BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-11-17-7A: What’s the oddest job you ever had?

Tuesday, July 11th

Beat Migs. There is a new list of odd jobs that celebrities had before they were famous. Luke warm topic.


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It's quite nice de ice the bureaucracy at all and yet you go to gasoline dot com as we get to KI SW snapped back cat. Sweet looking black cap put on your head to. Look good. Protective dome from the raises listen to get no hair up there like a certain couple people I know named reverend Steve yeah yeah man like Brothers who elected office and some without any sunscreen or had a is I mow the lawn yesterday it didn't format like it down Mac. Asked she's as Steve just said yesterday I got home do you diver let's send I don't out. You don't have to go through that if that's not back cat that's a good look good and not be stupid like Stephen revved. You know KI SW dot com. Mean okay. Okay. I games. Now leads me to stand adjourned Al Gore doc. So yeah. We just cause you add turned out tomorrow and use of a slippery and as the doc goes to great day. Law and that that that could argue desert today we've gotten bad in fight band are you there's that are. Morning yeah yeah more than what to blame for today's the love every time to take its take out summer showdown that's happening at evergreen speedway on Saturday July 22. That particular network of them shouldn't I it immigrant job. Go to KI SW dot com all the details that you wanna get to get to the summer showdown. More. If apparently the sun really got home yesterday and good evergreen speedway dot com's I Steve get it out of here. It's. Okay. And we're an iron and I. Those playing it on bad will have sixty seconds to answer dead questions venue caddy Basil you want. But you'll only get three guesses for question are you ready. We even get an armored Barry Gallup who starred alongside Jack Nicholson in the 03 comedy anger management. Airheads and McChrystal now. Didn't. Attacked in the Simpson's what is Bartz named short war. Bartholomew yeah ads at over 4000 lines what is William Shakespeare longest play expect. Our approach or do we now. Out in Norse mythology witch body parts depots in trade or wins doesn't. Go read now. Our two year note. Dropped net total in the 1973. Disney film Robin Hood what animal with Little John. But there yeah ads let's group patty. Adds Tim Burton directed in 96 movie mars' water act. Debate now expect martyr. Act yeah as. 23. For her Iraq. Not a great scorer I know I had so much hope for Ben but as well maybe maybe Steve just make race card. Our guys in out now and that thing but Steve don't make based on ours is all done our. And I needed it for exciting no I think we've done enough threes or movies for Aaron Curry and well this Darden disappointment. And a lot of wind are you ready. Who starred alongside Jack Nicholson in the 03 comedy anger management. Followed Adams analyst yeah ads in the business and these sentences but it barks an inch or war portfolio ads at over 4000 lines as William Shakespeare's longest plays and expect it had let me ask. Ours is solid you've achieved guards did or didn't trade for winds don't. What's in Norse mythology witch body parts to vote in trade his heart is doesn't know he's like now it arms now oh yeah. I don't know we did in 1973 Disney built Robin Hood what animal with little Joseph Klein are rapper now. I was rabbit I know object. You know this. Ant eaters now it doesn't what group had he hit survivor is brutally issue Destiny's Child yet as to which the company makes Coopers and brazen acts Nestle's adds Tim Burton directed than 96 movies Mars watch attacks adds to. 13456. You weigh the sixth the full are yes our event. No word that's a provocative reported that I had a news. That an awesome day. Daniel and nice guy I feel like he should get something he did obviously eighty DD got a lot stats aren't you got it may be maintenance office but it was a gallon that's obvious populist I turn out. Yeah the agreement in Steve and. In north in Norse mythology. The body part that Odom traded for wisdom pet I'd like to buy and I yes the eyeball as in if you watch the news to our show American gods you would have figured out. Hollow. Area and the 1973 Disney film Robin Hood then got this when current the animal that Littlejohn is is it error. Big bear that the thing Littlejohn big Bayern. Yeah above he wouldn't it does does it ourselves Achilles heel still to help I know Ben Bennett writes Steve got a wrong but it did medica Stevie still won with six correct I had a question for you rev I watched American gods and I don't know about the I think it looks like go he's got all the designs you do not news notice the discoloration in one of his eyes for most of the entire meeting in the back that they did mention a couple of times now you know I really OK yeah yeah yeah well I mean really if you watch. Our his eye is blue as opposed to the normal black all of ultimately yeah I did notice that. Yeah I'm an idiot not an eighty you're just not present at all know exactly what they ended I was not on what twenty some time to figure that out that's the problem Yad night. I'm gonna try that one I love how everyone says it's a great show what's it about I. Yeah I was sitting next to mark runner operative has podcast on this and he would I he loves the show make okay so what's happening I don't know. Not what you guys are watching issue you have no idea what is about half the Celtics are now so awesome I'm guides on showtime it's it's it's it's a mind I mean I love it because it's just so much weirdness in the show. But I now gone back and am sorry to watch the original some realizing that I'm missing a lot because I didn't watch the originals and I don't wanna go back and watched two and happier than that in another movie because it fire walk with me in is this new series. Yet as I know but I'm kind of been watching it's only Emmy it's only thirty episodes. Only yes not horrible hoax Cummings text including gave NI is that why Anthony Hopkins where is an iPad and the war. Maybe take note unless it's necessary and what I remembered that item I remember he had an iPad some fear almost a given night. Thirty all come and gather all coming together they can sense my undergraduate Stevie didn't with six correct. Caller six guess what your go on this summer showdown Saturdays like my second evergreen speedway color number 6206421. Rock simple as that. Got a new study Steve. The secrets to getting a good night's sleep here it is avoid. Having a good reason get out of bed the next day. Well how do you do that if you if you if you're just gonna go to your job rights of you guys of the meeting planned after work. OK so they're calling to do Heidi good lunch maybe. A fun lunch date or something about lunch sake I'm Andre the only reason I can understand that like their days rhino from their plate. Hockey in the afternoon. They can't get excited when I go to bed and academic all cool and play hockey league aren't Maher do you notice if you slept better. Is that on the time pay attention I jealously. Quicker both well that that's a big part of it right there besides. I mean and sometimes on Sundays I think we get all grieve whatever your job is it's hard to falsely cushion just lying in paddy restless news. Yeah you've had a weed out and made all of them forward to starting the week up again if you had a forty weekend that next day they you do go to work. Socks I see so depressed on Sundays yeah so depresses the Vietnam and you know Friday's is so awesome Sunday's. So many times over bella I don't wanna wake up tomorrow and Aaron as I do wanna wake up I don't know wake up early in the Booth if I don't wanna die on the same things I go to pentagon wants season wake up tomorrow pages and one of these days if that happens you're gonna feel really bad I'll feel bad. But I will have a suck and hump in your honor. I appreciate that. Researchers have found no people we're looking forward to something the next day yep there's sleep quality improved it's that simple it. They also recommended meditating or intentionally putting aside time at night. Where you can. Actually think about what you're looking forward to. Or in a broader sense we will your purposes in life that way you always have something to look forward to every day I guess that's their Santa depressive VO I don't have much of purpose. Yeah I know and oh I've you know listen in my life and I don't know if if if if women have as much issue with purpose than men I don't know. But I know that the seminars I've done it seems like you know a lot of men without purpose really just are miserable. And I know many women did their purpose in life is just like to be cool and they and their happy with the arrow to be I don't know you know NASCAR women Danny again major purpose. And salary you come into yeah theory your purposes. Sites unprotected sex and that's that's. Well utility the ice how kids purposely got any idea with women is they seem do. And this is generally but they are women are defined by how they'd be another which is kind of like the person they are whereas men seem to define themselves by what they do. Sure so if you don't have a purpose than what the hell you doing a lot of guys they lose their gate. They go into a series depression because there of and a whip and and Toronto and lost their identity. And for women. It's just how they've. Hang. He need a purpose Sarah switcher purposely if you go to bed and you wanna think about your purposeful we your purpose speak for tomorrow. Her deep question and that is the question we now have to do in my house and my life I'll make him happy and that's why is he in the house is now that I know about this no matter. I'm not home but I've noticed that notice is presence. In the passing well there's some things that have happened and I think his attitude might have in other dude might have been in the you know some extra towels. To Tina dumping your house value. There's a shower being used it's never been used before our goal they've Fredette the freezer was left open it's like that. I don't see it uses gas and how does he is polite honest drives me crazy I'm teaching him but. I haven't gone to like ask the question he spun and hit of the night at the dollar able. We'll take showers in the house but because he's does that when I'm not there I have to when I'm there I'm not ready for him to spend the night when I'm manner and letting our guys get swept. I take a shower I'd just say I noticed you know I just noticed that OK he's been there yet you know his presence is there because there's still in my yoga at your house semi gets its way needs to shower. Oh he does spend the night and I'm not there all sweating me. But he's a hard worker to a he has a real job unlike us that's. Yeah plus true Rosie do for a living. I can electrician. Yeah now so I mean now it's like I wanna satisfy him but. Like that's your purpose is satisfied and they still feel like women especially nowadays that we need a job to do well it's not like I mean people you know we wake up and wanna go work. As well right yeah you're right sir may I did it change hacked Nicky you have a purpose my is. It's been this way since high school is to kind of prove everyone wrong because everyone thought I'd end up either pregnant and her drug add a actor doing some sort of weird stuff do you think this is better what you've been talking pain. And I'm only doing half these things I mean seriously some people would rather heavy traders don't got a rather be on this don't show that they didn't think egg you know that I would even graduate high school that I wouldn't you know do anything I don't really have a job I wouldn't. You know mentally I don't about you only get because I was the goth chick at a Catholic church of course I'll. I called yeah and so they would consolation beast played whispering in its icons leading hearing it even though it. According to doing your pregnant it's like well what did you think I'm gonna get pregnant and Smart I he's gonna move. Did you know and then there's Sarah wasn't about commentaries it's ours purposes or reveal sex stories from bears beat James please the fans agree represents exactly add up my mind that's not a purpose here well as I purposes ask her questions that leave them hers Jerry series no I'll send you not a good service announcement represents I look forward to every morning. It. So my wife she does meditate at night she takes two hours de Matta takes an hour in the morning and our night. And more and more people. I I used to go ice that they she was crazy I'm whatever kind of meditation as you do in life as you exit likening I guess he just sits up she just sits in the chair. Closes her eyes and meditate that's sol and then and I'm happy is that in town is meditating you're there so right now I merited their dad about the enemy carefully not too tired to do that. I started doing a half hour meditation every morning because senate an idea to go because my wife I went to a that that Byron Katie thing in and they were saying hey meditations that thing to do. Our buddy your wife go about that like she's been saying she's meditated she's been preaching the virtues evidence of other chicks shares if you you've read meditating now than. Her husband meditate she's used to you know every spouse is used to a beauty about Steve that's got to that's not an unusual currents were spouse tells you something for years old you hear from somebody else's when you decide I would I. Because we don't listen to our spouses we just went for some reason we don't give them the credibility that we give strangers gal who tells the same thing. At because she told me about Byron Katie fifteen years ago and I didn't go I went with somebody else don't give this. Yeah I. But I picked to my defense I told my wife things that she's not listen to and then somebody else tells her she does makes I think I I think it's just a part of being married and never listened to the spouse two hours meditation data -- buddy Kyle sees the comedian who's and now you know doing a lot of seminars that it did that give people on a better life. He just two hours of meditation every day two now two hours and it says it's fantastic Kyle says man. You know he's a that's how he created his new career path that's how he's able to be cool. He's a lot better of a dude he's not so crazy and and look my half hour has made a change in me. I don't know why did you two hours those incidents where longtime Texas pure silence pure silence no distractions noticed values they know music. That's what they do two hours. Pretty may ads pretty nuts but you know more more people say it's a thing to do. And now the story says if you meditate at night it might make you go to bed quote not nicer which makes sense because usually what we were watching TV are looking at our devices. And you know that Ross just about yeah. But if you sit and chill for our half hour the same school I haven't on the night thing and I only do that. The morning north of. And I better person I'd better to work I would notice a change what are you talking about dishes maybe. Bradley. All right yeah. We believe you are just a sorry I am a guy OK get the phone. I'm super god bless it gave over yeah right you're right here in your attitude a pillar of pleasantries. Ill. I'm a black Republican like ours I'm allergic to pleasantries I'll give apparently are so close to you right now. You know the newer posts. They've compiled a list of jobs that celebrities had before they were famous and how about any bettors on the list what was his odd jobs. I'll tell you at 717. On the Iraq. And they eggs mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. That's why I say hi as W their Iraq Seattle. So New York Post has compiled a list of jobs that celebrities had. Before they were celebrities. And Addison the highlights of course Eddie better. We don't know any here. Used to work nights is a hotel security guard. Guy the rev. Well look how I look he's like turned out and then the guy you're like turn around. On the same paths are amazing music and I listened to the music a lot of times. Yeah yeah. Proceeds from flow from the time you read some weird you haven't even flown mostly sunny and removed. Don't get that I'm tees and have a copy guys one. Always thought more about it yet. I was horizontal portend for you sat on import I have now about battery out are heightened. Jennifer Aniston. She was a bike messenger and a waitress. I've. The do you need to put. Out if it's an actor and actors waiter waitress around that's exactly they'll do they know what they'll do lyzard going Fred. LA as a waiter waitress bike messengers interesting note as we a lot of bike messages that come around here in Seattle how cool that obviously all the gals on to breathe Jimmy Johnson ask for. Free pass Julia Roberts the pretty woman she was a Baskin Robbins ice cream scooper. It. And like I mean which one Baskin Robbins or Ben and Jerry's because now they've opened a places ol' dad Ben and Jerry's is like ice they have don't want him to Bellevue square my ago today here in Vegas after a couple drinks you walking around I can in whatever hotel was editors of Ben and Jerry's stored so open like 2 in the morning. It was an easy Alia. Demi Moore was a debt collector. Boy asked if she showed up at my door yeah man. That's not horrible Bill Murray and he's a cell chestnuts outside Chicago grocery store is a long time ago. Really Sony just announced it was like seven years old I think he's close to yeah. On how how good of a job analysts citing unidentified dead what does that have to be like in the old B seven he had to be borrowed what in the forties. So that's. And as I go on time on a galaxy far far away. Whoopi Goldberg. She is to work and I'm mortuary making up dead people's faces. Wow I didn't know that that's on that's a fascinating job god I would love to talk to her about that. I get fired. They want to make Steve you just stated all their faces over the members of kiss you just if you deeds and enact as David Bowery and this is really oh yeah ultimate warrior over there 20 deficit at that that would be awesome if you had that job they should. A great idea just and so when we have a viewing let's let's just paint add up to look like something cool Ronald like Spiderman is on them and if I die I guess weigh in disowned him well you never know what's right is so. You guys have all. We can catch up and we want to know if you need to be one of the members of kiss preferably ace freely okay but I'm OK with either Andy the other ones or the ultimate warrior. Yeah -- look at we're making as a member of kiss while we make you miss the guy you wanna be you know that he's like we have ultimate we above 88 as compared to us we just wanted funky you don't know I am OK with any of them even fox if they are we'll make it fox yeah that's totally fine and not of course had to be indicates casket. Of course you do you can get that it KS dot com. It's online content at a rate team all sorry about five. I'm too busy trying to trademark the rock harms. So that that that's a very very odd job of Whoopi had a man of the talk to her about that that's just like all of what was that like. Topic. And good that you're upset anyone with how you how well over two or how bad of a job you did all good call and errors in my Graham pollen because the open casket and it was like. In the book like Cambodia wasn't really my dad did not look like yeah yeah he did might actually look pretty good the my dad did not mean McMahon my dad did not they put a wig on him. Because he did have cancer and so he lost all but in the wake did not look like any kind of hair he's ever happens like weird yes and he looked really weird. So I base this list of the odd jobs as celebrities had before they were famous. How are you. You have to be famous and had a weird job what is the hottest job you ever had 206421. Rock. As a Texas 77999. Take your calls and texts after Pearl Jam. After it gets done you know security guard that hotel observer reported. On the Iraq. In the case mornings on the rock 99.9 KI ESW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle Cerro. A lot of odd jobs here's your clothes put out a list of sluggers and had odd jobs before they were famously getting better work in nine nights is a hotel security guard. How much you what was the oddest job you ever had 206421. Rock. And you can also Texas it's 77999. Let's go to Al in Basel Al you Iran Iraq. Or martyr and are now welcome to issue go. There are great away when I was so I'm not really rent way of it when I turned forty Warren there was circus that was coming through town. You usually early Guerrero when did you grab what discern just a bush is still managed juggle you preach fire you'll woman with the current. Nothing nothing glamorous whatsoever. Helped set up big top and ran spotlight spoof. Quite awhile and ultimately ended up and Cornell since. No remote doesn't I've got how many college to have hit a negative and it's. Well so it could be so Zack easy Alley today you'd say hey guys said in anybody's gonna come and it never quite sure come on lower I would say neo. Definitely not it was it was brutal I mean you. It would great if you like parking lot smalls. I do upside for him as a mosque. I'm good early a lot of a lot of car needs and that you're working with. Oh yeah well there where there wasn't. That type where it was actual three ring circus. So battle in a lot of performers animals or not. What was the worst accident that you saw while on the beg some of somebody I can I trying to doing a trick or something like that. Well in some words that we had an elephant freak out runnerup underneath the bleachers the whole damn that's actions. Yeah no actually nobody got hurt which we really surprising and cotton candy guys. Turn Superman and Rana in the bleachers are grabbing people and there was there was record I'll antenna. I'm an up or mark virtually the states how could. Well sorry if you are gonna die but you know I don't agree and I am good here. Yeah I thought we cured that situation where you're safe I guess this is the greatest day after us really reveal the I was for Israel actually. Awesome Al thank you for the call that's how Cooley here because you know we all have these dreams of doing stubborn running off for the circus was a lot of little boys and little girl's dreams. And now you know not so glamorous. Let's go to Jeremy and seats at Jeremy you are on the rock. More Jeremy what's he got his job you've ever had. Oh about ten years ago it eat it with Vijay and thought aren't out that's all that and that's asks. You guys on the news or pseudo haunted house. Yeah I literally rewrote everybody at buying a room and and I can't that Romney go wherever they wanted. Yet you gotta get Gary EDJ made the entire outlook but yet you might. Actually done that to me in my family a few times Jeremy I would be surprised it was you because I do remember running you know love running in panic from the college chainsaw because you just don't expect that. And I expect to follow you think I don't you get by the Rome right now bill HR a very easy which I blood in the water once they realize that you're scared hey did anyone ever punch when you guys because they were just so sick of you guys on the ground. Yeah elder definitely different category of people died and I'm pretty quick and yet the Unser. Adopt chick look yeah well the weird bit in the back. Size zero hookup with one home. I know I didn't I mean that's exactly what manhunt nice day now. But if you look at all the there have been a little less outlawed but it what ought to Walt and you get punch but it part of the game and you haven't. Often have suggested. I buy got punts are being done I'd be smack him people attention and saw. I got this shadow at one of those townhouses. Do it went up up north and Ed got to be like behind the scenes like all they fiddled prop doors and I would think the clowns and there's nothing more fun than knowing that you see somebody walking and you know there are about to get scared and you get to witness it and they don't see used so it was like one of the most fun experiences the watch what you guys do from behind the scenes. Yet that's another act like Berkshire it would. It didn't had a bet that I didn't. Is usually what we find allies. With the some of the great jobs we've had his heartache that it is paid little more. The kind of house is so much fun a lot of those are the hunted woods it was that matters foreign to it was to Austria real good you know what about the guys are gonna does the zombie CAD with the people's I want how that is that was that was and I dev for awhile they had that the paint ball boss and loves it was coming -- should remember that. You get you're equipped with paint balls are so altitude Abbas that is obviously coming action yet issued at them. And of course it's just hey who can shoot that bad zombie in the not the most that's exactly realize that Al is one of those people like I hope they were out there weren't a cup. Let's go crash in Libya crash you are on the rock. Yeah I used to get around the city but at the trip and her count how many people there were on the and every time they backstop or court how many people cut off and how many people got on. That was your job what do you do that normally I don't know how GAAP and are your tax dollars at work there. Even if puzzle and I make. OCD or some kind of make some kind of a situation where they best of the disease due in general and you Vicki I'll give you money for what you're doing anyway so sorry that's that's a thing more eyes the would think that that would have been McCann no mechanized I'm surprised that they have actually be human being doing that. You know you think that they would have some sort of scanner that was just or lightning don't cooperate come up body went by it and forget that will be good enough that gets out of ladies have definitely recovery and. At all one K okay so what was the word is that you saw on the bus while you were doing. One person like never brought up but. They just they just can't stand on and off of for the every hour drive for going to be different from the beginning to the end of the destinations would leave. Could aggregate all route and editor all the way back one person is that the whole route and then went all the way back. Stayed on the bus and sometimes it was a warm place you wonder if that's why. Yeah maybe and it she says simply react he buddy you've been on the bus all they get off the damn bus. I was really stat actually yeah I. Don't just and I can't go home until you actually get up the bus or talk. 206421 rock let's go to Brett. Brett in Issaquah you're on the rock. They don't they do not too bad body which you govern our job. Well I'm right after I graduated high school summer before I started college I got a job is being seen. Casts. Now now they're a bit different about it repaid only in tax. Who. Once a week and my boss would pay it we were trying to would office and you've been behind desktop you look like the guy it looked like pork it would remove it or it's all nice. Chopper on the cigar Eddie every week when he paid in cash which show what the gun and yes. Oh really won easily get in what is out of Boston's. It dominance apparently Alley he told us he would the next stop. And yet you and assured they don't at what may. And then you would count out at a you're allowed audience that we would get paid all in one. Manic guy sounds like he has some shady doll does a I hope I suppose to start doing that that Ellis Ekpe people once I know does have a gun to put out at someone else's. Oh yeah that's always good to introduce you have a conversation here in his leg all right sounds good are gone by the I don't know but I am next here's my pieces. It's insulate why do you need to do that you're paying your employee I guess this got a lot of cash made. That was one of doubt I cheered when I went in college my buddy and I we work. Security. Bouncers and DJ's take who depending on the night they you've just got to rotated you view the DJ you're the security your that the person taken IDs Brock. A dance club in Plattsburgh New York called club DMZ. Is yet demilitarized zone orbit are good OK it was and then if that is dense media is did leave here as soon. I don't LA you if you were overrated eighteen you are allowed and it was a high school dance club. It was the dumbest job at her. It was so weird how you view they plainly stupid like dance songs you know and salt pepper and stuff like that. And watching these awkward high school kids trying dance that dance media gone. And can all popped up on Mountain Dew let's say there's been times. You didn't it is you can partake in many of the the people showed up did you. No known no longer events he's went to college student and my she was the cause you're like okay here's a fresh and I was a sophomore we'd be out that was cool. Stages went back to being hard hit out at their sixteen years old as golf. A game that is good that got it's awesome and Chris is here lieutenant I thought the press site. I can imagine you had some odd jobs over your career also so many so many of input into one right now or I mean this is probably the way. Our stuff that I have to do but I he's got his some words that 'cause he's you know he's also my personal sins right like fine twinkies and others he's got another he's got another job idea to me it's not going to be great humor really what is it. That's and they got the guy's gonna he's gonna wash some walls. What happened on the walls the F wash I am I take a black like to I don't even wanna know is it in distress director of Orange residue in the two bathrooms upstairs yeah plus because no Sarah's gonna new boyfriend. That lady and she doesn't matter yeah I don't know what's going I don't know if anybody has the has is their bathroom I don't know why this just starts happening unless it's the combination of dirt and steam. They're just in we have white walls in the bathroom that just disease orange little streaks to start showing up I don't understand it maybe coax could be a ghost. I've actually got you covered I went home and described it to my wife is feasible we get that in our bathroom all the time oh she knows that yet. Our rights any problem easy stuff another guy wanted to paint ball walls in my gala I don't do anything to pick and roll it into this big light cycle paean testers of the manic superstar the likeness without holes encyclopedia. Oh it's a personal level IRA at its base from that exact guy knows I clock yeah I like about like a suicide programming when it tyrant and his very big. Difficult individuals so that cycle begins tonight call big and difficult to avoid the all the right side tire off because your voice. The one I tyrant I could have an outside Monrovia good. Yeah thank you got to take your pick to vocabulary nice not have a much less than your well I'm prepared for a yes I had to take it again. Hey guess what Steve. Guess who's coming in obviously got on the phone doesn't get as a guest who's that. You know from SNL you know from half baked and he's going to be the parlor live later this month. Jim brewer back Willis on the show he'll be listened 747. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy if I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for him. 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