MIGS vs TWOW 011 - Angelina Love

Thursday, July 6th

This episode, Migs chats with Angelina Love!  Angelina was in town for Defy Wrestling, and Steve and Angelina chatted about her wrestling career, the early years of the TNA Knockout Division, hockey, and more!

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It's now time for war. Days vs them. World. What's up and welcome to yet another addition of makes vs the world of wrestling this is 1 am very excited to give you guys it's my chat. With Angelina love over the last few months and had an opportunity to work with defy wrestling you get more information about the five. To fire wrestling dot com being judged Jim Carey and Matt farmer in the rest of the crew over there enough from a great great people and since the 51 Angelo was backstage was a wrestling at the final warm issues there with her husband Davey Richards and of the great dude and an opportunity to meet her and I I came put into words how awesome of a person and Juneau lobbyist she truly is. One of the good eggs in the world of professional wrestling. Love what she does an impact wrestling shoes in town just recently three to 54 in the 55 and before the 55 enjoy and love and I we we we found an area in the Washington all the chat. Apologies for the audio quality you'll notice a little bit of an act though it's really hard to find. A dead room. At this up old historic building had the same issue also over at the temple theatre as well because next few episodes of that I have people like Bobby station Matt cross on. Mean vs the world of wrestling so let's just jump right into it this might chat with Angelina loves. I am very excited to hang in Alexandria a lot of this is gonna be a lot of fun right now though I'd I didn't doing his wrestling show and I kind of limit him a call who would like to talk to end. You're at the very top of the list because hey what you've done for women's wrestling has just been so incredible MP. That an immigrant defy one when I got to meet you I think a lot of us were nervous to meet you because you know you're just you're Andrew Luck and and you come you're walking around is being friendly and giving people advice I'm pumped daddy on the podcast. Well I really appreciate that and I am I'm pumped to be with you on the podcast and I also remember on defy one when I saw you. Going to do the renouncing remember look unlike look at this guy's energy he's so into it. He's getting this huge pop from the crowd and he's just happy news day and night and you worked in radio and yep like perfect they yelled. My senator ruined because I was nervous I was like I've never done ring announcing before I'm thinking now I don't know how to do and have watched wrestling my whole lives I have an idea. But I was like I'm around people who are respect and Alessio I do was make anyone look bad on my behalf you know I mean I just like. I respect this industry are expect the wrestlers they want them to think that I'm coming in the immediate I don't think you have an area that night you. Then you came over and I'm then you just think I'm around their forget this you know I don't know who the F you are you were so over and has like oh my god yes thank you. I don't like guys that I had no idea withering announcer because the pop you got when you lucked out there I was like Scott hey this guy won or not so happy to see him. When I don't blame them. Odd thanks I appreciate that so how's it been for you getting involved with the door over the fire wrestling doing the Indy circuit and not mean I know you've been involved both Indy circuit an impact in going back and forth and I feel like right now as. Pass to be one of the coolest times to be doing independent wrestling. Absolutely on and what's cool is I haven't done aid to hunt and I would see the West Coast is weren't troubled policed and honestly on the right. Who are not being here. Oh OK. Mobile group. Yes if you don't mind. What are the main issue we just weaving and I are doing is showing this believed after we chamber so I think we may actually be better off Diana and defied building the path. No no no it's our bad we've we've been broad and just all this is so much better anyway. That's fine. All okay yet and that that definitely announced. And it takes for your show and this'll be the first Clinton year I know there are visiting in the some weird gymnasium announced economics is a weird at all I wonder how this is gonna sound we do and then. No guns and our in the corporate office yes our big time ninety close windows first and locked doors for us this is a letters. So where old song yet just out. Criticized gonna say the West Coast as on the I've probably. Wrestled over here the least because I've always been I'm from Toronto and always lived on the East Coast so I would say made. Made it. Country ends to the east is where I normally Russell on the so yes so but it's cool because you know Davies. Mom is here so we bring our sign and he gets Graham on timing grameen gets BB David time. Do these shows and it's really exciting I love the vibe of the crowd because it got a very easy W by. That's clear you know yeah I don't know it's super energetic but they chanted everybody's into it it's it's it's so. As a performer it's just so wonderful and it just gives you ten times more energy when you're in front of a crowd that has not an energy turner. Talking you're Don Mac crossing he departed to Bob dressing girl in a sense to in the sense that he's like I'm 36. My body is shot sometimes you wonder whether you wanna go on the ring and in risk hurting yourself for dead crowd but when I come here. I lose all caution to win because it's. And the crowd does not seem so awesome and it just makes you wanna do better she was so it's a big everybody's feeding off each other you know I mean it's it's really fun like I said Ed I don't wrestle over here a lot I brave and firm most of my career. So it's really nice to be able to come over in and be apart of something so cool on the West Coast in this is blowing up. From the get go. It's insane like six months and then all of a sudden there's its top trending on Twitter it's. United from Davie winning this easy W championship here I think that really kind of rock rocket ship kind of thing in the sense that all people are not talking about us and other coasts and. Because I think also to a lot of promotions haven't done like and her and get whining at each other so that's also something that really gets people interested is because some some promotions just the CEOs of like hey we don't one. Acknowledged that there's another promotion or I'm well why do you kinda not gonna do that. May be I'm sure there I'm sure there's some promotions yet have their own personal rivalries yet the voters and whoever but I think come. I don't know I I just think that maybe some used a stink about it anymore that's your you know where it's just like everybody has they're saying. And obviously you see how much goes into you. Having your own Indian promotion a missile on a work yeah a lot of work so I think that everybody just kind of focuses on their own thing and then. To think about working with someone else and then do an end and see how well it goes isn't all. That great. I know everything yeah. I've even enjoying coming to Washington and M what do you guys do when you do come to Washington obviously spent time with family but yet they're useless is it like domain are real live. Here for about a week yeah mom yeah just because it's like it's it's a far track you're from where we are so. On the plus you know grandma grandma gets baby time yes and so on yeah I mean we're we're here we do your show lose and just still panel live normal lives who went eleven words. I'm glad I've been there I so yeah out straight do lake. West Coast thing Agassi considers and he wouldn't normally do at home. Simply said that they're built in baby sitter and SNCF is actually going to speak to adults young adult things and I will hang out make go to a public something like that whatever it may be that you legendary Billy Jack are one of the ongoing. I guess things I talk about whenever I'm talking with now wrestlers into in this wrestling show is. And you may get a laugh out of this and naturally find if you do I'm 42 years old and don't look at how all thank you Jimmy. You're so nice to me I N two months ago I decided you know what when my friends who's an Indy wrestler in town sitcoms or wrestling class just to experience it. Make you know what. My whole life I've always wonder what it was like I'm not getting any younger if I'm gonna try it now's the time I went once and then all of a sudden I've annoyed my wife's. All the time zone on there was talk about it like is mom oh yeah oh I can't. It was surreal it was it was it honest to craziest part of me was doing toward roles because since I was a kid I've been terrified of being upside down. So I don't say it's a weird fear but it was fifth year and so when I first showed up I'm thinking I'll do some bumps and I learn how to run the ropes. I realize the first over gonna do restored roles and I'm Mike as silly. Pretty basic video and getting read just being able to move your body in the ring because I don't I think that. Reno a lot of people that like trust and there's I mean that's easy and it's like you had no idea no says they're just the basics how how are you have to have a million basics down first before you can get to. In a match the other performing this matching yields pull your butt. It just didn't. I think it is doing a pump I mean as far as like you know I mean I'm I'm preaching to the choir obviously but the daddy of OK talking image and making sure I breathe making sure I get my arms are well known Joseph my elbows it's like. I'm trying to think about seven things I've heard a time thing about one thing. Yeah yeah just to doing. Just witness called on all of bum bright and wheezing at the ropes in the bruises and all that all I've had in the ropes. I played hockey as well I was joking about it I think my job was changing and my buddies that document to look at night. MM what's gone only you and your wife let you guys getting into something like the books that these weird did you wrong I think it's weird like lions Eagles have been witness but. All those so painful to Omaha guys in the next morning it feels like that that's why I like what I love about doing it it's like a birdie respect what you guys do Tom just is a fan. But now they know what you guys put your body through despite doing simple wrestling classes which is not on the level what you guys are doing day in day out. And I wake up and I feel like it takes me a good five minutes just to loosen up my arms now what but it's a weird fun campaign is that makes a term extension. Yeah I mean obviously were slightly twisted for doing a story ideas and I'm doing it yeah but yeah I I appreciate that you. Actually to the class because I think that anybody kind of involved in wrestling should nip on. And did it just an avenue few months now of straight week putting on some Jack yeah and it and does and it gives you like a totally different respective prospective. On wrestlers but particularly wrestler is the way I watch wrestling as well now home watching it like as a from a student and things that I just kind of watch OAS fiscally just of that amount now Mike. How did he do that. That was interesting makes the smallest probably moves at an average stand just doesn't even think about com. Like I gotta rewind that and why now it's like a two hours it takes five hours watching dozens of. Analyze every now. That and use. You say yeah yeah I would bully me and yes I'm a hockey in Canadian yeah I know I know that Toronto I stayed in the ring I think your replacement or. Oh my god. You tried the hot terrible golfer cabinet not a good skater actually when I was a kid OK and I yum. And actually a distant. An article for the July 4 Sports Illustrated dot com they ask for some input. And that my mom actually they wanna pictures of me playing sports and my mom actually just this morning sent me a picture of me when I was ten. Do like figure skating because of cross country skiing and playing baseball and elect tennis stuff but. For meat hockey was into my cousin and I see it. She's the thirty year old female she's been playing hockey ever since she was for them and I've a couple of cousins actually who who played hockey their whole lives there and Ontario. I tied it but I found. The pucks to be incredibly dense and heavy yeah and for me I could skate no problem. But trying to push the puck forward while skating and the but the state it was is incredibly hard for me yeah and I was I thought well game about a yard yet they only know why talk you think it is hard because obviously everybody is extremely talented isn't. They love gracefully our dads don't know what's on who's never played this thing gets on ice skates and within three seconds they're pouring down sweat. And it's like all I didn't think about it it its legacy and I want yeah exactly it's funny I got recycle it like O'Reilly and he used to play hockey do we say that he hasn't had a chance anymore because well. So busy I guess a little bit yeah I don't know wrestling thing that's awesome yeah yeah it's. So yeah I I clearly like playing in doing activities that and put pain on my body which is mixed why isn't hot TV here in CL a isn't this a have. And you know -- they are young Vancouver as a kind of lead down a little bit and there's talks of a team in the we have to junior hockey teams about one in Everett one in Kent. So they do really well and arm. Did don't program is actually pretty popular I think they said it's one of the biggest in the country. And especially it's the biggest non hockey city. And furious late as far as that see it doesn't have a hockey team served a -- on the way when you I wouldn't be a part of dumb. The whole doing the odd bit bogged wrestling classes because now it's been fun to talk to you guys about your first experience do you remember. Well your first class yeah I don't quit after three weeks because I was Blake. Oh my god it was killing me yeah I remember because of course you never know means we get in the right right actually do it for me you wanna do it. One mean what wrestle midge Steve did you go to class. Oh I mean no one appearance since I was seven OK okay so I mean as soon as I guide to what would be illegal agent here is like eighteen I have performers license or intranet licence on but yeah I just I was a manager flakier happening for sir nice important yeah I was doing the same couple spots in the matches and stuff like that and I was like. I really wanna get started dressing to my mother's dismay. The seas of was my biggest fan obviously been choosing to see one actually didn't. It it is pure disdain on the outside his manage. A wrestler getting hurt doing that death like we know what could hurt by managing to gateway drugs you know I can't happen I mean I was just lake. You know besides those 520 pounds is no next strength at all and so I mean just Killen myself trying to bump Lynn and Lance and hit my head landed in my anti in my head. And I mean I remember I was just might heel bone hurts so bad. From improperly bumping yup that I mean when I would get into the garage in my parents' house it's just three steps from the garage into the launcher on them. And I could not even lift my feet my heel bone was so sore I couldn't even go up. Three stairs to get into the house my elbows were black you know you just yeah your your initial thing is to just curl up clearly it's not natural to just your body down flat on your back with rice you wanna protect yourself that. Oh those are down in Atlanta on your button kind of fallen backwards and then whiplash when you're knack for your head and I was a mess. I was a mess and I couldn't master. Arm drags yet. During an arm draped properly I was just like I am I stuck frustrating because you mean Virgo and perfectionist even those known to be for anything. But the struggle and struggle but I was just really frustrated yeah and I thought I could get it easier. Ends on. I was just like maybe this isn't for me so after three weeks of training I just quit. Just a few but just first few week yeah but then I was like I can do this and I really really really want to go back and try again. And then once I you know went back in or something about her nailed an arm dragon and you know your confidence yes and I can do this I could do decide to do this and then you. That's and I saw like I was having the hardest time just sort of the average jeans and just go from like an arm you know going to arm bar and go into a headlock and it was like. I'm doing everything backwards I don't spinning. And Emily you're closing. That you're in your thinking so much not even on purpose it's just like. There's so many things after a while it'll just float yet I mean and I was like her glass like classic Venetian overloading your brain is yeah. And when it finally clicks again grants not make them smooth that impressed me this chunky peanut butter but like it's that first summer I did it right it's like. Okay now dealing progress to thumbs up when I when I don't do something right it bothers me wanna do until I get it right but some like I have a ring in my garage race and you can't really practice that kind of stuff. Without killing yourself outside of you know where you have Max and so it's been one of the most humbling and moderate not even in the thank you I appreciate it's always fun likes. Hi guys must first like as have been doing this I was nervous it even share that with you guys like just got to pay. I don't 42 and I'm trying to set oh you guys you really get the hell out here know everybody's reaction there and I have all been this exact museum Mike thank you I appreciate that you're willing to try what we do and now understand why. We elite level we do MP why. It's hard. That's why that's why whenever somebody is like oh wrestling it's fake anybody can do it it's like yeah. Just he's get in the ring just streaming rights. To sell you take if you make you pay a purity no you're doing Glen rains and show me about when Legos and use these. It's funny we talk and guys are some guys in the class that are around that have actual like high school collegiate wrestling background and it's. Notice everything is is grabbing everything tightly in snug a great deal and end. There's no where it's a fight its its legitimate legitimately a match against each other right where wrestling that's just more portrayed but you have to dance with your partner yeah that's. That doesn't exist and like amateur wrestling with. Remember when that you were because I've wondered my favorite moment so far has been an American husband wanted to body sent our coach says hey next time we come teach you as a device that doesn't help. I don't know about this as a driver era I had a weird like panic attack and it wasn't because I was afraid of having so into it to me I was afraid to do it looks like. What if I drops on wanted to do this and and it was. We're literally taking other person's body and well get our hands that's the only people who are untrained. Are not trained properly bring in the ring because. You are really risking some analysis at your own but importantly it yeah I just think someone else's safety their necks there had their body everything. Is there a time where you were entering its own where you're like you know what I am. Like I just do you get out of that situation now. I'm I'm usually told by the promoter first girls find out who I'm working and on demand researched the but I'll go there and talk to them and I always ask them what neither get generally get matches and if it's something that I don't feel safe. Taking yeah not just beyond this you know constructively suggest something else. But normally if if the girls not really want to paint lead I don't do anything about it yeah overly difficult with her I make a lot edible little yeah. We're gonna show a lot of series headed down and make no line at a hole and up. And it's you know like Elin I'm like hey don't have to do honeymoons and pretend you don't I've I have been around girls that have been like. Yeah I do that and then you get in the ring and they cannot do anything and they you have to go to the Vatican tell them. That's stupid. Right because all you I have to tell me you're actually me. Making me believe that you can do things that you can't deal and that's not good. But you're also you can hurt your something you can her mean it's just not. I would so much rather have somebody be honest with me like I'm not comfortable doing now are no I don't know how to do and so I just feel like yep yep yep and how everything inning you try and its system. I'll just pop would if ten minute match of the come to and it's real quick because. He mentioned on the bubble of the TN double by WBB and I so you put something on Twitter. That's a feel good to know that when talks of this women's tournament identity is happening that people are blowing up your Twitter and and and and hoping you want you to be a part of that. That's obviously I know it that some that can't be done because whether contracts or whatever may be a mess but that has to still nice to know that when. Something big in the world of women's wrestling is happening. There's a huge fan base it's like Bo immediately think of Angelina. Well I don't and that's one of the things I like about social media too is that on. Stands king can really voice their support is not not to pit bull opinions to them scoreless support. Wear on they can say LA page replaced he Stephanie ANC Qaeda we Debbie this is do we really want to see. You know and you never know might in my brings something to their attention that maybe they were looking at the dark. And I had on mentioned because I had first heard just a rumor about the tournament. The November and you be so I was an even that was Tina at that time so I had just put it out there that that would be a lot. So text. And amazed by evident aimed at Zion broke me there there was no on knowledge of when I was gonna start and I had gotten off pretty teammate Levi Palin I know I'll tell yeah yeah I took that but mainly it's still just even being under contract with teenage fans are still saying they would wanna see me do it outside this thing that's really awesome of the fans that come. They know even on in unit its own a steamy do something else may or you know because it's really cool. I think a lot of fans including myself and realize what I mean obviously don't ever want to have a women's revelation this and that and it's like well let's not forget. That time and then TNA when we you guys are doing with the knock out division was breaking ground in doing things that. Only I'm so honored like that's something that nobody can ever take away now from eyes and it's it's such a proud. Thing to be one of those young pioneers of the knot gets division and how blew up man we were so we were so hump to we were so excited and we were given chances left drain center in just here's the ball run with that. And it was just like the greatest thing because I was also coming in at any released from Demi to be phenomenal right end and I was just so happy to be given ninety I want to be on TV wanna be your paper via one to travel into hell shows. And all that kind of stuff and it was just like I was immediately given the opportunity I was just so excited and so happy and so thankful. And around you know the guys were so supportive like the knock it's dvds interview. Hurting Golan go to CNN. Steam used to when sting was in TNA when we would have had a tight match to come to the Bakken sting once the whole thing. Music listed green and then give us constructive criticism and a lot of props and wrote just like. Here's EU Brian Houston at. The scene really displayed. They're not it's just think it's especially for Sony's and it was your decision or is that they're so cool to know guided you grow up watching sourcing London recently had a huge it's. Ice him I remember watching singer. You WS wrestling I was doing it and then you have these people aren't funny you know watching you know telling you how great your gay nudist like I'm in the Twilight Zone this is the most incredible list. Not realize why reduce funny because I remember rectify one there's a similar experience where. Eddie Dane glam when guys wrestled and each Emo music you won't believe what just happened. I just got a nice mansion and allowed only really it's the most upset that we nice it was good she watched his match and kind of paid authority and Asencio OK either you Rossum. Have you ever thought about incorporating actual sound effect to your guitar. Our armoire guitar yeah yeah doing that ever since he's now. Uses either side at the last show he got so was it defied the marine he is yeah I three yep. And none yes he had he had showed me what was it true Terry came memorably it he did in his match and he came back city was do not on the union not hasn't yet played on felony it's super over and I'm like man that is so cool. Whenever it firms anywhere in town and it hits the place goes nuts it's it's that's awesome and that's kind of been I think that's. That's all we all hope is they'll be some kind of a legacy some kind of. And I never try to lake force anything on anybody so obviously somebody asks me. Sure all all I'll say whatever but. On I was just you know all always ask why he doesn't wash your match and I just like throw a couple of things your way you can take it or leave it yeah they're usually obviously receptive. And yes I'm super find pointers euros. I've you're doing. A seminar in town I think in the end that's got to be fun to to be able to be ice. Quote unquote a teacher. I love doing seminars yeah I really do on their release sign in and it's just you get a chance to just help people yeah. You know and it's it's nice to help design member how much I liked getting help when I restarted so there's there's only you can look back on his being give you the best advice and what was it. Com. Actually what it will one of my best guy friends descend send voting yes yes he's I mean even friends and of Jesus the fifteen years. He I remember when his thing he's full of stories and in two tons of great advice and remember he told me. Well especially when interests are being healed because I was babyface for a long time I've restarted them insist are being heel it's a completely different ballgame as far as what you do in the ring. On he told me if you think you're going to slow up slowdown. Yeah because how what you perceive. As a certain peace is a completely different piece that fans are. Observing and when you watch it I'm amber like watching back when my first match as as a heel and I was like I thought I was taking my time in the rain and doing everything but analysts comes up and I watched it back and knows that other open so that despite this moment I'm going so fast I came down left. And then you know you learn from from watching yourself casino he'll have to really. Mills lowered their own dictate the pace what time once you go fast yet not yet an Arab member I would always say that myself to slowdown slowdown silicon guns slow and not helped me so much with my view of people character tunes as you know we're doing three to four minutes on TV but you got ten minutes on how shows. So your lake. A lot more now for us Sweetney above and I were so care victory. Not that we can back it up and ring obviously we did but yeah no clear Whitney yeah and someone I would just you know just fear Dicky says that. If you heard just done and that's what I tell people it's too late. If if a girl asks me like well what if I just forget what I'm doing in the ring if they if I'm doing put united grown I just forget what to do an amateur. So yeah gets it down and cleared unit and go back to the Gerling giver couple boots or break her eyes are due some viewers care. Yeah I can show again the united he likes. Because that's a time for you to get some keep the scenes wanna be involved dozens of your ignoring them the whole time that kind of thing OK but if you if you pay attention to them. They react to you which is the whole it's a whole part of the pack into the match yeah I mean. And none and that's I think that's when you can you know we can talk to direct and I don't go to the next oh one's gonna moving here and she did Miree good babyface maybe to be facing members or you can just come up with something just walk away. Click through cuts for a second lawyer show boating and go back and going to rob. At a moment that you guys all excel is always fun to watch is an as a spectator and you one last thing. And on down to keep this a time madame and asking everybody when I do this. What's that so I asked John Mack presents winners for each of recipes and appraise it. How are rice had an eight year old birthday party over the Wii is place yet for you what's been the weirdest weather be placed experienced moment. But what's that once or streets. Okay this is probably back in like me and 2002. It was. We both got to Moore had taken gaelic him and Chris Sabin and I we would do he would do his shows in Windsor Ontario which is right on the border to the right. The we would always doomed Windsor and then somewhere in Michigan the following day. And we yeah show. If you've greens all the night before and all that day and it was in like a horse track and make the middle of a pit. So it's just. Grass in my bed of greens night before so it was all mud so the ring is literally in the middle of may Blake GIC. Antic mud puddle. There's no mats around the ring there's just hate. There is this case all of. Around the room and ensure that no we John Deere tractor only got you there is so awesome so we were teasing trailers. We were changing in trailers very far away from the ring we would get out jump in the back of the John Deere tractor and get tractor through the mud. Do the ring stepped out into The Hague and into the ring on my gosh. And to run the fans were just sitting in chairs and mud. And we would then we would have big jump in the back of the John Deere tractor industries they're ready if you're going all the way back to the trailer. Like the old Russell man oh man and had a really golf cart but this is a John Deere thank some you never forget the and this has been awesome thank you for taking a few minutes I was so now Steve for those I wanna talk and find joined Twitter dot that actual halo yet. And instead Graham halos and number four call linked to two to Andrea thank you so much his only Steve once again big thanks Angelina love also be certified armed pro wrestling T you buy some T shirts and an honestly. If you can. Go to pro wrestling he's pic guy you fear wrestler by their T shirts that truly is there a lifeline pro wrestling t.'s dot com. Merchandise as well thank you as always a good thing you can email us big world of wrestling at gmail.com or find me on social media it's a gram or Twitter I. I'm Steve may.