MigsCast 07/11/17 "Windowpane & Flash Gordon"

Tuesday, July 11th

This week we had Tony & Christon (and Glenn too of course) from Windowpane in studio...they have a big show at Jazzbones in Tacoma this Saturday night.  We chatted about Sylvester Stallone's love of having his "boys" coddled, the importance of the movie Flash Gordon, how difficult it must be to be single in the age of social media, and of course we check out your messages!

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The big cats mandated Steve mix who. Pioneer and permanent way out I had no wow. Glen caddy and I hope I think going kind of from window table we can't just dignify you had being going kind of whenever you got most of window pane. That's right. That's right I am I am more. Computer I don't know what I thought I was no where resistance is legal couldn't. You'll feel going into an area that is gonna do another right. And on what happened. Thought there were you know we're. Near the ranking UBS. Hamas and well OK hang out you know. This can be a fun one. I think sells fifty off americorps conversations he had a job fair cover picture editing like we're gonna have on news podcast I'll be editing a lot's got it says yeah. Leaving quote any of I don't coddle you. Hello I'm revolutions. Had so slowly that isn't here and took flight. There was like a little terror cell when in his chair in America to know you know where he's there. The monasteries sure you're always nervous that you're talking about a step up and urban legend about. Sylvester Stallone kind of I I try my book my best way to delicately sure this during the new got to be delicate when you call old broom you have. I broke out on the head and I wanted to. So nothing that might know the truth behind the story I've heard this story before and I don't know if it's true enough but apparently Sylvester Stallone was filming a movie here in the northwest but he was like assassins are one of those movies that he was in back in the day. They're trying to find him guide where is he in the sound as they will he still wired. We can pull this out and find out where he is apparently he was in a dressing room with a lady could have been Jennifer Flavin. I'm Julianne Moore I believe was costar and assassins so may be used it a little red fury and happy in turn red the red theory might be a different hole undercover agent to defend what apparently they pulled up. Hook kids and. Where you have these guys that you know wasn't thinking about her a little bit red wings mere Ayala then. All that is why I withdraw that's. Wow OK here's that's really quickly looked like. We're at this window panes on the shares will be really disturbing certain book that's out there Sylvester Stallone and I. Think they you know. Coddled the boys but he said something else like relevant employees yeah call newborns stroked the a seven b.'s job blaxploitation superstar. About the death a man on just tell them down. Shannon asked. And so I became like the big catch phrase on the set to the point where the crew made tea served since that got all the boys. And I don't know this is true or not and I've never done the research to find out of its troops I don't wanna find out that is not true. Are we doing a run of makes cast tease for makes us but we should. Com. Let me see what kind of a hook up I can get this but it would be radical on the back which is said call world. Come to a top O'Connell and avoid a little boy like. So it's got some disturbing at the half the country I freeze your limit and a right Mozilo and 500 feet of it is true that the boys homes sort of thing right there right and I think that's like the hockey phrase that whenever we talked hockey not you want your view you guys you team would you refer to his boys he went to perform yet come up voice after voice with a comma. There's a comma between the app and a boy very important. Yeah. Makes you know the play knocking you right. Seems rare and so this particular units hours Nolan and I'll walk in my car and I don't think we all the driving holes. He's having much luck right as toys what so we're glad that it is an Internet access at the half day you can make it sure does and after boy it's a well I think coddle or it just won't mean you'll call will fall so overwhelmed all know Richard going to Lincoln nimble convention and having Christmas tonight's show could lemonade instead. I don't CNN all I know you guys like hockey. If you like lemonade is a bad idea Kabul falls on the back of her teacher hi yeah I think so yeah. I don't care pundits she's not feeling you get caught up I. Yeah I mean as far as the problem or their well below what my buddies off. Today I go to wrestling class with and he was talking about he puts on his FaceBook page goes that went to the gas station and all these people you meet dirty looks including nineties parents. And their look I mean discussing many realize who's wearing a T shirt of one of arm wrestler buddies this guy Steve West in the catch phrase for Steve West I knows it yeah there. And when he's a bad guy in the world wrestling ever would because of the current I was going to ask Steve West. Ask Stephen yeah I didn't actually literally spelled out it says ask Steve West in big letters that's one of the best selling shirts their due always sells like crazy but it's not a good certain sort to a gas. When I know I ran out there I ran this recently you know since summer I think this is even sure man. Since mr. potato are addressing cattle boys. Oh EA. I don't big cup of shut the F up here on the back it's like a fifties housewife holy month it's essential saloon T shirt. And then yeah I did her sure little through ball was saying how the nice hot cup of shut the F up. And a court everywhere worked Fred Meyer worked target Tony no owner Ross you know all all these different places Bible study that it was right and there was like mid day on I realized our problem. And and I did get the occasional glance a local person so he's not mentally gumshoe you Xeon. One of my favorite shirts and that I I I don't know if I'll ever aware but it's a nice kind of baseball style tee you know there is a dark the dark arms and just a great to clergy stuff yeah Jersey staff and on the front of it it's got Blanco Chris is OK. I had. Like you hold it like an old time lag squire something like that holding up a sign that says anti. And he's picking up the match. It's. Late. But again I think what goes like we can't run on a window pane T shirt years back and I mean. We first it's introduce some degree we did like 15600 bucks emerged that night. But on the back they were too big hands warm was pointing and the other one was the middle finger. And they sold like hot cakes and really we've got to get more of those and that we had a couple different parents say hey. You know my son and or dollars a huge fan of the man do you have any age appropriate really. Competing and he put in the nation old bulls don't shorts are so many just bought bought bought bought the shirts man and got to know those on the five fingered Stewart's here Ali totally on kids you. The answer probably not happy mode yet mr. site is not my money I did ask I think it's Hernandez header they had. Yeah and I. Okay. Yeah. And having to find a ride home from that cuts into your body to the bus did you tell the parallel we but the parallel show no I had either working or just no money in combat I just in the crowd the Paramount look at a mark on Sunday may Omar had his job that I got. Yeah yeah. I. And that's. It's that you didn't cult sure is in Maine and yeah that's true sex yeah. Do want some I went to incite anger management show. And I I had a ride there and I thought I had a ride back so he isn't it's a big and there's those another Lieberman tore his Limp Bizkit Eminem and yeah. This group for people with everybody. Get a group of people like it the more theater and that onstage there's like ten people in the round speaking with a counselor. I'll let you take what you go see. I. Could live meg humor has gained yeah. Well yeah I. This weird stuff man good. More relevant ads and I would have chick. I didn't know that she was also a chick that enjoyed by getting backstage. Shouldn't it shouldn't be slang term for something I didn't know exactly what I its Asian man yeah let's get backstage and get backstage yeah I remember back towards at the backstage area by guitarist and opera have sex in a very comfortable place so I'm back in the looks like I've lost my product because that's you wanna go backstage and now Mike. What I'm only gonna do. Nothing like what can directly threatened but were hoping anyone would recognize me. Then they never reform ever really wanted to wanna recognize me is that that you know I am right now look at. I thought I'm not that I don't know I am no. Shoot her finally find this a group of people make K night. Steve bruiser holy cow I am arrive I like where you guys don't know like Seattle. Can I pick her I didn't hear that we don't have room to shoot yeah. However I liked him and mom and a family's home my guys taking a ride back from Tacoma all the way to queen man did you see this girl and the other was that's is that I was just that tells you they say. And as QL mica capital moves on her I can hit honors got our kids. She had kids yet the person got me home let's have your back or lost amid the usual. Okay yeah I doubt that our guys are Yan yeah I just. We are dating we're just going his friends are okay okay okay if there's a hot chick in Papa Roach. Loretta is that I look she's. She's got bailed out but you all AG with her dating you achieved failed to go back snow usually a star to put a hold of the Fred Durst yeah I had left. I'll tell that it's European vacation to our. Our bodies so what she's like she's like hey I have this opportunity go backstage some might. All right and I pray you go get a bad there not get a double hey you have right make me jury where the robber no just developed cold sores after honored. It was a clean you know it's got a doormat. She really liked having job different meats being thrown our ass you know I heard it all on Sylvester Stallone is that that's sure you want to. Com let's go on and get magic act to follow these boys yeah and I throw all these blaxploitation stars. I don't do anything I just like little looser at the northern oil and it may mean it was. So what he's got a jump. I ask how do you give backstage right no wind it's okay. Easy. I didn't get a ride home from a hole there is no backstage go backstage is usually the bar. And I heard God's command bush ought we are. I don't. Word emerged table out backstage yeah Lilja got here I didn't look at the I could be around the people. I don't like. We know each other we'd like to meet you just didn't get a lot of matches for the staff to like night and on rob back back there you are cheering tray and had to be here yeah I. There was many an end and deli foods you can learn world Luo. I pulled the bread. But it definitely look at this with this for like 45 minutes to get this is what I won't teach and I think we have a total of JP and know little. Soggy little fresh and I could look template in the campaign as I can we have a couple hot fat and yeah. I asked her crown series for the attention had a bit of peanut butter and you'll come over so yeah. Now all Madden this coming Saturday mill the script up fast college on Saturday this Saturday we heard jazz bones into coal mine in this. Window panes new bass player mr. Crist and Casper is first. Real official full show with the band on you know shoebox mark played have to set and Chris played up the sentinel mark or yeah that's that's the cool word and you know a concert talk about doubt that critics dawn and that was a blow to bring us. Like we you mean here you I remember I talked to you might be while they already playing in any I can feel. The anxiousness out wonder if yeah I honestly have never had like eighty. Like butterflies or anything crazy proportion of votes just wanted to go never had a problem like this hour's like. Oh crap like had a little too late because I got so much good press back from people there like oh crap like that sucks for markets. Dockers let her people are all right arrogance and good people movie yeah yeah I don't remember me at all out there anymore yeah I guess who goes six it'll just address a lot of don't know what Ben for you in New Orleans I was playing with rhyme and rhythm that you started with back when I was in high school in actually these guys came down to help of a bit and legs. I've listened to him for over eight years like from when they first came down start helping us out late you know structuring. And then I played Paul and yeah it too. He toll was drowned or what may your gallant coma is going they're already programmed Halladay was done to help them work killer music all kinds of stuff I tried to work on my got amenities to some catcher at the station got introduced a promoter of show box cause trying to help my about land until he literally was down there helping known works are mature. He tells me that the boys and window pane give back and do nice things for other brands you don't hide in your marriage should I think you guys just arrogant asses what no no I'm done yeah. You gotta come home tour if we don't we pass yeah. Yeah we felt it was getting a lot of coddling Glenn we really. I didn't have too cool for school so now we just stand at the bar where if our guys it's very comforting there. Dude you're not in the pocket try harder yet even if I got there and brought back a flashback then you're good yeah. Could go and you've got to go into this with a clip from the bond oh I'll tell me now like you don't you go you always play with a clue no we do a lot of crap that's good. Tell you are well the Whitman who you know the men who have not only that guy but I slowly get better huge apology I don't think the crystal cook couldn't we couldn't think. And it's okay. I had ransacked and there I didn't know that they could go through appropriate callable Kobe and then I don't imagine yeah. By the way if I don't hold a meeting of him chasing the chickens are roosters around the good as I've ever younger you. And raucous scene rocky moments film I don't recommend it either sequels but I'll jot off. Rocky want Ryan to ensure the public either XP my wife by the way is determined to Naomi we watched grease two yeah act documents it for the cast Narnia I watch we watch this CA youth club and rocky forward guerrilla happy birthday Paul you're you're you're in the before was a classic hockey five I would agree is not good. Rocky six which whose Rocky Balboa is is an elegant and that was good that Robinson who don't do not like rock okay rocky road to rescue one rush interchangeable from being I will show a rocky once you and three I liked. I will I just wanted to give our side I just isn't your heart tell her about it nearly another OK gonna make fun ST EM flip flop per. I really enjoy Greece to do as well. Everything you write chicks the sounds content Nash she told well jewel dresses that you wanted this all and hope and I'm very away or throw you are you you don't do it Connell my voice. Is that no good I'm. Isn't that it's an amazing isn't that amazing hollow if you will treat dad to me I don't just post something and although right back is isn't that amazing you know we couldn't get economic. They Troy me and I realized all gonna talk about this that is my. Yeah it has put your it guys just listen. And an amazing. So when we had racial or early and got through her New Orleans so fine like aren't huge here openly discussing likely somebody's rock stars hit me up of course asleep with on the rock stars and I'm having fun on the young woman in my prime and it was a very cool and very down to earth we should really cool grounded amazingly hot woman. And when she just openly discussed like you know and so we don't earn and I want to know why would not. That was just isn't an amazing yeah. I don't think you'd like. Yeah yeah yeah but did add that became a trailer for Angela that was the funniest like it was a seven humor old Kenny it was you know what to tell you asking what is still there when they're always fascinated say that there. Well again we're losing their. So when he emailed her Texans at that moment when you just it isn't that amazing but none of funniest thing that ever heard in my. Isn't that makes I was they're trying to save some of the plane demo at colleges enamored fire on this. Yeah you just senior managers oily skin tight black hole in Europe and I'm sure that was cut down or noble. And she's got the Brett the best press money combines the most funny you should with a broken clavicle prominence incident at the sausage castle island Florida. If they pick and our net and she had to go to a doctor's appointment dress like that after visiting with us. I've been hit Jewish. Have chat about how I'm. I don't I don't there's like they do videos like a real membership is he now knows I'm a little musician marriage as Jon Winokur colts. That's cold every day they it's just that so we were right on the CM Doug in the park and there were at a bar called the hard luck my buddy months and I'm when when a bartender she's. We're should be messing with there and breach of Barley come this is all I heard you know my friend Rachel on Mike Rachel Rachel Barley. I guess just yeah I was running her snapped chat page hope they can knowing all the bikes belong in sin any people to her premiums and so then all of a sudden my dad just opened pandora's mob scores in remembering box of this fight then there is smooth and beautiful looks earnest chat. Now Microsoft how many like if you go do this and you have to be like the first line of defense before Rachel sees some of these I. I'll whatever bash she's up there years how many her daughters yeah songs are you seeing she's as and to a point where you're just completely desensitized by dogs are religious senator deep takes all the time she said all the time multiple times today. Wrote it Roland aren't doing that are getting. That's not a that's just this is right now is right generally tell her ordeal for anyone has anyone had success from blindly sending it deep. I almost wanna. I mean Chris do you have Jared why not enough I think John is right yeah there are not Oregon labor you know I got enjoyment animates them like when my friends and I got to go out. I did so using a deep kick to a girl and she was like hey he dumb. Not some random way we have had some there's some deep basic Chris float around somewhere I have don't ever lose your phone dude. Well it's pretty well. Odds are I'm. Hires is that the let Matt brings it. I'm let's try to abuse. I just audio your phrasing we have audio different when he first opened up that picture. So it would be funny if it worked. That's amazing Larry I. Knowing we have Jared who's hanging out in great photographer are great friend in the window came boys and Abbas is well on Jerry you raise your hand saying that a deep take actually worked out for you he actually did once a and I was just like now you are visiting was a cold call he uses his straightforward call for it like I mean this girl's phone I. I admire your courage and I senator deep pick and she takes me back about half earlier she's like yeah ball's launch from over there is little girls over there kidding she was looking for some of the call. Yeah that's the lesson for our own for five months out. Wow I tried it once there. Back in today and our commitment to not go well didn't do well no I mean I've done it before I wouldn't say when you went somebody in and it's like okay I think it is is it expected an accepted you know an agreement. When that legacy is first started talking its own I sent it off they can mold we're having what I felt or pretty hot yeah and her response so thanks sort of. All year. Visited the at least it wasn't something new all time low you can get them Sowers. I shot well well I got all regularly does when you love them and they're not like we're expecting it. Banks. You're the banks say could have been much worse Manny can go like one of those eat it Moody's with the new Glavine with a two years on the side. I go out worse yet because it doesn't go to like we already had a net I don't know I'm not nowadays I don't think the wrong move lower isn't your friend's house some are saying ended just basically sitting in his computer disk. Party and that sounds random but that's what was going on the moment he's ejected saudis callable another guy and random shots you know they got this act and all of a sudden I'm looking at this. Just gorgeous starfish it is it is a woman's. Max I know and that dead point blank range and again that's beautiful music you amber oh that's Blake is his wife. I'm like. Do that's magnificent that's gorgeous and we're having this whole conversation like. Don't ever tell her assault is go to war now won't dare anybody he just felt like now do you look at her in the same light now that you've seen the undercarriage. And it's here. Aaron I'll always been friends are well I've seen that she has a gorgeous you know pick up at the portal apparent there. Oh yeah yeah some wonderful lawyer is grow it changes the whole means I have here a little while and I don't even own a singing about. None of us I guess I'll see. Lot of plans not a master I thought yeah and then it was good that I got a couple tundra like my buddies word tiger hanging out with a chick and I did check it out initial Munich. Pulling make you pay through the stroller hanging now a comic. All right arm anchored on new and then ends up becoming a relationship and that's like. I need you now on see that because now they've become my friends and you know I mean I. People are just she heard a thank you depend we're not there. At all. At the lead at that data and don't tell you walk into your buddy's house and actually saw mommy can you wanna try and find a way to delete drink a way that data but you know. My moms are what notes. And I'm not hundred remains to put him dude stay away from my house and it took prison how do you Tony yeah I don't know if I could be like are you single. Yeah I wanted to be single and in my twenties now it is good social media. I think my hi dawn would be everywhere and goes and gets his profile pics if ever I felt really. I would I don't know I don't know how it would be to date now in the world a social media it's gotta be insane it sucks dude yeah it's Sox hope. The night how. I was more cash. I'm tired and I hope follow. Yeah Holland line men. I'm just I mean because. Like you said Rachel it's all these deep excel at time there's so desensitized to it where it's just like. Every guy that trap they are just try to start conversations with provisions expect the worst may know they just don't just shut down you're getting fingers like no. Like digital but our eyes to meet a grown person and I try to do that but then there's the same way in person. Thus cause or in Seattle did all I know I have all either way it's called my god every America good when I'm on the Pacific northwest essentially this was settled as a long and territory. And the imported tumors so that the guys that you would just dry out so right and there's a lot of logs appear there's a law that created a sausage party. This what do you read every summer when the sun comes out omelet wearable these courses willingly give it real because they know what it costs what another box start on a. Shipped out of the port of Seattle art and we have on Sunday as saying things like some some differences. The only at the Gordon didn't yoga pant trend of the yoga that's how they have they have the match she threw in Galileo to the music ripped jeans. Our total and wrecked my car. Edit yeah and I have a loving Johnny. I I hit somebody pit. Would you would you hit a grown yoga pants know that Hillary you're trying to access a common source like I mean you know I hit somebody in with my car hit their car to us there did you students who don't. That's the cubs were all its all good result is I don't know how many accidents happened from my read by what per capita if you see how many accidents happen you can you Greece to stands for that very reason I am gotten close because you kind of want to see what's going on over and I have Blake got very close I was almost the first time that happened. We'll tell us out of nowhere does little do they same kind of thing was ventured off bomb on veered off from the road and now look Florida hit this girl ma oh god. Not like issues and guard Brandon straight but there is no clear I'm not nearly as much fun yeah. Exhibit numbers like those got a phony Wayne since. Insurance kind of way Bono well although you hit this guy and that's true yeah. So their desensitize the conversation but he got a random analytical. Go all out. Amanda yeah I know and you this way first yeah he pig or bumper which is that what happened I'm Natalie do you change numbers you guys hang out yeah I think your copy wounds and those colleagues and I think just petals off because. Tensions fans it is all of because there's so media's everywhere she got off and yeah at that point me in the grass is green everywhere for people like my grass is burns and wizard well. Lot of the fitted well with the land since the humor here aren't you all actually operate definite yeah. There's a road trip. My my cheeks hurt for probably like three days afterwards Valero or die in the hole now we're down to lose and we're playing this game. Didn't say that oh yeah I think what you might now read you we've final and called coddled the boys know what we do. It's it's set Turin game it's a road trip to green game that was actually talked to me by rain stone bless your heart brain where you take the word evil. And he put that in front of you make of Amy via. Oh yeah I'll follow any action news annual explorer evil that way in order needle Voyager and don't throw you ask yes stuff so I know it's always good angle are already well mannered too bad they are excited about that might cars and main alright Ariel w.s are no fun I think you know charger. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you don't grand army the eighties became known C 300 commitments and a lot of revved up to censor me this I was watching the ten just go and furious web yeah butcher I shot yeah thank. And for you guys because I know and we go on our hockey trips some there's a few of us most of the team are in relationship significant others are married right. So we live very vicariously through this single guys while we're in Spokane bag you know there on tender they're trying to make things happen we had a big party bus. We wanna see girls on the bus to see what they can deal is that like Geoffrey the boys a window when you've got Chris in this thing first. I'm we have a single guy in the bring Brian long time saying we will only we will assign every band I've ever been in Lewiston so these gentlemen entering this little window by the side of the road in the little we ran out of gas wasn't exactly party bus area at all. I was like been stranded on the surface of the moon she doesn't have cut this morning it's Thursday that there on the sat there are a lot of little vague and I had a little bit extra so how so. Aren't we were drawn back to Jack and I stopped bringing Gonzales driving Sean O'Reilly Sean and Glenn. Just what I understood the little the freeway and his wife still not merely because brother I can't think yeah what do you need to do is easy to get them to do it wouldn't we just just stood right the little the freeway. You know and I didn't. You know it was a B and a horror we really dornin in crickets Mandell you know I don't think I bet we get a Burr the promoter for the shows and those little black yes really give your calls later go ahead issue it was so weak felt like I had. Two miles doesn't grow as originally was there is a do you look what's what was already actually. Austin Dallas isn't John Lewis Joshua John but he was Josh he was Josh holly you guys to the party were like all right these are editor reporting there are we need vial that's in here about like isn't there a way down like men I'm world views Melissa downs we get oppose hill. And only made this turn on the back to town and we saw the rotator spun as a OK we get pulled over. And I was like hold don't think other pour over the guy behind us were the clear. You're are trying to you know all I'm all up out of that Valley Village do what you got skewered the cops. And and we remember like a drew. Yeah the only jewels and sure Georgia windshield made of light until a hub the only weakness and rivers doesn't hurt to get out of their kids and. And we forgot that we really need gas to. Oh yeah are not an accident or steep hill regional and or deer mountain enough and ask guys like a man really goes on there are no I'm like oh yes. We'll assess that Latin origin yeah RR a media I think it the radiator over where no way I told the story about him in the little murmured only with the snakes Internet via fox. Reality dance all we know what you were by the laws analysts say that does make sure we were standing since he got the bus like me in Meehan shop there. Crap there's a lot of and it's like we're right where in sandals or whatever words like not have an and then. Then after I'm having a climate move goalie of good career so when you have a great photos motives really were cast and how would you call it downward facing rock stuff. I was almost slipped and fall when bella Chris Gamble a little Maddon knows what the walls you betcha jaguar corps type stuff yeah. Yeah what. I didn't say it got its always order yeah. I don't know every time a breed you flip you really get it's like it's like Mandarin you have to do certain tone for. The red rulers at all important and it wouldn't make any heroics aside the screamed the word no. Don't Ask Don't Tell me in multiple occasions lake my old singer and I've am I gonna try this no no she. Finally broken neck a built in March 8. Don't know lose my old singer and then we're. We were like a. We're taking in some shenanigans as young names like we're still in high school we are on the roof of our high school's gym. And as a real Wilson High School so we are stay lakes in under ram country and we were just like fighting over who can take the safety off of the lighter. Maybe Steve the crafts or both wrestling on the roof for this lighter and I'm like have my hand on this palate like Sheila go on for nailed is trying to get this out like. I finally got the safety off then what grows like a laugh now that I look up to her side of the street they all the way down to see is black car. Try my real slow and since it's out of our viewed deceived blue and red in my band costs. So here we are like on the roof. We jumped out of the room it's like and it's what I guess expert gap would like four foot drop another site. Only like seven foot lake wide path and we just both jumped off that to roll were off the roof. Like enough bought like four or five blocks away and make a minute and a half. Yeah these are still on just what's ahead. Have been hanging all of them ought to look. They would have drew swinging right amateur yes that's definitely business like way over the top man I need help get narrowed for the modern and those who takes her fight over water yet come at me off man. Out of our guys you guys run away can you go to the AT&T gets the money to bail me yeah so well. I can't help and asks that. It's actually coming in my friend are missing her bed and started out here elementary school doing gymnastics the other thing that kind of craft. Not yet help us out there oysters snowboarding and if I didn't help us now from running from the law pass caddies literally helped us with multiple occasions as a Ceylon stays like we article in the term air Casper Gary as you know as we rocket now a look to my left and I'm looking at the side of his feet. And that's a bad guy. Do you wanna go home but I usually go. I guess that face yeah. That's all right I look but I've done that Alex mildly guitar player he job are felt so bad net I left my butt off for this he he just got. Oh Gibson less Paul. And here I am Amal I'm on the stage at Louis geez I'm on the like the drum riser gonna go like I was just feeling I want to go jump off of my turnaround do a 180. It doesn't do this 180 he's like turnaround there were both facing each other and just come in Obama oh god my the bottom my basis comes right on top of his let's pull. The move very leery Joey played within you said it didn't hit the Bonnie Euro was at the neck. Oh yeah the body cool that's no I don't know it was no really just look at me I just picture her dad meg and I never had a ball neck and head stock I would have panicked but Bonnie. Although again we got this metal in there isn't much on yeah I'd like I got my golf PR battle event. You all not yeah. But there was two over the last shows your play and I got me back and I was like I jumped off the stage. And then like I was like right by him and he just turned around smack me straight in the face of this it's not I'm. Yeah. How look at how Mike but I guess that's barely like I think it was John Roman wrestling Nicole and her receipt then. Are you dream fast but. I remember watching you know we're we're all right rhythm thing is we're always answered critics man like we really didn't Chris in the band there are a lot of fans that were worried like we don't do well well this but com we really scored it means super talented great yet even just the score for us man I'm we all couldn't be happier real mesh together really well and hey we've always been dry dry we really exist but you know I don't know how to play based. And where I work I did come down and rip Ameen jaw harp solo we appreciate your referees you like how all not to recover give a giveaway won't call it all right 30 great color. I brought. I got them really well I was your gonna all play in my that are was awesome so we had a comeback for six auditions it's right you know like these hands are so I'd give it did sort of goes undercover cops that did repeatedly scalp those massage parlors like you're here make sure that iteration it's good luck. We we we had a very extensive Ron. Them detective work at this strip club I think we ought to win. But we're we're all watching right rhythm you know eyes are so we're fans are rhetoric and friends Chris and Chris climbed on top of his after it was at 810 with a head. Oh no I that's I had that went to some random fifteen GK 410 and like like are those in PV fired he doesn't oppose oppose sighs yeah they can basically get as close as they stack and. Risk being Chris. Got up on top of that baby was standing on top his rig rock and now. And then he jumped off of it pulled his knees up to his chest I mean you do these 1213 fourteen feet a year it was rip and if anyone got a photo that it was slow go out there and I also look actually literally wore before he jumped off Slattery a I mean you talk about all we wobbled always a couple hundred pounds I thought your written grow down you think I fell. I grew on the ground would awesome a mile and a big I can't music was playing hasn't due to win eighty washing my end go on the back. We were backlash and all the way Indiana. This the thing is that my when he team. Which was just a random mean teen was the only thing they'll be saved when I had like the GK cab that I bought at the time in the peavy and head it's like looking at falling about nine feet also active user agent Delaware drew me this is like the very first shy now. Are you got a picture on it briefly. Cal hi US down and you figure that's one hit wonder wading given a sworn I was wondering I know what my second back now wave is 6162. So good at all and you get an idea how high in the air and this may be better business it and now they're Casper that proud of our analysts say that's our bass player yeah. That's Saturday and later this Saturday jasmine this is out of the jazz modes and to call a man held that the Jill man that's that's mom's rocket that is and general. Mean it does no look abandoning. I can't think you know those guys from the public huge fans of the castle well price yeah yeah I absolutely believe it scandal boxes I. It candle you'll see good. Chris what's your favorite hour window pane so we will when you first joint event where you're like wow man I'm from rude pump them really get to be able to play this on the base. That would have had a drink sake that I probably burned out at daybreak CD like that there was an effort the longest time it. I guess I was a went overseas I got by the evidently on us like I probably saved remains or yell stop listen don't like the 2000 really looking forward to you. But as a star now like ever Tony you know. We are well. Can I get yourself. I Ares I know you afloat all the then I think after enjoy and actually didn't have so subtle and so those are the first I was like listen to that is. And at work listening to like eight hours that dated back to back to back in the room at that point wanted to be. Welfare line and then mother nature's call I remember I try to play well they're aligned in just haven't trained to fight here. I'm like. Oh there's no way next like you're not gonna happen next song so the loser I mean we have some straight ahead rockers on that record would play the ones that are straight ahead rock and some armor more work for me sound like this song is no joke as well. Doubts by how many notes are they doing Intel competitive at. When we leave the pre course that's that's when your didn't go home why. When you got the call home voice can get a free big John. I had malaria all all the stuff. It's okay. You're waiting on the wings at Joseph box the big transition happening yeah get onstage what was that feeling like. But you know like I mean I played in other fans before I was first shows me then there's like I've never had a show where. The original bass players up on stage right border. And like the whole entire time like I was like I was totally in my zone like before the show and everything is going to really I was feeling good everything's fine minister watch and plan my. Who can do that business unit I don't know if hood that if until I literally this there's like a point lake warehouses chill and all the way in the back in Oregon is like crap we're gonna I gonna status or warming yeah there I would tell one song closer where one song called no lightweight where we in the sand like Alex there's a point like Iran have to like look at the set was like oh crap OK here we are much. Electric songs is run back in the back but I I he remembered it's kind of stand from like the back room just like with my basis stared up at the stage a claim with the sounds like. Clearly. We're going to have disappeared so no I don't I. I did not know they'll of course like a lot of boost it in the Marxist like like I was kind of like. Blake not like I'm just trying to focus myself and I've finally looked up at a C mark to stare and I mean annoyance for awhile and holed that microphone cable emotionally. Our two in overtime on the just drop cinema. This will be. Handed out a letter written using hand is BB unplug his base and hand his cable Chris yeah. And we Chris occurred approach to guns hand he dropped it. I don't know I don't know what I'm all right I don't hear Vinny just looks up as payment. Kaplan Miller and. And booths intrude they're I don't know why any other than it's ever did some like that. All she would you were talking a little harder to find a bed at lunch that was Tony's idea man EEU. Country should the whole thing NAND similar Kuwait just passing of the torch ya gotta show as as well just show everyone that. It's all good with mark yeah that there was no weirdness you know most diamond bands was a member of the break Oprah subway bathroom there's always some got a drop and they usually it is you know usually stay with my wife. But it it wasn't that kind of situation and we really want to show that shown that it's nothing but love and and you have in this. What a cool way to do it Billick the fans be of a part of it Manmohan Singh the moment loves you it's a celebration I mean really it's better representatives are so great I. Arabs at all after Iraq. I had a story seventeen restore according Chappelle's Show won us the effect on my blog is because there credits say they'll show managers shows the staying power of that those first few seasons all of this season why. Dvd out it. It doesn't give you an episode breakdown so I bought season one and two Josh to give Charlie Murphy is true Hollywood story yeah I called them a little crazy dedicated that a good luck man I got six years with a stories. Army had absolutely I have man creating news stories or something about all want our pancakes. Yeah it is. Do you. Thousands that yeah. I thank you still doing a damn old John impressions and play if you know and and it's insane to think like that show still had a good during the Jong Carter thing where we were straight up. When Tony and I were all that's of another bit of news when Tony or at the escrow company signing for our how that's right you have a home yeah our population that journey isn't over. And even did a shred PT SD and it's it's slowly fading a bit and a half years. We got the registry number the deed is registered with the state your name here's your registry number in the of them the funds have been transferred it is dawn. The voter you love to close the Pope god take you now don't I don't know are there we're gonna call you back why there was a hiccup and now when it opened up what are she's such a hell that it's finally like it's going to be OK it's gonna be okay B a we we close on the house. Panel of that is over and we have other news good news we have actually some amazing news this this happened within. 24 hours rosenhaus dot com. Window pane is now working with the artery group international they are an international booking agency US Australia and New Mexico Canada. They it's interesting year A Europe. And they separate the UK from Europe's second is the UK seceded from the European public radio address this URL so because of wrecks it there well let's get another combining words now our agency you'll like Malaysian as one of the hottest and our love plays or the Mexican news hello Lisa let's get confusion tags and I'd look yeah and certain web sites. Yeah and I but anyway. Armed yeah policies through. I gotta give a shout out to go to our man Tracy moody at studio seven and a half. We love you Tracy man but we were talking about makes fast and I was telling him and we want to make that are tore kick off party just one hit the road or this fall. We're working on the DT also makes us and he and I got a dialogue going and bio that dialogue. Palm. We were able to to reach out to the artery group and it was really cool because some. They they knew we work. On Trevor the president was caught wind of Pena and then numb which is nice that yes I don't want to go do that I knew that we were done who we are Q you get us organized first conference call are here. Joseph Joseph QVC is named ease or direct agents to acute acute T you see this toilet literally today we had a council's warning was a joke man. So the little British girl on the doll by directory has a really hot voice and I do love it that said how do I say your name and he just started a lot of I should say they're really appreciate you asking but it's like OCC EIA. Yeah but oak UT EC LO IQT and I'm like right on the yet he dirty to where we had that first conference call him and he was like. See you still don't you representation representation would now he's like. That's crazy Willie we know he's cool. But you did this and he knew him to a fight for the death punch he did all I don't hero. Yes we caught alive and stay ahead. Like that's crazy warlike. We now. He's like so we're. You know you're sort of get a PSC's sell out shoebox art institute a little adult conversation he was like TSX instead of how did you guys that helped you guys be where you're and not have any. So. He's really excited the the companies really excited and RBC we're really excited does this mean you guys get to go to Australia I'm and I hope our announcer the red. I don't go right now basically we're now or minority arm there's got very low and Alpine might know all the. Food. Stock cranky and I haven't heard actually that in Australia the American accent. These acts is supposedly hot as hell. I like women go nuts like that what now we have western Maryland which yelled you know there where looks datagrams all these tools available drop drop. And then yeah now is gonna happen. So zoo. Actually my wife was 21 win to head of the first call only. My god and honey we just landed a major international agency they're excited to work with us they're going to be. Really going to work for the band and trying to grow them them the brand and grow the band and this is some real serious stuff Antonio's then Kristen really hit the jackpot could. I. Okay right now and I. Yeah I. Job well Larry I think it was like this second practice I was there are some you know and Glenn was like solar panel or so men. He's like game like passer everybody sign in the mark into the Meehan is gonna hand the short Toledo or what was lured to cited deer in the man went. Well it was legitimate and good and I still. Small sect of people that actually have five signature items you know with mark and Chris both on and though it's cool talking with those fans is actually really excited about the fact that they've got the items. Right during the the transition. Palm that have both of those signature line arm that's kind of nuts got a cool man merit. Yet here in this now viewed and you know blog. Policy were were released owed to me like as explained mark stepping down I mean. With the obligations he had and where he need to put his focus he wasn't going to be able to go down this road with us right and he he went into that with the size wide open he's a man I think it's times when a wanna do I wanna be with my daughter in Iowa this is what I. Right so then off to Australia and mineralized that is sweet American action let's try this I guess that you all come over here Rodman Cha yeah. So sexy. She hit winners and mama all I'm never learned early on top teachers and you know I got a cowboy boots and everything it's not the only hope my daddy and yes. People who grandpa. I'm not proud to know who Charles that it. But I guess is that. That some were really really really bad really calm days are deserved yeah I did you know we're we're gonna obviously be working. Continue to work to region were and arms and then you know we just to talk we had today just more and more routes wouldn't get on and then some of the perspective artist he wants to give south are torn Winston. He's he's really excited and come which is awesome this we are to you so that's at some some bigots and dean changing news for us some I checked the website are we we already got more pressure offs and photos mullets are. We're not on their website yet. So this will be it would make sense we are what do they announce that I will blow announced on Facebook as soon as you really know what the website are out there really managed just happened. I had I would love Daniel yeah is a real let me say hey I got a woman pregnant wilders no baby. It takes a minute and look at you they just. Didn't do much there and I don't think you really got your winters didn't happen unless it actually would you do. There's no baby yeah I need to care that the I'm not at all reassured me. That while I don't you have financial solid CN peace and quiet. Or are we talking now newsletter and who is an enemy. Sick this. Yeah that's got to cut that just went down to man so. I'm not going to be almost thank you again to all the leagues cast listeners. And you wouldn't believe the number private messages I received from our listeners need defects. That's yeah I guess I shouldn't yeah why did you see that Nelson was gonna send you one no no please don't Condoleezza do realize I wanna see this all panned around just better usually make it weird not to have not excited do you pick Johnny did you look. Glenn did you feel a picture. It's you know only. The income 'cause it's like a forearm. And unlike great Suton he's gotten pictures. Of kids he picks from just random guy from random guy this is why it's hard on social. Media I mean it guys got to realize every girl. Yes it is hard it's serious and it's also did you find I think it if you find a good girl and I mean I like him or not he way but I have good meg just a solid job I don't know about you that's fine too but like. They're probably expecting at some point this guy he's going to send me a PS2 I guess this is not a record she's got the mentality now all I. I don't know if you like to be a woman 99 cents I know you never know when that dog he's gonna get sent here. Send them a pitcher your corn hole just just isn't too surprising change your surprise there's a balloon not. You. Good guy but yeah that would not be as we're out of time off for her 2500 dollars. I'm not sure she's. Well there was indeed pick and I think that'll do you reply I don't know the New England came before or after I think it was in broken English. And I'm like it's a near Obama not do do it but I have half I think it was in right now you are so beautiful law the law center Sadr and then she's a K look I'm married. Mean but thank you indecent prepared at that point it was out he between 500 dollars and she's become know as I explained I'm happily married and glad that you for a wide ten. Well here and other Internet movie. He got under way heroin we go and I think you are like five K I think he was that listen five K and it dapper tonight. For a high with my life and she's like all the look and I think the DP came chizik on the friend block delete. See I would be trying to check all like there was back page ads in find Sony looks somewhat even remotely like you don't like yours you can either you're yeah you're right at the I pay her fitness it's gonna say it's whoever allergic and you look at the bright compared to 400 boxer to devote some glory lives yet what are you going for our kids these days I don't know I can't jump to hello there was Taylor they control a five dollar handy yeah. All at all but now they give I don't know you want that no. What are our hey what are 500 bucks get the whole war. And then my Dresser hub I say your neighbor spots. Yeah apparently did game we thought our. And I guess this clear in Syria Yemen while you walker you've got to put these false teeth in on hang on for quite a little bit harder on me it's still just and that's good if I tell you show you show up to that guy's house you tell the campaign you still we hear I'll read a pimp for the situation don't worry it's all good. You showed that guy victims don't look like her wreck looks takes good pictures I'm sorry did I photos Jessica and you know it's that yup it's like MySpace and I do think there's over the hedge shouldered filters a man's jacket and mr. Graham filter. Exactly what you looks like where my money what we got to show just got to the cash none malvo who are good that in my life you don't want to actually. Chile is the only load either blow solicitation Lewis will RAY feel I got to meet everyone wins in my situation this true. Slash utility shouldn't new as damn thing. You can't make its money cholera crisis is that still the guy on FaceBook. I just my friends and yet that's ME never won this tournament and I see people like Doug tickle screen shot. These direct messages on FaceBook of guys though like oh there's a lot of malaria unsolicited like hey what's up. And and you don't respond and I an hour after that hey what's up the guiding comes back all season regressive like. You're bitch you know he was out anyway and Mike. That's going to work my home. Then why do you think you want to kill I think it's hard comedian had just have a conversation right could you can't say I can't know they then they even if they do they're just meg not about in the thing is like even if I do you get a message in there watching it. It just gives drown out with all the messages that get sent out by them that entire just day. You could just kill FaceBook. In person live and just walk up with us your your. Thabeet and hit it real and what's he would swing emotion into this that it had no rings yeah. On the door when he opens big screen shot this bitch yeah. They go are now sheriff who has been over my name is a wholly sure I don't think. You're a big blue thumb you know the I like this stuff and blue curtain tomorrow. He knew it I know this is. The united I'm so glad I'm married at the other part of what's. The one thing that I I eat. Found it was kind of amazing is the fact that I mean with social media never once sending it deep pay X is the fact that these women I mean this is on the meeting guys don't realize. The sharing them amongst the data clearly ascending to the giants are hoping for that I. Yeah both god and what they're hoping for is that they walk into the room with taller girls brands are all the spare and out of you know yeah I know it sends a do you have mattress Mario Ritter know behaviors did you ask Dick to a stranger that's almost like being a modern day flasher. Yeah yeah it is a good. She's. However I trench coat again you'll hear the black trash can now this could profile profile and had. Do you let sadness like turn into CNN. At the moon good old days ruin trench coats for Ramon actually is nowhere changed your opinion do you pick. That this true. Yeah yeah it's good backdrop it is very Tim like you're the matrix you noticed like the leather chick you're seeing there and anybody miss didn't yeah. Oh yeah show off to these commercials governments to bring its. Does that. Arron let's crichton no peace is being Craig's Clinton Titus credence credence. Fighters. Hey guys battling Romans likened platform to princess Laura and I during a at all or Melia music got its name. And so they find you don't let me. There had him caught Hillary's talk about that she's assumed yeah right good thanks Winslow let's start roaring noise in the back and look around. Meanwhile you know it's what it is fun I can get time to watch this movie did you really yeah. So there and change them Joseph well and I'm like it's didn't score a little more especially princess are tall man. Sometime in the near future. Could be one of my favorite songs. Trained. I don't hold on your game it did you write what you the bridge this. Joseph the guitar solo section and so did. Hi. The miracle. Granting. In the car payment. Lots of cocaine rightly Sanjay really right there just dies in the lives that. You know. Things mom taught at the producers but it's just checked sort of like funding. Do you really upload. For nearly a museum's grand Exxon in making its. Bryan yeah. Serious. This great. July. And a half men for flashes may even the sky. Are just apply again boys. That's starting out and help keep shooting. It's simply don't they'll they L either get a real monster of the woods it's going to be a good trash bag was my alleged assault since major incidents. It's going to be great a lot better beautiful and yeah I don't wanna like give Freddie murder it's a brand new right. How big news comes. Crazy like what do I jumped into. Now it's like I was gonna do gonna ensure we know how I dress this spring as well I did like dale looks sorry. I'm goal remains daughter. She's she is a breach that she's smoking hot. Do we dare not insult the other and not that's a wanted to go. But some of my. Okay. The other thing okay. Replies yeah. If there are any TDs who haven't watched this. Like go and watch slash tour right under him and didn't let us know what you think of it considering your readers like forever. Who I wanna know what people like leg I mean I'm very weak general screening out all over here yeah. Everybody got down to know we can and always to make your had to be careful this one's on Isa region have a shell in the mix as happened yes so I don't know yet we should you can read out the admiral theater and you screenings there you stood all is gas. You know when you cocaine and almost didn't into the political. I don't wanna be that guy does a musician and incidentally I. I never dug a cave all you know I Joseph blow right at your college. I don't know I don't cocaine to watch Flash Gordon and wow this. And we need an over things. Understands DelHomme led us. Tylenol. Hello how old are all blooming could go to. Bulk stride I'm gonna tell hotel room in Bremerton. But it seemed like yeah whatever the other is not a west you know yeah Boston I don't know how. As you can draw there after the show you okay. Nobody's gonna wind surf weird mood after the screening all dividends are bastions like where's Steve. Last we thought we are running and highway sixteen almost encouraging highway period because you don't even Bremerton did I should disappear out of nearby roads yeah yeah. I got to play a lot of I'm swim. Every bus hit the yeah. Though I think Reggie Williams on the substantive one if you haven't seen flash Steve Zahn is something it's. Aren't something I didn't want it and you're missing Flash Gordon or see if we last saw when you're three. See it in his hip austere jive for me. It's only incredibly good. Because it's so bad I am I and are you know I mean it's so bad you're like I can't look away hey it's incredible because it's coming. If anyone's listening I encourage you guys if you can if you got the time you watch the movie and email us your read your review your. Ought to ask me that I'd just like keeping calm somewhat short mega you know obviously it's Jimmy Carter right. I'm a guy and a master waited three times looking at princess or glands on to something. That's why I'm I'm on some signs Justin and Hannah one hour. I'm I'm paragraph traders try to set up a one and apple did not tell due regard toes because every standard you're busy doing cocaine. I didn't clear how low and it would never watch Flash Gordon who watch it pretty much Chris. And seeing flashes but you get what the economy overall so or let it. It's it's it's great. Because it's terrible but that chick or nearly new gene that plays up princess Soro news she is such a smoke show she is so. It's. He spends most of the movie. Do I am evening gowns and barely cover entire body or in just skin tight shiny stuff. I wonder what they were strapped to a table and interrogating. This is bad news guys who played you know I know it's. This is this the music plays when they're flying through. The forest plan it out and she straddles flash when he's trying to communicate with dale and she's like come on Newman bell well about that another look at other well. All yet there's probably better ones because she's so obviously. Yeah. Well it's crazy man. They're under it or nearly a new team I think his name in each. She did after Flash Gordon all there was immediately called genome budget director and. Probably a tough blow but it directors trying to get another role. But she got things steam. Home and I can't wait to read these review I'm all want to. And when. Seeing. As for your god Pope got to the heads sitting in front of a move that just roll on the square waves. Hi why don't really this. How sinister sound sensor for you remember I imagine what that. Yeah that is what agreement did miss. So we do this. Gallo and a whole lot of irons I've done next to see him played with a course synthesizer and this is basically when I mean I'm not at Manhattan's financial help and I'm just sitting there actually is its way into the presumably directed played with a keyboard. For seven hours justice DOJ is go around just it's. So why god she's a smoke shells that are. Tony is that right a new the new GI gotta ask are there and it imports dozens or an album. What's your recent photo call this the football game remains palace of football by going off like the guards with the so I'd like well no I guess she still looks insert into the grip gave her. That's good to know she's she's so it's really got to look at her and video remain. Dad let's call it how much you think what it costs to get her to show for a hobby screening it in Sigourney 500 and don't. He is a living and I just would probably mean she's had a very expensive. Russian husband that all those with a series of oil wells and sure he would of probably eight cities the last shoe companies and rescue yeah. You can listen we've got a ton of cocaine in which you come to the states president's behalf. On my car. He had finished the game version of the flash big dollar yacht CNET red bikini picture report mentions on. Actually for her did physically go through that movie is so bad. Dot com slash Rosalyn Sanchez physician and she's pretty much wearing a bikini or brown pains throughout the entire film and see. It's it's okay and have a good morning because I'm telling you which does not girls and a movie in the US and Wonder Woman. And I and so yeah. She is my new movie Euro opinions there gal good you know now gags that are out there goal while you've got to accomplish she's a little older as curly hair would allow those things you really nice and a natural. Thank you didn't think it. While married to Wonder Woman movies really get it is it is fantastic and amazing is really world in obsessed actress I feel joy while I was smoking gun and says I always hear about members Superman Schuler her accent is amazing eleven Israeli accent. She's really and yet we only bad at all because she had to participate in the military. Like they had so she'll kick your round yet they have the two years or you can lick Kerr or just. We season. There's in the background of huge sums up what a way yeah and he's bad ass hot and I thought I'd like I actually in the room and that she's next Monday to see the film yeah. And I think may you into a double feature just because I was in the movie menacing picture. Speaking of travel arm after July 15. The whole man is now all we are being flown back to western Maryland that's right the western Maryland band blared isolation fashion and we're gonna do love our charitable surprise shows back there moon and then we get back to Nixon after that is were part of the me lanes do you eat tribute shows and I don't know are at the more theater so we're gonna get to play the moron not had talks a window -- never play the more stage before so that's Boeing. Can see now he's that's what I did little ones like what's truly alien Allison came window pane is done Neptune Paramount now finally the more remit and all three. I saw a figure with Chris in the band while the Kyrie and inside a couple years ago next innocent killing fields. They appear you know pick and another idea. Do it's exciting man got they were gonna let us play a couple I'll songs mom you don't want. Yet she we give that a player should we say they've given away now that's not how you can win it. You don't win you don't we now I know what are they good tickets to give me you. Know yuk Californians on the style can't colonial and post one. The general had. Now now mailbox most most of those all you figure there probably cat fights. Yeah so when you daylight now wait until we really love that good news did. Pre you know but I will sink is one albums on Taiwan arms and cut fit hits the films in Alexandria I don't say that we're noon to one albums gonna be what the hell lot. Knife on the other one was a deep cut date. It meant every zionists cannot get through all you don't you do if you don't play iron gland Diaz thirty seconds of noise. What are the rodeo manned queen of the Rhode Island hello I had no veto for the radar Blu-ray don't control is that if you and the sap which she played a little podcast threatened then I. We problems of us crap going on for the boys and window pane and then soon after that we got mixed messages asks yeah and that's October 14 keep that date three. That's to be over studio seven. It's not not locked in yet but is that it's either going to be in the middle of for the kick off for probably one of the first orders will be doing. It's a tore kick off from version birdie as well. Certificate Oregon wrote an opening for Leno came which is convenient for me just male born to be the fifth and. First night and the last night of Britain restored to woo so yeah I thought we've been there I just see you local brands do that religion or the such and such tours Tony seventeen minutes like. One day Everett Seattle Tacoma Robertson is like. Sure long long time. I had assumed do you doesn't and the hornets Aureus and real law that I love you guys hey did you borrow money all adds money but if you're doing it tonight legit know all that you don't let your favorite came across with a little bit of how. Ha ha. Yeah it was a it's there's always an all apologetic we we yeah were on tour lodge your broad and Tyson the Lidstrom and I'll just put up a post like that. And it was all totals on the insulin Mac guys are reflected as well as detour and it was. Other the next couple of these shows are all red shows put you know you did you did you see you smiling. It's. Then it would be funny you're right a local man you know like eight months worth of shoes that you replaying in town. And you're retired teacher since the list of all the children were on what is this rehearsals true. Certain lenses in stories you tell me the one where they what they did it's. Yeah. We did that I'm the first ever world tour that the next one day dale and I think Unifirst drums for Carlos I did yeah drums drum demo sandy. I got together it's just it's you don't quit if the JG regional and good luck I just emailed us he's busy. Press and I don't find another Latin and only one breath yet alone but I do it's. It's like another storm begins the one joke October 14 at noon practice October 14 7 PM she. The war's over the Internet and technical I actually did win it all happens within a week people are different time Soviet causing a little of the biblical and AM. The tour from Steve's okay yeah. That is the precious meetings we hope to have a backup vocals to the automobile at July 13 Steve talked to a question about the man. Do you like snapshot as to what men do blood on the road so hard you know as we're driving down the street now yeah yeah. There's been so rough out here we got a minute documentary were like two completely like Asia might go all the way down good. They think if you look it up biting you still need to lose a new new original documentary that I've put together another long long time ago. And we treated like all this we were talking about all the songs as if we wrote the SARS so like me about I don't remember a zero mother. That was a tough time at her hair I don't like just like these really (%expletive) poor documentary. About. New originals taking ownership of like Danny Jones Panama and then. Everybody. The last cylinder things 45 minutes long we wouldn't and a I think it's good that AC I guess it is did. So new originals some days it was castle through old meet all court. All we got numb Matt from van Epps to come from the band which was dope yeah and then JT told Churchill you know guitarist slow Zito wherever bag makes Cessna tiger I managed this killer Millwood. So we got to get that morning an Aussie men for new for new originals were so it was one of the best I think I've ever had we were. Cool rushing me so I wasn't there no luck George who does it unless the widows is what we were. Rushing and we cannot just discuss Iraq assistance compact and your destroying we were destroying. So. You know unfortunately my friend Chris BB passed away and so are sect of us may Simi GT Kyle. Farmed Tawny Heather council lady we all one upped chris' service. While Matt Cassel tour like organ and a dollar started drinking done done done wrong. So by the time we let them learn how much to say a new original show is all contingent on how much alcohol syndrome and so. Everything's AdAware yeah those are dead this everything CNET at all I consider marriage set right forward onstage I watched he smoked the smoked a finger pointer finger sized joint pain keep. If I don't like this came back and this can be used. And we get onstage used to go romance hot. That this hot and then run the mile is similar. And then we ended the first song which was. Jumped on planes and we were destroying. Just are just walking out of place is packed but everything's crutch I'm waiting for device. Beer and then studio just straight plays the murders. Straight through cores do you go out and he's got the Garfield lies. Cassel now is lost the whole thing came off the rails were listing all the changes right during my guitars are just kidding completely unglued. That I get off stage we made it through TNT. Hello we actually made hugely and see my name is good for all do it and then I'd jump shot down in flames went. Pretty well at what point did I hit it and I don't damage as you lost she just can attach is instrument there's no real base going on dedicate the so. The last one ball by the flames with a healthy the living crap out of his base until the guitar strap breaks often the case. And then yet that is well forestry or did that they'll pull that though the court out Soledad still be playing not realizing yeah well I got a. You know these waves in Athens. Always say he doesn't even hear himself playing debate but he plays they've got a nanny has remarked that in front of 2000 people here about six times yet. Yeah I couldn't figure how does he was hammered Richardson please stop please stop he stopped he couldn't figure out why is based wasn't working and finally the area of audience couple thousand people the area of audience in front of mark set the stage was pointing and yelling at him. You know you're cables almost major cable your cable or you're on the club your cable yeah. Let Joseph and I were alone. We we we drank after that but I definitely anyway that's how we get onstage after our three songs these he's DC DC thing. And throw comes off. And dude he had this huge. Smile at his eyes were just slits and they or even know Barack but he was kind of doing that if you run a boat dude makes sense just kind of swaying. It's massive smile. And optimistic. Steve man the he put it Taylor shorter and man. I'm sort of don't rebel and its critics put it and get their luck as they. Below we moved a little play your Ritalin it's you broke but dude. I think these seamy his eyes were just switch since Tony knows you let's feel you can that's wild I got. Iowa has a clear in his years dude like. There was the most aft up I've ever seen UI and that's impressive if you put him I'm not really happy yeah that was hilarious it was a great time it's your brother originals I thought I would share the malaria they CDC day. That's pretty awesome well I think you know hopefully illegal for me and we'll have met down to singles again disease chiller singer he's such a good and he came down just destroyed those threes he's he's and so would we can rotate him in the new originals cast we have to have Sean do you Arab bond song walk out in general pledges now Morris and imitates bon Scott so weld its its genius and hilarious. And -- and not be a little bit so. Although we have a video of us from the studio you can find it come out there of of basically Tony playing. When we played AT&T each one of them have been shot had autism is like seven these air raid in glasses and was in air kissing and install. And it is just hilarious man that I saw some. Hey I'm mr. voicemails or emails and text message lasts. What is what that I listen to I. About our show runner only. OK now I just accepted what it is no I'm all right give you other than reds and I'm really impressed that they don't take him another Jason Ziggy oh god. Still are not the ones is his space versions of oh yeah. This trend is still around and check and found Jaycee and. Yeah. Imagine you know saw the strange little Oakland's. This right yeah cold day. He's a big swing at Morris is Ara lends me. Well and I welcome you guys are high and we don't have a million ideas bring an instrument to perform a view we do have a new window pane song to debut I don't know if you guys realized. Oh I thought that was Shannon my home. But I bought it's it's an altar EO window pane and Billy Bragg. What's pleased you about Kobe do you a whole lot easier doesn't actually he was a country artists and listen you are so yeah. Or shift. And Koichi three stops me and explained that he was trying Ollie and I look at world and he asked if I would be willing to forward his new single. Conquers he claims that he originally wrote this song and that red Solo Cup was was plagiarized from now almost doubled his son got Tobey cheat sheets to sign off filing a lawsuit now for those who don't remember what was the inspiration behind this and this hit song by. Kobe T well I don't think we were talking about on the last mixed cast there's an urban legend and urban myths about. They guy that was in prison that had a ongoing beef with this particular guard he had to Martin solitary yeah yeah beef. And when he came out of solitary step to hell others guard. And of course accused of solitary where he weapon now again this is probably an urban legend but I've heard the story kinda Connell the boy's story or riding gear. But apparently he anyway as I explained last episode. What are you losing too deterred any just moistened toilet paper he worked that into what islets called Cooper Michelle yes and the ones that Harden he was able to sharpen it two point status got a couple times not and that's possible but. The proof she is and or cash shank. Was born and could be an urban legend out of early Coakley she was very inspired violence is this a parental advisory explicit lyrics until there are no there. Okay did talk Castro really beautiful. Mysteriously understood the parameters of our program and knew not to swear seen invoke so what man without further than I do with the world premiere Adobe needs. Approved share of the on the newscast. Now you find yourself as having trouble with the phone. Lillian shelves mom was home only yards. Her grab English and only high burn you wait till then I. Ron if you. No I'm John how you feeling. Yahoo! news channel hard. And myself. Loan. Now can make you gotten nervous we want them on the hand and here we take showers in the morning big wins don't worry. But around here burden more golden moment for you glad you made in good shape the need for sale they know that our. They're young men do you really can't just can't imagine California company. Another and make with the goddamn shark turned yeah yeah my. Go ahead standalone pardon. Didn't. My golf late show. Your web brainwash. Now some real love there might. It's more prudent. Using all of your business definitely tell it polish got a long long war money and putting them out of what. I. Fred Jackson Hole and you angels only got there so we'll tell you how the money won't let me here let your weapons out of. Photos were. Towards its. Do agree but why are those. Jones publisher won't. My job you know. Family law or not. MobileMe. My gums like bush. You'll ever made in my. My adult life in jail. No way to examine all our new. Hawaii golf Malaysia. You'll ever play my. They won't. Throughout the news. I know we did his talent. It's a. Okay. Career Obie eighteen. That is so as recommended and it's. Still somewhat but this is ours under the bridge. Now we do have our three word review of that so yeah I'm right I'm not. Then amazing night and Saturday I. I don't I mean derby cheese TI yeah yeah. You are agent. The email Steve directly and said I think I had a stress response to that cup oh red solo cups on. I look at my bank account today and it was empty and I thought about. There's Toby Keith and on our Jersey there's actually this is from Kelly chief Steve makes yet. Steve. I have periods you've had a rather severe stress response after my exposure to the Toby Keith hit a single red so lookup. I woke today hungry and tired when I discovered I only had seven bucks in the bank the last the next five days something images snapped I did a thing. I think perhaps it will bring both education enjoyed the souls of Boyd we find ourselves navigate didn't. Enemies. Are. Currently chief ladies and gentlemen then maybe real hurdle last seven. Now can make sure I don't hurt us we want them hand here and watch tape and show our morning and if you feel the urge. But so they understand it do you original leader for the back half of that was spasm in virgin corn hole. Hello Doug Kobe explained to smooth this that he just couldn't get the works it just stick with virgin Cornel. Thought still think spasm in would have been pretty fantastic camera and I'm looking at work I guess Kobe era Kobe couldn't do it could work in the area but if what do we should have a short now I that they will be no I. Broken kitchen the grocery store and it gave entire section called needless neat I like me was burdened chicken all that well let me. Mutates. Miami is meet the I've created preserved vegetables vegetable aisle for scroll occurred yes yeah yes protocol not that that's not a vegetable all the corn dog he's got coroner and to get the looks like at shared tastes like it sees it. Yeah yeah. Brutal sell like hot gay audience and then the black crackers exactly a selling point right there ads awesome bit do I know as a man who is married to a movie and I am very aware of the meatless action of the meat section fossil reared its assignment she's. Non dairy cheese it's so weird mental we are. Plastic that point and honestly no leader compared to what it once was like oh. What she was first doing the Toby and things. Who do waves could maybe Jesus absentee somewhat. Too easy now as opposed to it or it's like cheese cheese and I. Copies I loved it she. The season. Stuff always say to me yeah yeah it's called Satan that's actually can be pretty good pretty good this is. Pretty and one I can't like Sam made me one of those meals and she's like you gotta try this and Michael this is. Awesome chick and she's like this not chicken is Satan yeah we go I love my god I. I kind of got a brand they're assigned to us right Susan ran a collection can would like to caves and their make up the music of veggie grill place an honest and have them. A pitcher of the month jail you know looks there. Broad picture of him Buffalo's chicken sandwich minutes awesome but it's also DOS as it was buffalo sauce I don't think I'm even tasting and yet exist and fantastic. I I found the more sinned bon Scott video colonize. Europe what it and on this Mikey I'm on it and that's loading. You that is just it's it's not real meat actually he didn't even a negative personal mission can unloading from the area I doubt it's Chris that's a couple elicited that there's so much ear candy X and oh yeah Jessica Alba gets a maintain normal hornets nest here on the net loss this talent we gotta yeah there's a close eye on your religion terrorist who does take overload I get to minimal bits of it. That's another nice now. Marriage gap cowboy boots you're Rivera has been done here Portland then reality got literally reach. Up some. These are similar crowd started the audio bird dog does that was rude. Viewed. Well I you do that thing to do and one today. Masked black and draw the man. Thank you sooner one don't fare. Is donating now we also this more orange idle speed it. We will be out of Portland soon man we know we have a mad ass new. Agent. Quick thought I had. Some strong Brazil and asked. Offers now all kind of hoping radiance this year we're reunited and he's like that would be something about. What started out actually rerouted to be pretty cool to see this was back together yeah sitting there anymore and neither. Or seven. This thing you're fighting all right my front door and they've got to stay positive and of the show thanks and welcome Buddha than Xperia. I figured it. The ISO profits of rage but it just wasn't I mean it's not the same. I wanna see EUS exactly yeah exactly oh and there's a power designs voice that as great as chuck. I mean I seem I would I think good that you have watched footage and they sound fine in nine we never her exact singles so. Also a shock to you and and be real from las ever so we're doing Mario gap read some yes there was evidence showed zero again I was sore throat that yes we like G mail like both disaster should just be doing just fine but it's not the same but it's also a treat just build see Tom Morello ought to rally cars financed and well random sex are okay veterans past and I'm gonna pedals and play with a quarter on this solo yes yeah it's insane no DJs were muse in this recording different I was always awesome and a first rate shipwreck you have to female an appointment remotely DGAs or use yeah. All double guitar bass and drums and vocal Stiller and now above I mean and you do see that sometimes remained the local climate whatever it is. Typically if it stood leaning more towards the right sometimes music. Response to that and you get some good stuff if that leads to radiance machine get back together and this has been the best presidential runner. And yeah after Honolulu hi yeah. Yeah. Survive this. She's got and as Michelle Obama. Plus did OK guys who doesn't it I ordered all land and shape thank you all SW. Personality. But especially around the mix and chatty note on the task to make it an address seriously need to ask. Time I'd ever tennis. Minds that I do that was her I'm just its first ten you have got to and pushed. Oh we did. Yeah they're testing our podcast we've we've start and end every job episode we're doing ten push ups with our way of getting people. In the right mindset BA hideous war while you listen to the makes us. He's not knowing why I don't I don't Wear my white elitist elitist rules and have a ten I went nuts off to the David my knees are school. What are the ministry Stewart then I want Flash Gordon number don't always. Yeah I was coddling Melinda Google drivel small loan owner. What do we are Montana water drinking sometimes we like to in the morning and we're just wasted. And more look music going to some pushups and will be in the middle of the street somewhere in my belt town is doing ten push up to trying get a second wind to keep drinking. So then you look over there is a bodyguard results wall. Just like the Bob Bowman that Porsche stupid and became one of our podcast things and then regret that. Bob BJ Mays men term pain in the grass party. Their budget mega cast listeners general Michael we have to do pushups following were like refinements do pushups or drinking in the sweltering sun yeah disclosure yes it was like it drums they had so many people get a little lord of the flies. Just half of play here that I have up after the chunky kid because you're about to hit him in that Iraq. And did this guy who called right now if he was not there for the first set at ten and he shows up he found out he was like legit bond music. You guys to push it without me like acted as do more and and a better we get more and there were more people doing them and then and then there was this weird tribal hugging him balancing being like UC refer Seahawks game like that. The footage of that like these men are all looking for the same contact less. I found that there hugging you now they have found that. So like I want them as a group shouldn't. There's been a standing back a. Somebody didn't do it again and we did it all again I got like career or maybe it was deep bench coming out of luck and I hugged him person together. I am a not so well yeah I think you guys going again and nick. Did hear some you'll love the only cap. And just thank you for everything it was a bad governor. So I got sick when actually saddled him. It's. And then minutes is that a TV deployment. PV deployment if if it's there and excellence and so everybody oh it looks like Martin. Our plans are governed. Michael Gordon and nick are you know. I'm an hour and they're little. Looser and uncharted island you know bones anyway he ordered that you should be there. I'm not feeling well he's going mono glimpse at the moment comes and plastic kissing disease. We go to make all the time at school yeah after I. Left among other things that. Conviction but over the holy name's dude hey he's our guy who headed to lose it earlier MM. You get the demands for him opinion that yeah booking big words what are they listen to get his walking carpet out of I'm guy went to jail all I was lying on Al diablo. Mom I'm DL. Went on here you guys do. They are like oh my dream but all of you got to hear this I'll. I have not heard that we were the Newark Eagles are planned we we took the sort of use just wouldn't were replaying her sound check in. Sound guys is just good look in super cool black dude. Now new originals as one good look miserable glad you mr. Steve throw no. So first sergeant hey. Ginger beard check your drums that's rank castle. To boil all Laphen dizzy just ripped castle. But the fun was announced that Steve woes other guy I think yeah okay I have a cool nickname other guy their guy. The biggest problem court. Up static X without my hair I had. Then this all started site bass player sir if you had a Mahelona guys. And I'm and it's like okay blonde DL yeah we all got roasted so let's just announced that you catch that he supports a man dollars and didn't parallels delegate count on Nancy nickname you Zoellick served called easy you know what that is is it you know that is racism and that's. I'm a thousand words from medium and and world report about that the whole set to laugh and are not solved its. Front I don't know it's lavandera is only like seven people I'd venture out yeah that was involved. In the senators flat it was really far you've been the general is now. I can not yet let app I went to an event the other day. I mean would. It's a Gaspar. She sometimes. Heard me that. Didn't. Crowded and with pat and it really trying to get through. And no one thing that drives me absolutely. It ain't a little bit and getting stuck walking behind somebody who's on there thumb. It's like. I'm shocked at Paris you can just pay attention but now they're on the phone for why he didn't want me I am bothered everyone around you like after the fact. You know me. I terrorism Berkshire's sounds or I'm listening she does so adorable what I wanna do is dump and a pro tools and just edit all the gasps oh yeah the macho man sir just. This is that we would really get to hear what it's like to hear her beaten region organism and we Morgan headed to get telecasts. Yeah and found a start this thank you recall and I'm. It's hard for all the time does not mean for the human. I do hate when you're trying to get some weren't so slowly walked king in texting yeah I do pull off to decide. Let people pat expressed at the mall. The worst is. I'm not I've had people bite or scratch tickets 7-Eleven. Call late for work I gotta buy gas your series ending in front of me there's now to what people want you'll know exactly know twenty people trading me here to just. Glad cop and a couple coffee packets most primitive. That you were up they're playing. The scratch tickets out. Dude you're just happen to me two days I hate debt. First person does it and there's like seven people now mine now there's ten people online no Mike she's got a mind. The next person walked out saying say they're alert system or misstep was could always or usually looks at finally had proved she looks or ally had a big a deal isn't she knows what's at all times it could look ridiculous aligning got to give us that. Sorry. You know it's like you inconsiderate. Doom and neither stretchers. Yeah to a day when David give us time to Saddam Hussein and they'll cut it Obama food yeah that's. I'm a big by an us like we do I got hit goal did you settle what I did was they remain guy in my in my son Matt all I got is on debit card he went. Bobby somber. Are you know while I respect his courage I just laughed and thought he was say no is it. Cindy says. I would think capital earlier today I was gonna meet them when my buddies get lunch. I park my car and this guy looks through that's nice car you got in my banks use cabs borrowing more if I looked at him and I'm staring at him. And I don't know we know what to say unemployment. Hot. In the cab borrow it. And I know it I'm just kidding anyway and these assault on. Our man this guy and I he and I would wonder if I gave my keys would you drive off and I bet you'll lose a little bit. You know you drive them out is gentleman is all and you are right yes it's good does they're. Burger King MIA studio seven and to sit there Eaton Eaton whatever. In this guy's excuse me skew me Sarah Sarah and I don't think I'm not there with anybody out they were stalking me and Mike Blanton thank god and front mile away and terra lets me like. Can glass of your catch up my poo and how might look like it. He's a Casimir catch it like it. There's catch up right behind she's free middle age it's not here to catch up right tee how I know what our mood you're in right now he's come on Saturday and yeah I think this compared well. No he didn't even have any prize very good thanks Kelly. Went up onions and pickles from his burgers just kind of sit there is revenue on his plate and so economic. Go to practice and yeah they're yeah. Almost encampment like two blocks and there are now saw a little longer as it was it was everything nonetheless had a bridge was always was town yeah our members and they've been slowly whirlwind frenzy officers still a massive tent city down their. They don't bother me gotta get a beetle bushy beard and I can't grow dress a little disheveled and they won't bother you argue that. We Ewing Jared I'm sure nobody as annoying your ketchup he had no none Iraq and also now. Did you get assists and Al Heyman Heyman hemming and it was. You guys beard all. Well loans that's net okay and did it anyway I want to examine and homeless camp I just isn't there world did little downhill as often armed yeah I'd. I do tomorrow that's that the and it's got another voicemail. And don't achievement. True merit. You or me. Z which will be a tremendous low ET the group she is if if if things don't know projects. Tiger global ones and that's why we I don't miss. I could slow down or it. OOP. East pop mart catalog Mike at this. I. Don't know nor murder all another car that's an easy one episode. We dared do one more voicemail. Let the parents who happens. I now they're dry air this operation option I don't. They've array of any amendment excited about Janet. Snyder is worried at all hey unfortunately I let my born all wired. No doubt organ work well we don't ask. Dubbed Richard Ross might get up and the whole week just a lot of. And yet they're. I told the story of how we reduce there was no one do you recall it was beautiful resort I just moved them socially so would you Souza music I'm so excited. I just moved over again. And I got talking about the you know together at the pump your gas it would be terrible Hoosier gas caps and a total market. Lost so many gas caps dominant that he went bananas and terrorized the scans to check for the month he'd call me you mailed by gas chat yet. Sir I you know that. The Polk Audio market we went pretty it was all remarks that he was fixated on it now. Didn't do a really good I luckily I ever relate leaving out top somewhere I was on my way to work realize like. Oh crap comic ask don't tell Larry they get a public forum and I think it was the 45 time mark got back into Seattle no gas cap and he he just went nuts he was in his own personal mom do you. When he was little personal music and Groupon g.s and around the clock it was completely treat him in Swiss re ran voters had to cut back I. Do one more voice. Ohio I don't weird way to end it let's have one more in a real your role as. OK so. This street cannot younger Irish. Are. I don't apologize great so be ready for our own. You worried and want you got to let don't know I'm and they handicap and AM all feeling when it and I have an. I'm talking super super fast. But it didn't come out that way somebody can slow. Mentally challenged possibly. But I'm not. 'cause tell you some fine to me yeah I just didn't read it to the region to other really tell Ullman the challenge hello I have a take solace in being with us and that's probably why I like podcasts at the and in this from the prisma. So I don't know boring Nebraska moved to Washington Puyallup. Move back soon practiced and yeah yeah. Yeah. No word yet. Big fan of the he's brought to you by the Nebraska tourism yeah. Not being my guess there's also an. There's I don't want to walk her my card. All dude yeah. I am able I do that so. Make sense yeah. Not panic button that I have but I get you early that didn't let it. Despite here I don't energetic men and or wrapping things up but go ahead from our brother Jason he email limits is c'mon guys go easy on country music a lot of Rockland people like country music also but I still love you guys. And your sense of humor stay positive which is Jason Jason I just wanna say. I have no problem country music now at all a lot of brush actually my favorite artists is John Prine and that's about as deep folk cut easily the Bob Dylan and country music. My grandfather was a country musician perform on the grand Ole opry you all yet duty plea he tracked with Chet Atkins and stuff on leg. This is why I just wanna say he com hi this is just be having dog would still be hard. Because he showed the jury is just making fun stuff that's all you've really got to. It gave everybody a free country sort of say yeah. All live. On the I don't have a problem we can't musical content that is only at all. This is all good all the word about your or my horses and black each event he had an us army army having fun with the guys that's having. I thought about all of this man and that's really all it is occur so no problem with Georgia music and we are even are you feel like we're taking pot shots a country music. That oil is aid. Pot shot at Toby keys could not boot boost taking pot shots appear from my horses went to bat he read to look up commodity that guy is not serious. So we are having fun with the guy who's having fun. And that just sounds like fun and get talent pushing down a senior citizen from Peru and he showed me that was the only on that actually heard read so lookup I was in tears at practice. Yeah I think too hot housing tears like watching it like what. Ever heard it before what I heard it I am the only one. It's 44 million views on YouTube always ahead but when I'm talking about the group Shiv and then it was like the next day how's it work and the red silica. Popped into my head doesn't go away but it pollen and why haven't those words in my job but it shouldn't Allah almighty god it weren't selling. And oh yeah are not doing yard could be key to reach out of me right you we know and I. Gasol Jersey no promise in fact you wanna go sealed. Budget me gorgeous women go to our country's auto that you guys have been around that time I pair cut off shorts cowboy boots are typically like all on NY and block on loans and a high sang tie with god that the final tied around their waist yeah I do about the final thought on their way to continue to see your insurance yeah. The other is and it's our CNN our all of those guitarists are lover masters of highly resilient Xeon riff and solo guitar players are. We're fine we challenge so I had zero if you have total respect for don't want him my favorite this is not what this was about what I was knowledge this is one of my favorite local artisan Bernama occur in the rarity a 100% he's got this awesome song about the new ways cowboys. The love that's lab tech rockabilly guitar man. It's. The news. It's. It's a new Intel. Abraham. The last. It's. A rodeo. It's not that fast. And and steal it's I think is wrong for the is bill makes it usually colleague let our lab had the great songs and sign an ordinary. Yes please know gosh. Podcast and doesn't Darcy. Yeah we laugh we joke it's. A mission okay. Good that they're ordered huge. We'll do action is great Justin said we applaud text. In the middle of the night in which is Hannah Odyssey outside because she was just Hanna in a black void. Holding a blob of black team who does this I ordered. I got all the boats that they are the power. The league can't power couple yards straight man do what you can generate lasers at the end dragon showed I played. And he was doing all the lighting and I rolled in and Hannah was narrow and I have my ball had on my hair pulled back a lot to lose very many. She's shown his look like what did you say to me and oh yeah and I Saul but all that's did you live right up close look. Whoa that was Larry should want what this series who's anybody. She looked to me like particularly what do we actually yeah we have audio how can I did when you called and it was a great there it is. It doesn't hurt that. No apple Dell well all live on stage and she sitting her piano and she notices there's a mosquito on her hair played again. Do you billions. That's lisle and Hahn marina. And that's why she's got a mosquito was an amazing wasn't like I ran out yeah. I don't know I was like around naked she noticed ship there was skill or her own I'm not newsletter not a war must seize items you don't get a senator deep it is she a good. They saw during by I don't I don't know I don't misunderstand me dangerous. She's touring rather than you actually did you send very first episode were Steve hitless at that we're listened to the new and horrific and tragic Lincoln parks and and so we just flying that it Dell vocal that thing you know really divorce all that's worth a little more less noble and help to Waziristan an episode you can hear me just falling apart and Steve just keeps hit nobody keeps it not a man. That it was fantastic here's the best. That it wasn't that amazing wasn't an amazing after twelve other items are this is a song talk time to think about you grow on nice because they're not I am finally launching. I never watch now to its completion. They won't glow. How funny how amazing hesitate show came on us we originally you know decade are we had just finished one program and then lose we're talking you win an election now. Ventures got that set that wrestling thing you know Mike Allen and we are still talking. It within thirty seconds and laughed out loud twice to grab out like we maybe we shouldn't watch this any was killed so we thought about it. Marriage and a great actors are honest and honest you know. You don't even need to likely to based on the back in the 1980s a legit wrestling it was a good guy came up with this. Wrestling show called globe gorgeous ladies of yeah and so the did did did TV join Netflix is loosely based on. The concept of that shelf it's so great if you average out there haven't done so yet also on Netflix is a documentary about the actual glow so you're really just typing glow on Netflix. The documentaries great union that we are wrestling fan either it really just kind of puts a person. Now watch Sen dog is always we we killed it if it was a really really good and I'm sure anybody a couple of really gorgeous girls actually the little Burnett Ruth yeah. I can't Helen she's really not Alison brie and that belonged on the blog they're both pretty angry liberty bell and every voter who really and then the little punk girl yeah yeah man is she hot it's a great show and it's hilarious I have eighties it did the directors or coaxed out never honor. And if we're married choked out rich mama's boy and just. It's really well written and I sorted out like what it was an episode I will laugh full on how loud. Very Smart man needs well well done and and it's funny could have a lot of non wrestling fans that are all Brian castles I mean at BJ tell me that. You were connecting with you my glove right there like I. I tell us where did you get the finish what you're talking mind I knew that you are saying that because on the we are wrestling and the funny partisan when you watch other wrestling training. That's kind of what the message I have is only got salutes you steal customer someone trying to figure out how did you have some I'll tell you celera's. Running the ropes and the cool thing in your park. CB great job right I'm sorry about loan due to a yes I'll. Yeah okay. Saturdays there's a class some extra wrestling David actually mutually revoke Danica. If you look it up there's did they do teach people how to do mutually re wrestling hall and it's not that expensive to take classes like fifty bucks a pop but I hope it's not a bad deal is still. I didn't meet senselessly Democrat not in the wind out of people because we ask you know brother Erika Miller had come home from work so many times that we give each other concussions I think we broke like four counties yeah. I thought I had I don't top class trying to respond. And I was seriously close summer so common it's quicker as the nicest way I did last night was the first somewhere like I did some stuff. And now look at coach and typically we like. Well that was interesting that local folk like that's in racing it's not wrong but is not necessarily right. Massa did a few things they just kind of like that like the jog to the ground like. Did you take lessons outside of these one they're fighting better this extra click last did you look look at cart that it jumped out of a river and landed on achieves greater yeah this week she's got a I feel like I'm being whipped by a dominatrix on my right under my arm pain that's sort of statements that are available or you groups. Is it out. He just wants you look at his Nittany he's scarier thought he would be that. Not all of I was short it doesn't happen automatic declared I will she scratch marks cleared on your dad's still there in the room must I must I got up high enough it's a kicking some portion of the good burns actual burns over broke the rope is hurts. I don't mess of funny for you assume when you run ropes you watch our wrestling they bounce off the ropes of autism as being soft rubber bands know he's cables your running into hard. Tightly wound cables. And your body weight is making it look like you're bouncing well and it hurt. Did you know the diversity and those of you check the sell Apple's assure up and just this huge chat. Strike I'll amend unlike so this is what you do for fun not only does play hockey for fun yeah I tend to find a hobby that sent her best at boarding when you're out belongings. Snowboarding I drove like 45 feet straight in my own. Hello Dave Wright for sure and ensure Chris public comment a wheelchair and I have had had this planned out since I was younger I had this good won't probably lose the feeling in my legs so like how we regulate the electric wheelchair it's a new control from the back and just like we'll be around. I'm. Fire. How do you at all. Had to come hollered. You know Netflix and blisters guys is lower your blood blisters and that's huge rows of blood blisters dad's pretty awesome and here's an infected. I Jerry Della that's protested to getting flat. I do in the chest titles. And now heads into its Qatar and it's fun it's time. We're currently on your couch and watch globe. Hall and and or Flash Gordon death. We're both really don't forget to email us the makes guess it gmail.com your reviews of glow. And I call a Flash Gordon fan blow thank. Defender of the universe is there. Yes but there's a real. Are we get out of here that you guys from them we. Hey now on the snap this Saturday at this Saturday's final Jackie moon Jack trojans don't sound we're gonna. He may or may not have to go through. And initiation process it almost aides were gentle we guess Jon the only available players do at college and nothing sexual man I got clobbered you wanted to borrow for some reason I don't okay cool did this the rubber fit still all that stuff you and Jack hammer. To a low on you'll ever go like this industrial car better yet sorry about it. Today I went okay it has always been good luck guys and often jealous granite they news. Think we'll see you guys die I bones on the fifteenth loses Saturday Jared thank you for coming in and hanging out being an awesome photographer and just an awesome listener and supporter of the makes guys really appreciate it for us on the road older guys will be hit the road. More and more and more and more because today things are happening that strength in the talk to be doing some remote podcasts that's fine we got days time we got sky and I didn't know we can make it happen we have the technology on the app. Red wings opening and there are about an hour more than ten thank you for listening and stayed positive.