BJGN07-12-17 - Spider-man - Saga - Star Wars

Wednesday, July 12th

BJ talks comics with Spider-man, Saga, & Star Wars; Rev discusses Stan Lee; and talks comic book movie news surrounding Venom!


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Building get a hold of our severe web site is going to have all of podcasting Intel and mark feeding each nation dot com he like us on FaceBook message you're meeting she's eat nation. Also put an end to ram it down but did you may slow. Some thankfully easily turned one tiny 02243353. Since many not be digging nation in Better video the YouTube dot com slash B did each nation. And that he wanted to are waiting looks good on gas you know here at home in on dinner dishes or something just not like sub lady vision and didn't in my hand Mississippi. Or even just a very adolescents and I Tim rose zero minor bit so we had to go. I'm doing editions that admin and I got to Wear on iTunes and you give his former team specific EZ TV that the lemons. Magazine he hits the argument is too so we thumbs up okay realistically dip. True good point there. Let's talk comics since it is probably good day we do and I was the goalie here but BJ you are a reader of many comics. And now we didn't furthest on a couple of episodes back we know who's Letterman's home gummy guy your meaning that yes of course the man stuff going on TS Spiderman man. It is that the new comics Spider-Man managed Spiderman band. See we Blair radioactive Spider-Man yes now became Spider-Man well you know change the title of those titles so much you know I mean disappears Spiderman at the amazing spider man's when that goes by burning out of superlatives. What's the one that you're reading now I'm reading the Spiderman man for the top God's. Yeah I well I Spiderman just wrapped up the Norman Osborne conspiracy as obviously I'm Norman was just trying to turn everybody in his own country. In two problems just ironic as Norman doesn't have gobbled power himself anymore he's kinda not crazy and he's not super powered. First place well you know these villains they saw really this idea sister he's not gobbling crazy he's just regular crazy OJ Agassi also you know he's to get all these faceless and change his face we do when somebody else and then finally but he did one I was too quick. And who do this surges as I still Greg Norman I just do I get to another line and now it looks like basically putty faced man flew not a pretty man not early yes so that wrapped up and that's by anyone even though everyone got ticked off because Peter Parker industries invaded a country. Though they were going into the country try to protect lives they look like invaders human shield even nick fury said hey that's enough. I make a comment about nick fury as we know we start up is a white guy marbles and drying him as now black nick fury because victory because of course of Samuel L. Jackson. But I think for the first time that I can ever ever know in my life. They have definitely this artists in the last issue Spiderman decided they're gonna make nick fury looked just like Samuel L. Jackson I think that is kind of. A conscious decision on morals part. And they're making a lot of those comic book characters really relate and look a lot like the MCU. Care very interesting because I haven't noticed that with Tony Stark I mean he's kind of were still doesn't he reminds me of there was Tony Stark I remember you know just differently interpreted by artists. Bomb he doesn't at least it when Tony showed up a few issues before of Spiderman do you look like Robert Downey junior. And be you know Peter Parker still looks like Peter Parker doesn't like Tom Holloman anyway. They say they go through experimentally to go through Sox have you guys have you guys seen and images of let's just say four or Iron Man and his own series. Where they they are exactly look like the actress does this have to do is how do you really 'cause I have. It's I thought I thought as one of the ones that I saw when I was says still the bookstores it was not our super recent one though is like right around the time the avengers movie came out. And it might have actually been a specific time into the movie but they did drawn them specifically to look like those guys. A fascinating you can yeah I don't remember the title surprised and then but that was the only way was laid it was a it was a graphic novel and I see. Mean I have seen African men and African American version nick fury though looks JE but he doesn't look like Samuel L. Jackson yeah this one I was like man this guy looks just like Samuel house. Is there a reason why you nick and nick nick fury Semel Jackson both bad as bosses so you know. Wouldn't wanna drama eight they'll Jack thank you for comic series I just wondered if I'd be the artist's perception in just the fact that we've gotten like down on its twenty some odd marvel yacht I wonder how legal that is that's what I was think I'd like girl in the same. Seeing right I don't know one marvel I mean I guys wonder if Sam's getting paid piano I mean because I like I don't know like hey I am because I remember when I'm as a Derrick Robertson when he did the boys. He was not very familiar with Simon peg but knew enough about who's gonna make we Healy looks just like this dude I saw on a movie. Not realizing that Simon peg was gonna blow up and become a really big star TV he can sign Gregg got a kick out of it like this looks just like yeah at least something like dailies didn't like taken yet waiter something that's why I was wondering like wow I mean how close can you get to an actor's likeness and I again I don't I I don't read a lot of avengers. So I did die this was the first time I've seen since shield is crossing Lawrence plays an avengers so every wants a while that will come more on his book. And I was like man that looks just like Santa is not you know that is really Sam right there. So this or Ryan about the image myself player on the Internet at Hillary surged just now apparently the used his likeness of the female Jackson's in alternate universe in 2002. Some before he was. You know neat hearing there's a thing really they're all talking Haney Malick who would play us in a movie any theory says why mr. Samuel Jackson of course the body to open to debate doctor Pam. How fun is that the that's who ended up playing a plane experienced this whole area I love that so I'll boot doesn't ease of you know Samuel Jackson not this is like a long lines of way out of it I see if you see the care to draw right there eight that's like that particular cartoon nick fury doesn't look like Samuel Jackson yes not really nice seeing Samuel Jackson slip up a pizza so and I. As always it reminds me of the reason why Ryan Reynolds realized he was going to play dead pool it was funny is that they they describe to ask him as a Ryan Reynolds mace with a sharp -- yeah it is like yet this is radioactive serve sorry my bad so the latest issue the latest issue guess who's back everybody. Doc talk is finally back in holiday and in his own cloned body though it doesn't deteriorate easy young looking do willow with a Mohawk. A cool idea he's stubborn bull kind of come and I Mohawk yeah okay and TI he's also working on hydra. So who's gonna cool. Harder so cool looking new young green leotard that has a son combo Hydro doc talked much arms thing. Looking good gotta dig it and he's series trying to take over Parker enterprises. And it's kind of interesting. Part eight appears like it's Dario what I trader Ellison and our classic goes well no you didn't actually you stole this from the spider vs I created all this you literally have done nothing for this company idea release -- said including when I was inhabiting the body of your robot I was affecting the stock market to make your company more successful and it really well he had dark art market mr. with the stocks okay is that what's gonna happen in Dublin sick beats yeah that's the word. Yeah. So that's so I I have to say. I love the spy vs boxing now because there in two different bodies. But they both are like look I've been in your head I know your good dude rock hey knock this like I know I've been in your head and you really you know what you should be running this company. I like the fact that there are going back to things that happen in the characters are growing I mean after so many years and especially after the superior arc. You've got to have something like that you can't go back just to sleep why and black white good evil sort of thing there has to be that there and I think that's why I have always loved Marvel Comics because there of able to do that a lot of the time and dance slot man feels like he's been writing his book forever which is well over the reason why likens I like dance slots work. So I don't know what it'll ever happen if somebody takes over this book analyze I don't know and I think dance squad is to Spiderman as Scott Sanders to bat man at this point yeah of the people who you know. Will do the stories. Urgently characters justice yeah really really really enjoy it so I've NL also signed up. Is now back to monthly on image images 725 anniversary coincided with that they came out without chapter 43 of saga. Where it's taking a whole new direction. I will tell you there's a weirdness going on. And hey you know and all I hazel mommy it was pregnant but had a miscarriage with a baby still in her. They've got to find a way to get the baby out ever. Does blow hole. You she has some sort of special new power and I think it's tied this baby dinner that's not alive it's really weird all we hear the funniest thing ever and you go up Bryan cave on an infield the stables the wishy draws it they had to fight a bunch of poor monsters apparently they're on a planet where when you dig a trench you know they further train. I used somehow. Did do something happens on the planet that your your defecation. Then gets inhabited by these microbes and try to reform the defecation into shape of the creature that defecated in the first place. And they are now fighting these creatures I these these these ask creatures. I have literally you specify that I can't say guy curse word here oh we'll just say that it rhymes with many Koreans they know that I guess we yeah. Sorry yes all right incidentally mayor Giuliani as it sounds then again and it's a fun it's it really is a suicide is such a fun book and actually they said. You can pick it up at issue 43 they do a reset for new readers so you could feel daunted by the fact you've never picked this book up before and you just would like to start now issue 43 is a good place to start with saga well that's great especially if they resent the numbering them the next issue will be number two. It's. And that's why we can't have nice and I Star Wars since outside right now Star Wars. Did you read this book and realize well just happened between episodes for the five I. I'd like core hole move. Yeah awards is like how physical or well probably for five seasons we're gonna put that I can put a lot of stuff in here I wish I really would like to see this story line brought to my agonizing crazy princess who likes to kidnap people and infect them with these microbes then there's a part of a cellular organism. That then she ends up controlling key. And because she's always she's always stronger than the cellular organism. And she's trying to kidnap everybody bed and basically. She didn't want to infect Luka we didn't know why but somebody I think it was Thomas I think was so assignments on us remember those consoles wife that we did know about it and I think she figured out that you know I know why you don't want look in fact did it. Because say he is a jet guy hey Andy he will be at the top of the food chain business outreach or whoever the strongest one. Will then run the entire soon crude all of the creatures that are affected by this single celled is germ. Well and then it's flash is to a senior Luke. Who is indeed infected because that's how the only way to gonna really get out there because crazy queen as a needs somebody stronger than her. And Lucas is like already died in effect and he's got his light Syria's now you're all about before you're cheering because he's like. Oh geez it's almost like the best of both worlds. He's so cute this. Because those issues galore quail hollow log I get the animals with you. I'm almost similar similar Dallas for the bad except a except look this was not as tough as the board an answer that has to wonder how curious are happy to be a real kick ass but yeah I hit it eighty here you got a good point did because that's what she's doing she is basically simulating everybody with his germ. Making them all work for her. Which was really including she assimilated con. So I'm forcing boron is like you know against Francis slay and everybody in the never gonna get off the planet are there but Dan the only way it was again Luke infected because she realized. You know you're affecting everybody but the jet guy why is that all because he's actually stronger than you we need you lead this time ahead so. This is a really well the icing it every time marvel I think they just get the characters down. You feel like these are indeed the characters are written lend the voice of Tom Luken and the and lay and manned. I I know we can't see this because it is the episode 45 and of course you know there we we have we we've got where asset and were weighted asset that was the actors' lives and including a carries no longer with us. But man I could see is CGI under some mapped out before I'm. So yes the three books that I haven't you know I've been checking out anyway saga and Star Wars and into fighting now I guess. Nice we have some comic book news and Ed there's some company in losing about a fantastic for coming back enough dammit no sorry not. Do you really want that at this point I when mr. Reid and again do again do you remember I do the okay let's comic books yes for movies movies I don't know if I'll ever try I mean I saw I just got to hope someday I mean this new Spiderman movie makes you think they can get it right right somebody might be able to us some point to an end and then you know movie of the year if you wait until next year in June you can watch Incredibles two. They know. You know what I have to. Right that is that is fantastic 42 really look going back to the comics are better this because I found this on comic book resource isn't it is talking about Stanley revealing how marvel. Used to troll DC comics real day yeah I mean they've been competitors for decades now and it's not distinguish competitors is what the stand you call that yeah yeah and I love that. And he was explaining how morals approach to super heroes was more mature and he responded to a question about how his competition has been in the wake of morrow was success. And he joked that it was miserable. He says try they've been trying to catch up he continued they've been doing the best they can bless their innocent little hearts. We used to have a lot of fun demo we started out selling them and I know this because I have friends who work for that company and we get reports they start having conferences. How marvelous selling so much better they'd study our books and they say. You know I. I notice the use a lot of red on their covers maybe that's it so they would put a lot of red on the covers while I didn't admitted that we wouldn't want that we would take all the red off mark covers and our books sold even better and it would drive them crazy past. These attempted Emily marvel did not end there lead gave another example of how DC started copying the dialogue balloons on the covers of Marvel Comics. In response marvel remove the dialogue balloons which also reportedly drove the competition cor re easy you bet and I do explain what marvel did differently and he says it never occurred to them that we take the work a little more seriously and maybe we have a little bit more of a sense of humor he said. And maybe people don't like things that are a little bit stuffy. They like things that are a little bit whimsical or humorous but don't you go telling that to DC that's just between us. But yeah I it's I I see this so much in board rooms wind when it in our business and radio where. If somebody's doing really well then these strategists try to figure out and whenever you try to strategize art. You ELU a year used I mean I I laugh it's like yeah I had always the red on the cover it's the thought voted states the dialogue balloons job that's doing it. Nobody ever takes a look at the content go well I got news for Marvel Comics spoke to my generation better than DC did because DC was Staley was. They were speaking to the forties and fifties kids. And you know what this was sixties and seventies kids and that's why Marmol one they spoke to me I never like DC comics based on I mean as a kid you view latch on to something for sometimes some dumb reasons. But for me it was because all of the superheroes have really dumb names. Like it's like and I just didn't like Superman I didn't like Wonder Woman I didn't like blue beetle like they were just door key names. But of course for summaries I'm OK with an Iron Man feel like I don't exactly like yeah you know pretty fantastic for your irons cooler than a beetle yeah Spiderman media anyway some of those that or leg door key but it was like better than Wonder Woman or Superman and so those were just the ones and I didn't resonate with. But cable was okay. But they had colon like you know Wolverine night crawler you know some of that war really cool and timetables sidekick which nobody really got to hear much was was dish. And just. Back he never really made its dish I okay Sarah I will make tons on this show sorry I think exactly what how why or why I like marvel better when I was a kid. Because I arrived in the corner of all the comic books there was a little picture of who was in the book as a whole year now. Yeah exactly so if I'm flippant there really quick and I so Spider-Man you know and so you know your manners that expects its third Spiderman fan you know or whoever and I could see the face of whoever was right there in the quote we DC I'd always have to you know be be here and I figured out. It wasn't always sometimes the picture covered up the name of whatever and if it was and if and sold in in that respect because I was younger when I got into comic books I started associating those. More directly and reading those more often because I knew the character right from the right corner and I didn't have to worry about it. So that's that's and I look back on and it's that's exactly why I read a lot more moral than I ever read DC and as. It's always like it door key. Recent death ladies and Doritos are all things say you know you're kind of fear like the pictures. But yeah I I I argued to like I said the you know it's that that's beautiful strategic move because I am not you mentioned the they're that is funny how they were always have now left corner and never thought about the browsing aspect of it yet. Yeah Maher always is cool CEO and stand what is yelled ms. bullpen bulletins. Stanley soap box all right bat I mean it was just so cool he he was speaking to us. Whereas I grew you know you never is easy everybody else just consider use you yell that's customary here you know whatever. I feel kind of bad because were all essentially marvel fans here and the wind alone DC spokesperson is not on this could see using younger dude don't ask Tom and I could argue though that I don't know if there is a better character that you know that has evolved well in Batman and try to figure you know really bad and yeah you Spiderman might speed marbles answer as far as success for a singular character. And getting his own movie but bad man is still probably is still really really Assad yeah and and so you get in an idea got to give DC credit for that whom and will see. If gal that goes Wonder Woman also is on that level because she had a great movie once CEO it was fantastic light turned BBS we'll see how he you know why I what are presences and Justice League. But Batman Wonder Woman yet is goofy is one Reuben sounds AA you know they updated her really well with a with a bag out of all the characters in the Justice League and that would be the wine and that I wouldn't expect to be able to. Kyrie. Lake is it justice league of movies or any of those things. And yet after watching Wonder Woman it's the only character that I believe cam gaffe at this point and flash was somebody I always thought was stupid which is why. And mark all I mean quicksilver has been a minor character at best Armenia I did in my brain. But flash what they don't let them on the TV show and from what I've seen from the trailers. I like slash a lot and I never ever was motivated to ever read a flash comic book I always thought it was the dumbest hero ever. And I am and yet what dies CW was done forum and hopefully what he's did he do do they do them Justice League. Flash is also really cool so I think DC outside a Superman. Is really which is why he's so conspicuously absent from all the justice what he paraphernalia academics. TC has figured it out I think with Batman Wonder Woman and so far flash this is Superman they can't seem in male I think we always are probably Superman and that's the problem we have the almighty all powerful boy scout is laid out what are you going to do with the lawful good talent and all the time Freddy's always the Debbie downer of the party guy you have to do what they do with him in the boys basically and happier. Jamaican this evil just horrible horrible human being many dozens power just this erupt India and evidence a lot of people say that they really do unload David to have blood injustice because of that reason. They turned him into a bad guy. Yeah IA. I love when that gets done Warren Ellis oh god I can't think of the name of the of the of the book where he basically makes an evil fantastic four. God I can't take me about my brain I'm better they are I am it's a move on Hillary series but it's great you know we figured Alitalia but you couldn't get anybody who knows we'll know here put it up on our FaceBook as we would let us know Warren Ellis does it it's so damn good and evil fantastic for its brilliance. Williams talking about you mentioned Spiderman and we have a budget Spiderman news homecoming came out and saw whole bunch of stuff day in there and planetary bat. Well Eric Gagne you figure. Me that I always has got Miette planetary so glad that's a Spiderman as you may not have noticed this but. This Peter Parker was actually in iron Meehan to. I'm Randy and I heard about to stand everybody's business theory Aurora area has been tons. Maybe it just did a big old spoiler but it is out there now. It's cool I like the idea that Peter Parker has been in the universe since the beginning if you're not knowing what I'm talking about I during one of the big world's fair type scenes when they're showing off the robots and had stringing into killer robots. There is a small child that is using his Iron Man toy pollsters iRobot it's about to jacked him up here because I mean general but look scared. And it shows up takes care of the robot and then flies off. And sat little kid is peer Parker and so there we health is at a time and there are called it's a little Easter egg that doesn't affect the movie at all and doesn't do anything but it's a fun band theory that has been confirmed real I love that because obviously you know day UB Dino to Tony Stark plays a role in now civil war with Peter Parker and obviously in the new movie and so I I I love that they were thinking of that then Fiat or if they didn't think that they just latched onto this fans theory is that that works out I believe they did because I you know we know they were trying to get the rice despite American newsmen summary should reform. So without us telling when you know I EE I I actually do believe the call fight you know those guys thought about it and didn't tell us everything I need the yeah him too. They didn't tell us because we couldn't get right but now all I might look at you know you watch now Stephen Moffett Doctor Who or Sherlock. You know these supply to subway and dollar Easter eggs and I don't I don't just throw something like got away items that are currently there are purpose I do believe that that's what they thought of the time I had as oppose the way and not saying that they could have just said hey ornaments say there's no I don't believe they thought of it at the time speaking of Kevin's ID he was asked you world premiere Spiderman homecoming. And people asked him about whether or not Spiderman will appear in the new event a movie food and he says no. I you guys I think to a minimum amounts by how loud get to that in a minute Mac Kevin fight he did say I think they're focusing on making a great event a movie and I don't know much about it. But I know that they're off to a good start with Tom hardy so Tom hardy will be a part of it and diabetes and a I believe so. So it'll be kind of interesting where there's going to be going with didn't play again venomous currently. And Ned leaves in my doing that guy had Betty brands old boy from Spiderman I think he's the one. He's if I'm not mistaken he's paralyzed. In the comic books and men but he throws on the venom out to meet you ZZR I think it's no leads as I'm not mistaken so I wonder if it's that version or another or just going to Topher Grace. Character that no no unless you know we had and yet they haven't said anything other than the fact that the they'll have supporting players silver sable and black cat in the venom movie but no Spiderman and can we did find over sales going to be and it's yes she was just in the last she was also met Norman Osborne story line. Not. And we all thought she was Damon she came back to lead to savor country and of Puerto LA and according to. As Sony Pictures that we found that possibly the villain and they're going to say that it's going to be carnage. Well age she encourages our first experiment maniac essentially this NBI goes up goes kind of off goes crazy and gets hooked up with a guy and I think main Cassidy I can't quite remember it but he's basically murder Rana. Ben and has a little bit ave anti hero sort of thing more carnage just pure venom out here murder. Play in Alice will be actually end it'll be interesting to see where they're gonna be going without any dancing. I hope not okay good because I know that the Symbian it does not like loud noises as trials so hopefully that will cure that issue ES will Kelso show up that's the other thing we need to know tell us not just I think that was sorely missing from I had I ask that is and that's how I act OK fine stop that and then finally we give them more words from fighting because he's talking about. That the sequel to Spider-Man homecoming. Not going to be happening any time zone ranked homecoming queen that the minute now from night it would stop that. It will kick start the new chapter of the marvel cinematic universe. After the events of avengers for her now in Manger square avengers for gas avengers three is infinity war which is happening next year yeah mangers Maurer. Does not is does not have a title yet and will happen in May have when he nineteen. But it they're saying that that after that movie the sequel to Spider-Man homecoming were present a new period for marvel wait a minute you sit avengers forest when he nineteen an avengers threes 28 team gaffe yet. They're they're gonna do back to back years with those movies and they're pushing them out okay. But I reason that's what they're saying that ever wanna work when does that ever I mean do you think of any good movie wig there to back tobacco like that it's always been crap it less they're filming man. Concurrently even the well they did that with the matrix two and three and they improvement. Yemenis it's always call them Lord of the Rings movies what says now The Lord of the Rings movies they filmed all three of those in the eye so I rest my case. There is more so bad Hobbits were approved the by up to their China stretched out one booking to three movies now when we used to weight The Lord of the Rings movies are also the same time curry even though they were released what every two years or was it every every two years he had area and rich and they married two years a lot of those guys yet. Oh okay yeah well all right that's pressed pretty amazing that's rob that steal a success story I know but then again. You know Peter Jackson and those guys they really did take good care with that and I entered and actually fight he is saying that avengers. Why are there any area there are film unless China yet is a wife and I had our the birthday schedule for hers they're virtually every year is to go see those movies I don't. What does it mean for the end wealthy considering fighting use the term and it doesn't actually mean that avengers or will not. Marks the conclusion of the entire universe it just seems like a logical decision more than anything else says the contracts of Robert Downey junior Chris and his mark ruffle of Scarlett Johansson Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth are coming to went and try and a lot of those people have. Said that they are going to be OK with no longer reprise in those characters at that point and plus at that point it also gives a chance to have some. Some meaning to having this and an old put some weight to that last movie because you don't know who's gonna lynch you don't know who's gonna dynamics to infinity war for me that much more Larry you know with Rosie knows kicking ass and trailing superheroes that's what we need. Who the policy that is asked Hart why do you gonna unleash it like a good villain yet should get his ass kicked at the end. But leading up until that point he should be laying waste to the entire universe murder murder murder just like apocalypse yeah. At well not like thousand I don't know still sore spot why you bring enough vessels are I there really kind of just hoping that the sequel Spiderman homecoming will usher in a new period for marvel allowing pass a minute. Try to rent second period yet yet yeah he's talking about schools stuff thanks fire there who are hoping that big can now focus on new characters that will be either making their debut or have more recently done that. Characters like captain marvel Dr. strange a black panther. And I could definitely see Spider-Man leading the new avengers going on in two phase for Maria so I can be I mean he has a history there that they should be doing and that's experiment history class. You know OK we're done with this now it's time to get to rule. She twists TV. Mickey out what's the real world well I kind of found the more Garland the galaxy information on who. And that only Jane you've done it already has a certain number of songs you would like including our galaxy MP3 guys. A 181 song always. Told them I'm assuming you can implement new Dylan songs and moving no matter how long it is. But I really do hope on the same theme makes a Spotify island stream makes hey you guys could check this out yeah Camaro in star lords infinite playlist on American morning and I probably payments to. I think the camera camera all I know that's it and move the camera star learns through that now I'm not want to hear that guy I like camera to take goddamn house that is gas giant flaming turn old typical. I am looking about to marveled another marvel cinematic universe only fox. So we know that an apocalypse is accompanying hits you know I expect a partly it's already happened yet they're not exempt pilots they see as an hour Phoenix in an area an apocalypse is the last then Lou is that. I feature. Oh. Your face this union at their some sun yup we know it okay hold a. And no we actually recently did talk about everyone who is going to be apart then why is Jimmy McIlroy aim Michael fast thunderbolt wow that I'd like all local. You know so we turn urging grade I was. Guys I don't know and it Ty shared in a cycle sort and a storm back night crawler just the chassis is reported to play the Empresa low along drunk. Oh yeah. A. One though we know is was missing from the list that we read awhile ago how was no quicksilver and we are really wondering if he was gonna come back nine and well I think he. Believe we're dream that this that weren't true. OK. And I. Okay movie with out of me on new X maybe I should say without a quicksilver. And possibly difficult that amazing what I'm easily because visuals seen Giambi and I like Darren Johnson but boy this quicksilver just due to snow yes I have exceeded their idea. Thank you OK. Yeah I mean it's. I'll females totally going for the other thing that I'm concerned that's a candle of legal what is. So what it and the Captain America shield what does it made out of time I uranium by rainy on the so what is hot guy shield made out of. Harmonizing old daughter. I treat. That's the LA are you learn all I took a zero I might now be hasn't run I don't. And yeah I. John could one day at a quicksilver I got there I was hurting you want to still very small yet it was a real horror stories he announced. Commend him in the marvel stuff none she Jason stays and also a marvel movies. I hope as a villain and not a hero. Well lane. We don't really not a apparently he's you know and he's not the kind person silica Boyd. You know and part franchiser in franchise imovie has fastened fury and and seen a chance border. All the good stuff but apparently you know they wasn't that he didn't try it's like I Kevin fight he revealed that the CD had asked him to take our all one of the film's tank and he said no we talked some about doing a role in one of our movies it didn't end up working out unscheduled and work out. As another meeting a few days later in my cellphone rang I didn't recognize the number but I answered it and it was Jason stave them. He was saying sorry it didn't work out maybe next time he couldn't have been nicer. Well being the bad as Cindy's is like on sir it would work out and about who they were is why mice were considering report. Don't I take a low Phillies isn't and I did occasionally young knew there were rumors for awhile that he was in a may be being daredevil. Let's oh. People kind of. OUIMETV. Show and again. Some people like may be ample size but in a movie year whatever who would you guys think Jason Stevens could play I can seem as bull's eye and that's kind of the only care cricket team that rain like that's and it. Right really right. When you know what he's going do. I am wrong Nigeria where a million Willy movie you want and I was little thing that you make your band Thelma and I Lobo how low low low blows DC and Camilo he's he's he's. You know I think you're daily pick for a marrow was it Elena Rosario green. Not that I had to mull I would be a great and I if you get gave it to give you some of his accent. Boy he could be a good Ben Graham. Food. You see because he salty you know he's a salty guy might be tools. Is cover and prost and yeah everything's covered in CBS presidential term well I was thinking more when he's human because he went about how young they wanted to go with these characters are here because he's an older guy now so I have actually had Amazon nick fury. How I was an ex jets had to see the only bio movie we we got a marine fury like that I would wind. Who would be white is has already been done and it was David Hasselhoff. He's not going to. C dot com I can't I can't consistency I think he had a problem is that I I say let's say it was a little too old I think to play any of the characters 'cause everybody outside of Robert Downey junior who. Just like Johnny blaze please don't like Joey even looters yeah. Yeah. You haven't really goes through day in China G. Oh yeah and we'll keep the other one we can't go hi ya Robert Reyes Wright knocked it out of the park he might I would wanna see him and a movie was so good. I Canada like Edgar just. You know Google image search even see the marvel superhero and my people wanting him to see in a lot of it is bullseye I a lot of images like asking me beer kind of making them look out to be bull's eye all of neck and a misty and missed here I think first I. Might you be mysteriously because just because he's wearing a gas fishbowl on top of his they had probably got he's really seems to just face it all I think I'm a somebody maybe you would have been a pretty good will we are to have a good 12 and a halter actually no matter anyway I think there it was originally ball he would have been a great but unfortunately Michael Keaton. Mike Hanna and I think Hillary Clinton I yelled at you're so they think you're just or someone else also as a taskmaster but he does DC leader had. Do you have a debt narrowed that number to be good puppet masters I have but I wasn't tossed him over it. And cost not yet well let us know what don't you think about it sends an email BJ geek nation. He could he could be he gives he could be like the 1990 exchange and how jeez. Well I'm guy as there. It's a community. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. But where to. 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