MegaCast  07/12/17  “Bubble Boy Smith”

Wednesday, July 12th

This week the fellas chat about how Ted was once a bubble boy.  Plus Ted gives a confusing Ted Talk, Steve can’t stop thanking people, and they chat about the MacGregor/Mayweather press conference and fight.

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Ladies and gentlemen. This takes me. These men. Why he's gone the dead Smith. What else do fly you know there's eleven. Live tomorrow and she cannot be and man off he had it right there and you know time for that she's now man. Jessica that's a much cooler if you do it. Dazed confused right oh yeah yeah our great film yeah that's photos movies I think he's on like every other hour on Comedy Central. And I will watch it while it's one of the movie you can just pick up and watch no matter what scene atomic anchorman Mike Bob for me. Office space flight from any I would imagine too yeah old school super troopers. Yeah super troopers but sometimes I forget the back half the super troopers isn't that great. First twenty minutes of that movie is phenomenal. That was a good number. Are remembered got many many many many many many years ago when before anyone knew another broken lizard crew work. They came into the mornings that I worked on any savage a morning when a worked at the end and they came in. Stories via book Gump who Adams brewing on their end to shows old and how long ago this was the movie wraps sent us a VHS. Of the first scene from super troopers are that first 1015 minutes yet critical car over and stuff right eaten the pot. The big prank all that craziness. They're like hey we've got this new movie you're working on with what we're bringing the actors into town would you be interested here's a sample of abuse the first fifteen minutes in the movie comic mob no one's ever done that before. I watch it I'm in tears I showed Andy he's in tears showed the dirty. I won't real love it on Mike yeah bring a man and oh by the way they gonna come in fully in their gimmicks like it as super troopers. So the task came in not all slowly dressed him ever recently had a couple of the guys on May remember that could that was the first time they did something like that they're like oh yeah we weren't excited to do it bites you guys were cool ball Bob but. Like that sold me on the movie and to book those gases that first 1520 minutes but you're right first half is way better. The second half up and then club dread just wasn't. On the bad follow up. Yeah I did I did. Lasted slam examine our love Simon San and I think that's one of vastly that would kind of generate if that was pretty good beer fest is great beer great beer fest that was he's pretty funny one. And then clubbed or what I went back and watched it since I didn't. Hated as much but it was it was a bad follow up to see preacher presented to expectations were high they work yeah yeah you're right a beer fest is great that's classic movie at all. So good yeah I was still an old school just is like you forget Nina you Isa you still like anchorman in this and that night I always tell Julia that old school. But movie to me it's like I caddie shack but that movie will stand up to the test of time I need to go back to what I aids I don't think. I've watched a movie. Taiwan and a half times. That's it's I need to go back and watch it it is not not because I have an issue intensity it's just not a moron TV from flipping around it was on an object all. But I love the movie waiting because for awhile. Comedy Central patted on all the time errors like every Saturday you can watch waiting and an office space. Generally it's on obsessive those movies yes you're old school show on back up now I'll be around more up the check on the man if it's on I'll watch it again. I don't look the wife would love this crutch you know it is so stupid it's there's so many little funny things that movie you just forget what it up power how. House all got what everybody's it as an all star team yeah. I don't know I'm winner citizen ever seen it. If she's ever seen I met just pulled hey that's what old school on I've never seen as I hear it's good yeah I still does something about Mary in their chill out some about Mary's great you're right yeah. But I remember like my buddy Bernie. There's something about Mary he was like CNET Teddy rose C. And then seeming to the old school teams late we've got to go and I think I think we want to Peter twice as the old school that was one make Will Ferrell was untouchable. Big right around that time you're an and you like that was like but now the good Arab for him any rate he was seemed like the biggest stars that only when it came out now. This right Vince Vaughn we are absolutely yeah which is funny now concedes funds not nearly on the same level as Will Ferrell anymore I think. Yeah I do you have soft spot Germans on that our love lives on what you were soft spot for now. Like I loved him in swingers somewhat like an old school I love that when a guy you are recycled and a resolve that weren't as he actually did a pretty good job as that. But the remake I know some people experience socked but I liked it even like a few years Joey knows it SNL just have a debt swingers kind of attitude like that is a few little like I love that even saw born I don't know why I'm dissidents on apologist. Held a bar remains on it can be fun I do now now now eighteen new us. Yeah I try and randomly go to Vince Vaughn and what are. I've met Beckett and Def and yeah I try to go toss this off bright are you different in this bright but I feel like if it was a good thing in music you guys we don't need drinks like failure is never part of his entourage. We figure out a way to become part of responds entourage EST that's something we've never done legal hit LA stripped yes. And you're ourselves the celebrity's. Ted you're the best way to do that but do intend pushups are not but LA for the record I got to sort it out it's like golf. I feel so much better today than I did a week ago right after July 4 I was like these push ups or find ya I felt like such a fat ass last week's quake three hamburgers and hot dog the ticket for. Here before we did push it I wanna play this for you this I would Clinton on the makes desperate do it applies more on the mega gifts of the voicemail from. Somebody that listens about the may scares in the mega cats are nice but it's all about his experience appear in the grass and how much funny had. Thanks to the mega cats and getting tanned nice. Hey guys trichet Lynette. I always in shape thank you all SW. I'll personality. But especially around and mix and Chad even Osama cast. Your tea and Graham seriously these tests. I might ever had in my entire life it's thank you Steve Kerr. I needed to surge and you have got two n.'s Lucia you didn't do it again and we did it all again. I got like three years or maybe you didn't ask kind of my entire life. You guys again and did you communal love you on the cap. And thank you for everything you have left on her at snell signing off that one actually I. Also how great is that uneasy like in Teddy there's so much ask ask. They're got to play advertising isn't for you sets in Wenatchee all right it's intended to send a band and we both love highly suspect holly yeah this song. And it all so good perfect summer songs. It didn't want to get ten Mega Millions to get the blood club and are racing in the brain fog CNN. It's hurting yesterday's U. And imagine that hope forward flip thing in the world of wrestling. I have a masterful landing after the close flat yesterday it was sort of a few times Friday night. I Amanda looks a little later this town. I kept letting out my dad. I relay any of my back. Series like slight pop bubbles like all right he's back into perfect time given wrestling class tonight to get more sore. And get more hurt more solar. Tour it's okay. These ticks me. Steve I'm not sure about this dead duck. All over the place I do know it's stay the course. Do you want them. I just look at you're your own adventures I thought I. What area gathered I don't. And all I. I don't know where my head is that what I wrote there was doubt that now that I just read about jokes. That makes no sense stay the course it'll be all right though I'd ask that. Still would jump on whoever you want yeah I could of course while you do it don't go crazy to do whatever you'll wind but. I don't go and that's when you stay the course have power and outlook early this weekend at African like with. He steel wire in the road walk through the middle crew. Crushed you know what she's brought up aids like this and she's zero Pat Brown but that's right they'll we L web don't do and others have done. Create your own path and you don't like he used to have him I do what I want to understand how my own course. I don't get outside let's say you gotta go hiking in the just go outside take a walk around your city or town. Do what you want so until you do a dance they have you wanted to do what I want as it lets your husband's like honey when you take a walk does that do outline. I sit on the couch and watch old school. So we should go for a walk Connie yeah I'm gonna watch old school and then decide yeah. Tomorrow go for a walk is that when I wanna go for a walk at what you watch the garage gets deluged. Grossly you've gone a while we went for a walk through our chambers banks who walked around. By the way that golf course. One of the ugly his golf courses I've ever see what my own two eyes it is him I forget what you were making fun of that golf course when the US open was here. I can be an incredible golf course to play on but visually it looks like a forest fire just went through that golf course. It's a grass yeah I saw bird looking at each it's not. Berg though at just the way he looks in the summer. They look like that all the time it looks like crap. So I would have defended chambers bay give you got this look like I'll do what I want I'm defending chambers Larry here's what jury transition aide. While things are shut off because it's like you're charged rape and it's doing what he wants to stick its own perhaps Steve as a world while getting. And his old woman since he doesn't want to remove chorus it's being we do. And she sees us and you know who have debt available on the banks of Jews and I had. Why so well like all funny ha ha. It's either like maybe your grandchild her daughter saw an older woman not yeah regular pride thirties. And speed of them do old lady can go through all cannot have it like Mike we're gonna do reg yeah. Here's our dog that we've had for seven years do you expect that so now we had a tiny dog it sucks but you know. Sheila yeah it's just great dog you know. Diagram moll won the dog of this really do what she wants I have searched ask for docs already weird yeah. I was really weird like I never had that kind of up and maybe use is being super deadpanned. But there are still seem to be any sense of humor. From her or the person she was walking way. I wonder if that works at any point mega resources like can I have your dog and I. We're trying to get rid of this beautiful white cloth. You never know what you know walking around sounds kind of funny isn't it. How are your house. That's about 20/20 minutes by anybody that bar around a golf course there's are like walking trails above they're walking trails near it. And then there's a walking trail that kind of goes through the golf course at certain points it's like KM at pleasure playing golf. Don't walk through this area okay bye yet so you kinda get a nice it's a really cool view I mean when you don't look at the golf course in U turn and look out and see the beautiful June. In the water. That's awesome. Are a sound I think that is it's a given moment to become obviously ocean to. I never know with the answers on that I guess it's the sound but it is sol ocean water I know I think we remember that conversation while there are like world I think right there is Gig Harbor. And then there's this summit who's going to be Puget Sound. It is bright but it's technically still the Pacific Ocean water I know. It does what it wants to ocean do do it well. Generally. They are certain times it data moves like Haotian. Need to Rowling and her like they negotiate. He'd roll out those tides through Yost does lose once unless the moon tells me otherwise pretty much and actually argue theory on life. Stewart the moon wants to do with the new Marxist do you man had bra or that it wasn't the moon wants is to take a break Ted all right all right so we'd better do it. We might not give Jews thought they were guard blog understood to. I want to go back. Steve tell you what. Until like you ought to read this I would do three times that you fifteen well are what option did like three minutes now Villa when that happened did you fifteen good second well we'll find out what happened maximum had to get the Medicare is falling apart people could we don't know which direction to go. I should Ted talk after a sudden Ted it was a bad debts doc. Pet doubles balls. And let it doesn't we've got yeah I guess. Aggressive today Ono. That they have. I would not know for these guys. If I had been. They thought boys up here. There around there. And they're frightened a scared and alone there wondering where their next meal is coming from and it's they'll ever find work. They're Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield who now out of work actors who used to play Spider-Man. Till we live while you lasted through three movies. Two good ones and one big piece of crap so they precluded the series with the Andrew Garcia. That just managed to get these John settled comfortably in the city. Now he's out of the job but you can help you today to the Spider-Man performers are lending and trust. It's black. Every donation helps give old washed up Spider-Man a new lease on line. And Tom Holland the latest Spiderman in five years plaques will be there to help you too won't you give whatever you spider can. The Spiderman performers lending and trust our splash. You can find. Are taken Steve when it six or eight news. He loves to use. Won't call. Forget love this song man. Positive Chris Jericho a lot like chair the big worry about it here in the grass. Let's show results to get seven a couple of years you dream that I would really get. And then I know we talked to them what we did the interview back c.s though that the palace while barbecue experience. And I said it's a dominant man didn't even Chris I talked a little bit about a my wrestling podcast. That each record gets better like I am. Dog fight you were okay when I first heard them many many many years ago and had at their last recruit really good I was like OK these guys are going in the right direction. And if this first song is any indication of what the wrestler record's gonna sound like what to think comes on September. They've got a great record on their hands. What is his deet does he talk about what what is his deal with lake wrestling in the bank can't. I disease kept it seems like it's I've ever watching wrestling attire on my doing but it seems like he comes back in spurts for like months and an attic or does his camping and in comes back. Yeah I think when he's banned is. It makes you wonder what's going on Chris Jericho is home like he ever is home. They're married get kids I'm so I guy joke about that I mean obviously with wrestling you spent several days at home and then you go and do your two or three days on the road where it is but it's like what's good afternoon how shows anymore. He loves doing how shows no kid there was a period of time and how shows of the ones that aren't on TV for those that aren't you wrestling fans there's a period of time where he was only doing how shows and not doing TV stuff for it again this is just a couple of years ago I used to in the band stuff and then whenever there's a house show on a day off you would fly. Good dude how shows because he just loves wrestling I think he just loves both lakes are my dad and I get it you know he give many younger. And you may as well do it as much as you humanly can before you have to call it quits at least squeeze every drop out right leg it's like me with my correction professional wrestling career you know I need to get it done before I get to all you do it. I think I'd get audit. His body can only handle so much 3040 till 42 I started my wrestling career now eight years ago. A good eight years. For you sad and depressing truth. There's certain assets where Andy sixty cash. My Fairmont avenue aired the interview yet on members of the world wrestling. That's what Mac cross and we've had on the mega cast shark and I saw go to that arrow to the five shares were to BSE and I'm. At first I was nervous to share with these guys that I'm learning how to wrestle and end up there to be like. Ask Bob why and how dare you insult what we loved by being this old guy attempting to do what we do. And they've all actually been very receptive held Kofi is most pop in my tire so much they made me feel like I can BM WW he one day but I talked with him. But when I mentioned the mat in my hey do you wanna laugh go ahead. But this is what's going on in my world any and as soon let's set so I took a wrestling classy discuss. All I can we do here on this happens what I can already hear what happened with fists and that's new but I don't you lose his eyes lit up and he was legit. Happy that I was doing it because as an outsider I can now articulate. And and and really kind of just kind of BOB in feet and thousand word I can pick out a second the motion that it's very difficult or you know I mean like I 'cause I like about for these guys out there who'd. Yes that's paid the ropes heard the bombs hurt its aid yet to be the ending is predetermined some of the hits. You eat you of course holding back on what you do but then there are some things that this is humanly impossible for not to hurt. It's right it's like I had an illustrious boxing career him but it's nice that has an interview the fighters stuffed it goes like yeah like I thought in that seat arena when it was sold out. And it made a significant instant moment of my credibility in their eyes did you not just like that's the meat you're still standing but it's like all right this guy gets a little bit yeah exactly he understands that doing these little bomb set all of us take for granted actually do really hurt and take their toll on our bodies yet. I think it's the same way for us right if we meet some it's a hamster and podcasts they're great yeah yeah I mean like get off. Absolutely and they've done a few in nineteen are even like our bodies out who does and I stupid it's it's it's fun to be able to talk shop in your booties. His stories and you know I didn't understand the deal he gets but it takes a little effort put on a podcast it's excellent as ARRIS. Yeah I say cells place looks great it yeah. Yeah my studio. Oh now I know volleyball court think yeah. Now I know bond among going to be around that weekend you've got a big barbecue going on but you know not a bachelor party important months and do it. It's going to be insane you know what I'm doing that weekend what fish. I'll tell us I know I don't think I've been fishing in. Christ's last for so efficient vs. The same guy thoughts I mean I atom and fish in wa oh yes a lifetime was going crabbing. Was that was that I would fuel an interview with me now one right yeah but it's been a long time up. So then picks a guy hit me up the Israeli leader efficient sounds like Bill Clinton. The fish in a while seems like. Man stuff. You go out bachelor party umbrella efficient now and who do and do things here a man we picked that fork in the road did a hell yeah we're seeing in the course so I hit it it would stay in the man course. That sounds bad I guess we get him man course moot anyway it's awful sight like. Not only you know there is a good segment of that. Gloria talk all don't Chris Jericho Japanese got. Are you said about this are may well there're. McGregor I know you'll like hundred writers. Imagine boxing. I mean luck Soledad don't pay attention to what's going on but now I think it's gonna be champ. Good McGregor knocked him out if he connects with a lot of good punch. Yes how he's gonna command didn't get a actually harder fights out of the detective Manny Pacquiao match a fight is any indication. He'll. That was the most boring boxing match I've ever watch I know my buddies were boxing purist loved it because who's a science of boxing. I I'm out I saw does he not thought it was boring as hell right album I'm I used to be a huge boxing fan as a kid dating myself but you move marvelous Marvin Hagler. Yeah I loved watching him him. He's his bouts against sugary letter or some of the most fun thing Mike Tyson when he first came in Israel that it's Amanda Foster real and it's awesome DG GAAP. Oh yeah I know this story. Nobody madam. How that go I don't remember I was opponent by 8000 a bubble when I like John Travolta. That's a bad joke from the if you remove the matches that Jake Gyllenhaal when midway point here hope buddy boy takes you like. Pop pop pop pop. Zapping Gatwick ball low life no I was a baby I had. Group crew are. So not a coffer or something I'm out I was at a bubble apparently Sugar Ray Leonard came back tonight of war yet. As a bubble like I think like a few weeks or no you weren't yeah. I mean I was six I don't remember any of it is that why you like have people keep their distance from Dante in there about eight. While all yes that's always the start yeah I've met them through trying to go out. I don't know I really got out I was in a bubble is a baby so. Did your mom hit up sugary and Leonard and say nothing would make me happier to be on with my baby that's in the bubble and happy just from PG town Mena news at hospitals. Zero like PG. Obstacles to think outside the net. That's crazy athletes these Children's Hospital Steve so I don't think it's crazy so but typically they meet did they go and visit children until impossible to bring. The boost the morale the children I guess the parents to. Yeah so what you can't say I don't Obama yeah this is going to. Steal you Deke. He boosts your morale he did he was speech yet. Half screw the bubble boy should you honey remember why Davidson died on. He put his hands or some kind of a glove thing I thought and then hold do you think you're nice Doug you like him to kind of a weird like. The big. Thanks science experiments I have not let any other than hello maybe this above all how good was that probably be gentle with this young man he's very delicate. But people all instead of bubble after all you know I Moscow and it's out a couple weeks. Maybe I'll I'll I'll make sure to get the bubble story down fallout Mickey drum come and meet up against Howard a senior moms I think there. I guess questions and a bubble boy culpable but you know you're bubble boy I mean I survived summits I don't know I don't survive let me I couldn't tell basic. And they didn't help down 36 feet above all call 888. The bubble boy miracle so that we should play that our guys that that that fun outdoor it games the soccer game where you heard one and you're in a time bubble. Only did each other yeah yeah. He's seen those in person actually the other day were right discovery park and they were setting them up for a game of global soccer yet. And we would buy time we came back to that area purity Don the bubbles are gone but I guess you can rent come. Yes and yeah I mean you crushed people on those thinks wow how I feel like you. If we do wanted to do and we are BM CT good you have an unfair advantage over rom because she grew up as a bubble boy gets right natural habitat right so you don't feel comfortable on the owner. Ted back at home. So we get jury letter we can recreate the whole thing again. Jokes. I think Mayweather just stays away from a McGregor for the first four rounds and then it just dance around in the Portland it. Did that's that we normally get back let's say a quick break I probably gonna do wanna talk about the press conference at bad I'm sure a lot of people saw it all but we've got. I've got some ideas that Matt maybe you I've not heard or saw yet where. Floyd Mayweather whose dad got involved. It was a suffered didn't giant ash out Alia and mail will be and that's where we get back won't talk more about the Macgregor and Macgregor Mayweather Batman Gregg got. Lucky charms and magically delicious. Because only the lucky charms guy. It's so funny talk at spicy I got it just about what you two are made as a B back. It's summertime and persistent and unyielding mean just keeps going. So rejoin six party hats what are. We've been suffering in miserable masses paying out that dehydration so I mean standard. It doesn't work feel your forehand drifted hurting their conditioning that doesn't work ladies watch we're big east Milton nonstop feed me don't. Or maybe it's one giant mosh pit fully without the music don't mean that disdain that body odor. He's ranch is going on now it's winnable Luzon on water and wash plus running. Do the American dream Petrino and saved tendencies they're ready to talk again. Dana Russell Wilson when you didn't kids they can't say go hawks the aging united number no no just it's still it's rebuff to avoid troubled boys. Prior 49ers managed he has referred laughing about that area. Yeah ignorance that is the so the Macgregor thing. I don't know like I I would I refuse to pay for that fight hundred box no way in hell I'm paying for that right I don't like part of me almost looks a boycott just watching it then. But. I don't know other fueled electorate on Doherty come over watch I'll probably get up what should take into McGregor somehow pulls this off I won't. Shut my mouth and is that archive McGregor is the man. Army out of law that just because of the spectacle that that would be a plus not a big Floyd Mayweather sound like I I I like Connor Gregor -- employment Mayweather I know your anti Connor. I think I agree humor in him. But I understand why you're not a fan of his but if you can shock the boxing world by doing that doubt be insane. My biggest because I just feel like I. But I love MA right I still like boxing the best boxing match roadways can Eller triple G in September that one will be phenomenal how much pay for the OK but. The only the big ocean then maybe the big issue I have it I just don't wanna see like. But that guided slick at age jeetz do you draw that decrypt Roland around the met at boxing's a real sport. Now want a guy that doesn't have one professional god damn fight goes up against arguably the greatest boxer ever and when the boxer beat some never have to listen. Yeah now that got. And not just one of greatest boxers ever the greatest defensive boxer ever yeah like he is incredibly talented at being able to not get hit. So you got a guy who's got no experience or had experienced in years younger but that doesn't count. Yeah has no experience in a boxing match and he's taken on a guy who knows how to get out of the way. And as seen in all done at all nosy and it didn't even probably you did on it of course get trained unit we need to walk into that fight. And have enough skill to be able to dodge pretty much any Electronica that there was what if kind of connects whole different story somehow he's gonna connect. Right if he catches a little left out Syria like but I just don't CB cat and don't get me wrong. If we do this and caged Connor takes out Floyd I'd bet within two main culprit yeah you can use all these goals ideally they should get a three flight think. Boxing do whatever may want and then have like something in the middle like tick box and something right in the mud wrestling every kind of cool yeah wrote joke. Total war. So the press conference which was great it really brought me back to it was like straight up WW we type stuff yet but I. It was a and so we didn't set the stage. Connor McGregor has a suit on that says a few in small letters to make him look like pinstripes which are current hilarious yet. And so he decided he's gonna take shots at off Floyd Mayweather because wolf Floyd is just wearing. A touch track suits sorts and also makes fun of also makes fun of off Floyd for driving a 2012. Bomb Rolls Royce. Did you hear that part I hear that it's hard to hear in this clip but you can caddie here it's a year it is. And soon. Zoo honeymoon. Yes we've taken shots because Floyd is that tax iphone's 2222. Million dollar do you owed 22 million dollars in taxes. Who is your financial guy yet that Egypt he needs to be fired. Area. The 2000 and those knowing. He has a rolls looters he's got a good swelled outside. Of did you see McGregor senior Rolls Royce is a few months ago on. It's at a bunch of pictures stand on our rose Royce and then the people that own the rose Royce are like hey you rented that you really shouldn't be standing out from us. Okay. That's funny yeah. Floyd was on top of his games could've made fun of them for that you hip hop is. There's no but I went belly. His left and exit his Lil home is little ahead. I'm gonna knock them out into my car around my my awards. I. There's no way. Is bad shots. Yeah I mean artist he's special as a come out swinging right from the deck don't just trying to catch him by surprise before Floyd fully is prepared or or make. Mentally sex further with this style fight that it's going to be yeah that's my guess I mean I know on the trainer Aaron if you know that but. If I wasn't trainer icy rainy yeah. I'm trying to be a pro wrestler. The pro wrestler we do up noble in coral rock debt as a goes for that should it. Yeah yeah he should shoot permanent lock into an arm bar into a chicken wings Roma schoolboy style. I still think that Arnold heard you like McGregor would lose a ton of money but I do agree with that how many winners. Coach like witty it's really frustrating just throws a late kick had nowhere to imagine I've seen it. Had a battle the vote knowing you have because of an amateur MMA guys will take laid low level professional boxing matches and do got so frustrated he threw a kick. Which obviously did you. Boom not it was it was a little sketchy. Does he got it through the kick was was Russian. Any let a little groove is Russian dudes with them. And then the other guy when he got out his Brothers also box there and they started chirping back and forth all the old man known student to make some serious cold more action it. Are they are they gonna give into it out here in the arena that I was like man. What are your Medicare. Your love Floyd Mayweather responding. You can learn a number of why is too when he won a number could desktop long lobbied to documents. I don't do believe that there's no way I don't do well in the octagon. And they're not much to make as. I did you do you care to see how he does yet there's no way in hell you wanna go 10 not to don't know how to McGregor right right all right that's the site this highly doubt that that would be dumped for him. I backed down you know mother I didn't. And I knocked him down like vulnerable and August 46. Almanac does he do. I don't know not a valid points hands doesn't as you can come up with yeah. Yeah I mean bright light. I do agree I. I think Floyd at some point was like yeah we yer bitching that's ever doing in the boxing I think that's good trash talk but. If Floyd knows damn well he can't get knocked down those students made his car was great to have from Floyd in Connor having fun. Who do choose which way you wanna go. And I guarantee you this if you want on your face you know you're better know which way you wanna go. With what you wanna go. That's right. Smith why you pitch at all. Shoot why you pitch and. I guess it's. That's like the proverbial version of destroying any ground has taken a boxing match so he just snapped and then I'm done having a fun. Trash talking I'm gonna say this six YU picks. And you on the weekend and I told my wife Leo were about to get a law romantic I usually say this hour. You went on your face. You know you're better. I'm kidding no I don't. I never retained at W very disrespectful that's why would you imply that slipped several man to XX don't get me. As it quite a little mixed superb. Talk about the dog few female dog Lulu. You've got river do you give Lisa thank David to an old woman asks. And then add more insanity to all this. Connors doing some more press conference stuff and Floyd Mayweather senior decides to start chirping MR have you heard this yet now I heard this on this is dead. Yeah good. Yeah I'm. Did dad wants is don't fight yeah that's a good idea like. Listen this father was a great fighter for it was a jail. About these rated take on Ghana McGregor. Now he's not. You can small. Bread it's. Bread he couldn't he eluded Martin I know love love grown love. Why would you miss. You all. I just hear it and he's could be trash talk but it's late. You have no professional boxing matches so yeah sure that but I know that he's Smart he did this and selling paper views. Now I I don't understand why I say it just like for meanders like shut up McGregor and shockingly was racist again yesterday. Yes so what happened with that. So Floyd said some tool it was kind of shadow box and than and then McGregor goes yet dance trolley boy transforming. I. Now. I am being devil's advocate because I I don't know Irish culture but you're in America we know. Well he's been living in America long enough to know that that's that's a phrase that you just don't say to a black dude. Tonight I let go of all the DN says that show low gangster like sorry no you're not McGregor Optus spicy has pretty racist stuff that is that I. I was trying to be a double that because I saw the article and they can look a little like well is it a cultural thing that he is there realize it by calling him but boy. And dance for me all back you know I mean I'm just trying to think. That people aren't just inherently racist I like to think that but. You've never solve points. This devil's advocate things not working. Right it's different if you talk it over the black guys like all boys let's go or whatever right but this lake dance for me boy. We'll do this time viewer might only to our radio shown on video of the new prison like all you you know your boy this avoid that and I'll say something and then. Although I do have to keep that in the back of my head like I won't leave it to come off that way but if I don't about a block island re beating your boy eight. You know who's who watched the and that is in the news again. Because I just don't wanna deal with 'cause I've done that before and it's obviously not intentional no matter there's no braces amends and there's no in no subtle racism meant but somebody's gonna read into it and send attacks in Munich. All of you calling him your boy at all but I call my slow fall classic Ted is BJ boy hero say. Vicki BJ's boy even. I mean look I say brother all the time right eye and everybody there was a rose ya got up. But it chassis I wrestling mantle Hogan and brother right but I I've actually had that I conversation before the black dudes relate I'm not your brother. The tar ball how about golf there's. Kurt it's terrible how do you get out of that. Drew and I know we don't know all we're where you. Just like walking music lets you know which guy did they head out of there with a rather music I'm not your brother. But it doesn't. So yes I got a tough walk and talk that you're once in a bubble and you didn't know that there was an appropriate. Won't come oh man got. Cool take director Jerry letter visited me but he's Irish he's kind of gone down this route before tonight. I now did you see pretty racist. Since when are you picks. Yeah and I didn't write his book this is it that's right after like that interaction. So you don't he's fired up it'll be really angry this Easter but yes yes. It definitely helping some newspaper real well how to do with where we're still talking let's face it like. I get it. I just. Part of me just really wanted to be just as boring as a Pacquiao fight in this in that industry added we don't want to write and then I'll tell you in September that Canelo triple G fight. The boxing people missed. Two guys that like to go forward and throw punches while no dancing and like you know what good will always kill those guys that. Stood heavyweights I don't know and I doubt it while it awaits what they find out more and 47115. Somewhere in there OK so there's small dudes and other have a high work rate to. The background to kids small due to the scrappy or deeds but when you look back on the on the news because Sugar Ray Sugar Ray in the marvelous Marvin Hagler. To a fight said seemed choreographed from a movie. Yes you know I mean it wasn't a lot of I mean there's dancing on on the there was punches being thrown right as opposed to Pacquiao Mayweather fight would just. I am being mean am I I'm glad I only chipped in ten dollars for this fight but if I paid the 400 or whatever was like ninety box at the time I was so pissed yeah. That was such a bad idea to people on a program they were drunk. Odd couple donkeys they were so drunk they passed out during the fight. I don't I don't doubt that there might want to write I went somewhere and it was free but I I wasn't drinking at the time and not say oh my god we need to get out of this far. But that being said yesterday UN asked me do I even Democrat about seeing this fight I would've said no. Today after all the hoopla and all this insanity. You went on your face. You know you're better. Now below the mark cited why I get it they'll do it button. Yeah I still think it's going to be a terrible fight our Ted let's get out of here I'll thank you as always for people for our listening to the may cast mega hugs to everybody including you set the Wenatchee yeah. Get ten or more time did he do be doing when we got this I feel pretty good about this one. I've always you can follow us on Twitter. And at the may cast mom. Still my next because we had a day off so maybe no maybe cast is actually more we do another day and I we'll figure it out there out there won't make it happen people. We'll get it done all right let's get time thank you going. But I think people are more tied. I'm starting down there Steve when they do it. Love that game room. Setup steps saying number you get go and thank you. Yeah it was a good night fellow relax. Yeah it. Spam that a bubble W mean to me and I didn't mix.