Loud and Local - July 9th, 2017

Sunday, July 9th

Welcome back to Loud and Local ! This week on the show I featured music by Devils Hunt Me Down, Po Brothers, Seaweed, Wyatt Olney and the Wreckage, Witchburn, Czar, Skelator, Soundgarden, a Sense Of Gravity and more! 

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Now oh yeah. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area come. Analysts noticed great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. The rock featuring music bull. Here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. Today he adds it is that time again at 10 PM here on nine point nine KI SW it is July 9. A 2017. And it has been a beautiful northwest weekend. Is about to come to an end. Unfortunately but he you know choice because we have two more hours left of the weekend as we sped back. And solitude. With the best of the northwest music. Get my name is Kevin Peterson every night on Sunday night I bring you the best for the 206 if you buy the fourteen private effects. Even at 509. Right now for the start things off with. You heavy hitters your level devils let me down and rest because both have written records of course he's been herded up. Analysts in a loud and local. Straight man. In them. Real. We. This is loud and local. It's on the rock 99.9. KI DSL. Every week each year on KI SWB. A feature loud and local the end of the week we team up with. Friday. They play a little something something from the band big prime real estate on KI SW dot com end up with played the hell out of here. Are loud and local this week of the hand from Indiana that moved to Washington. What was it about like four or five years ago they have a brand new record out. In that they have a record release show coming up there called Polk Brothers and these guys are seriously awesome. They have for a new record like I said. And it's coming out if you can pick it up July 21. At these central saloon in Seattle of course that is at 21 and over varsity got to be a feature that went. It's with mr. master into either the war be to play three songs from that records you can kind of taste it out and see if it's something that you wanna go see live and a have a feeling you will you definitely wanna see this blog and lie beer incredibly talented and this is dynamic. An awesome and sounds great live with a few years. They are his three sons by Pope Brothers the bottle which is the single and then people over and carried the weight all by Pope Brothers the loud and vocal at the end of the week. On 99.9 TI SW. Over others he left out in local band of the week immigrant who record that is out ended the record release show. It's coming up Friday July 21 it's actually my mom's birthday. Maybe I'll bring my mom who knows. It's weird it's gonna be the central saloon Pope Brothers regularly show alongside mr. masri has heard the results by Pope Brothers. If you wanna find out more about them go to KI SW dot com DRG. BJ and Nixon animal will be into the week. If you like or been to be considered forbidden that we get a KIW dot com submit your music or consent mean physical copy whichever way you wanna get out. Here's mr. master the bands can be opening that very record leash on my name's Kevin gears you listen to allow local could turn out. In keeping local. Okay. Yeah. Loud and local continue. There's 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah. Okay. Why is or the end of wreckage here on. Kevin beard was into the jail until midnight all northwest music. Think loud and the local that a KI SW dot com he would take on the playlist we. Updated every week had to play. As many requests you can't 77999. Inside the numbers you dial if you look at Texas fourth to a 6421 rock also talked some trash. Also all of the social media we can't. A lot more. Let me know which one year this past week I have the chance to go we'll check out and often show over at me. The band that I have about Michelle last week both played together it was hell Helms over. Golf has scored in all it's worth it mutually. Yes go ahead you know Austin. Thank you so much Helmsley. Doctor board were coming up last week if you wanna go back and with the bad episode but KI SW dot com them. On demand I feel for your boys from the police and hopefully right now office that was five record of that this one is worth your while. Allow multiple. This is loud and low. All the rock ninety point nine KI ES. Thank hear loud and vocal. Here till midnight every Sunday night and did he gave you all of one hit and sound garden fatigue into the catalog. And I picked up her ritual for Yevgeny so I think solicited tonight this one goes out to you as always all right Chris Cornell. What sound garden loud vocal. Okay. Okay. I. Yeah. Okay. Nine and HD one see a lot of car and loud and local continue. Eight years 99.9. KIS doubles. One of the most. And big bands here in Seattle skeletal. That Sheen of fear. John over in Everett wanted to hear balance John. Hope you you pump your fifty. Grabbed the wording is sang along with that scale toward him lab mobile is what you listening to now this next one. Go to Jenny. Jenny driving around in delivering pizzas though you want. You can deliver one to us it give anything you wanna hear it was a call to go six for two and rock or on Twitter at. 999 TI ESW right now it's red thing they are from Portland. But we still consider that the northwest and damage any excuse was a red face if he could excuse the smell of sound. Allowable school. This is loud and love. Small mom igniting Roy non. KI DS. After all the requests here allowed unlawful he thought he called a little while ago and said he wanted to hear from which burned. He's drinking a few cold ones here last few drinks on the weekend. When you're from which Brazilians and. The risk for you Jay thanks for the call it goes walking you through black sunrise I would burn mobile music. On the Iraq. All hanging. She loved her. Action. And I. Year of the over there you hear it feel to hear what they're producing right now down in Portland recording with Billy Anderson and he recorded sleeps dope smoker. He recorded that last record. And he will be recording of the brand new year of the Covert. Buried here east of here that level was what it was sitting here Elaine. Robinson of days we've heard just before your cobra accords which burn as I mentioned before start now that. Now I'm gonna throw back a few years because I just needed to hear from. I just love being so much of course they're no longer with that the band is not in existence anymore the box so good. So so good from the record we are the Romans transition from persona to object. Watch turner definitely would you fly a more formal rock. Loud and local content. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. This is loud and local. He's on the rock igniting boy non. AI DS don't. He's been listening to loud and all year. Midnight every Sunday night ending your weekend on an odd film and he northwest no notably north was even. She's thanks for all the requests all the love hopefully for media and now all the bands that. Are doing the in thing I want and if you. The plan ahead in the battle. That are just really pushing the boundaries of country music. Is it technical free. Odd time signature. Is stuff really cool stuff. Both friends of well multiple daughter from Tacoma. Pollsters never eat in peace after that at center of gravity knife and complete the very technical stuff but also his. Yeah. Winning colors. Okay. Yeah.