BJGN07-14-17 - Preacher - Orphan Black

Friday, July 14th

BJ & the Prodigy discuss their Hour of Devastation PreRelease experience; Rev talks with Gareth von Kallenbach; the gang talks TV with Preacher, Orphan Black & Killjoys; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Making fun of Vijay playing magic the gathering quiet and of course the geek she wins Dickie VVP how can people get all the Louis good. And you are sorry for goalies I hear guys. So. I don't must have had a time I knew that I can check out our website at dollar podcasts information just feed Diggnation dot com. Confirmed that an elderly can wasn't the blood get the site on the web sites you can listen to us on Alexa Amazon echo devices say elect's us. Flaky nation on CNN married plus some iTunes by the way I see her own and get us like every every episodes on magically TV is that raid us. He also like a fun FaceBook ties to shiver reading she's geek nation posted their youth along with a lot of some of the videos and articles. On good earnings to ram this thing growl at feet digging nation center sexually to the boys not won any 02243353. That is any night beating each nation at and check that are videos each of dot com slash B jiggy nation. And I think we will start this off with a little magic the gathering talked to. I didn't approve this. I. Island this and I'm really I'm really pretty stoked about this because. We've got BJ you and your sudden both went to deal mock boarding house in Bellevue -- placed a pre releases yes and you guys parks took in T hour of devastation. It was many hours of devastation and they don't realize how many hours -- 11 equity 11 o'clock 5 o'clock guy get out of there I was and a good nice -- Amazon is all said and done and this is kind of what you -- homey don't play a lot of magic beyond the pre releases staff and have you go all in on those at least for at least one day I did buy the arch enemy attack which we have to play which is you know arid -- markers in three decks and trying to take on the -- that cynical -- which is good both sec which is good yeah yeah I have a plenty I just -- did some ready to play we're on a list of people who want to do that sometimes we give a good review of air America. So both you and Joseph did go and I know in the past they had been doing some sort of like pre release packs. Where you would pick a color or anything but they've done away with those now at this point ray yeah they give you still give you a nice box and so there has a theme awful whatever the set is going to be fun and you get a foil Carter biggest difference foil card now for a difference well pre release card. And you get to actually played in your deck so that's kind of fun because you know you never know what you're gonna get. And sometimes you can actually use it. And sometimes it's sometimes they're back back back back back so all what I guess some are some of the takeaways both of you guys from on playing this said in the sealed environment. Hi it's much better than though the original just we're very were among ten animal cats yeah yeah that six Paxil was not as fun as this one I think this really brought. The format together. Do is like a lot of really good balance between the exert and the I'm Baum and the allies and see a whole lot so he could do. Our highway at one in three I believe the first one okay no it's not gonna. I'm. All my matches went to game three and my you to play most your cards you know I don't mind Carrera says yeah. Yeah and I had a great time and second wanna for road so I was dead already you know really Imus and I'm sorry I can actually opened for a nickel boss congratulations. Yeah who saw somebody get to play it. Okay good dinner. I I would have enough blue black and red labels combined even without manner fixing to shove it one DEC I. So I had to like black white agro but it turns out like when I was really good and morons like Ted Syria and that's generally when you're doing this is is kind of these zombie archetype like zombies is really big on this one especially with internalized. As a new stud the new one in a bomb as a deal lemon can't ability. How did you feel about com. He going from. As originally wasn't keeping the power and toughness and they internalize is the new went out of the set which instead of keeping the card the exact same is certainly coming back Asif for four zombies goes that you really nice because. A lot of embalmed cards for good spot. As creatures on their own analog eternal scars are better in the graveyard sealer to mix the spells in the first set in the second set to help you with Mike the cars were a little worse say there weren't any regrets of France and there's some milk cars in the first set to help with internalized yet and the second one there are some creature Tyson Mike having. A soldier or is obviously meant that comeback in him bombs forms trigger some yourself and a new set yeah so is actually pretty cool and I don't wanna sweet stuff like. And bombing my 11 life winged cat to bring back my white sorcery that would gives a creature closer to solidifying because the white caps is on the. Old you dad isn't as follows with that so worked really well together guys now BJ how did you do when your two flights well it's interesting we way I have what I thought what I did was build a really good red green deck I got that red green plains harder Sam however Samad or some idea you know and and I think the magic of older it would have been a really good decked it was creatures creature removal. Cards that do two things like cars they can do have a multi purpose like. You know what when it's a player does this and Manning and also do this and I you find yourself and I really don't you ever really pedestrian deck like I didn't have anything they did anything special except the one thing it was supposed to do. Whereas you know some cars like hey guess what you kill me and I comebacks generalize the Achille and it's crazy December it's actually not that great as a planes walker. That's interesting is okay but he's not great if she is double strike if you're a creature play or she does too damaged it's really not my dad gets OK yeah yeah I already knew one damage to one and one limits to another but it's like you know you've got when you've got guys ago okay well I'm internalized imagery how come back yet and I'll be there or party of four very yeah yes I was a 11 until police are gonna be a fourth war could happen. You know or I am a 21 stupid desert camel now discover card did you kill me through there were a lot of Reading to cards it didn't happen rev. Oh I thought I was bad you know and yeah I had an end and I weigh in and who we redesign my deck because we looked at it meant the guys like you know what red green is not deletion gone after all. Because and so we made it into like a red it was a red green black currently you are doing their red blue black. Made it a better deck. But you know I kind of forgot certain cards at certain things and Joseph is behind me taken. Hi I literally pull blu two games I could of one is that in the last. Oh yeah new is. So whose great rev OK so there's four manifesto on the set the deals five damage and yet this preacher would die get sex I'll absolutely so it was eye candy card it's an insane car is very good yeah. The gods and a set. Come back to your hand at the Andrews and step of the bid next censor him so BJ has this deals five damage card. To kill the blue black god which is a religious amid JE NN world watching like the gave his seal this is perfect like what I draw it's going to be great. Goes to tap inside man up. Well wrote me tell you that's double not target the god. Oh who knew oh. 011 now all my car and I as salmon employment curriculum almost salmon as well. Oh yeah I guess I was told I saw enjoy these once I get SI a wants and when I get a thought my head and guest in my head. I completely forgot you could exile those gods I I thought there at his right so myself I think comes back every turn I'm never a million rid of that and because I thought that in my head. Totally forgot that's all I have an exile card which we'll get rid of it. And that's my problem playing the game is that I need to play a lot. In order to learn from my mistakes because I'm the kind of guy that over thinks everything and then says here's my plan what am I gonna do my gonna go and hard because magic is a game of is an ever changing. Game state. And so getting into doesn't like the nuances of all of those things and that's. Kind of a constant thing with you there's been plenty of times are EST well did you read the card is a Garrett want to kind of figure what I knew it was gonna do what I was used to playing one deck and they were like we're gonna change your deck impacts are given a shot. But what day you know what they don't know about what they should know about me is like. He's gonna have too many things to read too many things to figure out and he is not going to be able to see everything. Because they are behind me and every time VIR I have in my mind again they're going to see things that I don't see in this gonna suck because they're gonna tell me out a tough because it's I am a Charles Wong was a great player great players always buddy positive player so it's like. Younger guys are good players they will see everything that I don't ask and then is still conscious and that that point and it will be a bomb it'll hit the table that I can't deal with but I won't be able to figure out how to do let up until very normal yet and I am when a bomb hits the table I just get so mad like all level I can't deal with this kind of screwed and that's exactly what I thought and I have the winning card in my hand. The reason I disagrees and I want after the 11 it was it does touch guy and I wanted to try to get over what one of my guys draw more cards. Because I was looking for another card I'd like I'm my only chance in this game is get his other card to. Not realizing that I had the card in my hand that would've gotten rid of the problem lay had a great strategy if the guy I was instruct will be great arrogant guy and that's another part of the problem is these new gods aren't in destructive and I think in my old yeah irons worse and that's where I think my brain was like I know what this is no you don't. But you beyoncé is the price you save me from one game only because of the fact. The player was split it was it was crafty you know I using read all the cards but the one guy had the car the gains all your life. The gauge twice pushed back up to 20 yeah dad says the last mercy I really don't see out of class mercy throws in the graveyard I don't look at the card. Then we go to the next turn he unsound saws lands and tries to kill me with the internal jet. And I don't even think I'm like god did any top deck deck card and luckily. Joey. Here's a thought as part of Cassel three Manning do you thirteenth just I want to set our furniture and drawback yeah integrated and I'll tell you what I thought is that not discard steaks if you drive early because you're already at twenty court maybe you are it's what do I guess so I just didn't even realize how we have a card and there are cards in the set to do amazing things but you don't get to on tap delay and the like the F five for snake thing yeah. So thank god he was there and it's like oh yeah it was late in the day I get a read all the cards. And I forget to do that and he was he where he knew he was doing he knew he was dead and I think he was is I don't throw the graveyard and I'll Tamil enemy he won't know. And I'm glad Joseph was there because I I. I hate when guys do that and a pre release its yet where is the lowest level really amazing and it is it's really deem most new friendly it is the one where. For the most part you're gonna let people take back the mood I did a stay like what's Connors on the cards one dude you don't he actually had a better situation and I said hey I don't know if you noticed that you can actually do to really I don't yell you could do that. Because no I mean for crying out loud it's a relief that's about learning the car away so really in the last round but I would a guy may be an extra pack. For basically trying to be in you that way. And but you know and and that's why Islamic Jolie diss is there which is like she's the team and it's a series series save my advice and I can't ask taxi can make a bad. I'm yeah 'cause if you when you play well enough and then you make the do you just because somebody decides got to be shifty and there was a guy at that tournament. I don't know if you told me some it's only where they were actually they kept peeking at its top car peaking at the bottom card and then they would take the deck and slide it over eleven dropped out bottom card out there Beckham and have a yes somebody got done would you do you look at this summit meant yes somebody call them on that and the judges had to come over. And again it's it's a it's a pre release fun term like little kids go to this gas. Like if you've got to try that hard yeah editor first let me shouldn't be cheating at a magic term anyway but if you're cheating at the light. No lowest level yeah. You really this is the lowest level of competition and our. You list for you know the best president was out math. Between advanced because we have an 11 o'clock and 5 o'clock. We don't feel fried chicken joint car and yet they all won there yet I don't know I II this plaza and because of bad citation which actually was good redesign I'm trying to be good with my food drive I did there was sells fried chicken which if you never been to Washington they've. Is Els is like really really good or Oprah approved and yes that's right as reckless and the fried chicken and Oprah had a Visio and get a ticket guy sure is enacted she Mars. I'm not. Yeah but you know what I said it was fun it was real I know I felt like there were times right didn't like it's only good cards I didn't know what to play like he was tough to build a deck and in my played on Sunday same thing like which ticked away build. I will say learned though okay yeah I need to have an extraordinary deck because it because there are people gonna have cards it Tutu for once on an eight from the cards and we'll do more than one thing from you know and that is a really really important thing like that. You know like that that they card did not only does it just you know don't fight damage but he can also exile and god yeah and that's that's a card that does more than one thing. Or those eternal has come back so but I. Fun time and an you know it's it's I love playing magic pre release but that's shall only play like you know. Particularly well once every three or four months so you know I'm not gonna be good thing. Moving on from that let me speak with mr. Garrett Vonn caught a bug and in front skewed and reviewed that is escaped and are dot net. Talk a little 23. Terrorists on com Bob from skewed and reviewed that is SK and are dot net and Garrett last week we talked a little bit previewing 23. So what's going on weatherman. And okay so we're here at Indy twenty trips torture briefly is the bi annual. A celebration of all things Disney covers everything from the parks to cruise lines movies TV shows memorabilia. And we are getting ready for the big showcase event tomorrow people hurting certain to line up production to wind up overnight to get into this thing is it's a huge draw big conclusions worthy studio roles now all of bearer. Up plans for the next two years and of course every time they introduced. Shown. You often get starts from film that appear on the stage to do that in the very big very you know you can't bring cameras or anything like perhaps. You know one of the things are always tell people about his few years so we got and then they had the Captain America. Winter soldier once. And they came on stage and make sure okay folks we're gonna show you are seeing that we had just filmed this week as they were shall filming such. Because temporary traction at the turn out to the train cursing and how early show this scene in the make your ladies and gentlemen Intermec B Chris Evans. And boom right there and then they come out and you know it's the first time you get to see Angelina Jolie. In her malicious and make up so you know it's a really big deal. And ensure even more so there's a ton of stuff that everyone's really excited about rumors flying around there. You know Star Wars Marmol. The animation Kirk's earth live action lot of shots. What's our Star Wars at this point are weed you know for going to be seeing any footage or they're going to be releasing any footage about the next moving the last. And I yeah much and we are this is what this close to what I'm hearing. We were bullets we would get a new trailer now I am hearing that perhaps not a case we are not gonna get a new trailer but we're gonna get new footage shall mean practice slept with that people may remember doubt win the force awakened us coming out. They actually appeared calmer try met here and that was Sharm. But that was before the G-20 trail expo for that here. What they had a similar to what we ended up what Perot won last year. Once they had the simple real which had some behind the scenes footage channel like the making up MM. And they edit portion and that you would see costumes you achieve various characters and things like that that shall we controlled we're gonna seed it's essentially like me backstage. Filming. But of course. Like in the other one. Well look who just walked in from a camera look at doesn't hurt your first look at this person so that's what we've been told to expect the big question and it is you know Star Wars why those are really get the announcement of what to 20/20. Movie as you're usually these are only about two years I helped. You know people are market really get thinking on the new Indiana Jones film who knows. That they actually it's the 20/20 standalone shell and then of course coming back to the Hans solo thing. Ron Howard's been cleverly putting some images up like the other day on social media he put up some. A picture of some of the costumes and start like that there was a leaked out photo what console leader also function and should block and it popped up so people are kind of wonder more receipt from that happens that it's kind of wore a wrap for Star Wars right count. Now here's an interesting thing on that end too because Ron Howard came in ended already done some shooting with the previous directors rely on solo have you heard any word about whether they're gonna have to go through a ton of extra reissued torque. If this could possibly delay the filming at any point or the release of it. Not yet I think that tomorrow's gonna go you know big pointed out but I also think. Supposedly production resumed. On the tenth sorely a couple of days passed their so I think a big chunk of it as you know raw and was probably sitting there were the studio looking over what which film and basically he can happen to make the decision what works what doesn't work. And then he has to stir film and of course there's you know when that process is going to launch somewhere in the truck social objections from literally saying hail or change the scene around involved showed no you know what this and we did. Those two things we did prior partner to work let's shoot at all oversell the hump at this point the plan is still to make it's time to release to let you know as I told somebody such. They have had HU tremendous success moving these things over the summer put them Christians because jurors plus competition which. And the movies can run longer meaning. You are you're not chasing a giant blockbuster every single week looking to knock your total GAAP. I cute she's someone say you know what let's move which Christmas look sticker not December 18 when we don't have no these don't you come right on the heels of a drag. That significantly overall box office so we shall sleep. And that's what those one things I think that is O or at least would be a really great. Chris miss out holiday type tradition is Evers of a Star Wars movie during those times I mean it did what it's like Woodward even better is there any other like Star Wars type of news in terms of just beyond the movies like with theme parks and other they're getting a lot of stuff geared up to. Go crazy with it is there anything out there along those models. To London C you don't listen Brooklyn about a week pension Carol. Unlike most years this sect or usually falls in the middle of August and make sure they chose to do it in July. Before San Diego comic con and I predict you know I was saying they've got some big stuff and we've just been inundated with former sun what we're gonna speech what we've heard about is that we're gonna get. It is very. Up close look. Apps these Star Wars plan attractions that are currently being built in distant world and Disneyland. We have heard rumors that there is a Star Wars themed hotel. And apparel and those are all but confirmed that is coming deplored and it's not only around it I would not sort of put this usually. Not only Star Wars themed hotel but I guess there's a package you can buy. That's essentially they create these special Star Wars themed adventure for you was well new in the Star Wars land so you check in and it's like literally from the moment you check and the hotel. The experience and bland as well as a specially created sir worsening debenture half obviously Barbara a lot of new merchandise and stopped talking about and on top of that we were hoping I don't know the last time out we actually got to see some of the costumes and props or the force awakens. And so we're hoping that's going to be there. As well. That's a really exciting I hope by that when they do that own themed adventure for Star Wars land he needs of her own protocol Droid. America wouldn't all the different languages that you may experience on your travels it's a lot of fun it's a lot of fun. Garrett I know that you're gonna have a ton of information going out for 23 live as you have all people ought to do is go to escape and are dot net that is skewed and reviewed. So hit that up and then will give back with you next week concede that ending get a preview one as San Diego comic times. Sound board order chuck your putter daycare thinking so much again Garrett of bond Colin buck from skewed movie you can find him and more at SKA art dot net. Let's talk on television now he need to I am teammate Danica. Let's start a little bit with some preacher. Tulip is dealing with the Victor and all they he's about. While. Preachers took generator on trying to figure the hell's going on days to a story line you remember the storyline from to a from the comics is I don't know monitor key does I only read the first books I don't know I don't but somebody had mentioned that always finally seemed Victor so I think the media you've probably something going on line I I forget and that's a thing but. Obviously there's a reason why she doesn't want to sell Jesse. About this whole situation with his Victor do him why she's in trouble did you think normally like well yeah elegant she she owes money or whatever has a debt that's a good deal when I tell everybody about it you know kick everybody's ass but for some reason she didn't wanna tell Jesse and then at the end of the episode because against the scenic. We find out preacher I haven't seen or someone you know that's it on you know what happens. Why haven't we got back and Carrie Lee Donald Don more. He has known it's an end just by the look in his face and last seen you know he's not going to be taking it too well no did you guys see the Diana scenes however next week. I just a little bit would be a whole lot of attentions yeah he doesn't take a 200. Laugh. And now he'd done and don't we we get more inference about these super seeker religious cult but we don't see anymore herr Starr -- kind of disappointed in that and we didn't see the same killers but we will Suzanne -- because you know Jesse had a obviously voices ass off to try to save tulips yet which was pretty entertaining also I think -- I really did love the site is seen that just he had with the all other millimeters or Syria yes just a fact that Bagwell yet PGA here which we saw in the first season. When the guy we thought he shot himself in the trunk he had actually just basically destined himself to make sure that you wouldn't hear the voice of god. So they have found an easy way to foil Litsch. That's still very interesting which helped happened in the show that switch both to lift and Cassidy where thousands at necessary I heard it happens. It was also interesting to see like. How much that Cassidy really does care for two looked like this is a really weird triangle yeah that's now turned into a foursome with Victor in the fray. If it's kind. And I just. Look at it you've really it's attributed to thank. The question I have epithet at Philly from the sunlight and yeah there are very important if you infamous and that they need other takeaways that you guys got from the south well. We got to seal a little bit of how helped work here and underfunded adapt what I don't know that. You asked I do love I love because this wasn't in the comics as far as I remember are not not and so it's nice to see this journey in hell and like who's it's funded violate waited so it was so ridiculous that it's. It just is like any other sort of you know government programs. What is something along the lines of vague it's funded by have been but since gods god knowing can approve of the budgeting. Play out right having weird and Xerox god and you know your bureau bureaucratic bureaucratic credit carried out or hermit. Very interesting is that he'll lose not just awful guide me now. Well it's actually you know I guess is the beauty of this a thing you know very if you if you know history and it was a great documentary done on the world wars. And you know any end especially Hitler during World War I when he was just a soldier. And you know something went wrong with that man where he wouldn't every once said that he was not a bad guy and then something happened in his life. And I don't know everything about Hitler's early life but the idea being yeah I is that. You know AA he was a regular person he was somebody's son he was maybe some guy who had dreams and hopes and then he went to Warrick. And in World War I was really I discard it and then all of a sudden he became we became. As so it's I love that they're showing. He'll learn you know after the fact legal leg are reflecting upon the fact hey won't you realize what you did you're in hell every day view you know seeing the worst moments any anything to see the full arsenal and I love that about the show is that they're showing. Because look at the end of the day every bad person on this planet who's a human is a human and was somebody's son daughter baby and usually it's something. Behavioral mental level that goes wrong and it causes someone to just all of a sudden do horror horrific things. Tom we forget that 'cause we're all about good and evil in the world which you know a lot of people think is the thing that ruins mankind is the belief of good and evil in the first place yeah are not black and white yet and I and I saw I love that they're explore Matt if it's it fits very well. With this particular story and just thinking about it right now the thought that they did dimension that you just brought about a by the humanity and staff as you genes probably be even saying kind of some of the after seizing he is basically the most pure person on the shelf. And then when you get to the fact that now he's spending this time in hell. Which could have been Hitler's World War I sort of thing that influenced him in DC at the end with Eugene. You know helping and giving in on with a group mentality of beating up on Hitler merely an honorable they were watching and they told not to be a nice guy what is so fascinating when you're in hell you better not be a nice guy yeah because that's not how they do things there decide how could he is sort of turning into that or that that that that that turning point for him yeah I and I find it funny that nobody asks how we got there in the first place like he just showed up very does here yeah and. Did it in every in what is obviously a huge bureaucracy with a lot of paperwork a lot of you know systems in place to figure things it's funny that no one questions how. Eugene just showed up. That that is what struck me. Cameroon and Jim said you're not supposed to be maybe there's goes attempted suicides sort of things and that is true and yet you're right that is the hell they show me did try to shoot aren't fairness. Part of me wonders if Lincoln's killer you know obviously was probably a bad guy when he died like will not probably wasn't bad guy so probably have those bad guy tendencies like maybe was a good guy first and and ward changed so many became the monster that we all know has. And then he's okay and how I like he's. Paul and he's talking TGU that you better get any here he's helpful so I'm wondering if held in some way you're supposed to be eat. For rehabilitation not tell how so many anymore. But they don't want to rehabilitate people they wanna keep on the air for what ever reason insurance hence why they're like Eugene you've got to be bad interests otherwise it because he's a good guy I would say kind of party saw like he's trying to stand up for the Gypsy woman. Again here's your good guy then you might get redeemed or something I don't know. Be very interesting to see where this story line go oh yeah you have areas we don't know what it's it's a virgin storyline for a lot of us for what I remember because I read Dante's inferno in high school in her I say oh I can't say I actually real I got an eighth plus I action credit on that hey you. Step I got I the only thing really study form fit and I found it fascinating and I think they said like I think when. Rapture Kaymer what ever that everyone would be judged again so if urine had any you did good. You will you know getting even bigger were quarter bigger paradise and if you're Kelly is gonna get a worse you're gonna be judged against I'm wondering if it kind of follows that a lot of except if he's redeemed yourself you might have a chance to get out. Instead because same thing once the rapture comes or once the end of the world have been Denton. You know if you're not so bad thing you get to go to heaven but they don't want you to carry out out there still and I do your throwing out there bureaucracy they wanna keep their jobs yeah yeah mania so the women need to use any people down there to give their jobs. Otherwise he'll burn forever but DV missing glow yet yes yep. You just watching look I'll ask you notice that's in hell the little woman in the surging gal. Did you see her like body yeah or Barney guard yet recognize them. No I haven't watched a lot of glow Omega Miriam Aimee B I haven't seen enough I've only seen one and a half episodes in yet you'll see him in the future than. I'm I don't know that's someone's brother now I'm really going to need a little Easter egg sort of thing I. It's not a they don't really see a nine DD then I want you my buddies might not die this half hour god he's actually a wrestler in real life so that's little nice pretty good and a couple of gigs are the big hit. Now let's move on to or through blank one of the things like freaking genius communion song and a fast. My god I'm here what I'm saying is he's like yeah I brink he mean it isn't like okay no all right and of course the actor that was god no yeah. Other than fact he was a regular actor human being that they recruited. I didn't say I played a part of that god like three imposter then after Jessie Mae talk so they brought him to heaven to be an actor to be god because they are we gonna kind of put that put their. Little bowl I think they know though I haven't I'm I'm gonna say this now all right a real. Dan very mean. So the gal who kills him who's talking to my on cam rubble in the shoots him I'm guessing as a woman. I think it's the blond chick from. That's so before we took off the wig yeah I have a janitor. Part well every error you are that began Aristotle. You never you never know might not what does he they've pulled out altogether telling you know they'll get right after fair enough now we do have to talk about orphaned black in NOV you haven't seen there are. So I do I'll be getting. Yes I wanna monologue which is so we brought in eight guests to talk in a little bit about there's really as mr. bottom and here's what you know BA yankees sent does say voicemail about it. What's up he conditioned barn here and I'm here to talk about far from black. And thinks an affliction now I can watch. This show us the same faces if this last set so. I guess this was the most magnificent his country looks washed originals and a supposedly halfway through the series ending. And it wasn't spectacular episodes. So many takeaways from it he had. Fantastic the dinner scene with I was seem I wasn't confusing and the new museum and just somebody tugs you measure Westmoreland. We have the end of this whole bear in the woods story arc. For me to beat takeaways from this episode first. Is dead. Here pool has something in mind without telling his mom and her mom and is a big planned. And now she's playing her mom know. Than. The other big take away is that maybe. This year will be bad guy Westmoreland. Isn't as old as he claims here this afternoon during the the dinner scene. He'd sold software involved are win than go see in my right away. Confront him about it. So how do you feel about that he had you know it is so we're led to believe that this Westmoreland dude is hundreds or you know least this is 150 to 200 years old if not older. That's who were led to believe which makes you think wow okay now and he's working on stuff with these clothes and everything basically just to try to beat find the fountain of youth that's still looking for. I'll always fun out of this episode as they think they may have found it. The bear in the woods unfortunately was. As a failed experiment. Being that had a similar ability as Keira which is a regeneration ability. Our yes so Kara has the ability to heal very quickly which we saw what she was in a car accident so a couple seasons ago I think. And she she miraculously was was fine after being in that car accident that's what cures ability is and cure of course the daughter of one of the clones. Bottom but yeah I wonder if Westmoreland to. Is just a long line of clones of Westmoreland it's red mirror where where are you rule where he wants you to think that he's that old but he really is just you know as a normal lifespan copy of and then he and then he just basically throws is day it's a new may here I am. May be of a similar age you know he calls himself and then may live you know whatever they do and they're always have the same age. Maybe they live for 102030 years and then he comes back a little younger at that point just wonder ER agent during the closes they're like gay elect gave a course that they have to take before hand to catch up to speed on what here's what I've done during my life I have so yes that we need to know what to hand out -- hey hey guys at the it was the said that the seventh day or six day whatever that the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie total costs and yet there are clones among -- said you're not even gonna let me die before you start taken already it was a clone himself going yeah I tell everybody I'm al-Qaeda and its transfer consciousness into each and I. I don't that's why I don't know how he would be able have a consciousness yeah that's above but I agree with Wagner that there was something about my Westmoreland ABC maybe he's not as old as he claims to be. Andy it was a it was a good episode basically casino finds a more than she should. Don't seem her girl for our Ed Duffy of course who lives are lover and really cares about our. Has her own plan I believe. But she has to make you look like she's still word from us tomorrow Westmoreland Campbell continued to sort of just tell him whatever he wants to know including proceed to seal off we know that she has a plan because you already talked to less. Yeah out is communicated with them and likes he knows she's not to trouble us the way they shot the episode a made you look like maybe she's actually double crossing everybody I'm still working western world cross the doubles so I say they the way they shot at this time Vicki EE eight yeah I still believe your right but it makes you think he knows you're working for. He's she'd be guessing anybody I know there is a scene where she makes you believe that she really does care about the Siemens well there and welfare and therefore I'm thinking she's still working for the good guys. I'm it's a good season I'm digging midday you know the whole bear in the woods turns out to be you know a person. And a person that was messed with and it ended up an overly experimented on and became more animal and human. Kind of alluded to the previous up so yeah and it. Wes Marlins you know not eighty I with these human anymore as far as the way he interacts a human beings and he Kassim had a whole thing where he's like all your judging me you are right here why are you going do something that's the hardest thing to do and casino couldn't do it. And nameless ones like yeah well seeing you know season is say stuff but you know when you got to be got to be the guy to make a decision and it's it's very well Don the good news is is that. We're missing one Cologne she's coming back next week. The beautician Cologne. She's so like awesome I can't I know is I don't know Maxey did I Randy Ayers somehow I'd say it's a training is a crystal I don't know crystal. Has a chance for ya and so I am so excited that does she's coming back. And and again you know. It's amazing watching that show you forget that Tatiana is playing all those roles because you know you've got casino sitting at the table and then Rachel comes on the balcony look at make a big Bihac going whoa hello I'm above you all. And it's like you know I hate her and I got Kyle Denny it would make hate her path. And I love to see you might say we did this person. Head also yes it is so its side and meanwhile cure the child. The older she gets stuck. Free peer she looks. She's the poor girl just has a look I talked about before his he's got a bizarre look this girl which is great for them the character because. She looks like an alien her hit her facial structure of she's a weird looking kid and price to pay death FF FF I Alexandra Jaycee like we're she's just he would probably because she's not fully grown and therefore like her body parts aren't completely and he you know and and and perspective whenever. So she's just got his face this is like. We were. Earth that. Bottom which is great if you talk about her being like the product of a clone relationship kind of thing. So yeah I did you like the episode Vick I'm looking forward to next why because I think the beat the beautician owes back into silica K Chris Doerr came crystals awesome another great performance by Tatiana. God love crystal and I see Alice then there was no Alison this week. Now talking about other television I killed Joyce yeah you know this summer if you haven't really gotten on the kill joys train. Because kill joys and dark matter using your back to back it and dark matter started says their third season I haven't set a whole lot about it because I am still binge watching season one. Though that's pause because I'm binge watching the original twin peaks and food so like Israel and hell's going on new twin peaks yet delivered that but I love dark matter that's a fun show and they have all the original episodes on IP a Netflix. As season went into UCC was going on there. I'd prodigy be watching you seasons and a dark matter says no 'cause they kind of lost John season tournaments. Yeah if I feel bad because I like season won the prize is like season due at oh jumping the shark a little bit. But Joseph joys. Hi is a fun show of obviously Donnie hunters and I you know in an area space where the other people that haves and people to have nots. Or something called the better living industries and their. In children yes. So rule I don't know Oprah specifically why why there's a hand there is a comic called a true lies of the fabulous kill joys and I was wondering if there was solid correlated. I don't know where reason I wouldn't surprise of emotion as the character. Named Dutch in there I I'll let you keep talking yes and so I did it but basically other left off last season because they they just have the first two episodes stood up last season that one of the characters. John he was in love with a girl she's dead. So he goes into a piece yes yes it is in our actually written by Gerard way. And really discharge broadway's book did I wrote at our academy which I know. Funny too much they're getting an Netflix serious blow to broadway's book coming well I I Lopes joins us now I don't. Driveway of course chemical romance the guys guys a good writer you know it's gonna shoot shows that are going to be when he's on TV already I I had no idea that was him. Com it's eat right now they're a great part of the same way where they have got a bunch of creatures who are called the Holland. And they are great they have these green slime plaza in their body that makes him super human and also pretty much very like hard to kill. And they basically what are replace regular humans this way reliant is as usual they do this is a second humanity called hack mod where basically they make the cells of the cyborg and someone should perform where they have a lot of mistreat simmer and yet and if you are a happy if you don't have an inning on you you're just a basic. And so they're sort of like that clear that your basic element music so badly that eyes. So bad it was a great guy. There's a great character and there in this episode where there is a woman who has a Rose McGowan like leg weapon which is awesome a leg mod and boy she was really good. And this is it just saying. We had an actress who was going off was John at the end of last season. Then they start this season and an end on there's a woman and with his actress is robot arm and relate well what's this about. And as the story lines going I got I ordered the actress couldn't do the show anymore because they kill this elaborate story line as to why. This is going to be actress. And it involves a skin suit and replacing somebody's face and putting newsstands on. They probably did have a going on the storyline and it's fascinating that. Hey here's the new girl who's gonna have an army even though that's not who she is but now we're trying to that's who she is that's her state it's a fun show. We're gonna get to see I had Jon Kamen eyes she played in a great episode of black mirror. And I can't remember which one it was but she's good. I think that's OK I I think was the one where was the dude that was in the video game where he went to do the video game Mo yea yeah yeah and as so and hand and she was the woman and an episode. I she's really good is Dutch the main character. And look look from plays DeVon Jacoby Aaron ash more I forget which ask more he is once iceman one was on a thirteen warehouse thirteen I forget which ash more it is. But he's in and he's always good Aron is warehouse thirteen burial yes and so. GI a and so end and end and they met a couple of new characters and it's funny in space I mean it's funny and space to stories moved its good humor I'm. And I'm I'm digging it man I have dig in at this to season three and it's fun you know the stories aren't super deep but does a good they're good story arcs race. And I am I ever had this much fun with a scifi show. Since farce gave a lot of have been super serious you know hey guys had a nice to have that yet no doubt about it because what's the show we love you go that's the scifi show that's not the it's expands the expanse is a great show but it's. It's deuce or it's serious there's a little humor here and there but you know I'm not I'm not not as much is as kill joys. Kill joys is really fun and I I love the special effects I mean I do feel like a one alien planet's. And and in water and we are still going on especially when you're doing cited by you need to make sure that you can immerse the people into that and at this point most people aren't going to except you know the Star Trek rubber suit sort of thing going yeah and Hannah John Kaymer has -- Dutch turns Doug Dutch is maybe not the real meaning there's another woman out there. Who. Is actually the daughter of somebody who is a real person and he died. But it's and so it but touch is trying to figure oh what why does she look like me and she's your daughter is like I don't know so slight woman who's Dutch. And that's because the daughter's a sick when the daughter is a crazy person who wants to take over everything and she's one of these Holland kinda creatures. An hour at least she's got a bunch of how he kind of creatures. And she's got a bad as ship and we just wish so it's gonna see her play it and like just like killer frost hit and I to a processor and an irritating Taylor was kind of fun to see both recognize those are now scifi its children's nice think he's so much and now it's time to get do rules. She Swiss TV Vicki what movies are coming out this weekend. I got three would like to talk about and living much. More from planet of the apes obvious you guys did talk about this hassle hops yesterday pretty good DOD the last one was okay. To me general I was OK look the last two it was okay. Mom and it wasn't horrible to you go actually the last two the one with. Jerry Jerry James Franco di Franco I liked that one I didn't do audio Amanda what was the other one rise of play ace yeah yeah now wind was outside carelessly European gigolo yum backwards now I have rise was first and then Don and now war Paul Casey had Don was the one with Jeremy Clark and I think Gary Oldman yet correct and our Jason Clark has used me. It was okay. But this one here is go Woody Harrelson right Woody Harrelson any circus of course and Steve is on the NS gaffe I would've pegged him and other serious role in the dressing. Don't fight that. I'm I'm I'm I'm like it's weird because he's like are you saying he's monkeying around in this movie. Dizzy. Yeah yeah. Possibly that makes sense to make sense I it is certified fresh at 92% to ninety hoopla and all the miss like I'm really really be good I don't I've never seen Alice tuchman bloodied and apparently there's a couple like a theater near by the doing all of them. Cool you know I wanna see the mark warmer when it's not a good idea is cap that's unreal even know how many there aren't until I haven't seen any is going to show you wanna see. You know you just soldier rising Don and then new ones to come again. 98 movies if I'm not mistaken no way I any idea item here's our you know the old. I was on a new school Clyde oh that's why I'm wondering if you talking about all your anatomy out of you asked crammed the last. You know this is getting really get a reading so worth the watch and you saw its he's really where I really like it. Next up. Yes I get a stops trees or what other linemen don't not oblivious to get 90% itself so I guess I'm the one that was like OK with it but everybody else like did a that's as India saying 92 for this woman. Danny men. Wish a pond in March did talk about quite briefly on spotter saying I had. Fans is getting many to you or not to need to sees me it is not know to meter reading but any errors in the screen. Kid movie but I think that Snow White from once upon a time than match a movie but my mind and eyes this young lady. From burnt man. Arianna the Dark Knight rises. She was baby Khalil Gould who we felt his pain if I noticed then well hi guys and you know I know this phase NSA's. He then sent her goal another commitment and I. It's. Yeah actually really nagged actress. Another one I never heard and really she looks really cute and fascinating it's called swallows and Amazon's it's getting 93 Chris on Iran to meet okay. Basically there was a movie out in the seventies with delegate. Came out. The same thing basically it's for kids cult swallows on holiday in the lake district and they still allowed to their own island. And then they start a war with tribal children call the Amazon's in the meantime a mysterious man on a host boat accuses him of a crime he did not commit. And power but it looks very cute T very British and the main character or at least credit to cast Kelly McDonald plays mrs. walker. Number I think I RS and is she trainspotting and I don't know yet Alia I guess it's funny though when I saw her I totally knew her from nanny McPhee right hip hip. I know how did I was also on the v.s episode of black mirror yeah single voice America from brave sound like yup that should Helen. I boardwalk empire you don't hear it she was very great yeah she was very good match she and she had a black you're credible Afghan says she playing the lead role in this -- feast ball is also in the wild crazy and out of the year you raise rates is the guy who well and have some of the dental. Yeah ray was I wrapped dearly for his own every funeral he he was he was in Brody is also immigrated to sort of black matter with Jon Hamm he was the other dude in the cabin not. A hollow and DC Andy card right. Yeah he adds in all three are critter movies I believe the problem I think so yeah I know the US does he was you win if you only know he is the guy at the shop with Sean OK yeah yeah yeah this phone when he was one of the detectives and Leslie young man in the world clan apparently he was the one that I was getting sold a house that the marine. Already beginning hasn't yet yeah. And also another you know kind of speaking at a Cornell coach really do you thinking of all them guys Jessica Hynes. She was in the was it's based solely. Oh wow we all saw hop Kirk from Harry Potter and I think the order of the Phoenix. Tired but she's really funny so I kind of wanna see it discuss that and also out injured Scott from you know Sherlock Jessica Jessica Hynes is awesome yes yes Tony British judge issues and really good Doctor Who episode. Two parter which I'm forgetting that good early test of where he lost his memory and Martha knew we was ended although the Stanley blood. Is she was a schoolteacher in the Stanley young guy that was oberly who she's I like her she's good. Yeah and that Allen's getting good reviews any your percent it looks like a very British film and I kind of really wanna see it just looks cute but it might have a little. Some darkness and they're there you know with them getting consummate describes you completely June dark path. Or don't like kids and families like we gonna see with your kids now days think he's so much heat and some like some guys. Stay nanny. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Join Vernon Wells safety Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW duck club that's BMW dot club.