Metal Shop's Backstage Pass: Episode 116 - Scumbags Of Summer

Sunday, July 9th

Welcome back! On this episode we talk about how Ryan is missing due to the fact that he's working on the debut album from his band LB! (Pound). We're stoked! Kevin has been busy going to shows - he saw Deftones, He whose ox is Gored and Helms Alee and it's his Birthday week (old man!), while Ian has been  having some allergy issues and working on a ton of work projects. In metal news - Behemoth has a fill in drummer this summer, we play a jazz version of "Enter Sandman," the first crop of bands have been announced for 70,000 Tons of Steel metal cruise, Pro-Pain's bassist/vocalist was jumped and assaulted on tour, Iron Maiden is releasing new beers, Dragonforce's singer almost dies, Dying Fetus has their best sales to date and we preview new music from ARCHSPIRE, DECAPITATED and PARADISE LOST. Horns up! 


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You are listening to metal shops backstage press. What's up welcome back the metal shop backstage pay us as did welcome back it's the summer man to. And I you're looking pretty 1030 Seattle sunburn to actually have enough. Use your hello my name's Ian that's given Beers. And this is the can podcast right is not here this week because he is working on his own record finally you know man they're working with now what does. Oh I don't think you want anybody to. When nevermind what is putting that back. That name out there working and on and. While we know is it's going to be pound record we can actually listen to honor iPods on our phones. On her record players. On the radio. The way it's gone for writers is never gonna happen but we'll see you can get lost in a mixing process fingers crossed and and only here pound record a lot of bent like in six years five years it's been awhile mandate they've done a few times they've gone in for sessions and it just hasn't worked. The way he's one day he is a classic perfectionist. You know fitting and I hope that well with the with the name of the guys that thereof recording this new record. I've a feeling it's going to be awesome can be dealt I was talking to Simon from drowning quarter he was like I thought the band broke up cook up. So known no they're just they've just been hard at work practicing practicing practicing and occasionally songs ready for this did you. Help heat he's already got nine songs. Cool and they're gonna it's gonna take about a week. The cool graph that. Right on man let's episode 116. It's been a few weeks since we've. The talk to you last in the last few weeks he talked to wilt they're actually in Europe right now they just flew over. So they're doing a DIY eight. I Euro toward actually fired Orton to sorry didn't fire the had their driver in Europe back out so they're gonna be driving themselves all around Europe. Sketch or smoke in the hash out over in Europe and trying to figure out their ways through. I don't know if if the Google translates really gonna help now but we'll just hold your phone up. Talking to it cross your fingers so careful crossing those borders Maine because you're going into a new country every couple of hours different set of laws. Different set of expectations. I'm best of luck to him exactly so within that what you what you these last couple weeks besides getting sunburned and dome piece. Been hanging now lewis' obviously we had pain in the grass Donna white river. And this week I went back to white river and appear on July 3 so we got we had to go get some fireworks we went to the police called safe in seen fireworks. So we got a bunch of fireworks from Maryland's high Def tones and they killed it surprisingly. And they did that thing where it was like a co headlining tour so I guess in Boise Idaho deft and headlined. And we got a arise against headlining sets so like whereas against somewhat but I left the look midway because as good as that band is on record kind of boring life. Analyze not turn attorney shade that will just. Did over exactly. So how much money do you spend on parks. I didn't spend anything but Jackie the person that brought she brought she dropping a dime she dropped but they hooked it up with the think about twice as much as she would have. But otherwise god otherwise Owens a a killer local show with Helms believed in he whose ox is gored in they had lined. Alongside me to a man got to see our friend de Santos. Who's selling an am merchant marine and a synthesis of good deed last week on metal shop he actually did me a little lot of requests for drawings. And we got some some funny stuff popular threw again he has awesome he's he's a great artist so if your. Going to see that meat to a mentor anywhere along the West Coast. Make sure you say what's up to Santos and make sure you support him because he actually brings along some of his own art work. And he he. Is able to sell dropping some news Yan and do it. And Yemen just been trying to enjoy the sun. Been doing a lot of local wrestling stuff defy a has been keel and it. And Steve migs and I've been travel and we did our first Tacoma show ever last week and it was sold out in raucous. And just totally rad man it's it's awesome to see like. Kind of a a revolution in in local pro wrestling these beauties of rockets rockets. Sockets like rockets but rock were still casts but yet and just been enjoying the summer or value man. Meant my allergies have been taken out of me it sucks I've been like blowing my nose every few minutes and I just refused to get. Drugs for I don't know just don't want to you. So I guess in his can be a whiny at the next couple months was a difference if you exactly. Now I'm leaking from the face cool. Doesn't sound too different so you have to worry about it. Instead of leaking from a but. We're we're actually going to be moving radio stations we're gone realities he still be in Seattle who will be. The rock the Seattle so we're just to be moving down the street into more of like the downtown business district. In a saw some of the pictures of the new digs it's it's going to be pretty bad ass man I like the looks of the kitchen. Yes copy machine examining don't have mold inside maybe we can only so. I do need a posse shot out team did I ever introduce you were did you ever meet mild boss Jeremy. Now he died a couple weeks ago. Yap and totally random man and like I'm sorry. It's all right when he Jeremy. Just as a reminder of how weird in short life can be he had a cabin and let north. And because he worked in Portland in western Washington wasn't there very often turn through got a call from his neighbors and their like noted the water pipes broken your house. And there's water shooting and week. And so imagine for like a week like straight up wet bandits home alone style your house is flooding out. And so he was over there with his girlfriend I'm trying to repair some cat it's one of which spring loaded and shot out and crushed in the right side of his face. Jesus. So like his guy and like his orbital. Socket resolve and fractured team room so I finally talked to him about a week before he was gonna go get this surgery is are gonna try and save as I. And he went in to get the surgery and nobody heard from him for a couple days after that and then they just found him in bed. Done weird and random and so. Many don't know. That's sad man yep it's sad but oh and I've organ on some new projects working too hard. Working too hard guesses what was next week and you're gonna be according Euro and record and a which under the bass player now wears that have you where you cordon and were recording it whether buddy Matt in Portland I'm actually unity or get the same time in Portland. On some local wrestling actually not local rest enix T. It's going to be my birthday so we booked a hotel there. And hang out watching wrestling up front row seats and you are gonna both be in order against can pass sleep on your floor. In a hotel possibly. We should go to ground control we should after the wrestling and then we should all hit up ground control its Oscar I'd get the hang out with in flames there last time we're there that's awesome it was cool. Watching him play pinball in vomit ironic yeah. It times a minutes and hot though I don't like it I'm going to be one of those stereotypical whiners. I don't like you don't like the heat man my aunt is in town and she lives in Abu Dhabi. And she was freezing cold really ethnic groups coldly jacket she's like it's not a 115 exactly. Well it's been a little while so maybe we should get into the world of some heavy metal. News. No I'm Peter Jennings what a. And maybe now I think he's dead. Yes he has. So what's on the docket this week my friend so slayer lamb of god and of course speaking at that are going to be coming to Seattle at Guam who theater. And unfortunately for bring their beliefs. Became its drummer inferno he won't be able to join. It was his second child is due to be born during this run. So the bid is actually tapped John Charlie Rhys. Who is well loan for his stint in job for cowboy but he also played with relocation Abigail Williams the red court supple carnage of tea so obviously he super talented and he has the chops to be playing alongside these death metal. The metal heroes me and got a resonate for sure. Odds of the bass players a huge duke rape or when Nolan Ryan I India he's the bases. But again that's going to be here in Seattle on August 12 at wobbly theater and make sure you go to that because that's going to be one hell Michelle Meehan. He myth slayer and lamb of god you think slayer headlining. Oh of course Steve slayer headlining over lamb of god eyes. Yeah lamb of god huge but they're not slayer in the know openers right to the three of yeah that's an awesome on Saturday area yen. How what this. I go to that one you guys gonna Metallica. Who. Or are pretty cool are sure yeah. I was thinking of Larry's only knows like I'm gonna come to bring of this because I seen. I think I'm pretty sure you never seem to help her act yet and I seen him have to twice. And I love Metallica but I think I'm gonna go try to check out goes Europe and then come back to the station. I didn't realize that was on Saturday if we can try and set up an interview with bill this year than be sick. Go do that like Howard do an on air planning. An interview with Lars you know. How Lars. Howard you RC by. So any I mean as as much she is we like to I gave I was totally jumped the chance to interview any member Metallica and street that be an awesome and yes so Metallica obviously due to be here in Seattle opera Lee comeback Indian metal shop lives while everyone's heading home from that you guys can rock out. What's the deal with this Robert haggling. Speaking of Metallica. I'm doing it jazz version of understanding. You it's it's more easy listening. Elevator music. Yet he's teamed up with guess musicians Bruce coup that from kiss release are Zell from a audio or white sneaking quiet riot. And key Marcella from Europe. Yeah and they. For an accident until yeah. Again. Include. You. So she'll. So you stand lone win. Came and you three. Say this. Sandman. I'm just gonna happen. Okay it's. Something wacky for you to listen to do love the man. Lose. Have you heard the that heavy metal or the lullaby versions of heavy metal songs you know you play for your babies at an incredible awesome I've heard that children's blitzkrieg bop. Ramones. Kids about kids about BB BB BBB well the forgo any further. I wish happy birthday and Danks man. I feel about it. Feel all right you know honestly you know when I started to public think about when I was like 29 and 230 it was like mean games tool. I'm actually really enjoying my thirties more than my twenties to be honest. And I kind of in a few little bit more like secure with myself little bit more like. Just in touch with fight. Being able team who I don't know it just enjoy life a little bit more passes. Yeah when I hit thirty kind of wanted to use it as like at a better version in my twenties are smarter version. Exactly in my thirtieth year life was like the worst you're gonna if I'm only up from here ain't exactly I hope. Armed with a mind now in exactly sound and to have a good birthday and yeah. Cool well let's move well and then. Onward and upward paradise lost has a new LLP coming out just two years ago they put out the played within and other going to be putting out. I'm sorry Al Medusa in September. They of that dose dose with a brand new song deer meat. Dirge called the longest winter. It's gonna be our nuclear blast of course so let's take a little listen to bringing music but paradise lost course at the video Poland. No no no. You're gonna get there. Well there's music. That proved infinite dropped C. Does he feel. Who do move out here. Dahlia and paradise lost on Michael fairness blossomed down I'm down to. 7000 tons of metal we ever gonna do it. You know pay for it. I mean I think that it would be easy to do you if you like playing it out but we just never we never planet out now I mean six what. 666. Dollars for the starting ticket I guess but I want to do starting today Ali do the in a living style. The nice package is any good beast and staying in a room with a bunch of church be stinky X SCSI at. I mean maybe they go swimming but that makes me just not wanna jump in the pool that. Either way 70000 tons of metal ease. In middle Cruz. That's so it's genius and it's happening. This February. I think it's February 1 in the fifth gone through Fort Lauderdale through the Caribbean. And that tons of awesome bands already announced who wanted to throw yet eater Nam eater nom. Cannibal corpse dark tranquility enslaved to go to war in extreme I'll insomnia and corporate any. We should go neck or phobic obscure October tied rhapsody septic push that book tour and Sonata Arctic and that's just the first announcement. Last year's cruise featured 61 dancer I'm sure there's going to be any time. Ton more you know those bands and they sign up for that like all right you'll you'll know we're going to be trapped on his boat these people are. Noted pretty pretty intense you can get punished. You to get punished. You know all about that spot yet. We'll get. So this week propane bassist and vocalist Gary Mascoll has been he was badly assaulted will the ban was on tour in Brussels Belgium got jumped. Very very sad news so that the end. Posted the following message of FaceBook and just in three straight up. Important news this past Monday night Gary was the victim of a robbery and attempted murder in Brussels he was pick pocketed of cash credit card and passport struck on the head with an ice pick. She's and then subsequently attacked by a gang of individuals ice pick is as tight band. The police have confiscated more than one weapon on thanks for that. This could the police have confiscated more than one weapon and they have established the attendees of some of the suspects they Cottam kinda. Gary was quickly admitted to icu after suffering head trauma including civil fractures to his face and John and massive blood loss. Since the news stabilizes trying his best recover but features surgery may be necessary thing is face up. Wieger regret to inform the fans the shows scheduled for. July 7 in July 8 are now officially canceled Lou make sure to keep you all informed of all cancellations on Gary's progress. And you get better man and we like that's the limit that that'll stick with human. Hurt your product as polls purchase price that's that man. I decapitated. Has a brand new song it's called one I'd nation. Let's play a little bit of it then we'll tell you about the right. I was given a little bit. Like in the wreckage. From what I'm reading by the time you get this is record's going to be out I think Greg he had just came out yesterday and as 777. And they're gonna become a sound very soon and so do you on the lookout for that it's going to be a priority murder so I. How I don't know it's it's it seems like every year we tend to be talking about the gathering of the joke below is the cultural phenomena it's true men it is it is a long lasting festival. And huge it's huge man they have juggle those from all over the world unite in they have. I mean honestly my friend he books the wrestling for its so my friend Kevin Lyndon downs DiFrancesco he loses the metals are sometimes and he is a Angela. And then. Last summer ticket is America to believe it or not he put up the first Veoh deal record easily in your car corgi. But he's also juggle you tell me about this guy yes so he books the wrestling they are wrestling they got music they got a camping they have tequila pry the biggest does a week you've ever seen your life they have and so you know vodka in Fey goes. Torn up the laws do but then this year they also have a bunch of new metal bands. And doing it in the past they've had been thinking able court school aren't even Fear Factory all make appearances. And this year we've got American Graham dope for long the green jelly. Kissing candy is what is that miss may I which is surprising since they're actually pretty big. And some are relevant with the kids these days mushroom head. It's fitting POD sell out Psycho stake September morning the Browning. Upon a burning body also very popular with the kids. And wolf pack the kids so OK rock. Not a question for you and be honest would you rather go to the gathering or 70000 tons. I would rather go to 70000 because it would actually be a lot of great dance but I would love to go to site psychopathic records are gathering a journalist just four. A cordial he's experienced viewed Allen. I'd love to go see it just as like a social all external social logical experiment to just document I think be fun. I have a book about. The weird subcultures and it's called lake you don't know who we are but you hate us and big. Part of it is not talking about the the writer he's a journalist he want to. Gathering in journalism wrote all about it like how in this article they don't even tell you win. I think they're just this or not you know really wanna go. We don't really need to tell you will. We need so you'll according to answer. So looks like rob Duke's who had a really kind of ugly fall. Fall out please get kicked out yet. Out of nowhere. But he's back. Rob do you is back and he's gonna be doing is just one show or is it a weekend I think it's just one show. Why why. Do they needed some help that like with the the other singer shaker like out of town or play here's your two dollars. So good for you rob I like some of those records and and the exhibition and be you for in heavy dude he's a good singer and he's one of those guys like you've seen a movie rock star. Where he just kind of got plucked out of obscurity. And that was actually really good so. Good for him yeah. Sorry. Rob we're bringing back Souza. So some more drama with you know bands getting for members getting fired what nine it was reported this week. Former children boat guitarist at Rupp days. Rupp lack of a lot. This is very great interest in and. He said he was fired without explanation. But when they they split with him into any fifteen a statement from the bandit. Claimed we parted ways with no bad blood now we read those a lot on on the metal shop podcast tear them in it we always kind of just like yeah. Shrug our shoulders like ham OK we'll see about that but this is what repaid. Or Rupp said. I really feel stabbed in the back by those guys have been bitter at those guys I was fired without an explanation. He said he felt that children have voted success had gone to from an Alexio lay who is head and Alexi started to look down on him for reasons that were quite clear to him. Who knows what's going on elect sees anymore man. He said as a result of being fired. He fell to a major depression started to focus on drinking. Wow couldn't touch my due to end. Up at least we sat. I don't how do you focus on drinking Annika to edited by more under it and but see. Sadly nick Ridder's one of the former drummer for war bring her has passed away. A couple weeks back and was reported on July 5. He did I mean being in place so many shows its true I feel like they're on every bill begin to Seattle four times this year and the years only halfway over. He was 37 years old and so in this article they say if you ever went to a metal show between 20082011. You probably saw syndrome. And they don't explain why he was only 37 so maybe we'll find out Biden too young man you are literally so one way to focus on drinking is. Q I drink some Iron Maiden Beers they hardy have the trooper and Louisville was there's not connected. Well they're trying to again they're releasing another beer how load which is a Belgian inspired beer. So we've seen interact still searching gauged afterwards motor had mega yet he meant Beers all that stuff but maiden is coming back. Yes it says so Bruce Dickinson said what makes this Bruce special is that we're adopting a Belgian yeast for the first time you build in east. External at that and go I'm a big fan of Belgian Beers so they jump the chance to improve my own while I get very excited about experimenting with new formulas ingredients that thing about Belgian beer. Is it is as much a way of life as it is injuring. Focusing they're focusing. On drinking it has a six for percent. The way hollowed Clarkson 6% yes 6% ABB which I'm too stupid to know that stance but intimidated deuce deuce may get it Nepal boy eats. Yeah so there's another one in if it's not so I'm still going to be pissed. So slip knot per not performing at not fast the festival that's named after their fans book of fast don't perform edit. I mean Ozzfest was the same but Ozzy can't speak English or even walk around without Sharon so it's a little different. So the the thing is those that stone towers playing and they share almost all while not almost all a lot of the same numbers so I think one of the guys probably dislike. Nath. I'm going on vacation. Based on our play it. So it's the first time that slip knot is not going to be playing not fast. I don't think they're having announced any of the rest of the lineup at all yet there. I'm I'm not seen it not slip law. Not doves can be won in Mexico and then there's going to be one that's attached in the US to Ozzfest. Almost so owner of Ozzy he's not gonna play Oz. The decision back collected shy. Hours either way. Let's say congratulations. You dragon forcing her for not dying. Mark Hudson and he's very lucky. He jumped out of the bandstand a wild careened down the hill hand with the band was loading up after a gig in Australia while they were loading their band just started. Movement he's only got a few minor injuries. He said after they set foot living and the brakes are to squeak in the be answered rolling down the hill toward the intersection extremely quickly and so. Cinnamon French tourists who stood in the doorway immediately stepped out leaving mark in the backseat with his belts seat belt on the band with a trailer related to. Accelerate down the hill. Long story short jumped out and I'm still life. He broke his arm but he's a singer you can use your other arm. Your third arm. O'Keefe Phil. Yeah twitching tongues got any record out never really got into this no no they're recording. Sorry that's what happens when I didn't use my hooked on phonics this week you. Sorry I didn't give the first place but it's coming out of metal blade records going to be coming out late this year your fan of that band. Go check it out. You know what's veer is too cool to cool things about this whole thing. Is Sean Martina at Sean Maarten for the original guitar player from hate three is gonna be recording on this record he joined at twitching tongues. Just win Colin. Just. He message to him and was like dude I'm a big fan would you be interest in plain if he shows. He would have joined the band full time knowing how twitching dunks that they got Sean Maher and score in. The bruiser from paper read and there also recording it sounds city studios which is pretty insane because that studio has been. Used by eight. So many different artists and it is kind of rundown peace is at the same time pick Craig gets a bankers that are on from like Foo Fighters used The White Stripes like so many and then on the metal bands. They actually have a documentary. That Ted did golden about subsidy. So very cool that they're gonna be or. According wrong one to quit. Dying fetus. Has scored their best album sales in the history of their rant that's an awesome when he six years as a ban and let let's be honest this is looking good now. It's a really good it's super chunky. You can't not head bang your. Head heading your today. Bang bang whatever you need bang your clam whatever you got banged. Reign supreme their last record while came out. About five years ago sold 3000 in its first week debuted at number 186 on the billboard 200. And I right now the rat number 180 total awe of the entire billboard and number 39 on the top current album chart. That's still so different and congratulations to dying fetus. It's funny look at are stated there was no nine it was those knives you know it they said don't. But the steep jump. What. You know the station's moving into we have all these gold records hanging on the wall down they're like hey we sold 4500. Records. Exactly gold record is 500000. It's just indicative of how much the industry and world has changed since then. But Jay-Z one double platinum over a weekend so. There was this past weekend. Are expire announces a new album they have a new song. Endured their new record is going to be called. Are relentless ET Sheehan. Coming out on seasons amidst. And September 22 it'll bring new song called involuntary duffel gain a post into a little bit and it. Like art about EM infuses. I Andy's. What a fellow rapper that was super famous for like students super fast start within our. Back in the day. Then the death metal version of like. He crap like fifty words and a few second straight day. Whether they're. Couldn't. Coming up close view it predate. Got mine Scott Barnes. You are expire. Like. Crash on me and Norwegian metal act enslave they have completed work on their next studio album is their fourteenth full length. The recorded a fascination street studios he James Baldwin. Yes so we'll he he polished this new diamond. That is mixing and mastering skills he squeezes bubble really tight. Yet keep your eyes open for info on it and. Knew in new. Info will be revealed on August 1 I liked like lust and they're an awesome and that band is like just. They're like the black middle Pink Floyd. Wow. That's deep. Like it's not my quote. A. Word art Massa is going to be headlining EI suicide prevention benefit show. A school bomb let's see here there's a marine Indiana called monster actually saw our three Floyd's brewing and they're gonna be tapping deeper and you crack the Skye beer. Especially for the show one day ahead of September 10 which apparently is world suicide prevention day I didn't know that that. The more you know who. So yes it's cool man it means that they give up something in the world to prevent could be September 9. And die in Chicago. Anyways on September Sony say gained a bulls in the throw under M Pacific northwest Olympian. The northwest. And strange stadium black metal band some words walls in the thrown rim is coming back with a new album called race woven. In it's on their label they're non southern lord anymore arts Emmys CO records. He's a glorious return to the blazing in theory is black metal is what it says in this press release so. I don't know could be pretty cool they've released a trailer I don't think we should really play the trailer and a but songs on the line when it comes out exactly new rules in the programs always did think that pianist and ran. If you've ever been looking for a reason to move to Australia. There's a band called me a bullet scars and they've officially opened up due to the world. That they needed to bass player cool so it says and here are the following requirements which I think are pretty standard. One is capable of playing our existing repertoire and extremely high standard AKA. Claire sons are. Is professional and hard working as pro quality gear. Is available to tour worldwide regularly often up to five to six months of the year has great live stage presence and prior experience. To ring. Ideally. So you don't have to. Don't be that guy now. So I yeah I mean I wonder how many people are gonna get to apply. I wanna go to an Australian. And then the other one is let us take all your money. You get paid minimum wage. If that. Weed eaters coming in the north was for four shows of course they're gonna be playing cycle Las Vegas fast crucial fast the few other fence but when they come that back up. To the northwest airplane forty's they're going to Olympia on August 25 of the city and but they're going up to Vancouver for a couple days are coming back down to Seattle Omaha at the high line on August 28 and they're going to Bellingham for the shake down. August 29 inning gore over to Spokane at the pin. On the thirtieth cell. We either man they're trying to get their they're free with every week from all the ponies dogs exactly man they're probably gonna get up so many spots and is so much free week. So much corporate Lan from Israel. Has not announced that they have a new record coming out January 26 of next year. Kind of Bob ball's see movement when he put out a record at the beginning of the year sometimes people have a tendency to forget he came out that year by some people I mean meet. And it's got to get men are on always like that and I don't they're coming down yeah they're covered on the eighteenth of September when we see what data weakness due due due to condemn. It's Mondays. At studio seven to go see imply that guy looks more like Jesus that Heidi. Not possible. And Jesus. Being in a you know what I'm not a huge blind guardian fan but I can appreciate their epic missed their epic Costa. They're Lord of the Rings power metal and I just don't have to sit there for two and a half hours live this video's ten minutes long on its own here and we skip. They just released the ninth wave. In. Three CD's. Or four LPs of their lives material from north South Africa. Not my cup team but they're good at what they do. Yeah get. Not a racist I have no idea but there's live videos coming out like guardian in it. Before we leave you in this podcast we must. First. Make you. Sad to be human being. And we must first offend you. And that's what we're here to do group posting too hot for radio but we take the most up songs and we read the most up lyrics and Cleveland once again insure that we are all going to hell yes so tonight Kevin is going to be visiting a thin called orgasm as. Often their 2003 record at mass to keep to dominate here is he to skew Kevin take. Fetish for horror. Brought him to me. Frenzied and in hailed all the blood is sickening. Hand soaked with vomit tortured his mind need. Punctured and murdered. From their screens upon my feet. In ruptured by my capture. Urged in road one last. What. Anal skewer frozen in your misery. For here killing is my tendency. Lying in wait for when I'm going to do UTU. Wrecked she'd be Pena for other deeds so put you through. Blood will spill taking life so recently. Make you still dying debt. So I. Sodomy. In war gene. It's mind and. Impatiently. On week to your final breath. Strapped the bodies Gordon besides me would Sheen pulls seat pleasant ride being by eating. Violating. Penetrating. Bludgeoned disfigured holes remaining. Fetish for horror. Brought them to me. Frenzied in inhale all the bloody sickening. Haynes so with vomit. Torture. His mind need to punctured and murdered from the screens. Upon I feed. Involved in closed. All right thanks Louis and a metal shops backstage pass episode 116. We pro want to do this next week because it's Kevin's birthday and we're all gonna be raging too hard. In gorging ask my. Our thanks again we'll see you guys again next whenever you have a good week later.