Simone I would imagine that him getting announced is being though the play by play guy for Mayweather Macgregor Greg rhetoric that's a pretty big deal I would imagine the WB's like me we gotta get this guy back bright light collided trite is is this worth it right he's the guys next night he's a level we we we. We basically. Pissed off and a level commentator we need to get him back and annexed east perfect forum yet so I'm happy that gives you reason you can watch wrestling again are dying if they they brought him back. Like here is I'm not smackdown did last night that we cystic on the new day in Iraq battle moderating it was while light which is part fifty the huge wrestling staff. I grab a clip I just thought it was hilarious it's only 11 of them they there was gold backed basic loses some. Dog and on each other and I have to say when I first heard there are rap battle I was like oh this has got to be cringe worthy television yeah I did it turn out to be very fun and entertaining and both sides had some funny lines but the line of the night definitely goes to the new day. Our Kofi Kingston when he's making fun of the fact that The Who sues now wrestle wearing shorts so here it is now. Look I'm trying to be absorbed. Just how we want you can work this sort of resolution. That's. Yeah I don't want to I mean why I don't why I'm Obama won't prolong the Mozilla. Oh god match first trimester. Oops I mean. What all. 40. Why Powell meanwhile. I would cut off my pinkie toe and how this disease type who says that's yet look kitten out. Tennessee now don't try to become a wrestler really did one of those guys from the from the new day think Xavier woods is just is some gaming tournament. Our would be surprised if he was in big into the gaming communities get that out of YouTube channel up up down down we are about him playing video games yet czar would be surprised at all. Bob here he continues. That means for you truly. Means other rocky and we need true. That deal what do we need do is now. I didn't either I was very excited the find out our. Slave young I don't know how we do. Don't that's when you are good. Things are more. You don't really. Okay. Yeah. We don't like that. I put my dad who sent. A if this indeed athletic company's got done fought off her name elite tennis balls and a bunch of stuff right that you probably seated fear even ought to dump flopped disease. It was dark flop disease and my buddies are might. Belly done flopped over mob that helps. That's why is Sunnis US ilsley. On a result yeah. There are what we do a lot of I'm trying to lose that we needed it completely dinner the struggles. Sides and I dig him out put it off long enough. Autos and there are playlist you get a whatever you'll listen to this song more more time. That's right ladies and gentlemen it's time the flag. Favorite new game. Just in time for the fourth of July I would suggest that a bit. Fireworks. For a sex toys firework effects of the best of five well ten winner will tell you lose. Currently Ted is a loser. Sorry guys. It went out over time for an hour tied to the final game got off streets if you're looking strong I think you have two games to one. And then you ended up losing. We'll check redeemed himself. You saw about Israel and Palestinian MP3 to grind. Yes Warren. I just a bubble vegetables that we put a barbecue sauce on some local company we've I don't know the name of love for we've spotted at the farmer's market in Puyallup and ice. Thought Nixon again I'll get your bottles are cold it's spicy and sweet it's her. So let's talk and then these. Media sausages. I kidded field roast it don't read yeah they're really getting tired so I drove goes you relish the grand. Good stuff right regular sausage. Firework her sex to legitimate and line of products. And you have to tell me whether or not it's natural firework. Forfeit a sex life. Are you ready let's do this all right our first watch. Fireworks or sex toys. The pink pony. That pink pony yes. Fireworks are sexually can. I've also gone by the nickname before its lead paint coating. We'll have you yet just for one night at a fast aggressive that have a festival thing so. It did for me god damn it could easily be key there I guess again that's why did David typical. 'cause sex life threatened. Didn't call me. The firework and yeah. You are wrong. Right 011. Don't know. Let's just put this on. Repeat do play action. I don't know no I don't know. Don't know whether lady Mary all right so far that is only one. Me to get three right. To win. All right fireworks a sex to a test. Hi. I fire workers sexually. Not cool off. Fire workers actually knock off this clearly had sex so I can't read your entourage yes. I don't know why I'm against you winning. The local my exhibits a top religious right now. I got out on Ralph I'm so I'll learn right now the boys and girls. You're tired right now I'm sorry. I took one of one's hard. Hi Ted fire workers sex toy. All American walk where it's fireworks for sex toys were desperate for not getting. All American whopper. This feels like it has to be a fireworks at the whopper boom. I am. Now you've got wet yes. That's. You're now it's one wins two losses in the good and it is that so I did the sex toys they'll be all America. Wofford all American while Merck. All boys at this game is much tougher that thought it was going to be you're facing elimination I have had if you lose. I have the not bluffing you'll have to apply yourself and. No bubble bubble bubble it's apparent. Hides it at this I'd guess that weirdness quit. And our right. They're quicker sex and I don't know why I just went from. Homeland. It's there when they go wake up I'm. Why is daddy wo. W at age no way daddy. Got out firework Morris actually. Load daddy's. Load Teddy it's just so I can sleep good at night let's call this one up firework. Well daddy. Did the fireworks that's not right I'm biting back. Man's. Steve this is yeah. In all comes out of this tense. I don't know if he's. Of course you do not a game without our music. All right we have one more. Will Ted win this match. And that whatever then that the series is up one game apiece do we do another round till next year. The ultimate Big Easy you've got to listen to the base desperate years simply taking Brett back. Governor that's how the radio business that is the horizontal genes typically you do what are those sake come back tomorrow dad got the mega cat. We are going to come back next year Morris Donald disease called back and it's diva like get. Ten men which one do I wanna go ahead. When mayor Martin may cast a mix up in the street jargon and yes. I've always wanted to go inside jokes in the world radio. Jarrett had dinner with my friends and family. All right. Do you wish I was a fly on the wall mined out my wife went to my wife's cousin's club party forum graduating. Fine Monday night. And I would really go for those that wrestling practice there was a lawyer Steve. And while I try to break the news that I was that primarily to practice and apparently going over very well odds bet a lot of laughs. Got a lot of what I would like utilities like collegiate wrestler and all like professional wrestling that you see on television. My husband who has 42 it's learning how to become a professional wrestler. And I am proud of him. Qaeda left port to lie LBG is probably pretty embarrassed I fire workers actually said. No what I'm gonna go with this one. The 82 ride. Fireworks or sex or the 82 ride yeah. A good one. You know man. Initially it stinks that silly wrong on this game summit a mighty as eighty X 82 ride things I don't. All right Chad we'll check the wind will pet news. If the 82 ride out fireworks all right sex joy it's a fireworks Stevens explodes rates that gives me he said Smith. You need bar. Couric. All the days. Of all right I got it back treatment. Lots yeah. Sure they were here you are your real rock I am a bit of amounts of them wrong. I'll throw you off. Well 82 ride salad so sexual. Dies sets is like my initial it's. It is like a sex so I think it's like every time you have initial instinct is cold gets to escape. There's that there's a fire were actually called the good news. From the golden shower oh yeah. Are you so you knew that outline I Glenn go without yes that makes rorschach sets chances. That's written you know ordered out I gotta go to a whole show. I can really speak on this looks good warming you up yeah good show for you to get ready to talk another one is Yahoo! hot. A whole lot that's a fireworks upon her work. And I don't know what sex toy this is but I wanna find out the falcon man grammar cool that some painful. And grammar yeah man wrecked it and Duffy Malkin man grammar as opposed to the Phoenix one. Let's watch it you know like the local TV last night we kept talking about. Be careful we careful firebird Xbox a sickening just have to keep saying less like. People are careful right and then it's like now and now you know like in other people's yards on fire dude are about the fourteen year old that's always parents car. To go pick up his friends. Get fireworks to go back to the house they set off the fireworks particular the car window open and they shot went in there shot went in America. Car was completely torched yeah man. Idea you got away with stealing your mom and dad's car. You've got to it would driving in to pick up your friends and get him that ill eagle fireworks or Revver you go deep did all of that and then being worked out your shot a fireworks in the car I. Yes. Laughs. Yeah I look I like watching fireworks I'm not firework I. Me neither ice I don't begrudge anyone for one ms. Suu Kyi afar or I enjoyed looking at them and watching him as well but. I'd I have zero interest in sending off an MAB. Yeah I didn't say alas I'm right. Purchased a firework or sent one off yeah it's right in at least fifteen or sixteen years repurchased one last year for our friends there were going to a party and it was for their kid it was like a kid friendly and if there is a kid friendly Eid Al Shara doesn't Iran desk like a little pockets or whatever etched on the ground their burgers cakes are a little tank to the set I yeah lighted up and it doesn't explode it just moves. It just moves or shoots of sparks we just have gotten beyond that did the pink pony and the 82 rule arrives eight sickened rat and the article and sour you get down on the got the big luggage from. Is today's final are gone sour is that it's gonna help finance it isn't just. Old lady now okay. But yeah before that I knew that was weird is going all fireworks standing just seemed like men. 11. Mistake and we have a massive explosion on our hands. I felt we are just being in their life nor British smoke she kidnapped ID anymore would put anyways are all that's it all just Friday. Come join me over at the battle Paulus AK evolved fitness I am the commissioner 321 battle. And now we get some great matches I didn't even have -- remember a bondage match and Ronald make from the pool now be exciting yes yes I'm looking forward to that I want I don't know what Intel's and that I should know on the commission chairman I don't know. But I noted ball ball gags or belief. She's all right yeah so I we will see what happens because we keep a weirdo or 321 battle on poly slots a great match is gonna be a great time if you've never been to a 321 battle I highly suggest coming. It's free suggested donation ten bucks. To be that guy doesn't throwing ten bucks into the into the into the pot could help you know. Keep these things going yeah I unity going on this weekend. Actually I don't let Zelaya July 15 in two weeks a beat down I take short MM AI CA doubt that the queen come on out and those are always aren't they are fine and sure there are still tickets available all right well I knew good too much Ticketmaster believed to get to get mastered scramble queen casino and online and check them out to. And if they don't want information about three to about a few just type it in on FaceBook just type in 321 battle in those who keep that's pretty much the unofficial website for 321 battle it's. It legion everything you need to know Tauziat what's going nine video clips on that fun stuff so I nice hopefully everybody who's listening so that's all their fingers and toes yeah. That would suck if you didn't. And RS get a push it and let's do it Harry. I was to sort of get back down on the ground again. It's I also learned on how to do facing the old. Going forward yet just landing. You arms land before your base hits but it's a very weird it's a weird feeling like. Doing things your body is telling you why are you doing this to me and I when I couldn't do it's it. It's definitely testing my boundaries and I'm enjoying life. If we're not backed make ticket because some certifiably you know crippled yeah. I'm glad MI. Lauren. Some wildly happy. I could be a pro wrestler with a bad back. Gerri. At church. It our beer great we remain I hate. I don't Wear a mask now what you don't know it's me in like you have like white hair coming out of bed bit. Out geriatric Jillian should door that is too old to do anything high flying. That comes on the walker. I find us on Twitter at the mega cast hostilities murder.