Metal Shop Interviews WILT

Sunday, July 9th

Local badasses WILT are touring Europe this summer and it's gonna be sweet ! We sat down with the entire band and chatted about their big trip and played songs from their brand new album! 


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99.9 KI SW metal shop here in the studio we have a bit and by the name of will welcome back to metal shop welts answer yeah they're good man. You guys are about to embark on a huge European towards your first Euro tour ever that you guys are super stoked. And it that's awesome I mean some meat as having been out of the country much here. Not ruining our power broker there you go back. The Euro tour is coming up soon but you old guys also have a record release show. Coming up here next Friday and that is for your self titled OP. Your second record in his own proofing existence and meanders all stand out of Europe. Big things come in for you guys a year song just feature was featured on coordination if you're just tuning in we're talking to will they are local band. And what I was looking at in this kind of intrigued by is the term stench core. Net COLT nation used to describe your band now you know also it. I don't I'd never heard of the term stench court before her death court her death metal and her grind core map metal detect metal. Any kind of metal you can imagine Pollack power violence all that stuff but I'd never heard stench core what is stench core. Inform your listeners lounge you know what's going okay is that it literally is it. I refer to this well is there. Ansari I'm just referring to me. It. Yes that's kind of more like crop metal parts in middle class middle pumped up criminal case instinctive survival in the and energetic pressure negates it seriously. And the middle. I don't know bulbs on strictly medal round partner and I did get and there's a stench and the U well obviously it's milk. A right on man will again you guys are going to be played in net and next Friday along with a bunch other bands let me get a full line appearance thou wilt. Ask a vault fed did in coffin eyes hideous deep in diseases don't gonna be going on the highlight. The basketball is Sue Bird and and here's the whole lineup is super rich the show's gonna circa early because there is. A lot of band so he's actually records and I'm from a pin yet again and yes so so I think the first mental part of third round nine inch. This summer's going to be huge for you guys and I'm really stoked to be debuting some of these songs we're gonna featured two songs right now from the brand new wilt OP can pick it up. Next Friday and again that is at the high line. Even goes he will on the record release in their tore kick off. So we gonna quit cold wrote. Cold road of despair and scarecrow back to back this is wilt here on metal shop. We saw Duffy Branyan will album and it is now available next Friday at the high line. You gotta go to the show because they are at Seattle's premier stench corps band. And they're gonna be tearing up Europe all summer long do you guys want to you know bring anything forward with this new record that you didn't really have on the first record. Well loses and the first record with I am doing all the locals this time around we've been an exact by the way yet. Well. I. That we we part ways with with our old singer and you know it. Does moving on board from that I'd I ended up taking over the the oldies or sentencing. And but the nice and it kind of is more yeah. It did with the but and they it's definitely a big change from our previous albums and. You know towards earth and the song I've heard I mean in the in the south he displays sounds pretty huge week and I recorded. In column with. Jesse. Jesse O'Donnell an autopsy on channel. That's awesome and that you use them here and good friend. Me and others for. I don't know she's almost twenty years now so we're going to be playing right now we're actually gimme playing not wilt song but a song that is a bit of a who will side project and we tell me a little bit about. Hold on you singled out. Only do. In this state again I think we we we say. He's an hour ago isn't and it's. Died this is Brian drummer and well yeah. And yet another in police and it goes like but it all means it's a new urban and and it's like. Notes on speak for itself but it my fiancee do plays keyboard I live. That's now yeah he's in LA and San. On. There radio is officially officially fiance is in. Fiance is the Celia the American out AM when they met on to her will tumors in Pittsburg. And they have an awesome romantic walk. Home. A knife connect kiss and they've well. He he talked about her current constantly. And like how like awesome it was commuter and all of Latin. Like in the may have had a long distance relationship. And then now the U you know combined and she's now in Houston at all and they've done and US were together and now she's going to be moving here at the end of in the middle of August. Yeah path in the newsroom Klein's treatment for a while at Ford see this band live with play song via its is that Nortel easier than now. But I ask. Oh. Of wing to fire and the crawling. All right you know. Studio here live well and again they're gonna be playing it next Friday at the high line on Capitol Hill he'd never been the high line it is 21 and over but he is an awesome place to she shows. Great sound in a great scene goes on in place. Some great shows over there I think I use the word greatly fifteen times missed the sense alone but I use it enough. Ask evolved fitted in coffin sized in wilt is going to be playing as well. So yeah I mean just the stage is yours now who do you wanna give shout outs war what are you wanna say. Or forever it's. Don't speak. Well personally I do wanna say thanks Dylan. In bell which she's the owner high line he has a lot of great things happen here. But just thanks for the space and again. It's two you say you screen benefited. Some it actually too much to my two favorite local bans grain now those guys don't ask vaults that stuff is excellent. And yeah that music is winning invest and it. That's in that's that's what Alan and I understand you want to make it dedication. Active. We've we've elected dedicated song to my friend Dillon experience mother. Cheryl. That'd two in the other night and domed in the studio with us right now absolutely and on vacation and I just wanted to tellem. Hello everybody. After that we. Wolf thank you very much will you can see them next Friday. At the high winds pick up their brand new LP. The songs you hear right now on metal shop or songs that are going to be featured on it on pro Phoenix's these records so called Hattig aspect of the studio right now we're going to rage when they cover. A simple throughout the territory and you guys its practices as punks trying to play simple to Europe that we are not the only try to do it right here best. Stanton and little you know little a little. Little's life of our own. And he hit it a little stand here and stench. I don't think he Burma wilt here metal shop.