Loud and Local - July 2nd, 2017 w/ Helms Alee, He Whose Ox Is Gored, MxPx

Sunday, July 2nd

This week's episode is jam packed ! I spoke with members of Helms Alee, He Whose Ox Is Gored AND MxPx ! I also played a ton of raw jams from the NW of course! 


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Now mode. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticeably northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. No rock featuring music full. Great Pacific northwest. 99.9. As the weekend is almost over is fourth of July weekend here in the northwest it is very beautiful. And it is loud and local here is you know the weekend about to be over but at least we have a few hours of all the is local the best northwest music. That we can fit into a few hours and my name is Kevin gears tonight we have so much cool stuff I'm going to be talking with. Fall from MX PX in the 11 o'clock hour. And I he's talking all about 25 anniversary of an XPX shows coming up the show about. This week I have a debut a brand new ski rock compilation of all northwest and gold ribbon ride. Few songs from that coming up shortly for the next time here for me all the talk with Helms oh yeah and even doctors where they also have a show. This Thursday at new lows right now those starting off the shelf loud and local the end of the week is what got her daughter trip up. The club local. On the rock. That's the loud in the local the end of the week. Kiss the gunners daughter you wanna be considered for the loud and local the end of the week go ahead and that if AIW. Dot com and you can to send your music to the address keep in mind that we are changing our address here shortly so if you have a physical. For me promotional military might wanna wait about a month. You can always send links go over to email and up about that though. Level will be in the weeks are so I was just forgot his daughter just want to get that out there but enough about those. We have huge ducks scored the other Helms though we've got cozy and Dana. With his composure or Jose. New credit line -- hour. I can say okay it's. It's Jamal from a. From Rome Italy are OK and I Posey and data from helpfully we got Brian and Lisa from heat whose ox is gored it's like. A super group of northwest loudness here. Would that be pretty cool I mean these guys. Feel comfortable maybe write a couple songs tonight nights without any and by Thursday that its assortment. He acts totally fit. All all these members of the speed and or of this super group in studio right now you can go see them on Thursday. Hoping for mutually man at new Moses gonna be a killer show held the lead just finished the East Coast wag of the tour. And how to how to to go out toward with me toward me and it looked like he was pretty big party every show brutal. Yeah I mean you cannot be agreed as did meet down every single night. And then to tell me about this kind of like impromptu. Late night television show that they record like at their show us. It. Much about it on. May well yeah actually I better get to isolate yet but eighty hole like liberate there and work at. It is okay teams that there at their fort. Their home base and that's awesome so. That's a hell Helmsley back in town that you guys did you guys have like a media weaker so to kind of hang out here and then and in the West Coast or starts out. Two weeks okay cool and much needed upgrade and we are all you know and touring I am in the summertime. And things most beautiful here back home absolutely according to come only native. Seattle summer from an. You know nice man get to go to the lake Furl little wild it's. See some of the athlete gets decent laundry maid man here gloves on this country's other. That's right cross functional life and and then he's ox is gored I mean with your side project I saw that you. You guys actually had a little mishap the other the other night a couple of weeks back at the northwest terrifies prying your guitar broke. And then Lisa you had to go to the emergency room right after the show what you explained. That that crazy set. For the guy when I thought I assume that your guitar smashed over her face is. Right yeah I played that right then yeah. Don LeClair via I didn't smashed leads are afraid I would like. It's my ankles here yeah guys at India he. I had all these shows between filling in efforts in the raisins and aux and side project and Canada there was forty sixes. In thirty days. And then the last one with Allen at northwest they're fast. And at the end I I just the news and know what came over the room are that's matched. Broke that. It's our with anonymous letters but the luckily my friend Jerry party fix that I just got back this week in had a on holding it. At the abuse of yeah yeah. Since. Me. If you don't her side sills art and imminently thing it's. Hot here keyboards and across a lag I say for the record I've gotten better at this. This to our own one I'm pretty sure I saw you in a guy with your keyboard and I'll let. Low brutal end. The Lisa what did you have to go to emergency room after the north with terror 58 while I had flesh eating bacteria let's talk about it. That's medal. How do we all know and I pressed on. We only have to use them like I hand it does right now I think now it's highly sanitized. I think we're dead and our listeners get to bacteria via airwaves is that they made me and now. I'm sharing is caring now. Are able we're gonna get into some music by these two B and you can catch them Thursday at new lows alongside mutually man we're talking Helms a Lee and he whose ox is scored the wind to do this is once some from Helms once on from he whose ox is gored you'll be hearing from them in just a few. It's loud local on the rock. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ES doubled. Huge dog he's scored on the loud and lovable or that Helms a lead. Both those bands our infield and both those as planned on Thursday alongside bill Mikey knew Floyd Bennett knew I was on Capitol Hill. You've got to show up it's gonna be a killer show it's gonna be heavy it's going to be intended to be rod getting your faith. In the latter can be fun. The slowdown I forgot energy drink can copy Iceland now it appears you're hearing it I'm doing crazy so yeah we got. I'm sorry we got hosed you gave up from hell Billy we got Brian and Lisa. From he's arches towards some tag team action if I got an eight man tag here we got some some wrestling actually and you all gonna be able to. The faceoff against Niedermayer onstage. I mean they're pretty formidable opponents if for all four of you guys were facing off against me to a man in in a death match who went. They're going down. And the anymore. Let me. Think you. Would link. And the bass player due to a man yeah he's he's little world and drilling eight Bradley fickle thing okay. And what I'm finishing the vote be the finishing move that he would win win. It's the sweet Micky snowblower and then boom. Some kind of getting burned and we don't care. I. It's all good so it. Again we don't live hello we legion of mean. Oh. The other Roland radio and not admit that when you made it mistaken and just continue on and on site. I'm not good visas and let it feast day again. Helms only any whose ox is gored in studio right now again and again he planned on Thursday but their connection is a little bit deeper than just the planes and gigs lease over here from oxy has. As the name tattooed on her body when he tells a little bit about the held easily logo you have tattooed on it. I don't know it just an honest and have a good time it's really good about things and trying to make up for her past mistakes that I made the I can't come out as I was supposed to leave little. Things little secret treasures. At all the venues that we are we are going had them like. Couple weeks we were okay little treasures and all the menus and one and it's hunt. I was its ailing I was forgetting I'd do it at Austin and all of this. It. We get out and I don't like something I got to make up. Stuff and all of their promise I mean Ron and I blew it and so I've got held easily on my ex did a cat. On my butt. Like. At least make up for a little bit and for life. And it. And also currently means. It's kind of cool that I'm by. No means. I get as you definitely ironic and an eight. It might be the reason I got flashy that it's a bit. Be pretty well I mean here's the quote real question is is you're on for it like sitting in the van for a ton a time in a row like don't yet sweating so. What was it like having but a fresh but tattoo on tour we have to sit that in for so long would you like aching pretty hard. I can handle it because I'm woman. I don't talk bad assets. It's an honor him. There now it's fine. I go back and forth my test back and forth. And I think it is Aaron out in total there to complete it was OK. I'm. We got Helmsley and he was out is gored if you're just tuning in to both can be playing Thursday with new to it and we got two more songs. I'm from the handle them and it will be talking to them in just a few we got Helms the and then he whose ox is scored. The 12 punch of northwest's biggest slob local. Use Sox score but before that Helmsley. Both bands and you. Videos and nice. And seen. Ezra stone cold Steve Austin theme music represent not Johnson you know get a look at. The mass of me in my wrestling knowledge cozy and there have held the lead Bryant Anthony whose ox is gored the dungeon of doom is what they're collectively known as. And there. Heard mumbling means slang in Queens is the man name they're going to be starting their first show ever is alongside Helms a leaf whose ox is gored. And you to a man their opening the show. You can buy tickets from the bands and they are monster energy drinks that mr. So again you guys there are gonna be playing this awesome show on Thursday what can you tell any of us who might be listening in now and have never seen you guys live never seen team new to a man like I. Should we go. On Thursday. It. I now bidding. That squad on the spot and that's what I do. Know like interview. He finished moderately replaying some new songs we're working on new amateur over for for. That'll. I don't via the ox will be plans a new ones that Helms a leak what we expect from the though Helms. Oh same old same. Yeah. Well now. We're gonna place in our suite GM's market. On coupled DEU it. A couple of the eighties and and mutually man is always going to be fun their new record is so so good. Indefinitely so what's up to army incentives he was nominal show up last night you know it's an idea. And it's awesome artwork for it now. Bosnians it's severely. Yeah severely. Dangerously awesome. So yep OCM Thursday at noon most tickets still available and now we've seen there before. A week and the night with one he whose ox is gored sung for you guys. One giving shout outs or how come we've due to records and followed you on the Internet knowledge good stuff. Check outs. I Schatz of Benton. Any meat NEV I. I was tire iron out. A way. Even adult business and Anthony can be. He's got his own bar part of China Barbie work there that's also adds in an hour in. Out of the milestone yeah I was actually drink an error in and a ticket. Apps you. I wanna say Asia two mr. Jack in you know we he knew her answers it with him and I miss him. He's such a sweetheart I think about it all the time now and we mail at a record I think about working with that as well yeah. I am. Yet to call me. That's Harry transition actually because we're going to end you guys this little thing here with our allies of the new song by Hughes ox is gored a you can find the sunny peaking yet still have it is it available if you are copies available for you on vinyl CD. On my final Adams beer advocate procure a little bit more and we'll have them at the show. Ryan on Sasser reasoned comment yeah absolutely hopefully we got a sweet new teachers and or near lake you know teach it to get threadbare pain. I look awesome for stock hot date there's them they go on down. I. Right he whose ox is gored and held Celine it's always fun to have the guys in the studio thinks so much OC on Thursday. Again go see them open up for me to a man at new lows on Capitol Hill. Here's the new one by he whose ox is courts paralyze her a loud and local. This is loud and local. He's on the wrong igniting boy not KI ES. Big things the health and for the Sox scored and I hope and get homesick. Awesome is it just in studio if. You wanna go see them live differently head over to new lows on Thursday night here on Capitol Hill. And I go see them open up for me to admit my name is Kevin gears liable for the program you're listening to. Every Sunday night here on 99.9 KI SW yes this summer is the perfect time to skateboard. I'm not break on his keyboard but I love to ride around just got a new set up recently. And if your escape border that you're gonna probably be pretty stoked. That there's a new compilation. Called within ride and ski rock compilation. And the northwest gate compilation rather there haven't released. Party for his compilation. July 9 at the marginal waste gate park. That is for the stated by the gators. And if featured bands like grind line would be and org realm bigfoot accelerator the grinding low metal work and health care to explain. And there's going to be raffles from a local gay rant like black market 3535. Nor rabbit his tattoo shop. And us who don't sleep in before accessories and apparel. Again it is called within ride and north whiskey rock compilation I got a couple songs from the period. We got grind line and into the void after that the fake tees. It's involve what state rock compilation. The skater die Ryland Ben start us off a lab mobile. Okay. League double are you. It's. Nine point nine. So yeah. Yeah yeah. Let's get to the bottom this once and for all guys listen a lot of people say if you have skateboards and your items your kids are you good kids they're bad kids. That. Okay well I think that cliff it's. Sub strata here on loud and local on 99.9 KI SW until midnight. No good news for fans of the heavy this. You're in the northwest year of the cobra it's just announced they are now in the studio. Recording something whether it's in EP were falling I do I have the details but they're in or gain according. The Billy Anderson who recorded in the shadows below their their excellent record from this past year lion and the unicorn. Some you're about to hear next time you hear from me I'm going to be talking with. Tom. Was news to eat from MX PX. They're two upcoming 25 anniversary shows that the show box. Friday and Saturday is next week. And XPX coming up soon but right now it's here the Covert turn it up to while local on the Iraq. Loud and local continue. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. 99.9 KI SW loud and local on the phone right now Tom was nasty. He is from the bin MX PX they are playing their 25 anniversary shows coming up this. Weekend that's gonna beat. The seventh and eighth Friday July 7 with five earned frenzy it's 100% sold out of the shoebox. And force Saturday July 8 with slick shoes perilous put a hundred tickets left. Does to make sure you go ahead and get your tickets before they sell out Tom. Also thought the man and I didn't do a pretty good man stoked to talk to you it wasn't an excuse for a long time. And you know the first record I got from you guys whose life in general and probably down. The the path of punk rock I got into some some punk rock from you guys in in followed along the career from XPX ever since like in general. Self. I mean twenty I. 20/20 five years man like how do you even prepare for 25 anniversary felt like he gets of so many records how do you prepare a set list. When you have so many so much material to draw from. I you know deadly. Catalytic species about a year really played out. That's your nutritional dugout and route through and I do not agree on every album public and Cadillac electric eye fixed on up that record. We are pretty packed up and let senators know on them. We just an accident assistant in the and that's you know one can learn more or less you just won't make it militants in what's now been what's sound gross. The stuff that sounds gross you like I don't really good like fell on her idol. I don't know what I was thinking when I was right now one or is it just like I don't remember how to play that want. I've been at the don't remember bits and the system work anymore. Fair enough fair enough now just July 7 at the show on Friday the sold out shows that Byron frenzy. July 8 days with slick shoes what made you guys decide to choose these dubious openers the shelves. I didn't turn dark forever throughout ears to put it on the show that and then about great aunt and Paula and let them you know complicit she is not as a player that actually guitarist just like incredible stretch their lives on the man Byron played Latino. We get their horn section play unless this has its own it times. Now thinking back to your formative years like growing up what one band or album kind of made you decide to pick up the guitar like initially. Aren't. For me it he'd like that you are the descendants there and a awesome live record. There's just so does that mean it's like there. Are he likes them like I hurt I'm really angry that your Boehner replied it goes like. It's so much more powerful and intense line and they just did anchorman one under the iron there into the net under or even catch a prep and for me that's just like what taught us how to play a lot yourself. We had to be told people later on the came out and give people a few seconds seemed on the Wii is like just you know. That's rad man I mean. You got the energy might as well do it any descendants I saw them. What was it back in it was actually the day of the election I remember that I saw them two days two shows back to back or will you everywhere you there at the NF did. I have other custom. That's great man. Now now that you're looking back and all the records that you can draw from for the 45 anniversary shows if that. You've had a chance to look at it like what is your personal favorite an XPX album might just start to end all the songs ripped. You know it is parked essentially to keep their child but that I think general definitely there because that was just like. The first time I feel like we never like really. Tight to the and the we pick the lesser formula and on hadn't been great time December around rational instruments that. When we got that record I feel like it at all and it started clicking making an entity I. So for me it's not now on just. You know it's that formative moment where it looks like well we keeping the cheerio. And that Billick up until then we're kind of like. Just can't do a trick on you know like a hobby and I really don't like. We do this surreal and so I'm still agree and so like you know the call up your knocking out but I mean it something early this is more than just that just you know. Totally an end and that record I mean. Would that was ever recorded what you guys were still on high schooler or was it after high school. Not now lose after a slow summer of 1996. So Riley graduated and and Kosovo or the year after we got out so. The the first record its own or written on them are saying about touring and economic tensions seem quite so it is uncle. Either to know are unaware he basically about a skin stuck in the blizzard. I'm just sat on the freeway in a blizzard in Pennsylvania and are at New York in. This article southbound I just turn on the side and down or stop or discharge orders. All right man well it's awesome to have you on the phone we're gonna talk to you in just a few but I wanted to play a couple songs to me guys won from that record we're talking about a life in general. Doing time from that record and then let it happen. From the from the compilation album let it happen is ripping you wanna say about let it happen before we jump into these. I'm gonna happen actually is certain that I'm I'm who that would actually some keys politics recording session and ended up on. Ever mention. You know sentence is tip someone over the don't get like a lot of my a lot of my lucky like him you know that they don't have time with it record player that. Went up on the compilation what happened lot more people are very inarticulate lol we that's really it's only certain people I look at where Orion and the fun one. All right man here's some and XPX will be back more with Tom on lamb local. We weren't. It's common for men and XPX on the wall and it's awesome to hear from you man you guys have 25 anniversary shows coming up. This Friday and Saturday Friday all sold out Saturday 100 tickets or less available to get definitely jump on it if Europe and an XPX he wanna see them. Play all the jams that that you wanna hear their 25 anniversary show it's gonna be awesome switches and Byron frenzy joining them. Onstage but. We don't know the MXP Exxon moved to Bremerton right but. From what I understand. You guys still living Bremerton. I deal with an embarrassment right now man what is it about Bremerton that needs you wanna stick around Bremerton. At home you know it's wanting her record up everywhere he goes do you ever want. But. At the end of the day at a compound senate and a quieter sound and you know kind of relax and we had a studio Aaron. It was in the city it's a little harder and it. In how to make an honest you know people it'll work that stopped era and make it last night sound throughout throughout there are currently allow. That's awesome and he has of the hometown boys and like out of the local celebrities to Burma tonight than I mean. There that's like implement Bremerton night Diaz ever get like to keep your city or any or. It's that idea out accused city from the song they're eager dinner. We get a sovereign reverence we have rehearsal reverence and where. The that he won opponents like you know Britain revitalization thing they want is our on the one Spanish owner. There and he walked from my gently in the background are all the yellow Cedar City. And there are Ali you know they went out really well and that's awesome and it just. Bots are out joking but you know got it. There you go now you know speaking of Bremerton you guys recently teamed up with the local brewery out there called silver city and you release the MXP XP your secret weapon. What can you tell me about the beer in the process of picking like whoa how involved were you guys with that. We are superb also solar city is a great period from her embarrassment it's like becoming really long now and around the country and indeed in the world. You know that's not the leotard and about you know between the anniversary is on the other end. We sat down with them like last December and arts culture appears delight and but I'm here are coming out and we can account like I'm used its mass site cannot expect that you know at the lake that your friends are in keep going that's open secret that the and we came back a month later and that without them and demand coupled they're content appear that it would be an idiot and on the that the secret weapon as he wrapped and we just we talked about and we really didn't need a couple of weeks. So we're heavily involved in camp we love them like look your approach to make in the ears so you tell us of course you're not you're. Italy liken it slowly work and they're great and their friend arts from just around is so it's just doesn't do the perfect opportunity to work together. That's awesome many guys even have the token that's upon like on the beer can. And now that he's Yani technically 45 years also he can drink that stuff now. I had it detailed picture fears and a not now growing up here in the northwest what are some of your favorite northwest bands of all time I mean aside from an XP it's of course. My apologies I mean you know there's the obvious one can we grew up you're an island Oprah the concern now there are programs don't cardinal that's just like. Amazing to us. Hello. They're they're probably like one on that I was into the most so mean Florence and the land essentially records. You know I have they for some reason my 2004 Honda along interest only hesitate death. And I still have spin away or and I have four on cassette and I wore it out I played so much. Not yet clear curtain. You are happy moment Downey California. Some remain united we get that rental only edit it next and we had spent oh really kind of stuck in there and kept him out our. Obviously we're talking about 25 years of MX PX if you're just tuning in I got home from an XPX on the phone. Now what are your favorite northwest show moments for an XP it's over the years do any us specific shows standout. How we gets open for the access for the bombers in the area that was future hall in Ghana Britain and around the ball or not. Yeah well that's amazing good illustrator playground so that our pursuit early and then it may want to have in them. He cannot continue to freshmen from selling and a we talked about how you. Yet he'll accompany the technical mind really. Yeah Ottawa now and you can go reopening them fears that connect canceling early yet. We'll take your irrelevant they're actually playing so we literally on aids related to several notes were up in a professor of my. You know and if you're in the stadium that it was incredible host this circle. Without that and we want it on then it's with the Paramount couple times in lockdown is nothing if it's beautiful it's it's on the entry like. They're gonna let us do our thing here all the trapped at the main thing. That's awesome man those are definitely pinch me moments I mean opening up the Sex Pistols wow. That's awesome. Yeah all right now well we are gonna go into a couple more songs we got more from. Com on for minutes yet we got what mine is yours who slowly going the way of the buffalo in heard that sound from the ever passing moment I'm just trying to place of my favorite and it's PX some some. From the years pass from their entire discard your feet and I will be back with Tom from MX PX is a local on the Iraq. It's loud and local here on 99.9 KI SW when he was Kevin gears I got palm from XPX on the phone and if you do not know by now they're gonna be playing on Friday and Saturday at the show box market. In Friday is 100% sold out Saturday less than a hundred tickets you gotta get two tickets right now because that thing can be 100% sold out. Probably by midweek I would guarantee the any. From the morning chill from BJ inmates he is that a die hard an XP expand he actually hasn't spoken ax attack the U. On his arm. 25 years what's still excites you about getting to play music. Denounce these people I ever happened to go chaotic wrong because they are right now. The excitement announced it you know that are playing I like Ortiz. We recorded for years near you that still can GL ORD. Now one state to make a quick but dramatic. Step or. Absolutely man. So special shout out to do anything to listen in men and I'll see you at the show. But from the from what I understand you guys are pretty hands on with everything it's like a pretty DIY how important is it for you guys we have with the hand. It'll be little operations even down to like that the Merck. I don't know it always been like a really a working class enemy and that that is longer term but it's around the world and it shows we still. We meet up you know and straw are here from the sort it in the truck and and out and just. It's all in there are known and we knew we wouldn't even know it's just out of any Democrat. Larry gum and it works for you guys I mean you know you're you mentioned like when you guys are going on these huge but like world tours and everything like. What is it like how do you stay grounded coming back to two Bremerton and and coming back to family in in normal life like how how do you you kind of balance that coming back in instilled trying to remain humble. I think it turned back to representatives. Super helpful and keep you grounded not because it's Cecil spot on and and are note yeah generally anti throughout flipped and you know pillow like Cooley invent whatever but like your dad do you back up you can like you know that party in my to so shut up you know. Yes everyone can still call you out on the united dork in junior high and high school absolute right on man will I had one last question here kind of a weird one. If you could pick a scar on your body and tell us the story of how you got Tom Carter. Here are ya again a pretty decent one on my. Left eyebrow as played softball and Brandon. You're panorama like Benadryl and you know three out severance which as you out and out of their bit and they're out it's thrown over first that's Kurt just yet the company is on third. And also an account softball. Now I'll know I was yet had a look at a look at my friend out like well what happened yet. Only got it deal what a patent laws are announced Peyton. I don't know what I was here than soccer and I tried try to kick catching a lot of my love. Yeah luckily I wanna go look at our schema. Well nurse so she cleaned up prospect in general hospital and met again in the eyes it's gone I want him but we'll play at the night alias black collectively. Busted open nets that's that's real cred right there man baseball injuries softball injuries might that. So what the rest of 4017 look for like for you guys. I'm overdue and more we can. So around the country you know that's like monopoly we have. Other we can after our Seattle so we're gonna and I overdue and one and and convexity you know in a couple in Calgary. And we had a week and then national coming out and it's Marcel and apple announced heroes you know. Awesome man blowup again this shows are happening at this coming weekend Friday and Saturday at the show box. Give yourself to the picket line because you know what just just island up right now dial it up I don't know what it would is 1995. But I guess that it. Get that ticket index has its gonna sellout Tom thank you so much man it's awesome to talk to you finally and I sucked it in LEM and we got panic. I'm sorry we got those solid. Heard that sound from the album panic and then one of my personal favorites is a fun one take on me originally done by I'll ha. But I got this actually I when I went on a trip to Japan I found on the cover. On vinyl on pinch. You're cool night in an art I'm I'm. Right on Tom I'll see you at the show man here. Okay. Look at me and Sears were. AI SW room. Out in the local is about to be over there is the last song you'll hear from me tonight Mathieu overnight sensation is up next thank you so much for listening special shout outs an ax BX they're playing Friday and Saturday. At the show about 25 anniversary also films only in. He whose ox is board members of those and he came into studio tonight. You'll see them Thursday at new those right now it's just mosque on loud and local people local. I. I. You. Hey. Nine OK I guess double the IBM WHD.