That 80s Podcast July 1980

Tuesday, July 11th

Airplanes!  Eagles!  Missiles!  All of this and more as Chris, Brandon, and Pete give you the rundown of what was happening in July of 1980!  This episode will make you laugh, cry, and sing along as we stroll once more down Amnesia Lane…

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Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells the ultimate globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24 sevenths whether you love our PCs and video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells says something for everyone let your geek flags fly at Vernon whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself BMW duck club that's BMW dot. Club house. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase the nation. Yes what could be dishes he nation many mr. walker walker who played with the dishes each nation and today on that eighties podcast we're going all the back to July of 1980. We're gonna talk about a couple of movies airplane without a no joy in 1980. My bodyguard to gas. Caddie shack of course hair and blue lagoon. Former this or during this month that is in 1980 Olivia monikers and no. That's that's a pretty good combo that's a pretty good drummer right they're not too bad at all. And as well Hollywood says good bye to an icon Peter Sellers passed away in July 1980. Billy Joel's it's still rock and roll to me he hit number one on the charts and AC DC's back in black was released and the Eagles split flow almost for good until 1990 for me back together we're not doing July and now he's kind good enough. Ronald Reagan received the presidential nomination in the election year that was 1980 and missile command was a big big deal only arcade so what we're in a run down to talk about all that stuff he was sort of our missile command president he call you totally what. I like you have those notes paired together gonna feel like yeah that that's right yet never get that tracks and that's that's right on course with the that had this missile command. Yes let him as well. Let's do that I don't I don't to a good Reagan I don't really do it protesters and its content Star Wars and so those other two gentlemen that I looked good trying to western imitate their Reagan and that all of us doing. You passable job we give us all I'd be pluses on that you're very kind met Kelly good looking I think I like you sort of review of our lives and careers without doing a passable job could get. B plus billion is now and can't. Brandon Giroux hey I think I mean I what's that you heard band Peter Greenberg. Welcome to yard do much though my doomed to. On oh and I forgot to do a jet fuel thing for you to death okay you took did you run candidates is in stupid yeah ours. Now let's see let's see you in your very tired and it's it's apparent you look tiger brain injury wise yes you're soaking in it and I'm thinking. Would like to know how to get all of us rocker dude why would I need to know that stupid I feel like I don't know how to get ahold of me. No I can't we just got. Demand. Now in this outcome and indeed have the fact that. I feel like you get older as you can find all the podcast that BJP nation dot com like us on FaceBook just search for BJ she's geek nation falls on Twitter that slash BJ geek nation. On the instead Graham on the YouTube says BJ geek nation use a pattern forming here. Send a text or leave a voicemail 19802243353. Or shoot us an email IBJ geek nation Subject to subject line. Dude I want my eighties podcast content only alleyway. Do we have an email. No not that I have seen this recently you know abusing and you can look I think you know of course I look at look at the thing all the time. Did you trade turning it off and then turning it back on again are you sure there's no may help you can look again hang on. Entertain yourself for a minute what did you start talking about airplane while I may have quite good Clinton declared McClellan was a movie that came around 1980 it was farcical show some respect. So I airplane was conceived by Jerry Zucker Jim Abrams and David Zucker who were known in the business you guys. As does that islands. That is GAZ that's zucker Abrams zucker. Is that really where is as comes from I thought Regis short for possessed. In this case trying to keep up okay this instance are it's going to look at an email would you. Let me know if you find anything anyway they order will be Kentucky fried theater are. Love good there they can dirty Fred movie I now yeah yeah I am pleased. That would be weird gray played half pushed up your favorite movie Kentucky fried chicken and the Kentucky Fred theater they can't get it all together. They were doing a comedy routines for the Kentucky Fred here and they would record. TV late at night and then look at the tapes later. And to. Look heard. Commercials to parity. You know see what people were showing no money for and during one of these taping sessions they accidentally got a very serious movie about a plane crisis called. Zero are bright and discovered that zero hour I had a perfect structure. They they felt that even though it isn't necessarily good movie that it is. It classically structured and and that it was sort of the progenitor of the airplane idea because it's the serious version of airplane right zero. Coconut and they decided to come up with they own. Comedy script. Seen only the lawyers doing this mind. Well I Daria I always got the feeling that this was a they take off pun intended of fans like like airport 77 or the other disaster films of the day and dampen that that dishing it did not know about it's it's the exact specific pedigree that's really interesting stuff. Well here's here's here's the here's how much it was structured after zero are they were worried that they had ripped it off I thought that I actually paid for the rights. Wow yeah yeah they they paid Warner Bros. and Paramount. Less than 3000 dollar well you're so you order something off yeah I hit 1990s many you know that the money's pretty low also. You and invent time travel in Europe often. Airplane anyone go to move. Is that I think I think firfer for you and for me for anyone beat anybody right around her age who does make him make a living entertaining people and I'm making people laugh. Almost always gonna go back to this well it is been hugely influential film for me as far as my sense of humor in the types of things that that I say people and interactions and eminently quotable. This is this is this is you know meals Leslie you'll in his finest. Yeah death do you guys remember seeing it in the theater. Early did you sit in the theater I'm not sure I don't think I did actually I mean I know I did then I mean I was I was young but I saw it. I don't. Were culled not getting all choked an error I could happen and don't fully understand what's happening and other some funny parts. Subsequent viewing over the years yet that movie's hilarious yeah no. Two ways about it. Yeah I do and and now that you mention it I think IE I came into this one and I what soon and and Kentucky fried movie and there the group to all right around the same time but but watching them on HBO. Sure so EI I think I think you're writing it was a little bit older when they actually started watching these and I as I watched it again and again. I starting getting more and more out of it and I think that that's been fantastic. I have a an important question for you guys to let the summary public does anybody here speak jive. I was yesterday as I speak out there again. Ali we should open the show with that and Picasso and just a pretend we is in the seventies big you know I I love mine I love my sketch comedy. Go go see Kentucky fried movie right now he had six fantastic gains on the seat. The beginnings of so much in in that movie and it's it's not. It's it's more brilliant than it is good yeah not a not a not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination but it's just it's the the brilliance of it I mean these the comedy in the end obviously the writing. This is it it's unstoppable is one of those ones they need I think any anybody who considers themselves from two to be funny. Better watch this movie and make sure woo hoo I'm just saying yeah notices this is true actually the original version of the airplane script had. Spoof commercials and it. And that was the the thing that kept it from being sold for a long time as people read it in a while I don't I don't really get this and could finally finally some people said you know if you think these commercials up this might be at. Funny movie. The first script they wrote. Wow these three. And then Peter Graves. One of the venerable actors you in the street faced actors that they cast in this thing right they thought it would be funny here. Today he he turned it down he thought was vulgar and you know. Not acceptable for his career. Is however we like it too well and he's one of the test things in the movie and on the dvd commentary Abrams said I don't understand what do you think most pesos about pedophilia ever. I'm now whole. War. Along everybody with their impossibly high standards he has so you Peter Graves Lloyd Bridges Robert stack another very stoic very it's OK I sort of bacteria Robert Haines Robert Ayers Robert Hayes who was practically unknown that yeah he was an untested quantity I would say definitely unknown and a Julie Hagerty gal and I had no they really area you know. Or speaking jive. Barbara bill our feelings June Cleaver apparently are out there this is and this was something that that that these movies totally became known for was little. Cameos of just huge well I you know for the time huge mega stars not only in movies and television good sports actors cream Abdul Jabbar gets in there thank US yes and I we we went through the cast and we're sort of done in the month we miss we miss the big one right now man I'm not leaving I'm now incurring a just and ask you I mean he very well the movie took less than two months to make progress or just slightly over one month. To shoot my church you know and there's other things you do to a movie I actually but. Good library view. I ever have or hear the sound track and you remember why the soundtrack was unique. Howie I'm not sure if I have heard the sound track on that let's see where we're going with well three in the eighties. One of the most famous voices of the eighties was shadows Stevenson you know half truths I do have had a huge interest is not those Steven he's do what you are terrible terrible percentage not a very good now even the only non through him didn't he wasn't didn't he like back up Rick dees for awhile and then take over the countdown I feel like that's something like mad and -- they were very notable radio voice yeah and then voice over guy anyway. So the the album and I remember this because a neighbor can haven't you listened to constantly. Hey Jerry. I I know. It was it was music but it also had channel Stevens might marry being in there were little bits of dialogue. This weird mishmash sort of experiential. Or maybe I need to I need fact that you can get the score now years after the fact decades after the fact at originally it was a shadow Stevens served. Talk ho hum for. I don't I. It was amazing yeah he had he had I mean it not to go too far down this that particular rabbit hole but yet Chad Stephens had a heck of choice yet. Very very smooth nervous Haiti how you doing and the situation and and it didn't do anything for me personally but satisfied well the deal. Nice to listen to a bit your mom like chatter out here and she did I would if you wasn't James Garner and out a little bit surprised. So here's an interesting thing that I found in during the research on this movie and not having anything to do with Chris has come right lovely it thank you. How many sequels to this leg airplane do you think we're made. I know it exactly one. Yeah death that it feels like there's a bunker editor's note up let there is only one sequel and Timmy in my head I always had it is like. No another who's been sort of like. Carried of that parity so many times are always IC regime yet and you're absolutely right all the naked guy you got your hot shots you got triangles home raped all of it right yeah. Yup and it's sort of it's sort of starts here. Yeah element and really think one. There's a very obvious sort of bloodline that comes out of the movie airplane and you can sort of see its influence and all of those other parity movies you're talking about and really. Any parity movie I feel like you have to go back and look at air cleaning everything up. I can get where they came up with a the other day thank. Or at least heavily influenced but you're exactly right touch ups and Russia as part did those. Comedic style yeah like not just the old grandfather not just the you know yeah I ate it gave him he gave him a really obvious sort of knew each and he was your go to guy when you needed this kind of care yeah you know I really great Mel Brooks went to using him for for that kind of thing as well I mean it was amazing. So it was announced the aforementioned it was the average in that they were not involved with the airplane to work by the way what's the sub title. I'm airplane through this sequel very good day everybody Q&A sequel because squeak we'll have live interview don't issue anyway so they've got a little flying high air. Science fiction he renewal this science fiction an airplane through yeah yeah I got it against Iran and a shuttle that this is nothing to write home about you know that movie I don't think personally maybe you guys longer going to bad guys -- us not only were they are involved they claim to this date to have never seen it nor wow. When will they ever how to. Colonel it's interesting. I don't really missing any thing. I know I've seen it I don't remember it at all only on the IOC I've seen I've seen both of them so many times and end for me personally of course he in the second movie get Shatner. So honestly that's why you've seen that that he hates to hear the no way that reason I think it's a much is because. Anybody who's familiar with the way HBO used to work. Way to do it. Almost always gets. The sort of seemed to blocks of movies but there were always be like a movie and then it sequel in McLean right after so I would I would just sit up and I would market for four hours a net so I managed to watch a airplane an airplane to lose a sequel yet they were gonna live you have to really really good about that's the business so that's I've seen the segment times that's. That totally tracks that are. So moving from that tiger amid a drop you know it's a member and move on okay so because because you know it's and then moving on from Latvia see how I'm just do you really this whole thing I find I'm gonna drop two notes to one and after more than a view from. Feel. Mom. Mama send me your honest look at. It's all right traffic so the big scene where the December presenting comes through the the terminal and get some good news apparently after the movie came out like here use as buddy's half it got so many letters going like I guess that happens all the time. But from pilots to elect yeah. All good time while like that's weird don't say I know. Not a not a fan second note a number on the aero Mexico was the only airline to buy the film for their inflate to keep don't have. That's the I hardly anybody ever heard me you know honestly you're receiving grown men make it in Spanish. Did as it is a movie. I guess he had he even conned you later yeah ahead it's a win a political thanks for the permission to. But at some bodyguard also came on July 19 yes it did and and not a funny movie. Here is okay what if I did well. Is it. This is this is a movie that do normally we'd be a movie. Play it has all the parts of being a movie well sad deal but it doesn't actually that and I watched this recently just so I could sort of refresh for the podcast here. It. Yeah it. It's got a lot of parts to which I like I again I remember seeing it as a kid and being terrified. Terrified that as I get older and I go to high school. I'm gonna get the crap knocked out of me the weather like this kid kind of Dinara and all of both watching and now and again side note iTunes lists it as a comedy sort of like that's already grown he it's not a you know and on it's it's not a funny movie you know. It's got Marmol. It's got to Ruth Gordon from my Carol demonic man. The bureau of Camden. I'm getting help and to hear you idiot and build ups technique in front of that stuff c'mon you can ask don't tell me how to podcast I tell you had a pie. Piano on the range and no I thought our young Jennifer Bil to flashed against famed I have been and her account Joan Q sex first film can. Fannie premiere as well as what you're referencing to our wonderful merit your listeners. Adam Baldwin of firefly. Had shock payment yeah the last ship which I assume no one's seen because it's not well I watched to whole episode the last show plumes I sure love him in any other thing. Really much. Adam Baldwin is sort of move the secondary protagonist of this film just kind of a buddy pick thing. Kid goes to the you know new school could he was going to a private school and has went public and Matt Dillon is in and he kind of beats them up and am. So we hires a bodyguard what does that involve land and then they become buddies and then they'd be up there the bullies at the end of the movie comfortable user net bad. But there's a whole subplot in this movie that makes no sense in just doesn't need to be there anytime I Ruth Gordon is on screen you're kind of wondering why yet. It doesn't matter who did you. Can't. Foot thick flakes and again as I said earlier like I was terrified of this movie because you know we got so bullied in terrorized yet now having gone through high school and on the other side of it. Entirely sure he didn't have it coming a little I exactly because you metal body and the guy that was a bully in the beginning and look. He cannot expect some sort of reprisal if your mouth and off to people percent a 100% I I all. So have the X substantial fear from this movie that that this is what things we're going to be like for me because. Shocker guys I was maybe not submit it. Not mouthing off hold hold our. This is news to me I need a moment to process. King it's. Okay. I'll break your youth center and let's not nine. And we haven't done our you know who were you in 1980 thing so let me let me tell you I was. Iowa is if eight I was eight I guess if it was July July and I remember going with my my my grand mom Mary can Mayan mother stepmother. Wife of pastor. That is actually. A suburb of Parkersburg West Virginia. So the rate across the water which. So Miami. Mean truly. Grandmother won't say he says on your particular movie pick movies I pick my body hurt right and it was sort of like there's nothing. Objectionable in the movie but I felt a little. Weird seeing my grandma lately as effective as the tone only. On behalf and a little unsettling at times I yet yeah and I have a very keen memory of just not being entirely comfortable with the whole thing that you. I think that's completely accurate and I'm a it's fair it's deadly build the tension and ninth it you know watching it again a deadly brought up again click I don't know I don't like this autumn like this. We weirdly the only other movie I remember seeing the fact grandmother a few music at a later. Also adored my and the title. Migrant my science Procter Marshall. Which is a terrible terrible terrible movie that will come her later okay look like to a science Friday my eyes he's just. And so half. I I. I this is one that. Seasons I was not quite seven when this movie came out and I think. I think this was another one that I didn't catch until it was on HBO. But I did watch it with my mom and kid you explain some of the stuff. Because I just wasn't following Chris when you open your mouth like that death you can get shoved into a locker right. And I don't know if this was what what would meet mean to kind of well I and I lived in in not constant fear of being bullied and beat up but. Every once in awhile it was definitely on my mind I don't know if it was this movie that did that to me or not just the fact that I was. Socially awkward and and you know what a nerd in the door and all that stuff but was he said he blood lust Slidell interference that's all behind and now they're got better. I'm very. But I definitely do remember the community was it was one that I loved at the time. Only because that means that the main candidate was in his first things Christensen was mine so I was all over the thing. In the theaters that are in the movie whose name is Clifford. Clifford Clifford. And so are. I the other one wasn't a weird. Sort of post apocalyptic thing with him and Lee Majors where cars were outlawed everywhere except California. So they have they've dedicated their racing across country to get to California with with Lee Majors is carp anyway. So what's the name and ultimately I wish I can remember now I'm gonna to look up I look at Chris make peace on and on MTV I'm fairly I think it but. Another is sort of seminal classic. Came out. In July 1980 and what we pickers make peace for Israel and well let's before we jump to the Chris make PS I had one note on my body guard when ultra wedge Sri be the great okay here's what I'm gonna Sergio because I thought I'd get an idea I realize I'm just certain railroad pass that. What images we're just I'm gonna say do. Heat and just look at your news. Yeah I immediately cut chimed usually have won on this one half I thought and the rest I have nothing about it. So researching Tribune notes on this you don't get a whole lot of behind the scenes in the not much you can see in the locations in this happened here this producer did that make the most of its non interest again. And arguing the bid that I'm about to give you is not really interest thing but to this the movie drill bit Taylor. I think Owen Wilson laid a 1008 issue I actually give kids hire a bodyguard to beat up their bullying is very similar thing right. Hold on his. Luke Owen well Owen Wilson logo isn't going to lose in the titular booty the bodyguard in the center correct. That doesn't trash alcohol breath. If like junior high I guess they're young kids they're yellows and this is not that this is not much story about although I'm gonna protect Q. Could predict the escalating it. So as the kids they're like holding interviews her bodyguards and they're sitting in my Starbucks thing in the know how guys are coming through and it's quick cuts. Adam Baldwin shows up and really dressed exactly the same hollow man as kids hiring a body iron that's ridiculous and and walks out like. That's such a weird like deep jokes so many years and a dad I am positive that nobody got it I correct right some some hard inside baseball on their sodas director of the producers or somebody is likely to. Who lacked. Yeah my bodyguard was the best thing ever and I know how to get ahold of Adam Baldwin we're gonna put you in on this thing. I wish I felt more confident with my Owen Wilson impersonation that it is pop off with some things. You guys ever seen my bodyguard. It started hitting really good look and show you really good ol' yeah. You know we should do you guys. Even if you cannot you find that the other I midnight army. Think I'm the did you know men and I love well I don't have a yet but what I do you have was he was in mazes and monsters yes he was oh that's right yeah although last chases from embedding your your thing is he could be. And using mine owner and it's not ring any bells which I know Pete green berg has watched in the last year measles and while it's like ten minutes of and I couldn't get your own good then anyways if he was also win meatballs and granted that started in 79 so doesn't really cover this component has there but and falcon in the snowman so they area. Oh yeah which is a very good movie Malcolm is finally over eight movie and it's true I think we that one falls under our purview at some point we maybe they're really ready and that he thought I saw some an 85 and that's what I said yeah yeah eighties if Petrie close to that tell you talk all the time you know you roundup he Giuliani no serious five everybody knows when I say and number roundup. He. Move. Okay yeah I feel like we definitely need to talk about K check. Aren't you and anybody disagree on mare know its hard to talk about caddie shack and heard you talk America which senator tenements Cinderella story. Who then and then and then. The so you got nothing blue now it wasn't her I got everything I everything's cool I really. It was a great movie hall and wolf caddie shack you guys off the cookie who I thought would have been Gordon Georgia. Garfield. And more murmured you. OK so bill. Well this makes no let's talk about BioMarin can check broke quick Oak Hill and why I wanna talk about a real quick there's so much cover of candy dragged through an end this one of those we don't have to talk about the long time if you want caddie check that your life together seriously. You know what he's doing. Okay boomer know how much time did Bill Murray spent working on caddie should. A couple of weeks six days Erez. Sixth. Day e.'s same if you wanna talk about things that you remember from that movie car. It's pretty much all dumber. A little bit loom minute Chevy Chase that your case yet not a lot of Olmert and Agassi wasn't he wasn't in there but yeah I have been having when you talk to normal people. And the world at large. I think most of them are gonna say oh yet they go for things. Well and it's weird is originally he was cat into the character was a silent character yes sir it's mostly like a Gallagher Harpo Marx. And then Bill Murray gets cast Merrill premises liquor and do you think yeah yeah do you think do you think that's O Harold Ramos. Kenny and Brian Doyle Murray. You you may ever call Brando Marie being the brother of Bill Murray saw. So it's not a coincidence that so they in Beirut this movie yet and of course animal house and Ernie happen it was a success and it was because of the success of kind of animal house right that this movie happened but they weren't going to do without a star. He ran a inch incher one Chevrolet chase. I don't know how much is his name no I don't I don't believe that's true you know. Carol during the super channel we played golf twice in his life so he was really doing and through those parts. But. A lot of it was auto biographical. All around the board. You know the Murray family is large and Irish Catholic. So there is a lot of of that. Running throughout the film especially in the in the characters. And she you know. Caddy at golf courses did you ever caddied. I have caddied as a matter of fact I caddied one time for my uncle Steve when it was like. Eleven. That ended my relationship of golf rate. Daryl do mini golf and angle Steve. We're gonna tell you still there and I just wonder what happened and I am now I'm done we'll talk about that is carrying his. The worst job it's hard work and it's very hard work I have caddied ending caddied for and I gonna tell you it's not easy work. Caddied for Billy really like three sequels time are now I'm second are you. Do you enjoy. Call I enjoy golf. I have golf and I will go depending on who you talked to god in this room I wasn't even gonna break. But clearly. How someone in high school claims to have been on the golf team. I can't help you get to towards the other golf TV we need him to have a golf team so the other person went to high school with that seems that person so. Read from that what you do make up an imaginary golf team gets things done when you're saying hello hi I absolutely not gonna get into this right now for two reasons number one it has nothing to do with the eighties. Okay and no it does not because I didn't I was not on the golf he told the flyers and these troops that. I was under the made Beirut yes but the mean he I dare I say infamous for I don't I brought up with a bigger Ruth in the in the pool scene fantastic right might be one of my favorite moment act. Because watching this would like another young I didn't see this one in the theater aside you know they'll go to the whatever lay up their fine yep it's not get to the viewing because you knew you weren't supposed to watch this thing movies. All right yeah. Known through the baby Ruth I think he was genius of like oh they clearly spent some time researching which candy bar would look I guarantee you mower and entered into an apple you have a couple of gamers got thrown into a prototype. No room for cash and no I don't but I guess if the finger at either they discussed it for like hours. Or like someone already came in known as you certainly want us there the chunky bar and there are like us are at it almost like actually that's a mine looks like Aaron see a Doctor Who don't have a Hershey kisses in here replica I don't know what. A boon and I'm I'm I'm I'm good. Moments I tell you I ask how I got Arafat does that you're Rodney Dangerfield yet has us arriving flights I feel like we shouldn't because. Because when he gets no respect well that's funny because he felt disrespect and on the center console and yeah but nobody could tell that he was terrific and cats aren't red or anything right he originally conceived as a part for Don Rickles. Okay I'm all that's right now now it is apocryphal we said that when he when Rodney showed up for his audition. He. Showed up at John Peters officer and a black church LaMont. He was wearing a trench coat with a a cheap leisure suit underneath that tent and then when it came time for his audition he walked into the room. Took off his pants and little let's eat. I thought I. I want it to be true remedy save your hide area of game. Yeah but if he he did actually think that nobody respected him because nobody was laughing at his jokes on site. Boom which is weird because when your whole shtick is nobody respects me like you kind of thing yourself up there are a little bat and came home and and also now knowing that Don Rickles will teases potentially the way to go play. Man yeah that would have been a betterment of them. There there is nothing bid. Rodney Dangerfield has done and I like Rodney Dangerfield may do find him funny in certain movies this one and some can't. Yeah in this Lucia especially when there's nothing you can do that little thing Don Rickles could improve our interest in point like most movies are Leonardo DiCaprio would be slightly better with Matt Damon. Okay. So and Doug Kenny by the way I don't know if you ever read his some very famous book you know his versions book. Not it's not bringing you all heard sorry. A parent I might have been images have been on your zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance you know I'm in her book I've never I have for this have you ever had who's given to me mr. focus my English teacher. It's a very interesting program or else. Who's making up stuff now come show some respect lieutenant John foe this was a national treasure is a national trend that epithet at the mantle out I'm pretty sure. Anyway Doug Kenny was a big idea man and apparently had a lot of crazy wacky golf conventions OK as well. So little fun fact about now look I know that was a fact Obama for his opponent. We needed talk about your definition or vet vet kind of wandered so from an announcement that's fine that's fine I want you wonder to the Murray Brothers. Caddie chuck restaurant I know right so when that would let one get it to Murray Brothers caddy shack restaurant late 2001. They opened that up for it yeah it and I don't know what you get to Paris I've never been. Is used to TV show maroon. Around Larry Luka cherish Xperia caddie shack sequels. Well caddie checks great. And I thought yep CA educators create rule we'll see who Giricek there is nothing that Jackie Mason is in. That Rodney Dangerfield can't make it a little better. How that's that's deep that's next level that's just it's turtles all the way down and that that's given some respect to remedies to children careful and then let's talk about the eighties. Eric kickoff of the Kenny Logan soundtrack career low Gaddis and he came out he came out of the people who run commander. This is this is visiting the thing we ran we can do a whole episode just on how can you like as was the king of the eighties can't wait to try absolutely will do on his birthday and a related yes OK viewing the research and a lot of that wasn't born he was discovered as a founding crashed earth firm rock and roll Krypton and a now they sound like the most races also are current on I want with it. All right good deal Pete his luxurious I don't have the tributes this time but thank you for asking and checking in welcome different kind of nurture your what does it say here that going for me you're. So Bill Murray Chevy Chase were not. Exactly. Conceive of a couple of improvised scenes together and let any time they were put together. Creatively. On the set of the movie everybody would reportedly just sort of cringe and who is like brace for brace for a because you're truly want to approach shot bill physically at SNL when Jerry came back to how. Slipped a shot with a gun and a legend tiger kept telling them. Moon. Well I wasn't there at the time where a number that a caddie shack and I'm gonna tell you I'm a 100% Bill Maher is camp. Showy move onto the next whoa you are telling me I got a little piano in my own home when I day John Boehner is now Kyoto variants. Are you telling me that people don't like chewing each lease. Is that it's drifting in canoes you're getting your whole life is here who Wes Anderson movies and doing on Wilson correctly. You're not even doing Andrew Wilson correctly. Who's we Andrew Wilson a third brother that you don't know about but he has been a moment that you only got a mall when the seeker Baldwin brother. Not true no we're not street is my favorite all would rather have them up and get back to what I didn't value and there. And I am working on it but VOA it's it's it's good kept just got legs but I. Do you know how well the value of those has legs to. Brooke Shields well who knows she's there because she do we know for sure what are we talking about here right now in this room I cannot verify or deny and Brooke Shields his legs bleed general. Popular assumption is that she has legs yes I have a disk in July of 1980. I can say I can attest that she definitely had Lex. Cows that. What are OK. How he would how do you get so little I don't blue again came out in July of 1980 you're very welcome here this movie big deal. The other big scandal gurus do reaction. I've never seen I have a I think the scene and I remember being a huge huge deal let's play. Air and it's it's a classic 1908 awful of course right. By. Henry to hurts stock poor. Nude and it's about two cousins who get marooned on and island. And everything's fine until we hit puberty and then they start. Yes so we when he Winnick when they crash a Leo and they're quite young yet and then puberty hits in this world trouble. Yeah so that. Brooke Shields was fourteen when the film was moving in and they know that she used a body double and it was such a scandal even though the movie is not overly. Sexual lies there's a lot of content and inferred sort of things and her long hair or like a little leaf of a trio always blocks slowly reluctance from seeing fourteen year old Brooke Shields thank god. But she actually had to testify before coach Chris staff that she used a body double in that she was not subjected to. You know do they do they ask you to addition to show Camilla and America. Pass. Excuse me senator just so you know is here now and I'm. Sure in. I by contrast her costar cracker seconds Chris adkins does that rate yeah Christopher reckons was it was twenty. So so there's nothing about the movie that isn't just. Create a little he would do I never loses the characters are cousins. There's as about a six year age gap between the two but instead just saying that and that's and that's exactly why this was such a big deal I don't know if this movie in and of itself. Was good. I don't know if I would say it was good personally. Doesn't do me a benchmark for this podcast but it certainly need garnered a lot of attention and made a lot of money man that had a budget of four and a half million in need. 58 million in the US and Canada and is that because of the scandal. Maybe is my actual corporate children's. Hot properties under that's a good point. True I will say that. Which is not to say she isn't no no I'm I tried I can't I can't even picking runner that. I love Brooke Shields you know in all I have no problem always tell you from my lawyer Greg street firm myself as a man old one early you know early fifties. Brooke Shields now yet holding down the parent of dish you still have legs. To the best of knowledge to investment monitored and I apologize if she's lost them since we've recorded the podcast but. Brooke Shields looks great. Her career seems to be doing just fine this you know at solution moved washout completely exactly so exactly. So speaking of us people who look great and have a leg here a couple of delightful young actresses were both born in July of 1980. True I mentioned in the top two guys are rumored I do Kristen Bell and Olivia Miley in my mind exactly so. Both of whom I would happily travel to the blue gum left a a a I wish they consider this essay I don't know I'm not and I still have a shot with a Olivia mine Kristin bell she's fine without me yes yes she's yet that the actual desert you know you don't think that OK well let's go Phillies and talk about some rocker girl yeah OK okay. I don't know how you guys feel about it. It's still rock and roll to me number one song at this time and path. I hate you do not physically possess the ability to turn off the song and in fact if it's playing I only have the power to make it louder. I love this song I love everything about the song and I love the tightly compressed. Recording of it's you know that the Tom Jones doomed to Dubya Dubya Dubya verdant and his vocals are are so everything is so tightly. Compressed in this big rock song. I love this song or glass houses is a great album it's a great album. Not disputing that now anyway do you don't like the song I can tell but no I do is song and actually this song I don't come particular interest things I remember hearing it you know first time ish mean coming up it's the first one I'm aware of of that sort of call and response yes directly yes on the lake he asks the question in the background chorus comes in look like. Well here's here's what a proud of this thing I don't what's what's the matter with this well it is funny because that's really sort of a sixties Motown kind of thing that maybe you hadn't been expo and I that your primary care and I think. Or if you had you hadn't. Figured out yet like this was like wait. He's asking questions and they're answering yes and I we have the answers to the questions and I'm glad you brought that up because I have exactly the same memory of the song you know it was it was it was a strange phenomenon from and young men. Phenomenon. And demean own. I think I have heard in this is true I'm not trying to gain any big tiger around here but I think I have heard. Boy from New York City. As sung by the Manhattan Transfer right. At this time so I think I was the guy who knew the call response from that first maybe it doesn't matter OK ultimately mattered now I will agree or agree I will I will say that. I have the same recollection of Anwar from New York City half million transferred and I think it didn't it hadn't occurred to me. Until the Billy Joseph made it because I didn't like that song as well as a way to Billy Joseph sorry I'm not sure. But you're right I do believe I heard that song first and it didn't. That didn't really track in my head in the same way as Billy Joel's songs and and also I listened to I was the think Garth houses over and over. I'm by the by the way if you are of a younger generation or just aren't aware I know that Billy Joel's seems like one of our elder statesman now. When he's not. Crashing in mailboxes. But. There was a time around this time we're Billy donating money were any dead heat race to see who could look like the strongest car salesman. Yes of all time and I and I think if the final numbers on that Italy went dead money well they locked it down by you are absolutely right did that was an interest in time to be a pop star telling Bob Sears has snuck in the just. But I'm Bono that's a working man yeah do these are these guys irreverent and make your quick buck a Billy Bob seeger would would not sell you car. But more like you're so you like I don't log cabin or something you know he would come slightly unusual slightly used like camera. Per won't firmer roku removed and that's why is manipulate that I know I think that's the best impression we had to settle plateau in the same uncle Steve I caddied for put me down. We were all the time now we put him down. We were visiting him in Beaumont home I believe or color screens he was in the air force it was one of those two places you're from Air Force One did you know that I don't know I don't know. I would but I do remember the plane tummy kicked off the plane. Get off my client proposal for no. I remember sitting in his basement of his house and he said you'll like this record any put on glass houses which of course starts with the sound of breaking glass. Do you may be right the illegal song and I eyes film of that album and I it's one of the first times are members sitting and listening to a whole. Album right but okay aren't I don't know anyway. I love the song and if you don't you're wrong. Yet I that they went in order pretty fill many CBC. You know I mean I would never really exposed a CDC as a kid. And especially eighties I was listening to top forty stations almost exclusively who were not playing a lot of crazy and they hope they are tough especially now on the tri cities where I grew up very small town. Very very conservative so we had we had two top forty stations. And I think one country station and the rest were sort of AM. Hispanic as stations Mexican stations because we have a large immigrant population. Yeah IE had no exposure to AC DC until high school you know until well and Lloyd did you get it mice and man did I ever they love the EC DC and Metallica because the school so I do not have strong recollections of this says this thing we're gonna talk about next normally you guys talk and I will probably be doing things like food. Oh yeah oh no I concur oh yeah that's how I. House I feel like there's not a ton that we need to say this is obviously some stuff you wanna cover as well AC/DC Bakken black comes out July of 1980 I was not aware of in July 1980. I didn't find out about until much later I think I might have heard a song or two before. The high school years and I'm sure they would have terrified me because that's it mean it's an aggressive loud rock thing so. Democratic beyond our aid and my parents had dirty deeds done dirt cheap on the track. Back amok is one of those albums that it's it's indisputable played really CDs you find Taylor from him but you can't dispute the power of this album. Which by the way. That's an album recorded with a new lead singer because bon Scott how Rihanna died. Right before they started recording and they continued on with Brad Johnson. My school's fight song was back in black and I hated that I used to DJ that dances and I hated these horrible what were your school colors. Red mark OK so these black was in the other guy is a guy you are on lumberjacks. Back in my act the red and black and I'm going. And as I've gotten older hungry for a big Mac you know as I've gotten older how dare you impugn my school I'd like you order a short stack. I political flap jacks it. Good head start through more time marijuana can do. Shots. Listen some stuff happened in July 1980 thank you good night I thought I AC DC as you get older you learn to love. This really crazy I haven't I have exactly you're exactly right in that something that I K I may have come too little bit and I. But it's quintessential driving music. Yeah oh it's. Yeah you're on the road trip to crank it up you got your your slush she didn't didn't you beef jerky and and go and willow already CBC and I don't think any hardcore fan would dispute this fact Lilly no one song but don't really good at a death I think I think that's and husband. I. Didn't that there are. Concerned husband wouldn't. Man dead end up M yeah it. Does well you don't has renewed plea to shoot and it. So there was some there was some. I think for the world pop rock and roll some exceptional race news when the Eagles announced that they were going to be breaking up was our dad. Only person who likes yeah eagle guy you I can't thank your wrong for I can't be the only one who likes the Eagles you you can get the buzzer because I hate the OK that's one because I hate of any okay all right enough with it with the yen in a right step down now thank you just. Yeah. On fruits and who Ortiz had every cell phone and it's a couple of Yahoo!'s direction generally pleased to have him home home home Zack and boy are you still. Here are store at the snack. You know how to walk it's rebuffed the Eagles fan club won't share it you yeah you did we know she's blaming your Boehner and Eric Holder. We need to do ordain and we're cutting this currently trail annual auto I don't know about. A couple of beeps are never far enough. Are they doing any good night everybody. How are I was having with them but nobody asked. I and they they want out of the height of not rock which I think is great because we love the Eagles there would be no we are Iraqi leader feathered hair Europa church here. You know doesn't mean I'm I'm sorry I needed judge's ruling on this is yup rock something you. That exists or is it something that Brandon made up in a fever dream. Oh it exists and it does not know I was never heard that expression in my life OP college educated would do well. All right some odd years on the play and as I've never heard that expression for Noel certainly haven't I'm gonna go ahead it's just the US you wanna cut this part out 'cause like while he is gonna make you look phenomenon group you leave things so like I've got I've got forty so Linda let me go to Donna dumb let me go to this top ten ER rock songs of all time list might I am. That's. I am absolutely not the disputing that it's a real thing I'm saying I've never heard that expression my whole life but instantly easily and instantly you get what it is. Yup for a I I'm picturing you guys in unlike. Like sandals and open shirt yeah hand and and any color jeans. Just hanging out on boats sinking beer in light up fireworks they're probably not drinking beer Beers hard drink. Okay here's what's your wine cooler OK it was lots of wind OK okay yeah go our ticker here here's what I'm gonna do a got the idea analyst Pete do you mind. Would you join me in singing the hooks to these ten songs I don't get paid for hereditary England Dan and John Ford Coley. Can you won't win nowhere in this does. Doesn't. And I've really doesn't seem to nab in nineteen yankees and number nine Robby do pray I'm not talk about the linens ma'am. Steal away. Well I don't we speed of the week boom boom boom. Boom boom why don't we CE. OK. I don't think that's that's unless into the night. Yeah anyone still listening to what I'm surprised player player. I don't I don't. Great. Well the we're penny Laden's. Can you log in so this. American. And we didn't lose weight I don't thought that was. Michael McDonald's yeah moguls and I'm glad I. Okay every because the world's sexiest walrus is number six on the side here and we lost a foot. Can we didn't know you know open and remove. After we didn't. Know Arnold's turn off the. We went extra time are you really into a ten songs yeah yeah I remember five Pete Deborah you know move Toto Jumbo hello Toto. Oh don't you get there. All of you in the mood here is towed into. Okay. Roseanne. Who's Konrad yeah sorry to hear it again I'll tell whether or Tuesday you know I'm in my that's kind of number more no. And you have to get the title of this right before sing it okay you have to guess the song. What is the Hall & Oates song. That qualifies on the young rock lists. And lists a trick question right. Because it's all of little not true based ones we had a Big Bang boom big mayor mu yeah makes them ever so far how many go anywhere and I live. Yeah. But I did a corporate. This is armor with bigger joking this young kids. Its own motorists because your kids you can't hack the list goes all issues loan amazed. When our copyright and then turns and The Doobie Brothers what do full believes the mood of the pool room. Or Michael the Michael McDonald owns Yahoo! are clearly. He's a thank you thank you 00 Steely Dan could you look steely and I love students know. Team. That's really rare that he didn't. Shoot. Low that there is so. I OK okay if anyone wanna do a good morning everyone still listening I'm surprised Christopher Cross. Oh yeah not Christopher Cross song by that debt how long when he Giuliani yards and your sailing. Takes you away to wearable. Good night everybody. OK well thank you this get a great education for me I swear I never heard that expression before but when you saw right RI IC is not a bit photos is not a bit I. Yes you can you can call me stupid as you want I don't mind though I mean I remember telling you now it's not a bear it no it's not a media. I guess. You're just not a good day I humor in music they're not making my own humor is something you wish you well this has been terrible and beautiful all want agrees. One last quick thing America and don't already know that if you can pick up the backing locals next time we do one of these things people they're really help a brother out okay I'm don't a lot of heavy lifting here. Walker's I know you didn't just a brother whatever he's doing. We're going to get staff here probably so are harshly worded emails that's that's preferable so let's send it out on that two great tastes that taste great together Ronald Reagan and missile command and I don't. I I don't think it's a coincidence that we that whoever compiled this list of those things together because wind. You may remember dropping even do that you read to know that it. You're not better you know better than us Nat I'm not Citibank boost and again so who the eighties guys you can just call and the Reagan decade. Yeah yeah yeah I players' eyes were clear about that and it's this not a the president not blown anybody's doors for this. I mean he was president in eighty and love all the way through to the end of and 8788. That's so Reagan dominated the eighties and that's that's fine that's what he did you know is fine yes find whoever time. But he was already and he was he was a presidents and he was the president the entire time we were growing up essentially her coming of age president lose. For me to hire. Someone I mean is this the way I think give a break and when you were a kid did you think Reagan was also ya. Because he didn't get any the president. I will agree with that I actually thought like yeah he yeah he was awesome I've siding with sort of let charismatic and charming in kind of an X movies very accessible kind of I've. Yet the history might show it for sure story there might it might not I'm not make any political don't know where you edited item Boone. I won't I will say that I think that that Reagan was really truly are first at least for us our generation. The media president in the sense that he was can Beattie was on every magazine cover yet he lake. Reagan was everything like there was branding reaganomics straight late hour you know he was just omnipresent. In ways that. I have a Blake Carter to me didn't. Hit like that no I got a JOK I was a young mr. young exactly and not and I I think it was he was deadly different times late eighties and it's part of the reason I think we have this podcast is because we're so much. Let pop culture explosion had to write like that that's what the eighties was. So mu yeah I don't know little bit right in the eighties is kind of when we started looking back. A little bit different idea yet so it is just you know seems part and parcel Foleo that that Reagan would be our. Media prints. Absolutely and he and he was small businesses in 1980 was the year that he receive the nomination for the presidency and then and then was elected. But and everything was fine everybody out as she it's five. But his he and his people conceive of an idea for missile defense system because we were deepen and in the Cold War at that point. And I called it's a good thing is that we're there yet you guys know mark coler were good though no more. And her. And that's the reason we thought Greg was awesome yes because he had a Star Wars missile defense system he was going to put the ladies are beams on satellites to shoot incoming and. Colleen missiles before they could just. Blow up our entire way of life and you it was a good idea then went pretty heavy and. I'm until entirely sure it's about idea on paper it looks were in jail in practice it's it's completely. Un inaudible in my head it got us to the coast Star Wars like so we're one step closer to actual actual Star Wars like. We are spaceships are next because we can name. But but what he did was it gave us the the idea that only give anybody the idea but it is tied is probably an idea this amazing video game and one of the hardest video standard video games I've ever played personal all those early things are incredibly. And for giving and forgiving for sure exactly the word missile command. And the interesting part of missile command it was it was about lake. It wasn't about accuracy but it was like you just had to get yes well sort of go up and at the timing more than accuracy exactly. I have sirens going to be in now where it is same kind of read like that which was a theme and a lot of those games. I just I just haven't seen late in the game kind of work like that since that no me neither me neither man yeah so. Well I think I feel like just about one solid hour is probably enough of glad I'm not listening to us talk so gonna go ahead and execute the ultra music and death. And say that. Thank you again for putting up put us and our. Well. Cob Webby for nostalgic memories of of life and such as it is paid dude where's my eighties. Alone but mentally I'm trying to make it a thing is that on the return to make K dude where's ladies offense never going to be a thing where everything. Sail away the oral history of the art rock on Rolling Stone dot com that 25 team I don't know because the world go to vote for a long John Irvine I'm behind the times for something that if our anyways turning she murmured you I will I will see you all next time. Drinking is FEMA. Your inner geek wants to come out and play plug where. To. 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