Thee Podcast Episode 185

Thursday, July 13th

This week we have CageSport MMA Lightweight Title Contender, Bobby McIntrye, in-studio! He's fighting at CageSport 46 this Saturday at EQC!


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Yep and the amount of years ago. This massive yet streaker is never too weird given what prizes some guys meaningless. Richard annual and I'm on the Mike in my book idea in youth yes I do. Think aha overture that hit a good. That it's hard unhappy. Of a gun. There was dirt Seahawks game where he was just there watch for on the independent community that through that area and have them it's gonna have come. Changed with me buttons right. Options never known before. Yet that was just the lucky because at 9:30 in the morning is an editor at that now you know I hope that's absolutely not the it. Let's do it daily plug into it podcast this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. This is. He. Podcasts. Or indeed it's. Starting people start. The starting beat Texas and come. You'll let her Wear a helmet at all. And so 185. Was eligible to be definite. Over the host live here but that's great podcast that all of lay all the way. And the left that is my burner buddy though we hear what he's somewhere in southeast Asia onto the field to go but David Cobb got going on. I don't currencies worldwide crash this morning visible person bolster profits in early trading like corn down 6% pick going down 12% and tear him down nearly 24%. The Smart money is up. Way up the shares of the podcast at record highs falling in incredible how hard intense USC paper view matchup Mike Cox and of course Seattle's one way of summer. Are rumors true that one of the boys did your bikini model we'll find out at 630. Whole ball follow up up up up oh that's a big I hear things I did this. I have backed out of with the steel industry all fed up make any extra run tonight to get account yeah man our producer of CTP with them. It Ted that you go to get displayed an effort that effort every every chance they get in out. I would also say a today you know as mad as the producer of this podcasts and I talked Anthony ever cage for you about becoming. And I this morning go and that is Bobby also that youth whose body. Bobby broken shot and it's about it that I was like you know what. Talked Anthony but put this together a little better next time yeah or maybe I should just give my crew heads up. Professor. That they've given Bobby MacIntyre body you fight Downey cage for a senior down a couple times this weekend cage forked out 46. Doors at six. Show starts at seven. Absent and millions and Danielle most likely like the milk a little bit remember folks get there early to get he walked on the rim bring country. Which are fighting Julian juicy. Our fans the podcast know of juicy educate you he said Justin Carrington and you're not allowed by number. We've had a ledger broken Scheyer years ago when you're talking about fight them so. I like GC GA but this is I feel like we're almost like the anti. A rose this cat he's suddenly a villain down mammogram and as far as Kerry passcode in the production and now the fans. Fans that make crazy about a yeah that's our command spoil all that anyway so I'm excited to be near the extra yards for dinner and our right to the slightly restrained this Saturday guidance of it to get set that Ticketmaster outlets in my check that out. So you've got a couple run ups to a title down near cage worked yet unfortunate and go your way would know what's the mindset now going into it you third title fights. Onto my sugars is that I've just gained nothing but experience from most fights and I feel like I was still pretty young in my professional career where I took those fights against those tough opponents. And I feel like now is the time to to go in beat the best for me and I feel like I'm in my right state of mind. And I'm in the best shape of my life and can seize the moment man. Ya gotta admit man year. Your demeanor seems pretty. Yeah we've guys Timothy trailing you're ready I'll play. Odyssey rep yeah yeah the thing you always read and it's the fighters pesky media. You do write you but the lake I don't know lake and you train down united training center down there and Olympia so I know at you with Alice of course Mitzi. I sold the painting grass and they are really pumped about it yeah and then how come people tourists are talking about announcing that when you look like you're ready for the title shocker I am. I'm definitely ready I'm ready to go on their perform and act. Just just do are allowed to do it's that it's a blessing to be able to come in here and fight the best and and and keep fighting the bad Stevie in on losing sometimes. But I see nothing but good things happening from from all the stuff from Iowa. Yeah I think you know that's what most people do rightly yeah if you if you're Smart about you know loose on the at a trying to figure out and change yes exactly and enjoy most Jews Vijay is a great. I think litmus test strengthen the mean he fought you have CU was on the Ultimate Fighter and he won when I what does he want to be I wanna say he might even want three yes three fight some of Ultimate Fighter and then maybe even one after the and the finale. Yes and the title bar no question if he isn't it seems like he's right on Mac costs of what you go back up what they want them yeah. So any move would you say this your toughest challenge to date I wouldn't I wouldn't say much toughest. But I would say do best fight for me I would say that I would say the best matchup ever had and I would also say the best the best opponent for me. Blowing up office tempting yeah says he's got so much. Eyes on him and Yossi was not had their eyes on him. That disk by is is a good fight for my career that he could be a major step and I believe so and Nicole. That's pretty cool yet and that's where I'm looking at it like I thought Austin springer who was a guy he just five. As well not too long ago he took his bell and I just Boston and be awesome myself so I I feel like this is the perfect moment for me to step up and take this fight had you beat Austin. I it was a decision aren't aren't the decision but if you watched our fights. Austin was teeing off on Julian. And ended up guessing himself out MiFi it was a little bit different. He couldn't really hit me nearly as much and then. I feel he was scared of my speed and power so they can have. Went three rounds instead of getting right after him getting worn out and then giving B. All right act like you play a little more safe which made it lasts longer. Sure yeah yeah yeah coming I don't wanna step in the right yeah. A decade row. I took out and I would watch in you have seen this past weekend. So we're talking about you certain guys guests out stuff yet but what is the guess you would know what what is the difference is would you look at him there in great shape yes. But it just seems like some guys vote that second round. They've just done you can only put out some which I'll play. I like being human you know and I mean we're only we can only crowd so much before we. We hit that ball or that we lactic acid buildup hits us and restart slowdown. And then from then on it's going to be of the world power of the mind. Am I gonna keep going or migrants are slowing down type of thing and no matter what you know I mean you're gonna get tired but of people go out there given at a 100% right away. Most like they're gonna guess after the first round you might yet even if Jared professional athlete and fantastic shape you know because fighting is so intense and your adrenaline is going. It really I'm can just hit all senders are old and tired. He can't I gotta keep going three more rounds or so you know so yeah I think that balancing act threat that it might be over exerting yourself or like. Exerting some enough to stay in the fight it seems like yeah definitely I definitely petty pace that our. A lot of it is feeling allotted feeling and sometimes just got give of Athens is go out and and throw down. Zoologist depend on the guy your fight too and that definitely has a lot to do with a lot of guzzle pressure which makes you have to fight back which can Wear you out. A lot of guys like to dance around keep your distance what's allow you to set up your own stuff and get your own little breaks in between as well some men are definite depends. But on the flip side. And cal having Mac in a test this are. Probably my favorite truck fighter right now as two and a champion in her say her last name. Genetic yeah yeah a actor JH yes something like that idea that I can do and can't get but to meet lake when I watch earn a five round fight. She's got like me should take used to be like she doesn't really get going to around halfway yeah second round two it's. There's those people on the other side to take a while it's in the warmup he was gonna like hit them yeah yeah I've. I'd been in that zone before. It's a weird think fighting is weird man you eat and all kinds of weird things by yourself. Yes like Demetrius Johnson you know he makes it look so easy to go five rounds I keep you on a job he does he really get tired and then. Other people that are his same size can't even do anything close to that and I I don't really know what it is exactly the city is this your first five rounder this is. Not my first five rounder because I have fought for the title one other time against Harrington and and I fought for an inch from title against Brian Euro. And five on the field and extra did those go yet to those angle might actually the only five of ever had to go the distance was this last one had a gets off the springer okay how do you feel. I thought great I felt ready to go to more pressure. Yeah yet that massive. Jump yeah. I don't think I think people understand him sometimes too like the time in grainy in MMA the time is it seems graders it's five minutes but either way even in boxing. Like he. I said Saturday night like Byron what Ira boxing is the longest thirty minutes of your life is around in the fastest minute of your life. It's going to sit mats to rule yes it's always kind of architecture. For me right to go five rounds a massive thing. Yes it definitely is meant it takes. Definitely turning. To be able to to even make it three let alone five so yeah definitely I mean. Al's latest term perspective wrestling in junior high and ran around like two minutes. And that was the most tired I've been sports ever and I. Swam in college played water polo on college marbles tough sport wrestling is way harder I don't imagine there and punched in the face yes it does change a little bit yeah. It's a whole different animal like it's like Carty you know an academic. And every movement you make is being resisted by another man to get around and I held via route. Larry Craig that's. That's always kind of thing which digits right Leahy he sees in these black belt. High level practitioner chino within. He ended in MMA fight if you look a lot different than what to do punching unity and hammer best right there professor little shorter when you're. Bobby total body MacIntyre here he's got to fight this Saturday. Fertile audience Julian Rosa don't teach Fordham may. Volley in still tickets available come down check it out always great time. What was your original discipline you grow as a wrestler drop boxes. I grew a boxing with friends actually is how I happen GAAP box or friends and I just noticed that had just natural ability to calendar and and to be so good at different never ever doing it ever you know and that that's what sparked my interest at everything. And I wanted to when I was a kid Obama wrote me a boxer and then I saw Anna Mae and was like oh man this is what I'm gonna do. And ever since and it's it's been. Since I was eighteen. As when I got into an actual June and started training so it's been almost ten years. Yeah yeah been a long time bush decision based on the biggest weapon. Biggest weapon. Out so many like default to like my horrible how kind and nice. Punch nontraditional answer like it. Yeah I thought you for sure is with the mechanics I got a Red Cross on remember corporate and other. That overhang in new product crawled up heart and soul parent here Mandan area. Speed of light box scene and did an anime I have to ask what are your thoughts. On the Gregor in me. Men that is craziness. My thoughts is Mayweather is gonna show how to box really I think that there's always that chance that McGregor could catch with some kind of rock. Rock as well but. For the most part I think that it's going to be pretty won't satisfy you know Mayweather is really get away he does in the news. Here as a reason why he's undefeated and McGregor is just gonna jump over and beat him. It's hard to believe but I mean he's prove people wrong before as well so. That's more like a one sided boxing match rather than once I've fight yeah hi yeah I think people sometimes forget that so many rules of the box and a lot of the game is just working within you know yes sure go a different animal totally different. And I've done three boxing matches myself so I know it's a complete. And my guess that I've I grew up wanting to be boxing so. I knew that I always had this natural ability but when I got in their data it was complete different or thought to truth in that and I. I learn different things every single match that made me a little bit better at it but still it's just a different sport. Yes I think sometimes that's why I worry about this heat is that night. Like I think I I like both the top rightly Ingram watching boxing obviously a much time enemy now. But like ray Floyd is 49 in oh. Connors never had a professional boxing match greatly just we've seen this kind of things out loud and clear what are we do it yes but then the thing that I worry I just I know it's all not a money. Doubt street cage right. I guess what I worry about it now like if Floyd beats him which he should you know boxing match. Now that we have Blake old school guys have been Cogent enough that wrestling garbage and cutesy box and the real sports like. It was a boxing match right that you keep you locked in a cage it would take McGregor. Seconds. That it be like what happened to. CM punk. Right yeah good point exe impose a great athlete and stuff which is that what you're stepping into a cage with a guy that shouldn't fight a new image of it. And so much of it is about technique until both guys understand the techniques and and it's. You know about physical prowess but I mean you've putted incredible premiums money just goes jujitsu and his indictment sadly if the jets that take my time. I mean look I have. I cage sport and you might never. This what you minor to a kind of hinting that but I have seen. Some very high level G two people that don't fight that often here get in that cage and it's like. It. It's a different world just like you're the boxing matches yeah a little bit different for share and it's all good when your drive and you can grab somebody and stick to them. But once that's what starts going and people are slipping out of things and punching back. The whole one of the things. I remember how gone crazy like obvious that's making terrorist your heart's going to be faster Aaliyah tired faster want to think about. Yet that's when you see some guys like try to think is keeping in mind. Yeah I got the keys eased to me one of those who examples of lake I've with that high level digits yet digits instead it was a good fight Tutan. What you have a choice on how you like to finish fights. Are hot again knock out man I guess I'd I'd done it as younger kid and. Out of all my enemy fighter I've ever had and the trouble with her now I've never had one and it kind of blows my mind a little bit so I really. Millie Dixon for knockout. Now you can do on and either now or later whenever as one not to be able. Yeah and people love it too. I mean yeah it on yeah. Obviously I watch enough and I I respect like I love watching people be good ground work in some it's the money. But suck it just something guttural instinct play you what to do not gotten that dude yeah. It's her. Yeah it's like if a golfer like really it's a whole ball or baseball player I Kitsap perfect kindest things out of park same thing somebody's connects with a punch. Right on the sweet spot I mean every everybody in the play everybody. Yeah I mean you hear it went in the ground chicks dig the long ball there. Yeah that was so easily become. Now back in the day if I'm right here's a random question halfway I think a lot of people. They get frustrated in life for whatever they're upset right. So I think conventional advice to be a go hit a heavy dagger sentiment blow that steam off yeah you get to do that everything he had definitely is there another time. I don't know what relaxing thing I think you'd like to do to blow steam off. Yeah you know I am I liked I loved to go camping and I'll let you go up to the mountains and hike or just go spend the day up there. Anywhere that's would Z or there's water or just nature in general I really love to go to those places just kind of relax and get away. I literally by myself or with one other person and I am proud of ourselves and a I'm with you now lamented yet it's it's one of my affairs sister share. You're just a different environment is like what a lot of people would do to. It's normally if you hit an everyday thing and I don't like it they ideas what a magic got to meet these units and all they spar instead of it and still needed late. Get my mind off and no definitely add definitely and that's why do I go into the thing that using my weekends are my days I get off from training. And the doors of the day's inaugural open and kind of like relaxed in the Mallon. Our instead turn to it as much thinking what yet so respect yes I mean that's huge hiker complexes and a nice yes. It's your fights on Saturday. We're always interest it's like what's this week like communities you still train hard again back on its own deadly taken aback you know ons just making shots and shape. Everything else those lives I've stopped other real hard work outs don't miss sessions stale. Yeah folks and on. On the clean diet and and staying sharper rate really it's Bowden. As the winds same day the day before day before OK so then what's the duke duke solidarity kind of tidy your natural way and so. I'm going to be fighting pretty much in my natural weight for this one I'm not gonna have to carry any water waited all and two good feeling yeah must now dedicate back create an advantage and I would say yes if I was fighting a bigger opponent but says Julie is coming from 55 I don't calculus. Yeah that's not like Brian your Wi-Fi. Dad it was big that he he had to cut from over 200 pounds like that is as they. And that's romanticize a 55 man I don't know how he made but he did you know and that's what made my mind about like obviously on the the wrong way class of these guys and everybody is bigger than me. Sort of things I just need to get more disciplined on my diet and to have for longer. And on C reckon even and a kind and so that I I made it fifty and it and it was easy cuts like I can use. Nice yet. Yet cut its holder from world yachtsman I'm I'm I'm dry grassland site you know I wasn't used to it at all on my what are we do ourselves. Says crazy but down. It there's a size Stewart is well no 100% what you. Do it enough and you sort of figure our your body works deserve it works different you really can numb create shortcuts for yourself. So let me explain somebody like favor huge I mean it seems like he just walks around 145 dimples pictures league. Like eaten. Like normal food like the gay really before and a man. I mean I think he lives that healthy lifestyle overall the idea villages like had no need to cut nice yes someone is he a freak of nature and it seems like. In the USC most of those guys cut a law. Yes he act and it hasn't strength advantage you do you really do. I feel like a lot of it has to do with people's lifestyles what are they eating when they're not trying to you know and I. When I have a training camp and I'd die real hard and I have a fight. I attended splurge a little bit you know I gain twenty more pounds and I just cut off instead of people that have a more healthier lifestyle. Stay on that track in the they don't have to like it swell up and then lose it all again and they just kind of remain at that way so after my fight with awesome springer went fifty. I weighed 159. For like the next week. That's our estimate right army Aggies are what it wants 68 so I was like this is. Well what is it you don't this kind of crazy and mutiny. And maybe that's what really was like man. Complete different sides normally should be would wish we just cut out like going out and get up to date with the Easter cut out all right all the kind of sugars and beard definitely on sordid definitely. Yeah sugars is the real main bad one and and just eating processed food or fast food in general. As also another big factor NASA when I'm. Where I'm eating cleaner it's a lot more veggies and protein like chick under age thing and then. Some complex cards in there but it's it's the sugar that really really gets and people don't realize that when day diet. And they don't do it long enough that they're not really losing on that fact that they have you know yeah I mean accent there this year makes you want more sugar to. So I don't want to important you know people have one beer a night thinking that is not really bad really at all sugar your putting your body and and you're just storing fat. Even if you are still losing weight you know I mean. Yeah I say MacKey unmatched personal trainer to outside. It adds that Clinton people are always looking for him. You know how I lose weight now Mike. That's simply. Say I'm not saying it is the easiest but the simplest way to lose a bunch of weight really fast. Is the stop drinking alcohol can play without a doubt. And I mean you could stop eating sugar. Great but. I think it's obviously I know there and I know it's okay absolutely. I just I don't bottled. Thank you I help you tonight you ma'am you're the moment vodka Krantz and some embarrassing yes still a work. So. Yeah it's it's yet bring Arlene out their habit. Don't have. And Stockard can stop eating sugar cut that out my ball. Maybe some day bit as it stands now my sugar intake skyrocketed. After the news that. Sure everything that sounds way pasta sauce even now you're saying oh yeah emirates united than it answered. Evenly a couple of years ago when I do that ninety days clean my accuracy how much weight easily for the time of the with a super discipline and drink or smoke weed Billick. Still HR on Sunday because it's okay. And you feel even worse it's like I'm not even stoned and I've just eat I can yeah. Like that now we're good at Jeffords is the yeah. It's all right let's say you're weights trying to whatever they. You go out Saturday night you get a win you got the belt what what's the deal you're gonna have the next day or when or how do you celebrate. Well I know that the next days my brother's birthday so. Older younger younger. Yes so we're gonna have a barbecue at his place that definitely. Barbecue everything and then down. I think some Beers in need for sure I haven't had beer sense. My last win actually. And I I stopped immediately after that just to keep my body shaping stay ready for this kind of moment. And I don't know man I make a list every time I swear I guess I got a mental waist and then I'll pass a place out like that's one of those lists that I need to stop might by the way. It hit pretty ridiculous out that you got pop eyes down there and Nadia. Nobody has been great and you groping him. Like the last hour I was in a pop lies with the one in Graham really. Yeah early right at the road deaths on meridian right there the exact right at this is million miles an event come there there's a pop by the pin with it we relate. He's he does a Popeye the outlook oh and we're going to put their own content. But an attitude stoned is happy looking dude you've seen beaten to noted that does not I had not like Popeye like I drove in a top us all the time yeah. Well paths easily 360. I'm doing voter out there yeah like its pilots to pop us out of crabs. And President Obama but small male and I Bobby MacIntyre. Championship fight this weekend cage were anime with Nick Cage for 46 on the emerald queen casino. Tickets still available to gain your matching up with Julian juicy you Rosa. I mean good luck cute then where were a 100% behind Jim thank you know I I don't know how what's happened to we've just turned into the anti U pretty crazy Allan. Funny I like juicy. All personal animosity against him but he's a good villain is what he goes yeah it really is doing these darn good job obviously so yes I would think about shelter maneuvered. A moderate 710. He is juicy. OK but we get them and knock them off to add that certain. Did you did you is going to frank you know borrow it. My dad. It's you could they don't get pot gets Yakima. I'm just kidding just went. And also we're sorry Julie Julie it's our. Donors that man up and ate it. Into event umpires Steve fight Saturday. Good luck and yen should be good one. I don't know how you are before fights OCS I UC backstage with the yeah yeah thirty homes until I go ahead ask you. So Eddie Lisa. Gave me what are your shirts from you're just really it's a great I love to share point but I had a one time her call come out we were growth of Rego. Does this look too aggressive public who usually. Doesn't see you casually watch like M yeah. But like I don't train there that was fueled Wheeling camp I was injured and I totally man all right I. That the tiny little voucher yeah definitely and VMware. And after that send a message like that but I'm. Again in the middle cut into. Could do the black belt I think. Funny what he does the country since the light blue lights and traffic to Wear a light at eight focus. Art or they'll time out in the welcome back and a decent emails lets up thanks. I think you guys. And we're back to the. Sounds tough restart. Gallon sound as paranoid about it. Geez Jay found him in the hallway and a dual quick quick up Dahlia for the July. Forbes I was do it pretty low key. As we already. Big party but it tends police. You know with. Our buddy Josh from melt down performance. Thought tonight coming up the fourth of the welcome Tucker now as on this Saturday goes on Saturday in the first. And then Sunday I didn't make it whom I mean you know for a while on Sunday at a strip on how best house parties ever Benson had a blast with it really natural. It was very flexible my friend Jason Wilson came in and rigged the whole house with lights and smoke machines and bubble machines and stuff so it's pretty. Because I thought 'cause enemies. It's viewed as excited and say via Isaiah when it hosts went in this episode news. Is golf is awesome equipment that as we had some fun Clinton and the food put smiles on which everybody showed up with a ton of food tends dad was catching cramps and mean. We have kind of stuff they're not only brands mean man brown I oysters and yeah with the giant ready really to. Ten bushels oysters only chicken chicken is good to legitimately best restaurant I ran my life. Yeah I don't really track owners say that repairing Matta said that to Yankee game you urged such easy to give knows China on Alex and spicy sauce on it. Yeah it comes to cook and Brad to meet and is he's doing yeah he does have a question in this twice please make the team. I am a sign that Virginia right there at Ria nowhere queen that minute though we ship weird way to distance the party. Clear and and things are already popping off ripple affect you know whose life. Analysts. Clips. Our right to hook up the streets everything else there are voice. You boys don't seem like tobacco smokers so when does time houseplants you sign in my joints. I don't care either way it's curious because you specifically. Say splits each time one of its outlook for talking about tobacco marijuana together via. American spirit yet yet you right. Non addictive. I get free yet but I mean like Al wake of the morning chip counts cigarettes. Brett decided yet and starts you are tweeting I note crusade no additives that obviously and it's so addictive. I fear that people that's great or not addictive. Yet it's a bill adding a little bit of Neitzel element to it reacted to whoever is the growth that better but what they're saying is likely use of a regular cigarette. When you're smoking a ton of chemical yeah over 200 ran it almost subsidized is America's spirit to like like telling you won't get ridiculous but it just like it's not the seamlessly. You know and any Vietnam until it with you got your and navy shelter and it bucks per couch for Americans and it. On that and it's worth it tastes better and I don't it is a while go through pallets it is. You're not smoking cigarettes all tie his organs you know couple splits here and there are you know prize. You know I'd say maybe when he any given week with most of those coming on the weekend began the you know it's it's not not that crazy. Yes I gray smoke signals time. That is holed a blog. A pretty much stick to calculus. Welcome back home is so good to hear your voices about the cops topic do. Things I hate the most is remembered all the stupid dumb things and in my life you just slap me or all the man that's got back a man. I scored the dominant years. Make jokes he allowed no one laughs or even get a compliment parents in solo time during supper. Also suffer. Man I just. Read them Obama. But I Baylor having supper and you're upstairs on the Internet. And out of he had been an in your day in the magazine and now I kind there's hopper or write your straight up at the table with them like ads and fifteen is an ideal. Got a magic Zach crank one out of the table with his parents and now his solo time so. You know I was during supper during separate her from liquor at the table read English is just that high school where the dot was the dominant years making a joke super loud no one last streaming getting caught by my parents in solo capitalized. Time during supper. And analyses. Yeah I wish he he must've really upstairs or something and they came up with an ace supper time like out what are you doing yourself silly season three periods yes it's. One of my therapy situations two periods. What effect on site calling things are real but it's like is that it is that and the sentences and all of season they won her response these attacks all the time. So mysterious counted. Or lack. Hey look man some us Alley cats out here okay. Good to Everett's case again nets sent by the apartment and by the way spoiler alert no one standing a bikini model that I thought jeweler a little bugs and parents like that saying with like news especially online news site if there headlined. Ands and question the answer is now. Hold us. Iraq out of I also is ruined a lot of fun hero great TV like the office and it's always sunny in Philadelphia those kill me even that is actors actors. I cringe at. The hell of going through that. No fan my dad. Sincerely thanks for your podcast. Love you dude. Thank you nice this as I mean I'm not mr. LeMieux is almost. Next thing you look back home base and Jessica I apologize I have your email in my inbox. In Africa to print it she is certainly one to might. Personal emails using a confined to the podcasting. It's the same meal that hardly be podcast dot com or you can do within an email that THE now too easily beat. And karma man maybe it's people just prefer reason to you know although she said she had trouble with. But she couldn't figure Howard we're descended the total reform unmarried and enacted discourage the podcast dot com there's a form he just had been impressed sound. Now keep in announced an agreement. It's on there I hear it's like you said are we not making that clear enough the podcast that cowed to ease in the yeah I started to. To Tyler on. It's a gram one of the due to. Build the Amazon's fierce oh no chance of queries sent to say let's chuck nice compliment. Child wanna. Hey boys with you all intercom moving to a new building will there be a deck for timeouts. No no. If not usually had a timeout cast say by the yield deck keeps promising as good times and some sad sad grill sessions. Maybe off with a bit of an expert group. I guess I think we're still in your next week or Andrea yes a lot the timeouts are. Hope we ought to life in the deck chairs Neil AKA gentle giant AKA. The brisket king AK AMR. Safety there. Is that you know. Yeah fifth well he is not a beer guy anymore. He's a gun valiantly you did this with him today k.'s but the brisket king of the dot got to be Neil Miller fans as safety third round here fanfare Sandburg with our best friend Lance. Did I got that from my other money thoroughly yet that's funny it's funny Atlanta's attitude that's as there was like. Gently my friend that canceled his destiny really senate to grant if you're right off and on a nine go to art transcends our safety third pitch it my buddies from Iowa Netflix easily but he Europe which is with the that'll with a hook up. Like those thing. I've been subject on the song was cop can bang my sister both today. We got to see your sister first we can't just pick out Balaguer pimping out your sister right. You had my interest now I have my attention. So I sub as a safer manner dotted senate anyway it's okay had a great laugh wasn't an email until Cobb said what he did about the emails ago lost so. I totally lost or mass at the beginning of cap of the cast. I had a sister I'd like you banner. That. Laughed so hard that he got as a ray of sunshine laughter and in my gray and Cold War debt. You help me get through the BS on the point. Chords cargo shorts are awesome and Ted told the Internet tell you what school. I've got a pretty DeWitt looks I get because it makes me remember that I'm unique. That's look how aware of right now that. Records and now cargo shorts I will say I'm obsessed every guys seem cargo. At a million man Sus of them they have just look at it there a slate here build in this in mammoth. Now if those Google me to this sort of like. Cousin of cargo pants start come back now and it's climbing pants like rock climbing pants. I've apparently forgot about they have likes very small sort of cart apartments that are like. You know how cargo shorts have some like 3-D element to the pocket it's like almost like. Cube. And he was a wrong term parallel program whenever like take up. Rectangle with a did dimension of depth. Yeah like the pot you can stuff stuff in there and it straight yes. In those winter yet around. Yet a climbing pants is just like it's a rectangle but it's just say yes restraints dominantly app I can't affect a C a lot more and more recently. So you know 'cause of the cargo. Hey guys catching up want it to Ted with the pressure cookers the way to go better and faster than crack pot use ours three to four times a week. Well I ordered the instant pot it should be here like form on time you're hearing this folks I'll make it Stewart hell. Nice dude I don't know how well does this do top out but it. Who's Goodman and just give you could make us do it like thirty or forty minutes and yeah and you you knew. Sweet potatoes and 910 minutes and that you could Steen stuffit to. We should do the race for the daytime rotisserie goma. I'm always used to pursue that steamer commercial for that. That's the late night used to genocide guy Simmons. Say he was accused in the eighties as an exercise guy and Afro. Russell Simmons now Richard Simmons Richard. Richard Simmons have you ever seen where you are black white guy with the fro now reach it depends who steamer on David Letterman show. Now a home ma'am one best clips and Internet I mr. ought to check it out he had a hole like steamer blows up on him and Letterman's just rip anonymous still lose the white dude with the pony tail and it's always campaign like a Tony little. Reply and it gives Al yeah because well Tony let up. I don't have a bad Dubya was jacked. He finally got to the gazelle disarm Iraq into a scene of takes its turn. And also Ali good to and is in the smokey point area. I'll all right there we weren't passive on when a party prize pretty closely doing you know it's a beautiful area I'd never really been out there sweet point. I know Matt's girl is out there now so it's nice park to visit duty to explore all of about five minutes from Lincoln and so manual share beer they're some time. Also the panel pub down streets could local watering hole with great suit up on news TJ you're right I drove right by late Goodling is the gas stations rate there. Yeah I just rubber past and panel products like after. The paddle club is where we when we thought I'm always doing karaoke and only went there and there's there are not doing karaoke or just in this north and dive borrowers like. All right we don't know anyone and he should probably see where there rat thing you don't shrink you there was some other time yeah. There was at some other bar and like mad down Mary's go or something and our are there. It. That's often get out bugs you the UN mitigated drink them. You know 80% of the people there yeah. With that said on Sunday sunny like sunny day you leave us I'm. Oh yeah I love our gone out or a small town pub. But you know I always thank you can only see Iran's allies talking about cheers like look at Iraq what's with suspense story. It was like a Meehan Sean popped into an agent age salute over in his car. Yeah and honey. Here's the it was they even though nearly 530 just like we we just want the normal people. Come rolling logs way better oh really I survived to supper for more all right. Is that on them who their example board is out of main drag and now box what. And realize how lives downtown there are ancient H is on front street and as alzheimer's and he's me. The rolling. That main intersection. Of front street it and whatever Helen called. And remember the name but it's ray. I did that August is not on the asteroid that's the but it's a bright bright five front street it's like not even a block off. From the main intersection don't include him vaults are actually I did like HH and it dog. Really yes Palin dog and I don't know what to. That's not the only possible man yeah evening time Saturday is across far from a little town but it's outside the city I'm excited. Locked in there there was dog degree channels I get real excited. Nevada our local and businesses have an animal you know my guess is apostles now how like a cat or dog school. Full norms eatery rate our house in premarket lets you bring their dogs and that's kind after announce. An enormous that did stock car I met him on a New Year's Eve when I was there and no idea her enormously bone original dog bars via good food. Hi let's check your math. It all man well we've pretty much has driven off for a couple weeks that. We him before this one. Highlight was the pool party are the beach party and mean beach cam party Terrence lives we've. Pretty well went over. Is cool getting with our group. There's like so many awesome people only audit together in a big setting like that. You never know like who we're gonna end up spending about two time lift and bonding with and having new connections with. And it's it could be anyone there can be any combination. Of any amount of people it's really really cool. And that night I would say it was up predominantly Arab common our friend Jason wells and myself my girlfriend and man. Does powerful thousand. Some fun. Bought and sold sold bonding there. And we had a great time before that we've and offer and I went to our queen is Key Arena with Adam Lambert. And that do you put it on an amazing performance and it was super cool. And you know obviously. That's queen without Freddie Mercury but he did an amazing job and you know. I know Freddie Mercury's dead for a long time so like the fact you know when people like he's not there it's again no (%expletive) man who it. It is I still up queen. And the outdated data they're really really awesome job of put that showed together. And yes too much that we can. Kinda cool parties that beach party so fun thanks visas had an awesome time and then. That's the fourth of July didn't do much and it went my parents' house in this kind of hung out on live to the fourth Blake had a forty weekend and you're going to you know I think the last dale forty weak DL I worked Monday to sell either have a forty we can as that it. Bush sort of weird workweek which I was fine with. By yeah so we just hung out like kayaking. My parents house Mike Helton listen tours around there you know. Boats and jet skis the gas and stuff like that so sometimes that's that's mr. hands on deck those gas cans a little heavy. Iran says nice ski my dad's back to break for one's ninth so you know those super super low key. And then last week it was gents that's our friend Jen who is. What are the members of our group is like the lone member of our group that doesn't live. In that the Seattle area or north and into is that an aura in. And we all hang out a bunch without her appear and Syria to hang out. On this effort few rare occasions so bunch of us went down to visit her in orient. It and can't this is an awesome property I. Tons acres. Right on the river and so there at the outset of camp. Hung out you know may have fired and then went down the river the next day and no I went to the rodeo. In town there and like. Susan a small Oregon town called ops. Share how to announced that. Filled it. Paloma. Not on now it's not file a math let it looks like I know that much. When you go in that town it says. Welcomed film at home of the film that frolic and rodeo like on their big sign that that year round so I laughed this rodeo is like. What they got down there and as I. You know. A crowd the size of the entire population almost wish that around 4000. I would say. There's like two to 3000 probably but a big chunk of the town there and then some out of towners make it up is not the the whole whole town fills up that stadium but. It it fills up and it was packed there was a total to site culture shock for. Did the city boy for this to people yeah yeah yeah. And well you know like Lance lives up north he's from lake Stevens and he's been to rodeos seat but I. And Jamie grew up in a small towns is who's kind of used to like man. Tyler and arts report is going on and you know it's fun to watch in the rodeo and then afterwards it was like wow. All right there have a big dance and insists all the day it's is pretty red neck and it's. It's cool but it's just not really my as I can we go back in the hand at camp with the lights in the fire and you know do our own thing by the river and so. We had to its honor after the actual rodeo and Alan back to camp missy block there. Says like Tyler cast in Iowa now and take dumped the entire time excel bad at coming out there it's awful it's just feel the pressure. Like shift it wasn't getting worse. Used to do it doesn't already have Max capacity was just shifting with every single step that could happen as awful. Along with a walk from the rodeo grounds practically every mile stead to create a long treacherous than their flat but yeah. Their Cheshire smiles ha. And he had just got. Blake at the rodeo there was port of bodies out of that god could Friday at prime manage right now ain't get one out but I'm not gonna I got my way to. To make it happen import apply directly affect camping muted by Toyota house with some wet wipes. And the like as soon as we started blocking like. Things escalated life should deliver them a man yeah the gas so I'm at the fair is this late. I have to hold my. And it happens quick it'll be like five to ten minutes from my I think at the PLO my god get out of my way you know. But to get that level with taking a dump is like pretty rare so I kind of tried did. You know enjoyed and appreciated it's much is acted just further the novelty of that. And yet doesn't happen every day three of things you don't you do all time we went to sonic on the way down the house the list is. Corn dogs. Tater tots and got the right right amount assault Piaf tots are great. And then it's a joke between me my problem all right. As LA every observation you as of. Don't you just drive and taught two hours we were driving to the beach and go to a bachelor party. My Brothers lake users that I don't know where stocks are Maryland now there was 1 on the Eastern Shore season Hewitt stops masonic new. And it counselor doesn't conflict peace talks perfect amount of Saul Kirk the that's if that's the thing. Had a very very good I didn't even think about it to set announcement yet did so. That menu is just overwhelming America's. You don't get to go there offense I I ended up getting a custard concrete which is like but is that a blizzard at banana and recess one and so did. But I also had to get a slushy. With pop rocks and it. 'cause like you know they've they have so many delicious frozen during treats. That I couldn't deflect. Pick ice cream or slushy they are vote then com via news it was awesome though. And then on the way back we ate at tutors which who's grown down to come ot know Portland eyeing are 1000 fun. Yeah we created time. They have such good wings there man they really do Daytona south of love it. And the house overall pretty pretty honestly it sounds like that's when Matt and and it hit an. Operated about that. Clinton. So over the weekend a solid of a rare appearance. I was witness to it. Tennis witness to a. Sausage dip in appearance out of season came on delicious nutritious good angle for you go oh yeah. And it got me thinking so like it's summertime now you now. On my favorite seasons. We have the dip. Dip time we did season also on my favorites. It's also festival season. Went to a wedding on Monday wedding season went and don't last Saturday. So I was saying about news for the top topic this week. And please don't say like autumn or winter. But but is your favorite season. Ramseys. Are in quotation marks like what's your favorite little like weird season you look forward to bigamy is summing it Sony assemble as baseball season. Or can be something as complicated as did season but what season you look forward to all year when he when he went four boys I mean can it be just how. Because. My aide favorite season is summer and when you're doing summer like. There's the excitement of like oh okay this this is good and above football season's gonna pick up with its own costs in this in those first leg. Six to eight weeks of football season where the weather doesn't completely blow yet is just like so awesome. And yeah I just get super fired up like in the summer follows the offseason news of the hawks and what's going on training camp late. I would say a just really closely for a thirty year old guy with his no hitter has is like. And but I love it meant so it's just so fun that something you get that excited about and I don't care if it's late alternately stupid and meaningless at the end of the day like. It gives me something to be happy and excited about. And you know connect with people in the city about ever looked everyone's hearts since then you know I try not get too. You know. Too caught up in that make all our hawks fans it's common ground has a lot of pox Kansas City drivers out there with bumper stickers and license plate holders I was like do it. I didn't care right now. But you know during football season. It's it's more it's it's a real bonding point in them in the middle of summer right now might. Discuss some of the hot there I don't care if he got and I don't know got past sicker and you eat coming up field goal in light turns green where by via. These signals were coping. Football season. Yeah I mean I would say the holiday season. If you like. But I propose you'd call. It I like summer a lot more now when I used to yeah you know Bible like T late. We were past July 4 and a month now will be kind of right past meltdown after meltdown and play. Of the night. All right bring out book at her and amended and college football hunting or college your I think for me expression with culture by just there's so many Saturdays where it's late. Have had plenty of Saturdays were just getting wasted watching football I. But plenty of Saturdays to Georgia's lake sit around one body nanny drinking and just like watching games I mean I want our regularly Matt greatly last year after Halloween party. We both that crash your retainer. And I was up watching football on eking out by this sleeping and he came out with them music off the droids sitting and watch football and ice. Yeah I he had really cool today due to rain when it when it's there are into it hasn't just been beating your soul down for six months straight. Yeah. Cool and it's a war Marino had soy tolerable in the fall yeah but I do like overall just the holidays like Thanksgiving just to fund college for you relax. But I really like that week in between. Like Christmas and New Year's you know lake. I don't know it last year there was one game and you reducing out of the house is. What we are doing but we were just kind of hang announce it in the smoke in my arms there you know or late. And no one's really doing anything it's kind of psych. Yeah a lot of adults have sort of a free weekend right yet the time off I think that's a great time because people generally. Even if you're a nasty looters kind of general jackass in general people seem friendly year round. Yeah. I love that's what I love about December's just all the holiday parties like kind of weekend after weekend I've been some some group of friends the you'd see in some like fun to look forward to an exciting. That contrast is what makes like the end of January sound just like blah you know what that is tough frightens many here AJ that's why I always equate. The year the hawks on the Super Bowl. That's I was still legally you gotta understand you were in Seattle that year. That month in between it was like Christmas lasted for a month for deaths or pray everything we had a game coming out right there was schemes coming up everybody was fired than throwing parties. That. I know until this story with that and it teaching which you gain a pot chicken KFC. Gaza you hawks fans rate really you'll watch game is that his free soda and some extra check yet reflect. It's too soon. Love that man the world needs more of that type of thing. Yeah you know that's something that look I get it to do little like sports and as much as I love sports. The value it has to me is much less than used to be let out a male football but an America letter rule hole Saturday because they lost a game her not. Re the good thing about sports is even if you don't like the NFL that was a fun time to be NC who Braly bring the buildings are let up. Yeah age as cool and a flag going on the Space Needle parades. I did win another (%expletive) Super Bowl so basically because you live to Seattle we just hate the dead of winter and spring. Yeah. There at the end it's brings Foreign Ministry saw an anti women give like five months pretty much just ran off but a false killer. Summers killer and then my Canon ten begins the very beginning of winter like in December is nice and. We need to do the leavenworth trip without has been a regular thing for us because in the winner he had that he's really yeah do if that was something that I really look forward to there was. Stoked on life about for awhile after the fact there was well timed because those like right towards the end of February when that. That's seasonal affective disorder really just kicks in next Darren has been the real thing and think. Heavens are always joked yeah to me that something that I haven't snow on your on the acting in hot tub that it that it average yeah. Yeah that's the best and gone from snow and hot and backs now. Ten. Lane in the snow. A crack the victims that 185 for a no no vacations no holidays will be back next week normal scheduling. But they don't if you get a chance to its tickets for Saturday night and the queen casino and yet to get matching tee this to buy those tickets for Kate's words. Bobby MacIntyre good luck to you brother. I told when he was the as a gift idea mainly details cal gets our man I'm on the good cast needs one. Well that's stated to him the guys to do Republicans have beat up in a way. We don't we didn't bring home maybe for you know. Hi there that was what 85 for a TTP for up on the jets and it is the podcast cheers.