Kevin Diers interviews MxPx - July 2nd, 2017

Sunday, July 2nd

MxPx are celebrating 25 years of Left Coast Punk with two sold out shows on Friday July 7th and Saturday July 8th at the Showbox. To celebrate, Kevin spoke with Tom Wisniewski from MxPx about all that is MxPx. 

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99.9 KI SW loud in local on the phone right now. Tom was nasty. He is from the bin MX PX their playing their 25 anniversary shows coming up this. Weekend that's gonna be. The seventh and eighth Friday July 7 with five earned frenzy it's 100% sold out of the shoebox. And force Saturday July 8 with slick she's there it was put a hundred tickets left. To make sure you go ahead and get your tickets before the sellout Tom often talk the man is here I don't. Don't forget man stoked it's not you have been within an XPX for a long time. And you know the first record I got from you guys with like in general and probably down. The the path of punk rock I got into some some punk rock from you guys in in followed along the career from XPX ever since like in general. So. I mean 25. 20/20 five years man like how do you even prepare for 25 anniversary feel like he gets of so many records how do you prepare a set list. When you have so many so much material to draw from. I you know we definitely it catalytic cheat sheet about a year really played out. That's your nutritional dugout who went through and I not every Tom burial and I liked the bit whacko like I respect to without ever record set up. We are pretty packed up and about senators known them. We just anthrax in a bunch of kids in the and that's you know one can learn more or less you just won't make it militants in what's now getting what I'm gross. The stuff that sounds gross you like I don't really like that won her idol. I don't know what I was thinking when I was right now one or is it just like I don't remember how to play that want. Don't don't remember bit and the system work anymore. Fair enough fair enough now just July 7 at the show on Friday the sold out shows with Byron frenzy. July 8 is with slick shoes what made you guys decide to choose these two bins openers the shelves. I'm in the front are forever throughout ears to put under so that and then the book great band and solid and let them you know complicit she is not as cut and let us taxpayer guitarist just like incredible Schroeder talents on the man Byron played you know. We get their horn section and play it unless it's just it's on its times. Now thinking back to your formative years like growing up what one band or album kind of made you decide to pick up the guitar like initially. For me it's the mileage and the descendants there awesome the live record. Is just so does that mean it's like there. Party like them like I heard some really anchor is that your Boehner replied it goes like. It's so much more powerful and intense line and they just sit and German one Tom Dunn earned an announcement or even catch a prep and for me that's just like what taught us how to play alive so. We had to be told people later on the came out and get people are confused second team on the Wii is like just general. That's rad man I mean. You got the energy miners will do it I mean descendants I saw them. What was it back in it was actually the day of the election I remember that I saw them two days two shows back to back or will you everywhere you there at the inept it. I have other about them. That's great man. Now now that you're looking back and all the records that you can draw from for the 25 anniversary shows that. You've had a chance to look at it like what is your personal favorite an XPX album might just start to end all the songs ripped. You know it's just part essentially to keep their child but that. I think general definitely there because that was just like. The first time I feel like we never like really got kind of the panic. We meet the virus doesn't formulas and all I hadn't been great time December around rational instruments that. When we got that record I feel like it's just all kind of started clicking in making an entity I. So permeates now now on just. You know it's it's that formative moment where it looks like whoa wait we keep in its very ill. And that feel like up until then we're kind of like. Just hit unit for fun you know like a hobby and I really don't like we do mystery illness so fund still grating so like you know caught up here talking now but I mean. It something where like this is more than just that to us into. Totally an end and that record I mean. Would that was ever recorded what you guys were still in high school or was it after high school. Not now lose after a slow summer of 1996. So highly graduated stamina and capacity you're after we got out so. This the first record the songs were written on them like they're saying about touring and economic tensions in place that there's uncle. Either snow or on network alienate the about a skin stuck in the blizzard. I'm just sat on the freeway in a blizzard in that Pennsylvania and I'm at new York and this article southbound not just turn them aside and down sort out why discharge orders. All right man well it's awesome to have you on the phone we're gonna talk to you in just a few but I wanted to play a couple songs to me guys won from that record we're talking about a life in general. Doing time from that record and then let it happen. From the from the compilation album let it happen is ripping you wanna say about let it happen before we jump into these. I don't let it happen actually is certain the TomTom without actually from Kia politics recording session and then ended up on. Ever mention. You know seven to get someone over the don't get like a lot of my a lot of my lucky like you know you know that don't have time with it record player that. Went up on the compilation what happened lot more people heard and that they do it low without her it's only taken people that's a player aren't on the front one. All right man here's semantics BS will be back more with Tom on lamb local. We welcome. It's common for men MX PX on the lawn and it's awesome to hear from you man you guys have 25 anniversary shows coming up this Friday and Saturday Friday all sold out Saturday 100 tickets or less available to get definitely jump on it by your fan of an XPX you wanna see them. I'll play all the jams that that you wanna hear their 25 anniversary show it's gonna be awesome switches and Byron frenzy joining them. Onstage but. We don't know BM XP it's on moved to Bremerton right but. From what I understand. You guys still living Bremerton. A deal with the numbers right now man what is it about Bremerton that meet you wanna stick around Bremerton. At home you know influencing where we're caught up everywhere you go do you ever want. But. At the end of the day at a compound sent. Quieter town and you know kind of relax and we had a studio out here and. Feel like in the city it's a little harder to take. In the house makes noticed you know people it'll work has stopped era problem only because you know minus seven trucks for a tumor so I really well. That's awesome and he has of the hometown boys and like out of the local celebrities in Burma tonight than I mean. There that's like the anthem of Bremerton it Diaz ever get like Nikita is figuring it all. It's that idea out accused city from the song they're eager again. We get a salary in Bremerton gallery has shown reverence and where. The city one opponents like you know Britain revitalization thing they want to use our so on the one Spanish owner. There and he walked Matt and I gently in the background with our politics at a lot Cedar City. And there are police did not like a really hot and that's awesome and it just. Don't Smart ass joking but you know got a. There you go now you know speaking of Bremerton you guys recently teamed up with the local brewery up circled silver city and you release the MX PXP your secret weapon. What can you tell me about the beer in the process of picking like low how involved were you guys with that. We are super and also solar city is a great group from her embarrassment just like becoming really long now and around the country in the deep in the world but. Mean that's not the leotard and about you know between the anniversary Indians and the gathering. We sat down with them like last December and it talked ultimate ears relay and but I'm here is coming out and we can't account like something you could smash like Tennessee accent down at the lake that your friends are and keep going that's something to grant the and which impact a month later and that without them and they may have coupled every kind of beer and I Cambodia they get even. On the that the secret weapon as erupt and we just we talked about and we're like in the mid a couple of weeks you know that. So we're heavily involved in you know we don't look so I'm like what you're the pros and make them appear so you tell us of course you're not you're. Below he likened the toll were certain their grade I mean they're a friend arts from just around is so it's just there to do the perfect opportunity to work together. That's awesome many guys even have a poker match upon like on the beer can. And now that he's Yani technically 25 years also he can drink that stuff now. I had is detailed picture piers now. Not now growing up here in the northwest what are some your favorite northwest bands of all time I mean aside from an XPX of course. My apologies I mean you know there's the audience want to leaguer up here in junior pilot programs to complain out there are programs don't cardinal that just like. Amazing to us. Pelosi Reid yeah cancel her from Tokyo are not the channel it only area I got to us so the other credible. They're they're probably like one on that I was into the most silk means floor and Stan went out essentially records. You know I have they for some reason my 2004 Honda along interest only hesitate death. And I still have spin away or and I have four on cassette and I wore it out I played so much. Talking earlier curtain. You are happy moment Downey California. Summer of 99 we had a rental only edit it act and we had Stanley that we kind of secondary kept him out our. Obviously we're talking about 25 years of MX PX if you're just tuning in I got home from an XPX on the phone. Now what are your favorite northwest show moments for an XP it's over the years do any specific shows standout. Personally gets open for the successful the bombers and you're that was huge turn all grown up crap and around the box and I. Yeah that was amazing good illustrator playground so that our pursuit earlier in the day like me wanna have in them. That happened is a freshman from selling and a we're talking about a new. Yet Philip opening for the technical I really. Yeah Ottawa now and you can go the opening band fears that connect canceling relic yeah. We'll just take are irrelevant after we play so we literally on its belly and it just several notes were opener but that's that's what my. You know what I'm he has similar in the stadium that doesn't kind of lawlessness Sokol. So that's 7101 then it's with the Paramount couple times in lockdown is that they it's it's beautiful it's it's almost been very like. They're gonna let us do our thing here holy crap the the main thing. That's awesome man those are definitely pinch me moments I mean opening up the Sex Pistols wow. That's awesome. Are right now well we are gonna go into a couple more songs we got more from. Com for minutes yet we got what mine is yours who slowly going the way of the buffalo in heard that sound from the ever passing moment I'm just trying to play some of my favorite and it's PX some some. From the years pass from their entire discard goofy and I will be back with Tom from MX PX as well local rock. I. It's loud and local here on 99.9 KI SW when he was Kevin. XPX on the phone and if you do not know by now they're gonna be playing on Friday and Saturday at the show box market. In Friday is 100% sold out Saturday less than a hundred tickets you've got to get two tickets right now because that thing can be 100% sold out. Probably by midweek I would guarantee the any. From the morning shall from BJ and makes he is that a die hard an XP expand he actually has the poker match attack the U. On his arm are and yet he is a question he said after being banned for 25 years what's still excites you about getting the play music. Denounce these people I ever happened to go chaotic wrong kicker came out to write notes. The excitement announced it you know but are playing I like court. We reported per year you're used to kill Indians CLU now I meet 18 to limit clips like the magic so well. Absolutely man. So special shout out to do anything to listen in men and I'll see you at the show. But from the from what I understand you guys are pretty hands on with everything it's like a pretty DIY how important is it for you guys that you have with a hand. In all the little operations even down to like the. The Merck I don't know it always been like a really a working class Panamanians back and I didn't hear. Turnabout is around the world and it shows we still beat me up you know on brawler gear from the source aids in the truck can. An out and it's. So it's all there are known we knew we wouldn't even know what you are so many different. Larry gum and it works for you guys I mean you know you're you mentioned like when you guys are going only huge but like world tours and everything like. What is it it like how do you stay grounded coming back to to Bremerton and in coming back to family in in normal life like how how do you you kind of balance that coming back in and still trying to remain humble. I think it turned back Cabrera and it's. Super helpful and keep you grounded not because it's Cecil small town and everyone knows undervalued currency throughout flipped and you know feel like Cooley invent whatever but like you're that he would back up you can like you know that party in my mind besides so shut up you know. Yeah everyone can still call you out on being a dork in junior high and high school absolute right on man will I had one last question here kind of weird line. If you could pick a scar on your body and tell us the story of how you got Tom. Our look here via I had a pretty decent one on my. Left eyebrow as and softball from Brandon. You're panorama like and a drill so you know three out veterans such as you out and out plan their day and. They're out it thrown over first let's start just PF and the company is on third. And also an account stop all of now all know that now get a a look at a look at my friend up like well what happened yet. Only got it deal wide open displeasure announced Peyton. I don't know what Palestinians are gonna try to try to kick catching up like the Mac well. Yeah luckily I wanna go look at our schema. Was a nurse so she cleaned up OPEC in general hospital and met again in part it's going I want him that's a play at the night alias black collectively. Busted open that's that's that's real cred right there man baseball injuries softball injuries might that. So what the rest of 2017 looked for like for you guys. I'm overdue and more weekend. So it around the country notes and that's like monopoly we have. I'm that we can after our Seattle so or gun that can we're doing one and in Quebec city in the rear and a couple in Calgary. And we had a weekend in national coming up and it's Smart set cannot go announced euros in. Awesome man blowup again this shows are happening this coming weekend Friday and Saturday at the shoebox. Get yourself to the picket line because. You know what just just dial it up right now dial it up I don't know what it what is the 1995. But I guess that it. Get that ticket and act has its gonna sellout Tom thank you so much man it's awesome to talk to you finally and I sucked it and Kelly M and we got panic. I'm sorry we got the song. Heard that sound from the album panic and then one of my personal favorites it's a fun one take on me originally done by ha. But I got this actually I when I went on a trip to Japan I found on the cover. On vinyl on ten which. Very cool night in an artist I'm on. Right on Tom I'll see you at the shell man here. Okay. You know.