MIGS vs TWOW 012 - Bobby Roode

Monday, July 10th

Check out Migs chat with NXT Champ, Bobby Roode!  Bobby is going to be here in Seattle this Friday as NXT Live will be at the Paramount Theater!  You can get more info and tickets HERE.  Bobby and Migs talk about the early days of Bobby learning how to wrestle, what advice he has for upcoming wrestlers, his current feud with Roderick Strong, and who he would like to wrestle at Wrestlemania one day! 

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It's now time for war. Days vs them. World. Hello and thank you once again for listening to makes vs the world of wrestling and this is a special edition of majors the world wrestling will be talking to the annex to champion Bob reroute the glorious one himself. Because annexed he's coming to town this Friday night and exe live over at the Paramount theater you go to STG presents dot org or go to WE dot com. Get more information get tickets you know I'm gonna be there. I went last time an XT came to town anyways. Well for a lot about it terms glorious it was incredible it was such a cool live to watch. Wrestling at the Paramount theatre they put the ring on the stage at a couple rows of seats on the stage wit. The rain and then everyone else I was in the crowd they typically you're going all content at the Paramount. You watched it from there it was just an awesome experience great in ring action some very excited that an XT is back. Lots agree aggressors are gonna be there including of course Bobby rude but then Tosca the XT women's champ she's supposed to be there Alastair black. You lose you old school Indy wrestling fans Tommy and I am so pumped to watch that guy in the ring true McEntire he's back and he's gonna be there patch is -- again for you. Hardcore Indy wrestling fans Chris hero and many more so that's going to be a lot of fun again you can get more information get tickets WW we dot com source just jump right into it. Talked to you. Bobby root cause. It's a Bobby Taylor did so I'd NXT live coming to Seattle last time NXD came hours before your time but it was so awesome to watch our wrestling events. At a concert hall not like on the arena but I. You know what a cool intimate vibe where the ring was on the stage there are few rows of seats on the stage and and everyone else is watching like that they're watching a concert. Is that a surreal experience for further for you and I mean you wrestled and all different types of places. But like on a stage must become a different. It's very different and if I'm going to be awesome yeah I've not like a huge fan and military are. You're weird yeah yeah I love my feeling cutting but it definitely. We didn't and dimension look at different kind of revive him that's for sure yeah you know I think he had a lot of those kind of Marino in the Paramount Peter and Seattle's. It's one of those during it and we don't look forward to perform and there's just it's like accented with a very different than. Luckily I traditional setup would be so it's always you're implementing very interactive and it's a lot talks. As it from that you're not so much a fan because there's not enough I mean I would be weird to have everybody sick and away from you and then just a couple of rows on the stage which use it because you're not as. Kind of close to the fans. Outlying shrunken to different kind of music I mean if you if you watch our show on television and the kids around the windows me into an arena. So. Lewdness and there are gonna close and led. And you know us as a general Reno chatting with him this year I mean your upon your basically. On this agent you know one side that you know and look on alert he had actually what low on the one side of the ring basically and then you have a couple of rows. I'm on either side don't myriad regulations are different. Thank god he did in Iraq a lot better windows can't get around the ringside and Nintendo got too so legacy of the Jerry different all the variant. You mentioned interacting with the fans and live events are always my favorite because of the interaction you can really see the personality of the superstars a lot of times a -- that we have won an average and it was just fun watching Dick who says and a new day. Mixing in with the crowd has ever been a time where you're doing what you're doing in your in the ring and a cry out somebody said something or did some that is completely distracted you good or bad. I don't try to get up my game too much but I continued to live events like the one oh well I'll. Are different and there are a lot of fun for the performers and it's change to category there and then you know all your craft a huge. And and can display. You know he had little lieutenant you're not all of it. And and interact with the fans who you don't see that it's a different settings for all of those civilians definitely a lot more. I guess you can lay back. Where the guys and girls can go there in April shortly and entertain. I'm I have to say I just watched the last episode of and next he'd an XT 400 episode where you took on. Were you Roger strong had a match it was an incredible match and I got stalled. Is it awesome I have moral and all of calling an XT match is good it felt like. The match even became even more awesome to have him pinning the picture during the match. Absolutely yeah I don't know how of course he's a cold Canadian as well that sounds so it's really cool to have him Adam would be an excuse bread valid. Armed beyond that it in this business like Tunisia and got well. I'll moments in Indian in the business a moment that you can have in your career. All you on the announcers actually be grown back you know days. No we think about my case. This T Boston US as a rock you think about. Our home you know Jim Ross you know he had he had had a pretty important part of all in an all year the money netlogic butchered all learned a good. Jim Ross being so. Involve them being such an important part of the show that's not spending. You know TW very very important and cattle waste that people recognize it and then to have the experience and the excitement our moral brings to the vertebrae in his direction it made me. Watching with you and I would Roderick strong I feel like it's bringing out some really cool moments between the two of you. Is there are certain press arm beside Roderic that you feel brings up the best to Bobby heard. You know I know there's a lot of talent and exceed. You know a lot of ball. Untapped potential game and their performance fairway but that's better down there additional station to get on television admission to show the world what they can do there's there's a bunch of guys I mean should conduct more over the guy that I enjoyed yeah bush foreign relations and you know AJ I'll look another guy and I'll let the best we are young. I loved I love being in the limited or whether it's inside or opposite side of the rain will be always. We had a really good chemistry together. All moss two very united in the comes to mind but. On the in the next few right now I need. He'll run shot and I had a really good match. You know and looking forward. To what did you actually mean yeah ouster blacks. Yeah who I think incredible talent. You McEntire of course just came back annexed she. Came back to that really not too long ago and then you know higher right now so. Mama I'm I'm looking forward to do do do a lot of things those guys they're good people lit up. There's maybe a silly question but was it difficult to I mean obviously you're in the character motive of Bobby ruse you know just says things that weren't meant to say to upset people what was it hard to call. Roderick strong his wife marginally hot. None at all I mean it was not wanted to help you get. He knows he won't be anything to do you know they never knew it almost two decades and you know you know you know he you have to do a good and you let you do it it becomes part of the on the intrigue me. We think about I mean people like sidewalks and patched and the people that. He only did this story you've got a big bad thing about it they won't let you get to let them get health story. And I take great pride in that you know what I'm not just about the movies all. Anyway. It's about telling this story and I think people emotionally invested in what we're doing occurred just going to turn more to the motions and doing cool things. And that's why you can I didn't lots and and I probably twelve to one help historian. Oh you know we sometimes you gotta say they even do things could. They needed me to be when you make people want you apparently did all goes it all goes forces story about people emotionally invested. Always such an awesome momentum definitely adds so much more intrigue to the match I've always couldn't wait for that match happened it was it any and you guys put on such an incredible selling I can't. Wait to see what the future holds between nine UN Roderick Christmas at that one match was any indication. Stands or infer a great treat. Yeah I mean you know he's gonna happen obviously Roger got. Some momentum on the side no legal incredible tell you know so. Much in this guy limit true and they naturally edit them I'm pretty cultural got a job. You know I'm gonna continue to be a refugee air control while and then they look forward to why the heck are over in Seattle. I'm actually can but. People who look intrigue that's coming up big you know so we it's going to be a fun time here a couple more. I'm Bob OS is okay you mentioned you're doing it for twenty years Tom you might laugh I'm 42 year old man -- at one of my everything my tongue or wrestler recently have been kind of sharing a little bit in my journey of learning. Not a prefer and that can be a wrestler having gone classes and add about two or three months and went. I guess can you guys to go back then for you twenty years ago when you first decided to become a wrestler. What was that experience like taking your first class and and what made you want to take a class. Lot of my historians you know different I mean I I actually started training back in like ninety K. Paul was the first time ever gonna do a great competitor and training just 101 was shot Morley who went on to WW Sherrod Garcia yeah palm sold I was very close friend and Tommy was on the little wad nevertheless significant time off from Mexico or the record was just trying to new deal was definitely. Car and called for a while and you know your friend in the gym and I would see him in there and be invited to air jet and rings it was back Carter returns. He just kind of started training me and video kind of raking in a little bit engage in these little things launch. From that moment I mean I was a lesson gentlemen I'm Alexander. All the land here I am you know 1819 years old when that. Getting a piece of what I've been watching on television immediately I was hooked. All and then no one can live together well and he was off camera that the deputy back out of there a year and a half where I wouldn't really do much but would you really eager to keep learning and they're getting into the business more. I've met up with shame Sewell who we've shown more least part of Dolly is harder Puerto Rico moved back to tell. We showed it trading away in about two and half hours away from where we live so immediately we travel to have all been trained shot didn't Sunday's. All of you know powerful few months and I obviously I. I think a couple of pretty quick and learn faster in Mexico and only in June 1998 I was migrations actual. All you know every year everything came to me pretty quickly obviously was. All I was and I knew what I was getting into the can upload absorbed from the obvious and I got so I got a little bit more. That is good good prepared mentally prepared as well who knew what I had to do it how much harder I don't work in and love me when I got so. Yeah I mean it was a long process merely breaking into the couldn't look at the older we understand but. What actually got a little surgery a little the other guy that school. Would only be achieved much and I was on my short match. What advice would you give persona was thinking about jumping in Arizona just recently started learning how to wrestle what advice would you give give that person. Well to do the first moment you go to reputable school armed marshals somebody who goes to good experience. Who are you good read may be in shape I mean that's very important yup. You know understand the risks and understand that not. Everybody makes it you know I'll be happy making. No money and be happy. I'm doing hopefully what you look can be gotten passion for it I truly believing dialog for the industry in the business solo live look at it you don't. But in my opinion I just I don't think the lesson didn't you the sports and intended for you and you really have to mother you have to. You have to sacrifice blinding you also a good place everybody that's. You see on television now and as I dislike us second place whether it's public shame New York. Or money or whatever has been let's just there was a lot of soccer trying to law well one thing you asked you. Learn along the way not only in the ring banana there. When you first are what was out of the biggest goal that you had when you first aside I wanna become a professional wrestler and I feel like I will succeed when I get to do what was that. I'm always going then you dream baby and then yell and yell you wanna be immediately as always I just wanna be the I can be able to be the best you know you've you've you wanna be a champion of course him being a world champion and com ultimately being a part of a company that. You can go and do you look to do would be able to pay your bills supporting Palin put ability at all you know that was that was what I don't know I like many years. You know making no money and then being gone from home and travel I'm just doing it I love to do it and end. You know hoping that somebody when they would premiums to tiebreak. You know that's why did it man and ultimately being a part of the w.s being a part of Russia maybe is the ultimate goal so. You know we're getting closer and hopefully one that's gonna happen version. I just say when that time does come do you have an ion like who would be the number one person you would love to mix it up within it an obvious there's a lot of guys in the WWE and the main roster that you haven't had a chance to wrestle over your career and and so basically the pickings are pretty huge tree so would you wanna be in the ring west. He had a minute to do smorgasbord of guys. They get I'd never been in the ring went so. I mean there's a huge list obviously the number one guy that you also may be a moment I think good guys that I would love to be an it would look I got kind would probably be joking home he'll tell the guy that's OK the couple you know the actual over a decade in this country should the company has done. Some amazing things that you forgot that nobody really didn't chip litigating these overcome all odds we plus there's actually got to. We've got to because of all look and the only big evil those guys that I think everybody would love to be enemy look look look so. Welcoming them although we probably most definitely be the John. I couldn't imagine what card for her would be when your music kids how to wrestle mania that that means I get goose bumps even taken about a right now I've got do you ever. Do you visualize how you would want your engine to be had a wrestle mania with without popular your song as. You know I'm not really I mean. Baby steps are now I know I know I'm I'm not serious studies and one year no come August debuted at his cohort Brokaw and the direction was. Will truly was. One of the highlights of my career so calm and every single machine to get better and better for me in media into the all of them. Just a popular area that all need to lose usually cool so. I know I'm not doing. I'm hoping more people who also maybe a little bit of course should be used in the mall this couple so. The guy I'm calm them not really can't hopefully we can more glorious country as a ballclub. And you mention that Eric Young earlier I dot com and he's a big predators fan and I'm a senior hockey fan is why music Gideon right or I suggest to me. And they were using the glorious sunny and has talked a few other WWE songs during the playoffs and I thought that was so awesome. Yeah I know it was cooler and you know Castro actually approached children to approach the video offers some. Why do you use all adopted this all can play awesome golf day Hulu is awesome I mean of course some huge queues so. You know and and our lives born and raised in Peterborough Ontario so there's a good connection with Mike Fisher who's a captain of the predators it was kind of a the cool little cool inside game I guess. To be elusive Morgan like play and then you're my song played the end into the game with a one million Ngo to confront. If that doesn't suck and hall and I'm like yeah. I saw and you turn you posted a picture of you had Tim Hortons and never glorious on your cup and I'm thinking OK you know I mean Tim Hortons and boy they're given you law that has to be the coolest thing ever. He had it says that scores are trying to tell us. You kind of keep your feet on the ground in men you know no obviously not one of the things I've learned in this business who you don't always kind of you'll never south orange jail more and then people can are good things come to those who are those who are. Working ardent and you know don't. Almost got there about different that you should introduce himself. You know gore has been rendered them. Not just me it's similar to machines and I just chill. It's cool that people recognize them. And I want us Elena as you go side I just love hearing the stories from you guys because I know that I've I'm wrestlers in your stories through some of the most fascinating things to listen to I could listen all they. To the war stories in the back behind the scenes stuff. For you over the course of your career I mean I've recently talked to Matt cross Indy wrestler and he said wanted to weirdest places never wrestled was out of jail. And I'm wondering for you over the course of your career what was the strangest place you've ever wrestled. I know who was the strangest. Place but I'm gonna give you this scenario or there you can take from their so. I believe it was he was being made union made it because it was Mother's Day so. Troops won't Mother's Day. It was Sunday. And the show started 3 PM. The blue jays metro blue jays and show you in trouble don't control. At a bar. There's small Barroso Mother's Day at a bar at 3 PM the blue jays are playing. At home. Which we ran down the street. Been made police believe were in the playoffs at a time. And they are playing also own voice and there's also I wanted to say there was a W WP could you got so. All without being glad I didn't enjoy controlled all of our goal on there was eleven people there are truly show any we all went out there it got so much it will lose. 151000 people so yeah I was it was a very strange. Very strange the show for sure just one of those who are situations to get good track record of eleven people are more room watching the baseball or hockey game they're really watching so. I'll often oh. Yeah when I was 115. They could not lose practice. All that's awesome man man thank you so much for taken some time out Bobby Byrd and NXD live at the Paramount theaters this Friday night good as TG presents dot org or go to WWB dot com to get more information you're gonna be there along with Moscow. Alastair black to McEntire catches Ono bunch of other great superstars that I can't wait to see a man I'm looking forward to it. It's going to be your dad Aurora are either local or do. Always great image that would Bobby rude guys a stop to schools they calm let's get out of here to thank you is always a listening to me vs the world wrestling you can find me on social media Twitter and answer Gramm act I'm Steve megs. Also if you haven't if you're new to this podcast. Please check out some past episodes we've had a lot of great interviews with people like Kofi Kingston to most recently Angelina loves. Copacabana Joey Ryan Davey Richards high O Reilly the list goes on and on and now hopefully I'll just continue to put out. On interviews with some of the most interesting people that I don't match professional wrestlers. Thank you for listening oh.